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The reason for recorder shops

A question came up about recorded shops. One reason they are doing recorded shops to see if the shopper is tipping off the employee to answer certain questions. The employees have a script they have to follow and they want to see if the shopper is leading the employee to... Continue Reading

PV-500 camera not recording sound

I have an unused PV-500 I bought a couple years ago but never had a chance to try out. I was testing it tonight and every video I did had no sound to it. Anyone have any suggestions as to ways to get it to work?... Continue Reading

Any PV500 pros/old timers around? Advice needed please!

I've been shopping with an older model PV500, its about ten years old and has been very reliable until last week, when it suddenly stopped recognizing the SD cards. -I have used the same cards in the past with no problem -I have tried several different cards with no luck -They... Continue Reading

6 x $18 Parking Shops in Orlando, FL, PLUS free camera use for high paying video shops!

Servimer has six parking mystery shops in Orlando, FL, each paying $18 PLUS full reimbursement for parking fees and tips, due by November 30. Time on site = 40 minutes. Reporting time = 15 minutes. Additionally, shoppers who complete 10 shops with Servimer can qualify for much higher paying video work... Continue Reading

Samsung Call Recorder

Does anyone here have a Samsung newer than Galaxy S9? If so, can you record and hear both sides of phone conversation with CubeCallRecorder - or any other recorder app (without being on speakerphone)?... Continue Reading

EMERGENCY: Does anyone know how to turn off date/time in an EVO2 DVR?

I have a job to do today where I need to turn off the date and time stamps on my EVO2 DVR. My device does not have an on/off button that I can find. I have looked at every screen in Settings. No video company has ever asked me to... Continue Reading

Video Shop Equipment Suggestion Needed

Hello, I am looking for a suggestion on equipment I can start with. The PV 500 is a big investment for something I have not done yet. I would love a suggestion or two. Thank you.... Continue Reading


I have the lock button on my PV500 camera bundle. I always go in and check the settings on the DVR and then I push the lock button. I thought it was so that if you are bumped that the settings would not change. My last shop dropped the volume.... Continue Reading

Help! how to use cell phone camera for receipts?

I am trying to switch to my cell phone camera. I have a long receipt that to scan from my computer I would cut in half and lay side by side. The phone camera can take a pic of the whole thing but it is too small to read... Continue Reading

where to place audio and video equipment while mystery shopping

how do you hid\e your phone from recording video and audio during a mystery shop?... Continue Reading

Best Hidden Cameras for Mystery Shopping

Hi, I am sure someone has asked this before but I couldn't find this topic when I tried to search it. I would like to begin doing some of the shops that require wearing a hidden camera for the shop but I don't want to break the bank buying one.... Continue Reading

Recommendations for wearable hidden camera?

Used to think I had a great memory - until I did some retail/grocery shops. The need to be incredibly detailed has led me to think I need a small, wearable hidden camera. The array of available equipment and the extreme variability of cost has led me to ask... Continue Reading

PV-500 button camera placement

I have the PV-500 Button Camera. I have gone out and purchased shirts just for this purpose. AND have ruined said shirts. Does anyone have any foolproof method to anchor the camera on the shirt without having to cut the shirts? I know that the buttonhole will have to... Continue Reading

AUDIO RECORDER APP: Easy to use and download to report?

Just want to ask before downloading this app and accepting the car wash shop if this app is easy to use and download to the shop report. Many Thanks.... Continue Reading

Video equipment

Hi can anyone recommend covert video equipment? Need it for a job this weekend and not sure what to purchase. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Simple Scanner shops for Ipsos in Presto - GA IA IL MI NC NJ NY OH SC TN VA WI

Ipsos is currently scheduling simple 2D scanner shops. They are quick and simple shops where you have the employee at the gas station scan a code on your phone. Pays $10 each. Details: • Shops are in Presto (shopper app) You must have signed up and downloaded this... Continue Reading

Video shops- is this the equipment I need?

Is the LAWMATE PV-500ECO2 PORTABLE ANALOG DVR W/ FREE BUTTON CAMERA KIT what I would want to get for video shops? It's on the lawmate site and I don't know if it has everything I will need? Continue Reading

Best video recorders for mystery shopping?

I am thinking about trying video shopping. I'm looking for recommendations as to he best equipment.... Continue Reading

Used Video equipment sale

I have everything one needs to get started in Video shopping for sale. Is this the place to post?... Continue Reading

Equipment for Phone Shops

I have scheduled my first phone shop using the call now feature on a laptop. Do I need a special headset to do this? I've only done phone shops from my cell phone and I've searched if I need special equipment and I can't find anything.... Continue Reading

Covert clothing for video camera

I saw somewhere about a lady that makes shirts and sews in the camera to do video shopping. Does anyone know where to get these? It sounded like a company called straight shot shirt... Continue Reading

Tips for video image stable when recording & walking Pen Style camera

before you say it i am NOT getting the PV500. i am simply not spending that amount. i have successfully done maybe 15 video shops with cheaper alternatives but i want to get comfortable with a different style device. i am short 4' 8" with D cup boobs - pen... Continue Reading

Video mystery shops- what equipment to buy

Does anyone have recommendations for video equipment to buy to perform video shops?... Continue Reading

Video equipment rent to own

A few years back there was a company that did video shops that allowed you to rent the equipment from them & after doing so many shops, they applied your rentals to the purchase of the equipment, but I can't find the email. Does this sound familiar to anyone?... Continue Reading

Compact DVR Camera Pen

I wanted to try video shopping. I bought a QPen 16 Compact DVR Camera Pen from a MSC scheduler suggestion. This scheduler said that it works well. I have been practicing with it on non video shops. For some reason, it only video records for 10 minutes. Does anybody else... Continue Reading

Video equipment from The Mystery Shoppers Depot

Just wanted to leave a shoutout to The Mystery Shoppers Depot, Joe and Alex. I needed a replacement for my backup camera, and I needed it super fast as I am leaving for a route. Not only did Joe respond within minutes to my message, but he also answered... Continue Reading

PV500 Camera for sale

I have a PV500 that is in excellent shape. It comes with a nice carrying case and several 8mg memory cards. I simply never got involved in video shops. The camera has been used twice. If you are a woman and about a size 10-12 I... Continue Reading

Digital Camera, Vivitar

My husband and I both do brand inspections. His phone kept getting clogged up, (with over 15,000 pics on it!) and requires a data connection to pull up the pictures. And then the camera app would crash. So I went to Walmart and bought him a Vivitar digital camera. Everything... Continue Reading

Video Equipment

What equipment do you suggest? I read PV 500. I've looked and they have various units. Specifically, which unit is considered a good one. Thank so much!!!... Continue Reading

Best voice recorder apps for Android?

Anybody got a favorite? I wouldn't mind paying a few bucks for one that would get rid of background noise but I have never used one like that and don't know if it works.... Continue Reading

What brands and model of secret video equipment do you use?

Hello. I'm considering purchasing some secret video recording devices so I can accept video shops in my area. They pay $100, but you have to have your own equipment. Can you please give me some recommendations and some to avoid? Also, have you found that video jobs are worth it.... Continue Reading

Video Equipment

Hi everyone! Please what are some of the best but affordable hidden/covert video equipment that one could purchase for the purpose of doing video shops?... Continue Reading

Adjusting a camera pen

I would like to try video shopping. One of the msc suggested that I buy a compact DVR camera pen for one of their shops. I am having a hard time adjusting it so it is not pointed at the ceiling or down at the floor. How do you adjust... Continue Reading


Greetings all. Greyhawk Video Solutions has in the new Lawmate PV 500 ECO II DVR system. You can review the equipment on our site. We are not allowed to give you the link per the moderators. If you have any questions or want information please contact us through the... Continue Reading

Nifty little voice recorder

I live in a state where both parties need to agree to a voice recording. For years I have used a condenser microphone and fairly expensive DVR to record my notes while out on shops. I just tried a new cheapie--Evida, found on Amazon. It goes... Continue Reading

$15.00 + $50 BONUS OR BEST OFFER - Outdoor Equipment Credit Card Inquiry Rawlins WY

$15.00 + $50 BONUS- Outdoor Equipment Credit Card Inquiry- Must shop 12/1 or 12/2.
  • All data and uploads must be submitted before midnight on the day you complete the shop!!
  • You are required to get an exterior photo of the location that clearly shows the store name and address.... Continue Reading
  • Inexpensive digital camera?

