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What do you do on a cell phone shop when a brand promoter walks over and starts answering questions.

While doing a cell phone shop and having the store employee answering questions, a brand promoter has walked over and started answer the questions. You are there to talk to the store employee, not the brand promoter. What do you do? I've had to tell them I need the... Continue Reading

I can't get the app to submit reports on IPSOS

I can do everything on the app but "submit". I have to wait til I get home and on my PC, pull up the shop on the website, and submit from there. Anybody else have this happen? There just doesn't seem to be a submit button on the app.... Continue Reading


I don’t use this platform too often but does anyone know if it shows more shop to shoppers with higher ranks?... Continue Reading

Cell phone repair shops

I think I saw somebody say something about cell phone repair shops ? Can somebody tell me what mystery shopping company to look at? My son's phone is trying to come unglued.. it's getting super hot, won't charge unless it's off or in airplane mode. He's already either closed or... Continue Reading

Geo-Tagging Photos Courtesy of Jennifer at ISecretShop.

TrendSource also has a button on their app you need to press when you arrive onsite to start the shop. I want to give credit to ISecretShop. Jennifer posted this on their site. Perhaps it will help someone. "Jennifer E. Posted 05/02/2022 Subject Geo-Tagging Best Practices Many assignments have the requirement to capture a geo-tagged... Continue Reading

Cell Phone Store Mystery Shop - San Jose, Ca $100

Need completed ASAP! No purchasing necessary, just need: -Counts of specific cell phones on display -Counts of specific brand ads -15-20 open ended customer experience questions -Pictures Should only take 20-30 minutes in store Please email nflink1@nf-link.com if interested soon! Thanks, Ryan O'Hara National Field-Link, inc 800-982-6554 nflink1@nf-link.com www.nf-link.com... Continue Reading

Seeking New York/CT Shoppers for $32 No purchase cell phone shops!

Hello, thank you for taking the time to read this post. We have several open opportunities for June that we are trying to get scheduled for our client by June 8th. This opportunity would include an onsite visit, that typically only take about 20 minutes in the store. You do not... Continue Reading

Cell phone revealed audits.

How can I get a copy of the instructions for cell phone revealed audits. Some say they are 30 pages long. It might not be so bad if I can see what it entails. I don't want to accept the shops before I get a copy. I have done several... Continue Reading

Seeking Florida Shoppers for $30 No purchase cell phone shops

Hello, thank you for taking the time to read this post. We have several open opportunities in May that we are trying to get scheduled for our client. This opportunity would include an onsite visit, that typically only take about 20 minutes in the store. You do not have to be... Continue Reading

Needing to whitelist isecretshop to unblock email

Hi All, is anyone having this issue? I have been with the isecretshop platform since it's inception, and suddenly on the site there is a message that my email is blocked. Subsequently, I am not receiving any emails from my mystery shopping companies in my gmail. I've asked iss twice... Continue Reading

How long would you wait on a cell phone shop?

I took a cell phone shop for $12. Most of the time they are quick, not many customers. Today I had one where the wait was 30 to 40 minutes. I left. I'm not waiting that long for a $12 shop. How long would you wait?... Continue Reading

Presto App issues

I'm having trouble with the Presto app is anyone else? It shows me shops then they disappear. An hour later they show up again. It's getting frustrating.... Continue Reading

Fun survey app to earn gift cards (for some easy side $)

I enjoy mystery shopping when I can but found another way to make some money when I have downtime- an app/website called Crowdtap. You quickly earn points towards store gift cards for taking simple surveys about brands, products and ideas/designs. It's super easy and was pretty cool to see a... Continue Reading

$30 Florida Cell phone opportunities

Hello, thank you for taking the time to read this post. We have several open opportunities in Florida we are trying to get scheduled for our client for March 2022 opportunities. This opportunity would include an onsite visit, that typically only take about 20 minutes in the store. You do not have... Continue Reading

Cell phone shop audit question. Measuring sprinkler heads.

I did an open audit for a cell phone shop. One of the questions is,...."Are the sprinkler heads 18" apart?" Like I'm going to get a ladder and measure them. I held up my thumb and said, "Looks good to me" LOL Who comes up with these questions? You're... Continue Reading

Anyone having issues with the cell phone test for IPSOS?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

February Florida Cell Phone opportunities

Hello, thank you for taking the time to read this post. We have several open opportunities in February coming up that we are trying to get scheduled for our client, This opportunity would include an onsite visit, that typically only take about 20 minutes in the store. You do not have... Continue Reading

$30 January Cell phone store visits in Florida

Hello, thank you for taking the time to read this post. We have several open opportunities in January we are trying to get scheduled for our client by the end of January. This opportunity would include an onsite visit, that typically only take about 20 minutes in the store. You do not... Continue Reading

Battery is draining too quick in my iPhone

Recently I was given a pre owned iPhone 7 by a family member. The camera is great. The ability to place phone calls is great. I use the app to audit Trailers and Marketing Materials in movie theaters. ( Am I allowed to write the... Continue Reading

Got stiffed for $400 by ISecretShop

Heads up!! Caveat Emptor!! For an ISecretShop Hotel shop I was rejected for not using the CAR PARKING Valet instead of a regular valet. This was not made clear in the vague instructions. Spent over $400 even though I did the shop correctly in all other areas. As this was an... Continue Reading

IPSOS gas station shops on SHOPMETRICS using the app -- game changer!

You all know by now I'm totally a tech dinosaur. Today, for the VERY first time, I did an IPSOS gas station. Using the IShopForIpsos app, I walked right through the entire shop/audit. For a tech person, it would have been seamless -- for me, there were a... Continue Reading

ISecretShop Shop Fee Question.

Delete if not allowed. There is a shop I'd like to do on ISecretShop that says Compensation is $90. I will have to buy something on this shop. Does anyone know if that means the Reimbursement and payment are included in the $90? I haven't shopped with them much and... Continue Reading

Interesting cell phone shop

I've done many cell phone shops but this was a first. I went by the script. asked the employee about the features of certain phones. I was told this store is about service. We expect the customer to know what they want before coming in. There are so many phones,... Continue Reading

Unrevealed gas station and/or convenience store assignments: are there any? no client names, just the MSC or app names, please

tia. I am attempting to update my information for shops, audits, merches, etc. I am struggling with a list of companies or apps (or whatever) that offer unrevealed gas station and/or convenience store shops. I am familiar with revealed audits, but would rather complete smaller assignments such as shops. ... Continue Reading

Marketforce app photos

I have questions! I have upcoming assignments that require a lot of photos. Now I I'm in a panic because I realized that every time I have to link photos to their questions I cannot see the photos in those little tiny circles on the app and usually just guess.... Continue Reading

360Intel on iSecretShop

I recently completed a shop for 360Intel on iSecretShop & received an email that it was rejected for doing something wrong. I can’t find the shop anywhere in the app to review the guidelines or report to figure the issue out. I’ve emailed the scheduler. Is there a spot I’m... Continue Reading

Curinos and iPhones

I wish Curinos didn't have so many projects that require shoppers to have iPhones. I am Android phones all the way.... Continue Reading

iPhone app that adds all the data

I have recently been dinged for not having the address, date, and time from a photo. I can stamp the date and time from the app I use free but to add the address is $5.99. Is there one that is free that will do everything? I have been geoverifying... Continue Reading

I need advice on cell phone shops for those with no service provider

I see hundreds of these shops, the ones where you need to order something and then return it, go begging on the boards. My service plan is a family plan and I am not the "head" of the family nor do I have permission to make any changes to... Continue Reading

Job Phone App (programs) that work

Looking to get back into merchandising and such. Don't really see to much on the M-Survey app. It's green with the white m. I have done a few store resets with them in the past.... Continue Reading

$50.00 OR MAKE ME AN OFFER! Price Checks Via An App in KS

Easy Travel Center Price Checks Via An App For Today in South Hutchinson, KS 67505. Project Fee is $50.00 or Make Make Me An Offer! Due TODAY! Contact me at MAlvarez@bareinternational.com for more information!... Continue Reading

$10 Price Checks via Smartphone App - AR, IA, IL, IN KS, MN, ND, NE, OK, SD, TN

BARE INTERNATIONAL I am looking for evaluators to complete price checks using an app on your smartphone. No other forms to fill out. These checks can be completed in under 30 minutes. Batesville, AR 72501 Harrison, AR 72601 Harrison, AR 72601 Lowell, AR 72745 Mountain Home, AR 72653 Siloam Springs, AR 72761 Ankeny, IA 50021 Ankeny, IA 50021 Clive,... Continue Reading

Smartphone App Price Checks available in AR, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MI, MN, MO, ND, NE, OK, SD, TN, WI - $10 Shopper Fee

Bare International has in-store price checks available in the cities below. These are done using an app on your Smartphone and usually take less than a half hour to complete. You can apply for these on our Job Board at www.bareinternational.com. Thanks Tasha THaefner@bareinternational.com Batesville,AR Bentonville,AR Bentonville,AR Farmington,AR Fayetteville,AR Harrison,AR Harrison,AR Jonesboro,AR Jonesboro,AR Little Rock,AR Lowell,AR Mountain Home,AR Paragould,AR Paragould,AR Paragould,AR Rogers,AR Rogers,AR Rogers,AR Siloam Springs,AR Springdale,AR Springdale,AR Springdale,AR Springdale,AR Ankeny,IA Clear Lake,IA Clear Lake,IA Clive,IA Cresco,IA Davenport,IA Davenport,IA Davenport,IA De Soto,IA Grimes,IA Hampton,IA Independence,IA Mason City,IA Mason... Continue Reading

Android Face Recognition task

Hi all! Has anyone done the data facial recognition tasks with an android phone. The overlay app is giving me a whole bunch of errors and I wanted to know if anyone has experienced something similar?... Continue Reading

$30 Cell phone shops- no purchase in Florina.

Hello, Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Our client has a couple of hard to schedule locations in Florida that we are trying to get scheduled for them. These are for customer service evaluations and there is no purchase necessary. You do not have... Continue Reading

Help! how to use cell phone camera for receipts?

I am trying to switch to my cell phone camera. I have a long receipt that to scan from my computer I would cut in half and lay side by side. The phone camera can take a pic of the whole thing but it is too small to read... Continue Reading

Price Checks via Smartphone App Available in CA, MO and OK - $13

BARE INTERNATIONAL Hi Shoppers, I am in need of shoppers for the areas below in April for in-store price checks. These checks are done via an app downloaded to your Apple or Android Smartphone. If you are not already, please register with us at www.bareinternational.com. Once you do, you can... Continue Reading

Android Apps Crashing

https://m-businesstoday-in.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/m.businesstoday.in/lite/story/gmail-google-pay-other-android-apps-crash-tech-giant-working-on-a-fix/1/434630.html?amp_js_v=a6&_gsa=1&usqp=mq331AQFKAGwASA%3D#aoh=16164908272393&csi=0&referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&_tf=From%20%251%24s&share=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.businesstoday.in%2Ftechnology%2Fnews%2Fgmail-google-pay-other-android-apps-crash-tech-giant-working-on-a-fix%2Fstory%2F434630.html I opened an app on my Android yesterday to perform a shop. It crashed. I opened another app for my rewards and that crashed. I continued with my shop and did the report on my laptop. The above article and the fix were in my newsfeed this morning. I uninstalled the... Continue Reading

Cell phone service

Last week I saw a shop for Cricket Wireless and now that my phone quit charging I can't find any shops. Does anyone know of any companies with cell phone shops?... Continue Reading

Wireless shops on Presto App gone?

I usually do a lot of the Wireless Health and safety shops on the Presto Instashop app as route fillers and they seem to have all disappeared....even in places where I know they have not been taken yet. Does anyone have a scoop on it?... Continue Reading

Cell phone shops

Heads up! I see a cell phone company is offered at fieldagent for $15. You are only allowed to pick 1 location and have to go in and ask for a plan, 1 photo. They have the burn phone company also for $6.... Continue Reading

Using Mobi App for Sassie Shop

It's been a while since I've done a gas station shop for Sassie. I thought for sure the last time I did it was with the Mobi app. If I did I no longer have the any profiles in the Mobi App for Sassie (this is an *xx**... Continue Reading

iSecretshop Notifications

I used to get regular notifications on my iPhone, but I don't seem to see them anymore. Anyone else have this issue? I have missed some of my favorite shops recently. I have checked all of my settings.... Continue Reading

GoSpotCheck app now requires iPhone 7 or newer

Drat. I also saw on a couple independent apps that my ios is no longer supported. Easy Shift, for sure, and maybe a couple others that I already deleted. I shouldn't complain; I'm lucky to have even the old iPhone my daughter gave me. But maybe that explains, at least partly, why... Continue Reading

Is there an app you can use for Ipsos sassie side

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Does IPSOS have an app a shopper can use to submit reports on site?

I don't mean going to their website and entering the data, but an actual app, where you can take the photo in the app, and not have to sweat driving many hours to get home and trying to submit reports before the 12 hour limit?... Continue Reading

100 Opportunities in Florida - Cell Phone Stores {NO purchase} - $17 per evaluation

Happy Holiday Eve! Our client has some Cell Phone Stores they'd like evaluated. They have added an incentive to get them completed ASAP! You can Register/Review/Request at https://isecretshop.com/ For this shop, you will be visiting a cell store location to evaluate the service you receive from the associate, as well as evaluating the... Continue Reading

What Video Chat App Do You Use?

Everyone's using them this year..work/school/social....which do you use and why?... Continue Reading

Price Collection Project Using Mobile App (NO PURCHASE REQUIRED)

DSG Associates has an available price collection project in the following areas: New Orleans, LA 70119 Brentwood, MO 63144 Saint Louis, MO 63122 Cary, NC 27519 Raleigh, NC 27607 Las Vegas, NV 89135 Las Vegas, NV 89128 Mt Pleasant, SC 29466 Nashville TN 37215 Redmond WA 98052 You will update the prices of a list of items using an app... Continue Reading

No Contact $7.00 and 12.00 Price Checks Via An App Available In LA, WV, WA, MA, FL, IL, MI

Hello! Bare International has easy convenience store price checks via a Smartphone app at near you! Social Distancing approved - no employee interaction, no forms to fill out, and no purchase required. Simply enter prices into your phone app. Project Dates are: 10/6-10/8. You must have an Android or Apple Smartphone. If assigned,... Continue Reading

Marketforce Cell Phone Store Audit

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So, I'm doing my first cell phone store audit

You know, the type where you have to ask the employees all sorts of questions about security issues and whatnot. My question is this: do y'all dress up for these, or just go casual? I haven't done one yet, so I want to get it right the first... Continue Reading

20 easy Presto insta app shops - Curbside or Pick up - AK AZ CA HI ID MT NJ OR UT WA

Talk about URGENT? These are! Home improvement shops in Presto Pay increased to $20, if you see one you would do but it is further, ask me about bonus for gas..... We have quick grab and go home improvement shops open in Presto. We have both order... Continue Reading

Internet in the Boonies when cell phones do not have service.

