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What;s your favorite burger...

1. The new and improved Habit, Black Angus, The Hook, going to try BJ's next time.... Continue Reading

Local Favorite Dining Shops - $15 + the tab

Enjoy Fresh Poppy-Seed Buns at this Local Burger Hotspot. Join our team of Sentry Evaluators for a local-favorite dining project featuring a relaxed, fun, burger and beer restaurant in your area! These are some of our most popular shops, so apply online before they are all gone! Requirements: o... Continue Reading

Local Favorite Dining Shops - $15 + the tab

Enjoy Fresh Poppy-Seed Buns at this Local Burger Hotspot. Join our team of Sentry Evaluators for a local-favorite dining project featuring a relaxed, fun, burger and beer restaurant in your area! These are some of our most popular shops, so apply online before they are all gone! Requirements: o... Continue Reading

Local Favorite Dining Shops - $15 + the tab

Enjoy Fresh Poppy-Seed Buns at this Local Burger Hotspot. Join our team of Sentry Evaluators for a local-favorite dining project featuring a relaxed, fun, burger and beer restaurant in your area! These are some of our most popular shops, so apply online before they are all gone! Requirements: o... Continue Reading

Local Favorite Dining Shops - $15 + the tab

Enjoy Fresh Poppy-Seed Buns at this Local Burger Hotspot. Join our team of Sentry Evaluators for a local-favorite dining project featuring a relaxed, fun, burger and beer restaurant in your area! These are some of our most popular shops, so apply online before they are all gone! Requirements: o... Continue Reading

Local Favorite Dining Shops - $15 + the tab

Enjoy Fresh Poppy-Seed Buns at this Local Burger Hotspot. Join our team of Sentry Evaluators for a local-favorite dining project featuring a relaxed, fun, burger and beer restaurant in your area! These are some of our most popular shops, so apply online before they are all gone! Requirements: o... Continue Reading

Local Favorite Dining Shops - $15 + the tab

Enjoy Fresh Poppy-Seed Buns at this Local Burger Hotspot. Join our team of Sentry Evaluators for a local-favorite dining project featuring a relaxed, fun, burger and beer restaurant in your area! These are some of our most popular shops, so apply online before they are all gone! Requirements: o... Continue Reading

Local Favorite Dining Shops - $15 + the tab

Enjoy Fresh Poppy-Seed Buns at this Local Burger Hotspot. Join our team of Sentry Evaluators for a local-favorite dining project featuring a relaxed, fun, burger and beer restaurant in your area! These are some of our most popular shops, so apply online before they are all gone! Requirements: o... Continue Reading

Favorite Shops

I don't remember if we've done a thread like this before. What is your favorite shop? Not MSC. Just what is your favorite shop. I'm a fan of Kimpton Hotels. I did an overnight as a competitor shop. My second favorite might be Elements Massage. As far as food goes,... Continue Reading

Local Favorite Dining Shops - $15 + the tab

Enjoy Fresh Poppy-Seed Buns at this Local Burger Hotspot. Join our team of Sentry Evaluators for a local-favorite dining project featuring a relaxed, fun, burger and beer restaurant in your area! These are some of our most popular shops, so apply online before they are all gone! Requirements: o... Continue Reading

Which dress is the best for a plus size body type?

Was this spam? I dunno. I know that plus sized persons are not alike. We like and need different clothes. Fortunately, many brick and mortars have staff members who understand the plus size world and can help with anything and everything from foundations to foundation and to the outer reaches... Continue Reading

Local Favorite Dining Shops - $15 + the tab

Enjoy Fresh Poppy-Seed Buns at this Local Burger Hotspot. Join our team of Sentry Evaluators for a local-favorite dining project featuring a relaxed, fun, burger and beer restaurant in your area! These are some of our most popular shops, so apply online before they are all gone! Requirements: o... Continue Reading

Local Favorite Dining Shops - $15 + the tab

Enjoy Fresh Poppy-Seed Buns at this Local Burger Hotspot. Join our team of Sentry Evaluators for a local-favorite dining project featuring a relaxed, fun, burger and beer restaurant in your area! These are some of our most popular shops, so apply online before they are all gone! Requirements: o... Continue Reading

Local Favorite Dining Shops - $15 + the tab

Enjoy Fresh Poppy-Seed Buns at this Local Burger Hotspot. Join our team of Sentry Evaluators for a local-favorite dining project featuring a relaxed, fun, burger and beer restaurant in your area! These are some of our most popular shops, so apply online before they are all gone! Requirements: o... Continue Reading

$55 Woodbridge, NJ Ice Skating Shop - Perfect Time to Go Ice Skating!

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at an Ice Skating location in Woodbridge, NJ available now! This shop pays $55 (not including the $5 bonus for submitting early). Admission, skate rental, food, drink, and arcade! Shop Timeframe: Sat or Sun Anytime Even if you aren't interested, please refer your friends, family and... Continue Reading

Local Favorite Dining Shops - $15 + the tab

Enjoy Fresh Poppy-Seed Buns at this Local Burger Hotspot. Join our team of Sentry Evaluators for a local-favorite dining project featuring a relaxed, fun, burger and beer restaurant in your area! These are some of our most popular shops, so apply online before they are all gone! Requirements: o... Continue Reading

Do Some Schedulers Play Favorites?

There is one company that only gives me the cheaper shops. My apps for the better ones just get dropped. I keep applying though until eventually the better shops are apparently fulfilled and disappear. What do you think?... Continue Reading

Congratulations to my new favorite company: CX Orlando Research and Revenue Consultants!

Got this in today's newsletter and am very happy for these guys. Great to work with and I love that they also have a point reward system that goes with the shops and other online contests they do. I got two gift cards since February in addition to the... Continue Reading

Why MS is perfect for me......

........but may not be for you. It is the absolute freedom I have cherished, even above money, for the past 56 years. I am free to accept work I deem to be profitable and am able to terminate relationships that have become an aggravation, which I refuse to tolerate, to... Continue Reading

Local Favorite Dining Shops - $15 + the tab

Enjoy Fresh Poppy-Seed Buns at this Local Burger Hotspot. Join our team of Sentry Evaluators for a local-favorite dining project featuring a relaxed, fun, burger and beer restaurant in your area! These are some of our most popular shops, so apply online before they are all gone! Requirements: o... Continue Reading

Editors donít like it when th scenario doesnít play out perfectly?

Iíve had 2 shops recently where the employees didnít behave or respond as expected when given a certain scenario. Iím noticing a pattern with the editors that if the scenario doesnít play out the way they expect it should, they have issues with my report. I understand that it makes... Continue Reading

Popeyes and Coke shop... Whats the best way to go about it?

The MSC just sent me the prizes and I am a little worried about how it is going to play out. I have to get a manager signature regardless of a pass/fail, so what if the upsell isn't made? Will the manager still sign the paper or will he/she tell... Continue Reading

Kudos and Thanks to Baird Group

A couple of days ago I applied to Baird Group (Medical Mystery Shopping). The next day I received an email from them letting me know that my application was approved. It seems that after a new shopper is approved, they need to undergo a Phone Certification, which I assume... Continue Reading

Which MS is the best to register with in Nevada

I understand you have to get a PI in Nevada and register with a MS company. Can someone recommend the best MS company to do that with? And can you work for other MS companies? Thank.you... Continue Reading

Perfect route mystery shops in VA!

VA shoppers, I have very easy shops left for you, make a route for extra cash! Locations: 11344 Iron Bridge Rd CHESTER VA 23831 2603 Osbourne Road A/B CHESTER VA 23831 7525 Whitepine Road CHESTERFIELD VA 23234 8 Dunlop Village COLONIAL HEIGHTS VA 23834 2200 Boulevard E COLONIAL HEIGHTS VA 23834 4209 Dale Blvd DALE CITY VA 22193 328 Jefferson Davis Hwy FREDERICKSBURG VA 22401 404 WESTWOOD OFFICE PARK FREDERICKSBURG VA 22401 720 GRANT ST J HERNDON VA 20170 69 S. Airport Dr HIGHLAND SPRINGS VA 23075 601 main street LYNCHBURG VA 24502 10756 AMBASSADOR DR STE 101 MANASSAS VA 20109 8325... Continue Reading

Kudos to the Regal scheduler!

While on an overnight audit I emailed, Ashley, the scheduler,with a non urgent, clarification question. Not realizing she still checked her emails after hours, I emailed her at 11 PM, expecting I'll hear back the next day. To my amazement (and significant amount of guilt for emailing so late), she... Continue Reading

Anyone able to complete the vape/smoke shops? My greed got the best of me...

So Mobee has these shops and to be honest does anyone think they are spying on other companies? or is it the actual company. Mobee has alot of big brands checking up on their products so I never really know (I do their grocery hunts most times it is available).... Continue Reading

Kudos to Kimmie Low of EMPS

I must say that I truly appreciate Kimmie. No matter what issue I have she will respond expeditiously. Even if it is late t night, the weekend , a holiday, not even her assigned account she is on the money. I wish that she would hold a... Continue Reading

Favorite MSCs?

I'm currently with MarketForce, BestMark, and The Source/ViewSource. I'm looking for other MSCs that pay using direct deposit (I don't have PayPal). What are some of your favorite MSCs to shop for?... Continue Reading

Returning shopper-lots of kudos to KSSMackensie, Movie Measure and Kate Rattner!

Preface: Iíve been a shopper for about 12 years, but took a hiatus because my full-time career became too demanding for me to have room for MSing. Now, things have changed, priorities are being re-evaluated, and Iím mostly bossing myself around. Itís...refreshing. Anyway, my point. Long time lurker, never a poster.... Continue Reading


I found a craigslist posting of this company. Is this a trustworthy company? Before you laugh about craigslist; I found an amazing Waldorf resort spa shop there :)... Continue Reading

$40 mystery shops in the Greater NYC area-perfect for retirees!

Service Evaluation Concepts, Inc. (www.serviceevaluation.com) currently has health insurance evaluations available for shoppers age 65 and older. You will meet with a target representative following a schedule provided by us. Most meetings take place at an office or hospital. You will role-play a scenario provided by SEC to inquire about... Continue Reading

CA DC IL MN VA - Perfect night out, Drinks and appetizer

Are you needing a night out? We have the perfect assignments. Bar shop assignments with appetizer. Fun and relaxing, PLUS full reimbursement. Sign up here to be our newest shopper : Log in: http://nsiteinc.com/nsite/index.cfm?fuseaction=login.main Email me at Jenniferb@nsiteinc.com for more information. We are scheduling these Monday to Friday weekly. Santa Monica CA 90405 Tulare CA 93274 Washington DC 20050 Washington DC 20001 Chicago IL 60610 Chicago IL 60614 Chicago IL 60611 Chicago IL 60654 Chicago IL 60654 Chicago IL 60614 Chicago IL 60614 Chicago IL 60611 Chicago IL 60614 Chicago IL 60654 Chicago IL 60622 Lincolnwood IL 60712 Oak Brook IL 60523 Rosemont IL 60018 Rosemont IL 60018 Schaumburg IL 60173 Shaumburg IL 60173 North... Continue Reading

Hi Forum! I have to know which are the best MSC's for Southern CA

Hi Folks! I've been doing this for some time and noted my regular companies have severely limited their ops in Southern California for reasons unknown. Now I am considering other firms BUT I'm not willing to do the whole trial and error route again - you know, complete the assignment only... Continue Reading

the best gift

What is the best gift you ever make by yourself? Or for you, it is better only to buy presents. I think it is so lovely to get handmade presents- from the bottom of the heart... Continue Reading

Honesty the best policy or not....

Reports, honesty in an professional way yes, but total honesty on the forum... Pro's: people know just how you feel about subjects. Cons: schedulers know how you feel about them and their jobs....let's hear what you think.... Continue Reading

Hi. New here. What are your favorite companies to shop for?

I've been with Trendsource for years but recently started branching out to other companies after being laid off from my full time job. I'm in rural Ohio so the number of shops is limited. :( I am really liking IPSOS so far, others not so much. ... Continue Reading

$12 Revealed audits at your favorite convenience store!

Your favorite convenience store now has revealed audit shops! These audits pay $12 and take about 20-30 mins to complete. Interested or know someone who is? Contact contractorsupport@intouchinsight.com Intouch Insight uses the iSecretShop.com platform to post all of our available opportunities. We pay our shoppers every other Friday via PayPal and... Continue Reading

Know about the best SEO agency in Faridabad

Here we are an Digital marketing company and we are providing you the best SEO services in faridabad. Zen webnet provides the cheapest SEO services all over in faridabad. If anyone who want to SEO services in Faridabad so they can contact for more visit our website - https://zenwebnet.com/... Continue Reading

certifications, whats the best way to start off

Jamie here. Good morning. I'm new as well but I want to know, should I get certified and being that I have worked in this kind of industry (business, retail, ..) and hold a degree is there a way to waive some of the costs.... I know that might sound... Continue Reading

Mystery shops in MI, the perfect shops to set up a route!!