    Please recommend an inexpensive digital camera that will take 640x480 pic and is supper easy to use. My phone runs down too quickly when I do multiple shops and the resizing is no fun. Need a backup anyway.tks... Continue Reading

    WM Bossanova scanner

    Has anyone else run into the Bossanova robotic scanners? Just wondering if they are for POG layout only, or are there other uses?... Continue Reading

    Advice Needed on purchasing used video equipment.

    Hello. I think I'm ready to make the dive into video mystery shopping. Before I make a full purchase of brand new equipment without any training, I wanted to purchase use equipment to get my foot wet, and become comfortable with this style shop. I've recently acquired information about used equipment... Continue Reading

    Covert-Hidden - MS Cameras- For Sale by Owner

    I have yet to find a post from the MS in the forum that are selling their used equipment, or is it not allowed here? TIA... Continue Reading

    No purchase, Quick-Pay Shop! Sports Equipment

    Join Sentry Marketing Group for a mystery shopping opportunity! We have a sports equipment resale shop opportunity available. This retail store shop buys and sells new and used sports equipment. There is a telephone shop and several In-store shops available. The focus of this shop is to evaluate if associates... Continue Reading


    Do you feel like dining in and having a platter and a non-alcoholic drink at a restaurant in Texas? It doesn’t matter what day it is, as long as you place your order between 5PM to 11PM. If you like to take photos of your food, then this shop is... Continue Reading

    Best Phone Scanner APP?

    Can anyone recommend a good scanner app, I prefer using a scanner app for documents over using the camera on my phone?... Continue Reading

    Best telephone scanner app?

    Can anyone recommend a good scanner app, I prefer using a scanner app for documents over using the camera on my phone?... Continue Reading

    Fuel costs - question for longtimers

    I've been MSing for less than a year. For those longer in this game, how do higher gas prices impact the MS business? Do you increasingly scrutinize shops before taking them? do you ask for a fuel bonus? Do MSCs & their clients offer improved payments? what has been your... Continue Reading

    Best SS video recorder?

    What do you use? What do you wish you had? Thanks I know I have seen this topic but I can't find it. I apologize for the redundancy. Help is appreciated.... Continue Reading

    Digital Camera Study

    Anyone get the email with the bizarre camera assignment? You have to allow another shopper to come into your home and take photos of you or you go to another shopper's home and take photos of them. The MS company send you a camera which you have to return. All... Continue Reading

    Video DVR Needs Repair

    Hello. My expensive Lawmate Lite3 DVR just stopped working. I was doing a job and it worked just fine at first. I turned the camera off briefly and when I was ready I turned it back on and continued filming (or so I thought.) When I got home, the first... Continue Reading

    First timer

    Hi... Continue Reading

    Unique Video Opportunity in Stamford, CT (camera provided)

    Location: ?Stamford Town Center, 100 Greyrock Place, Stamford, CT 06901 Type: ?? Valet Time: ?? Saturday night, 7-10 PM (*Next 3 Saturdays, starting March 24) Time on Site: 40-45 minutes Reports: Mostly Yes/No with two single paragraphs - 15 minutes. Pay: ???$40 plus reimbursement for parking fee and... Continue Reading

    The BEST stopwatch/split timer for Iphones IT'S FREE!

    I wanted to find an app to use on my phone since it has become difficult to use my watch (due to RA) that would give me split times on a shopper. After about 45 minutes, I have found the holy grail in split time stopwatches. You can find it... Continue Reading

    cheap hidden camera

    I apologize if the information is posted somewhere on here already. I can't seem to get the search function to work today. It keeps switching to New Updates. Not helpful.. Just curious, what makes the PV 500 the standard? Is it usability? Formattting of video? Application? Size? I see some cameras... Continue Reading

    A big hello from New Jersey. 1st timer

    Hello everyone this is my first time attempting mystery shopping. Does anyone have any advice. Much appreciated... Continue Reading

    What scanner do you use?

    I'm thinking about getting a new scanner. My old scanner is quite outdated and it scans pretty slowly. What kind of scanners do you recommend that is fast and reasonably not expensive.... Continue Reading

    Entry Level Button Camera Shops

    Can anyone refer me to entry-level shops (preferably with no out of pocket) or companies with entry-level shops that can help me build up my usage of my button camera? I bought it but didn't use it last year, and the only shops I see either require experience or... Continue Reading

    Would appreciate advice from long timers.

    I jumped into Mystery Shopping as a way to find something to do when I leave my longtime career about a year from now, to help fund my travel habits. I've been reading the threads here and I am one who's not doing this for a primary income or really... Continue Reading

    Video Equipment for Mystery Shopping Sale

    Greeting my shopper family. We have been doing some fall cleaning and I have a few items up with deep discounts. We do this about once per year. I have some open box equipment for sale. These have not been used, but they have been set up as a display... Continue Reading

    Writing off a laptop (or equipment) for work... do you go prefer to go with depreciation or a one time write off?

    I'm debating on treating myself to a new laptop. This one is about to hit 5 years old. It was around $1100 and it's certainly earned its keep but I kinda want to treat myself to a new one for work and turn this one into my lounge laptop. The... Continue Reading

    Mystery Shopping Equipment and Technology

    I need to invest in some equipment and technology as I do more mystery shopping. Some are things I have that need to be replaced and some are things I've never owned before. They are as follows: 1. Laptop-I have two which are both on death's door, both... Continue Reading

    Video Shoppers - finding a DVR case

    So, I've been video shopping for 3 1/2 years now. During that time I've gone through multiple ways of transporting my DVR equipment. I started out with the box it came in. Then I got a back up and extra batteries and I didn't really want to... Continue Reading

    The best way to hide camera

    Hi friends, I just joined as a Mystery Shopper today and i did a video about banking services After done it, i see my camera didn't focus on face of staff (i'm using phone and spy cam for recording the videos) So i was wondering how can you record video with... Continue Reading

    The best way to hide video camera

    Hi friends, I just had joined as a Mystery Shopper today and i did a video about banking. After done it, i see my camera didn't focus on face of staff (i'm using phone and spy cam for recording the videos) So i was wondering how can you record video with good... Continue Reading

    Can someone recommend an easy to use, free call recorder app for iPhone?

    I just got an iPhone and need to make a recorded call today. The call recorder I had on the Android is not available on iPhone. The iPhone apps look so complicated.... Continue Reading

    Voice Recorder for iPhone

    Will any one please recommend an iPhone voice recorder app for shops?... Continue Reading

    Voice recorder recommendations?

    I'm in need of a good quality dvr device/ app for non-shopping purposes, but since it needs to posses similar qualities to recorders one would use while shopping, I figured shoppers would give me the best reliable recommendations. Specs needed: 1. as small/ discrete as possible 2. Able to pick up other people's... Continue Reading

    MF Make an Offer First timer

    -- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

    Button camera placement for video shops - need a bit of advice

    I have the PV-500L3 button camera. I've altered two polo style shirts where the bottom button replaced by the button camera. Its very hot in south Texas and wearing a coat or some additional piece of clothing is not an option and would also draw attention to myself.... Continue Reading

    Maritz Green "Visual Standards"- cameraphone not allowed?

    -- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

    Hi from the southern stix :-D First timer today

    Today will be my first shop and I'm nervous. Any tips would be appreciated.... Continue Reading

    How do I do a "Firmware Update" on my video DVR?

    Hello. The video DVR instructions stink when it comes to explaining how to actually use the equipment. Will someone please explain how to do a firmware update on the PV500-L3 or EVO2? Thanks... Continue Reading


    BIG!!!!!!!!! CHANGES!!!!!! The PV 500L3 is gone... LONG POST................... Hello from team Greyhawk!!!!! We have some interesting changes coming as far as equipment goes. I want to say first, I sat down and had a long discussion with Sabar, the owner of Lawmate. We spoke about the current... Continue Reading

    Camera Scanner app looks good!

    My grandson is a geek and just showed me a new app he uses at work. It's called CamScanner. After you take the photo, it turns it into a scanned product and really looks good. Anyone ever tried it? I got it through iTunes for my... Continue Reading

    Video equipment questions, Dan is out of town

    I'd love to start video shopping, but need to know what equipment to invest and get the biggest bang for my buck. I looked at the starter set. It is reasonably priced, but I don't know what it comes in the package. Would I be better off getting the unit that... Continue Reading

    Video Shops - worth buying the equipment for?

