IntelliShop's video-recorded carwash shop

Intellishop has a carwash shop that states that the entire interaction must be video-taped on your phone. This is the type of carwash where you pull up and an employee comes up to your car and asks you what type of wash you want. You have to record this interaction, as well as the entire carwash.

My question is, how do you nonchalantly use your phone to video the employee? It seems almost impossible. Even with a passenger in the car, it still seems like it would be obvious to the employee that he's being recorded. Could anyone who has done these shops give any suggestions? I love this carwash, and I used to do them all the time with another msc that did not require video-recording.

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I've done one as this brand isn't close by but did a nicely bonused one on a route... I used the video glasses I have for valet parking shops. MUCH easier to record the correct angles without any positioning of a cell phone in the cup holder & hoping for the best.
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