Dear Shoppers, Very easy mystery shop for Nutrition Clubs! Details: -Pay is now $15 ea. -All you do is visit during business hours. - Take 3 pictures -Go inside IF open and ask about products. No Purchase. -Then fill out the report on our site when you get home from the shop. You can self... Continue Reading

Mystery shops in WI, the perfect shops to set up a route!!

Dear Shoppers, Very easy mystery shop for Nutrition Clubs! Details: -Pay is now $15 ea. -All you do is visit during business hours. - Take 3 pictures -Go inside IF open and ask about products. No Purchase. -Then fill out the report on our site when you get home from the shop. You can self... Continue Reading

Mystery shops in OH. Perfect shops to set up a route!

Dear Shoppers, Very easy mystery shop for Nutrition Clubs! Details: -Pay is now $15 ea. -All you do is visit during business hours. - Take 3 pictures -Go inside IF open and ask about products. No Purchase. -Then fill out the report on our site when you get home from the shop. You can self... Continue Reading

Mystery shops in NC-perfect shops to set up a route!

Dear Shoppers, Very easy mystery shop for Nutrition Clubs! Details: -Pay is now $15 ea. -All you do is visit during business hours. - Take 3 pictures -Go inside IF open and ask about products. No Purchase. -Then fill out the report on our site when you get home from the shop. You can self... Continue Reading

movie measure - kudos and compliments

We tend to only ever give feedback when it is negative, but I wanted to say thank you to Clarissa at moviemeasure. She has been so professional in getting me set up and ready. I had a few questions about the app, and she got one of the founders... Continue Reading

How do I cancel a shop & how will it affect my (perfect) rating?

I emailed the scheduler and she didn't respond. Which will lower my 10 rating more? Doing a shop half-a** or canceling? (The shop needs to be done on 1/19 so I'm not canceling the day of.) Thanks!... Continue Reading

What are your favorite companies to work with?

I am curious what companies you love working with and why?... Continue Reading

KUDOS and THANKS to Shanna at Amusement Advantage

Just a major THANK YOU and kudos to Shanna. I have NEVER waited more than an hour for a response from her, and she has been very, very helpful whenever I needed to contact her. She worked with me to group some high-bonus shops together that were quite... Continue Reading

Apps and money makers outside of Mystery Shopping: MountainCachers Favorites

There's a huge variety of shoppers on our forum from the casual shopper who accidentally found us when researching legit companies, to the shopper who has been shopping by trial and error for 20 years and realized we exist. I've been trial and erroring it up on Reddit with sites... Continue Reading

Give the best way to close any sale..!

Suggest me some point so that I can easily close my sales.... Continue Reading

Perfect Gift for a Child Shop $70 Reimbursement

Do you know a child that would love a Teddy Bear for the Holiday? 70.00 reimbursement Ventura, CA or Canoga Park, CA Please, submit your application http://www.a-closer-look.com After, you have submitted your application; send an email to jackie@a-closer-look.com I will quickly process your application. Thank You Jackie Scheduler A Closer Look... Continue Reading

Want something fun to do with the kids? This shop is perfect for you!

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Childrens Entertainment Center location in Waukesha, WI available now! This shop pays $29+$30 extra pay + $5 early return bonus! Even if you aren't interested, please refer your friends, family and co-workers. You will earn $20 for every new shopper you refer that... Continue Reading

Perfect shop for you if you have kids ages 2-12!

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Childrens Entertainment Center location in Indianapolis, IN available now! This shop pays $29 + $5 early return bonus Even if you aren't interested, please refer your friends, family and co-workers. You will earn $20 for every new shopper you refer that registers and... Continue Reading

Perfect date night fun! $15 + reimbursement of up to $66 for a bowling shop in wheaton, IL

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Bowling Center location in Wheaton, IL available now! This shop pays $10 + reimbursement of up to $66 + $5 early return bonus! Even if you aren't interested, please refer your friends, family and co-workers. You will earn $20 for every new shopper... Continue Reading

Just for fun....What is your favorite old saying, quote, or poem?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Kudos to jmridgway

Hey everyone, I was kind of apprehensive about doing jobs for this company, I had completed some shops for them in the past and had to remind them about payments. I recently completed a couple of jobs for them and was paid in a timely manner. They seem to have... Continue Reading

Favorite tips you learned here in 2018 - top 3

Feel free to edit if you think of a better top 3 later. Here's mine: 1. You can pay for your Chevron gas with a gift card on your shops. (This has saved me twice in the last quarter!) 2. Red Quanta / Carrie the Scheduler is bad news. ... Continue Reading

What's your favorite MSC to find assignments to do at outlet malls?

I find clothing assignments at See Level HX.... Continue Reading

favorite MSCs

Iím fairly new to mystery shopping. What are some of the better companies to shop for? I live in Florida.... Continue Reading

What was your favorite vacation....

Thought this would be fun: Met my daughter in Italy when she lived in London and Venice was my favorite, so unusual and charming, no cars, only boat taxi's, handsome men dressed in business suits going to work, great people and food, then took a night train through the Swiss... Continue Reading

Love it when a favorite restaurant is frequently shopped and there arenít many shoppers in my area!

I love that [redacted] is shopped several times a month and there donít seem to be a lot of shoppers for [redacted] in my area! Still miss the B-Dub shops, even though there were lots of shoppers there were many close enough locations. Speaking of BWW went a week ago and... Continue Reading

Name your top 5 favorite MSCs.

Iím fairly new at this, started late June, but Iím noticing that Iím developing favorites. I check their boards first and work any others around them. So far, based on how they interact with me, my favorites are: Sinclair Customer Metrics (Awesome schedulers who communicate with me.) Shoppers, Inc. (They are great... Continue Reading

$10 Bonus $100 Casual Dinner and Sing Along with your Favorite Rock & Roll Songs Oxnard CA

Do you love Rock and Roll and Delicious Food? This is the shop for you! Sing along with your Favorite Rock and Roll Songs!! Enjoy a Great Dinner! 10.00 bonus plus 100.00 reimbursement for dinner. Oxnard, CA Please, submit your application: http://www.a-closer-look.com Thank You Jackie Scheduler A Closer Look... Continue Reading

I'M NEW, Who's your favorite?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Favorite Mystery Shop Company for Restaurants

Hey All! What are your favorite mystery shopping companies for restaurants? Obviously, a lot of different companies have a wide variety of clients, but I'm interested to hear everyone's opinion!... Continue Reading

Share the Best Deal you got in your shopping history

share your best money-saving shopping moments... Continue Reading

Perfectionism + Video Shopping = AARGH!!!!!

So... I lost a video shop in South Dakota last week as my microphone died and I was too foolish (arrogant?) to think that I needed to have a back-up audio recording. Yes, I had absolutely perfect video - in a silent movie. So be it: lesson learned. It was... Continue Reading

Kudos to Market Force

I do a lot of their healthier fast food shop. It usually goes over the reimbursement by just a little bit. I got an email today stating they have been tracking and everybody has been going a little over so they talked to the company and they're going to raise... Continue Reading

Newbie Here! What's Your Favorite MSC?

Hey everyone! My name is Brittani from Dallas, TX and I'm completely new to this mystery shopping world! I'm currently working with KSS and MaritzCX and have done my very first 3 shops this week so far! So far so good. But I'm looking to make this something I do... Continue Reading

Fitness Lovers in SC, I have the perfect shop for you

We have short workout shops that pay you $35 in South Carolina.Shops must be done 7am-12pm M-F. Photos and previsit call are required. Please contact me if you are interested or go to www.a-closer-look.com and enter my name-Ilissa Nelsen-where it asks how you heard about us so that I... Continue Reading

My favorite shop is no longer with the same company

I'm so sad I could cry! Now I have to actually pay for pork loin. Glad I got a bonus and stocked up on the last one I did, but we're eating the last pork loin for dinner. Phooey!... Continue Reading

Kudos to Market Force

With all the hits MF seems to take here I want to post something positive. I got an email this morning that my gas shop completed yesterday was invalidated for submitting duplicate photos from another shop. I checked the pictures I submitted and they seemed fine. Then I viewed the... Continue Reading

Quest for the Best

I did a shop on 3/18 for them and expected to get pai in april but the payment never came. I can't find a connect name and number can someone help?... Continue Reading

What's the best birthday present (material gift) you have ever received?

This doesn't have to be date specific, if a gift or perceived gift was received in the same month (or year), it's fine and I consider it to be a birthday gift! I know it sounds odd, but this year I got a really fabulous office chair (and a really... Continue Reading

Fitness Lovers in SC, I have the perfect shop for you

Hello, shoppers! Would you like to get PAID to workout? If so, we have a great Planet Fitness shop available in your area! The best part is, on top of being reimbursed for the workout, you will be paid an additional $35 for the report! Requirements: ~ You must workout for 30 minutes~ You... Continue Reading

Filing taxes online... who's the best in your experience?

I have used H&R for 6 years now... and kinda been sticking to that since they have all my records but as I'm winding down and gearing up to pay SE tax this year (previous years had enough W2 work paid in to cover it all) I'm second guessing the... Continue Reading

The BEST stopwatch/split timer for Iphones IT'S FREE!

I wanted to find an app to use on my phone since it has become difficult to use my watch (due to RA) that would give me split times on a shopper. After about 45 minutes, I have found the holy grail in split time stopwatches. You can find it... Continue Reading

TEXAS Come Try the Best Gourmet Sandwich Shop Lunch Or Dinner or Take Out

Popular and Voted One of the Best Sandwich Shops in Texas. 30.00 Reimbursement Dine Solo or with a Guest Children Welcome Locations: Dallas, Texas & Fort Worth, Texas Lunch, Dinner, or Take Out Shops Available Please, enter my name "Jackie B" on the How did you hear about us line of your... Continue Reading

Kudos to Lisa Corbett

Lisa schedules for several companies, although I'm not sure through which scheduling company. But she's great -- responds to e-mails quickly, reads and answers questions thoroughly, and is easy to work with. Thank you, Lisa!... Continue Reading

Fitness Lovers in SC, I have the perfect shop for you

Hello, shoppers! Would you like to get PAID to workout? If so, we have a great fitness shop available in your area! The best part is, on top of being reimbursed for the workout, you will be paid an additional $35 for the report! Requirements: ~ You must workout for 30 minutes ~ A recorded... Continue Reading

What Is The Best Job You Ever Had?

MRC that pays a minimum of fifty dollars per shop plus travel time. PM if you want to know more about this lucrative opportunity.... Continue Reading

Is lighthearted racism the best way to fight against racism?

What are your thoughts?... Continue Reading

Fitness Lovers in SC, I have the perfect shop for you

Hello, shoppers! Would you like to get PAID to workout? If so, we have a great fitness shop available in your area! The best part is, on top of being reimbursed for the workout, you will be paid an additional $35 for the report! Requirements: ~ You must workout for 30 minutes ~ A recorded... Continue Reading

Got a smartphone? Take a few photos and learn about the best coffee maker!

Ever wondered about those expensive coffee makers? Now is your chance to earn money while learning about one of the best coffee makers! You must have a smartphone to be able to take 2-5 photos, but these shops are quick and easy with no narrative. Each location... Continue Reading

When is the best time to reach schedulers

I have a scheduler that works with several companies and she didn't respond to multiple emails from me last weekend. I tried her on Monday and she still didn't respond. I gave up and asked a friend on how to do the shop and she helped me. I submitted the... Continue Reading

Kudos to Maritz Team 06

Team 06 is the best and most responsive team there. Thanks for straightening everything out!... Continue Reading

What can be a perfect gift to give her at valentine's day?

Hey everyone. i am looking for some nice ideas regarding how to make V day the best?... Continue Reading

Fitness Lovers in SC, I have the perfect shop for you

Do you like to work out? I have the shop for you. Make a pre visit call, take a tour, do a short workout and take some photos. That's all you need to do, and will pay you $25! If you are interested, go to www.a-closer-look.com and put down ilissa... Continue Reading

Favorite Tipple

What's everybody drinking these days? Social drinkers and booze hounds may both contribute to this thread. Thanks in advance!... Continue Reading

Which Mystery Shopping Company is Your Favorite?