    Is it worth buying the equipment to do video shops? I've been looking at some of the equipment but afraid if I buy the wrong equipment, the video won't be good enough for QC. Any recommendations? Can you ever re-shop the location? If you can't, it... Continue Reading

    Phone call recording equipment

    Hi, I am wanting advice or suggestions for purchasing a device for recording telephone calls. Preferably for a mobile device, but I am open to options. However, another issue is if calling different regions and for them not to see the SDT or linking the number to a mobile number so... Continue Reading


    I'm hoping someone can make a recommendation for a camera that will be good for doing night time gas station shops. Thanks.... Continue Reading

    First Timer

    Hi, everyone! New to the forum. Here to find out more to becoming a mystery shopper. I've been getting scam emails and heard the information on here is legit. Here for information and possibly opportunities.... Continue Reading

    First timer

    Hi, everyone! I've heard a lot about mystery shopping and I'm interested to finding more information on how to get started.... Continue Reading

    Recommendation for new digital voice recorder, please?

    I am looking to buy a an audio digital voice recorder. I have been using the Shop it app, but I don't always hit the record button correctly... or.. I'll hit the button twice, and it stops recording. I have also used the recorder that came with my... Continue Reading

    Bank shop portray small business owner looking to pay $75k equipment

    I signed up to do a shop at a national bank. I am to portray a small business owner who owned business for at least 3 years and income or revenue is 300k per year. So far so good. I am interested in lending because I want to invest $75k... Continue Reading

    security cameras

    I have had people messing with my car and stealing from my garden....also stealing pots of flowers. I am interested in purchasing a camera system for the outside of my apartment. Does anyone have any companies they have used with good service and good products?... Continue Reading

    Security cameras used to find out mystery shopper?

    Do businesses use their security cameras along with the mystery shopper report to find out who is the mystery shopper?... Continue Reading

    Recording equipment personal experience needed

    Audio shops have moved into the area for a mattress retailer. Wouldnt mind the extra $15 over the non recorded shop. Any personal recommendations? Tips too are welcome.... Continue Reading

    Be aware - photo needed for Maritz gas station with timer

    I visited a Pegasus gas station that had the canopy and perimeter lights on a timer. This is new - a photo in now needed for both. Last year if the attendant didn't know haw to turn the lights on of if they were on a timer a response of... Continue Reading

    Godiva ice cream shops - what happens when the equipment does not work?

    What happens when a store is open, but they can not provide the product you need? I went to a Godiva store today, but the soft serve machine was not operational. I waited for two hours and the employee said the machine would probably not be working for the rest of... Continue Reading

    needing equipment

    Hi, I'm interested in getting back in the business after several years ago. Any advice on equipment would be greatly appreciated.... Continue Reading

    Nikon Camera the type of camera I used for MS. I can configure the image to 640x480 without resizing. Does anyone use a better camera or resizing technique that works better for you? I don't use my cell phone because toilets and gas station pumps aren't my ideal... Continue Reading

    selling video equipment

    I have some video equipment for sale. I am cutting down on my mystery shopping to pursue some other goals, so there is nothing wrong with it! It comes with everything you need for video shops. It is the PV 500 L3 DVR and the BU 18 High Res Button... Continue Reading

    Video Shopping Equipment

    I am offering my personal shopping rig. PV-500 EVO 2U/ BU-18 HI RES button camera/New Case/New Car Charger....... The EVO is a workhorse....I guarantee it for 1 year. The BU-18, case, charger are all new. This is my kit. I am trying to raise money for my... Continue Reading

    hd video pen camera

    Hi I would like to know if the hd video hidden pen camera is also a viable camera for mystery shopping... Continue Reading

    Which MSC is it that Loans you the Video Equipment

    I saw a job last week, I think it was dental or apartment not sure. But what was unique was that it asked at the bottom if you had your own equipment or wanted to borrow theirs. Wow. So first I can't find it now, and don't know which company... Continue Reading

    Yikes! My Timer went off during my shop!

    I did not realize that the timer on my iPhone was set to only one minute. I was having a discussion with a banker and after a minute, the timer began to beep! I panicked and couldn't turn it off for a few seconds. I hope the... Continue Reading

    Need New Camera?

    Hi, I bought the lawmate set and the camera got yanked off . It detached at the wired connection. Where can I get this repaired or should I replace it? How much should I be expecting to spend? Thank you... Continue Reading

    Sassie Platform Timer

    After many years, I have decided to live more on the edge... When the 30-minute timer runs out (which lately seems to take twice as long to pop up as the timer is much slower these days), it prompts us to save our work so we do not lose information.... Continue Reading


    Hello everybody, We have a brand new leasing program at Greyhawk ( WE NOW HAVE EQUIPMENT LEASING WITHOUT A DEPOSIT. We have fine tuned our leasing program and have listened to the concerns of the community. We now have in place a no hassle no worries leasing program. Greyhawk has partnered... Continue Reading

    Who is Joe at "Shoppers View", is he a video recorder salesman or helping us out?

    Hi, is Shopper's View a MSC or is Joe someone who sell's video equipment? Did anyone get the email from Joe asking if they want to buy equipment so people can earn a substantially larger pay scale? Can anyone here vouch for Joe and is he concerned about... Continue Reading

    video shop equipment

    Hi, I am new here so not sure if this is allowed or not, or even if anyone would respond. Anyway got a call from a scheduler asking if I could do a video shop. I have never done one and have no clue where to get the equipment from... Continue Reading

    Lawmate PV-500 Video Camera Problems

    Yesterday was video day. I did four video jobs in a row. After I got home, I played back the videos for quality. The picture and audio were fine on the first three. The fourth video job, however, had no audio. The picture was great. I replaced the... Continue Reading

    Video Shopping Equipment Leases are now LIVE at Greyhawk

    GREYHAWK VIDEO SOLUTIONS: Is pleased to announce two additions to the video shopping equipment industry that we hope will be helpful. 1) Greyhawk now offers a LEASE program. We have short term leases and lease to own options. We are here to assist new shoppers that would like to get... Continue Reading

    What kind of video equipment should someone who has not done video shops in several years buy?

    Can I please get some ideas what brand and what type of equipment I should purchase for video shops? What's the brand of audio equipment for recording conversations you trust? When I bought my first Dell computer I was told the 80486 chip by Intel would last me... Continue Reading

    computer, printer, camera equipment

    #1. What kind of computer do you have? #2. What kind of printer, scanner or all in one do you have? #3. What kind of digital camera do you have?... Continue Reading

    hidden cameras

    Do any of you use pen cameras? I was sent one that is the newest to review and oh my it is insane. It has already come in useful for pizza shops. Crazy HD video and audio is pretty good but is better when you know what... Continue Reading

    Video Equipment

    If anyone out there can advise me on what brand and what website that I can purchase the button camera video I sure would appreciate it.... Continue Reading

    Video camera suggestions?

    Can anyone please recommend an inexpensive hidden camera for video shops? I have an expensive android phone, but it does not work well enough. Thanks !... Continue Reading


    I use my iPad or iPhone to take pictures when doing gas station audits. Does anyone recommend a good camera for doing these that can easily dump pictures to my IMac... Continue Reading

    Video Equipment for sale

    Hi, I am getting out of video shopping and have my equipment for sale. I have a PV-500 with a 7-hour extended life battery. I'm asking $350.00. It works great. Please PM me if you are interested.... Continue Reading

    Video equipment recommendation

    Anyone own their own video equipment for video shops? I'm looking for recommendations for one at a reasonable price but at a quality EPMS, Ath and others would find acceptable. I don't know anything about the equipment. I've never done a video shop but so many of... Continue Reading

    Video/Audio spy camera watch

    Hi fellow shoppers I just found a great deal on an 8GB digital spy camera watch.Video /Audio for $24 , the reg. price is $149.99. I just ordered it at Continue Reading

    Audio voice recorders: Can anyone share their experience aith them?