One thing that I have noticed is that you can get the internet in some decent-sized cities. And just about always at a cell phone store if you can talk them out of the Password. I have always found web access at a Lowe's, Home Depot, Target, McDonald's, Burger King.... Continue Reading

NC - QSR Menu Board Price Checks Available Using an App on your phone

BARE is scheduling price checks to be completed in the store (when you are able - otherwise you can use the drive thru) using an app on your Android or Apple Smartphone. I have price checks in the cities below. These are being scheduled for August 14th to August 16th.... Continue Reading

MD - QSR Menu Board Price Checks Available Using an App on your phone

BARE is scheduling price checks to be completed in the store (when you are able - otherwise you can use the drive thru) using an app on your Android or Apple Smartphone. I have price checks in the cities below. These are being scheduled for August 14th to August 16th.... Continue Reading

PRESTOINSTASHOPS: Why not Android compatible?

Any idea with this app is not Android compatible? Does it function simply with yes and no answers like the Movie Measure app? Does not make sense to leave out all of us Abdroid users and wish they would include us. Many Thanks... Continue Reading

Ipsos Yellow and Blue shops app (or lack thereof)

Can ANYONE shed some light on why Ipsos is not making an app available to do these shops? These used to be my favorite shops to do, and even at base, I could make great money doing these, as they could be knocked out in 30-45 minutes, tops. ... Continue Reading

Merchandiser App users: what do you do when the app won't work on site?

It gives me a warning in big red letters, says to close app, refresh, try again. Same result. No "next" button, can't answer questions, take photos, nothing. Scheduler was trying to help, said to complete the job and upload after I get home. But the app... Continue Reading

UT, WA - August Convenience Store Price Checks Available Using an App on your phone

BARE International is scheduling price checks to be completed in the store using an app on your Android or Apple Smartphone. I have price checks in the cities below. These are being scheduled for August 11th to August 16th. They pay $10 each. These price checks are completed at the store,... Continue Reading

MI, MO, NJ, SC - August Convenience Store Price Checks Available Using an App on your phone

BARE International is scheduling price checks to be completed in the store using an app on your Android or Apple Smartphone. I have price checks in the cities below. These are being scheduled for August 11th to August 16th. They pay $10 each. These price checks are completed at the store,... Continue Reading

MA - August Convenience Store Price Checks Available Using an App on your phone

BARE International is scheduling price checks to be completed in the store using an app on your Android or Apple Smartphone. I have price checks in the cities below. These are being scheduled for August 11th to August 16th. They pay $10 each. These price checks are completed at the store,... Continue Reading

IL, IN, KY, LA - August Convenience Store Price Checks Available Using an App on your phone

BARE International is scheduling price checks to be completed in the store using an app on your Android or Apple Smartphone. I have price checks in the cities below. These are being scheduled for August 11th to August 16th. They pay $10 each. These price checks are completed at the store,... Continue Reading

CT- August Convenience Store Price Checks Available Using an App on your phone

BARE International is scheduling price checks to be completed in the store using an app on your Android or Apple Smartphone. I have price checks in the cities below. These are being scheduled for August 11th to August 16th. They pay $10 each. These price checks are completed at the store,... Continue Reading

FL- August Convenience Store Price Checks Available Using an App on your phone

BARE International is scheduling price checks to be completed in the store using an app on your Android or Apple Smartphone. I have price checks in the cities below. These are being scheduled for August 11th to August 16th. They pay $10 each. These price checks are completed at the store,... Continue Reading

CA - August Convenience Store Price Checks Available Using an App on your phone

BARE International is scheduling price checks to be completed in the store using an app on your Android or Apple Smartphone. I have price checks in the cities below. These are being scheduled for August 11th to August 16th. They pay $10 each. These price checks are completed at the store,... Continue Reading

Texas - August Convenience Store Price Checks Available Using an App on your phone

BARE International is scheduling price checks to be completed in the store using an app on your Android or Apple Smartphone. I have price checks in the cities below. These are being scheduled for August 11th to August 16th. They pay $10 each. These price... Continue Reading

Up to $130 pay out - cell phone shop Roxbury, no purchase

Good afternoon! I have T-Mobile inquiry shops open, and I need 26 more shoppers for just one location. I NEED everyone’s help to get this done, please? You do NOT need to be a T Mobile customer for these. This shop could potentially make you some good money! Pays $30 for the walk... Continue Reading

Up to $130 pay out - cell phone shop Roxbury, no purchase

I have a T-Mobile shops and I need 30 shoppers for just one location. I NEED everyone’s help to get this done, please? This shop could potentially make you some good money! Pays $30 for the walk in, inquiry at the T-Mobile store. You need to have been at any... Continue Reading

Cell Phone, Burger & Gas Station Audits with Market Force

New shopper here, I was wondering if anyone has done these jobs with Market Force? The cell phone & gas jobs are 10 miles from my work, with zero traffic to get there in a small town so no shop is ever busy with customers. The burger shops are 20... Continue Reading

Geoverify app for mystery shopping: is it reliable?

There's a shop I'm interested in coming up but the MSC requires the Geoverify app to prove my presence at the location. I do not have this app. I was going to download it but ran smack into some very angry reviews by users who say it failed and left... Continue Reading

Android Google Pay shops

Has anyone done these? Are they time consuming in general? I saw one of the surveys said up to like 110 questions, but it doesn't seem like there's actually that many. I'm wondering if that's only in a bug scenario? Any information on these would be great. I was considering a... Continue Reading

Has anyone done the Intellishop Cell Phone Audit?

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ANDROID RECORDED SHOPS: Is this difficult??

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isecretshop.. Anyone deal with this company

Anyone deal with this company? I don't quite understand. It seems like there are dozens of companies under the umbrella of isecretshop. Do you have to sign up and submit personal information for every company under isecretshop's umbrella, or do you only have to submit your formal application and personal... Continue Reading

COVERT ANDROID PICS: Is there an app for this please??

Thought I read many months back there was an app for covert Android photography. Correct? Asking, as some of these fast casual shops require very difficult to get photos. As examples, Sbarro and the register and food counter pics, tricky to do with staff so close by. And that pretzel... Continue Reading

Recording app suggestions?

What are your preferred recording apps? I have a spare Android phone I've been using to record. I found an app that marks minutes: seconds and has a memo feature for pinpointing places in the call, but the app is a bit buggy. What I mean is, as I'm listening... Continue Reading

Go Spot Check app is a pain in the butt!

So I'm supposed to be doing audits for Customer Impact at two different locations. Starting date is today. I've reviewed the guidelines, and the audits are supposed to be done on the Go Spot Check app. I pull up the app...and the jobs aren't there. ... Continue Reading

What is the rotation on isecretshop compliance shops?

I am simply wondering, does anyone know what is the rotation for the isecretshop compliance shops? I have a ton on the board (and in close proximity to one another to boot) and love making $70-$100 a day for little work. I was wondering when I can go back to... Continue Reading

Who is doing the cell phone shops for $6.00? It has to stop........

Is it the same people doing the grocery store visits for $4.00? You are selling yourself short, because they will and do pay higher, always, and have in the past. However, when you take the jobs for that little you make it impossible for everyone and... Continue Reading

Cellphone Shops in Canada

There used to be some cellphone shops which International Service Check offered up to a year ago or so. I noticed they moved over to iShopForIpsos/KSS for a cycle or two towards the end of last year then disappeared. They had you pretending to own a HTC phone, if... Continue Reading

Android phone users, Payment testing shops - across the USA

Do you have an Android Phone? Ipsos (formerly GfK) is currently looking for shoppers to do payment tests using the Google pay app in various restaurants, stores, etc. We are Scheduling these in over 13,000 locations across the USA! • Pays $10 • Reimbursement $6.50 • Small form • Submission is on Presto app BUT you must... Continue Reading

Do you get paid if an app does not work?

I had a fast food shop that required me to use their app and order online. I tried using the app on my phone, but my order would not go through. I tried 7 times to place my order, but the screen never left the order screen. I was hungry... Continue Reading

Loan App Testing - Possible Scam

I received an email about a loan app testing shop that pays $75 (within 2 to 3 days). The link is to a company I've dealt with before, but there's no corresponding shop listed on their website. Has anyone else seen / done one of these? I'm... Continue Reading

cell phone repairs

Howdy friends. Are there any companies that are currently doing cell phone repair shops? If so which one(s)?... Continue Reading

iPhone 8 Plus

Does anyone else us this phone with Mobi Audit? On my android, I could enlarge the photos so I could see the numbers on the pumps When I attach them. Thanks... Continue Reading

Ipsos - cell phone shop quiz???

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Mobile app for mileage

If you are using a mobile app or software to track mileage, what are you using? I just started using Stride Tax. (free)... Continue Reading

iPhone screen replacement shop

I cracked my iPhone screen and was wondering if anyone knew if the on-demand iPhone screen fixers were still being shopped? I remember seeing these shops on a job board months ago but I'm not sure where. Maybe iSS or Gigspot.... Continue Reading

iPhone users

I signed up with intellishop using an iPhone. I can log in but can not access the website. Does anyone else have this problem?... Continue Reading

$9 Pay per shop - 20 Question {Yes/No/Picker answer} Form – Cell Phone Stores, No purchases, in CA, CO, DC, ID, IL, IN, KY, MD, MI, MN, MO, NJ, NY, OH, OR, PA, UT, VA, WA, & WI

Happy Wednesday, Quick 20 question form for a Cellular Phone store. Mystery Shopper Services www.mysteryshopperservices.com 888-300-8292 Register/Review/Request at the following platform: isecretshop.com Industry/Type, City, State, Zip, and Pay Cell Phone Store Westerville OH 43082 $9.00 Cell Phone Store Bowling Green OH 43402 $9.00 Cell Phone Store Scranton PA 18518 $9.00 Cell Phone Store Sidney OH 45365 $9.00 Cell Phone Store Philadelphia PA 19128 $9.00 Cell Phone Store Uniontown PA 15401 $9.00 Cell Phone Store Florence KY 41042 $9.00 Cell Phone Store Lorain OH 44053 $9.00 Cell Phone Store JEFFERSONVILLE IN 47130 $9.00 Cell Phone Store Swedesboro NJ 8085 $9.00 Cell Phone Store Voorhees NJ 8043 $9.00 Cell Phone... Continue Reading

Cell phone complaice check

I am assigned complince reviews for the orange cell phone company. You are supposed to call 2 days in advance to let them know you are coming. I am assigned 2 corporate stores and neither are anwering their phones. You sre supposed hto leave a message but they do not... Continue Reading

Really bad sales person for a cell phone shop

I had a cell phone shop today for the Samsung Galaxy S10+ You’re to test the salesperson’s knowledge of the phone. I start asking the salesperson about the S10 +. He pulls out his own phone, to show me he has the S10+. I asked about some of the features,... Continue Reading

Can you open Mobee app today?

My Mobee app does not display any missions today. When I tried to search for shops, the app says “something went wrong, please try again”. I saw tons of new missions available early this morning around 7 am. Then it shows no shops at all. My achievements were not being... Continue Reading

iSecretShop Platform

Is it down? I am trying to complete a report and it's stuck at "still waiting." This is happening with the app and desktop.... Continue Reading

Do you have an Android Phone? Purchase and reimbursement, super fun shops and easy - Most states

Do you have an Android Phone? Ipsos (formerly GfK) is currently looking for shoppers to do payment tests using the Google pay app in various restaurants, stores, etc. • Pays $10 • Reimbursement $6.50 • Small form • Submission is on Presto app BUT you must sign up for Ipsos to get paid. Go... Continue Reading

Rebate app (similar to Ibotta)

In the "Are grocery shops worth it?" thread, there was mention of Ibotta as a way to stack earnings along with a MS or app shop (think Mobee, etc). I also like an app called Fetch Rewards. It's similar to Ibotta in that you scan receipts (grocery, club store, dollar... Continue Reading

Easy Cell Phone Inquiry shops now with a $20 BONUS (NC)

Check out the latest cell phones - no purchase needed. Updated pay! Now Pays $18 + $20 BONUS This shop gives you the opportunity to check out the latest cellular devices without committing to a device or contract! If you have an old phone or commitment issues this is definitely... Continue Reading

Shop for a cell phone, carrier has two locations feet from one another, help

I already emailed the scheduler about this issue. I am waiting to hear back and want to know if you ever had this issue before. I did a cell phone audit and was given the address in a mall (no suite number). I went to the mall and completed the shop... Continue Reading

Easy Cell Phone Inquiry shops now with a $15 BONUS (NC)

Check out the latest cell phones - no purchase needed. Updated pay! Now Pays $18 + $15 BONUS This shop gives you the opportunity to check out the latest cellular devices without committing to a device or contract! If you have an old phone or commitment issues this... Continue Reading

Must give up app & phone reporting

Unless there is no option such as Feild Agent or shops that need to be submitted within hours. I have tried. As much as I love the convenience of having no reports to do when I get home, it just is not working out. I have used... Continue Reading

Ipsos cell phone question

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Advice Android Phone Not Compatible A Closer Look System.

I could not find a string in relation to this so, if it is one apologies. Some advice please if this technical issue has happened to your phone Oddly, A Closer Look recording button feature will not work on my Android phone It will say "calling" however, my phone never rings... Continue Reading

Presto Instashops App problems and Login problems

I've done several shops on this platform but my most recent one has cascaded to multiple problems and I need advice and/or help. 1. I claimed a shop on the app and am unable to verify my location. The button is grayed out and I have no idea how... Continue Reading

Looking for app recommendations

What app does everyone use to record a job? I was told it has to be in mp3 or wav format. Thank you for your help.... Continue Reading

$15 Pretzel App Mystery Shop in San Mateo CA

Hi Shoppers! I have visits to a popular pretzel chain available in your area. These are simple and fun visits where the shopper will not reveal him or herself. Days of shop: Any time they are open Hours of shop: Any time they are open Shopper Payment: $15 Shopper Reimbursement: $10 REQUIREMENTS: Downloaded the App on your phone Create... Continue Reading

Call from anywhere in the US-- $10 Android phone shops

Do you have an Android smartphone under warranty? I have $10 phone shops. You must have one of these phones and carriers. Brands: Samsung, LG, Motorola Provider: Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile There are no exceptions to this. You can call from anywhere in the US. Register and apply now at www.sassieshop.com/2kern Shelly Martin KSSShelly@kernscheduling.com... Continue Reading

Has anyone heard of or worded for isecretshop? and if so is response good?

