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What is this Five Guys with a reimbursement of $30, two purchases?

Online order and a first and second purchase of $15 each.... Continue Reading

Five Guys online, do I say I got a receipt in the report?

I said I did, because it's online, but now it wants the cashier's name!... Continue Reading

Five Guys delivery shop?

It has a $15 reimbursement for Delivery, Service Fee, + Tip. What delivery do you use, and what can you actually buy that keeps under the reimbursement with having to pay all those things? The fee is $5.... Continue Reading

Five Guys reimbursement is too low

I did a Five Guys today and my total for Little Burger, Little Fries and Regular Drink was 13.89. The other day it was 13.74. The reimbursement is 12.75. I emailed the help desk but do you think they'll do anything? I'm new at this.... Continue Reading

Five Guys- three shops at same time?!?

Good morning, I used the "make an offer" and I was literally assigned three Five Guys shops between 11:15- 3:45 and one during the dinner hours. I thought we could only complete one shop per time period. Any idea if this was a mistake? I normally apply for a few... Continue Reading

Five Guys Curbside

Hi, I was going to take one of these shops, but was wondering about getting the receipt. Has anyone done this shop? Do they automatically provide one since you are paying online?I hate to have to ask as I feel thatís a dead giveaway as a mystery shopper.... Continue Reading

Five Guys - Delivery

I see a Five Guys delivery shop available in my area, but when I go to the Five Guys website and search for that particular location, it only shows pick-up. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, what did you do?... Continue Reading

Come on Five Guys - This is Now a Pattern

Weíve seen this before.... Continue Reading


Sorry, just wishful thinking. Anybody else miss them?... Continue Reading

Five Guys

I did a heavily bonused shop today which was marked invalid due to not being in the dining area 15 minutes or more. The issue is that all dining areas are closed and it is takeout or delivery only. I emailed the MSC and am waiting to hear back. This virus... Continue Reading

Five Guys - PHONE SHOP

I've done Five Guys but never the phone shop. How does that work? Are you required to eat the meal in the dining room? It seems like that would be a tip-off if someone makes the effort to call in the order, but then eats it there.... Continue Reading

Why was your Five Guys order delayed?

I'm well aware that how I answer this question in no way impacts whether my report is accepted. But for kicks: I can't think of any time where there was an obvious reason (and sometimes I'll say there was no apparent reason). If the kitchen is really behind I'll put... Continue Reading

Five Guys and Law Enforcement

I believe I have shopped this location (handsome bonus) and have had mixed results. Itís interesting that this happened as I shopped a location yesterday where the FG employees were cursing and making derogatory comments. It seems as it the service has gone way down and I only shop here... Continue Reading

Five Guys difficult location?

I completed a Five Guys shop that was marked as a "difficult location". My understanding is that usually, that means the location has limited parking or is located somewhere unusual like a university or military base, but this was just a regular, stand-alone Five Guys with its own parking lot.... Continue Reading

Five Guys one day rotation

I got a call asking me to do a late nght shop at a "difficult" location (very little parking free or paid) for Five Guys the day after I was doing a dinner visit. It also appeared on my board after the first was assigned. I turnd down the fee... Continue Reading

Disgusting Five Guys Milkshake Preparation - This Was Different from All Other Stores

There is a store in my area (one of 9 within a 30 mile radius) that makes milkshakes without ice and in which the vanilla is "yellow"-ish. It's VERY runny and tastes gross. I asked the about it and the worker said they've been making them this way... Continue Reading

Five Guys

A location near me closed. It always appeared to be busy. Hopefully this won't be a new trend.... Continue Reading

Five Guys Gift Cards

Has anyone used a gift card for the Five Guys shops? See nothing about it in the guidelines, but still makes me nervous to try it.... Continue Reading

Five Guys phone order when you can't place the order?

I just tried doing a Five Guys shop but the phone number on the shop was disconnected. I filled out the survey. What can I expect in terms of a fee? The $3 closed location fee?... Continue Reading

Five Guys Meals Are Now $15.00+ - WAY Beyond Reimbursement

That was my recent total for Little Hamburger, Small Fry, and Regular (their smallest) Drink. Time to up the reimbursements!!! (of $12.75 only)... Continue Reading

Five Guys delivery to Library, Hospital, or Recreation Center weird?