    I have noticed several jobs in my area requiring the shopper to audio record the visit. I want to purchase a recorder, but I do not know how to choose one. I plan to carry the device in a small side pocket inside my purse, so it... Continue Reading

    Your advice on hidden camera/mic shops

    Hi everyone! I'm getting up my courage to do some apartment shops. They require a hidden spy camera and mic. I'm looking for some advice on what kind of camera/mic you would recommend. I have seen some on ebay for as low as $10. I'm a little worried about the quality. Any... Continue Reading

    Portable, paperless scanner - No computer required Say hello to Doxie One – the easy new portable scanner for going paperless. Doxie scans all your paper, photos, and receipts – no computer required. It’s tiny and mobile, so you can take it everywhere. And Doxie works with Mac, PC, iPad, and the cloud, so your scanned information... Continue Reading


    -- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

    DVR - what brand, which one?

    I am going to get a DVR to record my shops. I know I would like it to be voice activated and I would like to be able to have it recording while in my purse (or maybe back pocket if small enough). What other features should I... Continue Reading

    recorders for apartment jobs

    I applied for an apartment job that required having an audio recorder. I do not have a smart phone, but I do have a simple, voice activated recorder that fits in a breast pocket. I was never told why my recorder was not good enough, nor was... Continue Reading

    Checked by Hidden Camera!?

    Before I turn in for the night, this old-school mystery shopper has one more query for his new in crowd...has anyone ever had their shop results contradicted by a hidden camera? I've noted this warning from a few MSCs: "We can check your report with cameras in the business." Okay, I'm... Continue Reading

    Used Video Equipment for sale $400

    If you're looking to start video shopping or need an additional rig then here's your chance! I'm scaling back my mystery shopping and eliminating video shopping altogether. I have a PV-500 with the regular battery and 7-hour extended life battery. I'm not sure how old the... Continue Reading

    Timing Device or App with Seconds

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if any of you can suggest a good method or app for using a timer with seconds. I have to time some of my shops down to seconds and sometimes it requires me to note the seconds in the middle of a transaction with... Continue Reading

    UGH!!! Equipment failure on new home shop

    This, in all my years doing this, has never happened to me. I was on a new home shop. Set my camera to record, it was recording before I put it in my pocket. The first half hour of the shop recorded, then it just quit recording. ... Continue Reading

    Considering getting a recorder

    I keep seeing a few shops that I'd like to do but they are so specific about exact phrases used, and quite frankly I don't know that I could remember word for word so I've considered getting a recorder. I know there are apps on phones that might work,... Continue Reading

    Digital Camera Tip

    I am not sure if this has been mentioned and I am not sure where I saw it. If you are still using a digital camera for some shops, like me, remove the batteries any time you are not actually using the camera. I kid you not, the... Continue Reading

    Video equipment lending

    Hi there, I'm thinking of trying a video shop for the first time. This MSC ships the equipment to you but it's written somewhere that they will deduct the shipping charges from your pay. They don't say how much? $10, 20$, $50? It would help to have an idea before I... Continue Reading

    Shopping Technology / Timer, Record a Call...What do you use?

    I'm about to go on my first shop to a car dealership. I'm excited and scared...will I get the details, timing, information right and remember it all to put in a NARRATIVE? Hmmmm So, I downloaded the app Automatic call recorder on my windows phone. It recorded me... Continue Reading

    Stablizing camera

    Does anyone know of a Youtube video about stabilizing the button cam with a make-up sponge or popsicle stick? Or can someone explain how to do it, please?... Continue Reading

    What are the rules about selling shopper equipment?

    I have a PV500 video camera I do not need anymore but I do not want to break any rules.... Continue Reading

    audio recorder recommendation

    I was hoping someone could recommend a low cost audio recorder I can hide in my purse to use during shops. it would help me a lot to be able to play it back when writing reports. Please don't respond with comments regarding consent laws or ask what state I live... Continue Reading

    Help!!! For Ritters gasoline shops, may I use my camera on my cell phone or ?

    I am tempted to do these shops, since they are plentiful in Chicago. Is it best to use digital or will my camera phone do???? I want to make sure I get it dome right and avoid the no compensation situation. Still a rookie, should I invest on a... Continue Reading

    new from Georgia and have questions about video shopping equipment

    I'm so glad I found this forum. I've been doing mystery shopping for about 5 years. I've learned so much along the way and still learn more every day I shop. I really like the mystery part -and try to get in my role very seriously. I have fun and... Continue Reading

    Is my scanner slow? (Bank Shop)

    I'm new at doing bank shops where you have to submit photos of the documents you were given. I knew it would take me awhile to do the first couple but even as I got into a rhythm, timing didn't seem to get any faster. It takes me about 2-3... Continue Reading

    Video Equipment

    I am considering doing a shop that requires video equipment. 1) Where do I begin looking for video equipment for these shops? 2) Anyone do these before? I am having a hard time imagining the scenario and how to make sure the camera is capturing whatever is... Continue Reading

    Help with camera

    Hey! My daughter just got my sd card out of my camera and I need to replace it quickly for an assignment today. I don't know how many gb I had. How many go do I need on an sd card for several hours of run time? Any help... Continue Reading

    Selling mobile scanner / document scanner

    -- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

    Video Equipment Cost

    So I'm thinking about finally branching out into video shopping... Any good estimates on how much a PV-500 setup would cost me to get started? Also, do I *have* to buy a PV-500? It seems like most video companies only mention this specific piece of equipment.... Continue Reading

    Inexpensive Scanner

    Several posters have asked about inexpensive scanners. I can't remember exactly who or I would PM them directly. I have a scanner at home hooked to my computer that I rarely use. Most often I take a photo with my cell phone and e-mail it to myself. I... Continue Reading

    video surrveilance equipment

    Hello, I was wanting to do some dentist's shop near me, but I do not have any video surveillance equipment. Does anyone have any recommendations for what is required and a reasonable expense ? Many thanks !!... Continue Reading

    First Timer in forum

    Hi, I am currently a video shopper for Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence This is my first few days in the forum. I am looking forward to interacting with everyone. I have performed over 1,000 video mystery shops, and on occasion also perform shops for Corporate Research International. I look forward to... Continue Reading

    first timer in forum

    Retired senior. Mystery shop for two years. Especially enjoy using my camera for property damage and inspections. Can't seem to get enough assignments in that area. Looking into video mystery shopping. Was advised not to purchase equipment until I get some experience. Mystery shopping... Continue Reading

    Help, How to upload from gallery to report, scan or camera pic

    Can any road warriors advise, help please! Took a route out of my area, my laptop is down until I can get a new battery or AC adapter which shorted out. So rather than using multifax machine scans for my collateral and biz cards I took used my smartphones high... Continue Reading

    hidden video camera

    Where can I get a woman's button video camera shirt or T shirt?... Continue Reading

    Looking for VIDEO SHOPPERS with their own equipment!

    -- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

    NEAT Scanner automatically scans and PDFs your receipt.

    NeatReceipts Be organized wherever you go with this portable scanner, transforming receipts, business cards, and other documents into useful digital files. Was $179.95 Now $129.95 This is the scanner I have mentioned in the past. It is on sale now. I can't say enough about it. EASY!... Continue Reading

    Simple and discret digital recorder suggestion

    So I was looking at various recorders. So many to choose from. I mostly just want for my purpose only right now so I can double check my timings and listen to my interactions to see what I think I need to improve. Then maybe move on to... Continue Reading

    What is the best spyware equipment for undercover shops and where do you buy the video equipment?

    Can anyone tell me the best place to buy inexpensive spyware?... Continue Reading

    What Kind of Camera do you use for photo audits?

    The reason that I ask is because I read some posts about menu audits and I tried one, but the results that I got from my cheap camera are very disappointing to me. My camera is a little Fujifilm AX655 16MP Digital Camera that I bought at Walmart for $69... Continue Reading

    Best Quality video camera

    Hi, I'm new here and just getting started with MS and have completed just a handfull of shops for MarketForce, Maritz, and I could not get to BestMark soon enough for the badly needed oil change. I have signed up with close to 40 shops this week and read the stickies from... Continue Reading

    Video Equipment/Certification

    Howdy! I'm silver certified and I've shopped for close to 10 years. I'd like to obtain video equipment (body worn or purse) to take it to the next level. I purchased a video ID card a while back but never felt confident using it. I'm thinking about the... Continue Reading

    Mcdonald's giving customers timers; if dont get food in 1 min; free food

    In a test program underway at McDonald's, customers are given timers at the drive-thru—and a promise that their order will be ready within 60 seconds or they get free food during a future purchase. Continue Reading

    Spy Camera?

