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Quick red and White gas station MS/Audit

Quick Poll: Do you complete the quickie audit as a mystery shop, the way the guidelines stipulate or do you reveal like the rest of our gas station audits? My husband and I both do gas station audits. He can't stand the red and white audits because of the mystery shop... Continue Reading

Gas station meter reads

Anyone do these and are they worth your time??... Continue Reading

Yellow Gas Station Question

What is the "Top Tier Decal?" I no longer have access to the guidelines.... Continue Reading

Observa Gas Stations

The leftovers are back on the board. I am going to try 3 today.... Continue Reading

Gas Station Bathroom

I have been assigned a few gas stations that have McDonald's attached to them. The restrooms are controlled and maintained by McDonald's. I feel extremely uncomfortable trying to take photos of the restroom in a McDonalds. The last two times I have asked the McDonald's employee or manager and been... Continue Reading

July Gas station visits have launched

Happy July Evaluators! July Gas Station visits are here! The deals just got even sweeter single shops $5 plus $3 reimbursement -->ROAD TRIP idea? Pick up & Complete 5 or more July Gas audits and your shopper fee will be $12 each + $3 reimbursement! $15 for 10 minutes? **AMAZING** --->Pickup a... Continue Reading

Looking for shoppers in AR,IA,IL,IN,KS,KY,MI,MN,MO,ND,NE,OH,OK,SD,TN,WI for easy gas station Shops.

The objective of this shop is to evaluate your experience as a consumer who visits a convenience store. You will be evaluating customer service and location appearance to provide both positive and instructional information to each location and its crew through your mystery shop report. You will be required to... Continue Reading

Gas station audits/mystery shops

Which companies do gas station audits and/or mystery shops? I already know of Maritz, Market Force, and Sinclair Metrics. For clarification, I am not asking for any client names. Only companies that do these types of shops.... Continue Reading

Looking for shoppers in AR,IA,IL,IN,KS,KY,MI,MN,MO,ND,NE,OH,OK,SD,TN,WI for easy gas station Shops.

The objective of this shop is to evaluate your experience as a consumer who visits a convenience store. You will be evaluating customer service and location appearance to provide both positive and instructional information to each location and its crew through your mystery shop report. You will be required to... Continue Reading

Anyone having problems getting green gas stations assigned?

Has anyone else had issues with applying for the green gas stations and getting someone to assign them to you, even through they are still open. I applied for several yesterday when they came out, heard nothing, applied for more this morning, still nothing. I'm sitting here ready to go... Continue Reading

The Two Reasons Why I Walk the Perimeter of Gas Station Shops

Well, the first reason is a no-brainer. It is something we should do as a matter of performing the shop. Check the curbing, the air pumps, the MID, etc.- whatever the client wants us to check. The second reason is just crazy! You've heard this before, but I'll say it again, for... Continue Reading

Gas Station Survey & Conversation

New to this. These are up to $10 in my area. Worth it? Don't want to jump in and take from someone who may need them worse than me but waiting for pay increase. I'm only making vacay $$. Have a husband for the rest. Thank you.... Continue Reading

Yellow Gas Stations

I posted something the other day mentioning the "dreaded yellow gas stations". That MSC seems to want me to eat my words. The first two I did have sailed right on through. Not a peep from the editors. So forum gas station junkies, what is your experience this round? ... Continue Reading

IS there a new MSC for the Red, White, and Blue Gas Stations?

I used to fill in my routes with the Red, White, and Blue Gas Stations but do not find them being posted on the old MSC's website. Any clues where they have moved to? They didn't pay much until the end of the month when they were offering... Continue Reading

Gas station shops

Are those $5 gas station shops worth it? The one with $1 reimbursement. Are they that easy since they pay only $5?... Continue Reading

Looking for shoppers in AR,IA,IL,IN,KS,KY,MI,MN,MO,ND,NE,OH,OK,SD,TN,WI for easy gas station Shops.

The objective of this shop is to evaluate your experience as a consumer who visits a convenience store. You will be evaluating customer service and location appearance to provide both positive and instructional information to each location and its crew through your mystery shop report. You will be... Continue Reading

Need Advice. While Completing a Gas Station Shop I was Threatened and Literally Chased off Property

I would like other shoppers input on how to handle this. I don't want to name the client or the MSC just yet. The shop was going smooth in the beginning. After purchasing my gas I handed the Letter of Authorization to the pump attendant (the only other person present... Continue Reading

Yellow Gas Stations and Blue Loyalty

Okay, just a couple of observations about the "Yellow" and the "Blue" gas stations. The "Blue" first: Like I've said before, we (shoppers) have been given the instructions not to use our loyalty cards for indoor purchases when performing the shop. however, we must note if we are asked. I gracefully... Continue Reading

IPSOS Gas Station Audits

How often are these listed? I did a bunch last month but I don't see any on the job board this month. And is there a rotation on them or can you shop the same locations every time they're listed? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Has the Green Gas Station changed MSC again???

It should be time for the second quarter audit for the Green Gas Station yet the are not showing up on the MSC that handled them during the first quarter. Does anyone know of a change?... Continue Reading

EASY Gas Station Shops Available in British Columbia!

If you are interested in these shops please apply at Hi Shoppers! KSS International, Inc. is now scheduling mystery shops at a popular chain of gas stations! Easy 10 minute gas station shops! Includes a GASOLINE purchase, an inside purchase, AND shopper pay! ***GASOLINE PURCHASE MUST BE PAID AT THE PUMP*** You will make... Continue Reading

Random Thoughts About Maritz Gas Station Shops

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Pay with Gasbuddy

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Gas station audit quiz - now I feel really stupid.

I've qualified for and done several unrevealed audits for a couple of companies. They were cakewalks. Then I thought I would give a revealed audit a try. I can't even pass the quiz. Who knew there were so many different kinds of gas pumps and signs?... Continue Reading

Market Force gas station audit

Has anyone done these? I am getting e-mails with premium pay and some seem pretty good. The only thing is I can't see what all it entails so I don't know if it is really that good. If someone who has done them can tell... Continue Reading

Gas station head scratcher comment

This is too funny/odd not to share. Doing a gas station reveal shop, and I take a picture of the drug paraphernalia. Owner sees me taking the picture, and says, "I know we can't have that but I just want to sell the last few things first." (points... Continue Reading

$50 and up plus reimbursement! Gas Stations Mystery Shop + Audit Shops (nationwide)

We have Gas Station Mystery Shops + Audit Shops available throughout the US! This will be an ongoing program, so if you are looking for a steady set of shops that you can create routes for, apply and get started! Shop pay Varies see below and there is a required in-store purchase... Continue Reading

One More Time: Who does gas stations?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Gas prices up to over 4.00

Gas has gone up here for the past 9 days, it is now between 4 and 4.53 per gallon.... Continue Reading

Question on the gas mileage deduction

Does the gas mileage deduction more than make up for the cost of gas?... Continue Reading

BP gas stations audits

Could somebody email me the name of the MSC. That does BP reveal shops I use to do them alot but now can't find them Email address is Continue Reading

That feeling when you get home, are editing photos of a 24-pump gas station, where they all had to be taken at funny angles because there are no numbers on the pumps, and realize you missed one pump photo.

And no, I don't use the app. Cellular data is both expensive and unreliable in rural areas. And no, I am not going back. It's the first run with an old shop with a new company and is even more work than before.... Continue Reading

Gift Cards for Gas Station Purchase

I am getting ready to spend several weekends doing gas station shops. I know if I try to use my personal debit/bank card it will decline it after the 2nd or 3rd small gas purchase. I was thinking of getting a Visa gift card and using that for the gas... Continue Reading

IPSOS Gas Station Audit SVB # on Cure Sheet?

I am doing several of these audits tomorrow. You are supposed to complete the cure sheet and leave behind with the station. At the top of the cure sheet it says SVB # and Visit ID #. Can anyone tell me what exactly these are? I... Continue Reading

$20 Shop Pay - Plus Reimbursement - Gas Station Audits IA and WI

Hello Shoppers! I have hundreds of gas station shops in Iowa and Wisconsin!. There area several consumer audits for a large gas station chain. The shops pay $20 each, plus $8 in reimbursements. To perform the shop you arrive at the location, then perform a basic mystery shop. At that point you... Continue Reading

Gas Station Reveal Shops

Who has done the gas station reveal shops. What are the challenges involved?... Continue Reading

Big Bonus! EASY $40 Gas Station Shops in British Columbia!

If you are interested in these shops please apply at Hi Shoppers! $34 Bonus Just Added! KSS International, Inc. is now scheduling mystery shops at a popular chain of gas stations! Easy 10 minute gas station shops! Includes a GASOLINE purchase, an inside purchase, AND shopper pay! ***GASOLINE PURCHASE MUST BE PAID AT THE... Continue Reading

A question on gas station shops.

If you do a gas station shop for a $10 fee, but you're required to buy gas to complete the shop, would the gas purchase be a write off? You're not reimbursed for the gas, but the purchase is required. Is it a write off?... Continue Reading

Gas station mystery shop question, Can you write off the gas purchase?

One of the gas station mystery shop's pays a $10.00 fee. They do require you to make a gas purchase, but there is no reimbursement for the gas purchase. Can the gas purchase be used as a business deduction, since you are required to purchase the gas for the assignment?... Continue Reading

Gas Station Card Skimmers

I do roughly 50 blue gas stations shops a month. Literally, every 6 months or so my debit card gets compromised during one of these shops due to card skimmers. It happened again today...grrr. I do my best to be proactive (scanning for bluetooth devices before I pump gas, jiggling... Continue Reading

Where are all the gas stations?

I don't see any, except on Maritz. I know this has been asked a million times, but who else has gas stations? (I'm also not seeing any on Marketforce, IPSOS, or Alta360.)... Continue Reading

IPSOS gas station audit

I see that there are a LOT of revealed audits in our area. Wondering how these are? And, anyone that does them, what is the rotation? I have a message into the scheduler, but thought I would ask on here as I am impatient. :)... Continue Reading

New bie question - Gas station audits

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Gas Station Shops - MSCs and Pay?

Looking to possibly branch out and try some of these. I'm not talking about the alcohol check ones (I think North Fork has those the most?), but instead the fill up your tank with gas and maybe get a few dollars reimbursed for an in-store purchase type. Would... Continue Reading

EASY Gas Station Shops Available in British Columbia!

Hi Shoppers! KSS International, Inc. is now scheduling mystery shops at a popular chain of gas stations! Easy 10 minute gas station shops! Includes a GASOLINE purchase, an inside purchase, AND shopper pay! ***GASOLINE PURCHASE MUST BE PAID AT THE PUMP*** You will make a gasoline and a product purchase during your visit at... Continue Reading

$12 Dark Photo Audits for Local Gas Stations No Purchase Necessary!!

We have several Gas station mystery shops around the country! Shop pays $12 • No purchase necessary! • ... Continue Reading

New 76 Gas station audits

I've done many of the 76 mystery shops in the past and they were fairly easy with 2 pictures required. Now I'm seeing these shops that say they are a mystery shop followed by a revealed audit, all for the same price as before. Anyone done these? ... Continue Reading

Gas Station Comments

I am always at a loss for those comments as to "how did you feel" "how likely are you to return" "would you recommend this site to others" etc, etc....I's a gas station. Unless it was the Taj Mahal of stations (and some of them are -- Bucee's comes... Continue Reading

$12 Dark Audits for Local Gas Stations No Purchase Necessary!!

We have several Gas station mystery shops around the country! Shop pays $12 • No purchase necessary! • ... Continue Reading

Are Mobile gas stations still shopped?

Are the Mobile stations still shopped? I did them years ago for a company but do not see them listed on any of my companies now . We still have a lot of them in my area.... Continue Reading

$20 reveal audit at a local Gas Station in LOCKPORT and Crystal Lake, IL!

We have a $20 reveal audit at a local Gas Station to determine if the site is operating in accordance with company standards. Important Requirements: • This visit is a picture reveal audit several photos are required. • All shops are required to be performed during daylight hours. Shops are not to... Continue Reading

Easy Gas station visit: Now includes Vaping Products

Hello Evaluator, We’d like to give you $10, if you can spare a quick 10 minutes? Visit a gas station near you, make a small purchase, and receive $10 pay + $15 reimbursement. Stack your earnings by completing multiple shops at an even higher pay rate. You must be 18-30 years... Continue Reading

Blue gas station shops

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$20 Gas Station Audit Available in Plymouth, WI!

We have a $20 reveal audit at a local Gas Station to determine if the site is operating in accordance with company standards. Important Requirements: • This visit is a picture reveal audit several photos are required. • All shops are required to be performed during daylight hours. Shops are not to be conducted... Continue Reading

Marketforce gas station photos

I assigned myself some gas station mystery shops today. When I was reviewing the guidelines, I noticed that they now want photos to document most 'No' answer. Glad I checked before trotting off to do the shops!... Continue Reading

No longer Available $20 Gas Station Audits Available in Troy,IL!

We have a $20 reveal audit at a local Gas Station to determine if the site is operating in accordance with company standards. Important Requirements: • This visit is a picture reveal audit several photos are required. • All shops are required to be performed during daylight hours. Shops are not to be conducted... Continue Reading

Blue Gas stations.