Has anyone heard of or worded for isecretshop? and if so is response good?... Continue Reading

Had an intersting cell phone audit today

I've been doing cell phone audits where you ask the employees questions I was suppose to call 48 hours before the shop, but the store did not have a number listed. I was told to go anyway. I got to the store, the employees said they had been waiting for... Continue Reading

Video Shopping With Cell Phone

I am using my phone with the background video recorder app to record video of a bar. No sound needed (It's a P P V audit). My hidden camera glasses broke. How do you suggest I get good video just using my cell phone?... Continue Reading

Ipsos has simple cell phone walk in inquiry shops - $12

Ipsos has simple cell phone walk in inquiry shops. You are going in and asking about a Nokia and you grab a few photos of the photos and outside of the store. Pays $12, and this form is simple! Looking to get these done ASAP. FIRST – sign up with... Continue Reading

Best voice recorder apps for Android?

Anybody got a favorite? I wouldn't mind paying a few bucks for one that would get rid of background noise but I have never used one like that and don't know if it works.... Continue Reading

Info on ISecretShop

Just noticed this at the ISecretShop website. Thought it was interesting, and also a little disconcerting. Also interesting, their "security office" is in Kula, Hawaii, yet they state they are a company in Mercer, Washington. Was just trying to dig a little deeper into the company and that's all I... Continue Reading

Cell phone cracked screen repair?

I used to see these all the time. I have not seen one since last Nov. Can anyone refer a source for a shop in the NYC area please?... Continue Reading


Has anyone did a shop for them lately ? What is there payment process ? Thanks... Continue Reading

Data Breach iSecretShop

Dear Elite CX Solutions Evaluator, It has come to our attention that one of the industry’s software platform providers, Prism Intelligence (formerly iSecretShop), was recently the subject of a data breach attack. After further investigation and analysis, we conclude that Elite CX Solutions’ systems were not targeted by this attack. However, in keeping... Continue Reading

Screen Repair/Cell phone referral??

Can anyone refer me to a source? I used to see these all the time. Can't find one now that I can use one. Thanks... Continue Reading

"Full purchase" cell phone shops

I see shops for AT&T and Sprint that are "full purchase." In the description, it states that if you cancel within their timeframe, you'll get "select fees" refunded. What are you out, if anything, if you do the shop then cancel before whatever the deadline is?... Continue Reading

Ipsos app opinions please

I am finding issues with this app. Besides not using it, any suggestions for report uploading or is desktop PC best method. ? thank you.... Continue Reading

Isecretshop Job Board saying account is suspended.

I can't log in. Is it just me or is everyone else having this problem. I am trying to figure out if it is my account suspended or theirs. If so, no idea why. All my completed shops have been approved and I have no new jobs pending with them... Continue Reading

$20.00 Easy price checks completed via an app on your smartphone WA, WV, MA and MI DUE TODAY 1/22

Hello! Can you please help me meet my deadline TODAY? These are paying $20.00! The more you complete the more money you can make! All you have to do is go to the location(s) listed below and conduct a price check using an app on your phone. No report to fill... Continue Reading

Deleting ISecretShop

The companies on this site (app), do they have their own boards or do they solely go through ISecretShop? I'm wanting to delete my profile from ISecretShop but, there are a couple of companies I want to remain with. I know you can delete Gigspot and sign up... Continue Reading

Google Pay Dunkin Donuts App Shop

I was wondering if anyone has completed the Google Pay Dunkin Donuts App shop? It looks like you can only use the app to place an order if you have an existing account and you have to buy a DD gift card to use as payment for the order. Am... Continue Reading

Cracked iPhone repair shop

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Surely someone has written an app that encompasses all MS needs?

I am brand new and a bit overwhelmed with all the companies, requirements, pay schedules, methods of payment, etc. I have searched through the discussions and i see overwhelmingly that Excel is the program of choice? I do love excel.. but NO ONE has written or found an... Continue Reading


I have been frustrated for awhile with not seeing jobs I know are being recruited on ISS. For instance, I work with Jancyn and never have seen their shops on the platform. I do see web shops but usually the only shop that shows up for on site is a... Continue Reading

Can't do a WAWA APP shop because my phone is too old.

Well, it finally happened, my android HTC 636 only has the old OS of 5.1 ("lolipop device") so I can not do the APP WAWA shop since the WAWA APP is "not compatible with my device." This might be happening more and more but my phone is not... Continue Reading

Maritz app did not work today

I am new at using apps. I tried to do a gas station today with the Maritz app. I got about 3/4 of the way through and it stopped. Any suggestions? Maybe something that I am doing or not doing. Thanks... Continue Reading

Canada: Urgent $24 Inquiry Only Cell Phone Shops Available

Great shops for both new and experienced shoppers! Each shop pays $24 and we need these completed by tomorrow, 11/30. Currently there are shops in all Canadian provinces available. No purchase required...just talk to the salesperson about cell phones and see what is recommended. Interested? Register with SeeLevel... Continue Reading

Mobi Audit App glitch

Signed up for this app but not sure how to change the location..allowed it to access my location..it is showing my location as washington dc and I live in Washington state..... Continue Reading

Red Flag at isecretshop

I just signed up on isecretshop. One or two things seemed odd (but who am I to judge?) On the listing of MSCs one or two addresses didn't quite match the correct address. But the real red flag as they want to take $9.98 from my PayPal account... Continue Reading

Gym Mystery Shops Available via Intouch Insight on iSecretShop.com!

Intouch Insight is looking for interested shoppers to complete mystery shops at a physical fitness gym. These assignments are perfect for people who enjoy a great workout! You will need to complete a full hour workout at the gym and evaluate the service and cleanliness of the location.... Continue Reading

GigSpot app can anyone help with this issue... Please help if you can!

I completed 8 gas station shops today and when I clicked submit the app crashed and threw me out. I’ve tried for over an hour now to try to reopen the app with no success. I emailed the Alta360 scheduler to advise her about what was going... Continue Reading

Presto update and iPhone problems after

Earlier this week I updated Presto and two other popular IOS apps to other apps. A few minutes later, most of my settings, passwords and Contacts were completely gone. Was able to restore from backup but was wondering if anyone else had the same issue this week. I have... Continue Reading

Field Agent app taking over gas shops

I just saw that this app is apparently going to start gas station shops that require a safety vest. Does anyone know which brand (s?) they are taking? Not thrilled to see this.... Continue Reading

Using the Maritz app offline

Hi everyone, Long-time, part-time shopper and respectful lurker here. I learned something this weekend about the Maritz app that I am hoping is a feature and not a bug, that I thought I would share. I had a weekend full of gas station photo audits to do, so I... Continue Reading

Field agent app scavenger hunt

Is there any advice for completing Field agent scavenger hunt shops? They pay ok but i fell like the description is vague and would be hard to find.... Continue Reading

Marketforce mobile pay app gas shop

Has anyone done the mobile pay app gas mystery shoo for Marketforce. If so, how difficult or easy was it?... Continue Reading

Smartphone timing app for mystery shopping (android)

Does anyone use a good timing app for shopping. I'm looking for something that when I hit button on my smartphone it saves the time but continues to run. For example if I walk in the front door I hit a button the time is saved 11:45am. ... Continue Reading

Potential Fraud Alert--iSecretShop

I just received this message from iSecretShop: "Jump Yourself to the Front of the Line! Scams and fraud attempts are now so common, and businesses now rely so completely on accurate data, that they are increasingly demanding all field evaluators be Age and Identify Verified prior to accepting their important assignments.... Continue Reading

Maritz - any app experience?

Called to speak to somebody about some time-sensitive shops, nobody answers the phone. So I left a message to call me, and have not yet gotten a call. Which brings up the question ... do they only work Monday - Friday? Am I not going to be able to speak... Continue Reading

North Carolina - Wireless cell phone shop, NO purchase - $15.00 pay

$15 CELL PHONE INQUIRY ONLY SHOP This shop gives you the opportunity to check out the latest cellular devices without committing to a device or contract! If you have an old phone or commitment issues this is definitely the shop for you. About the shop: • Shopper will interact... Continue Reading


Are you familiar with your local grocery store? Do you have a smartphone with strong data connection? Do you have experience in doing mystery shops? We have an available Price Audit Shop in LEXINGTON, SC! You will be pricing around 200 items, swiping as you update each one on a downloadable app.... Continue Reading

Problems downloading the shop Notifier app in Google Play

When I try to download the shop Notifier app it does not download it keep saying to retry when I click on it it does nothing any suggestions it's like it's not recognizing it or something... Continue Reading

What do you call the newest iPhone?

According to Apple, it's the iPhone ten (with the X standing in for the Roman numeral). However, the associates at all of the cell phone stores I'm doing refer to it as X (the letter). Did things change and I didn't get the memo?... Continue Reading

Sorry, had to Vent Somewhere. Maritz Phone App is a good for nothing POC.

Why I do keep this teaser on my phone? Does anyone successfully use it?... Continue Reading

North Carolina - Wireless cell phone shop, NO purchase - $15.00 pay + $8.00 Bonus

$15 CELL PHONE INQUIRY ONLY SHOP + $8.00 Bonus added ONLY for locations listed below. This shop gives you the opportunity to check out the latest cellular devices without committing to a device or contract! If you have an old phone or commitment issues this is definitely the shop for... Continue Reading

No purchase, Cell Phone Stores, $9 per shop in CA, CO, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, OR, UT, VA, & WA

Happy Thursday, The following are May Mystery Shops we currently have on the board. Our companies: MSS/Customer 1st/BMA Website: http://MysteryShopperServices.com Register/Review/Request: http://iSecretShop.com Cell Phone Stores $9 per shop NO purchase Fremont CA 94539 Newark CA 94560 Benicia CA 94510 Stockton CA 95210 Sacramento CA 95823 Los Gatos CA 95032 Stockton CA 95207 Rancho Cordova CA 95670 Sacramento CA 95841 Sacramento CA 95821 Merced CA 95348 Cupertino CA 95014 Napa CA 94559 Lincoln CA 95648 Citrus Heights CA 95610 San Francisco CA 94102 Milpitas CA 95035 Santa Clara CA 95054 San Rafael CA 94903 Pittsburg CA 94565 Daly City CA 94015 Daly City CA 94015 Cameron Park CA 95682 Concord CA 94521 Cupertino CA 95014 Tracy CA 95304 Concord CA 94520 Selma CA 93662 Martinez CA 94553 Dixon CA 95620 Pinole CA 94564 San Francisco CA 94132 Woodland CA 95776 Napa CA 94558 Pleasanton CA 94588 American Canyon CA 94503 Madera CA 93637 Visalia CA 93291 Tulare CA 93274 Santa Clara CA 95050 LODI CA 95242 Oakland CA 94601 San Jose CA 95119 Salinas CA 93906 Merced CA 95340 Stockton CA 95210 Sacramento CA 95814 Concord CA 94521 Oakland CA 94602 SAN JOSE CA 95123 Napa CA 94558 Antioch CA 94531 Pittsburg CA 94565 Folsom CA 95630 Sacramento CA 95821 San Rafael CA 94901 Novato CA 94945 Citrus Heights CA 95621 Daly City CA 94015 Daly City CA 94015 San Leandro CA 94578 Vallejo CA 94591 Vallejo CA 94591 San Jose CA 95134 Roseville CA 95661 Bay Point CA 94565 Emeryville CA 94608 Fremont CA 94538 San... Continue Reading

NEW! Iowa Convenience Store Mystery Shops & Audits available through iSecretShop.com!

Intouch Insight is looking for interested shoppers to complete Mystery Shops and Audits at Convenience Stores in Iowa. These assignment is very easy to complete! -For the Mystery shops you will be required to make a small purchase of your choice and evaluate the service at the location.... Continue Reading

NEW! Texas Convenience Store Mystery Shops & Audits available through iSecretShop.com!

Intouch Insight is looking for interested shoppers to complete Mystery Shops and Audits at Convenience Stores in Texas. These assignment is very easy to complete! -For the Mystery shops you will be required to make a small purchase of your choice and evaluate the service at the location.... Continue Reading

Mercantile Systems ordering app guideline change

Just a heads up to anyone who has one of these assignments. As of today, the food delivery has to be a "Schedule Order ahead of time", you have to place the order from 2-24 hours in advance. I happened to log in to look at something else and saw... Continue Reading

Cell Phone Upgrade Shop Nightmare--opinions please

Yesterday I attempted a shop where you upgrade/purchase a new cell phone. I have done these before when someone in my family needed to upgrade with no issues. Yesterday's attempt was for my teenage daughter (new phone for her birthday). We were assisted immediately and I thought, "This is GREAT!... Continue Reading

Test an Android App - Presto shops ~ CA FL IL MA MN MO NC NJ NY OR TX

Do you have an Android Phone? GfK is currently looking for shoppers to test using the Android Pay/Google pay app in various restaurants, stores, etc. • Pays $10 • Reimbursement $6.50 • Small form • Submission is on Presto app BUT you must sign up for GfK to get paid. This is NOT your typical mystery shop... Continue Reading

free iPhone App while Mystery Shopping

looking for a decent free app to use while mystery shopping especially restaurants and places needing timers, photos, notes... Continue Reading

cell phone company not allowing me to do phone shops

I have been doing phone mystery shops. I have been using my cell phone to do the phone mystery shops. The company I am contracted with to do the phone mystery shops has a specific number they want me to call to initiate the phone shops--it connects with... Continue Reading

North Carolina shoppers - High paying Wireless cell phone sales inquiry, NO purchase - Pay + Bonus for locations listed below. Dates flexible

$15 CELL PHONE INQUIRY ONLY SHOP + $5.00 Bonus added ONLY for locations listed below. This shop gives you the opportunity to check out the latest cellular devices without committing to a device or contract! If you have an old phone or commitment issues this is definitely the shop for you. About the... Continue Reading

Cell phone repair shops?