    I saw a review for the mini DV spy camera ( and thought it looked pretty awesome. Does anyone have one of these and can you hide it easily on a shop?... Continue Reading

    NEAT Scanner automatically scans and PDFs your receipt.

    NEAT comes in two sizes. No more cropping, editing, filing, sizing. Cost about $100 for the portable size. Purchase this on-line. The NEAT scans receipts, business, cards, and documents. Saves so much time. You put in the software, plug it in to your laptop... Continue Reading

    Audio Recording Equipment

    I am considering purchasing an audio recorder to help me with remembering details of shops. I have a medical condition that can cause problems with concentration, focus and memory. The medications that I take also cause fatigue which can make my memory less than sharp at times. I am asking seasoned... Continue Reading

    For Video Shoppers: Have you ever used your video equipment on a non-video shop?

    I had a shop this past week where I couldn't see the directions until after I had committed to taking the shop. I had been begged by the schedule to take it and, in spite of the warning signs, I did break down and accept the shop. Reading through the... Continue Reading

    Whoever recommended Killer Voice Recorder

    THANK YOU SO MUCH - YOU JUST MADE MY NEXT SHOP A MILLION TIMES EASIER (in my one party consent state - yes, I checked)!! :)... Continue Reading

    Video equipment for sale

    I'm getting out of the video shopping business and have my equipment for sale on ebay, if anyone is interested. I can sell it cheaper privately. If you haven't added video shopping to your skill set, you should. I made really good money doing it. Get in touch with me... Continue Reading

    How much does the equipment to do video shopping cost, anyway?

    I'm really curious as to how much the equipment to do video shopping costs.....and how many shops would I have to successfully complete to make the investment in the equipment back? Any info would be appreciated! Thanks.... Continue Reading

    Recommendation on split timing device

    I am starting to do shops that require a split timing. I have a digital watch but that doesn't have that function and I don't have a fancy cell phone either. I looked at a split timer at a big box store but it was big and bulky.... Continue Reading

    Camera equipment...

    I am looking to purchase my own undercover equipment. I have seen a lot available online, but I am not tech savy. I recently used a button cam and most of the footage came out diagonal b/c my boobs moved it around. I'd rather have something more... Continue Reading

    Voice recorder arrived. Time for the timeshare getaway!

    I finally received the digital voice recorder from the MSC for my timeshare shop this weekend. There have been little hiccups along the way with getting everything all set up, so I really hope the shop goes smoothly! The hubby and I are pretty excited for our 3 night staycation though!... Continue Reading

    first timer from Pittsburgh Pa

    I this is my first time on this site and am looking for some feedback and some help. Signed up for my first time on a mystery shopper site today and found this site when I was looking for reviews.... Continue Reading

    Video Shops/Equipment

    I am interested in performing video shops. I need advice/input. Should I purchase or rent equipment? For those of you who do video shops, what equipment do you use?... Continue Reading

    My recorder broke during a shop!

    I got into my car and looked down at my recorder and it was off! An entire shop lost! I was doing 5 identical shops and I was able to get 4 of them recorded but now I am trying desperately to remember what was different about this shop. Kicking... Continue Reading

    Audio Recorder

    A few months back I purchased a small audio recorder, and it has helped me to verify timings and exact phraseology. I really like it :) I remember someone's tip about turning it off in the restroom (Thanks for that, by the way!) I discovered one other turn off time,... Continue Reading

    Mouse Scanner

    I may be slow in learning about new tech gadgets and such, but I just saw an ad for a mouse scanner today. Boy that looks like it would be wonderful to use for scanning receipts. Does anyone here use one? Do they work? Are they... Continue Reading

    Voice Recorder Recomendations

    I've only been at this for a month and I've been using the voice recorder on my Samsung SG4 and a USB drive disguised as a recorder. The USB thing lasted about 3 or 4 times before it 'broke', gives error message when inserting in computer. The recorder on the SG4 failed... Continue Reading

    Camera Vs. Phone

    I have a camera but always use my phone. I've always answered yes to the "do you have a camera?" question and never had any issues. I'm going through the screening questions for a shop and it specifically asks, "do you have a camera (not a camera phone)?" It does not (yet)... Continue Reading

    Camera Lens Kit

    Has anyone tried the camera lens kits? I've been seeing promo emails on them and was curious how well they work. The ad this morning was selling a kit for $15.... Continue Reading

    EPMS Video Shops/Equipment Rental Help Please!

    Hi, I recently agreed to do a video shop where the company would "rent" me the equipment, everything was described as "so simple." So I receive the package late in the day after the staff have all left and open the package. I proceed to their site on the... Continue Reading

    Receipt too big for scanner

    Has anyone ever run into a situation where the receipt is too big for your scanner? I just did a shop and the receipt is too long for my scanner. I put it on an angle and part is still cut off. My only other option is... Continue Reading

    Anyone know about fixing camera glasses?

    I was out doing some video MSing today and the cord of my camera glasses got caught in my door, and of course I didn't notice and shut the door....the plug/prong thing got bent to shiz rendering my glasses unusable.... Anyone know a place to get them fixed? I know... Continue Reading

    Using DVR's

    I purchased a small DVR (digital recording device) after someone told me they were valuable to mystery shopping. It has to be the best tip I have got so far. The one I have also has a timer down to seconds and I have the time synchronized to my digital... Continue Reading

    Selling my PV 500 Lite,Law Mate hidden cctv ballcap,QuikTap telephone recorder,& Olympus digital recorder

    Hi my fellow mystery shoppers, I graduated from school as a web designer and don't need my equipment anymore. Everything is in perfect like new condition.They are barely used. I am selling everything for $350 or best offer. Make me an offer. I am selling: 1. PV-500 LITE 2 Motion Detection Mini PV-500L2... Continue Reading

    iPhone timer apps that include seconds?

    So many shops require timing to the second... does anyone have any advice on good iphone apps that record time with seconds?... Continue Reading

    Great easy to use, easy to hide audio recorder For Sale

    I've used a Sony recorder that cost me $39 on sale. It was complicated to use and didn't pick up conversations as well as I wanted. I found an amazing recorder which had fantastic pick-up even in my pocket. It looks like a normal USB flash drive but it... Continue Reading

    anyone have a usb voice recorder?

    Hmm? Did a fine dining lunch and the report was long on narrative and quotes. Had a hard time remembering quotes. Trying to figure out how I could use my iphone to record a 90 minute meal.... Continue Reading

    What are my scanner options?

    I just signed up for and was assigned a revealed photo audit. After reading through all the instructions, they also require me to collect specific forms and materials and SCAN them (not photograph them) and upload the scanned items along with the photos. I have not had the need for... Continue Reading

    Need to cancel asignmwnt but been posted camera

    Hi, I have been offered my very first asignment but unfortunately I have to cancel it due to personal reasons and I will not be able to work for them in the future, but the Mystery Shopping company has already posted out a video camera. It cost them £7.55 to... Continue Reading

    Hidden video equipment

    I really want to get my own hidden video equipment. I have already tried to buy it on my own twice, BIG MISTAKE. Then I found this I ask my fellow video mystery shoppers, what hidden video equipment is your favorite? Please provide type, as in... Continue Reading

    To smartphone or a digital recorder????

    I have been doing a lot of mystery shopping for the past 2 months. I do not own a smartphone and have really tried hard to avoid data plans. I have found that it really helps to record the shop for accuracy and timings. So I have wired myself and... Continue Reading

    How hard is it to do video shops, and how do you get the equipment?

    Hello fellow mystery shoppers! There must not be many (if any) video shoppers in my area, because I have the seen the same shops on the board month after month, with the fees getting bigger and bigger. There is one I see now for $200 and it has... Continue Reading

    HP camera PB360T time and date

    Can't figure how to set the time and date on my camera some jobs don't want the time and date would anyone know what to do to take time and date off asked HP they were rude and they said its out of warranty... Continue Reading

    Do I really need to buy a camera?

    I am doing a job that's an audit and mystery shop. First one a tad nervous. Can I use my smartphone for the pictures?... Continue Reading


    Can anyone recommend a somewhat decent DVR for cheap?? (Yes I know, I can't have my cake & eat it, too... but I'm on a budget.) I'm a woman, so I can use something that will fit in my cleavage, but I have no knowledge of sneaky little spying devices...... Continue Reading

    How do you use your DVR?

