Coast to Coast

Hello and good evening:

Does anyone shop for Coast to Coast? I'm in South Texas which doesn't have a lot of action but they don't seem to have any shops in Texas...or Florida (which is where they are located) which seems odd.

Are they still around?

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Hello, and welcome!

I thought Coast to Coast was in Pennsylvania. They send me e-mails frequently. The available jobs come and go. There is no guarantee of work, but there is a possibility of being assigned to one-time and recurring assignments.

There is a scheduling branch of this company in addition to the one with the various merchandising jobs.

Other posters might zero in on your question, ?

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If we are talking about CTCSS (Coast to Coast Support Services), they are in Pennsylvania. I think of them as mainly a scheduling service but they also provide editing and other services.

I don't remember the last time I did one of their shops but they've been around a long time and I can only remember positive experiences with them.
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