Is FGS the same MSC as Freeman Group?

I see that Jobslinger has jobs listed for Freeman Group Solutions. These are new in my area. I have also noticed that some shoppers have had pay issues with Freeman Group. Just wondering if these are the same MSC and if so have their issues improved since they are showing up on Jobslinger.

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It is the same company. One post in the past 24 hrs mentions getting paid in 3 months and 12 weeks I believe is their currently stated cycle. No date was given so it is unknown whether this is current work or months ago when they were cleaning up their act and minding their P's and Q's. Also no comment was made about whether the shopper needed to contact them for payment.
I did three motel shops for Freeman on 5/9, 5/10, and 5/21. On 8/10 I called them and left a voice mail, as it had been three months since the first shop. Here is the email reply I received:


I received your voicemail. Accounting is starting to process May shops next week. You will receive your 3 payments on Friday, August 26, 2011. Our payment guidelines do state that we process payments 8-12 weeks from the date all paperwork has been turned in. I understand that the May shops are being processed a few weeks late and we apologize for this. Please check back with me the beginning of September for a payment status of your June shops.

Thank you,

Amy Denning // FreemanGroup
Measurement Accounts Manager


We'll see what happens on Friday, and then again next month for the three shops I did in June.

Steve... smiling smiley
Fresno, CA - and shopping all over the middle part of the state!
Got paid on Wednesday, the 31st. Don't expect to get July's shops payment until the end of the month. It's too bad... I really like doing their motel shops when they are along the way of a trip I'm doing. From the looks of things, they've cut back on the number of shops they're doing... only a few are available here in CA and they are in really out of the way places.

Steve... smiling smiley
Fresno, CA - and shopping all over the middle part of the state!
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