    Do you use an external mic? How would you use it without it showing? I have a dvr on order but not sure it will pick up conversasions if in my pocket. Thanks!... Continue Reading

    To the full timers

    Hi ya'll, I would like to know if you could tell me who or how you recieve your health insurance and benefits? How do you pay it? I think that I remember seeing that the insurance is refunded at the end of the year as well. Do you have to have... Continue Reading

    What is the most economical printer/scanner?

    I need a new printer and want to get one that is 1. relatively cheap to purchase 2. reliable 3. easy on ink It would also need to include a scanner and copier. Any suggestions? What do you use that you are happy with?... Continue Reading

    Buying a Digital Camera for Photo Audits

    I have a OLD digital camera (which I used to use for eBay), but its resolution is far worse than the 5mp camera on my phone. I'm thinking of getting a new digital camera for photo audits but don't want to spend too much. I don't think I need a... Continue Reading


    I have a portable scanner and several other shoppers here have mentioned using one. Usually they cost more unless you can find them on sale, but I purchased mine from online from One Sale A Day in December for $35. Delivery was fast and I love it. ... Continue Reading

    iPhone Timer App

    Re: "Shop It" App - I am self employed and perform contract work in several distinct areas…after being introduced to ms’ing by a friend, I added that to my portfolio. I’m techie by nature, and one of the first things I did was figure out the best ways... Continue Reading

    camera phone

    What is the easiest way to email pics from camera phone? Why can I not find an underscore symbol on my keyboard? Thanks.... Continue Reading

    setting the resolution on a digital camera

    I know this has been discussed because I asked it and someone actually told me how to do it. I need to set my new digital camera up so that the photos are automatically at the right size. I've got a $50 station audit and a $25. ... Continue Reading

    I wonder if my camera is adequate for MSing .

    I have a Kodak Easy Share-CX7300. I’ve had it at least 7 years, probably closer to 10. It takes excellent photos, but only puts the date on them. After reading some of your post on here I wonder if time stamps are required for the assigned photos. I’m not sure... Continue Reading

    What if camera won't work?

    Shopped yesterday and the camera not working? What is the option?... Continue Reading

    Need a suggestion for a voice recorder

    Lots of times I am asked to repeat word-for-word "What did the sales person say?" For a car shop they say so much I would prefer to have a small recorder in my pocket. Anyone have a good suggestion to buy one? Thanks for your experience.... Continue Reading

    Where is the best deal on portable scanners for road trips?

    Good morning everyone. I think there may have been some threads prior to the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays that regarded portable scanners at a very reasonable price. I've looked for those threads to no avail. Would anyone be able to recommend a retailer that has a scanner at a reasonable price? I've... Continue Reading

    Need a new camera for shopping?

    Some above average deals out there for digital cameras this week. Now is a good time to get a new one if you have been waiting for a deal. First camera and the higher end of the two is the Nikon CoolPix S4300. It has 16megapixels, 6x optical zoom and a 3"... Continue Reading

    Hidden Camera Shopping

    I am beginning to see more MSC's offering shops that require hidden camera video recording. Many of these shops pay $50 to as much as $200 per shop. Are they worth it? Where is the best place to get cameras for this purpose? I have done some research but most of... Continue Reading

    HELP NEEDED with Olympus DVR WS-801

    I am in the middle of writing a report that I used my new Olympus DVR WS-801 to record as a test run. I'm not sure what I did but the recording is playing back at a really fast speed so I sound like one of the Chipmunks! ... Continue Reading

    digital voice recorder.....worth it?

    Just wanted to ask if you'all think investing in a digital voice recorder would be worth it as I plan on at least trying to make mystery shopping as a sideline. I know there are threads here on this topic - my ? is this though - for what... Continue Reading

    year on your camera!

    Maybe everyone else already knows this (or their camera is smarter than mine!), but don't forget to make sure the year rolled over on your date/time stamp... I had 2 job rejected yesterday because my photos said 2012 :(... Continue Reading

    Digital Voice Recorders

    I was hoping to get some feedback about what types of digital voice recorders others would recommend for doing both phone and in-person assignments. I would also appreciate hearing back from those of you that are using your smart phones for voice recordings and which apps you like.... Continue Reading

    Video equipment

    I am thinking about getting into video shopping as it seems to pay rather well. I am just not sure what type of equipment needed. I checked Ebay for button video camcorders but they all looked very cheaply made. Any suggestions? Thanks.... Continue Reading

    Alternate Jobs/Uses For Your Video Shopping Equipment/

    OK, I'm steadily employed F/T now doing 2-3 shops a day, sometimes a route with more, around my area. I recently did a $200 video shop for a local attorney (requested via friend) that involved nothing more than waiting for a claimant outside his chiropractor's office and filming him walking with... Continue Reading

    Time/date camera needed

    Hi all. I've been doing shops needing still images with time/date. I've been using my Canon Digital Rebel XT and adding the time/date in Photoshop. Honestly, I'm getting tired of spending the extra time to edit, so I'm in the market for an inexpensive point and shoot camera that has... Continue Reading

    Video Shoppers, please help! My camera just broke! :(

    I am in a total state of panic! I have worked all afternoon and night preparing for the 5 video shops I have lined up for tomorrow. Normally I am much more prepared than that , but 4 of those were last minute notice, but I was delighted to get... Continue Reading

    Video Shoppers - Please help! My camera just broke!!

    I am in a total state of panic! I have worked all afternoon and night preparing for the 5 video shops I have lined up for tomorrow. Normally I am much more prepared than that , but 4 of those were last minute notice, but I was delighted to get... Continue Reading

    Lawmate glasses/camera for sale

    Hi everyone: I'm about to sell a pair of my lawmate glasses. They've been used but are in very good condition. They are going on ebay but I don't mind selling them for less and avoiding the ebay fees. Let me know if you're interested. These are... Continue Reading

    $504 to Measure Consumer Perspective for video equipment and no response from them for months!

    1. I joined the Video Shopping Network (VSN) because I wanted to expand my business into video shops I can do with my own equipment. I got to the point of not wanting to use the mystery shopping company's video equipment anymore. I wanted to get my... Continue Reading

    Timing Device?

    I had a digital watch that I bought to use as a timing device but it kept resetting the time and I couldn't get it to work right. I mean, it worked for the timing aspect if it was used strictly for that but it didn't work otherwise. The... Continue Reading


    Now mind you that I am not set up to do this remotely. I use a scanner and have seldom had any complaints about docu clarity. I really prefer it b/c I am all set up and easy to scan and upload. However got an email from... Continue Reading

    Equipment for Video Shops

    I am new and not too familiar with video mystery shopping. But I love the idea of it and want to find out more. Are the videos taken with hidden covert cameras only? Or, can some of the video shops be done by using an overt camera such as... Continue Reading

    Camera Question

    I bought a little Kodak Easyshare camera last November to use for shopping. Suddenly last evening as I was shooting the documents I needed to upload for a shop it stopped taking pics. I can see what I'm shooting but when I press the button, it does... Continue Reading

    Need information on hidden video camera

    So tell me what kind of 'secret' camera you have. I would like the glasses but what I have seen look like, big framed trifocals and say 'hey, look again'. What about the 'button'? I did a search and did not find any information here. cruising middle TN... Continue Reading

    Stealth timer for Android Phones

    Does anyone have a good stealth timer for their Android phone? Especially one that wont accidentally delete all the information with no way to retrieve it.... Continue Reading

    How much does a GOOD Video Camera cost?

    How much does a good video camera cost, and what acessories need to be purchased with the camera? What might the total start up costs be? Also, if your camera fails at a video shop, do they let you re-shop the store?... Continue Reading

    Digital Cameras For Mystery Shops

    Hi, I am fairly new to this and do not own a camera. I see many shops that require a photo and I am not sure what kind of camera is best and cheapest! Does anyone out there have any recommendations? Thank you!... Continue Reading

    Got a new camera and now my pics are 3.5 MB

    I just spent an hour trying to get a picture under 1 MB. The previous same pictures I took with my old camera were always within the guidelines without doing anything to it. The msc site mentioned using Paint. I have Photoshop and fiddling around to resize the picture just... Continue Reading

    Digital Voice Recorder and Accessories

    Who uses a digital voice recorder and why? Isn't it time-consuming to transcribe the notes? Or is that so very "old school?" If I buy a voice recorder, is it necessary to buy the noise canceling microphone and/or telephone pick up as accessories? For you video shoppers, I am assuming... Continue Reading

    Some Camera Advice Please

    I have a pretty good digital camera, and up to this point I haven't had complaints about photos. I'm not using 680 x 400 something anymore I am using SQ1 2048 x 1536 then there is also HQ 3072 x 2304 and SHQ 3072 x2304 - haven't used those yet ever But on the... Continue Reading

    Where do you put the velcro recorder pack for video shops? Is it intended for a belt?

