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Hi everyone,

Anyone ever work for this MSC. I just did 3 jobs for them,the reports were not
bad at all,I have not heard back yet on my reports.Any feedback on this company would be appreciated.

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I did a shop for them on March 21,2011 and their website shows it was received and I never haerd a word from them after. They have been sending me e-maiks about other shops. So if you don't hear anything that would mean your shop is accepted.
Thanks plbell627--How long did they take to pay you,I forgot to ask about payment in my initial post ?

Thanks again .....
My experience with them has been it takes quite awhile to get paid. I've done four shops with them and for all four I was only paid after I emailed asking when I would be paid. The last one took 94 days.
Yes, that's been my experience also. I don't shop for them anymore. I find the hassle of having to ask for my pay makes the shop too much work for the money ..... I sort of think I've earned the money by doing the shop and I shouldn't have to beg to get paid.
txguitar; As everybody has said they are slow and you will have to remind them they owe you the money. Don't think it comes in an easy manner not from this MSC.
I realized a few days ago that they owed me $30 from a shop done on 3/28. I emailed and then received payment the next day. Don't like having to chase the payment but at least I have it now!
I have completed 5 shops for them and have been paid 8 1/2 weeks after every completed assignmet without having to contact them fortunately.
I will be reminding them very shortly,because I don't think 8.5 weeks is acceptable.I read on their site that they usually pay within 30 days,so I will remind them of this.I usually won't work for a MSC if they don't pay within 30-45 days.If they can't get their act together to pay faster,they should not be in this business.We shoppers have a schedule to do the shops- why don't some of these companies have to adhere to some kind of time frame also.
It amazes me after so many warnings about this msc and their slow payments shoppers continue to work for them. Does anybody ever learn???
I like the grocery store shops they have, and the fee recently went up- but after doing 5 in one day in April and having to email and ask for payment, I believe I might be done. Strangest of strange? I got paid for 4 shops, not 5, and when I questioned that I got "oops- looks like I didn't see that your 5th one was payable. I'll add it to your May payment"- which I won't see until July. I usually get paid through Paypal, and after waiting 8 days, I contacted them, and she said "Oh, I paid you by check- I guess you didn't receive it yet. " I said WHY would you mail me a check? I get paid through Paypal! I was told that anything over $50 they like to issue a check, for their accounting purposes. HUH??? My previous payment with them was $53- issued through Paypal. When this check finally arrived, it looked like a personal check, except it had Ridgeway,etc. on it. I am emailing again tomorrow, asking when I can expect my May payments and that last amount from April. Just can't afford to put out money like that and have to chase it down!

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I guess I missed their name,until I received a email from them,I was not aware of this MSC,I guess I'll do a search before I commit to any other companies.

Thanks for everyone's feedback..
I see now their payments are thru sassie . So that may make a big differance. If anyone has preformed jobs thru their new pay system could you let us know if it went smooth or not.
They pay very slow after 2 months. Sometimes I have to email them to remind them about payment. But they do pay.

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I have the same problem about pay. I no longer do jobs for them. Why do I have to ask to get paid?
I did not have to ask to get paid this month, and I wasn't asked for an invoice. However in the past Ann has paid promptly once she has received an invoice.
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