Cancelling Assignments

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Discussions About Cancelling Assignments

Feeling somewhat bad about canceling a Coyle shop

Last night I was assigned a restaurant for Coyle. I've only done one shop for Coyle in the past and it was a little tedious, but not bad. This restaurant shop though...oh my. It involved calling the restaurant ahead of time, going to the bar before or... Continue Reading

Cancelling Market Force phone shops

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What happens if you cancel a Market Force shop?

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Do you ever cancel jobs that are not as described or turn out to be way more work than described?

I have seen some jobs where the description, guidelines, sample and evaluation are substantially different. One example is a shop being sold as a restaurant shop and bar visit that is actually an extensive bar integrity shop. I have also seen very contradictory guidelines and descriptions. ... Continue Reading

Presto shop location cancellations?

Has this ever happened to anyone else? I self assigned myself a route this morning of several locations. I finished the first location and proceeded to the next. When I got there, that location had been "unassigned" - no longer in my list to complete, along with a couple others... Continue Reading

Have you ever gotten paid for a shop where the client cancelled the shop?

I got this message on a shop I was scheduled to do this week. "Do not complete this shop. The client has cancelled this shop." The shop now appears in my list of shops to be paid. Will I be getting paid for this shop?... Continue Reading

Junk Removal/Cancellation Shops-US&Canada-CA, MA, OH, SC, FL,NS,NY, WI, MN, CT, DE, HI, AZ, NE, CO, NH, BC

AboutFace Corp is conducting junk removal/cancellation shops. They visit your home to remove junk. If you have health concerns you can leave your items outside. Quick and simple. Pay + Reimbursement (Removal shop)... Continue Reading

Got sick in January, had to cancel shops. Will this affect my ratings?

I lined up a bunch of shops and suddenly got bronchitis (not Covid). Had to cancel almost all of my shops. Lost a lot of money. I had to contact shedulars and tell them I had bronchitis. I couldn't talk and breath at the same time. Does canceling shops because... Continue Reading

KSS just cancelled my shop after I went to the location twice!

I just did a real estate company evaluation for KSS which was originally scheduled for Tuesday. However I went to the location and the company was only seeing customers by appointment. I emailed two different schedulers at KSS and one told me to go ahead and make an... Continue Reading

Having to cancel shops

I am a new mystery shopper. I only do phone shops right now because I don't have access to a car and I live in a rural area with no public transportation. I picked up a bunch of shops at the beginning of the month and started to get to... Continue Reading

A Closer Look: Cancel Request for Shop

I requested a shop because it could not be self-assigned. My request sat there for more than a week. I was tired of waiting and canceled my request. Then, I saw the shop could now be self-assigned. So, I grabbed it. This was not a case of my shopper rating improving... Continue Reading

XXX Publix shops cancelled

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Did anyone else have a bunch of scheduled shops cancelled by MF today? Something about the client changing their mind or an internal error on their part. Nothing bad reflected on the shopper. I have never had this happen with MF before in over 10 years.... Continue Reading

SeeLevel HX Cancelled a Bonused Shop Without Explanation (RESOLVED)

I emailed the scheduler and did not get a response. Has this happened to anyone else recently?... Continue Reading


Did anyone get an email from an Ipsos scheduler saying that the client has cancelled one or more of your shops? If yes, were any of them actually cancelled and removed from your shop log? All of my original shops are still on my shop log with no removals. I... Continue Reading

shops cancelled

I live in Georgia. Today all the BP visuals disappeared off of the map and we got emails canceling all of our Chevrons. Did this happen to anyone else on the East Coast because I don't see where anyone else is talking about it?... Continue Reading

Is anyone noticing IPSOS cancelling bonused shops?

It makes it impossible to plan a route if half of your jobs are cancelled and you still have to do the jobs for other companies. (Probably because there is too much bonus)... Continue Reading

My shop was cancelled :(

My shop for Thursday has been cancelled.. I received an email from the scheduler saying it was cancel by the client :( I check the web site for other locations (outside my area) and they were still posted. I was looking forward to doing the shop tomorrow. Oh... Continue Reading

Just received e-mail reminder for a shop cancelled 3 years ago.

I haven't signed up for a shop since the spring, so it was a shock to receive a reminder for an assignment this evening. Upon reading the full text, I realized it was scheduled for 12/20/2017. That is not a typo. Yes, 2017. I pulled up my shop log from... Continue Reading

Just had grocery shop canceled

By Market Force. "This cancellation was caused by internal, operational necessity and will not be counted against your record." It's the client they had pre-Covid. Anyone else have this happen?... Continue Reading

Canceling shop consequences

Hi everyone I just canceled a shop because it was for a restaurant where you dine in and dining in is only outdoors in my city right now. Also the guidelines did not say if it was okay to make a reservation. It seemed like they wanted you to just... Continue Reading

Census training was tomorrow. Had to cancel for COVID.