If you don't live in a FG delivery zone, but want to do a delivery shop, would asking for delivery to a hospital, rec. center, or nearby library be weird and a giveaway?... Continue Reading

Anyone else feel bummed Smashburger shops have no fee, while Five Guys does?

I personally don't feel they're worthwhile, b/c of that. Does anyone like Smashburger's food better than FG?... Continue Reading

five guys

which msc does them?... Continue Reading

Five Guys increases prices, again

Performed a shop today. Single patty price is up 29 cents. Small fries up 15 cents. Regular fountain cup up 10 cents. Base reimbursement has not changed. This is two price increases by Five Guys with no increase in the base reimbursement.... Continue Reading

Can You Order Five Guys Delivery Shops from Non-Residences?

Just seeing these today. Never done one.... Continue Reading

Highest Five Guys Fee/Bonus from 2018 - Present?

Removed - Mod... Continue Reading

New Five Guys Location

A Five Guys is opening in a fellow shopper's town. She is going to test the waters before doing a shop. What are your "must haves?" Mine: Veggie and Cheese Sandwich with jalapenos and bacon Little Cajun Fries I did this shop twice last week, sharing the fries with coworkers.... Continue Reading

Five Guys

Hi. Just completed one today when they asked me to do it for $6.00 and I accepted $25.00 but my real question today is they didn't ask for the total amount paid! I did go 16c under the max reimbursement.... Continue Reading

Five Guys

Funny story. They call me often to do my local shop so I do it for $18 or $14 if I'm feeling generous. As I'm entering last nite for dinner, I see the manager walk out to go home. I say hi to him and he gets startled, turns around... Continue Reading

Five Guys Mystery Shop Company

[b]Removed[/b]... Continue Reading

An offer for you Five Guys afficionados

If you use an AMEX card, be sure to register it. They are currently offering $5 back on any $20 purchase. From AMEX site: Get a one-time $5 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to make a single purchase of $20 or more in-restaurant at Five Guys or online at... Continue Reading

Five Guys listens to us. They raised their reimbursement.

12.75!... Continue Reading

Five Guys Online Shop Reporting Questions

Doing my first online five guys shop and am running into some issues. For my receipt I have my email receipt and the pick-up receipt that was on the bag but that does not have the dollar amount so I am planning to submit them both to cover my bases.... Continue Reading

Question Five Guys Cooking Observations

Hello all (I am back), I have a question re: the Five Guys shop requirement of standing by the cooking area, while our burgers and fries are being made, and not wandering off. I've found this a difficult requirement to keep fully (i.e., staying the entire cooking time) without looking... Continue Reading

Five Guys' shops all gone for July?

I'm going to be in a town tomorrow where there's almost always a Five Guys' shop to be done, and I was hoping to find a lunch shop. They have a hard time filling shops at this location. Anyway, I logged in, and there are ZERO Five Guys' shops showing... Continue Reading

Pushing the Bonus Envelope- How much bonus for Five Guys?

I do a LOT of these shops-- and pretty much if they cant give me an $18 bonus, I say "no thank you". It works about 90% of the time. Occasionally, VERY occasionally I will have to drive a longer distance and have gotten $20-$25-but that is rare. Should I... Continue Reading

Five Guys

I havenít shopped Five Guys in a couple years and donít go there often. I just went to the one closest to my house (which Iíve never shopped) and every employee was absolutely delightful. I ordered online so they knew my name. Even after eating and as I walked out... Continue Reading

Five Guys shop limit?

Have you noticed a shop limit change in the month of March? Have you shopped more than one Five Guys this month?... Continue Reading

Five Guys Mystery Shopping Program Revealed!

I was just reading about Five Guys and about 3/4 in the video, they started talking about the Mystery Shopping Program! One neat fact: They share between $900 and $1300 Bonus each store, which all the employees share, Nice! :) Here is the video. I learned a lot. :) Continue Reading

My first Five Guys

Iíve scheduled my first Five Guys shop and am a little concerned with the ď to the second ď timing. The guidelines state that the people that work there are on the look out for shoppers who take notes on their cell. My stop watch is on my phone. Iíve... Continue Reading

Five Guys

Does anyone know what company does Five Guys? I know they have mystery shoppers, but I'm having trouble finding out what company it is. TIA... Continue Reading

Five guys and blood readings.