I set out to do my route .I verified on the web site that the stores still existed and called them for hours. When I got to the city I was working in I learned that Circle K has rebranded all of them to their brand. I called the mystery... Continue Reading

Gas Station Audits

I see audits across different MSCs with various requirements. Some have required convenience store purchaes, some are dark audits, others require coffee purchases. I would love to do routes for Maritz, but I can't seem to get the timing right. Which other MSCs offer audits with bonuses?... Continue Reading

Attn: Gas Station Auditors

I learned something today. Maybe I was the only person who didn't realize this to begin with, but a customer at a station showed me a trick. He was pumping nearby and could see I was taking multiple pictures of the pump across from him. I was... Continue Reading

Maritz non reveal gas shops? Please answer ASAP..on my way shortly to do the shops..

I don't currently have access to my computer and for some reason I have a heck of a time getting my phone to pull up Maritz guidelines. This is for the 5.00 to 6.00 non reveal gas shops..Questions I have are what if receipt at the pump won't print,... Continue Reading

Freaky Night at the Gas Stations – A Three-Part Presentation

Setting: After dark, mystery/reveal audits. Station 1. Me: Walking to my car after taking all photos. Voice behind me: “Excuse me!” Me: Keep walking, don’t turn around. Voice: “EXCUSE ME!!!” Me: turning silently toward the voice which belongs to a lady in a van. Van Lady, accusingly: “Is there a reason you’re taking pictures... Continue Reading

Blue gas evening incentive?

Does anyone know what the evening incentive is on "Evening eligible" blue horse gas? They have different amounts sometimes and the postings don't say what it is. I emailed the MSC about it but it could take a while for a reply. Maybe someone who is already assigned can... Continue Reading

Maritz Yellow Gas Station Shops for 2019?

Has anyone seen any of the Yellow Gas Station shops for 2019 yet? Sometimes they release these early before the end of the year. When I logged in today it asked me the screening questions that it normally does before a new project is released, so I was... Continue Reading

MICHIGAN! BONUSED gas station assignments!

I am reaching out to see if you can assist us with getting these last gas station visits complete for the year. These are all in MI and are bonused. You have to be age 18-30 in order to do these or have to take somebody with you who is... Continue Reading

Green Gas Stations With Coyle???

While performing a "Green" gas station inspection, I talked to a person who identified themselves as another mystery shopper. She saw me taking the photos and my name tag. She asked if I was doing the shop for the new company Coyle. Then she saw the old company's name on... Continue Reading

Gas station shop with Market force?

Just wanted to know around what job fee do you consider fair for the 2 photo gas station shops with this msc?... Continue Reading

Yellow gas stations for Maritz ?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

BONUSED Apartment Shops with Possible Gas/Travel Allowance

I am listing the currently available shops that have bonuses attached to them. I am also open to travel/gas allowance for route shoppers, multiple locations or distance. If you are truly interested in helping with any of the listed zip codes, please message me at You will have to register... Continue Reading

Gas station owner schmoozing levelup

Today I was schmoozed at such a ridiculously high level I couldn’t help but laugh and post about it. After the reveal the owner, a very well dressed gentleman from Dubai (he told me he just arrived off the plane) introduced himself. He followed me around making small talk the... Continue Reading

Marketforce gas shops

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Double reimbursement & pay: Gas Station Visits

Hello Evaluator! Double pay & Double reimbursement!!! Payment is $15 plus up to $15 reimbursement. Route shoppers welcome! These are Gas station audits and are age restricted. To complete solo you will need to be ages 18-30, if you are not ages 18-30 then you can still complete, you will... Continue Reading

green gas stations

Is there a new company dealing with these shops? I took the test did two jobs and have never seen them again with the company I did them with before.... Continue Reading

Field Agent app taking over gas shops

I just saw that this app is apparently going to start gas station shops that require a safety vest. Does anyone know which brand (s?) they are taking? Not thrilled to see this.... Continue Reading

Gas station phone numbers

Of course everyone knows the MSCs have to added a new requirement every time a round of shops come out, but the latest one has me stumped. For a Non=revealed gas shop they put a phone number in one place only and then ask if the phone number is... Continue Reading

Market Force Gas Shop

I had an interesting situation occur with MFI. And have the potential for another interesting one. I performed a MS-Audit at a station in a small town with the correct address. I get another one in the same town but at a different address. When I go to the address, it... Continue Reading

Can any one see gas station shops on Marketforce?

Or did I totally screw up and get banned from them? I'm not seeing one single gas station in SD, NE, WY, KS, CO, OK, or TX.... Continue Reading

Marketforce mobile pay app gas shop

Has anyone done the mobile pay app gas mystery shoo for Marketforce. If so, how difficult or easy was it?... Continue Reading

Marketforce gas station audits

How much work are these?... Continue Reading

October Gas Station evaluations are finally here!

Hello Evaluators! Who is ready for a spook-tacular October? AboutFace has launched all new Gas Station Evaluations. These are now $5 plus your reimbursement up to $7 Route evaluators please email me if you can pickup a route and complete. These evaluations reimburse up to $7.00 plus the $5 evaluation fee!... Continue Reading

$60 Gas station Audit - Immediate completion

Hello Evaluators! *IMMEDIATE COMPLETION NEEDED* Can you help me get these last few Gas shops cleared out, Must make room for new ones! These are now $60 plus your reimbursement up to $7 Route evaluators please email me if you can pickup a route and complete ASAP. These evaluations reimburse up to... Continue Reading

EASY Gas Station Shops Available in British Columbia!

If you are interested in these shops please apply at Hi Shoppers! KSS International, Inc. is now scheduling mystery shops at a popular chain of gas stations! Easy 10 minute gas station shops! Includes a GASOLINE purchase, an inside purchase, AND shopper pay! ***GASOLINE PURCHASE MUST BE PAID AT THE PUMP*** You will make... Continue Reading

$45 Gas station evaluations PLUS reimbursement

Hello evaluators! $45!!!!! This will be the easiest money you could make and the fastest! IMMEDIATE COMPLETION needed We increased evaluator pay for IMMEDIATE completion Make $45 for the easiest & quickest evaluation ever PLUS reimbursement! Route evaluators please email me if you can pickup a route and complete ASAP. These evaluations reimburse up... Continue Reading

Green and white gas shops

I have doing these for years. I was wondering why I have not seen anything, emails or otherwise about the start of the 3rd/4th quarter shops that run through late November? Can anyone clue me in. I have called and receive a person answering that has no information... Continue Reading

fee for reveal gas audits

What do you feel is an acceptable fee for doing a mystery/reveal gas audit?... Continue Reading

Doing reveal gas shop audits for the first time

Can anyone give me some tips on doing reveal gas shop audits. This is my first one and I want to be fully prepared.... Continue Reading

$30 Gas Station Evaluations - Grab them fast! - Contact me directly

Happy SEPTEMBER evaluators! I have lots of new Gas Station evaluations available with an AMAZING evaluator fee! Who wouldn't want to make $30 PLUS reimbursement for a super simple evaluation? Route shoppers welcome! Evaluations reimburse up to $7.00 plus the $30 evaluator fee! Age restrictions do apply, must be: ages 18-30. **If you are NOT within... Continue Reading

Gas station shops

These gas station shops requiring almost a hundred photos are ridiculous. I just did my first six and now I'm getting all kinds of holds. They didn't pay enough in the first place, but I thought that I could knock them out in a day or two. ... Continue Reading

Gas Station shops - Increased shopper pay - immediate completion

Do you or someone you know have 10 minutes to spare? If so, then this is the shop for you! Help us get August wrapped up! These shops reimburse up to $7.00 plus the $12 shop fee (at least 1 compliance item must be purchased). Shops can be completed... Continue Reading

About Face Gas Station

Has anyone done gas station shops for About Face? I have not seen any threads on this particular shop with About Face. It's an alcohol compliance mystery shop at a gas station. General cleanliness inspection of the store and bathroom. Only three pics are required: one of the receipt, one... Continue Reading

Tips on gas station shops/not audits?

I just signed up with the msc that does the 4 to 7 minute gas station shops. I thought this shop seemed okay until it said stay annoymous but wait make sure you make it obvious that you are the shopper by taking a picture of the fuel pumps? What... Continue Reading

Easy Gas station Audits paying $8!

Jancyn have some great gas station audits available in your area. They are easy to do. They take about 20 minutes to complete, even with the questionnaire! Each shop pays $8, plus reimburses $5! . There is no limit to how many you can do! All you have to do... Continue Reading

Gas station Audits paying $8!

Easy gas station compliance shops. You must be between the ages of 18 and 30, or be able to take someone between these ages with you. All you have to do is purchase they required compliance item, check the security tabs on the pumps, and check prices of diesel and... Continue Reading

Switching between reveal vs mystery gas stations

I've heard you have to wait 6 months to switch between a mystery scenario vs revealed for gas stations. Is this true for every client? Is it across the board or just for repeat locations? I can understand that it would be hard to go back and be a... Continue Reading

Gas Station Shops

I'm almost embarrassed to admit that in the 5+ years I've been shopping, I've never done a gas-station shop. That's mostly because they're few and far between in my area, scattered all over the county. Not worth it to try a route of them. (And I am signed up... Continue Reading

How difficult are the gas station mystery shops with audits?

I am going to be traveling today and I see that there is a mystery shop at phillips.conoco,76 with an announced audit. I have complete the shops without the audit. How much more difficult are the audits?... Continue Reading

Calling gas station before shop

I dont normally call to verify a location is open. But I have a MF gas station shop quite a distance away and don't want to drive all that way for $3 if they are closed. Does anyone call to verify a location is open and what do you ask to... Continue Reading

10/$10 Gas Station shops - ask me about this promo - GA, MS, OK & VA

HELLO EVALUATORS! HAPPY JULY!!!!! Do you or someone you know have 10 minutes to spare? If so, then these are the shops for you! Are you ready for the easiest and quickest Gas Station shop? These shops reimburse up to $7.00 plus the $7 shop fee (at least 1 compliance item... Continue Reading

Gas Station Audits up to $20!

Good evening! Alta360 Research has a new gas station audit that we are running! We have increased these to $20 (they were originally at $7) and are looking to get these last locations filled and completed by Monday, July 9th! Can you help? Here are some of the client requirements for... Continue Reading

July Gas Station shops are here! Tons of locations: GA, MS, OK & VA

HELLO SHOPPERS! HAPPY JULY!!!!! Do you or someone you know have 10 minutes to spare? If so, then these are the shops for you! Are you ready for the easiest and quickiest Gas Station shop? These shops reimburse up to $7.00 plus the $7 shop fee (at least 1 compliance item... Continue Reading

Blue Gas Station "potential Bias" Email

I do a handful or two of these jobs each month. Last month and again a week ago I received a form letter warning me of potential bias. Obviously, I missed something or am miss-applying a guideline so I asked the MSC for more info to ensure the mistake doesn't... Continue Reading

EASY Gas Station Shops Available in British Columbia!

If you are interested in these shops please apply at Hi Shoppers! KSS International, Inc. is now scheduling mystery shops at a popular chain of gas stations! Easy 10 minute gas station shops! Includes a GASOLINE purchase, an inside purchase, AND shopper pay! You will make a gasoline and a product purchase... Continue Reading

green gas "visual standards job"

i've noticed that you can double dip at green gas stations, as they have the regular quarter 2 shops, and also a "visual standards" shop. what's the visual standard like? easy?... Continue Reading

Gas station Audits paying $8!

Jancyn have some great gas station audits available in your area. They are easy to do. They take about 20 minutes to complete, even with the questionnaire! Each shop pays $8, plus reimburses $5! . There is no limit to how many you can do! All you have to do... Continue Reading

Urgent gas station mystery shop needed ASAP

Help needed! Gas Station Mystery Shops must be completed on or before Sunday, June, 24th! These shops typically pay at $6 each. Due to the urgency, it is now paying $30. It is free to sign up and shop for us at: . Once you sign... Continue Reading

Dear Green Gas Station Shopper - Important "Green" Updates

I just saw an Email from the MSC that handles the "Green" gas stations. Apparently, some shoppers are treating their shops like "white glove audits". The Email shows pictures of the pumps that were deemed dirty. Has anyone else received this E-mail? I'm wondering why the MSC does not investigate its own... Continue Reading

Maritz gas shops that are car washes (shops rejected)

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"Surveys" following gas station shops...

In the last two days, I've received 3 surveys from MF, each attached to a gas station shop or audit that I recently performed. I do remember checking that box on the report, there any remuneration attached to these? If not, what's the point?... Continue Reading

Maritz Badge for Green Gas

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Maritz Yellow Gas Station Editors Don't Know How to Do Their Job

I've been shopping yellow gas stations for almost two years now and recently JLS has been putting them on hold for not including photos of the diesel pumps. It clearly states in the guidelines NOT to evaluate diesel only pumps. I clearly mention in the report that the missing fueling... Continue Reading

Gas prices and loss of profit

Anyone else out there frustrated with the current gas prices? Does anyone know if any MSCs are helping us out with this - just a few bucks for gas expense? Gas prices in my area are $3.00/gallon - that’s $1.00 more than just 6-8 months ago.... Continue Reading

$9-19 Mystery Shops and Audits at Gas Stations in Iowa and Texas!

Looking for shoppers travelling within Iowa and Texas between today and Thursday May 31st for easy Gas Station Mystery Shops and Audits! Bonuses available on all shops! Interested? Email me at Locations: Harlan IA Webster City IA Baird TX Big Spring TX Ranger TX Roscoe TX Winters TX... Continue Reading

Interactions with Gas Station Attendants

I used to tweet the stupid stuff I come across at gas stations because they’re so funny. I think it would be fun to start a tread here that people can contribute to. I’ll start: 1) Me (cheerfully as always): Hi, I’m here for your (brand) evaluation. Surly, angsty,... Continue Reading

Bonus Added! Gas Station Mystery Shops and Audits in Baird, Big Springs, Ranger, Roscoe & Winters TX!