TLDR: does anyone know a MSC that currently has cell phone repair shops? I have seen them before but not in the last month or so. After I dropped my phone a while ago, the GPS stopped working - which is a major problem for mystery shopping. I figured if I... Continue Reading

Iphone Service Center In Jaipur | Iphone Service Center In Noida

If you are looking for best iphone service center for your apple device near your city then Myimagine apple store is running its apple service centers in many states of india so that you can get best service for your iphone and other devices.... Continue Reading

Maritz CX Onsite App Issues

Has anyone found that since downloading and using the app on an Android tablet, the tablet starts to crash and cycle on and off? I did find out that the audits for one team should not be done on the app; according to the team member on the phone,... Continue Reading

Test an Android App - CA FL IL MA MN MO NC NJ NY OR TX

Do you have an Android Phone? GfK is currently looking for shoppers to test using the Android Pay/Google pay app in various restaurants, stores, etc. You cannot find these shops without going through the scheduler for the special GfK to find them in Presto. Please sign up with GfK... Continue Reading

**AVAILABLE** Web App User Testing RESTAURANT SHOPS!! (**many cities/states included)

Hi Shoppers ~ So, here's the deal! Help us work out the kinks in this new app before it is available to the general public. Our client is an app developer who has made an app that people use, for food delivery, and they literally want a bazillion of these performed... Continue Reading

Cellphone Shops- Nova Scotia $12

One of the most requested shops we ever had is back!! These quick shops have short questionnaires, require no purchase and many times, routes can be created with them! If you are between the age of 18 and 62 and are comfortable around smartphones, this may be the... Continue Reading

The BEST stopwatch/split timer for Iphones IT'S FREE!

I wanted to find an app to use on my phone since it has become difficult to use my watch (due to RA) that would give me split times on a shopper. After about 45 minutes, I have found the holy grail in split time stopwatches. You can find it... Continue Reading

Price Audit Visit Using a Smartphone App - CA and TX

We are looking for experienced auditors that can work on price audit visit to a grocery store using a smartphone app. The visit must be completed between today, March 13th until Monday, March 19th. - Austin TX 78717 - Los Angeles CA 90038 - Walnut Creek, CA 94598 Once your work is approved after... Continue Reading

Timing / Stop Watch Apps for cell phone

I am looking for recommendations for a timing app for my cell phone. So many of the lunch shops want very specific times that I am looking for something easier and more discrete to use on my cell phone than its stop watch. Any suggestions?... Continue Reading

Trouble logging into JobSlinger Plus assignments from iPhone

I am not a new Mystery Shopper, however, keep running into an annoyance with JobSlinger on my iPhone. For some reason, I cannot login to apply for specific assignments on my iPhone when clicking on the email link. It says password not valid, even though on a desktop site the... Continue Reading

Price Audits Using a Smartphone App in La Jolla, CA 92037 and ENCINITAS CA 92024 - WITH BONUS!

DSG Associates is looking for mystery shoppers and price auditors to do price check in a grocery store at LA JOLLA, CA 92037 and ENCINITAS, CA 92024. You will use a smartphone app to see the list of items you have to price. LA JOLLA: 355 items for $0.20 plus BONUS ENCITINAS:... Continue Reading

Price Audits Using a Smartphone App in La Jolla, CA 92037 and ENCINITAS CA 92024 - WITH BONUs!

DSG Associates is looking for mystery shoppers and price auditors to do price check in a grocery store at LA JOLLA, CA 92037 and ENCINITAS, CA 92024. You will use a smartphone app to see the list of items you have to price. LA JOLLA: 355 items for $0.20 plus... Continue Reading

Price Audit Visits in a Grocery Store Using a Smartphone App - CA, MA, GA, MI,

Do you have experience doing audits or price audits, in retail or high end mystery shops? If so DSG have some great paying assignments in chain grocery stores (see location list below). All audits will be done using a smartphone app and the app includes photos, no data entry in... Continue Reading

$40 Android Phone Audits ~ AK CA ID KS MI MO OK OR UT

GfK is currently looking for shoppers with ANDROID phones to do electronic covert pricing audits. These audits will involve you finding items that fit the category we need and add price and color details into the app we have. • Pays $40 through PayPal • Must arrive at least 3 hours before... Continue Reading

Android Phone Pay App Shops ~ CA FL IL MA MN MO NC NJ NY OR TX

Do you have an Android Phone? GfK is currently looking for shoppers to test using the Android Pay app in various restaurants, stores, etc. • Pays $10 • Reimbursement $6.50 • Small form • Submission is on Presto app www.prestomaps.com This is NOT your typical mystery shop because it is EASY, and I mean EASY! We... Continue Reading

Inquiry Cell phone Assignments ~ CA MI MO PA

GfK just released more cell phone assignments. $15 each, and for the holidays we are processing payments two times a week. FIRST – sign up with us by going to www.gfkmysteryshops.com and click on APPLY at the top of the page and sign up. SECOND - Your log... Continue Reading

ISecretshop...no pay

Hello, I completed a shop Nov 25, 2017 and I did not get paid. What should I do? I have already contacted the individual that is over it and no response. Wow what a way to communicate when you need an important answer.... Continue Reading

MSC's Which Used To Have Good Shops Now Offer 4.00 Phone Shops Or App Shops

I have noticed a few MSC's which used to have better paying shop opps now seem to have only low paying app shops or phone shops paying like 4.00 or less. What happened to their better jobs ? Do any shoppers here ever clean house of MSC's ?... Continue Reading

Market Force website and app down 1:40 p.m. Central Standard Time

I was checking to see if anybody else was having trouble logging into Market Force. When I try to log in on the app, it says that my ID and password are wrong. However, I know they are right. When I try to login on the website, it simply says... Continue Reading

coupon app shops

I've shied away from these, because I'm not interested in working for a discounted item. However, this month the discount could be helpful when buying Christmas presents. How much work is involved?... Continue Reading

GeoVerify app - is it worth it?

It seems that I will get more shops (?) if I use this app, but on Google Play there are just a ton of unhappy users who say they are losing shops because it will not work properly. I was curious what is your experience with it?... Continue Reading

Best App for Time to Seconds

Hi there...I am new and not exactly sure this is the best place for this question but I would love some help relatively quick. I saw someone posted in 2015 they used Shop it-Timer and Stealth Notes. What do you all use/think? Thanks ahead of time!... Continue Reading

iSecretShop website down?

Can't access it on any of three browsers. Anyone else having problems?... Continue Reading

Smashburger app a “coupon”

Would redeeming an app reward for a dollar off or free shake with purchase likely count as an invalidating “coupon”?... Continue Reading

ANDROID SCAN APPS: feedback please

Which is the easiest to use for my Android ( LG Leon) please?? Many Thanks... Continue Reading

Any Thoughts On Route Shopper app ?

On a fact finding mission. your thoughts welcome.... Continue Reading

Chase Pay App Shop

So I picked up a couple of the Chase Pay App shops where you have to have a Chase CC to do the shops. I downloaded the app today to mess around with it a bit to make sure I understood how to use it when I do my... Continue Reading

High End Watch Shop ISecretShop

Has anyone every done a high end watch shop where you purchase a $1k-$4k watch, received it and take answer the survey then mail it to the warehouse? They're offering $50 and will reimburse the cost of the watch in 10 days however I can't justify risking so much money... Continue Reading

GoSpotChceck App question

I am hoping that someone on the forum an help me with the GoSpotCheck App used for at least one MSC. I am unable to send (upload) reports to the app. I have been in contact with them and they can't seem to find out why I am having this... Continue Reading

Seelevel Delivery App Shops

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Quick Cell Phone shops - Are they actually quick and easy?

I've never done one of the Wireless shops before but I'm considering taking the plunge because they just sit on the boards around me. Specifically there's an AT&T one that's been sitting so long it's up to $25 and it has the Make Offer option as well. It's listed as... Continue Reading

Can someone recommend an easy to use, free call recorder app for iPhone?

I just got an iPhone and need to make a recorded call today. The call recorder I had on the Android is not available on iPhone. The iPhone apps look so complicated.... Continue Reading

Market Force App - Upload and Link Image and Receipt

I did a shop today where I got a receipt in the drive through and I had to go inside and get a verification skip filled out. I try for the first time to enter my report using the app. I answered all the questions including where it asked if... Continue Reading

ISecretShop rescheduling

Do you get penalized for rescheduling on iSS? I signed up to do a shop on Wednesday but now I know that if I do it on Sunday I can schedule two other shops right nearby. I can still do the Wednesday shop but I'd rather do it on Sunday... Continue Reading

Voice Recorder for iPhone

Will any one please recommend an iPhone voice recorder app for shops?... Continue Reading

Anyone use iPhone apps for shopping?

Thanks to all of the great input you all gave me I made the leap and got an iPhone. I am learning it and have discovered there are some useful apps. I was looking at Shop It to assist in shopping just wondering if some of you use... Continue Reading

Me myself and my android

Hey. I am julia aka julie and I am getting back on the horse. My attorneys got mad at me and withdrew my application to disability and now i have to go back to work. At least this is easy after a stroke and heart attack.... Continue Reading

Missions App Audits?

What does it take for one to be invited to do audits for this company. I've been to the company site and don't see the job listed for auditor.... Continue Reading

Coca-Cola App - amazon

They dropped the Amazon cards this month to $3 for 3 pours - from $5 for 5 pours, but wanted to give a heads up at least it's a few extra bucks while out doing burger shops... Continue Reading

GoSpotCheck App Vent

I had 2 missions today with Customer Impact and was supposed to complete them on this app. Everything went fine until my screen froze up and wouldn't let me continue. This was after I had already started the assignment. This happened at both locations. I completed them both anyway and... Continue Reading

Cell phone repair shops - Texas - Dallas area ?

Hello, I have done a cell phone repair shop in the past. Is anybody aware of any MSC that offer cell phone repair shops in the Dallas area?... Continue Reading

iSecretShop ratings

Does anyone know if there is a rating system with iSecretShop? I just got an email from them letting me know that my Shop (my first ever, yay!) was approved, I was awarded 20 points, and I got a new badge, but I would really like to know if it... Continue Reading

Coupon app shops at xxx - $10 off $60 purchase + $5 reimbursement

And they think someone will actually take this?... Continue Reading

Quick cell phone shops-what is really involved?

I can't tell without accepting the job what really is involved. It pays $9. Anyone have an idea if there are photos involved and what kind of POV is required? How long is the report? Any information you have is appreciated. Thank you!... Continue Reading

Shop-It Stealth Notes App important information (iPhone and Android)

Hello All – There are a lot of shoppers on this forum who use the Shop-It Stealth Notes & Timer App for note taking and timings, so I occasionally post when there are significant updates. Past threads tell my story, so I won’t repeat that here. There are several important things... Continue Reading

Camera Scanner app looks good!

My grandson is a geek and just showed me a new app he uses at work. It's called CamScanner. After you take the photo, it turns it into a scanned product and really looks good. Anyone ever tried it? I got it through iTunes for my... Continue Reading

Do You Negotiate Your Cell Phone, Internet, Cable, and/or Medical Bills

Been learning about these possibilities lately and it's pretty neat you can negotiate them. Anyone here done it before and have any tips or stories? For me, I'm looking into getting a cell phone plan with a major carrier that has data, text, and unlimited calling (for those non-peak/blackout times)... Continue Reading

What cellphone to use for the GOspotcheck App?

Due to my health I have had to give up most of my merchandising jobs. I have done mystery shopping for about 9 years as a filliin,just a couple of jobs a month. I am needing to do a lot more now. Several companies say that you have to have... Continue Reading

Shop It App Problems

So the Shop It app totally changed my life as a mystery shopper when I started using it a few years ago. There were some bugs in it then, which did lead to some minor issues but I haven't had any problems in awhile. However, today I did two separate... Continue Reading


Is anyone familiar with this company? It is not on the official list of MSCs. I'm wondering if it legit. Thanks for any input.... Continue Reading

problems signing on my iphone app

Hi I have never done this. Got a call this am from DSGAI. initial job was to finish a local job at a store I know (6 items) not pay much but quick work & a test to see if I like doing it. Regular job is 1000 items in... Continue Reading

Gigspot Not Loading Completely on Android

Does anyone else have trouble using gigspot on their Android? I can pull it up and scroll through about 5 jobs and I can go no further. Anybody else have this problem? Has anyone figured out how to resolve problem?... Continue Reading

Crazy cellphone shop

I had a pretty crazy experience on a cellphone shop today. The wireless store was supposed to open at 9 am. I got there a little after 11 am and noticed that a section of the storefront was boarded up. The door was unlocked, but there was NOBODY in the... Continue Reading

Maritz CX app flow *gas station*

I finally did my first (green) gas station with the app. I really can't think of a worse way to organize these shops. Maritz, if you are reading this, please let us give you some constructive suggestions. Could you please let us do one receipt right after another? The way... Continue Reading

iSecretShop as a limited resource?

I got introduced to iSecretShop because one of my regular MSC started posting their shops on there. From the new aggregate portal, I found another MSC who has clients that are places I would love to visit. However, the only locations I ever see posted for this one client are... Continue Reading

What about an app section?

Jacob--what about adding a sub-forum to discuss MS apps, and maybe even other money-making apps?... Continue Reading

isecretshop assignment disappeared!

I had an odd issue last night and I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I assigned myself a shop with Goodwin through the isecretshop application on my iphone. I've done many shops on this application with no issues. Last night I arrived at the restaurant and when... Continue Reading

BEST App for Mystery Shopping

I LOVE Shop It! It times everything to the second, records your shops, has a fake Words with Friends screen you can jump to if people are looking, and has a camera section. I use this app every time I shop. I'm in no way associated with it, but I... Continue Reading

Emma isecretshop

I have done many shops on isecretshop through emma mystery shop services. It says they will pay after 45 days. I have more shop assigned. I just wanted to know do they really pay. I can wait for 45 days but just wanted to be sure they pay.... Continue Reading

“Missions” Android/iPhone App

Has anyone completed an audit utilizing the "Missions" app? Thoughts?... Continue Reading

APPLE DEALS APLENTY email from bestbuy with $200 iPhone deal.

Is there anyone received an email from Bestbuy with the subject line "APPLE DEALS APLENTY". I think only targeted number of customers received this email and has $200 promo code for iPhone deal. I would like if someone can share that with me, if not using.... Continue Reading

Chase Pay Mobile App shop

Has anyone tried the Chase Pay Mobile App job at the big MSC? Just wondering if it's stupidly simple. Seems like a nice opportunity for a free lunch.... Continue Reading

What's the secret to IsecretShop?