Now I'm kinda sad because I was looking forward to it. Iowa is just not a safe place to be going door to door right now.... Continue Reading

Shopperfest Cancelled- No refund

If this applies to anyone here: "What will happen with my already paid registration? Your registration will be transferred to a future ShopperFest or online certifications. You will be contacted by a staff member to determine which route would be best for you. You could also use part of this money... Continue Reading

ISG - Stericycle Canceled Everyone's Direct Deposit

My DD usually posts on 4/14 and an email went out Friday at 4:30 pm from ISG/Stericycle stating that direct deposit had been canceled for this month and I would need to resubmit my info for next month. I'm disturbed that the message was sent so late before payday and... Continue Reading

Mercantile (Shop Merc) shop cancelled without notification.

Check your job boards often and right before you leave. I had one of the curbside restaurant pick ups scheduled for today and even got an email early this morning reminding me to do the shop. I also did one on Monday so I assumed there would be no problem.... Continue Reading

Cancellations due to Covid -19 (It's not you, It's the Coronavirus)

Post the company to be shopped (ie: Hardees} not the MSC... Continue Reading

Green Gas Shops Cancelled

Ugh I had a route worth over $1100 and just found out the green gas stations are on hold. I have my hotel reserved and everything. I am so upset, but I knew this was coming. I wish I could have gotten to this earlier.... Continue Reading

AT&T Cancels - safety/compliance

I haven't gotten the email yet, but my shop just disappeared from my list. Anyone else have this happen yet? Or am I one off?... Continue Reading

Are you cancelling?

Are you cancelling any of your shops? We were supposed to go to a buffet style restaurant. I work near the epicenter in our state and don't want to expose people to anything if I'm a carrier. Hopefully, this won't count as a "flake," but I thought it... Continue Reading

MarketForce cancelling grocery shops

All my scheduled grocery shops for week of March 22 thru 28 have been cancelled today. Anyone else having the same experience?... Continue Reading

Ath Power cancelling shops

Hi, I haven't shopped much for Ath but had one of their shops today. It paid well so I cleared my calendar and decided to drive the hour away to do it. Received an email at 8:12 am - with many exclamation points! - to make sure I didn't miss... Continue Reading

No appointments available; shop needed to be cancelled

I had this recent experience that on the surface would appear to have been resolved but in fact still weighed on me. I accepted a job for a hearing aid clinic mystery shop with this MSC I've never had a job with before and which compared to others, seemed smaller... Continue Reading

Should I cancel or reschedule?

OK, I'm already blocked on Marketforce. I managed to schedule 7 shops for this month utilizing the "make an offer" feature. On the way to do 2 of the shops yesterday (200 miles from my home), my car broke down. The tow was $145 (for 16 miles!!! OMG!!!) -- which took all... Continue Reading

ISS cancellation penalty?

When I first started mystery shopping I came upon the ISS platform. In the first month or so I naively cancelled two shops and got a message stating that if I cancelled again I'd be removed from the platform. Needless to say I then went several years and did dozens... Continue Reading

How often do people cancel shops when on a route?

I just feel like one mistake can make you miss a shop or two. I had a shop this weekend for a gas station on a turnpike and didn't realize it. The address was normal and not a typical highway address. Google Maps had me directed to the road behind... Continue Reading

Maritz shop canceled?

Hey friends! Iíve been shopping a few years now. My husband just completed his first shop (ever) for Maritz. It was a two part shop. He completed the first report and submitted it. When he went to finish and submit the second part, both shops were gone from his shop... Continue Reading

Big Box Store shops Cancelled

Has anyone else received an email letter cancelling these shops? I know some of you were in on the pilot program. I wonder what happened. The Team that handles this client did not know anything.... Continue Reading

Cancelled my QSR shops

I had planned on doing a couple of fast food shops, until I looked at the form. 71 questions, 3 timings done twice (3 for you and 3 for another car), download a World Clock app to do this shop. Plus pictures of the menu boards and your food. Must... Continue Reading

Secret Shopper said in 2015 I cancelled a shop...

I saw a shop posted on jobslinger with that I was interested in. I was unable to log in, so I reset my password. I then was given an error message, saying my credentials wouldn't allow me to log in. So, I emailed support, and ask if they... Continue Reading

Last minute cancel at highly popular Zoo-Wildlife shop in Dallas TX!

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Zoo / Wildlife Park location in Dallas, TX available now! This shop pays $120 + $10 extra pay for any day in April. Shopper must be at least 25, be willing to arrive by 11am at the very latest and stay a... Continue Reading

How do I cancel a shop & how will it affect my (perfect) rating?

I emailed the scheduler and she didn't respond. Which will lower my 10 rating more? Doing a shop half-a** or canceling? (The shop needs to be done on 1/19 so I'm not canceling the day of.) Thanks!... Continue Reading

Could not complete assignment and canceled late.

Hi everyone I scheduled a shop for today and left to go there about 45 minutes before they closed. That would have given me a half hour normally to do the shop but there were two fires along the same street. The roads were filled with emergency responders and there... Continue Reading

GFK cancelled my shop while I was submitting.

This company is very quirky. They will have open assignments you apply or self assign then days later they will tell you that they were filled. Finally, a decent bonus shop opened up, i self assigned and got the job it was on the way to another job.... Continue Reading

GFK cancelled my shop while I was submitting.

This company is very quirky. They will have open assignments you apply or self assign then days later they will tell you that they were filled. Finally, a decent bonus shop opened up, i self assigned and got the job it was on the way to another job.... Continue Reading

GFK cancelled my shop while I was submitting.