Intouch Insight is looking for interested shoppers to complete Mystery Shops and Audits at Convenience Stores in Iowa. These assignment is very easy to complete! For the Mystery shops you will be required to make a small purchase of your choice and evaluate the service at the location.... Continue Reading

Bonus Added! Gas Station Mystery Shops and Audits in Harlan & Webster City IA

Intouch Insight is looking for interested shoppers to complete Mystery Shops and Audits at Convenience Stores in Iowa. These assignment is very easy to complete! For the Mystery shops you will be required to make a small purchase of your choice and evaluate the service at the location.... Continue Reading

Quick & Easy Gas Station shops - Many locations - Route Shoppers welcome

If you or someone you know is ready for a SUPER easy and quick shop contact me ASAP to get assigned! --->Anyone can now apply for the Gas Station shops but you MUST have someone who is within the age limits (18-30 tobacco & 21-30 alcohol) to complete the purchase... Continue Reading

MF Gas Station ....

I have not done one of these in a few months but the guidelines now say "purchase $3 in gas" where it used to be "you must buy 2 gallons of gas" I am curious if this is new? I was out of the loop on the gas stations for... Continue Reading

Gas station shops -- what a horror!

Good grief. Each report taking over an hour, as I wait....and wait...and wait for photos to download one % at a glad only did 4 of these yesterday! Left at noon, back by 6 PM....but I've put in over 3 hours on the reports....and I'm just on... Continue Reading

Maritz gas station audit -printing report?

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Shell gas audits

I am still reading the requirements for this audit. It is so involved with multple pictures of many, many items including both the womens and men's rest rooms. The pay is really not sufficient for the amount of work that it appears to require. I do another... Continue Reading

Gas Station shops - ANY AGE - Can you help

Do you or someone you know have 10 minutes to spare? If so, then this is the shop for you! Are you ready for an easy and quick Gas Station audit? These shops reimburse up to $7.00 plus the $5 shop fee (at least 1 compliance item must be purchased).... Continue Reading

Maritz Gas Shops

I do a gas station/convenience store shop for ACL. Gas and food reimbursements are $10 each. Maritz has some of the same gas stations. Since I am doing one for ACL tomorrow, I wanted to double dip with Maritz. Unfortunately, the Maritz shops are weeks out. Since... Continue Reading

SC and GA: Now Recruiting for Quick Gas Station Customer Service Evaluations and Audits

Intouch Insight is now looking for interested and available shoppers to perform simple customer service evaluations an/or audits at a popular gas station chain. These shops require you to make a reimbursable purchase of a particular item and give us the feedback on the product, cleanliness and service within the... Continue Reading

MCX and Green gas shops. Have they gone away?

The Green gas shops general post this time of year for POP shops, Has MCX lost this customer? If they have any hints who has them?... Continue Reading

Maritz Gas Quiz HELP!!

So, I'm taking this 27 question long required quiz for my gas shop (which is extremely tricky, I might add!) and I'm on my last try out of 3. The last question reads as follows: Q27: 27. It is OK to refer back to the photo for each dispenser for the... Continue Reading

Maritz "Blue" Gas Stations

As I shop these gas stations, I notice that many problems that I've identified on the debrief are still there. Although I have no problem with seeing them, I notice that especially with the "quarterly" shops, the issues remain long term. I've also noticed how some of the shops seem to... Continue Reading

gas station shop/audit

I've never done a xx shop but there are a whole lot of them with some very nice bonuses. First, they sent out an email saying everyone should get certified, but then tonight another email came out saying forget about that - take as many as you want lol. The... Continue Reading

Gas Station shops - ANY AGE - lots of locations AL, AR, FL, LA & MS

If you or someone you know is ready for a SUPER easy and quick shop contact me ASAP to get assigned! --->Anyone can now apply for the Gas Station shops but you MUST have someone who is within the age limits (18-30 tobacco & 21-30 alcohol *please note that ALABAMA... Continue Reading

Maritz "Blue" Gas Staions

Here's a new one for me: I have my typical monthly "Blue" gas stations and then some quarterly add-ons. Meaning - I have both the monthly gas stations and the ones that are only done every 3 months. In the past, the quiz had to be taken twice - one for the... Continue Reading

EASY Gas Stations Shops! Fuel Reimbursement, Inside Purchase, Plus Pay! - British Columbia

If you are interested in these shops please apply at Hi Shoppers! KSS International, Inc. is now scheduling mystery shops at a popular chain of gas stations! ***Please note -- these shops may NOT be conducted prior to Tuesday, April 3rd*** Easy 10 minute gas station shops! Includes a GASOLINE purchase, an inside... Continue Reading

Gas shops in KY

I am looking for route shoppers to do 3 gas +food shops in Elkhorn City, W. Liberty and Phelps, KY! There is a $25 reimbursement and $5 bonus on each shop. If you can do all 3, there is a $10 bonus on the last shop. Please contact me right... Continue Reading

Maritz Gas Station Shop - Limits?

Can someone remind me - there was a discussion not too long ago that mentioned the limit of self-assign shops on the Maritz website...anyone know what the number is? I had a large bundle of one type of shops accepted (two receipts, no pics), and when the blue and red... Continue Reading

Do you have 10 minutes to spare? Quick Gas Station Shops

Do you or someone you know have 10 minutes to spare? If so, then this is the shop for you! Are you ready for an easy and quick Gas Station audit? These shops reimburse up to $7.00 plus the $7 shop fee (at least 1 compliance item must be purchased).... Continue Reading

7pm- 9 pm gas station shops

Has any one done these shops for MF before it was dark? With the time change, sun won’t set complete until after 8.... Has anyone done these prior to sun setting and if so was your shop approved? I asked my scheduler when she told me the times... Continue Reading

Quick & Easy Gas Station shops in Louisiana

Who is ready for a SUPER easy and quick shop? If that is you, contact me ASAP to get assigned! Purchase a Tobacco/alcohol (depending on the assigned compliance item) product of your choice without having your ID visible at the time of purchase, obtain a receipt, take a photo and... Continue Reading

Quick & Easy Gas Station shops in Mississippi

Who is ready for a SUPER easy and quick shop? If that is you, contact me ASAP to get assigned! Purchase a Tobacco/alcohol (depending on the assigned compliance item) product of your choice without having your ID visible at the time of purchase, obtain a receipt, take a photo and... Continue Reading

Quick & Easy Gas Station shops in Florida

Who is ready for a SUPER easy and quick shop? If that is you, contact me ASAP to get assigned! Purchase a Tobacco/alcohol (depending on the assigned compliance item) product of your choice without having your ID visible at the time of purchase, obtain a receipt, take a photo and... Continue Reading

Quick & Easy Gas Station shops in Alabama

Who is ready for a SUPER easy and quick shop? If that is you, contact me ASAP to get assigned! Purchase a Tobacco/alcohol (depending on the assigned compliance item) product of your choice without having your ID visible at the time of purchase, obtain a receipt, take a photo and... Continue Reading

Quick & Easy Gas Station shop in Arkansas

Who is ready for a SUPER easy and quick shop? If that is you, contact me ASAP to get assigned! Purchase a Tobacco/alcohol (depending on the assigned compliance item) product of your choice without having your ID visible at the time of purchase, obtain a receipt, take a photo and make... Continue Reading

Shell gas stations

I have never done a reveal gas station before today, but took the plunge because there are some decent bonuses in my area. Anyways, I read through all the materials and searched this forum for related threads as well. I feel fairly stupid because even though they provide dozens of... Continue Reading

EASY! Gas Station Audit (state locations: AL, AR, FL, LA & MS)

Do you or someone you know have 10 minutes to spare? If so, then this is the shop for you! Are you ready for an easy and quick Gas Station audit? These shops reimburse up to $7.00 plus the $5 shop fee (at least 1 compliance item must be purchased).... Continue Reading

Gas Station Route Shopping - Credit Card Issues?

Those of you who shop gas station routes that require the $5 or 2 gallon purchases, how do you manage your pay-at-the-pump issues? Generally, after 4 or 5 stops, my credit card will stop letting me pay at the pump. I can switch to my debit card, and my PayPal... Continue Reading

Why No Purchase Reimbursement for Gas Station Food Audits for Alta 360?

I noticed that you MUST make a purchase for the food audits at gas stations but they do not reimburse you for it. Why is that?... Continue Reading

Gas shops in KY

Need gas? Traveling through eastern Kentucky? I have some great gas station shops just for you! A Closer Look is seeking shoppers with an eye for details and the ability to take and upload digital photos to complete these shops for us.*$25 fixed reimbursement*Solo shoppers preferred*Route shopping ok for qualified... Continue Reading

Help Needed Immediately, $35 Gas Station Audit!!

Help needed until Friday, the 23rd! –RUSH BONUS! Gas station audits due on or before Friday, the 23rd! These audits normally pay $16 each, but due to the urgency, the shop fee has been increased to $35! It is free to sign up and shop for us at: [] .... Continue Reading

Gas shops in KY

Hello Shoppers! A Closer Look is looking for shoppers to complete Gas+Alcohol and Gas+Food shops! You may conduct this shop alone (shopper must be 21 or older), or you may take a maximum of 1 adult guest (21 or over) with you. No children are allowed. What to Purchase (check your... Continue Reading

improvements to the crazy chicken and gas station mystery shops

chicken place: more menu options to choose from. survey also easier than before(already easy, but even better now) gas station: instead of 2 gallon minimum, it's a 3 dollar minimum :)... Continue Reading

Gas Station Audit (state locations: AL, AR, FL, LA & MS) new incentive added

AboutFace has Gas Station Compliance Audits available. These shops reimburse up to $7.00 plus the shop fee. They are super easy and fun. These shops do have age restrictions. Please contact me for further details at or sign up/log into your AboutFace shopper account to check out our open... Continue Reading

Gas Station Audits Need to be filled IMMEDIATELY!! Increased to $30 per audit!!

Help needed until Monday, the 5th! –RUSH BONUS! Gas station audits due on or before Monday the 5th! These audits normally pay $10 each, but due to the urgency, the shop fee has been increased to $30! It is free to sign up and shop for us at: Continue Reading

Are Holiday gas stations shopped?

I haven’t seen anyone mention the brand on here and I’m curious. I’m trying to find MSCs that offer non-reveal gas station shops in the Midwest.... Continue Reading

Gas station/c-store mystery shop, AND several gas station audits - Bonused! CO/AZ/NM

Anyone live or going through Northeast AZ/Southwest CO/Northwest NM this week? We have some gas station audits, and one gas station mystery shop (WhiteCone, AZ) left to be filled, and they are all bonused! The mystery shop has a $28 bonus on it, and the audits all have a $7... Continue Reading

What is with all the "Late Night" Gas Station shops??

I mean, I appreciate that the fee is a few dollars higher, but I would much rather be able to make a quick route during the daytime than click on all of these shops only to see "this is a Late Night Mystery Shop" ...ugh. Never Mind! I guess I... Continue Reading

Mileage/gas for tax purposes

Can I claim gas as an expense on my taxes as a mystery shopper? I have multiple receipts of fuel usage, is that enough, or do I have to be more detailed....for example, the shop is 25 miles away so I purchased 2 gallons of unleaded?... Continue Reading

what makes shell the worst gas station to do?

i've always done the other stations, but stayed clear of shell's due to all the negative feedback i've read on here over the years. i haven't read anything in awhile though, and honestly, i can't quite remember what it was in the first place, but in the back of... Continue Reading

The end of gas station routes?

Should the proposed 2018 tax law get ramrodded through Congress and signed by the current occupant of the Oval Office, I see some major changes in my shopping routines (as well as my driving for Uber and Lyft, but that's another story for a totally different website). It's my understanding that... Continue Reading

Utility vest for Bp gas audits

Where do I buy this?... Continue Reading

Maritz Gas station audits

What is the difference between "Audit" and "Mystery shop with reveal" type of shops. I took a "Mystery shop with reveal" type which was paying much less then audit and after accepting it realized they are more or less the same with almost equal amount of work. Thoughts ?... Continue Reading

MF gas station shops

All the gas station shops have disappeared in my entire area, anyone else have this issue? Please don’t mention the brand thanks... Continue Reading

Question for "gas route" shoppers

I'm so curious. How do you do so many gas stations in a route? What do you do when you get that next station and you can't fit in $5 more gas? :) I see quite a few in my county but don't see it as being possible.... Continue Reading

California mystery shoppers: How will the increased gas tax affect you?

California will increase its gas tax by $0.12/gallon on November 1st, 2017 (tomorrow). How will this affect you? Will you be doing more or less shops? Will you be asking and negotiating for more bonus amount added to your shop?... Continue Reading

Market Force Gas Stations

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Maritz Gas station audit photos

Hi, I am new to Maritz and applied for my first gas station audit. I got a call from the scheduler and i was asked to send them any photo of size(600 x 800) . I said them i will send them soon but when i looked at my mobile i... Continue Reading

Gas station Revealed

Im considering doing a route of 3-4 revealed gas station shops. How intense are these?... Continue Reading

Gas station audit

Hello seasoned shoppers... It has been a while since I did an audit, I usually decline. But, today my scheduler who also knows how much I am skiddish with the audits asked if I would do one. I appreciate all the shops this scheduler gets me so I... Continue Reading

was given wrong town for maritz gas station...

so they put the right address, but wrong town in their listing. i assigned the shop yesterday, and found a few other little jobs to do in the town to make it worth it. if it was my first stop of the day, i'd have google mapped it,... Continue Reading

Gas Stations

I know this is a rookie question but I am thinking about expanding and starting gas station audits. My question is, how often are gas stations audited? Mostly interested in Exxon, Shell and BP.... Continue Reading

Anyone else not able to give away any Sunoco gas cards?

