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Does anyone use a spreadsheet to track activity and payment details?

Thinking that an Excel spreadsheet might help me track details for upcoming, "in process", and completed shops. A place to consolidate dates, times, MSC, fee, reimbursement, bonus, when submitted, when paid, special notes. etcetera. I'm willing to collaborate with a couple of other people on creation of a prototype. [ Even have this... Continue Reading

Excel Spreadsheet

Does anyone have a spreadsheet that they have created and are willing to share? I am having a hard time keeping track of things because I have signed up to so many different companies in order to try this out and see which company works best.... Continue Reading

Shop/finance tracking/spreadsheets opinions and advice?

Hey y'all. I currently use one spreadsheet with different pages for each month to track all my shops. Once I've done the shop I move it into completed status in the section below, then put an X in the paid column when it's done. That being said, I need a... Continue Reading

Shopper Resource: Spreadsheet for Video shop companies, contact info, and allowed devices.

Hey everyone, I've been working on this spreadsheet to give out to shoppers. It's a list of all the known video shopping companies, scheduler emails, and what devices they approve for their shops. Everything else is just the normal site for the company. We carry all of... Continue Reading

Mystery Shopper Spreadsheet

How can I get a copy? Thanks.... Continue Reading

Alternatives to excel?

I started mystery shopping in June, and have quickly realized how lucrative it can be. I have been signing up for more companies and getting more assignments. I realize that I need to record everything, and I am very excel savvy, however my laptop does not have it. I'm not... Continue Reading

Excel Spreadsheet for Shopping expenses

Has anyone developed a spreadsheet for keeping a record of shops and expenses?... Continue Reading

Need some advice to set up spreadsheets for 2017, please

I'm trying to set my spreadsheets for individual companies so I can copy and paste into the main spreadsheet or vice versa. I would like date, location, scheduler, fee, reimbursement, expenses, how I'm paid (DD, PP, check), mileage and date I'm supposed to be paid. I'm not sure if this... Continue Reading

Taxes and the spreadsheet

I'm starting a new thread about keeping track of expenses for taxes. If the mods need to move it to the original thread, please do so. I called my accountant about what we can or cannot take as expenses on our schedule C for the tax year of 2016. Meals may... Continue Reading


How are your spreadsheets developed or organized? My spreadsheet is for the current year. The first tab is a summary with a list of the MSCs I contract with and links for mileage, shopper fees, and the amount I was paid. Following spreadsheets are categorized by MSC and have... Continue Reading

Spreadsheet for keeping track of mystery shops

Anyone have a spreadsheet that will help me keep track of my shops for income tax purposes? Doing taxes drives us crazy. I have got to find a better and easier way to do this.... Continue Reading

Seeking spreadsheet

Does anyone have a spreadsheet that they can share? I am a newbie and need some examples.... Continue Reading

Someone willing to share their excel spreadsheet?

Salutations, I've been mystery shopping for years, but recently decided to turn it up. This forum is awesome and I appreciate the abundance of knowledge being shared. I am hoping someone is able to share a basic spreadsheet I can use to enter MSC notes and information. It... Continue Reading

Mystery spreadsheet

I am a 'New-Bee" at this. Does anyone have a spreadsheet to track shops, payment, and when I am paid that they could share with me? I would be forever be grateful.... Continue Reading

Spreadsheet(s) Help Needed

I would like some help from some of the pros in this forum on some detailed info about how to keep track of the assignments (shops) that I have accepted and then completed and then awaiting payment for. I have been doing all this by hand by setting up weekly log... Continue Reading

Printing long survey -or- creating short spreadsheet?

I have a MSC that has a grocery store audit that is really simple to do once you read the 32 page book the first time and know what they are looking for. They also have an audit form for this shop that is 20 pages long and are repeating... Continue Reading

EXCEL help

So I'm finally getting around to my 2013 taxes and I want to simplify my life a little late. I downloaded transactions from Paypal in CSV. The problem I have is I would like to SUM the Gross column but I would like to be able to exclude items. For example... Continue Reading

Excel Shopping and Consulting

Hi, I am considering signing up with this company. Any experiences (good, bad or ugly)? TIA... Continue Reading

Price Audits.. 12000 items on an exel spreadsheet, get prices from given grocery store without getting caught.

How would one go about this? 12 000 items, recording the prices without getting caught? (Instructions explicitly say not to get caught.) The assignment is worth $450, and there are two of them, each about two hours from my home. Would it be worth spending a night in that city... Continue Reading


Hi, I downloaded the spreadsheet that was mentioned on here. When I opened it, it appears to be duplicated on itself. The cells are on top of each other and I cannot fix it. Example G1 is for the year, so I put in 2013 and then lower about three inches... Continue Reading

Mystery Shopping Spreadsheet

For years, this spreadsheet was shared with shoppers by Flash, a long-time member of the forum, before she semi-retired. http://www.mysteryshopforum.com/files/mystery-shopping-spreadsheet.xlsx... Continue Reading