Does anyone else get frustrated using this platform? Every time I check, there's a plethora of shops listed as available. But when I click into it, and choose a date, it would allow me to chose a date, but then when I click to assign it, it would say "Another... Continue Reading

Sassie Shop & isecretshop.com

Hi. I'm a relative newbie, and I would like to clarify something about Sassie Shop and I Secret Shop. A lot of the individual mystery shopping companies direct you to these sites when you want to sign up. It seems that those two sites are portals that list assignments from... Continue Reading

Retail Me Not app Shop

Before you start jumping NOT naming the who..... They seem to post a lot of these lately. Deal is use the app to get the discount of say $20/$100 and the shopping company will pay you NOT the total, not even close. You do know that ahead of time. But... Continue Reading

iSecretShop Prep

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Revisiting ISecretShop levels

So my old thread has been closed on this topic. Since the thread, I am currently at 1230 points, Special Agent status, and the ability to self assign 4. I'm curious who is at the next level of 5 and how many points it took to get there... Anyone? Thanks :)... Continue Reading

Timings - "Shop-It" App Update

Hello all - I know a number of you use the "Shop-It" Timer and Stealth Notes app (Thank you!), and I wanted to let you know about the new update for iPhone (Android update is in the works**). This update has some features that have long been on our... Continue Reading

First job submission mobile app problems

I did my first job today and was on the survey. I made it to the very last step, when the app froze and is now preventing me from uploading pics and submitting! Please help.... Continue Reading

Survey.com app - Not even a newbie yet

I've never done any merchandising, but I really like using the shopping and auditing apps. This morning I downloaded the app and tried to figure out a job near me in CO. 1 What is a planogram? Is it an actual photo or diagram or instructions? Or all of these? 2. When I... Continue Reading

Maritz App and Invoicing

I'm sure I already know the answer to this but if I submit using the app, I still need to go to their website to invoice them, right? They'd never make it that easy.... Continue Reading

iSecretShop question

Hey y'all! I've a new mystery shopper. Just tried iSecretShop. I know there are different companies that use it ... and I read the contracts that it takes a few weeks to get paid. All the reports I've submitted are listed as "pending." But it still makes me nervous that... Continue Reading

Smartphone Android Video Apps

ISO recommendations for specific Android (LG G4) video recorder app that does not make the red sensor light stay on. (I cannot find Shop It in the Playstore, btw.) Also, I need an app that can still record if the front screen is turned off. Many posts here on... Continue Reading

What app do you use for audio shops

What app do you prefer to use for doing audio shops? Considering they have to be uploaded on a website after they are done. Do you mind sharing? Thanks... Continue Reading

Best app for keeping track of mileage?

I'm notoriously bad at keeping track of mileage. An app WOULD help. Suggestions? And any other apps that experienced shoppers find helpful besides Evernote?... Continue Reading

cell phone shop hand holding please!

Someone really, really wants their wireless retail businesses checked out... Several in my area have openings every single day for a week! I am hoping to schedule 3 in one day, since they are in the next town over. The only shop I've done so far was a revealed audit.... Continue Reading

Is there an Android app for this forum?

That would be terrific!... Continue Reading


Is there a way to filter the shops on this interface? Like, sort them out via shop dates and that sort of thing? They have the zip code filter thingy, and when you press apply, the shops and the shop dates aren't very well organized... Other than that, I am liking... Continue Reading

Anyone doing the "Missions" app audits?

I was just wondering what the general opinion of these audits is among the forum shoppers.... Continue Reading

iSecretshop/Goodwin Hospitality

I accepted a shop with this company for a pizza shop paying $13. That's it--just $13 to cover the cost of (part of?) the meal and that's all. For that, I would have had to make a phone call that included a direct quote and a narrative. Then, I would... Continue Reading

Credit Card App shops -- name not blocked

So last week I completed a series of credit card application compliance audits for an MSC I've had a good relationship with. They were supposed to have notified the bank to block my name so the applications would not go through. Today's mail brought notice that I'm receiving the credit... Continue Reading

Urgent! Best phone call recording app for Android?

I have a series of phone calls that I need to record (all in one party states) and suddenly need a really reliable app that I can then use to send the recordings. Please share your experience and suggestion!... Continue Reading

Cell Phone Audit input

Has anyone done the retail cell phone store audits where you call the manager ahead of time to set up an appointment? I believe they were AT&T, but the jobs I see now appear to be "authorized retailers." How time consuming are they, and do they require a lot of... Continue Reading

Market Force Cell Phone Shops

Is it just me or did all the Cell Phone Shops for ATT disappear? I only see the ones for Metro Pcs.... Continue Reading

ISecretShop....aka ISS

I signed up with this website and noticed I had a lot of contracts to sign. They represent a few companies. I have gotten work from this website and hope to get more! Anyone use this? :)... Continue Reading

Suggestions for Mystery Shop Reporting apps for Android phones?

Hello all. I would love to hear what apps you are using on your android phones to help with your MS reporting? I need to find something much more "stealthy" than how I currently take notes and report shops. Especially those that have reporting... Continue Reading

anyone use Marketforce app this week

I tried it when it was announced maybe a couple weeks ago and it wouldn't work.....has anyone had any success with it?... Continue Reading

Is anybody using the Isecretshop board?

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Has anyone done the two-part cellphone shop where you have to purchase the phone?

Please let me know how it went as I'm considering signing up for one. Thank you.... Continue Reading

Multiple MSPs offering the same cellphone shops

Has anyone run into a situation where you do a shop for one MSC and then another MSC calls/emails with the same shop and the same location? And you say, "I just did that location for another MSP" and the MSP on the phone says, "That's OK, you can... Continue Reading

i'm looking for a recommendation for Android App

I recently switched back to an Android phone. While using my iPhone I had a great time stamp app for my photos - Time Stamp It. Unfortunately, it appears that it is not available for the Android phones. I've downloaded two Android apps - both which were... Continue Reading

Iphone or Android for work

Can anyone tell me what type of phone I need to have in order to do work for Cast? I do not currently own a smart phone and need to buy one. I need one that doesn't have a lot of intricate features that I don't need. Just one... Continue Reading

To help get over receipt anxiety...(2 apps for android and iOS) ProTip

check out "receipt pal" and "receipt hog" Both apps earn points for every receipt you enter and you csn use the points to get giftcards (amazon, etc) They accept receipts from grocery, any restaurants, any stores, pharmacies, gas stations and gas pumps. Between the two I've made over $120 in the... Continue Reading

Does Marketforce site work on Android phones

I got to a supermarket at 6:30pm for a regular shopping trip..and thought..what the heck..let's see if its available and bonused...but my phone said it was incompatible and to download chrome.. now I am in the parking lot, not on wifi (although they do have wifi in the cafe), but I... Continue Reading

Recording Conversations on an iPhone 6s

I'm almost embarrassed to ask this question. How do I record a mystery shop conversation on an iPhone 6s? Do I have to download an app and which is the best app? Where can I place the phone to pick up the conversation? Thanks in advance!... Continue Reading


Googled this topic already, but am asking for your valued input regarding discreet pic taking of menu boards. There are a few apps, but they are not free and am not sure if they are worth it. Many Thanks... Continue Reading

I hate iSecretShop or whomever configures the available shop dates...

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Marketforce's Cell Phone Evaluate Service and Environment shops - Beware

I took on one of these shops and after reading the shop directions, I realized they copied and pasted some directions from their cell phone purchase shops. To be fair, purchasing a cell phone and plan would take about an hour. Visiting to evaluate an employee's sell of... Continue Reading

Has the geo verify app helped you with mystery shopping? What are the benefits?

I don't have a cell phone yet, but I'm looking around. How has the geo verify app helped you with mystery shopping? I remember one site saying they could pay you sooner if you use the app. What smart phone would you recommend?... Continue Reading

Anyone else having trouble accessing Market Force website from cell phone?

I have always been able to fill out my FF reports, upload photos, etc. on my iPhone 6. For the past week or two, I have been unable to load the Market Force web page. All I get is the GeoTrust security seal. I have tried typing... Continue Reading

Recs for iPhone Recording Apps?

Can anyone suggest a voice recording app for iphone? I have my first Coyle shop coming up (phone enquiry) and I would like to record my entire conversation from my phone as I speak into the same phone. I see this being valuable for other shops like restaurants and hotels... Continue Reading

Recommend app for shopping from my device

Did anyone take an interest in apps for mobile to sell and buy products, for examlpe I know one app it is called Amazing Cart. Maybe someone use such app, I would like to know an opinion, and which apps for buying products from your mobile you using?... Continue Reading

Market Force Cell Phone Shops BEWARE! Contradiction

I Accepted my first cell phone shop this year of a national carrier. I had performed numerous shops in previous years and liked them. I went to a very busy store. The qualifying questions asked if I was willing to wait at least 30 minutes for service. I was and in... Continue Reading

isecretshop - Most of my Comments Vanished!

I've done several shops for the same client of isecretshop and I have never received an email from an editor until my shop this past week. Most of my comments vanished into thin air! I have no clue why this happened. I was ticked because I had... Continue Reading

Anyone do the cell phone shop where you buy the phone?

So, I need a new phone and Market Force has just released the shops were you purchase a phone. Has anyone done this shop before? They were posted in the fall and expired one week before my contract was up! I do remember they were heavily bonused.... Continue Reading

Does MF website not work on an iPhone?

I wanted to check my paperwork again before doing the job, but when I try to access it on my cell phone ("Get Paperwork"), it just gives me a blank screen. Is their website that archaic?... Continue Reading

An app to help with shops that require scanned documents

I know there's some mystery shopping companies out there that just won't accept pictures, they will only take scanned documents. Well there's a free app that will greatly help with this. It's called "jotnot" or "tiny scanner" depending on if your device is android or IOS. What it... Continue Reading

a certain companies cell phone reports are garbage...

This thing never ends, by far the longest of the phone reports i've done. Definitely done with this company. ugh, they don't pay enough for this nonsense. I edited the thread name to take out the name of the company just to make sure I don't get heat on... Continue Reading

How do you download the GfK SASSIE ROVER app to a new iPad Pro? Nothing that GfK has told me seems to work

I need help today, if possible. Thanks, ? The Crazyoldman... Continue Reading

Does anyone have a cell phone that will date/time photos?

Hello everyone. I currently have a prepaid cell phone where I buy minutes. It's a flip phone, and I am finding it is grossly inadequate to meet the requirements of some mystery shops. I am ready to get a smart phone (without a contract.) Can anyone recommend... Continue Reading

New Phone Setup App Questions

I am in the process of setting up my new cell phone and in downloading the MSI app I saw the Mobee, iSecretShop and WeGoLook apps. iSecretShop is familiar and on occasion I do pick up shops from them so I can see where that app might be of... Continue Reading

Which Category Do You Fall Into? - Landline Only versus Cell Phone Only (or Both)

Interesting little tidbit from the CDC mentioned on The Today Show. I am not sure why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did this study but that debate is for another day. From December 2, 2015 - http://www.today.com/video/today/58204607/ 47% cell phone only vs. 8% landline only. I have not... Continue Reading

Lululemon App Shops

This weekend I'm doing an assignment for Lululemon. It's not the typical one where you have to take a photo of an outfit inside the fitting room. It's the one where you have to use a certain app on your phone and also have to count the number... Continue Reading

Revealed cellphone shops?

Has anyone done these yet? I see them on my job board and it says limit one, but I have no clue what the details are. Would be nice to know what's involved.... Continue Reading

Timestamp app is awesome!

I learned so much from all of you - thanks to all of you for generously sharing your tips! I finally have one of my own to share. I found a timing app that I love. I had tried the Mystery Shopping Timer and Shop It... Continue Reading

Can't upload photos to Market Force on iPhone.

In order to save time reporting my FF shop, I often begin my report on my iPhone, answer the first few questions and upload my photos. Then I finish up at home. For the last couple of weeks or so I have been unable upload my photos into... Continue Reading

iSecretShop ?????

So in the last couple of days I've been receiving a lot of email from iSecretShop touting their available assignments. These are cellphone shops that require narrative and photos for a fee of...$9.00. These are the identical assignments that are available through the actual MSC for a fee of...$15.00. My... Continue Reading

MaritzCX Photos for Android Solved

I know the 640x480 resolution comes up often. I have been looking for months to be able to take photos at the required size without all the hoops involved with resizing programs and apps. If you have an Android running KitKat 4.4 or higher search for Google Camera in the Play... Continue Reading

submitting cell phone pics to Market Force

I filled out the survey for a Market Force shop for the first time on my smart phone. Everything went well until I tried to upload photos of my receipts. Apparently they are over the size limit. I've never had this happen when I used a scanner.... Continue Reading

Goodwin Only on iSecretShop

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The new $25 cell phone shop....

A famous mystery shopping company is doing cell phone shops and after reading through it, I decided it was not for me: (I like this company and not trying to be negative). 1. You must purchase a plan/cell phone. 2. You must allow a credit check. 3. You must do a 2-part... Continue Reading

Remember those $50 cellphone provider shops....

...where you had to get some pricing information, which involved a credit check. Well, I just received a notification from Experian that the information I gave to T-Mobile was hacked. Why on earth Experian would keep that information in its records is beyond me.... Continue Reading

Is there a Stopwatch or Timing App that allows the user to....

Is there a Stopwatch or Timing App that allows the user to press the volume buttons on the side of the iPhone to control Start/Stop and Lap/Reset? I need to be able to keep my phone in my pocket and the App that I am using currently only uses... Continue Reading

Points Panel: awesome android app that pays you for allowing them to monitor internet usage

awesome app (blue and white logo)...monitors internet activity and pays for the information... passive running dont have to do anything just download it... you can get it on your computer (mac and pc) as well as your, android phone/tablet... ten points for the first 15 days per device twenty... Continue Reading

Isecretshop levels

The old thread about this has been closed and wasn't very helpful. I would like to know when I can start assigning more than one shop at a time to myself rather than waiting forever to find out if I'm accepted for a shop. I'm currently only at 180 points,... Continue Reading

ISecretshop question

How does it work with this company? You go on there to accept the terms/contract, and then what? How do you actually sign up with the companies or search their job boards? I truly am not understanding this site and how it works. Sorry if this is... Continue Reading

Customer Impact -- shops using your cell phone?

Has anyone tried doing the Customer Impact shops using an app you download from them? I see they have one in my area this coming weekend and I was thinking of taking it....any opinion either way? TIA!... Continue Reading

$6 Cell phone shop

I really had to chuckle. I think everyone has a slightly different opinion of cell phone shops. Some are actually pretty quick and easy, but then there are some that take forever with long reports and so-so pay. I just had to laugh though when I saw... Continue Reading

Timing Device or App with Seconds

Hi Everyone, I was wondering if any of you can suggest a good method or app for using a timer with seconds. I have to time some of my shops down to seconds and sometimes it requires me to note the seconds in the middle of a transaction with... Continue Reading

What is Isecretshop?