Which mystery shopping company is your favorite and why? The Source is my favorite. They pay without problems, their forms are easy to load and fill out, their employees are very helpful and friendly. The one shop I do the most for them has a store in vevry neighborhood so... Continue Reading

The Kudos, Compliments and Shoutouts Section

Is there a case for closing the Kudos, Compliments and Shoutouts section? It seems some people might use it to influence schedulers in giving them the better assignments.... Continue Reading

Kudos LisaSTL, for recommending a very useful aspect of Office 365

I've subscribed to Office 365 for years but have been wary of OneDrive. Tonight I was transferring files from the old phone to the new phone. I decided to download OneDrive and make it the primary storage for my photos based on LisaSTl's recommendation. Whoohoo! It took a few... Continue Reading

What is your favorite anime of 2017?

There has been some great anime to have entered the anime universe this year. A good one is inuyashiki, a 40 something old man(who looks 60) and lives an unhappy and unfulfilling life, with an unappreciative family. One night, an explosion crashes onto him, from some sort extraterrestrial origin. Later... Continue Reading

Three + Favorite Artists every decade

1950's....Nat King Cole, Johnny Mathis, Ella Fitzgerald 1960's....Etta James, Beatles, Frank, (jazz vocals). 1970......Elton John, Bobby Darin, Cher, Mama's/Papa's 1980's...Neil Diamond, Simon/Garfunkle, Whitney Huston 1990's.. Leonard Cohen, Manhattan Transfer, Diana Trall 2000's...easy classic, jazz vocals...Adele, Kelly Clarkson... Continue Reading

Kudos to Intouch Insight - payment in 6 days

This is the quickest I have ever received payment. I read other posts about problems with them, but I wanted to do a shout-out. I took a shop at the last minute and am blessed with quick payment.... Continue Reading


Kudos to Karen, a Shopper Advocate at Market Force's Help Desk. I had a problem with my report this afternoon because of what appeared to be some kind of glitch. I went ahead and submitted and emailed the Help Desk. I got a response in less than... Continue Reading

What are your least favorite shops, but you do them anyway?

What shops do you perform that make you have to put on your Big Girl ( or Boy ) Pants? For me it's the Early Morning Alcohol Compliance Shops at the convenience stores. It's just embarrassing to me to purchase alcohol early in the morning. Walking out of a... Continue Reading

Kudos to Reflections for fast payment

Just over 2 weeks since I completed a reimbursement-only shop. So nice to get the $ before it even shows up on my credit card. Plus, I found a restaurant with amazing food that I probably never would have tried on my own. Thanks, Kim and staff!... Continue Reading

Kudos to Service Solutions for incredibly fast payment (Service Scouts)

With so many companies late or untimely with payments, it's refreshing to get a check in the mail for a shop done not even two weeks ago. Thank you!... Continue Reading

Whatís your favorite job posting board?

While Iíve found PrestoMap to be very easy to use, it doesnít always have a lot to choose from. JobSlinger is okay, but of course you have to pay for that. What is your favorite one?... Continue Reading

Favorite places to see holiday lights...

I may be a bit early but these are some of my places to see holiday lights. It's coming up to my favorite time of the year and i'm always up to finding new places. If you know of any good places, please share. Here are some of mine: 1 -... Continue Reading

Favorite Shopping Apps?

Hi! I like Eyes On, Maritz CX, and Secret Shopper best. What are some other favorites? Thanks!... Continue Reading

top five favorite companies

what are your top five favorite companies?... Continue Reading

top five favorite companies

what are your top five favorite companies... Continue Reading

Favorite 60's, 70's TV shows

For those of us old enough to remember watching TV back then (yes I know a lot of them are on TVLAND etc. but I'm most interested in those who remember what their favorites were back then. For me: Comedy-60's - Petticoat Junction, Beverly Hillbillies, Adams Family ... Continue Reading

What is the best pickled food?

my list in order of delishofness... 1. eggs 2. jalapenos 3. cucumbers 4. carrots 5. shrimp 6. ginger 7. beets 8. asparagus 9. getting hit by a bus 10. okra... Continue Reading

All Time Favorite Threads

There are a number of posters, who continuously contribute quality material to Mystery Shopping Forum. So, can anyone nominate the best or most informative thread that they have come across on this website? Thanks in advance.... Continue Reading

Finally had a perfect shop

I've been shopping since July. I did an inquiry for membership to a YMCA and was able to answer yes to every single question. I've had close but there was always at least one no. I've had one all no shop for a pretzel place. Started off with the guy... Continue Reading

Informa scheduler Lisa Denton - The Best

Thank you Lisa for your help. I completed two Consumer fraud shops for Informa. Received an e-mail from an editor, implying I did not complete the assignments per the guidelines. The editor said to contact my scheduler if I had any questions. I sent an email to Lisa asking for help. Received... Continue Reading

What do you want as shoppers? Favorites, Perks, Bonuses?

Hi All, I am new to working as a scheduler for MarketStat and I was wondering what type of perks, bonuses, etc attract you to certain shops? For example which of the following would you most prefer? Decent pay, but get paid quickly? (one - two weeks) Slower pay, but more pay? Easy... Continue Reading

The best way to hide camera

Hi friends, I just joined as a Mystery Shopper today and i did a video about banking services After done it, i see my camera didn't focus on face of staff (i'm using phone and spy cam for recording the videos) So i was wondering how can you record video with... Continue Reading

The best way to hide video camera

Hi friends, I just had joined as a Mystery Shopper today and i did a video about banking. After done it, i see my camera didn't focus on face of staff (i'm using phone and spy cam for recording the videos) So i was wondering how can you record video with good... Continue Reading

Kudos to Sarah Sleeke at Remmington

Just wanted to give a shout out to Sarah at Remmington. I did my first shop for them this weekend and Sarah was very accessible (even on a Saturday) and helpful and gave me some great tips to successfully complete the shop. Thanks Sarah!... Continue Reading

A perfect route day....

Yesterday worked out so well, I just couldn't believe it.... First, the route itself was a gorgeous drive... I drove through Olympic National Park from which I could see old growth rain forests, the Pacific Ocean, pristine lakes, a herd of elk and more. I then drove across the Olympic... Continue Reading

KUDOS Customer Impact

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Favorite MSC for restaurant shops

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Why I love us mystery shopping

I would be broke if I wasn't getting reimbursed for all the times that I eat out a week. This is why I love mystery shopping. Do a little work and get a free meal. Mystery shopping is also great for the grocery store's and oil changes.... Continue Reading

Who is your favorite?

Those of you who shop or who have shopped for a variety of MS companies, which is your favorite, and why? What is it you like especially about them?... Continue Reading

Kudos to Goodwin & Associates

I did a shop for them on Saturday, May 20th. Friday, May 26th the payment was in my PayPal account. Thanks.... Continue Reading

How hard is it to get a perfect score (100%) from a Coyle fine dining shop?

Is it rare for Coyle to rate a fine dining shop report at 100%? What is considered to be a good score for them? I want to be selected for their hotel shops, but I am wondering if anything less than a 100% will prevent me from doing so.... Continue Reading

I love technology and I love my job

Hi everyone, Im Rod and i have been evaluating service for 17 years. Took a few years (8 years) off and now back and loving the new process of shopping and submitting via smart phone. I am making a decent living at shopping/audits and doing about 40-60 projects a weekend. I... Continue Reading

hotel websites to get the best price

I am interested in browsing some of the hotel websites such as Trivago, Hotels,com, Priceline. Which website do you use?... Continue Reading

What are your favorite and most used shopping apps?

I had a weird day yesterday, and one of the events that sent me scrambling was that my phone died. I had to get a new one and now I"m trying to remember all of the shopping apps I had on it (except Gigspot, may it RIP). So as I... Continue Reading

What's the best shop you've ever done? I had a favorite what's yours?

I did a shop in Boston for a brunch/tapas/wine bar type place, walked in, jazz playing.. great vibe...it was such a fun job, reimbursed a full expensive brunch, plus good pay on top. The food was almost too good to be true, great service, got home, easy report, pics loaded... Continue Reading


Technology Store Shopper was late with a payment ... so they sent out an email apologizing and gave me a slight bonus. Class act!... Continue Reading

Which company do you think has the best email, web search screen, etc.

I really like Market Force emails. The jobs are listed almost in an Excel row/column format which is extremely compact and easy to read. Unfortunately, when I log on to the web site, the list of available shops is a mess. Page after page with unnecessary icons and large font.... Continue Reading

Top 12 Favorite Tricks from your Supermarket.

I thought this was pretty cool from the Food Network Magazine. I realize most of us savvy shoppers know some of the tricks. :) See which ones you can identify. http://www.foodnetwork.com/shows/guys-grocery-games/photos/12-psychological-tricks-of-the-supermarket-trade... Continue Reading

Crazy weather and canceling shops; Kudos to the good companies, boo to the bad.

We were hit with a major wind storm here/small tornado was spotted in the area. The power has been out for 3 days. Houses are without roofs, out buildings and debris are everywhere, old brick buildings are collapsed in the street, power lines are down everywhere, trees down, some homes... Continue Reading

Who are you favorite mystery shopping companies, and why?

Hi everyone! I'm on maternity leave and trying to step up my mystery shopping game to help with that unpaid time off. I know this was posted a few years ago, but thought we could start an updated thread. Who are your favorite companies to work for?... Continue Reading

Help! Over critiqued for giving stores/employees perfect review

I have found that if I complete a shop and I submit a positive, nothing was wrong report, I will get a call or email from the editor questioning me about how could they have been perfect? Quest for Best seems to be bad for this. Has anyone had similar... Continue Reading

Kudos to Jeff Rose

I have worked with Bare International for over 13 years, my favorite and the absolute BEST Company! Although I do enjoy working with the many wonderful Project Mangers, hats off to Jeff Rose. He is very prompt when I need a question answered. Thank you, Jeff.... Continue Reading

Happy that so far my favorite shops are STILL with SAME MSC in 2017! How about you?

Well, so far, and I know it's early in the year, my favorite shops that I like to rely on each month are STILL WITH the same MSC in 2017 that they were in 2016...YAY! That means I don't have to go through every MSC to find a Client that... Continue Reading

Kudos to Measure Consumer Perspectives for quick payment resolution

I was paid from Measure Consumer Perspectives but only received the fee and not the reimbursement. I sent a message to their general payments email. I got a message within a half hour and they said it was an error on their part and I would be paid. I was... Continue Reading

Kudos to Customer Impact!

I've been a shopper for 6 years now. For the first time ever, Customer Impact gave me a $1 bonus because my report had very little editing. It's funny how $1 can really brighten someone's mood. It's nice to be recognized for my work. Thank you,... Continue Reading

Kudos to North Fork for the Christmas Gift Card!

Wow. What a nice surprise in my inbox. Thank you, Sanaz! Merry Christmas to you, too.... Continue Reading

Kudos to Sinclair Customer Metrics

I detailed this in a thread on the discussions page, but they paid me after the client rejected the POV I submitted, after the banker I shopped didn't have a business card. They certainly didn't have to and I appreciate it, and them. They have the nicest schedulers around as... Continue Reading

Sometimes technology sucks. My perfect 10 is history.

I didn't complete 2 shops. (They were actually one, but whatever.) Because6 this6 is6 what6 my6 6 laptop6 ketyboard6 types6 like6 and6 there6 is6 no6 delete6 kety.6 I get a 6 each time I hit the spacebar, not all the keys work and there's no delete. I am currently using... Continue Reading

do you have a favorite kind of shop?

I love eating out and oil changes... Continue Reading

Favorite chain restaurant you shop for and why....

I have to say, my #1 is BJ's Brewery for their continuous good food and service. The menu choice is great with something for everyone. I like their small plate and appetizers as well as dinner and dessert...all around excellent chain.... Continue Reading

Favorite part of YouTube is

I can watch videos of the village people in my home and enjoy them like I did in the eighties. I loved them and didn't care the guys were gay. They were fun!... Continue Reading

What is your favorite MSC that lets you self assign as a new IC?

Mine is Market Force. I'm sure there must be others, but I am not aware of them.... Continue Reading

Kudos to Donald at Trendsource!

Donald is a great scheduler. If he needs someone fast he will shoot me an email to see if I am available. If I sign up for something and it isn't approved, he'll get things approved in no time. Thanks Donald for all your hard work!... Continue Reading

Your favorite assignments?

Just for fun.., What's your favorite assignment that you would love to do over and over again? Why? What's your least favorite assignment that you plan to never do again? Why?... Continue Reading

My new favorite shop...