Trying to locate the "Mystery Shopping Bible" spreadsheet

Nothing shows up in the results of my searched for this... Looking for a spreadsheet to help organize my shops! :) Can anyone help?... Continue Reading

Need a spreadsheet asap

Hi all. I'm new to shopping, but so far everything is going smoothly. I would like to know if anyone can PM me a spreadsheet or something useful to keep track of my shops. I'm already on jobslinger plus, but that only keeps track of Sassie shops. Thank you all in advance! Leedah... Continue Reading

Excel Spreadsheet

Can anyone assist me. I am looking for a spreadsheet to keep track of my shopping assignments, track mileage and expenses. Robert Woods... Continue Reading

Excel spreadsheet problem

Since most of use Excel for keeping track of shops/expenses etc., and use different colors to help with that, I was wondering if anyone has had this problem. I have Excel 2003 and previously worked just great. Now every time I try to change the color of a... Continue Reading

Excel and a calendar?

Is there a free, or minimally priced, online software that imports from Excel? I enter assignments on Excel. If the dates and locations could segue to an online calendar, it would save me from duplicating my efforts. Also, it would give me online access, while on the... Continue Reading

Tips for Organizing my MSC's Spreadsheet?!

So I'm signed up with 138 MSC's thus far. About 15-20 of them are those notorious "We'll Email you when we have jobs". It's been 8 months since I compiled my list so it's 8 months old and hasn't been cleaned out or updated. I really only work for... Continue Reading

Microsoft Excel needed for a shop! Yikes!

I'm thinking about signing up for a shop, but it requires I know how to use Microsoft Excel. Is it hard to learn? I've not had a company require this, and thought it was just for their hotels. Sigh! Any thoughts floating around on the forum about this... Continue Reading

what does your excel spreadsheet look like for shops? what do you title each of your columns?

what does your excel spreadsheet look like for shops? what do you title each of your columns? what things do you list? like date? client name? address? payment? reimbursement? mileage? etc? i want to get everything perfect on paper for each day/week/month/year. what's... Continue Reading

Confessions of a spreadsheet junkie

By now, if you have been reading this forum for any period of time, you know I am a huge fan of Excel spreadsheets. I love making ‘workbooks’ where all of my information is at my fingertips. I was putting together one as sort of a genealogy of... Continue Reading

Help Please -- Using Open Office with Excel Documents

I just booked my first Buckalew hotel shop. I downloaded Open Office but don't know if I downloaded the correct thing and not sure how to use the programs. Also, would Google docs work as well? Thanks.... Continue Reading

Excel Spreadsheet for mystery shoppers

Hi! I am new to this mystery shoppers forum, but I have been dong mystery shopping forb several months and enjoy it. I, too, would like to get a copy of Flash's Excel worksheet for organizing everything in a more efficient way.... Continue Reading

Spreadsheet for keeping track of shops

I need some way to track a shop from its receipt to completion to payment. How do you do this?... Continue Reading

Technical question about Excel

Not sure where to post this. I recently upgraded my phone to a HTC Touch pro with Windows Mobile Office. I love it so much it's a wonderful phone. I went to school for computer applications from 96-98, but everything I learned is obsolete. The excel on my phone is... Continue Reading

Payment tracking and excel sheets

Flash and others have shared a great deal about record keeping. Somewhere I saw a PayPal account sheet that someone posted to reveal how much they made doing on line surveys. In the past, I've seen great shared comments. Do any of you have a great spreadsheet that you could... Continue Reading

Discussions of Excel & Spreadsheets

I thought so. I do use a spreadsheet but wondered if there was an easier way. (Source). September 20, 2019

I've explained that the best way for them to help the bartenders/servers is if they ask for suggestions (again when encouraged/allowed by the guidelines) and several have become excellent at making product knowledge inquiries. (Source). September 20, 2019

Many of us use spreadsheets to enter all shops from all MSCs in and then go in to mark "paid" as payments come in. (Source). September 20, 2019

CQ, excellent advice on renting the room. (Source). September 16, 2019

Then after you have settled all of that, take some courses in excel and office and then you can be a scheduler and also there are lots of other work from home jobs that require that knowledge. (Source). September 16, 2019

There is stuff coming. And they mentioned there is new competition out there, which must be MM. Claim they have the most theaters covered, and yet included a spreadsheet with over 4000 locations they don't have covered. (Source). September 13, 2019

There is stuff coming. And they mentioned there is new competition out there, which must be MM. Claim they have the most theaters covered, and yet included a spreadsheet with over 4000 locations they don't have covered. (Source). September 12, 2019

Did they "make it right"? Were they pleasant, or defensive? Professional? Did they, in fact, practice excellent customer service skills? (Source). September 11, 2019

Excellent company, love working with them (Source). September 11, 2019

Qualifications: - Must be familiar with the mystery shopping industry - Previous work experience in the field preferred - Excellent communication skills via phone and in writing - Adept in different types of social media - Must be available to work between 25-29 hours a week Performance Expectations: - Schedule all assigned shops within time frame specified - Work (Source). September 10, 2019