TrueGuest - are they still in business?

I have been collaborating with TrueGuest, but for the past two months, I haven't come across any available shops, despite consistently seeing a dozen before. Moreover, my attempts to contact them via email have been met with unresponsiveness.

The only available shop I've found in the last two months is one in Los Angeles for a hotel restaurant.

Is it possible that TrueGuest has gone out of business?

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Thank you for confirming - so you are seeing multiple hotel shops as of today across the country?

I believe my account might be blocked or experiencing issues. After I argued in regards to a few shops that the folio reserval took a few months, I wasn't able to see any of the shops, Firstly, I thought it was temporary, but since you confirmed there are shops and I don't see any of them (even with 150+ mile setting), I guess my allegation is correct.

I really liked them as they had great portfolios and were responsible, but they were not responsive to my emails asking this directly.

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@bluevery1106 wrote:

@hbbigdaddy thank you! I really wonder what's happening.. sad smiley
He ghosted you. He does that. He is an interesting character. Read some old threads. They tell you that you have 24 hours, but by that he means 4-6 hours. Very unreasonable.

Put "Roldan" in the search bar. That should answer your question.

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