Well, my week is wrapping up and I'm 11 for 11 on gas card giveaway being a big 0 right now. Many of these stations didn't have a scrap of advertising materials, and even though I have a vest, the proper shirt and pants, and my own hat (I had... Continue Reading

Are Chev-Tex gas stations disappearing in your area?

I have noticed, in the past few months, many of these gas stations have either changed to a different brand or have shut down completely. Is it just my area or is it happening everywhere?... Continue Reading

Gas Apps

Hi, Currently I use Eyes On, Secret Shopper, Presto, and MaritzCX apps. Does anyone know if there are other apps that work with gas station shops? Thanks in advance!... Continue Reading

Not doing the gas shops again.

I completed 4 gas station shops for MF last week. I probably should have just started with one to see how I liked them. I pretty much hated them. It is super hard to take the picture of the station and the sign at some of the super busy and... Continue Reading

What do you buy with the $1 product reimbursement for the required inside purchase at a gas station?

I am trying to find a useful item to purchase. Not interested in soda or candy. Any suggestions?... Continue Reading

For gas stations, do you actually check the water and air?

I'm considering doing a gas station mystery shop. I am to check the water and air and see if they work. The guidelines state most stations do not charge more than 50 cents, and I won't be reimbursed for the cost. Where I live, many stations charge... Continue Reading

Maritz gasoline shop with wrong time on receipt!

Today I completed a gasoline shop and was in and out of the station well within the required time part. It wasn't until I came home and looked at the receipts to upload them, that I noticed the receipts were one hour ahead of the correct time, putting me out... Continue Reading

Maritz gasoline shops

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Maritz Gas Audit fuel types

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

mf gas shops

When completing the MF gas station shops ($5 reimbursement $8 pay) do you just get the two required gallons of gas? Do you ever feel weird only asking for that much gas? Can we get gas in a gas can instead of in a vehicle?... Continue Reading

Gas station attendant told me to come back tomorrow!

I went to a local station to do a BP audit. I handed the attendant the letter and he asked what it was for. That is not all that unusual. I explained that it just entailed a few pictures and then I would be out of his way. He laid... Continue Reading

Gas Station Audits

Does anyone know which mystery shopping company is now doing the Red-White and Blue gas station audits?... Continue Reading

Marketforce gas station shops

I saw a ton of the marketforce gas station shops posted the other day in my area. $5 reimbursement and $8 fee. Nothing to exciting but I was thinking that they might be worth it if I was traveling to another area for a different shop anyways. Most of them... Continue Reading

Blue gas station and the Plenti program

As many blue gas shops that I do on a monthly basis, I am curious to know if anyone has taken advantage of enrolling in the Plenti rewards program and using the card during your shops. I have never read anything from the MSC stating this would be any type... Continue Reading

MF gas mystery shop w/audit

These shops pay 50 cents more than the mystery shop. Can anyone tell me what the audit portion of these shops entail. Doesn't seem as though it would be worth 50 cents to expose myself, as a shopper.that is.... Continue Reading

who has these gas stations?

[b]This forum's guidelines state "Do not reveal the clients of mystery shopping companies". Please do not ask members to break guidelines/agreements. - Admin[/b]... Continue Reading

Gas station MS-CC apps, name tags and "authorized" shirts

I did three gas station MS last week and I swear I couldn't find CC apps inside two of the three stores. There was so much merchandise all over the counter, I don't know if I just missed them or if they were behind something or if they really weren't... Continue Reading

What is involved witht the revealed mystery shop gas station shops?

Hey All; I'm curious what the mystery shop with reveal $8-12 gas station shops for the big MSC involve... there are a number of these here for both the yellow and blue stations nicely bonused. These aren't the audits... and they aren't the no photo quick ones that go fast. It... Continue Reading

Anyone else having problems with new Gas Audits for MF?

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Chevron gas shops

I had always paid my $5 purchase in cash. Now was told that when the fast pay option is available at gas pump, must use a gift card and not a credit card to pay for that $5 gas purchase. I can use cash only if the fast pay option... Continue Reading

Yellow Gas Stations

In reviewing the latest round of shops for the "Yellow" gas stations, I found this question: Was an EPOS handheld available? Maybe I missed it on the latest Shopper Guide, but I cannot find any reference to this. I'm assuming it probably is a handheld scanner at the counter. Anyone have any... Continue Reading

What MSCs offer Gas station shops?

I'm currently signed up with Maritz, Stericycle, and Marketforce. Any MSC's I've missed?... Continue Reading

First Gas Station MS: Water and Air hose check?

I took the plunge and signed up for my first MS at a gas station, Chevron. It is the mystery shop, not audit. I quickly looked over the lengthy directions last night and the only area that makes me feel anxious is the water/air hose question. First of all, I... Continue Reading

Maritz Yellow Gas Shops--Photo Requirements?

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Maritz Gas Shops a waste of time?

Hi, I've been doing Maritz gas shops for about 5 months now (probably done about 50). I just started timing the visits and the report for the blue and white shops. I'm starting to realize that the reports are taking a good 40-50 minutes to upload. You need to upload a... Continue Reading

Gas station audits

I have been looking at the posts on these audits and have decided this is something I would be interested in doing. I am asking for tips on how these are done. I am not asking for any MSC that has these nor am I asking for chains these are... Continue Reading

Cancelled gas station shops. Way too much instructions

I applied for some gas station shops. Then I saw it included over 60 pages of instructions. The shops only pay around $15 each. What are these people thinking? LOL... Continue Reading

Maritzs gas stations

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Valero gas station audits

How do you find who does the Valero station audits? Anyone know?... Continue Reading

Gas station shops

Can someone please explain the differences between various gas station shops. I see there are mystery shops, ms with reveal, and audit. What are the main components of each? What are the pros and cons of each?... Continue Reading

Maritz New Gas Station Limits

OMG I am so so upset. Did anyone see the email that just came out from Maritz about the Blue Gas stations. I am so devastated because I do these shops in routes and usually travel. So I have no clue what I am going to do... Continue Reading

Maritz CX app flow *gas station*

I finally did my first (green) gas station with the app. I really can't think of a worse way to organize these shops. Maritz, if you are reading this, please let us give you some constructive suggestions. Could you please let us do one receipt right after another? The way... Continue Reading

Point me in the right direction for new banks and gas stations?

I've realized out here in farm country, I end up traveling about an hour or 90 minutes one way to get the best work. So, along the way... there seems to be no shortage of gas stations and banks. I am signed up with 80+ companies and I get... Continue Reading

CR gas station shops.

Has anyone else noticed in their area that this companies gas station shop are getting less. For instance in my area they used to have 6 different shops in the town now they're down to one. They seem to be cutting back in a lot of the surrounding towns. Didn't... Continue Reading

How often do your MaritzCX Gas shops "Require Clarification"

Just wondering, how often does Maritz find a problem with your evaluation and send you back to the gas station to take more photos? It seems are pretty large number of my shops (around 30% - 40%) are returned by Maritz and require follow up visits.... Continue Reading

The Gas Station Attendants Are Getting Plenty PO'ed!

Does anyone else have this scenario? After performing the gas station shop for the flying horse gas station, I am supposed to award the employee if they ask about the rewards card. Since the program started, I've had days where I've not awarded anything and on other days I might have... Continue Reading

Can anyone help me on a "cardlock" location gas shop?

I'm confused. I have confirmed with the MSC that I'm to shop the location as a "cardlock" location. Do I have this right? I get gas, take a photo of the MID (price sign), a photo from across the street, and I'm DONE? It seems...wrong, somehow. If you're not comfortable answering... Continue Reading

Maritz help, gas station again!

Guys, Hi, I need some help please. I am doing the station that pays like 6/5/1 and is mystery shopped. For the water and air thingie, it says in the guidelines I might have to pay 50 cents or so. What do you guys do? How do you check for water and air. I... Continue Reading

Streamlined gas station audit, 20 minutes or less

I do a lot of gas station audits and have got them down to about 17 minutes on site, then maybe 15-20 minutes at home to fill out the information and upload photos. First, I've made my own one page form that has room for three shops, saving me... Continue Reading


I knew this was going to be a train wreck when I accepted these BUT I get the following message from QC.....the photos in your report are unclear and/or taken from a distance such that some of the necessary details cannot be seen. Please upload clear main station sign... Continue Reading

REd/White Gas Stations

Does anyone know what company does the gas stations that are red and white.... I've searched every where. I have a lot popping up in my area and would love to do some of them.... Continue Reading

Yellow Gas Stations and Their Editors

Some times these editors can be so confusing. I accept that my photos submitted may be off one way or the other. I take more photos than necessary just in case more are needed. But........ When I take for instance a forecourt photo, I include all of the pumps, shot at... Continue Reading

Be aware - photo needed for Maritz gas station with timer

I visited a Pegasus gas station that had the canopy and perimeter lights on a timer. This is new - a photo in now needed for both. Last year if the attendant didn't know haw to turn the lights on of if they were on a timer a response of... Continue Reading

Maritz gas station "dark audits" - what are they like?

Are they really "fast and easy" as Maritz claims? I'm looking at one that's just a 10-minute walk from my house, worth it for $9 or should I wait/ask for it to be bonused?... Continue Reading

Gas does anyone know which company

I need help finding gas station shops....please... Continue Reading

Gas Staion Shops

I am wondering about gas station shops. After reading the 30 some odd page directions for some some shops it seemed to me it was a hell of a lot of work for 5.00 of gas and 8.00 or 10.00 bucks. There are tons around me. Am I missing something,... Continue Reading

Gas stations

Hello, I have done gas station mystery shops for Market Force. I had one last night that had to be done 7 -9 PM. I got email from Maritz today regarding gas station routes. Has anybody done these and how is it?... Continue Reading

Gas prices

Just a friendly PSA: Gas prices might be low now, but if you have any friends who are thinking of buying gas-guzzlers, this might be a good time to remind them that gas prices won't stay this low forever. That truck might hurt the wallet in a few years, even if... Continue Reading

Steri gas shop bonuses?

I know my way around most of the other gas shop MSC's but I've never worked for Steri. Seeing as I never take a gas shop at face value, is there a process to getting Steri to add incentives to take whole routes? I never see or hear of them... Continue Reading

Maritz Bundle Gas Station Audits

I do a lot of out-of-town gas station audits over a range of sometimes 200 miles one way. Maritz bundles the shops in routes of 2 to 45 or 50 stations. An example of one route was about 30 gas stations in my hometown and the other 15 or 20... Continue Reading

Martiz - Changing Dates for gas station shops

Anyone know if there's a way to change the date of some Maritz gas station shops? I've picked up some last minute ff shops and I could pick up several more gas station shops because they are on my way. Only problem is that I need to move... Continue Reading

Gas Station Shops

Citgo V Marathon... I've tried reading through the forum searches a little. I was hoping to get some in site. I see a ton of both of these in my rural area. I'm not a "new" shopper, however, I am newish to the world outside of fast food and groceries.... Continue Reading

Stericycle Gas Stations

I've been doing these almost a year now and I know that some gas stations it says do not have a public bathroom on the property details section about the shop, but then you go to the station and it does have the bathroom. I've done this one station now... Continue Reading

MF gas station mystery shop - oopsie!

I completely spaced and didn't bring cash with me on a MarketForce gas station (non-reveal) shop. Got to the counter, opened my wallet and said a couple of expletives in my head. Oopsie. I completed the shop with my debit card (which produced an automatic receipt instead of asking for... Continue Reading

Those Maritz Gas Stations

Maybe it is a rant, maybe it is not. I did a yellow gas station this month where the attendant asked me why I gave them a disappointing review in the last shop performed. Of course I am not supposed to talk about that topic with anyone at the station.... Continue Reading

*gasp* They lowered the fee on audits!

I noticed that one type of audit, the one where you may be on your feet in a retail store up to three hours while pricing items and/or performing ADA verification, has a new and lower fee. The new fee is $24. Recently, the initial fee was $25.... Continue Reading

Maritz Revealed gas station audit

Has anyone done one? Multiple pictures required - Twenty needed. 72 taken with Nikon camera with 640x480 which is what they required. So, now 3 pictures don't meet their standards. At midnight they sent the message saying there is 24 hrs to fix the problem. Question: has anyone else had... Continue Reading

Skimmers at gas stations

I just saw an article about skimmers on two of my regular gas route pumps. I use almost exclusively gas gift cards for my evals so I'm not that concerned but it makes me wonder why the MSCs/clients haven't started training us in skimmer detection and made it part of... Continue Reading

Gas station shop with photos & reveal

I just saw one of these posted right by my house but have no idea what it entails. It looks like I can't read the details until after I assign the shop. The pay is $12.50 but I have no clue what all it involves. Any advice... Continue Reading

Should I get the full gas reimbursement or not?