Does anyone know anything about this company? I actually typed in the web address of what used to be Business Evaluation Services, and this company came up. It looks to be a company that does scheduling for a bunch of other companies?? Let me know. Thank you!! ... Continue Reading

Samsumg six or Iphone 6 what do techies think:?

Getting ready for a new phone. I cannot decide between the new android Samsung 6 or the new IPhone. Any suggestions? I have heard that the new samsung has better resolution but I have never been happy with my Samsung 3 . Anyone have any suggestions? ... Continue Reading

ISecretShop / Measure CP - How long to review reports?

I recently did a phone call shop that requires me to buy a service online and then cancel the service the following week. The shopping company is Measure CP but the job is offered through ISecretShop. Has anyone done one for them? I submitted my report and it took them... Continue Reading

My Sassie Rover app went crazy today as I was completing the audit - can I recover?

I was literally on my last few items - checking for energy efficiency labels when Rover shut down my iPad. Every time I try to get back in the audit it creates a blank audit. 6.5 hours of work. GONE. Has this happened to anyone else and did you find... Continue Reading

Iphone APP for mystery shops

So I am looking for more advice this time regarding apps. I have GeoVerify, Scanner Pro(as backup), a recorder, and Shop It. The Shop It app is too hard for me to figure out. I am trying to save notes for my shops this week but it's... Continue Reading

GFK cell phone audit. Worth it?

I've haven't done any shops with GFK yet, but was thinking of adding one of their Cell Phone store audits to a rout I'm planning. I haven't done any audits for anyone only mystery shops. The fee is $15.I know it depends on a lot of factors wither or not... Continue Reading

ISecretShop Make sure to read

I just learned that one must carefully read the contracts on this site because things change from just dealing directly with the company. One company I know that I worked for for years now requires in addition to the electronic IC agreement, a hard copy IC agreement and W-9 before... Continue Reading

Customer 1st shop through iSecretShop

I did my first shop for both of these companies at the beginning of March, nearly 3 months ago, and have not been paid. The only good thing is that the iSecretShop page shows that the payment is pending and not paid, so I have that proof. iSecretShop say to... Continue Reading

ANDROID PICS: Converting a Jpeg to a PDF??

Googled this question already, but still want all of your valued feedback on the best, easiest way to convert a jpeg pic into a pdf as required by Service Sleuth. Many Thanks... Continue Reading

iSecretShop app Fixes that I wish programmer would do soon.

I've been checking out apps lately. I'm frustrated by iSecretShop's app. At first it looked promising but it lacks a basic and very vital feature: Guideline link. Shoppers need to see guidelines before accepting an assignment! And the short brief barely describes it. No hot links to MSC and... Continue Reading

Free scanning app today and tomorrow

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PANERA: New msc??? Smartphone App ??

So are they now using this new msc permanently, or is it just being done on trial basis as done with Five Guys??? And how is the shop GroundCntrl App??? Never did a smartphone shop and was wondering how detailed it is or is not. Doesn't the receipt still need to be... Continue Reading

ATT cell phone shops

they pay 12.00 is it worth it... Continue Reading

Problem with iPhone 6 and Sassie websites

Since I got my iPhone 6 I have not been able to click onto the job boards on any of the sassie websites. My phone won't acknowledge that the Job Board is a link and go to that page. Is anyone else having this problem or know of a solution?... Continue Reading

The employee took pictures of me on his cell phone during a shop

I had a shop today. I have shopped this location twice, once in November 2013, and again in July 2014. It's a small store, and I think I have been made as the shopper. On both previous shops, I was served by the daytime employee, who I think is the... Continue Reading

Help!!! For Ritters gasoline shops, may I use my camera on my cell phone or ?

I am tempted to do these shops, since they are plentiful in Chicago. Is it best to use digital or will my camera phone do???? I want to make sure I get it dome right and avoid the no compensation situation. Still a rookie, should I invest on a... Continue Reading

Coupon app shop

I had to re-read this email a couple of times and shake my head in wonder. I know MS companies tend to undervalue us and I wonder sometimes if the clients is just seeing us as a way to enhance their bottom line in more ways than one. ... Continue Reading

A cell phone photo tip

I see a lot of posts talking about the trouble sometimes involved in using your cell phone for your shop and receipt photos. My tip to reduce the hassle - sign up for a Google Plus account and make use of Google Photos. There is an automatic "back up" feature where... Continue Reading

isecretshop shopper levels

I can't find another thread about the shopper levels at isecretshop, but I'm sure they must have been discussed. I've looked on their website and can't find what the levels are and what the benefits of moving up levels are. I started out as an agent, then went... Continue Reading

640 x480 jpeg iphone photo Maritz

I would like to know if there is anyone who knows how to get 640 x 480 photo converted to jpeg from iphone? Thanks!... Continue Reading

I am done doing GFK cell phone shops.

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Need Input: Cell Phone (non-purchase) shops

I avoid doing shops that involve talking to sales people, I guess because I am in sales and value their time differently than others might. They also of course require a lot of one-on-one time with a person and of course keeping ones story line straight. I see a lot... Continue Reading

Viewing this forum on an Iphone

I regularly check this forum on my Iphone. A few weeks ago I began having to login each time I wanted to see the responses to postings. I never had this issue before on my Iphone and I when I view the posts on my IPad I do... Continue Reading

Presto for iphone/Android/computer

Has anyone used the Presto app to obtain shops yet? It seems to make things easier as I don't have to run to my computer to look for shops and can accept them on the spot if I'm in that area.... Continue Reading

mdscan android app on sale for $.99 at play store

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cell phone purchase and return shops

Has anyone done one of these? It is for a major carrier and apparently you sign a lease contract and then cancel. Any problems experienced with this? Thank you for any information.... Continue Reading

costco cell phone shop

Does anyone know what MSC does the Costco cell phone shops? I did a shop and submitted it back in November, but still haven't been paid. I have lost everything off my computer! No copy of the evaluation, no emails about the shop, nothing! And I can't remember which company... Continue Reading

Cell Phone Shops with Credit Check Update

Thought I would update everyone on the results of the cell phone shops with the mandatory credit check. I did two of these shops back in September amist the great debate on this forum as to how much of an affect they would have on your credit score. For the... Continue Reading

LibreOffice for Android released today!

I use LibreOffice Calc for my Mystery Shopping Spreadsheet. Until today, It lived only on my PC. Now I have it installed on my Android phone. When those pesky schedulers call you and your already out shopping and they want to throw bonus money at you, this will make it much... Continue Reading

hotel mobile app shop

Has anyone completed one of these shops? I'm curious as to how it went and how quickly you are refunded the reservation.... Continue Reading

Route mapping software for android?

I used to rely on google maps to do my routing. True you could map only 18 destinations, but on the rare occasion I had more than 18 stops, I could do two maps. Now, with the new google maps, the max stops on the desktop is 10. And then... Continue Reading

Best App for Mystery Shopping

I use the "Shop It - Timer & Stealth Notes for Mystery Shopping" app on my iPhone. It's available for Droid as well. This app is awesome! You can take notes and it looks just like you're texting. You can also tap the screen and it marks time (awesome for... Continue Reading

Advice for first-ever cell phone provider shops

Hello, I'm a fairly new shopper. I'm scheduled for my first two phone shops this week with T-Mobile. These will also be my first-ever phone shops. They seem pretty straight forward, but with a long survey with quite a bit of narrative. Do you have any advice or tips for success... Continue Reading

Cell Phone Shop Audits

I saw listing for revealed cell phone shop audits. Can someone fill me in a bit in what is required? Do I need to be certified on any way? Are they easy or hard? And any other important stuffs, I might need to know. :) Thanks!... Continue Reading

Routing app or software

I'm looking to start doing routes. I have done several, one multi-state. There has to be an easier way than putting all the shop addresses in Mapquest and bumping up and down to build a route. Does anyone have a software or app suggestion? ... Continue Reading

cell phone and taxes

How many of you write off your cell phone or a portion of your cell phone use for mystery shopping on your taxes? Is there a formula to follow? thanks... Continue Reading


I got an email from this company saying that the new platform is complete and I should log on to complete my profile. They told me how to figure out what my temporary password is. I tried it and it didn't work so I tried some others that... Continue Reading

Mobile app shops

So I'm looking for cell phone shops and a friend tells me that basically the same $15 cell phone big box audit on a sassie platform is now also doing a $5 mobile app shop that requires an interaction and a picture. We agreed that neither of us... Continue Reading

Cell phone apps - Income as MS income for taxes or seperate?

I know it's a bit early for tax time. However, I started getting into the cellphone apps like Gigwalk, Rewardable and others and am wondering how mystery shoppers treat that income and expenses for taxes purposes. Do you combine it with your mystery shopping Scheduler C? It... Continue Reading

Time App for Mystery Shop Timing

Does anyone have suggestions for an app on a smart phone that would help track times? Especially at restaurants/bars? Thanks!... Continue Reading

I love the iSecretShop layout

Its so convienent to fill out their surveys. Everything is right there set up in a good mobile format. I love picking up jobs on this site.... Continue Reading

Android Galaxy S4 Users Please Help

I've had my phone for a few months now. I love it. Now, I have a problem. My phone will start playing my music when I put it in my pocket or when I'm walking by it while it's on the table. It will play when I'm not touching it and... Continue Reading

Thanks to the mobile app I entered my shop at the police station

Now thats a teaser. I did a FF reveal shop today and the apron of the FF place has a big hole at the street where the sewer is. There is a sharp jut coming up that scraped the bottom of my car and left a small dent... Continue Reading

No Cell Phone Allowed

Hi All, I have a resturant shop that requires split timing but I am not allowed to bring a cell phone. Getting a digital watch is not out of the question but won't it be more obvious that I am a MS if I keep glancing and jotting down times? Any ideas?... Continue Reading

iSecretShop FYI

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iSecretShop mobile app

Does anyone use iSecretShop. They have a mobile app and also have the website isecretshop.com. I completed a shop for them on Saturday and finalized it. Have not heard anything back, which I know it is still early. Just always concerning when you complete a shop and it takes... Continue Reading

Mystery Shopper Cell Phone Apps

Is anyone using cell phone apps to record and transmit mystery shopper data to the client? If so, which ones do you recommend and why? Which apps should I stay away from? Thanks so much!... Continue Reading

Cell phone shops

Anyone know of a reason these are not being taken? My phone is blowing up with notifications and bonused shops for cell phone places. What is it about these shops that others may not be taking them? The blurb says something like "obtain 2 smartphone recommendations." I'll happily... Continue Reading

Update, "Shop-It" App - iOS 8

Edited to say "Resolved" - explained in newer posts, below. --------------- Hello - just wanted to get the word out to everyone who uses the Shop-It App on iPhone that there is a a keyboard incompatibility issue with iOS 8. We are working on resolving it! But it will probably take... Continue Reading

Pong Phone Case for Iphone 5s

There is a mystery shop in my area that does not seem to have any takers. The assignment involves purchasing a Pong phone case for an Iphone 5s. The pay for the shop is $13 with up to a $65 reimbursement for the purchase. I have never performed an assignment... Continue Reading

What should I buy at the cell phone store?

I recently signed up for a new MSC that is doing cell phone store shops. This assignment isn't for a cell phone sales pitch, but rather for accessories and checking display and stock (like a covert audit). The catch is that I have to have a receipt for a purchase... Continue Reading

Consumer Insights - sign up sheet for cell phone shops

I received an email from Consumer Insights stating that they will be starting a new program involving signing up for new service or adding on to an existing cell phone account. It states that if you're interested you need to sign up, and it gives you a link. ... Continue Reading

TGIF Endless App Assignment

Has anyone completed the new TGIF endless appetizer assignment? I was wondering if you are required to still purchase an entree (with the cost of the appetizer begin $10 and the reimbursement only being $35, including an alcohol purchase).... Continue Reading

I need the name of the app for shops that records and times??

Does anyone remember the name of the shopping App that keeps time and records?? It's called Shop???? Help!!... Continue Reading


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Ace cell phone shops at Costco

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Anyone interested in Beta testing "Shop-It" for Android? iOS?

I was resistant, but you finally talked me into it. After many requests, I now have a Beta version of “Shop-It! Stealth Notes & Timer” App for Android ready. I could really use 2 more testers from this community before it goes live on Google Play – I mainly want... Continue Reading

Why is pay so low on some cell phone shops?

I received an email for a cell phone shop "Great opportunity to explore smart/cell phones and different plans, and get paid to do it!". Seems similar to others except the pay is $11 and the company wants you to purchase "an inexpensive item as proof of visit". For such a... Continue Reading

Buying iPhones on eBay?

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"Light Relabeling" for a cell phone shop--anyone done one?

The board says it takes 10-15 minutes, is that true? I'm going to be in the area on a route and if it really is under 30 minutes to do, I want to take it, but if it is really going to take and hour or 5, I can't... Continue Reading

cell phones to do shop

Cell phones are good now. They are mini computers. You can input your shops on them now. I like cell phones.... Continue Reading

Last Summer's Cell Phone

I am very appreciative of the mystery shop last summer that allowed me to get my first smart phone and payment of the first few months' bills. What is surprising now is that I am wearing out the screen. I didn't know that was possible. It is... Continue Reading

Cell Phone Exit Interviews

The $20 cell phone exit interviews are back, same company, same basic instructions. I started seeing them toward the end of last month and did several last month and again this month. They still require up to 10 interviews. Last year I was NEVER able to find... Continue Reading

Android Timing Apps

I have been searching to find some threads on this topic but there isn't much. I am looking for a more functional shop timer app than the one/s I am using now. I want one that doesn't look like a stopwatch -so it isn't obvious to others around me... Continue Reading

Canadian iPhone Apps for making $$

Thanks to JPGilham for this great thread. http://www.mysteryshopforum.com/read/2/296712/page=1 I've started a new one because I have a very specific question for Canadians. When looking through the App store, I cannot find many of the apps mentioned in the thread. I do have Field Agent ($50 in 1 month) and Gigwalk (never found any jobs)... Continue Reading

Not loving iSecretshop app so far

Last night was my first time using it. I was doing a tanning shop that I've done dozens of times on the regular msc's website. I'm quick on my iPhone, but it still took me almost triple the time to enter the report on the app, and then... Continue Reading

TracFone Android opinions needed

Anyone using a TracFone smartphone for any of the working apps? I just cancelled my contract with Sprint ( 2 years left on contract costs $268 to cancel ) as it didn't have service over half of the time. Yet my 7 year old little $19 TracFone (... Continue Reading

Confused about iSecretShop

I signed up for them. I am only seeing 6 shops available, and 3 are not even close to where I live. I'm confused because I already belong to 10 or more of the companies, so why am I only showing a few shops?... Continue Reading

GFK cell phone audits....