[b][color=#3A851E]I haven't shopped at Five guys for quite a while now, mainly due to health reasons and getting away from tempting foods. After doing some blood work done, my cholesterol readings have fallen quite considerably and into a healthy range. After looking into some nutritional guidelines, people shouldn't eat more... Continue Reading

Five Guys times

Does anyone know if the times given are to start the shop or if the shop has to be completed between those hours? For example if I have a dinner shop until 9:15 does this mean as long as I arrive by then?... Continue Reading

Five Guys reimbursement increase

The reimbursement went from $12 to $12.50 in my area. Pretty much fully covers my costs now.... Continue Reading

Five Guys

Can I just say that the more I mystery shop casual dining places, the more I appreciate how fastidious Five Guys is with their glove removal and changing? In all the time I've shopped Five Guys, I have only once seen a crew member do something that might cross... Continue Reading

Five Guys Price Increase

I do one FG shop a month. I get the smallest everything so I can stay under the reimbursement. Today's order of a Little Cheeseburger, Little Fries and a regular drink cost me $0.05. The fries went up a dime. Luckily, I get 10% cash back when I use... Continue Reading

Five Guys "Late Dinner"

Does anyone know what times qualify for "Late Dinner" with Five Guys? I have read everything 2 times over but can't find any information on when exactly I should do my shop, other than I must start prior to 15-30 minutes before the location closes.... Continue Reading

Five guys and Panera Bread

I have my 1st five guys and Panera shops this weekend. I am excited. I have never been to a Five guys but have been to Panera Bread once. I found that when I was looking for a Luby's. I heard they were both good... Continue Reading

If I do a Five Guys shop and don't like the fries but they are cooked according to Five Guys standards is it ethical for me to say yes the fries were satisfactory if I don't really like them? (This is a mystery shop question)

I guess what I'm asking is if they're not satisfactory am I lying when I say they are? I'm not saying that someone who say's they're satisfactory is being unethical saying they are satisfactory when they think they're unsatisfactory but I'm not sure what I should do? ... Continue Reading

Five Guys name tags

Why is 5 guys so hellbent on making sure the employee has no name tags? Did a phone shop and receipt was blank on tge right edge showimg bo prices or trans seq id.... Continue Reading

Five Guys delivery shops

I know we haven't had enough Five Guys threads :) but I can't find any discussion of the delivery shops which I've now seen in two large cities. Has anyone done one? Is a third party delivery service used? The location I'm thinking of shopping doesn't have any reference to... Continue Reading

Five Guys still around?

I haven't seen any Five Guys shops for about a month. Are they still around?... Continue Reading

Five Guys phone orders - does anyone actually do this in "real life"

Is it just me or are the phone order scenarios kind of suspicious? I've never seen them advertised (maybe that's just my area) so I don't know how anyone would know or think to call ahead. I've also never seen another customer picking up a call-ahead order. I've done a couple... Continue Reading

Five Guys shop requirement

Hello I've never done one of these although there are plenty in my area. The MSC's site does not show guidelines. Can anyone tell me what the required order is for a non-milkshake shop? Also, I've done "Fast casual" shops that involve eating and commenting on the food and others that are... Continue Reading

Do You Like Five Guys Burgers? (not a mystery shopping-related question)

Just curious. :) I don't see what's so special about them and why people pay $7 or so for one. I think their fries are divine, though. :D... Continue Reading

Heads up on Five Guys (& other shops) - Make Extra $5-10!

Since I know the people in this forum frequent Five Guys a lot, I thought you'd like to know about this The Five Guys in my city all have the Coke freestyle machines, which in itself is pretty awesome, since I can make any soda drink combination I want. Not... Continue Reading

Five Guys price increase

I just did my first Five Guys shop of the year and was surprised when the total was not the amount I expected. Apparently the prices went up recently. I used to be able to get all of the required items for just under the reimbursement amount if I got... Continue Reading

Five Guys question

Doing my first shop tomorrow and don't see that there are pictures required. Am I overlooking something? Thanks in advance :)... Continue Reading

Hip Hip Hooray- I finally got assigned a Five Guys with a MILKSHAKE Requirement.

