Harland Clark did not pay me for the shops

I completed several shops for this company and they never sent payment to me. They did not send me any explanation or return my phone/email messages either. I had heard this before. So I am out the mileage and time for my efforts.
Do not waste your time. The paperwork they have you submit takes more time than the shops do and then you may not be paid for anything.

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Call and ask to speak directly speak with your scheduler. It is the responsibility of your scheduler to send along the invoice you submitted to their accounting department. This seems to be the weakest link in the system. So talk to your scheduler by phone and if they are not available, call back. It is a toll free number after all. This is not a company that normally will try to screw you out of the payment. It's the work was acceptable then you need to be paid. If it was not acceptable they'd probably notified you of that.
I would pursue it. I prefer emailing when the subject is money that is owed me so I can provide substantiation if needed.
I must agree with Flash and Mert. My experience has been that they are a reputable company with responsive staff. They paid me very well for a bank shop. I found their report form a little different and stuggled with it. I finally did the narrative and clearly labeled the sections because I was having trouble loading it into the form. You do have to submit an invoice and Flash is right (as always!) - that is probably where your problem lies. I was paid promptly. I'd do as the veterans have suggested and pursue it politely but with determination and get it settled.

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