The other day, I had the most fun with a shop yet...It was a car rental for which I got reimbursed for up to $250 for the one-day rental, picked the car up with a full tank of gas and returned it empty (reimbursed).... I spent less than 15 minutes... Continue Reading

Kudos to Jackie Jacoby at Kern Scheduling

I did an oil change shop for Kern recently where the instructions said that the reimbursement would cover a standard oil change. When I did the shop, it turns out that the reimbursement did not cover the basic oil change, even before the charge for the extra quart of... Continue Reading

Kudos to MSForum for providing a "Place of Honor" (devoted to those who have gone "Above and Beyond")

I just wanted to "Thank You!" for the idea of making a thread of this kind. So many times we get caught up in life that we forget to do some of the simpler things that are even more important than the many things that SEEM so critical at the... Continue Reading

Kudos to Ellen at ath

My bank shop went completely sideways. I gave my scenario (I need a higher interest rate than a CD) and expected the banker to have me meet with an onsite broker to speak with me about investment products. The deposit accounts were offering higher interest rates. I... Continue Reading

I love it when...

I get a message from PayPal that an unexpected $300 has been transferred to my account. Upon investigation, I find that it is a payment from shops done that I was not expecting until the beginning of August. Maybe I misread the contract. Maybe they processed... Continue Reading

Husband in need of help finding Wife's favorite Capris

My wife has a pair of Capris that she has had for probably 5 years now and the only tag on them is in the back and it is a quarter inch thick tag that is about an inch and a half long. It looks like a red and white... Continue Reading

MFI proves honesty is the best policy

I was curious about what wireless shop would be offered for no fee and $2 reimbursement. I checked out the qualifying questionnaire and found the answer: This shop is for testing only and should not be accepted by a Market Force shopper.... Continue Reading

Kudos to iMyst and their fast payments!

I am really impressed with iMyst. I just completed my first shop for them last week and it was very easy to work with them. They have great communication with their shoppers, clear guidelines, and they pay really fast! Within 5 days of my shop, I got an e-mail from... Continue Reading

What is the best watch to buy for mystery shopping?

I can't use my cellphone to time for certain shops, so I'm looking to buy a watch for mystery shopping. What is the best watch to buy? I am fine with any price and brand; I don't have a budget.... Continue Reading

Kudos to ACL and one of their schedulers

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Here's a hard-working coordinator at Service Sleuth with a sense of humor and a nice, friendly manner of interacting with shoppers! I'm not sure if she is a scheduler or if she is the project coordinator. The shops I did for Service Sleuth were scheduled by KSS but, after... Continue Reading

Lost my favorite shop today... :(

I suffered a bit of a heartbreak today when I received the dreaded email... "You've been made as the shopper at XYZ location and can no longer take assignments there." This was a gas station C-store mystery shop. It didn't pay much, but I always applied for it because it's literally... Continue Reading

Mystery shopper magazine - kudos.

Last night I was reading the latest issue and am really enjoying the articles written by SunnyDays in the last few issues. I was laughing and nodding my head about "what screams mystery shopper." Funny and informative, great for new shoppers. Thanks Jacob, Sunny and... Continue Reading

Kudos to Wendy at Service Performance Group SPG

Just want to thank Wendy for getting me what she could in bonus money on a bowling shop. Quick to respond and a pleasure to work with. This is a small botique MSP that may not otherwise get recognition.... Continue Reading

Kudos to Kim at Coyle

I just realized that after scheduling a couple of assignments with Coyle, I have not heard (read?) Kim's (Kimberly Hofbauer) friendly voice over emails for a while now. I looked her up on Linkedin and it seems that as of January 2016, Kim is no longer with Coyle. This is... Continue Reading

KUDOS to the Support Staff at EPMS

The support staff when you call there is just awesome. They are polite, kind and helpful. They go as far as they can when their hands aren't tied by schedulers. I believe with my scheduler problems, I will reach out to the owner via email. it may help.... Continue Reading

Favorite company with GA shops?

I live in Atlanta and was looking for some of the more popular providers. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Kudos to Bonnie Brady of A Closer Look

I'm not sure if Bonnie schedules, but I can tell you she is an awesome editor. She recent;y needed a piece of information from me on a shop I had completed. When I got the message, I was a a baseball tournament that wound up lasting all day. She never... Continue Reading

Kudos to Vicky at Market Force

Thanks for all that you have done.especially when they droped me.... Continue Reading

Gracias to my favorite Scheduler

I'd like to recognize and thank Deanna Kessler (Ardent Services) for being friendly, fair, helpful and considerate. She is also a great gardener! I look forward to opening my emails on the first of each month to see which shops I am assigned. Thank you for your... Continue Reading

Kudos to Jess at TNS

Jessica recently left TNS after many year with TNS. She was a great scheduler. I did some pretty complicated shops with her. Anytime I had a question or problem she would get right back to me with an answer. She was so responsive and always upbeat.... Continue Reading

Kudos to Jennifer Hernandez of Sinclair

Great scheduling opportunities and she goes out of her way to help in other issues.... Continue Reading

Kudos to Jeff Capper & All Staff At DJC

Awesome shops and very fast payment!... Continue Reading

Kudos to Laura Lord

Kudos to Laura Lord at ATH Power Online, Easy to work with.... Continue Reading

Kudos to DJC - Fast Fast FAST Pay!

Big kudos to DJC. Not only might they be the nicest guys in my MS neighborhood, they have the fastest pay around. On Wednesday, 3/23 (yes, 2 days ago!) I did a lunch shop. I reported it around 6PM that evening. I got paid by PayPal... Continue Reading

We don't work for them but we shop them...these are the best...

These are the best fast food places to work for...although we aren't employed there....next time you shop one of these, you can see some of the benefits of the better fast food places for workers http://www.answers.com/article/1304989/the-best-fast-food-restaurants-to-work-at :)... Continue Reading

What's your favorite Easter treat?

What is the treat that you look forward to finding in the Easter Basket, even if you fill yourself? Solid chocolate bunnies? Spicy jelly beans? Year old Peeps? ( I have a friend that considers these a delicacy) I'm looking forward to Maple whip cream eggs. Do not reach for... Continue Reading

Which video MSC's are the best ?

Can anyone recommend good video MSC's ?... Continue Reading

For Shoppers who do Best Electronic Mart, have the two employees ever got perfect scores with you?

Today my 4th local Best Blue Electronic store, I pray this might be the day they ask all the questions required by the Shop. I noticed the Best Electronic now cut receipt proof from $2.00 cash to $1.50 if your Best Electronic is $12 they give you $1.50 to... Continue Reading

Please Mr. Jacob delete thread because it helps nobody with your goal of having the best source of intellectual power.

Please Mr. Jacob, will you delete the thread because it does not help other shoppers and only starts up negative talk. Maybe I mistake the good intentions of the poster who said my English writing skills were like the Princes of Nigeria scam artist and I should rejoice instead... Continue Reading

Kudos to Gina Hernandez at Sinclair

I rarely reschedule assignments, but this was one of those situations that I couldn't avoid. My wife and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary, which was March 2nd, over the weekend. Unfortunately, one of our cats ingested some of the remnants of her anniversary bouquet and was ill this morning. We... Continue Reading

Kudos to Bobby Winthrow at Sinclair

Whenever I have asked Bobby for help, he always comes through for me. He's a scheduler who stands behind his shoppers and always goes the extra mile. Thanks, Bobby, for all you do!... Continue Reading

Kudos to the GREAT editors at Coyle

Lately there seem to be a slew of posts about rude, arrogant, self-absorbed, and just plain nasty editors. I'd like to thank the editors at Coyle for being none of the above. Coyle's editors are tougher than most, but they're also reasonable. They are consistently intelligent, polite, professional, understanding,... Continue Reading

Kudos to Kim at Maritz

I did a gas station yesterday, and forgot to take a photo of one pump. I got a hold of Kim on the phone, and she was extremely nice about the situation. She could have easily sent me back to the location to get the photo as I suspect most... Continue Reading

What's Your Favorite Microphone

I'm in the market for a new lapel microphone. For those in single party states or that just like to take personal notes, what's your favourite lapel microphone and why? Remembering that everyone should check the laws of their state before choosing to record others. Please share your experiences... Continue Reading


Melanie at Sentry Marketing is helpful and accommodating. Great person to work with.... Continue Reading

Kudos to Starla Mathis at Stericycle

She is awesome ! Not only does she communicate well on assigned projects and process expenses quickly, but she will assist with getting other schedulers to process expenses. Her emails are always pleasant and friendly.... Continue Reading

Kudos to the editors at Ann Michaels

They consistently write nice things for a good report. Not just a generic thank you (which is also nice), but superlatives and compliments on the writing. It certainly makes me want to put in additional time to draw out the very best narrative possible.... Continue Reading

Kudos to Joni at Summit

A company's shop that I love, but which was WAY too far out in the boonies to go to unbonused, could not meet an acceptable level for my travel. Joni went out of pocket to double the company's offer AND sent the extra bonus right away via PP. ... Continue Reading

kudos to ... CRI!!!!

several weeks ago there was a large storm in the area and I had a shop that would have been very hard to do with it blizzarding and freezing temps...its one of my favorite shops and i had already been through the process of getting my rating back up to... Continue Reading

Kudos to Alta 360 Research

The managers and schedulers at Alta 360 stand out for their high level of professionalism and collaboration with shoppers. Some of the specific individuals that I appreciate are Susan Ogle, Rebecca Ritter and Mary Stevens.... Continue Reading

Kudos to Alan Juarez!

I've done several shops for Alan and he's fun to communicate with. I had some personal problems in December and had to cancel some shops because I couldn't focus. I basically failed on two shops and then decided to cancel the rest until I got my head together. I was... Continue Reading

Judy Miller at Ardent Is the Best!

Judy's been my scheduler for almost three years, and she's wonderful! Extremely responsive to e-mails and questions, flexible, and understanding when "life happens" and you have a problem doing a shop. Some months, Judy is the only reason I can manage getting through a report without saying, "Never again." I'd probably... Continue Reading

Kudos to Aileen Mize of Confero

This female is the bomb! She has always been helpful no matter what dumb question I have asked of her. Arranged a needed date for me and changed other dates. She has a sense of humor and a serious side. Thank you Aileen!!!... Continue Reading

Kimberly and Tami at Coyle, thank you for making me the best date in New York

I've been working for Coyle for a few years now, almost entirely dealing with Kimberly Holfbauer and Tami Fedrigo. Both of them have given me assignments to some of New York's best restaurants and hotels and have abided by some of my crazy rescheduling requests, and even given me some... Continue Reading

Kudos to Jan Khan, Director of Operations, Consumer Connection Monitoring Inc.

I would like to send my appreciation to Jan Khan of CCM for always keeping the mystery shoppers in the loop about upcoming changes and important information. Jan seems to be more on the ball this way than any other MSC member I've dealt with.... Continue Reading

Kudos to Jacob

Thank you Jacob for starting this new forum section. Positive communication is always best. Rants are okay but RAVES are much better information to go on when looking for new MSCs to sign with.... Continue Reading


I would like to give kudos to Bestmark. I have worked for you for many years...always a pleasure. Also the help I received from Intellishop when I shopped my first DCD shop. MzMauvee... Continue Reading

Kudos to Erika at Ace Mystery shopping!

I want to say how much I appreciate Erika at Ace Mystery shopping. I'm always impressed with how quickly I get a response to any issue I email them about and they are great, efficient and helpful. (Wish the shops paid a little more, but it is what it... Continue Reading

Kudos to SeeLevel HX

For including an actual picture in the guidelines of the target on a targeted shop!... Continue Reading

Kudos to Jeffrey Rose

Distill from years of working with Jeffrey tells me he is the best.... Continue Reading

Kudos to Holly at AboutFace!

I was scheduled for a targeted cosmetics shop and I could only be in that town that day. Couldn't get an appt with the target, so I asked to cancel, and instead she gave me credit for a phone shop! Thanks Holly!... Continue Reading

Idea for New Forum Section: Kudos, Compliments, & Shout Outs

This could be a forum section exclusively for posting positive things about companies, schedulers, etc. Schedulers could also thank (anonymously) shoppers. Forum members would be encouraged to post positive reviews of companies, shout outs to favorite schedulers, or even 'thank yous' to other members of the forum. Thoughts? Would you use... Continue Reading

Informa Is The Best!!!

I have been doing shops for over 3 years now and have signed up with about 15 different companies and all I keep wishing is that I find another company like Informa. The reason they are the best to me so far is because the pay is comparable to the... Continue Reading

Kudos to Ryann Newman and Mercantile Systems

I've been performing quarterly door hanging assignments for Mercantile. I caught a telephone number issue recently, right after receiving the materials, and immediately reported it. Ryann was very thankful and doubled my fees for the three locations I was assigned. They also mailed me a personal thank you card. Overall... Continue Reading

New favorite shop....

I now have a new favorite shop....hotel gift shops. Signed up with a company in June and did a couple of them....fairly easy, quick shops.....just did a couple more for them over the weekend and have been asked to do one of the shops I did in June... Unfortunately to my knowledge... Continue Reading

How to get the best rate for a hotel?