Good grief it took awhile but will finally do the milkshake too............a few new changes in the report like taking note if there are "more than 2" in line (vs the old "more than 4 in in line".) They are installing new registers so a few minor changes like the... Continue Reading

What's the most you've been paid for a Five Guys shop?

I accepted a Five Guys shop for $50. I don't know if they're low-balling me so what is the most you've done a Five Guys for?... Continue Reading

Found another Five Guys rule I overlooked

I was trying to perform an Online shop this afternoon. The store was not accepting online orders. The guidelines appeared to be repetitive and I overlooked the box on one of the pages that included additional information requiring a phone call. I thought I had all the requirements for all... Continue Reading

Five Guys manager uniforms

Did Five Guys change the uniform for managers and shift leaders? The past two times I've shopped there there hasn't been anyone wearing a grey t-shirt. There HAS been someone wearing a red polo, though.... Continue Reading

Has anyone seen any Five Guys shops lately?

I have not seen a Five Guys shop on the board in over a month, maybe longer. Has anyone seen any of these shops lately? :)... Continue Reading

Five Guys milkshakes and lactose intolerance.

I just completed a five guys shop and I got to the milk shake portioned of the report. it was flagged and asked why I didn't buy a milk shake. The scheduler called me last minute to do it for a $20 fee but I didn't hear anything about... Continue Reading

Five Guys Coupons

If you get rewards on your credit or debit card, check them before you do your Five Guys shop. Also, post which card has the discount and how much. BB&T has 10% off using their debit card.... Continue Reading

Do you call Five Guys each time?

The instructions say to call to verify the location and hours. Isn't it a little suspicious if you regularly shop there and call every time? I have the few times I've done the shop because that's what the instructions say, but wondering if everyone else does. Edited to add: If you... Continue Reading

Witnessing exceptional acts of customer service at Five Guys?

After doing 60-70 Five Guys, I've never seen "exceptional acts of customer service." I put down no for that question in my report every time and I'm just wondering what you guys have witnessed that would be considered exceptional service. I've seen good service but nothing special.... Continue Reading

Cajun Fries or Regular Fries at Five Guys

Is it alright to order the cajun fries for the Five Guys Shop? I notice that my order gets made last since they have to add the seasoning to mine.... Continue Reading

Five Guys Milkshake update

After reviewing the guidelines, due to many concerns posted here, I decided to email the MSC. I suggested they allow us to order the shake after we receive our dine in meal. Here is the response (including the grammar mistake): "You do not have to order the milkshake at the same time... Continue Reading

Five Guys

I think I read this somwhere in yhe guidelines but I can't find it anymore... but does anyone know if you have to stay for 15 minutes after getting the sandwhich or is it 15 minutes total in the restaurant? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Five Guys Shops

Hi, anyone knows where the Five Guys shops went? Have they stopped shopping or moved to another MSC?... Continue Reading

???? re: My First Five Guys' Shop

Doing my first one this afternoon and could use some clarification, since I know many of you do this shop.... I will be going with my family. I know I have to place my order first, and I know that I need to wait for the cashier to prompt for... Continue Reading

Five Guys Closed Location question

I have a shop scheduled next week for a new location opening near me. I happened to walk by it today and it seems likely that it won't be open by then. I read the guidelines and it mentions calling or stopping by to verify if a location is... Continue Reading

Five Guys Milkshake NOT Required Problem

Has anyone had the CPI state that a milkshake was NOT required and then have a question in the report about why you did not order a milkshake? I took two shops on back-to-back nights. Neither had a required milkshake purchase but one of the reports asked several... Continue Reading

Five Guys Reimbursement Question

I don't eat at Five Guys on my own dime, but I was thinking about picking up a shop. It seems, though, that the reimbursement won't cover a burger, fries and drink. Is that true? Also, can anyone tell me if that is the order requirement. Thank you.... Continue Reading

Five Guys Screening questions

I answered them the same as I always have. Yes to all the "I understand" questions, and no to the previous employment and medical condition questions. Now I'm ineligible based on my answers. I even backed up and looked at the questions. Nothing new, no trick questions. Any one else have this... Continue Reading

Five Guys shakes and receipts

Does the shake have to be on the same receipt as the rest of the food, or can it be a separate receipt with both receipts in one photo. I've already done it where I order everything together on one receipt. But, today I am going alone and it would... Continue Reading

Five Guys Brouhaha

Can you imagine writing THIS up?!?! Yeesh.... Continue Reading

Five Guys Shakes (milkshakes, not the number of times the fries get shaken)

Ok, I've been prattling on in other people's threads for a month or so now, so I figured it was time to start my own. I did a Five guys shop last week and the location had milkshakes! I was so excited (perhaps unreasonably excited). I ordered my regular... Continue Reading

Five Guys- 15 shakes?!

