Restaurant Evaluators

After reading so many negative comments, I'm joining in too! Did a Sprinkles Cupcake shop for them in May -- 6 weeks ago they claim they didn't receive my receipt (ha!) - so I faxed it again and I'm still waiting for my $43.00 Got Sprinkles involved and Restaurant Evaluators called 'so so sorry'...check still not arrived so I EM'd Sprinkles again since they were so very helpful last time--only they told me they dropped them - no surprise there! The only phone number they had is the one they gave me originally. Left a WMM on the one number I have-read this 'Karen' the riot act - shame on them for stiffing us who depend on this extra income.

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They are not held in regard to some members of the forum. I myuself have never worked for them and probably will never. Hope you get the mess cleared up. good luck and Good shopping.

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