See Level gone?

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I haven't done a lot of work with them, and I don't have a clue about their company structure, but I was just having a bear of a time balancing out my incoming. I had an extra mystery payment that I finally figured out was for a shop I had done for See Level. You'd think that was a joy, but I was scratching my head. The See Level shop was paid by Intouch Insight, with no note to clarify. Anyway, on some but not all website pages, their logos are up there together. I didn't dig any deeper, but I do believe they are still around, although maybe in a different form, a merger maybe?
There wasn't anything posted here for about a month either. Yesterday they posted the LTO shops for the fast food place they shop.
Yes, Intouch Insight bought them out. In my area, though, I still see some jobs on the See Level sight itself. Guess it all depends on location.
I just accepted 2 shops on the SeeLevel site.

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
As Guysmom mentions SeeLevel was acquired by Intouch Insights last year. I did nicely paid shops for SL in June and July. Still many of the same people in place as of now. I never experienced a late payment from SL but II pays faster; twice a month. I did do a few of their QSR study shops a few months back. Noticed those were posted on the isecretshop portal under II.
They still have shops where I am, but some of there stuff has migrated to ISS. I've just been checking both.
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