I have completed a gas station shop recently and wanted to hear if some of you had experienced silimiar situations before. The shop was a up to $20 gas reimbursement plus $6 in store purchase and the MSC wanted both charges on the same receipt. I arrived at the gas... Continue Reading

Did MF just 2X the work for the same pay re gasoline shops?

The first 7 MF jobs I did were $8/$5 for a gas station mystery shop where it's required to buy 2 gallons of gas and 1 item for $1.00+. Now it seems the same job has an additional revealed audit with another form and multiple photos for the same pay. Am... Continue Reading

Maritz gas station shops

Is it just me or does Maritz have some of the worst organized gas station shops? There's always 15 different documents to download, some of that is updates (why didn't they go to the original guide and update it there?) and then the questions that you print out often aren't... Continue Reading

Gas Station Spotting-Due tomorrow, Scheduler not responding

I signed up to do a bunch of gas station spottings in my area tomorrow through Intelli, I signed up for them last Tuesday. I have yet to receive any of the stuff needed to do them, and have received no response to my emails about that. The scheduler also... Continue Reading

MS + Revealed Gas Audit - Worth Fee?

Is the Two Number gas station mystery shop followed by Revealed audit worth the $8+5? I've recently did a few of the locations when they were MS only shops and not sure if it's worth exposing myself on the Revealed audit as it may cause me to be more recognizable... Continue Reading

Booked for a gas shop that had no fuel pumps!!!

I accepted a shop that was a 3 hour round trip. I called the location to make sure they were open. Upon arrival the station had ripped out the pumps a year ago and was no longer branded. They did have all the promotional materials they were stockpiling. Employee said Fedex... Continue Reading

Should GasBuddy be told.

I did three debranding assignments recently for local gas stations that have dropped their BP affiliation. I see GasBuddy still shows 2 of them as BP stations. It's no skin off my nose since I don't use BP gas, but I think the general public should be made aware... Continue Reading

MF gas shops questionaire

Has anyone noticed that you can't print the details for a shop until you take the quiz? I keep getting disqualified, because I've been guessing. The note on the fail page says not to contact them for resets, which I've already done once. I don't want to be obnoxious. Help?... Continue Reading

Finding Gas Station Shops

I would like to do some gas station shops in NY. I'm signed up with about 60 companies. I would rather not continue to spread my Social Security number around further without finding gas station shops once I'm on the site. Thank you for any info.... Continue Reading

Can anyone access their August gas station paperwork for Maritz CX?

My monthly gas station shops are supposed to have the reports available for viewing at the latest by the day before the shops starts. Tomorrow is August 1st but I am still getting the "There was an error loading the eval." message when I try to access each shop... Continue Reading

Gas Station Audits - How Have the Assignements Changed Since 2012-13?

During the period of 2012-2013, I performed several hundred gas station audits for MF and Maritz, in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Now I plan on returning to do these shops. Is it still possible to perform long routes for MF, picking up the bonused $50 shops? Or is there... Continue Reading

SHOP FEEDBACK PLEASE: Corp Research Intl Gas station shops??

Are they revealed or not revealed??? The shop fee is ??? Pics are required??? Asking because none of this is revealed until after you take their quiz which I don't want to bother with depending on the answers to my questions above. Why don't they explain everything upfront ???? Many Thanks,... Continue Reading

I could not be the gas station auditor as I am not over 70.

I could not be the gas station auditor as I am not over 70. That's what a manager told me right after he sent the cashier to the back to put a shirt over the nonapproved one to be ready for her picture (of course, that will be commented... Continue Reading

gas stations

Is the company still handling gas stations? Have not seen any of these gas stations for awhile with that company.... Continue Reading

Whats the Transgender Bathroom controversity going to do to our gas shops?

Do we need to check the Men's Women's, Both? Neither? Everybodys? Please take a photo of the signs so we can see if the station is politically correct. This who this has gotten so out of hand and emotional I can see clients going crazy too.... Continue Reading

MARKET FORCE: Gas station shops-your valued feedback please

Never did one before and wondered about taking the two required pics and read about shopper confrontations with owners, so, how awkward is it taking these pics??? And what needs to be photographed?? Also, do you have to pay only with a credit or debit card to prove payment... Continue Reading

How do gas stations get away with this?

Putting this here instead of the mystery shop forum because the question isn't really about the mystery shop, itself. Pretty much any gas station has us check for drug paraphrenalia. Up until today, I have seen the odd item in a station very rarely. So today, and not... Continue Reading

ever had a gas station shop held for internal review?

i've had a few maritz holds, but never like this one where it doesn't give me anything to fix. if it happened to you before, was it eventually approved?... Continue Reading

Gas station shops

I have done mystery shops for gas stations. You take a few pics, check everything out, buy some gas, buy something inside and report back. This was for $9. I have done several. So, I sign up for them again, only to find out it includes an audit and many... Continue Reading

Red, White, and Blue Gas Station Shops

Does anyone know if Maritz is still contracted for the Red, White, and Blue gas station shops? There have not been any posted for about a month.... Continue Reading

Questioned by public about gas station audit photos

I have had two incidences while taking photos for gas station audits where someone has approached me, one angrily and one extra strange, to ask what I was doing. As if it isn't obvious that I'm there in a professional capacity. I make sure that I'm dressed in business casual,... Continue Reading

Gas Station Audit-A Story

I had my first taste of negotiations with a gas station audit in a kinda away or in between civilizatiion setting, but just off an interstate. The MSC called me and asked for a price: I responded, "$20". I knew I could pick up another MS-Audit at another station... Continue Reading

Gas station audit for $9!!!

So the fees have not been increased, still have to make 2 purchases and they threw in an audit, same fee. The instructions are 33 pages long. My lesson is to just not assume that they would be the same as last month and I should have known... Continue Reading

Gas Station Purchases - What small items do you buy?

For the gas station shops that require a small purchase inside the store, what sort of things do you buy? I have several coming up, and with gas prices being what they are, buying 2 gallons of gas and buying something inside the store for a total of $5 will... Continue Reading

Ideas for Maritz bank and gasoline shops? A friend's boss had a massive heart attack and now she's unemployed.

I met a young kid working at the Food Bank about a year ago because she feel's its her job to make the World a better place. Today she was working there, I asked her "why you here today?" she said "My boss died Sunday night of a heart... Continue Reading

The Old CRI and those Yellow and Blue gas shops( I think I give up)

Has anyone had any problems with this company's new and apparently only editor? I have done almost 2000 of these jobs for this company and only recently be given reports back because a lack of overall comments at the end of the surveys. I am being asked to be... Continue Reading

I can't get emotional over Maritz gas station shops.

I'm curious how you rate the stations. If the station is neat, clean and has quick service I rate them a 7. If they have friendly attendants or wash my windshield they get an 8. If the C-store is fully stocked, clean and has appealing food items they also get... Continue Reading

Help decide to do Gasoline Stations offered in email for $5, please help me.

Good people, the station has two sides with sixteen pumps and request is $5 plus $1 for proof of life visit. Instructions said "photo of each pump pleaz,", "photo of bathrooms", photo of signs, photo of all damages and spills", photo of good street apeal and photo of mini... Continue Reading

Seashore gas station shop

I know there has been a lot of recent discussion about this brand of gas station shop, me included. In fact I stopped doing them for a while due to what I considered ticky-tack editor red cards. Well, either I have improved or the editors have eased up, or... Continue Reading

First seashore gas station!

I'm doing my first seashore gas station tomorrow! I'm still in my first year of mystery shopping and the only gas station shops I've done before are station IDs for MF. These are much more involved, any hints or tips? I've got the guide and eval printed out, my vest... Continue Reading

what makes seashore the toughest maritz gas station?

from past threads the general consensus seems to be that seashore is the toughest but what about that shop makes it tougher, then say, the station where you have to take photos of all the pumps? i'm asking because they're starting to get bonused and there's a bunch in my... Continue Reading

Glad I wasn't shopping this gas station yesterday

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading


I just did my first two revealed gas station audits, and much to my surprise, they were so easy! Only the first part is "secret", when you check out the store, buy the gas and a $3 item, and make your payment. After that, when I went back... Continue Reading

Which companies have Gas Station shops???? Petro. in the midwest has skyrocketed.^.^

Hoping I could try some MS gas stations to help me with my expenses with gas/petro price here in Chicago. Are they easy, or a pain????... Continue Reading

Gas station business hours

Call or website: If you have night audits to do, a lot of them, would you call each station to get their hours or would you use the station locator on the brand website to determine the hours?... Continue Reading

Gas station shops - the company that has the most of them. ARE THEY PAYING LATE?

I have shopped with this company for 4 yrs. They have always been on time and only pay by check in the mail. In the last two pay periods, my checks have arrived extremely late. I am waiting for a 1/15/16 check to arrive. Back in December, a 12/15/15... Continue Reading

maritz gas station shops... are they that bad?

I've seen a few threads on here that caused to me to steer clear of these shops, but are they really that bad? Due to lack of available shops around me lately(and loss of arches), I may need to start regularly doing these. I don't see how it would be... Continue Reading

Overall Gas Station Picture

I do a ton of gas audits and just had a shop returned because the PID was not in the overall picture. I have some occasions, that due to the location of the sign, you cannot get it in. What do ya'll do in this case?... Continue Reading

Gas Station Shop - I want your input

I had a gas station shop today and the gas station was out of 91 octane gas entirely. Since my vehicle requires 91 octane gas I complete the store purchase and left without purchasing gas. Do you think my shop will be rejected? I emailed the MSC, but I just... Continue Reading

MF Gas Shops

Does anyone know if they lost the accounts too like that other FF shop? I haven't seen them around since October for their Nov shops.... Continue Reading

Full Service Gas Station: How to do it best?

I just started mystery shopping because someone mentioned to me I could make money doing tobacco and alcohol compliance shops. Today I decided to venture out into another world: real mystery shopping that doesn't entail seeing if I get carded or not. (Btw, it's scary how often I... Continue Reading

Maritz Lowers Fee for Revealed Gas Station Shops in 2016

I have several gas station shops that are auto-assigned to me every month. I have already received my January 2016 shops and the base fee has been reduced. I can not access the guidelines or actual report yet (I hate that they do that!) to see if they... Continue Reading

Alta 360 Gas Station Shops

Can these be completed using the MobiAudit app?... Continue Reading

Lottery tickets & gas stations

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Gas: I paid $1.76 this week - how low can it go?

Predictions are $1.50 a gallon ..... and maybe lower..... Continue Reading

Market Force gas station audits.. Worth it ?

See a few gas station audits on the board listed for $18 each. How long do these audits take to complete and input? If it's only like a 15 minute audit with mostly yes or no questions, and a few pictures then maybe. Otherwise I might pass on it.... Continue Reading

Market Force Gas Audits

I've only ever done the mystery gas shops for MF (though I've done gas station audits for other MSCs). But I noticed this month that the Mystery Shops were replaced with revealed audits at the same locations. They were originally posted at the same price as the Mystery... Continue Reading

Paying for gas with Plenti

I'll call and ask tomorrow, but just in case someone has already inquired-- Anybody know if we can pay for our gas using Plenti points at E/M shops? I have a WHOLE lot of points from opening an account with AT&T and I'd like to use them up. If I... Continue Reading

Plenti card gas station audits

Does anyone use the Plenti card while doing gas station audits? If so, how was your experience.... Continue Reading

Gas Station Audits/Mystery Shops

I've done audits and unrevealed/revealed mystery shops for lots of different MSCs. There is one question I've never had any of the companies ask, and I think they should: Did the retail price on the "main station price sign" match what was charged at the pump? I have run into price... Continue Reading

New Gas Audits

I just logged onto an MSCs jobsearch page and the gas station shops which used to only require a purchase of both gas and an item in the convenience store now have been changed to revealed audits. Has anyone requested the new audits and what types of pictures are... Continue Reading

blue gas station red k merger

The merger is finalized in November...and from what I understand nothing will "happen" until 2016. Has anyone heard if the stations will still continue to be having their site inspections? For me bread and butter...and will need to subsidize this income if they stop. Yikes!... Continue Reading

Gas Station report - their clock 20 minutes off?

Trying to report a gas station shop I did today, and I noticed that the receipt says I bought gas at 3:03 PM but I didn't even arrive at the gas station until 3:20 PM! I wrote the help desk, but got an auto-reply that they'll take 24 hours to... Continue Reading

The renovations of the Gas Station audit

The new forms are in. It is more like a Inventory than an audit. The new shops have an extra 12 online "docs" that are at least 3 to 7 pages long. With a few being more pages. They are also advising US, "to PRINT in... Continue Reading

Gas station audits.

Which MSC does the Exxon shops now ? I enjoyed the bonus with them. Are there other good gas audits to do ?... Continue Reading

Gas Shop SKIMMER discovered

Hi fellow MS, I did a gas shop yesterday and I saw a skimming device attached to the gas pump. On my evaluation form there was no comment section to address any additional information. I only had check boxes to mark. I'd like to report this, but... Continue Reading

Love gas station shops

I have done quite a few gas station shops, all for the same company. They get pretty repetitive, but I find that it really helps me to have a "standard" write-up, and just change the dates, staff member names, etc. Makes the report writing much easier, and every... Continue Reading

Market Force Gas Audit

I've been doing the gas shops for a couple months now and noticed that they just changed some of them to an audit. Has anyone done the new audits? They are revealed and the instructions say to plan up to an hour at the station. So far they are paying... Continue Reading

MF gas station shops

What is the rotation on MF jobs? I did a MF gas shop on Aug 1 and I have not seen it on the job board for Sept in my area? Will I be able to do it again? Thanks... Continue Reading

Question-Gas Station Shops

Hello. I was looking at a company's description of an unrevealed gas station shop that they want someone to do. They want you to pump gas, buy something inside, check cleanliness, etc., and at the end go and take a photo of the overall store and the primary ID sign.... Continue Reading

Recognized at gas station audits?