This company is very quirky. They will have open assignments you apply or self assign then days later they will tell you that they were filled. Finally, a decent bonus shop opened up, i self assigned and got the job it was on the way to another job.... Continue Reading

RBG - how do I cancel a shop?

Can anyone tell me how I would cancel a shop I'm assigned for RBG? I'm searching all over & can't figure it out. Or do I have to email the scheduler? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Roseanne cancelled due to racist remark....

Making a racist remark (in the name of a joke) got the show cancelled.....I thought it horrible, was about Obama. We all know she supports Trump.....good for ABC for doing this, but it puts many out of work, she needed to be responsible, so now she's apologizing all over the place...thoughts,... Continue Reading

Intellishop - Canceled shop

Last week, I was scheduled to do a $4 + $10 reimbursement shop for Intellishop. At 9:01 a.m., I received an e-mail saying they were canceling all of the shops for this customer. However, I did not see this e-mail until after I completed the shop around 10:30 a.m. ... Continue Reading


I absolutely despise having to cancel shops.....and I just had to cancel three for this week due to a family emergency that has me heading to Florida on Thursday. Even though it is out of my control, I still feel SO guilty, I pride myself on being dependable and... Continue Reading

Canceled Shop

I did a shop yesterday. It was specifically assigned to be done yesterday afternoon. Today, before I could submit my report, the shop was canceled. The shop was removed from my jobs list. I sent the coordinator a message stating that I completed the shop, intend to complete the report and... Continue Reading

Cancelled shops due to weather, how bad does MF penalize?

I was very disappointed that I had to cancel 4 gas stations and a casual dine when we got a big storm earlier this month. I'd planned out my route and my boyfriend and I were going to make a day of it and go to the movies... well,... Continue Reading

Let's talk cancelling.....

So, I assigned for a 15.00 Jack, won't do them for less, and this is 2 miles away..I can take it but my heartburn, that's another story. The jobs here go from 8.00 to 15.00 with a couple 12's along the way. I read my email and it says... Continue Reading

Cancelled Shop via E-mail - Already completed Shop - Intellishop

I was scheduled for a take-out pizza shop with Intellishop - I reviewed everything the night prior, then completed the shop the next day. Apparently the shop was cancelled at 8 am that morning, via email. I was long gone by that time and completed the shop. ... Continue Reading

The Source Medicare shops cancelled

I was assigned four Medicare Advantage shops to take place before the end of October. One was cancelled without any notification; it just disappeared from my shop log. The other was cancelled today and it was to be done on the 30th. I turned down other evaluations to do these... Continue Reading

Market Force cancels

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MF Canceled Shop

Has anyone had this happen? I did a shop a good distance away (for a great bonus of course) for an end of the month special. When I arrived, the location was closed during posted hours. I reported the shop as normal, figuring that I may only get half the... Continue Reading

HELP! Presto Insta-shop - need to cancel. Can you?

So I saw a shop listed on the Presto app and it appeared the shop date ran out to July 6. Great because I have an appointment next door on the 6th. Might as well get $6 while I'm there, right? So I claim the shop and BAM I get... Continue Reading

I had to cancel a shop. Do you think I'm at fault?

I signed up for a hotel shop. The guidelines didn't state anything about children not being welcome. I got the job, but when I pulled it up, it states no children are allowed. Thus, I had to cancel the shop. I feel really bad about having... Continue Reading

What's with the cancellations lately??

Planning on doing a shop for ISS (Goodwin) tomorrow and got an email saying it was cancelled. The email was written to look like I had been late, not by ISS, but second email from Goodwin. I wrote back stating when job was due, and it was pulled from... Continue Reading

SeeLevel cancelling shops already performed

I completed a shop for SeeLevel on a Thursday. Received email that I needed to resubmit receipt because it was unreadable. I resubmitted on Friday and left for the holiday weekend(Memorial Day). While gone, got another email stating that I needed to take a pic of... Continue Reading

Another cancelled shop....

Made reservations, did the phone Shop is Cancelled! So, does the OP deserve some payment for the legwork?... Continue Reading

Bonus, do not be afraid to ask BUT if told no, do NOT cancel an accepted shop!

I have only been mystery shopping heavily for the past six months. I am an attorney actually who has three children in college. I'm a single mom and need the extra cash. I have been tickled pink lately when asking for bonuses. In one case, I had signed up for... Continue Reading

Canceling a shop

Ok, quick question. I have a shop scheduled for tomorrow but I'm barely able to function today and I'm scared that tomorrow will be the same. The stomach flu has hit my house hard. It's a Saturday here, If I cancel the shop tonight will that ruin my chances... Continue Reading

Cancelled gas station shops. Way too much instructions

I applied for some gas station shops. Then I saw it included over 60 pages of instructions. The shops only pay around $15 each. What are these people thinking? LOL... Continue Reading

Cancelled shop due to age

i receive a desperate email yesterday, please do this shop today. i say fine if it is in my town. i get it approved, only for San Diego, CA (3 1/2 hours from me). I write telling her the problem and she then reassigns me bank in... Continue Reading

Crazy weather and canceling shops; Kudos to the good companies, boo to the bad.

