Great Company to work for- SPG Web

With all the negativity going around, I have to give a shout out to the best company to work for.
Spg Web Service Performance Group is so professional and cares about their shoppers. I worked closely with Melissa who answered every question I had and I felt as if I was valued as a shopper. This company pays on time, is honest and caring. If you haven't sign up for them and see if they have any anything in your area.

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Agreed! I used to do a lot of bank account monitoring projects with them and never was there a problem. They are excellent and are always available when there are questions or glitches. I wish they had more stuff for me these days!

Currently they have some projects called "Research" where you call auto roadside assist for certain things.

They also have some payroll project that pays $75 but you have to work for certain companies or get paid through certain payroll service companies.

I enjoy working for them when they have projects I qualify for.
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I don’t see a link listed under the list of mystery shop companies. Can somebody please post one here?

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