Are you getting recognized at gas stations audits before you reveal? I am. Many of the CSR's are regularly there and wave hello as soon as I approach the c-store after getting gas. I did a Bolla station/store this week and they had a tent offering hot dogs and coffee... Continue Reading

Gasoline Prices

Where I live the gas prices jumped overnight from the high $2.70+/gallon to over 3.10+ a gallon in one day! What are the prices in your area? This is terrible. Hard to make a buck with it all going in the tank!... Continue Reading

Gas Station spotter shops

It's that time of year for that famous gas station spotter reveal shops. Remember the contest ends on August 31st so the closer to the end of the month, the more per gas station they pay! Last year I did a bunch the last 7 days of August... Continue Reading

Gas shops

Hello, I am new to posting here but I am curious if anyone who does the Pegasus shops [i](name of MSC)[/i] has been assigned their shops for August yet? I usually get my shops no later than the 27th of the month for the following month and I am... Continue Reading

Market Force Gas Station Shops

Anyone ever done any of these? There are a bunch posted...but I am afraid to accept. I want to know what I am getting myself into and if they are worth it. There is no bonus.... Continue Reading

Auditing Gas Stations: How do you keep the different requirements straight in your mind?

I do have cheat sheets, but they seem inadequate. If I'm doing a string of BP's and suddenly two bonused Shells appear on the board, I worry that I've forgotten everything I knew about Shells. Do you have particular strategies or methods to keep all of the different requirements straight?... Continue Reading

Card Skimmers at Gas Pumps - Tip for Auditors

During an audit at a busy Phillips 66 I found a card reader that was open. The pump was pump #2. There were 8 pumps at the location. It was a Phillips 66 located in an industrial, working class part of the city. I told the manager. He checked and... Continue Reading

Limit on Gas Stations

I enjoy doing the MF gas stations. They are quick and I can do 3-4 in close proximity and make it profitable. In May, they limited how many I could sign up for. I hit 12 and the rest all disappeared. I didn't do any in... Continue Reading

Blue Gas Stations

In my area there is a certain MSC who has tons and tons of the blue gas stations. They start them out at $7.50. I never take them because I could spend that time doing shops worth $12-15 at a minimum. When the end of the quarter approaches they start... Continue Reading

Gulf gas stations

I see that Gulf has switched MSC's and is now a mystery/reveal. Problem is that the pay is $10 plus $2 worth of gas (less than a gallon) and $1 product in the C-store. I believe there are 9 required photos plus anything that else that is non compliant. Sounds... Continue Reading

gas stations

I did my second gas station shop and goofed it up. I didn't take all of the required photos, took many photos I thought were required but weren't. I probably won't get paid for the job, and possibly won't get jobs from them again. My frustration is... Continue Reading

Quick Shell Gas help please!

I'm about to arrive at my shop and I'm totally blanking: can someone please remind me if the c-store purchase has to be made with cash and how much gas are you supposed to pump? Is it still two gallons? TIA!!... Continue Reading

Spot the sticker gas station instant reward jobs

Has anyone done these before and if so can you tell me how much work was involved ?... Continue Reading

The 2 gallons of gas required C-store shop question...

I have not done the "you must buy 2 gallons of gas shop" but this MSC says "2 gallons of gas and a purchase required--reimbursement is $5.00...Okay, if gas is $2.40 a gallon, lets say, and you need 2 gallons that leaves you 20 cents to buy a product. What... Continue Reading

What is up with this associates in gas shops

Kudos to you who do gas shops regularly I usually pick this up as a last resort to make up for lower paying shops.Today the attendant told me I could not pump my own gas.When I told him I just wanted 2 dollars he sneered at me since I was... Continue Reading

New round of gas stations posted.

The new round of gas stations has been posted and they are ALL mystery shops with audits with no pay increase. I loved doing them before because I could do 4 in the same area and do ok. Now??? Don't think I will be signing up... Continue Reading

Gas Shops - Now with Audit

I was enjoying doing mystery gas shops; but the company has now made them a 'mystery shop followed by a revealed audit.' I feel if I sign up for one of them; it will blow the possibility of ever doing a mystery shop at the store again. Plus,... Continue Reading

Another reason to buy gas cards for your audit routes

Skimmers! Continue Reading

Prepaid Gas Cards

I assume the gas stations sell these, right? You load up how much you want to put on it, right? I have never seen any of these cards. Am I blind?... Continue Reading

Help!!! For Ritters gasoline shops, may I use my camera on my cell phone or ?

I am tempted to do these shops, since they are plentiful in Chicago. Is it best to use digital or will my camera phone do???? I want to make sure I get it dome right and avoid the no compensation situation. Still a rookie, should I invest on a... Continue Reading

The other side of gas station audits

I meet a lot of gas station owners who are put out that I'm auditing them. Some of them are downright snotty. Well the other day I met a guy who was delighted. He could not have been more pleased, and with good reason. His gas station was the... Continue Reading

Gas station comp

Those of you who have done Exxon/Mobil, Shell and BP station shops - how do you rate them? Ease of doing, like, dislike, time to complete, debriefing?... Continue Reading

cori gas station shope

What does it mean current brand campaign in place? Is that the credit card application in the holder at the pump... Continue Reading

Chevron gas station audits

I signed up for two of these at $14.50 each. After reviewing the manual and learning what is expected, these seem a bit daunting to me. I hope someone who is familiar with Chevron assessments can offer some advice. I was recently disappointed when I found out that I could... Continue Reading

Negotiating Maritz gas station bundled routes

I'm a fairly new shopper still, and these are a whole new ball game to me. I've done a couple but they were already a very good price. Bonuses were in place. So, short and sweet, what is your strategy for negotiating a bundled route? To be clear, I'm... Continue Reading

Maritz Gas Station Audits

I'm doing my first route of Maritz gas station audits. A question for those of you who have done them- After you make your purchase inside, do you reveal yourself right away, or leave, go to your car and get your stuff and then come back to reveal and start... Continue Reading

Ritter gas shops

Is it even remotely possible to remain inconspicuous while taking a dozen pictures during these shops or do employees see it so often that they just don't care at all?... Continue Reading

Gas Stations, how many can you do in a day?

I"m curious about you more experienced gas station auditors. How many can you do in a day? Assuming they aren't hours apart of course. And how many do you PLAN in a typical day, because I'm assuming you don't want to try to fit all of them into one day,... Continue Reading

Evening Eligible Gas Stations with Maritz

What is the incentive for performing these shops after dark? I wish Maritz was more clear about it...I can't seem to find it anywhere on their website. Maybe I am missing it in the shop instructions? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Mystery Shop for Gas Stations

How does one get a job doing this? What are the good companies to work for and what is the pay for something like this?... Continue Reading

No gas at my gas station shop

Had my first Exxon-Mobil audit on Friday. The station is just 3 miles from my house, so I did a drive by on my way home from work. It was too busy to do the pump photos so I figured I'd just go back later in the evening.... Continue Reading

Maritz Yellow Gas Stations: Redux

I note that on the yellow gas stations, there is a request for 2 photos needed for most of the required photos. Even the fuel dispenser is requiring 2 photos. Of course, I'll comply and do so for each requirement. I've always taken more shots than necessary, keeping them in... Continue Reading

Oh the unexpected problems with super cheap gas!

WOW!! I was able to get gas for $1.55 @ gallon in the super low gas tax state of South Carolina this week!!! Here is the problem, I used to do binge shops for Chevron, Exxon and Shell and never really had to think about the level of my gas... Continue Reading

Maritz Gas Station Incentive

Has anyone been successful in getting Maritz to add incentives to jobs that don't have incentives for the sake of completing an entire state for one client? A few of the locations are incentivized but most aren't. If they want me to get the incentivized ones done, they're going to... Continue Reading

Suggestions for Maritz' Pegasus Gas Stations

Having performed many more gas stations shops for this particular MSC' s gas station account, I would like to make a few suggestions to their online report (only two suggestions at this point): 1) Please move the question of the dispenser in which I used to purchase fuel, to just after... Continue Reading

Maritz Green Gas Stations Email Invitations Issue

I realize that Maritz has not sent out the green gas station email invites yet, but I wanted to see if anyone else has had this problem in the past. I used to receive invitations to about 6 routes of these shops. If I passed on a specific route one time... Continue Reading

Gas Station Audits

Has anyone ever done the gas station audits that require a safety vest? There are a several in my area, but before I get my safety vest, I was wondering how involved they are to require a safety vest! What has been your experience with these? Thanks!... Continue Reading

MaritzCx - They keep changing the due dates on my gas station shops

On January 2, 2015, I added all my gas station shops for MaritzCx on my Google calendar and planned out my entire schedule for the month of January. I also printed put the "List of Outstanding Shops for XYZ Gas Stations - Site Inspection P1, 2015" directly from their... Continue Reading

Issue on gas shop

I just did a gas shop at a station I stop at a couple of times a month for gas. The pump printed a blank piece of paper for the receipt so I asked for one when I got inside. The cashier printed me one but I realized after the... Continue Reading

New Pegasus Report

I note that the new, 2015 version of the online report for the Pegasus gas stations seem to be much shorter and faster to perform. No questions about oil products sold or if the station does oil changes. However, there is a question about an attendant's name tag and uniform... Continue Reading

Those Gas Station Shops...Question?.

A BIG Mystery Shopping Company just released gas station shops (new to them) and I was wondering.. It says you must buy 2 gallons of gas...Can you buy more than 2 gallons? (I understand they only reimburse up to 2 gallons).. It says you must also purchase an item inside the... Continue Reading

Picture of starving puppies I saw today by a gas station

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Citgo gas stations project

Has anyone else done a Citgo gas station project recently? This is going to stations and replacing signs and stickers throughout the gas pumps and inside the stores. I happen to have signed on for a group of stations that I had no idea were in one of... Continue Reading

Gas Station way off highway never existed - half of shop fee won't cover gas to get there

This gas station never opened. The MSC provided no phone number and an address that county records show is just a field with no improvements. The shop fee is 1/2 of the original fee which won't cover the cost of gas to get to this location. Anyone ever run in... Continue Reading

Just finished my first gas station audit. NEVER AGAIN

This has been the longest day ever. At $14.50, I freel like I made about $2 an hour. I was onsite for 2 hours and took over 100 pictures. The place was in horrible shape! And, they had a breaker go out so lots of lights were out. At home,... Continue Reading

Are vertical photos okay for Maritz gas station shops?

I have a quick question and I'm sure someone here has the answer. When taking photos for Maritz gas station audits, is it okay to take vertical shots? I've been taking them all with a horizontal orientation because the guidlines specify 640x480 pixels. This doesn't make sense for capturing images... Continue Reading

My First Gas Station Shop

A Maritz scheduler talked me into doing a gas station shop/audit and I'm kind of freaking out. I hope it won't be a total nightmare. She gave the general guidelines and wanted to know how I knew so much about them if I'd never done one before. ... Continue Reading

Too much gas!

I took a series of 14 gas shops pretty far away and I'm going to try my damnedest to get them done all at once but what happens if my tank is full before I get through them all?? I'm thinking if it becomes a real problem (I suppose I could... Continue Reading

Gas Station Audit Companies

I have been shopping since May and found out I really love doing gas station audits! I am signed up with Market Force, Martiz and Ritter. Are there any other companies that do audits?... Continue Reading

AAKKKK! I filled my gas tank

Couponning queen does it again. Did the happy dance on how cheap I could purchase my gasoline after discounts and filled my tank. No audits today! Everyone must also fill their tanks on Friday... Contacted three friends and tanks all full! Sad when you cannot give away 14 gallons of gas.... Continue Reading

Maritz vs Ritter Gas Stations?

Hi, I am trying to find out how much different the gas station shops are for each msc? Which shops are easier in terms of time at location and report time? Which pay better? I would really appreciate your help and any other advice that you can provide. Thank You... Continue Reading

Yellow Gas Station Night Shops

I see many yellow gas station shops available, but, they are at night and the night shop compensation is $12 versus the daytime compensation of $10. Hence, it leaves me to believe they shall only pay an additional $2 for doing these at night? Am I missing something here? Is that all... Continue Reading

Video Shopping is A Gas!

I started video shopping recently. I'm still working out some of the kinks in **MY** new equipment, but I LOVE IT! Thank you to all the seasoned shoppers who made suggestions about video shopping. Thank you to those who gave me directions and names. As a... Continue Reading

Maritz Travel Bonus for Gas Station Audits

I passed the screening test after proving that I could email a 640x480 jpg. I was told that they audit the yellow station, the green/teal station, and the red, white and blue station. I was surprised that the shop fee is just $11. A reimbursed 2-gallon fuel purchase and a... Continue Reading

Gas station shop at permanently closed location

I just accepted my first gas station shop and figured I'd do a drive by since the location is not that far from my normal daily commute. The location is permanently closed. Instructions say to take all pictures, which is fine. Has anyone had experience with submitting... Continue Reading

How to take stealth photographs at gas stations

I've signed up for one shop where you are supposed to get photos of every pump. You have a letter of authorization, but you don't present it unless someone challenges you, and it's obviously better if you do not have to use it. Does anyone have good techniques to use?... Continue Reading

Left a gas station shop...