We were hit with a major wind storm here/small tornado was spotted in the area. The power has been out for 3 days. Houses are without roofs, out buildings and debris are everywhere, old brick buildings are collapsed in the street, power lines are down everywhere, trees down, some homes... Continue Reading

Ipsos cancel shop

How do you cancel a shop with Ipsos? I don't see any way do this on their website. Thanks.... Continue Reading

Cancelling Shops

I found out this week that I start my new 9-5 on Monday. I had to cancel most of my shops this week. I thought the "flake citations" would hit, but the schedulers were very understanding. Some of my shops were posted with a lower fee or... Continue Reading

Market Force Early Morning Call Then Cancelation

OK, this is just me venting. So they wake me up, early this morning, needing a fast food shop done tomorrow. They say $7, I say $10. They say OK but you have to absolutely commit to doing it, which I agree. An hour later I see the email that... Continue Reading

Confero shop cancelled?

Never did a shop for them. Signed up to accept 1 shop. It was subsequently cancelled. Is this common for them? I just read about their late payments, so not too concerned, just curious.... Continue Reading

Mystery shop cancelled my negative report and won't pay

I have been mystery shopping for over 10 years. Few weeks ago I did a drive in Hot Dog shop for MarketForce which I have done many times before. But this last time was a little different than previous in that I made a negative report about the quality... Continue Reading

Has anyone ever had a "client" cancel a shop program after you have already completed it for the MSC?

And you are told you will not get the full complicated shop fee? I am stunned. :(... Continue Reading

Shop cancelled after it was complete

Just wondering what has happened with this with anyone. Did a shop with MF and then later in the day they removed it from my assignments and email me they did not need this shop done and it had been cancelled. The email was sent after I physically completed it,... Continue Reading

Medicare shop cancelled

Today I received an email from the MS that does a lot of these. I had accepted the job and today the email says it is cancelled. This is the third one in a row that this has happened. I can guarantee I'll be sent an email for some other... Continue Reading

IPSOS Cancelled my accounts?

So I was unable to complete a package shop, my bad the package closed at 11:30 am on a Saturday I made it literally 2 minutes after. I advised the scheduler that I was unable to complete the shop. So she responded with I wish you luck in all your... Continue Reading

What is the standard around canceling?

How common is it to cancel shops? I have found myself accepting them and then seeing that the guidelines are really greedy, or that I only have a narrow window of time when the application said I had all day. Or sometimes it's just personal reasons which make it either... Continue Reading

Cancel or hope to reschedule with Goodwin?

I was supposed to do a visit today for Goodwin that required a recorded phone call first. I attempted several times to call via the 888 number they have set up. Each time the system told me it was connecting me to the store, but I would get disconnected instead.... Continue Reading

Cancelled 3 shops...

I'm a relative newbie, compared to most on this forum, as I've been shopping less than a year. I do quite a few shops for MF, just because I can self-assign them, and I can easily group them with other shops that I've applied for and gotten (I can pick... Continue Reading

Remington Evaluations' "LAST MINUTE CANCELLATION!!!" Emails

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Cancelled 77 shops at 1 MSC--and they still offer me shops

Sceduled 77 shops at a large MSC. Then I got a better job. I emailed my cancellation of the shops to the email address provided. But my shops were never cancelled. I have received 343 emails notifying me that my shops are past due. I feel good about cancelling the shops.... Continue Reading

Weird situation & how do I cancel a job with IPSOS, in addition to e-mailing scheduler?

Maybe I'm missing something, but I can't find a way to cancel an IPSOS shop other than e-mailing the scheduler. Unfortunately, this scheduler is apparently known for not responding to e-mails. Is there a way to do it through the portal? Also, this is odd. I definitely may have messed up,... Continue Reading

Jersey Mike's Cancelled Shops for March

Today I received emails from the MSC that all of my March shops were cancelled by the client due to changes they want to make. Any one else have theirs cancelled?... Continue Reading

Cancelling shops at cse

I flew out to Chicago this weekend to do a ton of airport shops. I'm here another 2 days and am supposed to fly out Tuesday. Tuesday morning it looks like it's supposed to snow a fair amount. I'm an airline employee and only get to fly if there are... Continue Reading

Hooters shop cancelled?

I had a Hooters shop scheduled for tomorrow. I just tried to review the paperwork and it is no longer showing as scheduled. It was for a small reimbursement but I was still looking forward to it as part of my route. Of course I cannot reveal the MSC but... Continue Reading

Shop Cancelled to Accommodate Another Shopper's Late Report

Early yesterday, I had scheduled a dinner shop for tomorrow evening. I got an email from the scheduler this afternoon telling me she had cancelled my shop because "Another shopper did the shop and just needed to file the report." I was sort of astounded when I read her email,... Continue Reading

Trying to cancel shops, Scheduler ignoring me

Hi shoppers! I need to cancel my shops for a legitimate reason. Long story short, I am taking time off from my day job and mystery shopping. I emailed the Scheduler but have not heard back from him in a day and a half. I explained what had happened, and what... Continue Reading

Mercantile Systems-cancelled shop

I did a Chinese food mall shop for this company and submitted the report with the photos they required on Dec. 10th. Then I get an email saying the shop has been cancelled and to not do it. And I logged in and they gave me a shopper rating of... Continue Reading

Cancelling a request with Trendsource

Does anyone know how to cancel a request with Trendsource? I applied for one of their shops but my dates of availability have changed (thanks puking kid). I can't figure out how to cancel my app with them.... Continue Reading


I wonder if this is a common occurrence or just a fluke? I had been scheduled for two shops with Shoppers Confidential and received confirmation. A few hours later I get an email stating that the shops are on hold until the client sorts out some changes.... Continue Reading

I completed a shop this morning and just got an email the client cancelled it !!! 8 hours later !!