When did they start having a 180 day rotation? There are two in my area that they can't seem to fill and are bonused. I tried to self-assign but I just did one 3 months ago. I emailed GFK and offered to do both of them, and... Continue Reading

Shop It App Problems

I have been using Shop It for months and just recently started having problems. Everything is fine until the very end when I use the voice recorder to record details that would take to long to type in. Sometimes it works fine and sometimes it shuts the entire... Continue Reading

Apps for Android?

My daughter is getting me a cell phone. I wanted an i phone, but she got me an Android based one. I couldn't find the earlier discussions. Can some people give me names of apps to download on an Android phone, to use for mystery shopping? Thanks. cease... Continue Reading

is there an app for that?

Hey. I do alot of fast food shops & most of them require to the second timing. the thing is though, the yask for me to give them the time like this - 8:04:35pm & not 1min 30 sec which is what my stop watch records. I end up having... Continue Reading

found cell phone in hotel

My 4 year old daughter found a cell phone on the floor under a bed. Should I report it on my report? The hotel will be able to identify me when the report comes in!... Continue Reading

Question about Cell phone shop

I won't mention the client, however, I signed up to do a cell phone shop with Research Services Group where you have one of two phones to shop for. Is there anything I should know prior to completing this shop? Thank you in advance.... Continue Reading

advice on new cell phone

Hi everyone, I decided I would hang onto my Verizon iPhone 4s until it gave up the ghost. That day seems to be quickly approaching, poor thing. I have been a fan of Apple products for many years, but lately I have been thinking about alternatives to the 5s. I would... Continue Reading

Suggestion for IPhone 5 photo app with GEO capabilities

I have applied for a shop that requires a picture be taken to verify “I was there”. Does anyone have a suggestion for an IPhone 5 application that will do the job of listing the GEO coordinates on the picture or in the properties of the picture? Any help... Continue Reading

Wow, $5.00 cell phone shop

No client or company name, but I just saw a cell phone shop for $5.00. The walls are closing in,,,,,,... Continue Reading

Cell phone and Cancer

Hi Ladies and Gents... I just watched a video that is going around on FB about a very young lady getting breast cancer. This girl developed a tumor exactly wear she held her cell phone in her bra for 4 years. So..we joke about putting our cells and dvrs in the... Continue Reading

Angry with iSecretShop Scheduler!

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

working with my little Android RAZR and no car :(

New shopper here... any suggestions for a free android app that helps fill out applications? You know, like an auto filler? I want to speed up the search for and apply to MSC s....but WOW how tedious is it to fill out those sometimes lengthy apps? Also, if there... Continue Reading

Is there anyone in Columbus, OH with an iPhone?

If so could you please PM me?... Continue Reading

ISecretShop-Very disappointed! Don't use this company if you need money

I thought at first they were a decent company but recently we're getting mistreated, lied to & they won't pay you for 45 business days! And their shops are often far away so to pay LOTS of money in gas just to get up to drive to their... Continue Reading

alternatives to using cell phone to take notes?

I signed up for a restaurant shop and I see on the paperwork that they are trained to look for people using their cell phone to take notes?! The instructions said "Do not do this or you will be identified". Should I take this to mean that I... Continue Reading

iSecretShop app

If anyone is upgrading their MS apps, or looking to go mobile, iSecretShop is on all platforms now, you can login through Facebook, and is for both iPhone, and Android and also works with any browser on a mobile device. They are saying it is a new version which is... Continue Reading

Great money-making app for mystery shoppers

I read about Receipt Pal on a phone app forum and downloaded it and this is a great app for us mystery shoppers. You just photograph all your receipts which gives you points you can cash in for gift cards. Since we get a lot of receipts we... Continue Reading

Isecretshop.com and money for rendered services

I recently signed up with isecretshop.com and completed a shop on 11/15. I also did another 2 shops on 11/27. Around the first of December I began asking about payment; where is it, what is the status of the shop, etc. I then checked back a few days later and... Continue Reading

A mystery shopping Iphone app?

Did you guys see the and mystery shops posted on Rewardable’s app? I’m close to a bunch of the locations and it looks like all you need to do is snap a picture in the DVD section and record a few prices, and you get some... Continue Reading

CHEAP Android to use as shopping tool

http://bit.ly/1cmX4UF eBay link. I am not affiliated in any way. I just bought 2 myself $9.99 free shipping I recommend the "mystery stopwatch" app Merry Christmases Also, you do not need to get cell service to use it. Download apps, use the internet etc over wifi. This makes me happy since my "dead" cricket... Continue Reading

tax-cell phone question

This is my first year of MS shopping. I have a basic cell phone but see the good points of smartphone and MS shopping. I am thinking of making the leap and I'm wondering if I will be able to deduct a portion of a smartphone from my taxes. This... Continue Reading

For those who participated in this year's chirping insect long term cell phone shop.....

I am not meaning to sound the slightest bit ungrateful here as I have enjoyed having a second phone and several month's free usage. I'm just amazed at the markup at the chirping insect store! Utterly amazed. I did the dumbphone shop and chose the Kyocera Kona... Continue Reading

Mystery Shop App - offer

Hey guys - have you seen the latest offer on the Rewardable app? Its a $31 of cash back for using Gilt - get Rewardable, sign up for Gilt as a new user through it and get $31. Pretty timely for the holidays.... Continue Reading

Cell phone shops - what's the appeal?

My inbox is full every day with cell phone shops, offering $5 for a quick, easy shop with an easy report. I know I could probably easily do 10 of these in a day, but when I factor in my driving time, shop time and reporting time, cost of... Continue Reading

False Advertising: Cell Phone Shops

It takes all my willpower not to snarkily reply to an email that begins, "We have a great opportunity for fun shops and great pay!" and goes on to advertise a $10 cell phone shop.... Continue Reading

For those who use the "Shop It!" iPhone app

I'm the developer of this app, and have talked to a some of you here. I'm not in the habit of posting or commenting or posting links - I don't ever want to cross the line into spam. I decided to make a post today since I know... Continue Reading

cell phone companies

Since I am in the market for a new cell phone I try to do cell phone shops. However, I have lost all faith in humanity because of doing these shops. Just kidding. But I have found each store is either very good or very bad. Not much in between.... Continue Reading

iSecretShop Anybody heard about this company?

I have no idea how I came upon this company. They have a website, ICA, shopper application and a number of certification sites. I'd be interested to hear about them as I rely on what the veteran shoppers have to say about the companies. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Cell phone competitor shops?

There's an open shop posted in a city I'll be traveling to this week, and the location is 5 minutes from where I'll be. Scenario is to shop a famous cell-phone provider's competitor location and evaluate store appearance, merchandising, and customer service. Those of you who do these probably know... Continue Reading

$50 for a cell phone audit?

Would you do the cell phone audit for the really big MSC for that rate? I have read the horror stories about on here about some of them but that fee would be a nice little chunk for Christmas gifts:) Thanks for any opinions.... Continue Reading

Hotel app check in shop frustration...

I attempted to perform the hotel app check in shop and I ended up waiting for 30 minutes until my scheduled check in time in the parking lot as I was running early that day. Then after all was said and done could not check in with the app! I also... Continue Reading

iPhone timer apps that include seconds?

So many shops require timing to the second... does anyone have any advice on good iphone apps that record time with seconds?... Continue Reading

Isecretshop, are they always slow to pay ?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

What recording device or app do you advice ?

I tried using an app on my Android phone but I couldn't hear well the conversation when I replayed it. My smartphone is a LG Esteem. Do you know an Android app that gives good audio quality? Or do you recommend buying another device to record a conversation secretly? if... Continue Reading

Cell phone purchase shop on board again

Does anyone have information on these? Are we shopping the same client?... Continue Reading

An App for That?

I just got a MacAir and am loving it but need to find a photo editing app. I would prefer one that has the crop handles on each of the 4 sides of the picture rather than using a "box" for cropping Does anyone have any suggestions?... Continue Reading

IPad, IPhone, which one?

I will soon be purchasing a new cell phone which has all of the goodie's on it. It MUST BE easy to learn ! lol Sure would like some suggestions from those who have expertise in this field. Please don't mention doing a cell phone shop; been there and it seems they are... Continue Reading

Cell Phone Shop Fees

I haven't done a cell phone shop in many months. The fees are too low now. The lowest fee I ever did one for was $17.00. Most of the shops I did were between $25-$40. Did I just happen to catch them at the right time?... Continue Reading

Revealed cell phone audits

Has anyone done a *revealed* cell phone audit? I have a chance to sign up for at least two of these at $18 each, but the description of the shop doesn't tell too much about exactly what I have to do. I've never done a reveal shop of... Continue Reading

Cell Phone Company Photo Audit- Worth It?

Hi All- New to here and Mystery Shopping. So glad I found this site as it has provided a LOT of useful information already. I have 4 shops under my belt now. So far, so good- I think. I guess we'll see when pay time comes :) Anyway, my question, I am... Continue Reading

Cell phone shops with comparisons

I accepted a cell phone store assignment last week that I scheduled for last weekend. The description stated it was a comparison shop and that when it was accepted I would be assigned to complete a comparison shop with a competitor store in addition to the primary one. ... Continue Reading

Question about the long term chirping insects cell phone shop.....

I am going to the cell phone provider tomorrow to purchase the basic phone, not the smartphone as I did not apply for that shop. I understand I get a reimbursement up to 39.99 for the phone and then taxes, and also for the first month of service. ... Continue Reading

I'm on board with the cell phone shop.....

Just wanted to say I'm on board with the cell phone shop that has been discussed here. It was bonused nicely and it is in that neighborhood that noone really wants to go to even though in broad daylight you are safe as long as you are not looking... Continue Reading


Which companies use this platform? I think it's a great tool to use.... Continue Reading

Best cell phone plan right now....

For those that don't talk on the phone...cnet discovered what is the best plan in the U.S. right now from t-mobile "As fewer and fewer people actually use their smartphones to talk, creative new smartphone plans that focus on data and messaging continue to emerge. As it turns out, however, the perfect... Continue Reading

Monthly Reports For Free Cell Phone Assignments

Ok, I'm getting twisted in a knot here because this assignment is in limbo right now, and I can't get a response from the MSC and scheduling company involved. My schedule is jammed up, because I don't know when I can or will be able to complete it. Each month, a... Continue Reading

Is a cellphone necessary?

I am currently at home with my son on my maternity leave. My contract with my wireless provider ended before I had Miles, and I decided not to renew, as my income would diminish, and my expenses would increase. So, I currently don't have a cell. I don't miss it to... Continue Reading

ISecretShop No Payment

I did my first (and only) shop through iSecretShop at the end of March. The shop is in the payment pending status. I have emailed the mystery shopping provider with no response. The shop was the healthy food store with lots of pics. Anyone else complete these? When did you... Continue Reading

Goodwin cell phone compare shop...$13 total???

Today I saw several assignments for Goodwin involving a large cell phone company. The instructions state that: "This shop has 1-3 other shops that come with it for XXX competitors. By selecting this shop, you will then be assigned 1-3 other locations (competitors), so that you can give an accurate... Continue Reading

cell phone shops

Does anyone know if you can do more than one of these? The ones where you get the phone and 5-6 months of service?... Continue Reading

Cell phone shops.

Has anyone applied for the cell phone shops from mcp? I was wondering how long it takes to hear back on whether or not you got the shop? I applied on Saturday and haven't heard back. I'm pretty sure that means no. :(... Continue Reading

KSS Cell Phone Shops

KSS had posted on their Facebook page about some cell phone shops that were going to be posted in March. Then they said they were pushed out until April 1st. I still haven't seen anything. Has anyone else seen them? I actually need a cell phone to use while my... Continue Reading

Can you do a Sassie shop from an Android phone?

I just got a phone in January and am slowly learning to use it. Today I thought I'd try doing a shop from it. I took the picture on the phone. I emailed it to myself. I don't know if that was necessary. But... Continue Reading

Cell phone shop insisted on credit app

I did a cell phone shop today in which the associate would not discuss plans or phones before I furnished information for a credit check. The guidelines specified "Do not allow the sales associate to run your credit." This is my first experience of a cell phone provider... Continue Reading

Cell Phone Shop

Hello! I'm new and just completed my registration with GfK. I have three jobs available to me (to self-assign) and they are all cell providers. Since the jobs have been listed for a few days, it makes me wonder if these types of jobs are particularly difficult? Any insight offered... Continue Reading

Is there a difference between a regular cell phone shop and a competitor one?

There is some talk on here about the “Easy” cell shops being a false ad. The same company has a competitor shop up for “Grabs” in my area. It’s for a store about a block from their usual one. The e-mail says they have “super easy cell phone store shops –... Continue Reading

Jobslinger app on iPhone

Does anyone know how to delete shops on the Jobslinger app. on the iPhone? I tried everything, but there does not appear to be a delete option - which is annoying.... Continue Reading

iPhone Timer App

Re: "Shop It" App - I am self employed and perform contract work in several distinct areas…after being introduced to ms’ing by a friend, I added that to my portfolio. I’m techie by nature, and one of the first things I did was figure out the best ways... Continue Reading

iSecretShop and their missions

Just curious, what is the deal with iSecretShop "missions" and "investigator" statuses? Is it worth it to gain more points to increase your status or just a way to make shoppers accept more shops? Do you get offered higher paying jobs once your points increase? Or, is it simply a... Continue Reading

Shop Notifier: new FREE smartphone app for SASSIE shoppers!