I figure this is probably one of the best places online to ask this question. Aside from actually shopping a hotel, how do you go about booking a hotel for a great rate? Blindly booking a place seems scary. I've also heard some credit cards offer high enough bonuses to... Continue Reading

What are your favorite shops to do and why?

I know the answers will be subjective and that's kind of my goal- to hear from other mystery shoppers about what your favorite type of shops are and why.... Continue Reading

Your Favorite MSCs for Yummy Shops

My favorite shops to do are restaurant shops, I turn it into date night for my husband and I. What are your favorite companies for yummy shops (without naming the actual company to be shopped)? My new favorite is ACL I hope there is no violation in my question... Continue Reading

Shopper's Critique thumbs up!

Since lots of people post rants when a MSC is not good to work for, I thought I would do the opposite and give one a big thumbs up! They are easily accessible by phone. I've only dealt with the receptionist and Dixie both very friendly. I... Continue Reading

Kudos to Automotive Insights

I just finished doing three sets of five comparison auto shops for this company. The reports were very straightforward. For a car shop, the reports were a good mix of yes/no answers and some narratives, but nothing repetitive. They did present some challenges, most of which were about taking photos... Continue Reading

Ford Dealership Bans Another Customer For Imperfect Survey Responses

http://consumerist.com/2015/09/28/ford-dealership-bans-another-customer-for-imperfect-survey-responses/ If the dealership sent me an email like that, I'd be sending corporate much more than a survey! I'd carpet bomb every address I could find for corporate and cc: the dealership my response.... Continue Reading

Can we start a new favorite scheduler thread?

My favorites are Sally Craig and Shirley McLemore. I love getting the jobs done for both of these phenomenal women.... Continue Reading

Computer Perfect ?

Do you have to be really good at the computer to be a mystery shopper and do reports ? I am self taught and it's a rat race. I'm sorry to say "the rats are winning ". I need some advice from you experts. Thanks... Continue Reading

What is your favorite type of shop and what type will you never do again?

I have only been doing this a couple of months, but so far I've done over 50 shops of various types, but I know some of the really great shops come when you've build a reputation with the MSP. So, I am looking forward to experiencing some of those. However,... Continue Reading

Favorite mystery shopping companies

Can anyone tell me what some of their favorite/best mystery shopping companies are and why? I've been shopping for about 16 years, but in the past 10 years have decreased the amount of shops because I'm busy working 2 jobs. Last night I updated all of my profiles and found... Continue Reading

I Loved You Guys Before I Ever Joined!

Hello from "the landmass between NOLA and Mobile." I have lurked around the site without joining for the past month or so. The comments on posts aren't as blocked out as they could be. I'm thankful for that. I wanted to learn a little about different companies, and the quality... Continue Reading

why auto negotiations are my favorite shop.

For one they pay well unlike a lot of other shops I compete for in Los Angeles. Secondly they are a challenge and I like that.... Continue Reading

>that feel when a MSC you do a lot of work for picks up one of your favorite restaurant chains

http://i2.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/732/475/0d9.jpg Anyone else just get an email from Ardent about their new client?... Continue Reading

I love the majority of my MSC's, but I'm over one of them.

Had an email for a new shop in my area. It would have required all of 30 miles for four shops. That's huge in my area of TX. Didn't have to buy anything, but probably would have. I left a message for the scheduler. Scheduler never called... Continue Reading

What is the best way to contact Maritz?

I'm so embarrassed to admit this, but I really screwed up when I applied to Maritz. I entered my name wrong on the form. Now they have my middle name as my first name and my first name as my last name. Way to make a fantastic first impression with... Continue Reading

Your Favorite Compay

So, I was looking over the forum and I thought it might be helpful to hear what some peoples Top 3 favorite companies to work for are. Mine are 1. Intellishop, 2. Stericycle, 3. Beyond Hello... Continue Reading

Hotel Shoppers- Favorite MSC's? Most difficult?

I've done hotels for 5D and Regal. Thinking I'll start looking into Coyle hotels now that i have a few restaurants under my belt. Regal was easy-peasy. 5D was almost nightmarish. Where does Coyle fit in this? 2-nights certainly helps to spread out the required evaluations, so I'm thinking I... Continue Reading

Kudos to my fellow shoppers!!!

We are truly masters of customer service, most of us that have been doing this for any length of time have seen the full spectrum of (CS) from very poor to excellent and beyond. We are experts and we should all pat ourselves on the back for providing this valuable... Continue Reading

Hard to bash my favorite store but...

Yesterday I shopped a store I regularly go to as a customer. I had to remain objective but it was hard. They failed on multiple points and it was bad. I could not find any employee on the sales floor for over 20 minutes. The problem... Continue Reading

I love this forum

In general the people on this forum are hilarious! I spend way too much time reading these and laughing.... Continue Reading

I did the best phone shop, and I have to share!

So I was looking through Aboutface's job boards and I saw a job for a phone shop. Normally I stay way from these as the pay is extremely low, but this one was for $10. I think it was canceled by someone else because there was only about an hour... Continue Reading

Kudos to Customer Service Experts, Inc. (CSE)

I just performed my first shop for CSE. I received an email asking me to address a list of issues with my chronological narrative. Though I felt I had properly addressed everything listed, I made several revisions. I then received a second request to answer two questions. At... Continue Reading

I really want to do shops for a company I love But

I really want to do shops for a company that I love, but in order for me to do more shops for them, I need to give them my S.S.N. I've tried doing this,but it keeps saying it's invalid. So I have sent two messages in the last two days.... Continue Reading

Who Pays the Best and Fastest? Your Opinions, Pls!

I started being a mystery shopper about a month ago and am trying to figure out who I want to work for the most. I'm with Intelli-Shop, Bare International, Mercantile Systems, Cirrus, Bestmark and Beyond Hello. I'm in shock that Cirrus waits 4 months to pay but... Continue Reading

Favorite shops to Least favorite shop

What are your favorite shops or least favorite shops. I am pretty new to mystery shopping and my shopping counts is about 25 so far, so still new to the game. My favorite shop: Dinner shops (I've done a few, didn't like the first one but liked the rest) My least favorite... Continue Reading

One of my favorite shops is gone

One of the big guys used to have separate gas station mystery shops and audits. I don't like audits, they were $10 to $15 but it said they took an hour on site. I like the mystery shop ones and would schedule them for when I would be... Continue Reading

Kudos For Great Schedulers

Is it okay to give a shout out to a great scheduler? I want to say a hearty Thank You to Marie Spinello with Ath Power. She is always so helpful, cooperative and responds quickly. I have extenuating circumstances in my extended family that require me to... Continue Reading

Favorite Mystery Shop Companies.

Hello :) I'm new here, and new to mystery shopping! I was wanting to know what your favorite companies are. I live in the Southwest of the U.S., so I don't know if that helps. Thanks everybody :)... Continue Reading

RIP favorite shops...

Has this happened to you? Over the years, many of my favorite places to shop have either transferred MSCs or stopped their MS program all together...occasionally I will find the franchise on another MSC I shop for, but usually, not! Currently, I am sad for AMC Anna's Linens ArcLight BJ's Restaurants Coach... Continue Reading

My favorite assignment so far. What's yours?

Guidelines were only one page long. Site was only two miles away. I had to answer 12 questions and take one photo all on my cellphone while at the site. Submit, come home, submit the date and done! Easy Peasy!!!... Continue Reading

I love smaller towns

I travel for work and have jumped into a new territory. Planning a trip for later this month, I begin looking for shops along the way, as all good shoppers do. One small(er) town where I am stopping overnight has TONS of shops. I can't do half of them! 4 cell... Continue Reading

Kudos to Service Performance Group

I just wanted to say something positive about an MSC. Recently I completed a shop of high end ergonomically designed furniture for Service Performance Group and there were a few things the sales associate was supposed to do (one of which seemed pretty large to me) that the associate... Continue Reading

Kudos to all dedicated mystery shoppers

Greetings to all of the hard working individuals who are committed to the growth and integrity of this vitally important service to the retail / hospitality industry. My name is Don Bode and I founded the Consumer Research Group over 23 years ago. We have conducted an untold number of... Continue Reading

Favorite Classic television shows

A few stations have been appearing which feature classic television: ME TV, Antenna TV, COZI TV, and for those who have cable, TVLand, although TV Land has been around for a number of years. GetTV and the Movies Network feature classic movies. Now CBS wilbe releasing a new channel-Decades TV.... Continue Reading

Favorite restaurants found through shops

Has anybody besides me found their favorite restaurant through a shop? I try so many new restaurants because of shops and some become my favorites.....and I'm actually willing to spend my own money there. Two of my favorites that I found through shops are Carino's and Genghis Grill. Anybody have others?... Continue Reading

Favorite shop discontinued & why I love this new career

I've been a little depressed mainly because I didn't listen to my favorite scheduler and I didn't pay attention to the great advice I get from all of you on this board. Sign up with companies! I definitely need to hop on the sign up for MSC bandwagon. Now that I've... Continue Reading

This is legitimately the BEST

This is THE BEST subject line I have EVER come across: On Monday in 1957, LeVar Burton Was Born! Celebrate Literacy By Reading the Guidelines on Some $4 Phone Shops!... Continue Reading

What are the best Mystery Shopping Companies you work for?

I am currently signed up and have worked for BestMark EPMS Stericycle I would like to have some grocery store shops, but not sure what companies offer those? I also didn't do any shops last year so I am getting back into it! Stericycle doesn't do [this company] or [or this one, either] anymore, who... Continue Reading

Super Bowl recipe favorites

What are some of your favorite Super Bowl recipes? Mine are pigs in the blanket, chili con queso, and potato skins... Continue Reading

Kudos to Customer Impact

I had a great experience with Customer Impact this week. I don't shop for them often, as they have only one client in my area and the shop has a 120-day rotation. Anyway, I signed up for this particular restaurant shop to be completed the week before last.... Continue Reading

Favorite thing about Forum

There are many, many things that I love about this forum. Basically it taught me everything I need to know about mystery shopping when I first started out. Taught me how to start, what I will need and what to expect. No pie in the ski schemes... Continue Reading

Favorite and Least Favorite Shops of 2014

As the year comes to a close, I'm curious to see what everyone's favorite and least favorite shops were in 2014. OK. I'll start. My favorite: the Platinum Hotel in Vegas (It was a great location and included dinner, bar, breakfast and room service) My least favorite: a Papa John's shop (not... Continue Reading

Perfect gift for mystery shoppers

Great for route shoppers. Won't run out of gas. Reliable source(Daymond John) says it's legit. [img]http://oi57.tinypic.com/2rz2rdg.jpg[/img]... Continue Reading

Kudos to two schedulers!

This is a thanks and heartfelt kudos to schedulers Crystal at Beyond Hello and Ryan at Second to None. I have had a string of legit reasons that I could not submit my latest shops on time and both have been pleasant and professional and have worked with me... Continue Reading

Not the best mystery shopping day ever.....

Today I had a less than stellar day mystery shopping. My first shop was of Peets Coffee where I was required to buy a small sea salt caramel mocha and mmmm mmmm mmmm it was good! The young lady who waited on me was obviously new to the... Continue Reading

Restricted with perfect scores??

I am hoping I can get some good feedback on this one. I had a shop that I was doing for a great deal of time with secretshopper.com. They switched to a mobile device and right off the bat the app was creating some issues (no surprise for a app... Continue Reading

I love the iSecretShop layout

Its so convienent to fill out their surveys. Everything is right there set up in a good mobile format. I love picking up jobs on this site.... Continue Reading

I had the perfect shopping day . . .until

I was so excited I had the perfect shopping day planned out 3 of them with great bonuses . . .both kids in school. Five shops that I really enjoy doing and even a great lunch planned for a shop and I woke up to 2 kids with pink... Continue Reading

Favorite convenience store items

Just curious- What do you guys buy for $1 or $2 in these C-Store/Gas shops? Is there something there that I'm overlooking that is worth stocking up on if you have to do a bunch of these at once? One can only buy so many Tic Tac's, ya know?... Continue Reading

What are the best shops??

looking for fun simple shops that are not extremely time consuming, I want to do this in my spare time. Suggestions please!... Continue Reading

What's the best way to see if things have changed?

I am getting ready to eat some humble pie to go back to a company I used to mystery shop for. To a degree I am glad I found an old e-mail from about 3 years ago which documented the problems I had with them. What's the best way to see... Continue Reading

I'll admit I love Disney, so...