I actually completed 2 and both were cancelled. I'm pretty hot right now. Of course, none of the schedulers are available to talk to me.... Continue Reading

Home Service Call and Cancel Phone Shop?

Anyone done the shop where you call to schedule an inspection of some home system, then call and cancel the appointment? I don't like to do the recorded-call shops, but I didn't realize this was one of those until I accepted it (not sure why I didn't figure out, but... Continue Reading

Reservation/Cancellation Shop Woes

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Bad Weather Cancelling

I have a great paying shop to perform in 4 hrs. however it is storming like crazy outside, i.e., rain & lightening. This is my first shop with the MSC. The shop is 30 miles away and I'm not sure I feel comfortable driving that far in this... Continue Reading

Cancelled shops due to Wildfires

I live up here in the timber box of the Northwest a recently had to undergo emergency livestock evacuations due to wildfires. I had done a Cash & Carry shop earlier that day, but as my day progressed, reporting was the furthest thing from my mind the next morning when... Continue Reading

Business Observations canceling my shop for no reason?

Has anyone had this kind of experience with Business Observations? I scheduled through ISS my very first shop with them, an apartment recorded audio shop with them last Friday, with a shop date of next Tuesday (so, about 1 1/2 weeks in advance). Yesterday I receive an e-mail saying my... Continue Reading

Cancelled msg.

Cancelled msg.... Continue Reading

Question about Canceled Shop?

Hi all, I've started mystery shopping only a few weeks ago. I will be a lifestyle enhancement shopper with hopes to make a little extra disposable income, but shopping very part time. Based on the advice of this board, I have signed up for a few MSCs and am... Continue Reading

A good reason not to cancel after reading instructions

I accepted a gift card shop at a retail location. After reading the 7 pages of instructions I thought about cancelling. There were so many points to remember and even a cheat sheet with all the many questions in sections to print out. They said to bring 2 pencils and... Continue Reading

Did you ever cancel a shop . . . .

Did you ever cancel a shop after you received the report and thought the time involved wasn't worth it? Fortunately, or should I say "unfortunately," I contracted an intestinal virus the day I was supposed to do the shop. The scheduler was understanding and I got out of... Continue Reading

Unfortunately we must cancel your upcoming shop . . .

I got this email today. What the heck? Then it said for questions email shopper support. So I did. No answer. Boo.... Continue Reading

Market Force cancelled me

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Trendsource Cancelling shops

Anyone had a shop from Trendsource cancelled because they had someone else preform it before your scheduled date? A scheduler called and I committed to a shop 30 minutes away for a small bonus that was to be due the following day. Late that same night, I recieved... Continue Reading

Increase in cancelled shops?

I don't know if i am in a string of bad luck or if something is going on with EOY and budgets...I have had several shops be cancelled with best mark because the client chose to. Some I got notification of and others I didn't. Then i got my cable... Continue Reading

The client should pay if they cancel the shop

This happens from time to time, but it is so frustrating! Bestmark has had it where they cancel their online shops. It doesn't look like it is as bad as it has been before, but seeing that email is almost painful. The shop is so simple because you can do... Continue Reading

what happens if they cancel the shop after I shop it?

I got an email today after I completed a shop, that has a reimbursement instead of a fee. They cancelled the shop! The email said that they had posted it for the wrong date, and sorry for the inconvenience. I had already submitted the shop, before I read the email,... Continue Reading

Shop cancelled, shopped anyway

I just did a huge circle route, longest I've ever done. started with FF in my hometown, then headed to my next shop, a bank, 65 miles away. That's an hour and 45 minute drive through gorgeous but tourist infested, two lane mountain roads. It was worth it, the bank... Continue Reading

Scheduler will not give me the information I need to complete a shop and today is the deadline. I refuse to do it, but cannot find how to cancel it. What should I do?

The instructions I got for this shop, which seems to be a competitor shop for a variety of television shopping networks, told me I'd have to watch for a specific item and make an order, and that it would be done in "Anytown, NY", which I assumed would mean "any... Continue Reading

How to cancel account?

I sign up on here and have changed my mind. I wish to cancel my account but can not find where to do that on here. Does anyone know how?... Continue Reading

HELION- Cancels shop after assigned

My friend/co-worker and I both mystery shop. I recently signed up for a Helion shop at a local electronic store with a very good shop fee and received the confirmation email stating that the shop had been assigned to me to complete on Saturday. My friend later went... Continue Reading

My cup cancelled my shop

I got a payment from a MSC and realized it was missing a entire shops payment. I looked through my records and found no note saying it was invalid. There was a follow up question in regards to the french fries comment that was made and the note I made... Continue Reading

Beyond Hello Cancelling Shop After I've Completed It.