With an owl. I'd just finished checking out the bathroom and was walking to my car when I noticed what I thought was a crumpled paper bag on the ground near the pumps. Then it moved. I walked over and looked at it... little tiny owl. I looked up and noticed that... Continue Reading

Evening gas station audit

Hello everyone. I have a question on the red, white and blue evening gas shops. Do I need to wait until it's completely dark before starting or can I start when the station lights come on at dusk? I didn't think the guidelines or test question were very... Continue Reading

"Tiger" Gas Station Shops

All right, so I started with two of many Tiger stations where I will do shops. I have forms and documents coming out of the wazoo, yet I still can't find answers to some questions. Here is the first one that stumped me: QDCS_Collateral Which of the following did you see? The DCS... Continue Reading

Maritz Gas Station Shops

I noticed a few local gas station shops/audits on my Maritz job board tonight. They're not the yellow gas station, but rather red, white, and blue that's two companies merged into one. Can anyone give me some insight into the difficulty of the questionnaire? I did a... Continue Reading

Gas Station Audit Instructions

I'm going to be doing my first gas station shop/audit. For other stores, I've printed out the instructions but this one has a 'manual' that's about 40 pages long! And the recommend you print it in color! I know I'll need the details, but is there a way to... Continue Reading

Gas Station Audits by MSC - Compare and Contrast

I've now done quite a few of the Market Force gas station audits. By doing the same shop so many times, and filling out the report so often, I find that I can perform the shop and audit in 30 minutes. I've found that some locations that are not in... Continue Reading

red white and blue gas shops

Any body know where they went , Maritz does not list them anymore, I think they were over whelmed. (just saying)... Continue Reading

Gas Station Report

Sorry had to delete my whole post because I revealed one of my report questions when I wasn't supposed to. I can say no more gas station shops for me.... Continue Reading

Gas Audit Question - Help please

I performed a gas audit. Regular fuel was for sale at each pump. There was an ethanol sticker that said the gas was oxygenated. I reported that only gas was for sale at the location. Then when I went to report, the reporting software said that E-10 was reported as... Continue Reading

SeaShore Gas Shops Quarter 3 Update

The SeaShore gas shop release date for Quarter 3 has been pushed back to the 1st or 2nd week in September according to a Team 3 member at Maritz Research. Sounds more and more like major changes are afoot for the program. They're probably adding five more pages to the... Continue Reading

Maritz Gas shops

Is it just me or have they stopped doing gas shops? I haven't seen their 2 regular gas clients on any other sites pop up. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Gas Station Audits Question

The highest-paying jobs on my job board are paying $25 with a $2 purchase reimbursement. Are these jobs too difficult for someone new, like me? I've done 3 fast food shops and that's all. Thank you for answering because it is very important to me that I have some kind... Continue Reading

Pegasus Gas Stations

OK, I think we have the Chase Bank question answered. Now for Pegasus gas stations. I have asked a couple of schedulers if there is a limit of 5 stations per day and was told there is no limit. The product details for this project states that no more than... Continue Reading

Those gas station shops are back, same fee.

Today 7-23 email gas station shops are back for the $10 an hour.... Continue Reading

Shopper Citation for gas station removed.

Hi, I just wanted you to know that my Shopper Citation for canceling the one shop at the gas station was removed.... Continue Reading

Shopper Citation for gas station.

I selected one gas station in the beginning. After reading the Guidelines I immediately canceled the shop because the email did not explain the requirements fully. When I realized that the $10 was not enough for the report, hour, shipping items, shipping back etc. as you all know.... Continue Reading

Marathon gas station

Hello. I have some Marathon gas stations available in my area. I was wondering if anyone had done these and if they were difficult. Just a level gauge or any issues you had would be appreciated. There are several I would have to do and would prefer not to get... Continue Reading

Blue and yellow gas station,

Wow, a new low for the blue and yellow gas station shops. They are paying $10 for staying at a location for an entire hour working. And looks like they are going, so the shoppers must see something that I don't. And in addition,... Continue Reading

The "other" Gas Shop:S

So I received from my favorite MSC, a shop is urgently needed to be filled(by the end of June). The MSC is paying gas money and shop fee of $11. I looked on the site and the closest shop that will include the gas money is... Continue Reading

Why are people snapping up $4 gas shops?

I want to give up on the company at this point. All of the gas shops are taken, not just 1 or 2. I don't begrudge anyone there opportunity to make money, but the work involved seems like so much for $4 bucks when I was getting $20 for the... Continue Reading

Where am I supposed to buy the safety vest for gas station shops?

Where am I supposed to buy the safety vest for gas station shops? I did a quick check online and saw that Home Depot sells one for $3, but I thought the company said the safety vests cost $2 so I want to make sure I'm getting the right one-... Continue Reading

Revealed Gas Station Audits--In-Touch (Service Intelligence)

Has anyone done the audits for this company. I just signed up with them and wondering what the reports are like and how long they take. It says there are no photos required.... Continue Reading

Shops for This Gas Station

I've never done the gas station shops for the yellow station with [i][/i]. It seems that those stations are never being picked up by shoppers on the Maritz site. The information on how they should be performed seems scanty - yet the overall pay... Continue Reading

Gas station Shops

Hello, I am pondering picking up a gas station (revealed) however I have never done one before. I am always hesitant to do a revealed shop because when i have done them it was always just awkward, fortunately in the past they were for seasonal shops, but I am hesitant... Continue Reading

Which MSC Is Doing These Gas Stations?

1. Named for the historic Greek battle in 490BC 2. Created by the late, not-so-great, Venezuelan Communist pain-in-our-rear aka Red Pyramid 3. A large bay that is the arm of an ocean or sea 4. Near and dear to NASCAR fans--their names could almost be synonyms for each other RACE... 5. Named after that... Continue Reading

Maritz Gas Station Audit - Looking for some advice

I'm looking for some advice from the more seasoned gas station audit-takers out there. I'm only on my second one for Maritz and I've wound myself up in confusion! A lot of the toppers that I see on each fuel dispenser have generic signs showing the name of the gas... Continue Reading

Receipt for $1 gas station purchase

Is there any way to not look suspicious when asking for a receipt for a $1 purchase at a gas station? I'm doing my first one tomorrow and have a hunch I'm gonna have to ask for a receipt inside. Any ideas?... Continue Reading

What's the best way to photograph gas pumps?

I can think of three ways to do it. I'm using a standard camera, not a phone. 1: Photograph in landscape orientation, which will include a lot of non-pump picture on each side of the pump. 2: Photograph in portrait orientation, which puts nothing but the pump in the picture, but leaves it... Continue Reading

Price of gas

Has anyone noticed the price of gas slowly creeping up the last two months? It is quickly becoming a factor in accepting shops.... Continue Reading

Are gas station revealed audits worth it?

One co I work with has a zillion, but the pay is like $9.. and, the job can be about 1 hr.. doesn't sound good to me..... What do you all think???????????... Continue Reading

Gas station shops where they reimburse the gas

I have heard many people here talk about doing multiple gas station mystery shops and getting their gas reimbursed that way. I finally saw one but the reimbursement is way below what I would be paying. For 2 gallons of gas (minimum required amount) and an in-store purchase I'll be reimbursed... Continue Reading

NJ Gas Station Audit?

Forgive me for the stupid question in advance. I saw a gas audit and I live in NJ. I understand how they work in pump your own states, but has anyone done these in Jersey? People typically don't get out of their cars here unless it is... Continue Reading

Conoco in Texas

In my area, I'm seeing some stations being rebranded to Conoco. Anyone know if they are shopped? Not asking who shops them, just asking if they're shopped by an MSC.... Continue Reading

Is Arco shopped?

I am NOT asking who shops it, but I'm curious as to whether it's shopped. I just realized that I've discovered alnost all the major gas brands, but it's still a holdout.... Continue Reading

Changes to gas stations

At least for the green gas stations with Maritz, the new instructions explicitly say "You must go by yourself, this includes having spouse or children wait in the car while you complete the shop." As far as I'm concerned, why the hell should they car who is in the car? ... Continue Reading

Gas can ignites in man's car while driving

Details in the news report are still scarce but this is a good reason why you should not be driving with gas can in your car unless absolutely necessary and never in an unapproved container. A gas can ignited in a man's car as he was driving through Sanford, Florida, sending him to the hospital... Continue Reading

Questions about that gas station that just changed MSCs

I have a couple of questions about the gas station that just changed from Cori/Steri to another MSC. 1: On the reports, there's no place to upload the LOA. Is that's the way it's always been, or is it a glitch? 2: What was/is the rotation on them? (I'm assuming it'll... Continue Reading

Gas prices rising - what's yours?

In northern Arizona we are at $3.37 for 87 octane, and it is changing daily. What is the price in your neck of the woods? And what have you heard about the reason for the change?... Continue Reading

Gas Stations, Credit Cards and Velocity Limits?

I broke down and started performing gas station audits and/or mystery shops this year. For the most part, I enjoy doing them. On a monthly basis, I am doing a series of gas stations for Maritz. In February, when I tried to perform more than two shops... Continue Reading

Maritz gas station mystery shops with reveal and regular audits

Hi. Need some advice on Maritz gas station mystery shops with reveal and the regular audit shops. Can someone tell me are these fairly simply and do they require measuring like the others I've seen posted? I see a bunch of them by my house but I'm afraid to sign up... Continue Reading

New Marketforce gas mystery shops - reimbursement amounts?

So MFI is running some new shops for their long-standing fuel client, the one that usually does the reveal audits with photos of everything. This new shop has is a straight-up mystery shop with two purchase requirements: two gallons of fuel and an inside purchase. The shop fee is $12,... Continue Reading

MF & gas shops

How difficult are the Marketforce gas shops? How difficult are they to please?... Continue Reading

How many MF Gas Stations in one day?

For those of you that have done the MarketForce gas station audits, how many would you say could be reasonably done in one day (including input)?... Continue Reading

Question about Maritz yellow gas shops

I'm in the middle of submitting some shops and I've got a question that I know will get answered here a heck of a lot faster than if I try to reach somebody at Maritz. If there's gas pumps on both sides of the building and the canopy is one unit... Continue Reading

stericycle gas shops

on my board, the blue and yellow gas shops are all showing as taken with only backup available. has anyone else noticed this? i'm sure not every single february shop has been filled...wonder why it is showing like that?... Continue Reading

Maritz Yellow Gas Shops

I'll be honest, I've never bothered to do the Maritz Yellow gas shops. You know the ones, their name is what one might find on the . Has anyone any advice for these? I have not been able to get a feel for what it entails to perform one of these... Continue Reading

Marathon Gas Audits

I can't remember the last time I did one of these. The new MSC is offering them at $7 per location. At first I thought the fee was an error. Last night, after three hours trying to figure out the certification test (and before I was informed... Continue Reading

Very interesting gas station route

I took a short route and am very glad I did not put in a counter offer on the other one I considered. Since I teach, I only have weekends and this ended up being a little more interesting than I expected. There were a couple of shops close... Continue Reading

Anybody see QuikTrip gas stations on job boards?

I've read somewhere online that QT is only shopped by corporate, but the one just up the street from be says "Voted Best QT in the Neighborhood", so I'm assuming that's not just from corporate...?... Continue Reading

Somebody just paid for my gas!

I was running some errands earlier today and stopped to fill up. I went in to pre-pay and the clerk told me somebody had already paid. What??? He told me an elderly gentleman comes in every 2-3 weeks to fill up, and he leaves his credit card... Continue Reading

Where Hath Pegasus Gone??

I see Cycle has filled in many January jobs with the exception of their gas stations. So, it is true, Pegasus has flown from their group? But where?... Continue Reading

ARCO convenience stores

Are they really as easy as the form looks? Do they really not ask for an overall narrative? There’s only one within twenty-five miles of me. Somebody else always gets it before I see the e-mail. So if they are that easy, I’ll have to watch the MSC website more closely.... Continue Reading

Gas Station Shops

One of the companies I signed up with has mini mart /gas station assignments where you first mystery shop , purchase gas ,checkout store , restrooms, then reveal yourself and do an open audit. If you reveal yourself my thinking is that you cannot do that shop again. Is... Continue Reading

man....two gas station shops ended up being turnpike locations

I was pretty annoyed yesterday when I arrived at two gas station shops for CORI, and they were both turnpike locations. The job descriptions both stated that they were NOT turnpike locations. I actually looked at them on the map beforehand and had my suspicions, as they were... Continue Reading

Fun Gas Station Shop

Just saw the description on a $9 gas station shop complete with photos of all pumps, etc. described as "Fun gas station shop". I really don't think hanging out for that long at a gas station is my idea of fun.... Continue Reading

Trying to find the company that does green number gas station

I have googled this every which way I can think of and come up with nothing. I have a lot of these gas stations around here and so far like doing convience stores(have not tried an audit yet, I'm too scared) and would love to try for these too.... Continue Reading

Blue gas overtook most of my BP's!

Is there a company that shops the Blue gas stations that just took over half my BP shops? I was getting into a nice rhythm with the BP! I was sad to see these stations change over!... Continue Reading

Gas station shops

Who are all the companies that do gas station shops?... Continue Reading

$10 Tmobile shops. What are you being paid for your time/gas?