Is there a shop to do the road trip Broadway versions of the shows. Had I known Beauty and the Beast was in town, I would've red shirted myself for at least an afternoon. It would be too cool to go see the shows, take my niece and get paid for the... Continue Reading

What are the best companies to shop for in Atlanta, Ga.?

REMOVED because of non-helpful responses.... Continue Reading

Talk about perfect timing....

So, my tire seems to have a slow leak. My husband was asking if there were any mystery shops to go get it fixed. I said I had never seen that type of shop. No more than five minutes later, for real, BING! In my email there's a shop... Continue Reading

What is your favorite Italian restaurant?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

I love being a merchandiser!

For the most part I have left mystery shopping. Sometimes will do restaurants. I some how managed to get very lucky. I am on a permanent set team with crossmark for a grocery store. 28 hours a week. I can honestly say I have not loved many of my jobs... Continue Reading

Favorite Freebies..

Anyone else keep a running list of the free stuff you've scored from mystery shopping? What was your favorite?... Continue Reading

burned by a bank through RSG though I love RSG.

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

What is the best spyware equipment for undercover shops and where do you buy the video equipment?

Can anyone tell me the best place to buy inexpensive spyware?... Continue Reading

I love ICCDS......

I submitted a report last night around 8:30 PM and an hour later I received notice that my report was reviewed and accepted! Their grocery store assignments are easier and pay more than Trendsource's. :)... Continue Reading

I wonder what the best way to contact them is

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

I love it when I get a payment in Paypal I forgot about..

I was low on money in Paypal and I looked and lo and behold two companies had paid me. I have a tendency to forget about ones that are far out. Nice surprise!... Continue Reading

Who is your favorite scheduler?

For me I love the scheduling team at A Closer Look!... Continue Reading

Who's your favorite company & why?

For me its ICCDS. Took my first assignment from them over 20 years ago. I was so nervous about it all. Must have read the instructions ten times. Then forgot the sheet at home. But got to the location and it was the easiest work I had ever done. It... Continue Reading

Favorite Job Boards, Accounting Methods, Tracking Payments?

My fellow Shoppers, please comment on the job boards you prefer and why. Plus any accounting tips or spreadsheet ideas, thanks! I like how JobSlinger Plus (subscription that gives me a calendar of mainly all my SASSIE assignments) helps me, but I may want to move away from that monthly fee... Continue Reading

Mobile APPS of MSC which ones work the best for organizing?

I've been thinking of trying some mobile APPS that some of my MSC have posted in Google Play. But I don't want to bog down my smart phone. I may be putting in a new 32 SD card or else upgrade my Evo to a Galaxy. It would be nice... Continue Reading


I just want to give a great big KUDOS to the scheduler who has invented a new way of marketing the Friday's shops to us through email. But I still am not doing them for that price...... Continue Reading


We've talked about rude and inconsiderate schedulers. We've acknowledged the fact that not all mystery shoppers are polite. But I'd like to see something different and guess what, there is an ulterior motive :) I think it would be nice to give an "ALRIGHT!" shout out to those schedulers... Continue Reading

Compliance. The best way to not entrap the clerk.

At my age, I never thought that I'd be doing a compliance shop. But, I saw one that said you could be any age, as long as you were over 21, and I couldn't resist. So, there are three important points in the guidelines. 1: I'm to leave all IDs in... Continue Reading

Here's a reason I love mystery shopping as an income stream.....

I was just released from 13 days of hospitalization last Saturday and right now I am recooping from some pretty intense surgery. I need to have my life kind of free of details at the moment to heal and since I am an IC as a mystery shopper -... Continue Reading

Favorite Lyrics

OMG this is gonna be so much fun. Ok I'll post this one because it's Memorial Day Weekend and I almost always post something on Facebook or Twitter about this song on Memorial Day. Dress Blues Jason Isbell What can you see from your window? I can't see anything from mine. Flags... Continue Reading

Kudos to Technology Store Shopper

I received this email earlier today -- Dear Valued Technology Store Shopper, We were very disappointed to find out that your payment was not sent to your PayPal account in a timely manner for the shops completed by 5/16/14. We have discovered how the error took place, and have put new... Continue Reading

What are the easiest shops with the best fee and easy reporting?

I've done a few shops now, and Ace Cash Express are the best return on the time I invest in them. I've been offered an Ace Loan shop for $100 plus reimbursement when the MSC bonused the shop. Has anyone taken out a loan with Ace? Does it negatively impact... Continue Reading

Just did my favorite shop and the solar lights work.....

One of my favorite shops - and I was just assigned it and completed it - involves going to Direct Tools Factory Outlet - for $10 in cash and a $20 reimbursement, and posing as a potential buyer of a high end tool or appliance. The $20 is enough... Continue Reading

Simply Put - "The Best Mystery Shopping Companies"

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What's the best way to photograph gas pumps?

I can think of three ways to do it. I'm using a standard camera, not a phone. 1: Photograph in landscape orientation, which will include a lot of non-pump picture on each side of the pump. 2: Photograph in portrait orientation, which puts nothing but the pump in the picture, but leaves it... Continue Reading

Favorite Old Threads

I got the magic call today and accepted my first Sonic's shop. As I was printing out the paperwork, I was reminded of one of my very favorite threads. http://www.mysteryshopforum.com/read/2/259712/page=1 Does anyone else have a fave? (heart)... Continue Reading

Kudos to Retail Track

I just did a shop for them and the documentation I was supposed to obtain during the shop was not offered or provided to me, even after asking specifically. I completed the shop and then called the scheduler as her name, phone # and email was listed in the guidelines. Leanne... Continue Reading

MSC Kudos

I have recently had some excellent experiences with several MSC's and wanted to give kudos TNS: They just sent me a new check as a replacement for one that was sent to an old address 2 years ago. Truth is, I wasn't keeping such good records then and had completely overlooked... Continue Reading

Ever had one of those days with everything perfect?

I shopped for 5 hours today. The only stop was to grab a bite to eat (no shop) and every single person was PERFECT. Writing reports now and I don't even know that I can express how great everyone and everything was.... Continue Reading

What are the best hotel shopping companies?

I have yet to find a great hotel mystery shopping company, do you know of any?... Continue Reading

What are your favorite apps/tools for shopping?

I personally love using WanderList, I have checklists I've made for all my different shops on there and can reuse the same checklist every time I go to the same client. It's wonderful! I also have grown to love using Google Calendar that syncs with my phone from my computer,... Continue Reading

Favorite Shops?

Hello, This is by no means a matter of what MSC's should i join, I was just curious if people had a favorite MSC and why as well as shops they love to do? I have a strong passion for furniture shops for a company around the midwest, because they are... Continue Reading

Who has the best bakery?

How the hell am I supposed to know??? I didn't realize that your 30 dollar grocery audit required me to visit twenty other groceries to find the best bakery department.... Continue Reading

Why I love bank shops

I am a bit of a financial geek. I invest my own money and make my own financial plans. I love this stuff. So when an MSC will pay me $30 to go into a bank and pretend I have $15,000 to invest, I jump all over the opportunity. I used... Continue Reading

Payments from Quest for the Best?

I recently performed a shop for Quest for the Best - my first for that company. I am having trouble locating any FAQ section on their website or anything indicating if/when payment is coming for the shop beyond the fact that the shop's status is "accepted." Does anybody know when... Continue Reading

Favorite company to work for?

What is your favorite company to mystery shop with and why?... Continue Reading

My new favorite spam

The best is the penalty if I fail to comply, being fined up to 100 minimum monthly wages. "Eviction notification, You are hereby given notice that you are in breach of your tenancy of the premises you currently occupy. To remedy the breach you have to quit the premises within the following four weeks. If... Continue Reading

My favorite question on McDrivethru survey.

They ask you how you timed the service and wait times. They list several choices. One of the choices is "Other". You have no idea how bad I want select this, then write in "One-Mississippi, Two-Mississippi...." When I was in college I was a kitchen manager at BK on night shift,... Continue Reading

My favorite phone apps including the Starbucks app!

Hi, another mystery shopper got me involved in the phone apps and I really have to admit that I prefer them over the mystery shopping although mystery shopping is till my primary focus. I did post that I would let y'all know the Starbucks/Dunkin Donuts/McDonalds/Subway app if you... Continue Reading

The Perfect Mystery Shopping Company

So many of us have complained about MSCs for the same and for different reasons. I decided to make a list of what's important to me, if I were to design the ideal MSC. Here is my list, in order of priority: 1. Respect 2. Fair pay 3. Bi-monthly payments 4. Thorough and well-written guidelines 5. Believable scenarios, which are... Continue Reading

Steri/CoRI/Expert Audit - My new favorite pet peeve!

So we are getting into January, the DIY shops are pretty much over for this cycle, the really big gas client is gone, and the only two other clients they have in my area are stuck at $4.00 and $4.50 per shop respectively. A few of them are getting picked... Continue Reading

Seinfeld Favorite Phrases

If you are a fan, list a word or phrase you recall... Regift... Continue Reading

What's Your Favorite MSC and Why?

So which companies do you like and why you like them? Do they offer fun shops? Great pay? Easy reports? How long have you been with them and do you have a favorite scheduler? Let's throw out some kudos in honor of Thanksgiving!!... Continue Reading

What is your favorite no cash outlay shop?

I have two so far - cell phone shops (which don't seem to be very popular here) and credit union platform shops - I prefer credit unions to banks as my experience is in general that banks are much pushier and much more aggressive. Anyone have any other favorite... Continue Reading

Do schedulers keep the best assignments for themselves?

I have been taking MS assignments in Europe for over two years now. I have been noticing something that bothers me and I want to know if you all think it's right. I have been working for a small MSC in the Netherlands and sometimes have to attend training sessions. Schedulers are always... Continue Reading

Which platform is your favorite? Why?

Mine is Prophet - easy to use, clear to understand, and all your information upfront! Yours?... Continue Reading

Why I love this forum versus Volition.....

A member on Volition started a new topic asking if the Troy Dolan Group paid quickly. Ray Sola (owner of Volition?) then responded with this: Please edit the post to include ALL the info you have about them. For example: What is the EXACT company name? What is their web address? How does... Continue Reading

Before you ask for a list of the best companies...

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Asking for a list of the best companies...

You know that's the first thing i posted when I signed up today, and upon reflection I totally understand where you are coming from. You've worked long and hard to acquire the knowledge of everything. So I guess I'm eating crow tonight. Guess ill just read and learn for a... Continue Reading

Kudos to the chirping insect shop from this summer.....

I just wanted to say something nice about the chirping insect shop from this past summer. I haven't even used the phone until this morning when I looked to see how much longer I had prepaid and WOW - I'm paid up until this December 8th!!!! This is really... Continue Reading

favorite old shops that disappear-- has anyone spotted them elsewhere?

Not asking for any MSC names. Just wondering if a few beloved old shops that seem to have disappeared changed companies so I can start seeking them out. So, with that preface, I really miss: Le Pain Quitidion. It was reimbursement only, the service often sucked but the food was... Continue Reading

What are your favorite shops?

I'm new to MS and only signed up with 4 companies so far. Of course easy shops with short reports are nice but I was wondering what are actually your favorite shops? I noticed that I get most enjoyment from eating out and from the stores that pay + let... Continue Reading

Which Rewards Programs Are Your Favorite?

Many MS'ers find value in shops where they can earn points besides payment and/or reimbursement for the shops. What are your favorites and why? Off the top of my head, here are some categories... 1) hotels, resorts, motels 2) airlines 3) rental cars 4) credit cards 5) store cards I'm sure that I am forgetting s... Continue Reading

What is your favorite shop and which MSC is your favorite

Without linking the two and violating your I/C agreement, which shop do you grab no matter the pay because you like it so much? And which MSC do you like dealing with the most because of easy reports, quick pay, nice schedulers or whatever your criteria might be. My favorite... Continue Reading

Dear Narrative; I love you

Ok, maybe it's the cold beer(s?) I just drank...It is hot and I am Canadian. But I just had a "Doh!!" moment. I've recently begun writing a narrative of my shops before completing the associated survey. I listen to my recording, write as detailed as I can get and make sure I've... Continue Reading

Favorite companies

I would like to know what are your favorite mystery shopping companies.... Continue Reading

What have been the best places you've eaten secret shopping?

Just because! I had a great salad from the Cheesecake Factory, though . . . probably not even the slightest bit healthy. It was a fried chicken salad. I also really love 5 Guys Burgers. Every single time I've had one with different varieties, I love that place.... Continue Reading

Perfect choice inc

Hi my name is ashley johnson and the perfect choice inc be emailing me about my $300 dollars i suppose to get in the mail on monday cause that what my post office told and i still havent receive it yet whats going on with my money!!!... Continue Reading

Customer Experience Experts....2 thumbs up!