Was anyone else doing the plumbing shops for Beyond Hello? I had a shop scheduled for today and the opening hours were 9 to 5 so I dutifully completed my shop. Then I get an email from the scheduler at 8:15pm to say that the shop had been cancelled. Fortunately... Continue Reading

Cancelled Apartment Shop

I recently was assigned an apartment shop with a specific target. After many phone calls, I learned the target no longer works there. I passed this information on to the scheduler and I was advised the shop was cancelled. I asked if I would be compensated for my phone calls... Continue Reading

Mystery Shopping Canada cancelled shop

Anyone else have a problem with them? They just cancelled a shop that I was going to do on Saturday. How I found out was through the email they sent to all the shoppers, looking for someone to do that shop. I checked and sure enough, it was my shop! ... Continue Reading

Cancelled assignments

Over the last two weeks I have had two different MSCs cancel an assignment after assigning it to me. Both were quick to reassure me that it would not affect my rating, they just did not need the shop done. It is bothersome though. On each of them I went... Continue Reading

I can't believe I had to cancel!

Wow, my name is now mud! I had three shops for Saturday that had to be done, and, one was during a certain time frame. But, I woke up yesterday morning so very ill it wasn't funny. I was so bad I was ready for the ER! ... Continue Reading

Permanent Rep for Trailer Checks are cancelled

Hi, Has anyone been cancelled as a Permanent Rep for Trailer Check at a certain location? I have been checking trailers for the past two years almost every Friday and all of a sudden effective January 2014 it has been cancelled. I was told after sending them... Continue Reading

NO!!! School is cancelled tomorrow

We have been on Christmas break for the last two weeks. Then last night we get snow and ice and now school is cancelled tomorrow! My boys are at each other's necks, I'm not sure if I can take anymore. Secondary to that is that tomorrow I have a... Continue Reading

Cancellation impacting my shopper rating..

I had to cancel two shops scheduled for today because of my lack of public transportation caused by severe weather conditions. One scheduler asked me to reschedule because the cancellation will impact my shopper rating. The weather situation is forecast into next week. What will happen with this provider because... Continue Reading

Trend Source can't process cancellations?

I saw a listing for an "XXXX Drive Thru" located a few miles from me. (The pay wasn't great, but I drive past that restaurant 2-3 times a week anyway). Once I "confirmed acceptance" I was allowed to view the full details of the job. I see that this job is... Continue Reading

Severe weather - canceling shops

Ok - I have two shops scheduled and one can't be completed until after 6pm. These are shops that are a little ways from my house. I need to reschedule because the storms are coming earlier than expected. Of course I can't get a response from anyone.... Continue Reading

Cancelled accounts?

Two of my friends were essentially fired or cancelled from MF within the last month. They sent messages to the help desk and got notices that they cannot reveal the reason for the independent contract cancellations. Has anyone else been hearing this? Does it have something to do with MF's... Continue Reading

Does cancelling a job mean anything?

So, I did a bank job on Thursday. It paid a lot of money. I has another one scheduled for today. The one on Thursday was my first ever bank assignment for the particular MSC. They had to contact me for more narrative. I happily provided it, within the deadline... Continue Reading

Ever had a shop cancelled by the MSC within 24 hours of the due date?

Ever had a scheduled bonused shop cancelled by the MSC within 24 hours of the due date? And then have it reapear on the job board without the bonus? CONFERO did it to me.... Continue Reading

Shop Cancelled Last Minute - Can I Still Get Paid

A MSC just cancelled a major shop I had planned for next week at a casino about 6 hours from me. I had planned several other shops in the area because the pay was enough to cover my gas there and back plus make a profit. I printed out the... Continue Reading

Need to cancel asignmwnt but been posted camera

Hi, I have been offered my very first asignment but unfortunately I have to cancel it due to personal reasons and I will not be able to work for them in the future, but the Mystery Shopping company has already posted out a video camera. It cost them £7.55 to... Continue Reading

Canceling the schedule?

Hi, I am new shopper & just have done a couple of shops. I did one fast food shop recently with $7.50 + reimbursement (not sure if it was accepted...) and got a phone call from a scheduler that offered me for $8.50 + reimbursement for a location a... Continue Reading

Reschedule equates to cancellation?

Is this typical? I requested a shop that I had accepted for the first day of a 5 day window to be rescheduled to the next day and just received a standard reply saying that my shop was cancelled. First time I picked up a shop with this company but... Continue Reading

Oh I just cancelled a Marketforce shop. Now what?

I have done probably 100 shops for MF and never had any issues or problems whatsoever. But I just cancelled a shop for the first time today. It was one I signed up for this morning and due to circumstances out of my control, I won't be able to do... Continue Reading

I should have flaked, cancelled, ANYTHING!

