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Hi, doing a first time shop for them tomorrow. Feedback, please, on this company's reputation? thanks,


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Hi – I have done 2 assignments since May for them. I found them to be very easy shops and the reporting was easy too. Their reports are done in a word document that you need to complete and email back. They paid by paypal right at 30 days. I found the pay to be very good, the reports easy and liked the quick pay time. Hope tomorrow goes well for you.
Their reports require a lot of narratives. They pay on time and for the amount of work required to fill in the evaluations, I find the pay is not enough. I only take these jobs if I am low on assignments and if I have the time to devot to writing alot.
Well I had great difficulty with filling out their form, as it isn't a direct input like almost all of the other MSP's. I finally had a patient scheduler spend nearly an hour on the phone with me taking the information. Had to miss my exercise class, though. sad smiley
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