Hi there, I have a question about the Five Guys shops. Are the 15 shakes supposed to happen all at the same time at the end? or does it only matter if there are 15 shakes total no matter when they were shook/number of times they... Continue Reading

McDonalds vs. Five Guys in the News ... They should ask shoppers

Who better to ask than mystery shoppers who have shopped both McDonald's and Five Guys. I like McDonald's for breakfast. I prefer Five Guys' burgers. If I could change anything about McDonald's it would be the taste of their fries and food. McDonald's in crisis: can it fight off the Five... Continue Reading

I was recognized at Five Guys today

I am sure I was recognized by a manager wearing a white shirt. I've read here about how the managers can review the video. This was my second time in a month at this location. The first time was a late-dinner shop. On that late-dinner shop, I sat with my... Continue Reading

Five Guys: Slowly going to another msc....

Yup, just saw a few posted today with a different msc....... Continue Reading

Five Guys

What do you have to order there? Do you have a choice?... Continue Reading

Milkshakes and Five Guys

Has anyone been successful with these? I was assigned one last weekend, showed up and there was nothing about milkshakes in the store. I was called and bonused on one today, and they also didn't have milkshakes. Boo.... Continue Reading

Five Guys . . .milkshakes?!?!

Oh goodness, I just saw that they now have milkshakes on the Jan boards. So now pretty much a meal at Five Guys will now consist of 2000 calories. (They have bacon as one of their mixins) . . .First one I'm going to try is salted... Continue Reading

Wait she actually gets paid to eat at Five Guys

I had a dinner shop scheduled tonight and there was a high school girl who took my order. She laughed as I was taking my order and I had a whim that she knew who I was. After I placed my order, the girl got the broom and... Continue Reading

Question on Five Guys

I'm doing my first shop with them tonight. I'd like to take my spouse and child along, and it looks like that's fine. However, the directions aren't very clear on if all the order can be on one receipt. I've never eaten at Five far does... Continue Reading

Five Guys-The poor pickles

I have been doing a regular round of five guys has been about 2 weeks now and still no pickles up here. I was first told on a shop (a friday) that they did not have any but that they would be there Monday. Last week I went and... Continue Reading

Five Guys vs Smashburger Shop

I did my first smashburger shop today after doing more than I care to count Five Guys shops. I figured I would give it a shot since I am trying out some different networks. I look at those two as direct competitors, and I would therefore think they would price... Continue Reading

Five Guys-Act of kindness

Has anyone put yes and put something in this? I never do because nothing is usually exceptional in my opinion but I was just wondering if maybe I am being a little to harsh?... Continue Reading

New Five Guys

A new Five Guys location opened just up the street from me... today, actually. I know they wouldn't be mean enough to shop a new location immediately, but does anybody know how long it takes for new locations to get into the MSC system(s)? I've heard two weeks for other... Continue Reading

I just got reinstated to Five Guys . . .

I went to the location I got banned from for a year and went back for a second time in a month today and I feel like they know it's me. I checked out my receipt and there are a bunch of ?????????? on the top of my receipt. Am... Continue Reading


Searched, but the shop comments are buried in the other numerous Five Guys postings.. So how is this new online shop please??? Many Thanks... Continue Reading

How do I submit receipt from Five Guys online shop?