The last 5 days have been anything but pleasant in the life of amie068. Last Thursday, my grandfather was rushed to the hospital after having a heart attack and the weekend was very intense. Needless to say, everything else in life had to take a back seat. He is doing... Continue Reading

Gapbuster Rejected / Cancelled

I did a shop for Gapbuster on February 25, out of town and bonused. I had done the same shop in my own city the day before without issue. Three days later, beside the February 25 shop, it said in red "Rejected / Cancelled". Huh? I completed the... Continue Reading

MarketForce cancelled all my "enjoy that classic taste" shops

Last night I chose around 7 of them. It took time to decide which ones I could do and on which dates. I got an email cancelling them all today and "if you need further ASSISTANCE to contact them". I don't think I was "assisted" at all in the... Continue Reading

Sick and Cancelling -anyone else?

I have been hit hard with the flu. It's been since last week when I started feeling icky and have been in bed mostly since. I have sadly had to cancel a slew of shops wide and far. Some fun ones too. I was a former scheduler... Continue Reading

So my first ever cancelation and a not so Merry Christmas

So was assigned my second shop with a company that I really liked the support for in the first one, but there just isn't much in my area. I am still on probationary status and was looking forward to do another one. I was going to be Ina hotel for... Continue Reading

Has anyone completed shops with GfK and had it canceled after the submission?

1. I completed 8 shops yesterday. Two for Gfk. I also completed six shops for Gfk a couple of days ago. 2. I went to the mall location, took a photo of the entrance I used to get in. Before doing so, I Geoverified my location.... Continue Reading

Tried to Cancel Shop, No Response from Intellishop

I had a shop that was due by Saturday. I came down with the flu and also caught pneumonia. I haven't been this sick for as long as I can remember. Went to urgent care on Saturday morning. I need to stay at home for a while to get... Continue Reading

Market force cancelled me

Marketforce cancelled my contract because a friend of mine worked at xxx 4 years ago. I don't even know how they knew we are friends. It is crazy that I cannot do shops based on what my friends used to do.... Continue Reading

I cancelled a shop today

As I've only been doing mystery shops since June 2012, I don't like to be too picky and treat commitments here seriously, like I have in the business world for the many years I was in it (and actively involved). A little background on me. I'm currently disabled and have found... Continue Reading

Sphero Cancelled

Anyone else so disappointed? It was probably going to be my most lucrative reimbursement to date.... Continue Reading

Shopping company that fines you $25 if you cancel!

Saw this from a company that I haven't shopped before: "If you need to cancel the observation please first consider if you can reschedule the observation. If you must cancel you must call at least 48 hours prior to your observation time. If we are not able to reschedule... Continue Reading

Canceling a shop that was misrepresented by the scheduler

Would you cancel a shop that sounded like a completely different shop than what the scheduler told you once you looked at the paperwork? This shop is with one of my favorite companies that I trust and that usually doesn't have ridiculous requirements. However, the scheduler told me that on... Continue Reading

Canceling a shop that was misrepresented by the scheduler

Would you cancel a shop that sounded like a completely different shop than what the scheduler told you once you looked at the paperwork? This shop is with one of my favorite companies that I trust and that usually doesn't have ridiculous requirements. However, the scheduler told me that on... Continue Reading

How does Bestmark calculate cancellation & reschedule rate?

I have done about 18 shops for them. I had cancelled one, and rescheduled one, yet my cancellation rate is 23% and reschedule rate is 17%. I don't understand the math.... Continue Reading

Did anyone have Market Force cancellations?

I just had some tax audits cancelled today. (They told me the client did not want them done) Anyone else have tax audits cancelled by Market Force? I really enjoyed those....... Continue Reading

Reasons why you cancel a shop?

I recently canceled a shop because of where it was located. In the middle of a busy college town with no parking. The low fee wasn't going to be worth my time driving around to find a parking spot and probably ending up in a parking garage, dodging 45,000+ college... Continue Reading

Warning about too many cancellations

I inadvertently put in what the MSC claimed were too many cancellations and they ran me off the island. I therefore want to advise others about too many cancellations. The MSC is a reputable company, so I can't complain in that respect. I don't think I had that... Continue Reading

Shop cancelled

Have you ever been offered by phone a bonus assignment; had it added to your assignment list and then it disappeared? I just accepted a last minute Medicare shop with a 10.00 bonus...showed on my assignment list with the word pending $10.00. Then 5 minutes later it was... Continue Reading

Cancellation by Schedulers

I just wanted to note that if a Scheduler wants to cancel your assignment due to not completing it on time don't just write it off. If you promptly get back to a scheduler and also have a plausible reason for it, they will generally give you additional time... Continue Reading

well I had to tell GfK to cancel my account.

I applied for them sometime back in may, however I could not pass that quiz, despite three attempts. Even prior to this I had the hardest time getting a response from them to begin registration (I could never get my password to work, they sent me a password ultimately). I... Continue Reading

Cancelled shop removes you as shopper, hugh ???

Does this sentence (direct from one of the big MSC's) make sense to anyone? "I understand that I am to report this shop online in order to be paid for this assignment, and if the shop is cancelled after being completed I may be removed as a Shopper." I interpret as saying... Continue Reading


Is it unreasonable to cancel a shop 48 hours before the due date? Did that today and was threatened with being deactivated.... Continue Reading

Ugh, what happens if you cancel a shop with MF?