    Where do you put the velcro recorder pack for video shops? Is it intended for a belt?... Continue Reading

    Digital Recorders and Background Noise

    I just purchased a RCA VR5330R digital voice recorder. You can set it for Dictation or Conference mode, and you can set the sensitivity for LO MED HI. With the Automatic Voice Recording (AVR) on, it works great with one-on-one secenarios.However, in shops such as casinos the background noise is... Continue Reading

    Secret Video Cameras - Are they worth the investment?

    So I found what appears to be a decent spy cam disguised as a pen for what appears to be a good price ( but before I shell out any money I was wondering if it's even worth the investment... I've yet to even see a listing for a video... Continue Reading

    Digital Recorders?

    I'm thinking about making the plunge for a DVR to assist me with shops. What kind do you have? Do you like it? Thanks!... Continue Reading

    Wireless Mic for Audio Recorders

    Does anyone know if any company makes a WIRELESS mic that can be used with a Audio Recorder. I recently bought a recorder and am happy I did. But the Long wire that runs from the unit to the mic is a distraction. I fear that it may get noticed... Continue Reading

    Digital you use rechargeable batteries

    I was wondering if people are using rechargeable batteries and how well these do. I am always worried on a long (upscale restaurant the the like) shop that my batteries will run out and I will miss all my timings, quotes and notes to self. I dont want to run... Continue Reading

    Timer app?

    I have an Android smartphone and I've been looking for some sort of timer that not only times, but keeps a log of times for MSing. I've looekd through the marketplace (or Google Play, whatever it's called now) and tried several apps, but I can't find one that logs multiple... Continue Reading

    what camera settings do i used to brighten indoor photos for textual clarity at 640x480 pixel size?

    what camera settings do i used to brighten indoor photos for textual clarity at 640x480 pixel size? i have to photograph indoor documents (business cards, dated materials, etc.) at a maximum 640x480 pixel size, while still capturing non-blurry dates/text. i do this with an indoor lamp positioned over the documents,... Continue Reading

    Trouble with camera

    I was doing out of town gas shops, four of them while working on my other job (mortgage mitigation) 50 miles away. Half way through the shop the time date stamp went off. I didn't realize it until I got home and was trying to do the reports.... Continue Reading

    Cameras vs cell phone camera

    Many companies do not allow you to take a picture with your cell phone. That is stupid since my cell phone takes better pictures with more mega pixels than my camera. (8 vs 5) What is the reasoning behind this requirement?... Continue Reading

    No Bathroom Breaks, No Personal Conversations, and No Farting While on Camera

    My video shopping colleagues would especially find this to be a hoot. While perusing a job description for a dental shop today, I read the most interesting parts that were highlighted in bid, bold, red letters: YOU MUST NOT VISIT THE BATHROOM DURING YOUR VISIT. YOU MUST NOT MAKE AN DEROGATORY REMARKS,... Continue Reading

    Scanner for phone

    Paid $1.99 for the best investment ever. Scanner on the phone. Carry a clipboard in the car and scan when you get back in the car and email to yourself. No more lost receipts! The one I like is called TurboScan. You can edit the size very easily.... Continue Reading

    video recording equipment

    I have been doing apartment shops, mostly for Emps. I'd like to start video shops. What type of camera do I need?... Continue Reading

    recorder and video equipment

    I am still fairly new to this and was wondering what is the best recorder equipment to use AND the best video equipment to use that can go unoticed. Thank you.... Continue Reading

    neat receipt scanner

    Staples has a Neat Receipt scanner for $189. They are advertising that as a great deal. Does anyone know? Is it? I am not big on technology and I really cannot afford to spend $189 on anything right now. But, if that is an amazing deal, I don't... Continue Reading

    Mobile Scanner

    Does anyone use a mobile/portable scanner on the road? What brand? Where was it purchased? I am in Canada. If I had one I'd never have to go home :D Patricia in Beautiful BC... Continue Reading

    Digital Voice Recorders

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a digital voice recorder. I think this will be easier for me to keep track of things on my mystery shops. There are so many out there it's a little overwhelming. ThanksQ... Continue Reading

    Video Shops-pay, scenerios, equipment

    Hey all! I searched and could only find limited info on video shops. What are some scenerios? What is the range of pay? Pros and cons anyone?? Thank you!!!... Continue Reading

    Digital voice recorders

    I know I read a post about DVR's. I did a search and nothing came up. Can anyone recommend a dvr. Whats the best one, where to get it and how much. Can you transfer to a computer? Can you get an external micophone, etc. Thank... Continue Reading

    Scanner problem

    It is intermittent. Error message says cannot connect, blah, blah. It seems if I let it rest and turn off power it will decide to come back to work. I can't really fire it, as much as I would like to. if tech savvy is out there, Please... Continue Reading

    what's the cheapest digital camera that you can get away with for mystery shopping?

    what's the cheapest digital camera that you can get away with for mystery shopping? i bought the following camera at walmart for $19. Vivitar Freelance 2.1 MP Digital Camera - Black 526C973C,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&ion=1&biw=1280&bih=597&wrapid=tlif131856907988910&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=9770493337414248153&sa=X&ei=hMSXToDzGOGJ0QGu4LHUBA&ved=0CFgQ8wIwAQ# will this be sufficient? i assumed that because some of the prime companies (maritz, cori) require digital uploads with... Continue Reading


    Is it essential to have a scanner at home and business cards to start out mystery shopping? I plan to get them but just don't have them yet.... Continue Reading

    finding a scanner

    I don't have a scanner. Anyone know where I can find one to use for free?... Continue Reading

    Digital Camera/Help?

    Am new, so excuse if this is a silly question, but I see an office supply shop available that needs photos. How in the world do you discretely take photos in a store?... Continue Reading

    Wand Scanner

    We've discussed them before, so I wanted to share this. You can get one for $49.99 with free shipping from Ben's Outlet. I've ordered one and expect it to arrive within a couple of days. Here is a link for the webpage: I'll let you know all about it when... Continue Reading

    Digital video recorder & button cam tips?

    I just received my DVR from Measure CP today. It's the PV-500ECO setup. Everything works - whew! My extended battery is on backorder, though. Argh! It's a good thing I picked up an external power pack that uses AA batteries. The only time I've done a video route is when... Continue Reading

    portable handheld scanner

    Just an FYI, Costco currently has a Wolverine portable handheld scanner on sale for $69.99 after a $20 rebate. This is online only, not in stores. It is battery powered and accepts up to a 32GB microSD card to store data. My experience has always been very positive with Costco and... Continue Reading

    Wand Scanner

    I know that there has been discussion on a couple of other threads about the wand scanners. I just saw one offered on for $70, so I thought I would share the link with you all. Here it is: Continue Reading

    Digital Voice Recorder

    Can anyone recommend a good Digital Recorder that is EASY to use and set up. I have an Olympus recorder, which does NOT have a usb port to upload to the computer. In addition, when I leave it on in my handbag, it seems to turn off.... Continue Reading

    what kind of digital camera should i buy for undercover work?

    what kind of digital camera should i buy for undercover work? some mystery shops require the use of a digital camera. they have a basic digital camera at the store for $55.00, but you can clearly tell that it's a digital camera when used. am i better off getting a phone with a... Continue Reading


    I am looking for a scanner/wand for travel. Beside Best Buy and Office Max who both charge 99.00. Who knows anywhere for less.... Continue Reading

    Video Equipment

    A few people have emailed me and wanted the contact for the PV500 video equipment that Measure is selling for $420 including shipping. You can reach her at Continue Reading

    are many shop questionnaires specifically designed to be used with secret digital audio recorders?

    are many shop questionnaires specifically designed to be used with secret digital audio recorders? i've noticed several questionnaires that require perhaps five or ten direct quotes from the salespeople. there is realistically no way for a shopper to remember five or ten direct quotes from salespeople per location without the... Continue Reading

    Can anyone recommend a good slim digital camera?