Don't get a lot of work from them but once again my shop was paid in less then 30 days....and shop was interesting!... Continue Reading

Favorite companies

I saw a previous post about this, but it seemed a little outdated. I was wondering, what are some of your favorite companies to shops for currently - I know my favorites change yearly. I have really enjoyed working for Shared Insight, Caliber, A Closer Look, even CORI is good (when... Continue Reading

What's the best shop you've ever done?

What's the best shop you've ever done? Best meaning really good pay or experience for the time/effort.... Continue Reading

How about kudos for great schedulers?

I know I have been rough on some schedulers in the past, so, I feel I am also obligated to give an acknowledgement of great work to a scheduler from Bestmark. She called me last night. Even though I turned down everything she offered me, she still took the time... Continue Reading

ways to make the taco bell the best

I'm just an employee looking to help the taxi bell I am a cashier 4 the best? Anywhere I can get some advice,suggestion.s ideas ,help from,...Please n I'm dead serious.Please... Continue Reading

I love routines & schedulers

OK, just want to put on my Happy Face for a while. I have a favorite MSC that has awesome paying sales audit shops. I have a great relationship with the scheduler. I just got 5 for my coming business trip. I expect another 5 once I'm back in town. That's a great paying... Continue Reading

Kudos to Feedback Plus

I just performed a shop on the 14th and money was in my account on the 22nd! Very Fast Pay! Paula... Continue Reading

I love living in a small town!

For close to a year, I was on auto assign for Blue Bank shops. I finally decided that they weren't worth my time. They started bonusing the ODP to $15.00. I started doing them again, but not auto assign. I would just wait for the $15.00 email. There are five... Continue Reading

Two thumbs up to NSS

Just wanted to give two thumbs up to NSS. I had a shop scheduled for Friday that I needed to re-schedule. Called them up, spoke to a scheduler, and he re-scheduled it for Monday. No muss, no fuss. I also like the fact that you can call and speak to... Continue Reading

Kudos to Jancyn

I wanted to pass on a very positive experience with Jancyn. I totally messed up and did the wrong location for a breakfast shop. I had no excuses. I e-mailed the scheduler and was honest about my mistake. It had also now gone beyond the due... Continue Reading

pizza hut store begs for perfect score...

Article on consumerist this morning showing how one pizza hut is begging for a perfect score. Not quite the same as mystery shopping, but it still does affect them the same http://consumerist.com/2013/04/23/pizza-hut-tapes-note-to-box-begging-for-perfect-survey-scores/... Continue Reading

Is $1500 a month possible? What's the best strategy?

Hi Everyone, I'm new to mystery shopping and this is my first post to the forum. I want to start off by thanking everyone for all the information in this forum, it's really helpful! This is my situation: I am a wife and mother of 4. I was... Continue Reading

Kudos and thanks to Premier Service

I messed up a car dealership shop and forgot to review the restroom. I emailed Angelique and told her what happened. I said I would accept whatever they decided. She told me to go back and review the washroom and complete the report. As I need to wait 48 hours... Continue Reading

Wanted: Nothing Less than a Perfect 10

There is definitely dissertation thesis potential in the recurring theme of us shoppers reacting as we do to a less than perfect score for our reports. As others have posted, I knew that I had deserved a ď10Ē and subsequently brooded for weeks last year, spending hour after hour checking... Continue Reading

Kudos for Mystery Guest/Grassroots

I had a problem with one of their clients where an employee of the restaurant I shopped evidently took the liberty of deducting a lot more than I approved for their tip. I did not discover it for several months. I contacted Grassroots and they immediately researched it and are... Continue Reading

March has been the best and the WORST month

In terms of jobs, March has been my best ever. Lots of jobs and mostly with good pay. Financially this has been a great month. In terms of luck, this month has su**ed big time 1) Dishwasher breaks; need new pump 2) Furnace breaks after hours and it's 15 C (appx 10 F?)... Continue Reading

Why I love these forums already

**Gushing with excitement and thanks to you all** Since joining this board 2 days ago, 1) I've gotten a new scheduler and through her, 2 new jobs for a company I didn't know about. 2) One great idea for filling the routes I frequently travel, resulting in 3 new jobs for that... Continue Reading

Kudos to Service Sleuth (HMS)

I just have to publicly acknowledge the folks here for being so on top of getting answers for a complicated shop. It seemed that the forms were different than SPECIFIC directives in the guidelines. My SS project manager gave me her cell phone number and said I could text her... Continue Reading

YAHOO...I see one my favorite companies is getting some new shops...

I love it when a good company takes over shops from a non so much preferred company!!!... Continue Reading

Restaurant Cops are the best!

I want to applaud Restaurant Cops. They always pay me in 30 days or less. I never even have to wonder if I'm getting $. Wouldn't it be great if all the MSCs did this? I love this company and just wish there were more than... Continue Reading

Restaurant Owner Praises Server for a Perfect Shop!

On Facebook, a restaurant that I "liked" posted a photo of one of their servers standing alongside the owner of the company, praising him for a perfect "shop". He got a score of 100 from a mystery shopper for excellent service. I thought it was so great that they featured... Continue Reading

Where is the best deal on portable scanners for road trips?

Good morning everyone. I think there may have been some threads prior to the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays that regarded portable scanners at a very reasonable price. I've looked for those threads to no avail. Would anyone be able to recommend a retailer that has a scanner at a reasonable price? I've... Continue Reading

How to buy the best high school caps & gowns ?

SPAM... Continue Reading

Have you ever had a perfect shopping day?.

I had a perfect shopping day and it was a route-trip. I had to go out of town and everything fell into place: 1. The road was light and I drove there faster than the projected arrival time. 2. All shops went well, names, receipts, descriptions, and food was delish! 3. Coming home, the... Continue Reading

Thoughts on a list of the best companies...

Hello Folks, I am new to this Mystery Shopping and do seek sound advice or direction in regards to the "legit" mystery shopping companies." I do agree with the initial post however, I do have commentary to this thought which I shall share after reading the initial post/... Continue Reading

I want a list of the best companies...

Minnie, I read your diatribe and I do not agree with you. Why go through the mud when others already have? Why not learn from their mistakes and experience? Scientists learn and improve on each other, except the ones with patents, of course. Companies, too. ... Continue Reading

What's your favorite shop?

Not for fun necessarily, but for ease and pay. Like, for instance mine are shops for a specific gas station. I have to geoverify my location and then go into the store and evaluate the service. The survey is about 1.25 pages long and I have to buy something. I... Continue Reading

Who are the best Apartment MS companies to work for

Hello! I've been mystery shopping for a few years now - apartments, auto dealerships, banks, restaurants. I mostly like the apartment shops because they pay the most. For the apartment shops, I work with Jancyn, Marketstat, NWLPC, Ellis (EPMS) mostly. What are some of the other... Continue Reading

I got the best mystery shopping christmas present ever!!

Hubby bought me the Magic Wand portable scanner from Office Depot. It is the size of a ruler and it scans beautifully and SO EASY and fast!! I'm going to take it with me on shops and scan my receipts as soon as I get them!... Continue Reading

Tis The Season...kudos, & completing shops during the holidays

I have an encouraging story to report to beleaguered shoppers everywhere: I was trying to complete a non-targeted apartment shop last week. The shop had to be rescheduled because the agents were not going to be available to conduct a tour on the day that I could complete the shop.... Continue Reading

Favorite Holiday Cookie Recipes

Please share with me your favorite holiday cookie recipe. Here is ONE of mine: Chocolate Chews 6 oz. Semisweet choc chips (or a little more) ľ lb. Butter, softened 1 ľ cup sugar (keep the ľ cup separate for the baking) 2 eggs 2 cups flour ľ teaspoon salt Ĺ teaspoon baking powder Ĺ teaspoon baking soda Melt the... Continue Reading

keep checking for your favorite shops!~

........................... Continue Reading

My favorite shop got even better

So yesterday I was looking forward to doing my all-time favorite shop. I am a major football nut, and now that it has a few visits under my belt, I have a system for doing shops and I don't end up missing more than a few minutes of the game.... Continue Reading

I have a new favorite shop

Movie theaters! :) I just picked up two movie theater shops with decent pay + 30% bonus + reimbursement for two tickets and a drink. I love going to movies on my days off work, so this is perfect.... Continue Reading

Favorite Merchandising Companies

Since we have this area for merchandising, who would like to share their favorite companies. I really like working with Iosue. I also like CastForce. I am a big fan of being able to select my jobs rather than being assigned a territory. If a job isnt' up to par, I don't... Continue Reading

Lets update these top favorite 10 Companys

What is your top 10 favorite companys from 2012!!!... Continue Reading

Perfect Score on iSecretShop?

Has anyone ever gotten one? I'm guessing Lisa has... What do I need to do to get a perfect score so I can get 2 x 25 ? I get 20 after 20 after 20....... Continue Reading

Which MSC's Pay the best?

I am trying to wean myself off of Marketforce due to a recent bad experience with them. As I look around various companies I see a lot of $3 to $5 shops, or $7 to $10 shops that require a ton of time and reporting. Bestmark made me... Continue Reading

What is the BEST part of Myst Shopping for YOU?

Mine is: Being paid FULL price for an assignment when the "scenario" for the assignment can't be done because the person is not there. Wooooo Hooooo! **disclaimer--This does not mean I do not enjoy carrying out my rewarding, detailed, complete scenario.***... Continue Reading

Schedulers (If I could hit the thumbs up button, I would)

So, I've taken a portion of this week (it's been a partial vacation for me) and devoted it to signing up with some MSCs that I'd never signed up with. One of those MSCs, based upon suggestions from the board, was Shoppers' Critique. It wasn't a day or two after... Continue Reading

Which MSC is hardest for you to get a perfect score?

Mine would have to be BestMark. Even though they don't tell you your score, I have a feeling that my score with them isn't perfect. Who is your toughest company?... Continue Reading

Kudos to Ace and MCP

Because they deal with shoppers in a reasonable mannner. I am not going to quote exactly but both of the companies send reminders and if your shop is late indicate that they are willing to work with you to get your shop accomplished. They do not scold or... Continue Reading

Kudos to Shared Insight

I just finished my first shop for them today. It was a photo audit and it was a small location, so not all of the required pictures really fit what was in the store. I had a quick response via both e-mail and a phone message and was... Continue Reading


Last week between August 2-August 4, I completed four shops for RSG. Today I was PAID!!! I love RSG!... Continue Reading

What has been your favorite place to shop since mystery shopping?

I did my first Pandora shop a few weeks ago and ended up with a great ring. Your turn =)... Continue Reading

The best grammar site

http://theoatmeal.com/comics/misspelling I love going to this site just for the laughs, but it can also be rather educational. You should scroll to the bottom and see what other fun lessons they have.... Continue Reading

What is your favorite employer?

I just started Mystery Shopping so tell me, what are your top 5 favorite shop sites?... Continue Reading

So my favorite teller laughed at me at the bank today . .

We joke around quite a bit and he said not to spend my $3 check in one place . . . yes, I got a check from Best Mark for $3.... Continue Reading

What are your favorite kid friendly shops?

Ive got a 2 yr old and 5 month old . . .... Continue Reading

Microsoft unveils the 'Surface" today, perfect for shoppers!

Microsoft unveiled a revolutionary tablet made by them tonight called the 'Surface' It's like they made it with shoppers in mind. The touch cover has a keyboard built into it should you need to type, and the pro version has optional pen input and you will be able to use to... Continue Reading

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Just saw this at a matinee, which was PACKED with baby boomers and others. A large theatre. Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Dev Patel from Slum Dog. This is a delightful, charming and thoughful movie, with beautiful shots of Jaipur, India. Not one car crash, gun shot... Continue Reading

I love this place!

Hello all! I've been shopping for a few years now. I mostly do quick FF shops because I just love bad-for-you food. I am too cheap to shell out for FF, so I use shops to get it free and a little change on the side (and maybe a bonus if... Continue Reading

Intelli-Shop... I love you

Dear Intelli-shop, I may be a little new to the game (about 1 year and a half under my belt), but I absolutely love you. Your schedulers are amazing to work with, you always get back to me in a timely manner, and if I screw up but can explain myself,... Continue Reading

Kudos to Gap

One of the best good pay no petty kick backs . Pays fast ... Oh well there goes all my jobs...... Continue Reading

honesty is the best policy

Well I had a shop disqualified because I forgot to ask one question. ONE! I had the receipt, the clerks' names, the times, the cleanliness, the narrative, the quotes, you name it. Basically this says did you ask the cashier this question? So I say, sorry, no, after my 14... Continue Reading

What is your favorite kind of shop?