I accepted a "photo audit" not really knowing what all was involved, I'm having anxiety about doing this now that I have studied it well and see what all is involved. And all for $10. I know it is really bad to cancel a shop, but my anxiety over this... Continue Reading

scheduler won't cancel a shop and offer it to another shopper, even with ten days notice

several times i have emailed the scheduler to cancel a particular shop and offer it to another shopper. i've given ten days notice. but they won't cancel it. what's my next step?... Continue Reading

Market Force and cancellations

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Cancelling a Shop

I sprained my ankel on my way to work and had to cancel two shops. The first mystery shop was very nice about it and gave me a date in the future. I am copying and pasting the exact words of the scheduler: Consider your shops canceled. I also work with several... Continue Reading

Apartment Shop, recorded and all, was just cancelled on me!!!

Please advise/give feedback. I'm hopping mad! An apartment shop I just completed was just canceled on me! I've done it, and they've gone and canceled the shop on a technicality (it was done on the 3rd vs. the 4th). I'm flabbergasted! The experience and information collected is surely the same from Thursday... Continue Reading

Shops Canceled

Really strange. Not one, but TWO emails, both from different companies, canceling shops. In each case, the email said the client was re-evaluating the shop, etc., and that it would not be reflected on my account, as it is not a personal issue. Is this happening to anyone else... Continue Reading

Fees for shops/assignments cancelled by MSPs?

I wanted to ask some of you who are more experienced about fees for assignments that are cancelled by the company after you have already done or at least shown up for the assignment. In the past, I have had assignments that I agreed to do and tried to... Continue Reading

Ath - cancellation and no confirmation of receipt

Good morning everyone! I applied for few jobs from Ath and found the turn-around time from apply to acceptance is so great that conflicts arise for me. E.g., I am supposed to do a bank shop next Tuesday; When I applied, I was free. When they notified me that the "job"... Continue Reading

cancelled shop after already completed

Hello again, I had an oil change shop assigned me to me to complete sometime this week. I completed the shop this morning, but when I got home, I had an email stating that the shop had been cancelled and I didn't need to go there!! I responded to... Continue Reading

Had to cancel shop would like input

I'm pretty new at this but I have successfully done about a dozen shops. Here's the situation. I was trying to plan multiple shops for the same day in a town about 45 miles away. I had one that in the preliminary paperwork stated I was to call in to... Continue Reading

Marketforce canceled account

Hi, Marketforce just sent me an email cancelling my Independent contractor's agreement. When I called them and asked them why, they said that they couldn't tell me as that would reveal some confidential information??? Has anyone else experienced this? I really don't understand this? I've been a shopper with them... Continue Reading

Marketforce Cancelled all assignments

Hello, I am fairly new to mystery shopping (3 months) and my husband has recently started as well. He has been shopping for marketforce regularly and got an odd email today from marketforce cancelling all his upcoming shops and saying he is no longer eligible. Has anyone had this... Continue Reading

canceled shop-feel bad

Have any of you guys ever accepted shops and then when you got the full list or requirements, changed your mind and cancelled? I just did this and feel bad about it. I am new to MS but have been enjoying it so far. I signed up... Continue Reading

I just had to cancel 23 shops!

I'm really concerned since I'm still so new at this that companies are going to deem me unreliable. So far the scheduler e-mails back to me have been friendly and sympathetic, but I'm concerned anyway. My half brother passed away Monday night. I had done 7 shops on monday... Continue Reading

canceled due to weather

Had to cancel a shop yesterday due to weather conditions. The assignment was only a 5.00 reimbustment plus small fee-just didn't feel it was worth risking. I have never had to cancel and now I am worried the company is going to frown upon this and not give me more... Continue Reading

Phone call shop order/cancel

Anyone ever did one of these shops where you call make an order and cancel within 5 minutes? How did you do?... Continue Reading

Discussions of Cancelling Assignments

If not, I don't feel that I would successfully be able to complete this shop and may need to cancel it. (Source). October 02, 2022

I have a feeling if I go, I'll be too scared to ask their names and will end up not getting reimbursed for this meal,so I just may cancel it. (Source). October 02, 2022

I try to keep an eye on my calendar and check back and cancel any applications that are listed as pending and that I know I will not be doing, especially if my schedule has since booked, and/or the due date has passed. (Source). October 01, 2022

Apologized for the misunderstanding and again expressed my interest for the future. She didn't respond, but cancelled them and sent out another e-blast. (Source). October 01, 2022

However, I have been assigned some of these, but due to the low pay scale, I cannot take these at this time, and request an immediate cancellation of these shops. (Source). September 30, 2022

I feel bullied because I am new to the industry, and I feel it does not look good for me to turn down/cancel assignments. (Source). September 30, 2022

..this happens because the system they use only cancels the application when the actual shop date expiration arrives. (Source). September 30, 2022

I don't put my life on hold for any application. If another shop (or whatever) comes up during the time I applied for, I move on and cancel the application without hesitation or remorse. (Source). September 30, 2022

..this happens because the system they use only cancels the application when the actual shop date expiration arrives. (Source). September 29, 2022

However, I accepted the shop and after reading through the mountain of paperwork, saw conflicting instructions. Emailed the scheduler who did not respond, so I ended up cancelling. (Source). September 29, 2022