Doing my first online Five Guys. I have to pay online with credit card. Does Five Guys give me a receipt when I come in to get the order?... Continue Reading

Five Guys "10% discount Mall/Airport worker"

I just did a Five Guys shop at a tourist "Factory Outlet" mall where everything is more expensive than at a normal store including the Five Guys. I saw that it was a call in shop after I assigned it to myself. Now half the tourists shopping there don't speak... Continue Reading

Five guys mystery shopping makes the news

Check this article out! Continue Reading

Five Guys Alternatives to Burgers

The grilled cheese is amazing! I have never had it wasn't in the mood for a burger today. I may never eat a burger there again. Just a PSA for those of you who are tired of the burgers. =)... Continue Reading

Five Guys - I think they know I'm their shopper

I'm so disappointed, I've thought I have been so covert about being their shopper. The company no longer allows me to shop that location. Bummer, it's right around the corner from my house. Has anyone else got fired from their Five Guys?... Continue Reading

Question about Five Guys assignment

I'm getting ready to do a Five Guys shop. The requirements state that I must determine if the burger is made correctly while I'm at the counter. If there are toppings missing I must immediately notify the employee at the counter. I'm interpreting this as I must actually... Continue Reading

Have you ever had this happen on a Five Guys shop?

The employee calls your number, but when you get to the counter they are still preparing your food and you have to wait? This has been happening a lot on my shops, and the one I did earlier this week I had to wait an extra 2 minutes after... Continue Reading

New Five Guys shop

I picked one up for tomorrow. According to the scheduler, this is a new shop where I call, give an ETA, place an order to go, and then eat in the restaurant. I'm wondering if anyone has gotten one of these yet, and any pointers if you have?... Continue Reading

Does anyone ever order a BLT at Five Guys?

I've recently discovered these and wondering if ordering one each time marks me as a shopper? lol... Continue Reading

Five guys milkshakes

Forgive me if there is already a topic on this, but my five guys shop tonight allows for the purchase and reimbursement of a milkshake. Apparently they are trying the milkshake idea in select ny/nj locations. Anyone else had this type of shop before and how are the... Continue Reading

New requirements on Five Guys Shops.....

I haven't done one in awhile but I'm scheduled to do one today. You can now order a hot dog, veggie sandwich, grilled cheese or BLT instead of a burger. Also, you have to order a fry or drink and then see if the cashier offers you the... Continue Reading

Congrats! You are now eligible to be a Five Guys Certified Shopper!

Did anyone else notice this? I checked my email, and found a message saying "Congratulations! You are now eligible to be a Five Guys Certified Shopper". Funny thing is I didn't have to be certified before when doing these shops. Now I am, and they tell me congrats? I don't... Continue Reading

FIVE GUYS: New, revised dinner guidelines and $21.00 fee???

Anybody aware of what the new revised Five Guys dinner guidelines consist of and what different food items can be purchased?? Many Thanks... Continue Reading

Advise on dealing with Five Guys - Schedulers, Weirdness, and Pay

So I'm getting these calls pretty regular asking me to do a Five Guys. Problem is two fold. And just for the record, even with calorie counting, I gained a SOLID 10 pounds (from 150lb) after only two dozen or so shops in the beginning, despite the website... Continue Reading

FIVE GUYS BURGERS: Shop feedback please

I already shop for their msc, but wondered if this shop is worth it or not. Friend of mine have raved about how good the food is otherwise I was leary a first about eating there. Many Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to all.... Continue Reading

Five Guys Burgers & Fries

Does anyone know if they're still shopped? They used to be offered monthly but I don't know if they changed companies or they just stopped using shoppers.... Continue Reading

Discussions of Five Guys Mystery Shopping

I've started shopping Five Guys again. (Source). July 28, 2021

itís a lot different though if you go to five guys alone and order a veggie bowl. (Source). July 26, 2021

I no longer shop for the MSC that has Five Guys. (Source). July 26, 2021

[quote=jay225] veggie bowl at five guys is fín hilarious. (Source). July 25, 2021

I mean, what's a better investment of time, a $10 Sonic shop that offers full reimbursement or a $25 Five Guys shop that goes $1. (Source). July 24, 2021

After I did that shop, Five Guys stopped showing up as available shops in my area. (Source). July 24, 2021

75 is their fixed cost. Anything over that is pure profit. [quote=jay225] veggie bowl at five guys is fín hilarious. (Source). July 24, 2021

veggie bowl at five guys is fín hilarious. (Source). July 24, 2021

Now I am too busy with other projects to do any of them.[/quote]Wait, a Sonic on the board for $25? Where do you live? Five Guys, I have seen that but . (Source). July 22, 2021

Today was two Five Guys I had to reschedule from Sunday because wasn't feeling well. (Source). July 20, 2021