Do you have a favorite shop? Is it restaurant, retail store, grocery, bank, or hotel...? Why do you prefer one over the other?... Continue Reading

Kudos to One Great MSC - Shopper Force!

*Not to be confused with MF!* This company doesn't usually have jobs in my area - well, there's one, every month they do have. I wish they had more - maybe they will someday. I just finished (finally) reconciling all of my jobs from the 1st of 2012. Whether Paypal,... Continue Reading

Primo Solutions - might be a new favorite of mine.

I just completed a shop with them over the weekend. Easy telephone shop, paid $10. The scheduler, Dawn, is awesome! This is a company I can see myself developing a professional relationship with. I do not see them mentioned often, and through a search I have seen some rather questionable... Continue Reading

How to get the best audio recording

Hi everyone! I bought a DVR last week because I have a few shops next week that would require quite a bit of details. It's a Sony PX312 FROM Best Buy. I tried it this past weekend by placing it in the outside pocket of my handbag and when I... Continue Reading

A kudos to Ardent Services

I was really bummed out last night when after inputting my entire 2 1/2 hour report the site was so slow it would not save it for me and ultimately timed out. No one answered the phone at midnight and "help" was not working. This morning I spoke directly with the... Continue Reading

Whose the best?

Im just getting started with this and i dont know much about it so any help is appreciated. But, what company is the best as in if they pay good, and treat you right ect? secretshopper.com is the first company i found and they seem legit, but im not sure... Continue Reading

Sometimes shopping is the best revenge

Today I did a shop of high-end womens' clothing store. I have actually shopped at this chain in the past, although not at this particular store. The service was extremely rude. No one paid any attention to me, offered assistance, made suggestions. I can't remember the last... Continue Reading

Which is your favorite company to work for?

Mine is RSG. At least last year, they had tons of assignments in my area and usually paid within a week of completion. Not to mention their report forms were so easy to fill out, they were silly! We' ll see who wins the award this year.... Continue Reading

Perfect Choice ltd

Got an e-mail from this company and it stated that I would be paid $200 per assignment and have 2 assignments per week. BIG RED FLAG!!!! I googled it and found a report from the BBB and it stated in part: According to information in the BBB files, it appears that the... Continue Reading

Favorite Canadian Mystery Shopper- TOP 5

Anyone has a favorite canadian mystery shopping Company? or favorite shops that are done in canada? Any Canadians out there!... Continue Reading

what are the best mystery shopping companies for getting bank shops?

what are the best mystery shopping companies for getting bank shops? what has been your experience? do they pay well? do they have lots of assignments in your area? are there extensive narratives? do you need to have an account? how frequently can you return for... Continue Reading

The Best and Fastest Turkey Dinner

I went to my son's house for Thanksgiving. He said he was going to do all of the cooking well my wife also hjelped. The one thing I was suprised with was the Turkey. My son bought one of those Deep Fryers for turkeys. He didn't have enough oil... Continue Reading

Positive comments on your favorite company

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

What are the best companies for restaurant shops in NYC?

I know Goodwin & Associates quite well--they are great. Any others?... Continue Reading

what are your favorite top ten mystery shopping companies in order of preference?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

What is your Favorite type mystery shop?

Mine is playing golf and getting paid to do it. I mean I like to play golf anyway and now they pay me to play. They pay for my round a riding cart $10.00 to spend in the Pro Shop $10.00 to eat at the Grill $5.00 for the beverage... Continue Reading

Favorite comfort food recipes?

Does anybody have any easy comfort food recipes? I am trying for low-fat these days, and these cookies have become a favorite. Bonus: they're easy. Meringue Kisses ē 3 egg whites ē 3/4 cup white sugar ē 1/8 teaspoon salt ē 1 teaspoon distilled white vinegar ē 3 1/2 tablespoons fruit flavored gelatin mix ē 1 cup semisweet chocolate... Continue Reading

favorite mystery shopping companies

ICCDS All MSCs should take ideas from them. They have their own unique system that is almost flawless. They are the epitome of smooth professionalism. assignments are accept/decline. You can change the date within a period of days automatically. My favorite client of their's is... Continue Reading


Just for fun... What is your favorite MSC and why?... Continue Reading

Who are the best companies to work for if you live in Bakersfield, CA?

I live in Bakersfield, CA and have signed up with several companies and I am looking to find others that do shops where I live. I don't want to spend the time to sign up for a bunch of companies only to find they have no shops in my... Continue Reading

I like Quest for the Best

Yup, I really do. Fast pay, decent pay, friendly folks, interesting assignments, encouraging feedback. 'Nuff said. :)... Continue Reading

What route planning website is the best.

I have 15 shops to do later on this morning and i was looking for a good route planning website. Most of the websites I visited to don't actually plan the route but just give directions from one stop to another another. I don't want to backtrack while i'm... Continue Reading

What is your favorite shop?

I was just noticing we spend a lot of time discussing negative things on this board. And of course, why shouldn't we? This is our place to gripe and be heard. But I was wondering if you have a favorite shop, one that you might do regularly, or one that... Continue Reading

I am the best mystery shopper in the Bay area...are there really jobs here?

I put my info on all the company'$ and there are never any job$ adverti$ed on there....what give$??how do I get work and ha$ anyone got work on thi$ $ite?... Continue Reading

I love the instructions!!!

Just received this e-mail: "I am looking or (for) a shopper who can do this shop between 11pm-7am. Can you do this shop?" "Must be performed between 3pm-11pm". Isabel Enjoy Life... Continue Reading

Quest for the Best is one of the best!

They invited me to do a shop for them Jan. 19th, gave me terrific feedback, and paid today less than 30 days later. Kudos!... Continue Reading

kudos to Feedback Plus for fast payment

I performed the shop 12 days ago and was paid today!... Continue Reading

Thumbs Up for Measure Consumer Perspectives !

Hey fellow shoppers, I just wanted to give a big thumbs up for Measure Consumer Perspectives, This MSC pays on time.They say they pay on the 15th of the month,but I was paid today (14th).It's just refreshing when a MSC honors their stated pay date.I just wanted to pass this on to fellow... Continue Reading

Your Perfect MS Company??

Hi Guys, I am looking at setting up a MS company here in the UK. I want to make sure we give the best possible service to our shoppers as well as our clients. From a shoppers perspective, what makes a MS company a great one? Thanks Trev... Continue Reading

I LOVE Intelliprice

Amazing! What a human touch. Did my first job for them last Sat, was paid TODAY, and received a hand written thank you note. Hey, ladies, anytime~ look forward to working with you again. Thank you! You set the standard for MSPs. Wow!... Continue Reading

Thanksgiving favorites

Sweet potatoe casserole is a can't do without...how bout you!... Continue Reading

I love it,

well I would if it didn't somewhat annoy me. Received a shop rating. 9/10 but with this comment: "Please spelll chekc" Are you serious???... Continue Reading

Feedback Plus is a super fast paying company

I did a shop for them Oct. 26th and was paid today! Amazing! Whooo-eee!... Continue Reading

I love this line

We have URGENT jobs that must be done TODAY. Please help us out!! Oh,and by the way you will be paid in 60 days. How about this instead, Ok you have urgent jobs that must be done today and I have an urgent need for money, how about paying me next... Continue Reading

Favorite/Least Favorite Shopping Platforms

So, we have Sassie, Prophet, Clientsmart, and lots of custom designed ones. Which are your favorite and least favorite? I would have to say my favorite is Sassie (especially combined with Jobslinger +) and my least favorite would be any of the custom designed systems that always seem... Continue Reading

mystery shopping wording perfection

I just started making out applications to these mystery shops, and every one of them want perfect punctuation, now I know you can do spell check but is there anywhere you can do some kind of a punctuation check? I would appreciate any help on this subject.... Continue Reading

In a Perfect World...

Due to the fact that this industry is so unique, I believe that it is of utmost importance for shoppers and MSCs to work together to make it the best that it can be. I don't know that all MSCs agree with my viewpoint, but it just makes sense... Continue Reading

whats the best way to set up a gas route?

hey all... i live in PA and am traveling all the way back to my college in VA or planning to in the next few weeks... I noticed our favorite website is offering good bonused gas shops all the way down... (im still working on passing the test)... whats the best... Continue Reading

MSC Scorecard-Vote for your favorite MSC of 2009

Hi everyone, With so many people asking for feedback, I thought it would be great if we had a good system of receiving feedback on good and bad companies without having to hunt through pages of postings. I came up with an idea I'm calling "MSC Scorecard", but want to see how... Continue Reading

Kudos to TNS!

Recently I received in the mail two checks from TNS in separate envelopes. I didn't think anything about it but realized, when I was marking payments received on my shop sheet, that they had issued two identical checks duplicating payment for work performed. The checks were identical down... Continue Reading

What's your favorite types of shops and why?

We all like different stuff. My favorites are groceries, any really fast in and out type for my favorite firms, and Fine Dining and Timeshares. These appeal to me for either monetary reasons (fast shops) or personal reasons (free dinners and timeshare stays.) What do you like best? edited... Continue Reading

whats the best company you guys have worked for?

hey all whats the best company you guys have worked for? for me it has been CRI... i really enjoy the fast payments... its not the greatest pay wise but im just wondering... mainly cause i have given my social security number out to about 30 different companies and have... Continue Reading

Could someone tell me which are the best UK companies to work with ppplllease!!

I am fairley new to mystery shopping and so far I am really enjoying it. But there are soo many companies out there that I do not know where to start applying. Could somebody please point me in the right direction... Continue Reading

Kudos to Customer Service Experts :)

I just wanted to say this, to set the record straight and give kudos to CSE! They actually sent me a check for .85 cents to cover a PayPal fee that I incurred from them sending me a single payment for reimbursement. Even after I emailed them not to worry... Continue Reading

Which MSC is the best in the DC/MD/VA area?

I like MF, GFK, Trendsource, and NSS. They are my top 4. I also like S. Critique. Please--- suggest a few (6) more of the good ones so that I can have a top 10!... Continue Reading

Who is your favorite company

Who is your favorite company....??... Continue Reading

favorite weather for driving?

It's rainy here today. Of course, I live in Seattle so it is usually rainy. I'm looking forward to the warm weather they've predicted later in the week! Although, I think my favorite kind of weather to drive in is overcast. Not too bright, not too... Continue Reading

What was your FAVORITE shop this year?

Saw this topic on another forum and wondered what people here had to share on the subject? I think mine was a motorcycle "clothing" shop in a nearby town where you had to shop leather jackets. The people were VERY friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Of course, it didn't hurt... Continue Reading

Which mystery shopping companies are the best?

Hello, I just started mystery shopping about 3 weeks now. I wanted to know which mystery shopping companies are reliable and pay the best. Also, I'm looking for more retail shops to do such as Walmart, gap, oldnavy, target,etc. I need to know what companies offer alot of retail.... Continue Reading

What is your favorite quotation?

Ahh, I am not going first. You guys set the tone. Don't be shy......... Continue Reading

what's your favorite book?

My favorite book is almost always the one I just read... (I do a lot of reading) I just read "My life in advertising" by Claude C. Hopkins. I'll tell you what -- it was inspiring. This was born in 1866 and practically invented half of the advertising techniques we... Continue Reading

What are some of your favorite companies to work with?

There are a lot of mystery shopping companies out there -- some good, some bad -- but what are the good ones? Which are your favorites...?... Continue Reading

Discussions of Favorites

.." not my favorite song by any means, just the only one I know. I like peas and corn mixed together with butter and salt. I LOVE blackeyed peas with any kind of pork along with some greens and cornbread. (Source). January 24, 2020

That is a classy response. Kudos to you and White Clay. (Source). January 24, 2020

The fast food shops are my favorite! I've done tons of them. (Source). January 23, 2020

I contacted the scheduler again. In anguish that my trip was in vain I waited for payment. Finally got it! The entire bonus and half the shop pay. Kudos to Intellishop for coming through with this. (Source). January 23, 2020

00 a month for instant ink and get 300 sheets a month. I love it, I never have to worry about ink they send it when it's low and the ink lasts a lot longer than the ones in the stores. (Source). January 23, 2020

I use it to make a smoothie with banana, spinach, flax seed, and oatmeal. [quote=Shop-et-al] Favorite Pea recipe if you care to share? (Source). January 23, 2020

I love that I have an excellent reputation. (Source). January 23, 2020

I have been know to have a late night snack of a bowl of peas and butter microwaved...yum. My pea table holding my favorites is a good thing. (Source). January 22, 2020

Doesn't pay the gas to get there and back. :( Been informed my recently favorite ff shop is now paying $13 for 120 mile round trip. (Source). January 22, 2020

I am tired of this. I was perfectly happy with XP and whatever I had before that. (Source). January 22, 2020