Hey, shoppers! Here at SASSIE, we know that many of you have had problems receiving your SASSIE shop offer emails. Believe me, we’ve tried every possible way to get those shop offers to you, but no matter what we do, some email providers still think our shop offers... Continue Reading

Boston:Mobee iPhone app



I guess that this is come kind of clearing house for mystery shopping. I applied for a take alot of pics of milk products. Any current experience?... Continue Reading

Does anyone know of a good time/date stamp for an Android smartphone

I'm thinking about doing some gas audits but my phone doesn't have a time/date stamp yet. I called Verizon but they couldn't help. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :-)... Continue Reading

Useful Apps for Apple products (iPhone and iPad)

I noticed there is a similar posting for android products. I got an iPad for Christmas to assist me in my shopping effort. What are some useful or helpful Apps? Are their some must have? What some that just make things easier. Interested in what everyone found helpful. Free apps... Continue Reading

Android Apps for MS

In addition to Gmail and Google Voice, I like Easy Voice Recorder and the Voice Recorder by Mamoru Tokashiki a lot. I often dictate notes to myself in my car (especially useful while make exterior observations or doing parking shops) or perform "brain dumps" after shops. I would love to... Continue Reading

Technology ipad and iphone question

Ok, I doubt I am the only hoping that Santa brings me an ipad. I am hoping it will help in my mystery shop adventure. I think in order to do so I am going to need a little feedback on apps that are must haves or apps that are... Continue Reading

Mobee (iPhone App/company)?

Has anyone heard of or worked with Mobee? It says that right now they're only live in Boston but I saw their app in the Apple App store under "mystery shopping" so downloaded it (before realizing the Boston thing). Their blog references current jobs, but I wasn't sure. I... Continue Reading

Cell phone shops requiring FICO score

I was very excited to see an MSC offer quite a few cell phone shops in my area. The first qualification is that you have to shop them in pairs. There is one cell phone company that you have to shop, and then you have to pick one... Continue Reading

cellphone company audit shops

Has anyone done cellphone audit shops revealed where you must take pictures with your cellphone? Are they difficult or involved?... Continue Reading

Android App That Records Time

Yesterday I was browsing around this forum and I saw a post that said there is an android app for a phone (or i guess a tablet) that when you rap on the phone sharply it records the exact time. Before I noted the name of the app my daughter got... Continue Reading

Perfect Score on iSecretShop?

Has anyone ever gotten one? I'm guessing Lisa has... What do I need to do to get a perfect score so I can get 2 x 25 ? I get 20 after 20 after 20....... Continue Reading

I "Killed" My Android

Well, not exactly. After dropping it several times over 2+ years, even my protective case could not save it this time. It fell out of my pocket while working and instead of falling at an angle like it usually does, it fell straight down on concrete shattering the... Continue Reading

Who Really Oversees The Point System at iSecretShop?

When I was new to iSecretShop, I was penalized 50 points for cancelling a shop. The shop that i cancelled was OVER 30 days in the future. I made my decision to cancel based on the welcome packet that they sent me, which clearly stated in black and white,... Continue Reading

Stealth timer for Android Phones

Does anyone have a good stealth timer for their Android phone? Especially one that wont accidentally delete all the information with no way to retrieve it.... Continue Reading

CELL PHONE PICS: Photo quality of receipt pics???

Never did it before and wondered how the quality is of cell phone photos taken of receipts. I have a scanner at home, but the msc client wants a photo of a parking lot receipt--so obviously I cannot drive home, scan it, and return to finish the shop. This... Continue Reading

How long do you let an app flap in the breeze?

I have 2 apps out there. 1 is for a casino shop. I had asked for a clarification before I applied and in answering me the scheduler said that she would be assigning at the end of the week. That was almost 3 weeks ago. This... Continue Reading

Found a good mystery shopping App for phone

It's called "ShopIt!" and takes notes , recordings and pictures. Time-stamps everything to the second and keeps a running list. The screen just looks like you're texting.  Really intuitive. I love my iPhone, but had to work at concealing what I was doing.   This makes the basic data... Continue Reading

No notes or cell phone, and you must remember 4 names and times.

A company has indicated in their grocery shop instructions that you cannot take notes in the store, or use a cell phone to talk or text. You must also remember 4 different associates names and take timings at the deli counter, meat counter, customer service, and check out. ... Continue Reading


Seems very questionable to me. Got an email. Tried to log in. No dice. Said they would send me password. NO. Called the 888 #. Nothing reasonable. The assignment they sent me, my next door grocery store seems like they could have that from my... Continue Reading

Best cell phone for MS?

I need to upgrade my phone and am wondering if there are recommendations out there. My BBerry does not seem ideal.... Continue Reading

Business Evaluation Services and ISecretShop

I'm confused...I log into BES and it sends me to ISecretShop. Does anyone know the relationship between these companies?... Continue Reading

I Secret Shop Iphone App problems

Hello, I am wondering if anyone other than me has experience using this app. I have done several shops for them, and my Iphone app only worked for one shop. The rest I got the message that the app could not be used for the shop, even though... Continue Reading

Using iPhone, Macs, and Evernote

Hi, I'm just getting started with MS, doing a lot of research. I imagine my iPhone and Evernote will be great tools. I have a MacBook Air, and I can easily get a car charger for it. I already have an Evernote notebook with folders for different companies and a... Continue Reading

Anyone done the interview 7 people coming out of cell phone location?

I am doing 2 tomorrow for $30 each. Any advice?... Continue Reading


Am thinking of upgrading my cell to a smartphone or android. I do not want to pay an arm and a leg but I also do not want one that's not going to be very good. Who wants to recommend one for me?... Continue Reading

Android Users: App for Actual Time with seconds

Hi Android users, I currently use stopwatch which came as a standard app on my phone. But I was wondering if anyone knows of a app that gives the actual time with seconds? There is a company I am shopping for that only takes actual time. Thanks in advance!... Continue Reading

GFK cell phone test

Took it twice and keep missing one question. Guidelines indicate contact scheduler if having difficulty w. test. Did this. He keeps saying take the test again and this shop is coming up Sat. I have never taken this much time with tests. Ideas?... Continue Reading

Cell Phone "Wallet" Shops

Hi everyone! Wondering how everyone else is faring on these shops? I've done two this weekend and ran into technical difficulties both times. One store said their terminal was broken and the other was finally able to process the sale, but only after 26 minutes of trying. Anyone having better luck? Thanks!!... Continue Reading

Cameras vs cell phone camera

Many companies do not allow you to take a picture with your cell phone. That is stupid since my cell phone takes better pictures with more mega pixels than my camera. (8 vs 5) What is the reasoning behind this requirement?... Continue Reading


Hi everyone, I'm a newbie -- Has anyone heard of iSecretShop? It says "iSecretShop is a complete mystery shopping software system COMBINED with a portal for secret shoppers. With iSecretShop, mystery shoppers can find available shops from ALL our participating mystery shopping providers in ONE Place!" Any info is greatly appreciated.... Continue Reading

Mystery Shopping Applications for Android

I have downloaded the Jobslinger Application and it is alright but I have to type all the informaiton into it and then I have to retype the information to the proper company. I also found an application called Mobi Audit that syncs shopmetrics as well but I find this... Continue Reading


I'm thinking about getting an iphone. Have any of you ever used one to report a shop or take pictures for a digital shop? Thanks in advance for your feedback!... Continue Reading

First time ever shop (cell phone stores)

Is it only me or did anyone else feel some what overwelmed by the amount of detail needed on thier first report, or is it manly because it was a cell phone store.Im curious what other shops and thier reports intail.Any Help ThanksAdam from Canada,Saint John, N.B... Continue Reading

Mystery Shop Apps for Cell Phones

Is anyone using any apps for their Android or IPhone? How do you like them and how reliable are they? Were you charged anything for them? Have a great evening, Tim... Continue Reading

android scanning apps

Any luck with these... if there was one that worked really good it would save me alot of troubl and i wouldnt have to wait around for my computer to arrive on 10/25...... Continue Reading

iPhone app for recording times

Hey all, Newb here (see my post in Mem's Intros). I did my first shop this morning and found that the stopwatch on the iPhone isn't quite as robust as I would like. I'd love something similar to a stopwatch that will record actual times as "laps" instead of... Continue Reading

apps for android

anyone know of any mystery shopping apps for android? or any time of independent contractor app for android?... Continue Reading

iPhone Apps

I wish Market Force had one...to search for new shops and an easier way to enter then on the go. Maybe someone will listen?... Continue Reading

Cell Phones

How much do some of you pay for your cell phone every month? I've done a number of cell phone shops, for various companies...and I'm shocked at the price of the plans any more, but even more shocked when the sales reps that flat out state or act like "well... Continue Reading

Storage Shop, using cell phone to record

I'm wondering if anyone has done one of these shops using their cell phone. What was your experience? These are storage company shops requiring the shopper to use a recording device then play it to transcribe over the phone.... Continue Reading

National Cell Phone chains interaction

I do a national cell phone chain here in Kansas city. And there's no instructions, on either company, how long we talk to the employee. Some are amazing,and demo the phones, and show the camera and the GPS, some are lousy, and I leave thinking I know more about the... Continue Reading

Hello! We are a new iPhone "Gigs" Application

Just wanted to stop by and say hello to everybody here. Gigwalk is an iPhone application that allows businesses to post "Gigs" for the user base to complete. I want to invite those of you in the following areas to consider playing around with the app: New York City, Los... Continue Reading

roboform for cellphone

I have searched the internet for an app like roboform for Windows 7 phone and can not find it. Does anyone out there know of a good replacement. It is a real pain entering logins and such on a mobile phone.... Continue Reading


Has anyone received information about this company. The info came from Jancyn and is an app for the iPhone.' There were several shops that were listed in my area. It requires me to send a w-9 and an copy of the independent contract form. The only question that I... Continue Reading

Best mystery shopping app for smart phone?

I recently upgraded to a smart phone. I used to use a regular phone and use the "notepad" function to take notes during my shops. Any suggestions for apps on the andriod market to help me take notes/times during a shop?... Continue Reading

Jobslinger iPhone App

Anyone using this? I just found it today, though it was released in Sept. I like that it allows text notes, audio notes, date and time stamp, photo notes, and used location based services to geo-verify the shop. These are all useful to me. I dislike that I have to... Continue Reading

Scam involving Cell Phones

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has recently learned that an old long distance phone scam that leads consumers to incur high charges on their phone bills may now affect wireless consumers. In the past, consumers have been fooled into making expensive international calls by scam artists who leave messages on... Continue Reading

What about iPhone/Droid Apps for Sassie and other Mystery Shopping companies

Does anyone know what the status of creating Apps for shoppers to use on their smart phones? I think there is a real need for the apps with the increase of smart phone users. Let me kno ur thots!... Continue Reading

IPhone users- what apps are indespensible to you?

I use the DVR, the notes, Dragon Dictate, A free receopt scanning app, Turbo scan, and JotNot. What do you use?... Continue Reading

A secret shopper secret shops Aptivate's iSecretShop app for the iPhone

I had some spare time this am (Yes, it's before 6 here) and I decided to "secret shop" the secret shopping app. I started at the Aptivate website provided by Andrew Walker in his post in the Introductions section. Here is what I learned about the company founders: BEGIN QUOTE: Founded by... Continue Reading

Secret Shopping on the iPhone

Hello All, My name is Andrew Walker and my company just launched an iPhone application (coming soon on Android) that lets our Agents use their phones to perform incredibly accurate, real-time secret shopping assignments. It's called iSecretShop and is available for download on iTunes today. It's free and it takes all... Continue Reading

For MickeyB-Tmobile and iPhone

http://www.macrumors.com/2010/07/21/iphone-coming-to-t-mobile-in-u-s-this-quarter/... Continue Reading

So who is getting/upgrading to an iPhone 4 for shopping?

The features are great. We are getting our new phones in the store on Thursday. The WSJ wrote up their tests this week, and it seems to do what we users need it to do, unless you live in an area such as NYC, that has too many ATT users.... Continue Reading

Be Informed of Cell Phone Purchase/Return Assignments

The pay is above avearge, but not without risks. Your credit is checked and this does minimize your credit score by a few points for a short period. The often short-lived employee that signs you up has access to your SSN. The process of signing you up, checking your credit,... Continue Reading

Cellphone Shop - Closed! Help!

Today I did my first cellphone shop (T-mobile) and it was closed because it's systems were down. I asked them when they'd be back up and they said they didn't know. The scary part is that this location is said to be known for scouting shoppers as mentioned in the... Continue Reading

Do Not Call List for Cell Phones

SO I guess that cell phones are getting targeted very soon, if not already by solicitors. Here is the number to get your cell phone number included on the DO NOT CALL list. 1-888-382-1222 You must make the call from the phone you want blocked. It takes about a minute and only... Continue Reading

cell phone store audits

anyone done the big cell phone store audits for which you have to go through a training, have drug testing done and work 12 hours over two days. Is it worth it? Does it take the entire 12 hours or did you finish earlier.. or does it take more... Continue Reading

make deposits by iPhone

I do almost everything on line, I have even input student's final grades using the iPhone instead of the regular computer (it's all done online..) but I am not sure even I am ready for this one. Maybe. I guess we'll see if it comes to my banks!... Continue Reading

Cell Phone Shops - Many States $10/shop

Insula Research has cell phone shops coming up in the month of April. Each shop will pay $10. The shops have a mystery shop component with a revealed aspect at the end of the shop. Shoppers will be asked to interact with management while... Continue Reading

Discussions of Cell Phones and Smart Phones

...I've had an idea for an App for awhile now, but I build Websites and do graphic design and advertising campaigns, I've not yet took on the challenge of making my own App. (Source). August 13, 2022

Please share our details and reach out to me directly with your referral. If you are registered with iSecretShop, I will ensure you get a referral bonus once your referral completes an age verification shop for us!** (Source). August 12, 2022

Please share our details and reach out to me directly with your referral. If you are registered with iSecretShop, I will ensure you get a referral bonus once your referral completes an age verification shop for us!** (Source). August 12, 2022

Please share our details and reach out to me directly with your referral. If you are registered with iSecretShop, I will ensure you get a referral bonus once your referral completes an age verification shop for us!** (Source). August 12, 2022

Please share our details and reach out to me directly with your referral. If you are registered with iSecretShop, I will ensure you get a referral bonus once your referral completes an age verification shop for us!** (Source). August 12, 2022

[quote=johnb974] While doing a cell phone shop and having the store employee answering questions, a brand promoter has walked over and started answer the questions. (Source). August 12, 2022

While doing a cell phone shop and having the store employee answering questions, a brand promoter has walked over and started answer the questions. (Source). August 12, 2022

He had a hard time screening contacts. That was hilarious. Mum has become a very tech savvy person. She is channelizing her inner whats app Martha Stewart as we sisters joke. (Source). August 12, 2022

He had a hard time screening contacts. That was hilarious. Mum has become a very tech savvy person. She is channelizing her inner whats app Martha Stewart as we sisters joke. (Source). August 09, 2022

Got my husband an early birthday presenta new cell phone. (Source). August 09, 2022