    Hello fellow Shoppers, I routinely complete audits which require imaging. I have a good digital camera, but it is kind of bulky and I cannot set the image size to 640x480, which means that I am manually resizing for each image I take on my computer, hence spending much more time... Continue Reading


    I have been mystery shopping since 1993, off and on. I started in Tucson in the 90's, then in Michigan and now in the Seattle area. Boy have I been busy. I mainly do apartment shops. I have burned twice in the last month. First was with Bestmark. They called... Continue Reading


    I use a Dell Mini 10 Netbook in the field to report back to shops that can't wait til I get home. Plan to spend about 80-100 bucks per month, but it is worth it depending on your shops and you CPA can write it off your taxes.... Continue Reading

    timing devices

    Hi! I cannot find a discreet timing device anywhere. My cell phone is too bulky and watches don't cut it for me. Can anyone help?... Continue Reading

    Portable Wand Scanner

    Bouncing from the thread about taking pictures in lieu of scanning..... It looks like a portable wand scanner can be had for about $115 on eBay "Buy it Now". It's hand held and will take scans of receipts and pictures, but wouldn't be big enough for an 8 1/2" x... Continue Reading

    Tips wanted, taking photos of receipts in leiu of scanner

    I know some of you have said you use a digital camera to take pictures of receipts and other written documentation that you submit with your reports. I'm just not having much luck with that. Could someone pass along some tips? My pix tend to be at an odd angle... Continue Reading

    Voice Recorders

    I do not know what type of a recorder I need. I just looked at Best Buy and they all look like small cell phones, and with all types of GB's. Is this the type of recorder I am in need of? Please any info would help. I am... Continue Reading

    SCANNERS: Best for laptops???

    I have not yet Googled this question, as I would rather ask my fellow shoppers which scanners are recommended for use with a new lap top??? I have read the other previous scanner threads here and on the V GOD site, but this would be for a lap top, not a... Continue Reading

    Digital Voice Recorder

    OK, with all the shops I've done lately, I finally broke down and purchased a DVR for them. I know it will help. My question is how or where do you where a mic so that it's not obvious to the associate??... Continue Reading

    Computer equipment security

    Years ago I had desktop computers stolen from my home. There was nothing particularly revealing on them because in those days I didn't use them to store lots of personal and financial records. Recently my sister's laptop was stolen and there was a fair amount of concern as... Continue Reading

    PORTABLE SCANNERS: Recommendations please

    Can anybody recommend any portable scanners please for uploading receipts when I am on the road for the day??? Read about one called "Neat Receipts" on the V-God site. Have not Googled this topic yet, as I prefer asking for your valued opinions first. Many Thanks... Continue Reading

    Timing with a audio recorder (McDonalds)

    I do quite a few shops for McDonalds and I tried a technique today on another FF shop that seemed to work. Since McD is so time crucial I thought I would run it by here. When I get to the line/counter I slip my hand part way into my... Continue Reading

    Voice Recorder

    I have been mystery shoppint for 6 months and have been using a recorder for some of my shops. If the shop plays music or I am near the cash regiwters, I can not make out what was said. Is there a recorder that cuts out some of the... Continue Reading

    new toy (dvr)

    I bought an Olympus VN-6200 dvr today and am happy I have a new toy!! This should help me with my ff timings among other things. What do y'all have?... Continue Reading

    Types of recording equipment

    I have an Olympus ws-300M. It is basically the same model that a couple of big MSCs issue to their shoppers for audio recording. Love it. Fits discretely into a bra (sorry, fellas; you're on your own for this one). Crystal clear sound; long battery life (AAA);... Continue Reading


    I haven't yet had the occasion to use it for a shop, but I bought a DVR. However, I think there are too many bells and whistles on it for me -- I find the indexing, variable speeds, etc., a little too much and I'm concerned I'm going to... Continue Reading

    NEW CAMERA QUESTION: How many mixepels are recommended please for good pics??

    I need to buy a simple, low cost digitla camera and wondered whta the minimum amount of mixapels is to take quality photos of receipts and movie ticket stubs, both of which sometimes have tiny writing on them. Also, please give your favorite camera choices. I had previously heard Kodak Easy... Continue Reading

    Video Shopping: For those who have their own equipment

    Hello, I was wondering what type of equipment to get to do video shops that you shoppers with your own equipment have and recommend. I've seen a lot of button cams and DVR's on ebay and around the internet. Generally does anyone know what the video format has to be for... Continue Reading

    Button Camera Recommendations?

    Hi everyone. I've tried doing some video shops and have terrible luck with companies sending me junky bulky equipment and tacky looking shirts. I would like to invest some money into my own equipment, as I believe this would reduce the amount of time I spend on shops... Continue Reading

    Video Equipment

    Hi there, I'm looking to update my video equipment. Thinking about investing in a Lawmate PV-500. Anyone had any experience of this? What software do you use to download/crop/edit footage? Cheers.... Continue Reading

    Circuit City and shopper equipment

    Circuit City announced today they will be closing their remaining stores. There is a reasonable chance that shoppers may find equipment that will be useful at a decent price. While equipment has been discussed elsewhere, I thought I would share what I will be looking for. Of... Continue Reading

    What Type of Shops Don't Require a Digital Camera and a purchase?

    I was just wondering if anyone can suggest the type of mystery shops from their experience that don't require a digital camera/recorder or a large purchase, aside from movie theater trailer checks. I was recently on jobslinger and it just seems that so many shops lately require large purchases... Continue Reading

    books and covert equipment

    I have been a mystery shopper since March this year. I enjoy the job, but sometimes feel isolated as there is no one to ask when I hit a problem. I think that you can only ask so many questions of the companies you are working for. ... Continue Reading

    Video shops...different equipments situations?

    I wanted to share...I have used outrageously large backpack video equipments (looked like the Humpback of Notre-Dame) with tapes up to small/tiny digital recorders. Any hilarious experience anyone would like to share?... Continue Reading

    GameFilm / audio recorder

    This MSP is posting $40 non-reveals in my area and the job requires an audio recorder, with the recording to be uploaded as a .wav or mp3 file. I haven't worked with GameFilm before, but have read here that they are sloooowww in paying. However, I also haven't... Continue Reading

    Want advice on a digital camera for shops/audits.

    I've been shopping for about six months. I want to accept some shops that require a digital camera, but I'm having a hard time deciding on which one and how much to spend. Any advice or suggestions are welcome. Thanks!... Continue Reading

    What piece of machinery or equipment has made life as a shopper easier?

    Be specific, what model, what type, etc.... Continue Reading

    Food Thermometers & Digital Voice Recorders

    Many food shops require a food thermometer. I've found dozens of them on the internet, but have no clue which one to buy. Any suggestions? I'm also considering getting a digital voice recorder. I can put it in my pocket or bag and record an entire shop, then I can get... Continue Reading

    Discussions of Equipment for Mystery Shopping

    Yeah, us old timers remember the old days when there were fewer shades of blue that were prevalent and/or shopped! (Source). August 17, 2022

    You must take a photo of the front of the store and obtain a business card as proof of visit. If you do not have a digital camera or a camera phone, do not accept the assignment. (Source). August 15, 2022

    You must take a photo of the front of the store and obtain a business card as proof of visit. If you do not have a digital camera or a camera phone, do not accept the assignment. (Source). August 15, 2022

    BTW, the restroom doesn't have to be vacant. Only the area that your camera covers needs to be vacant. (Source). August 13, 2022

    Security cameras rarely have audio as far as I know. (Source). August 13, 2022

    Eventually they would probably discover you were doing shops under two names - cameras, client disputing a report, or whatever - and then you would be blackballed, not only from that MSC but likely most others as well. (Source). August 11, 2022

    That's the day I accepted that I'm pretty much always on camera. (Source). August 11, 2022

    This is NOT revealed, which to me (at the time, using a digital camera) made taking the many photos a problem. (Source). August 10, 2022

    You might stand out. And there are surveillance cameras everywhere these days. (Source). August 09, 2022

    You will also be required to take photos of certain gym and safety equipment. (Source). August 08, 2022