Does IPSOS ever answer emails...


I simply do NOT get a response from email sent there, and have been told that I must not have sent an email to that address, when I am accused of NOT notifying them. That kinda/sorta pisses me off.

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Ipsos seems to be overextended with contracts and badly understaffed. They usually ignore emails to the general mailbox. They seem to want to get the pay as low as possible, and not invest in shopper support.
What works for me with Ipsos is to only accept the jobs that will be profitable and to ignore the remainder. As I quite enjoy Oriental food and was curious concerning their current client, I accepted work for which the fee was very low. My intent, for which I was successful, was to determine if the eatery would be enjoyable. It was OK, but not a consideration at my expense.

I have never had an occasion to contact the company, but I have individual schedulers and received a prompt reply.
In my experience they answer less than 50% of the time, and always after several days when it’s often too late. And just like when you text/chat/email for customer or tech support at various companies, they’ll often send a scripted message that is unhelpful and not responsive to the question asked.
I do find that the chances of receiving an answer increase if I forward the original email (always cc yourself) and say something like “trying again,” or “maybe this didn’t reach you the first time,” etc.

I wish they’d at least have a few email addresses, one to use only if you’re on a shop and have an urgent issue (and can’t reach scheduler or there isn’t one), one for pay and taxes, one for tech support and one for everything else. Maybe they think that’s too many for us to keep track of, but if they had the links on our shop log it would work. It wouldn’t help their personnel issues but might save a bit of time on their end.
yes! I Had a personal emergency this week. An e-mail was sent along with an explanation that I had no other form of contact. A timely response was sent back to me with personalized comments.
Ahhh the days of Ole Maritz. You could call the various teams and get a response. Even if you were onsite with an emergency.
I will agree it was nice being able to reach someone (most of the time with Maritz), but it didn't work all the time. Some teams lines were busy or turned off. You also would have to remember all the different teams and what each did. They did NOT have email which sucked for after hours questions that were not urgent. Some good and some bad with Maritz. I remember the stupid "printing the code" nonsense they required. Maritz seemed very antiquated and not up to speed with technology.

@38380 wrote:

Ahhh the days of Ole Maritz. You could call the various teams and get a response. Even if you were onsite with an emergency.
To 38380 I say, Amen, Amen and Amen!!! The sale of Maritz to Ipsos was certainly a blow to my shopping well being. In addition, their accessibility, for my needs, was first rate.
Hey! They answered an email from me three days ago....unfortunately, the answer said that "someone else will be in contact with me"...and , of course, no one has!
Update - 4:47 PM Eastern Daylight Time -- no response yet! Ha!

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IPSOS used to be much better answering emails, but in the last 4 months, they haven't answered a single message from me. It is like they don't exist. It is insane.

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