Visit can take 15-45 minutes depending on how busy the store is on that day. Report can take 15-25 minutes depending on the details. Gas for car. What are you being paid for your time/gas? Where is the profit for the shoppers that do these? I did some when they were $15... Continue Reading

Chevron Gas Station Audits

How long can these take? Realistically... What is the difficulty level in reporting? Worth $20.00? Any insight or tips is appreciated...... Continue Reading

CORI all gas shops gone !

Hmm, something's afoot again. All the regular gas shops have been removed ( and there were hundreds still up for July at the low, low prices). The Loyalty are there and all the other misc shops but NO regular station shops. Not just my area either, checked with someone in another... Continue Reading

CoRI gas routes ?

Anyone here doing the "routes" for the other station ? I can't find any discussions on this via search and don't want to name the client. There was an offer of one - said to list your preferred zips - but then they wanted the entire list to be taken no matter... Continue Reading

Gas station shops/audits and credit cards

So for most, if not all, gas station shops/audits that require a gas purchase, it's credit/debit/gift card only. One of the MSCs specifically says to use different cards if shopping more than one location within 24 hours, if possible, because the card will likely only be usable for 2-3 purchases... Continue Reading

Do you do gas audits on weekends?

Or, any kind of audits?... Continue Reading

Corp Res....gas stations as far as the eye can see, but....

NOTHING else.......I don't do gas stations so gonna be rather dry for me this month, and hopefully not forever........ Continue Reading

Diesel allowed on gas shops?

I'm scheduled to do two Chevron/Texaco "Customer First" shops Monday where we get $5 worth of gas, $1 inside, and a $6 fee. I can either do those shops in connection with a route of bank shops in the immediate area of the gas stations and take my car, but there's... Continue Reading

How long does a gas station audit take?

Thanks. CR... Continue Reading

Gas station certification test - Need help!

I'm stuck! I watched the training and can't pass the test. Am I allowed to say the name of the gas station (colors are blue and red)? I think these are the ones I'm having a problem with: Which of the following is considered an unacceptable attire item to wear during... Continue Reading

Question About Gas Station Audits

Hi all- I was just curious. Without naming clients or MSPs, what is the average pay for a revealed gas station audit that requires pictures?... Continue Reading

BBQs: Charcoal vs. Gas or Other Method

I rarely cook at home but I love barbecuing with charcoal. I have used non-charcoal BBQ grills but really don't enjoy the experience. For those who enjoying cooking or eating barbecued food, which do you prefer (charcoal or other) and why? I can understand using a gas grill because... Continue Reading

Bank and Gas station shop

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Gas Prices?

What the heck is going on? A bunch of stations here went from $3.49-$3.59 to $3.99 per gallon yesterday. So when I saw a station had it for $3.54, I filled up. Today that station is at $3.79. I usually see 10 cent increases, but never... Continue Reading

Gas station shops

Hi everyone, I did my first one today and I think that I may have missed one of the pictures. The company is someone that most of us know well, and I'm wondering if they are willing to let a novice shopper go back to get the missing picture? Have any... Continue Reading

Gas Station Audit - Debranding

Good morning folks! :) I have a simple question for you experienced shoppers. I'm doing 2 audits in a few days. Debranding. Now, I want to know what do you do when people/cars are in the way of your picture taking? Do I have to wait until they move? I'm sure some people... Continue Reading

CORI-gas shops

Hi, As I am entering the summer mind set and thinking about that extra cash, I am considering picking up some of these when they hit the $10 mark. Anybody wanna warne me or give me any tips. Are they hard. I used to do the old... Continue Reading

Conoco/Phillips66 questions.

Who does these audits I am sure knows about the letters we are supposed to deliver. I do not know if the company who has to change the signs and correct the brand on the pumps is the same in every state. However, it says on the letter that a... Continue Reading

gas station signing

Any one ever try the gas station signing? Pump signs, clings inside, counter mats, pics,etc, etc? They are claiming this only takes 30 minutes, I'm guessing 1 hour+ may be more real. I would sign up for all in my state if they really were only 30 minutes as... Continue Reading

Cori gas station shops

This station has two pumps and full service its a service garage they have vending machines outside to purchase soda or snacks the bathroom has a can of ajax on the sink to wash your hands. How could this job be done. Years ago I know someone who did this... Continue Reading

Gas Station Shops for MF - Worth it?

This might have been discussed before, but I see a boatload of gas stations on the job board. They pay $10 with a $2 in store reimbursement. 2 Questions: Are they worth it once you get used to the paperwork, etc.? I understand that any new shop is usually a... Continue Reading

Need help on Gas Station audits.

Hello all, I have signed up for some gas station audits that I usually avoid but they had attractive bonus pay so I decided it was time to get over my fear. The 36 page instruction has me a little freaked out. Are they that difficult? It... Continue Reading

Speaking of those gas station shops...

I haven't/don't yet do a whole lot of these. I've actually only done the ones through MF. Although about a year or so ago, I signed up online to do a few with Maritz, to see how they went. I never heard back from them. Or... Continue Reading

Gate Petro Gas Stations

I've been shopping this gas station for an alcohol check for over 2 years. The MSC reimburses you up to $4.00. I usually buy a cheap beer ($1.25) and then maybe a soda or some candy. I've always been reimbursed my entire purchase up to $4.00. ... Continue Reading

Question on gas station audits

I'm doing a couple for MF this coming week in a route with some other shops. For the convenience store purchase part, it just says "purchase". And with cash. Anyways, is there any restriction on *what* is purchased? Most of you talk about getting a soft drink or... Continue Reading

Missed receipt and photo on CRI gas station shop

Did my first gas station shop for CoRI yesterday. Tried to be very organized about it, took all the pump pictures in order, two pics per pump. Somehow when I copied the pics to my computer so I could add the date and time (that my camera had... Continue Reading

How Do You Stop a Bragasaurus?

One of my friends is the person who got me involved in MS'ing over a year ago. Now when we are out at social functions, he brags about how much money he has made MS'ing and how he got me involved in it and how much money I am... Continue Reading

Gas shops

I do gas shops for this one company where you have to take pictures and wear a safety vest. I always hear about these really hard, really long shops with them for a specific gas company. I always assumed it was Shell but I'm reading the stuff for my upcoming... Continue Reading

Maritz gas station

So three of my normal announced audits just got rebranded. They went from a brand audited quarterly by MF, to a brand audited by Maritz. I enjoyed doing these for MF, as the reports were very straightforward and easy. Does anyone know how hard or easy Maritz shops are? The... Continue Reading

best site for gas station jobs?

Travelling all across the US so GETTING there and availability should (hopefully) not be a problem but what have you all found to be the most frequent gas jobs that have not been too much of a pain, or that you thought were reasonable, are your favorites, etc... Really hoping to... Continue Reading

quick someone remind me why I hate gas station shops before I actually take one

I'm having a very slow month. My project for editing is wrapping up for the month, and I'm finding myself about to take some gas station shops unless someone talks me off the ledge. These are not the annoying audits. I thought I would love gas station shops. What's not... Continue Reading

Gas Stations

I've done a few name brands, but wondered if Quick Trip and Race Track are shopped. Not asking for the MSC, but would like to know if they are done. Also, if they are out are the reports/reimbursement? I love going to QT and getting a snack. Thanks!... Continue Reading

"Gas station phobia"

I swear I just can't force myself to try one.....they just scare me....I take it personally when my shops get dinged or rejected and I can't seem to cross that line....anybody else?... Continue Reading

Gas Audits/ BP and Shell

Can anyone please explain to me how to do these shops/audits? I will be doing them this week for the first time and really want to make sure I get them done right.... Continue Reading

Shell gas shops for $10.. are they kidding?

.......... Continue Reading

Speedway Gas Audits?

Before we start, yes, I'm aware...ICA...don't name MSC and client...blahblahblah.... Does anyone know if Speedway gas stations have a typical "gas station photo audit" type shop, or any type of shop for that matter? In my area, they're the only major gas/convenience store chain that I've never seen shopped, and there's... Continue Reading

CA gas!!!

For those of you shopping CA (like me): How is this HUGE jump in the cost of gas affecting you? Local news says the cost will go over $5.00/gal this month. I went to fill my car yesterday and found my 'cheap' station closed! I have since hesitated... Continue Reading

Gas prices soar.....

Gas prices are soaring, went up .16 overnight, just awful, heard on news Costco and other stations closing, major shortage 4.65 in my town, with prices up to 5.55 in the city.... Continue Reading

Gas Audit or Mystery Shop?

I've only been shopping for about 3 weeks now. Some gas station audits and mystery shops have come up but for the same company. For obvious reasons, I can't be both the auditor and shopper, so I have to choose which to do. For those who have done these, any... Continue Reading

Reshop policy for CORI gas station shops

Hey Everyone, I'm new to the forum and to mystery shopping in general. I hope this is the appropriate place to be introducing myself. I've been goin along pretty good so far (fingers crossed). I wanted to know if anyone knows how long the reshop cycle is for CORI... Continue Reading

Gas Price Woes!

I have been doing a lot of shops, and the first thing I consider is how much the gas is going to cost, and after deducting that from the shop fee, is the shop worth doing? If I can get more than one shop in the same area,... Continue Reading

What do you buy at a gas station for $1?

Hey folks, I did 6 audits Friday where you get $1 reim at pump and another $1 inside. I feel like I'm wasting my $1 on candy or gum, but I can't think of anything useful to buy to turn that $1 into profit, not just a treat. So, what do you buy... Continue Reading

How are gas prices changing your Mystery Shopping?

Now that gas prices are back to being ridiculous, (not that they haven't been so since 2007!), is it changing the way you shop? I have said on so many threads that my SUV gets HORRIBLE gas mileage so everyone should know that by now! :) I have changed my... Continue Reading

Ritter gas stations

I used to do stations for this company before the company switched MSC's. Their pay was OK. So once a year, I try and do some just to keep the account active. I go down to Virginia Beach once a year for vacation, and do about 10-15... Continue Reading

Market Force Gas station gift card shops

Has anyone done these? I saw them on the job board and it says they take up to 60 minutes, but all the details they give you is that you have to buy a gift card. I would be hard pressed to stay at a gas station for an hour,... Continue Reading

gas stations

Which companies do gas station audits ?... Continue Reading

Gas Station audits

Now that the kids are going back to school I'm thinking about trying to do some. Can you all give me some tips and input on the difficulty of doing this type of shop and if it is worth it? The pay is higher for this kind of shop and... Continue Reading

Gas Station Shop Help

If you are doing an audit for gas stations and there is a route. Should all of the destinations be posted before you accept the shop? I signed up for one only to find that there were some in another state that was not disclosed. What would... Continue Reading

Terrorized on my first gas shop

Luckily I got the pictures I needed. I thought I was being discreet until the owner came running out the store asking, "What are you doing?! Why are you taking pictures?! This is my property!" I was totally taken off guard. I didn't know what to... Continue Reading

Buying the "2 Gallons of Gas" Shop...

I have never done the "Buy 2 gallons of gas" shop and wondered what it entails? Have you done this shop and did you like it? Why/why not? Thanks....... Continue Reading

Gas Station Audits Conoco vs Shell

Everyone be careful not to mention the MSC since I alreayd brought up the clients. I've done the Shell mystery shop/audit, and I must say I'm not a huge fan. I'm fine with the audit part, but I live in a state where you can't pump your own gas. I... Continue Reading

Gas Shops

Hello, I have read on this forum about 3 MS companies that have gas shops. Which are the companies that have them (if it's not a violation). I think I know 1 or 2 of them--maybe. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Shell gas shops

Has anyone done these? I am going to try a few. Feedback please!... Continue Reading

Gas Station Shops

Do you just get the $5 worth of fuel, or do you get more? I did my first one the other week, and filled up. This week I have a few, and just wondered what others do.... Continue Reading

Gas Station shop, doing something I didn't like doing.

I have done a ton of gas station audits. Just did two for a different brand. Part of the shop involves checking if the cashier has a name tag....... If the cashier doesn't have a name tag you are supposed to take a picture of the person without a nametag! (1) I am extremely... Continue Reading

Gas Shops Gone?????

In the past I have received a few assignments for gas stations in my area. However they have seemed to become less and less. Anyone else noticed this trend?? Where has all the gas gone?? ;-)... Continue Reading

Shell gas coupons!!

just ran across this awesome site it looks legit mainly because they use savings star... you link a cc/debit card to the site and here is what you can do: instead of getting money off the coupons you get a few cents off a gallon of gas per coupon... yes per coupon...... Continue Reading

Gas station register times?

I have completed a large number of gas station audit recently because I was offered a bonus on them. The one thing that is strange is that every single one of these gas stations has the wrong time on the registers.....(25+ stations so far) We are not talking insignificant differences. Most are between... Continue Reading


My Lincoln accepts and appreciates the lower prices of gas! Thank you!!!!!!!!... Continue Reading

Gasoline Prices, etc.

It amazes me that MS Companies continue to pay nothing other than your reimbursement for various shops. Gas per gallon here (CA) is $4.25+. Doesn't appear that the MS Companies have taken the increased fuel costs in their shop payments. Currently, there's a taxi scenario which, in itself, is... Continue Reading


This thread is about filling stations, not MSPs. It is about, but not limited to, Amoco, ARCO, BP, Chevron, Citgo, Conoco, Cumberland Farms, Exxon, Flying J, Gas City, Ltd., Getty, Gulf, Hess, Kroger, Love's, Lukoil, Marathon Oil, Mobil, Murphy USA, Phillips 66, Pilot, QuickChek, QuikTrip, RaceTrac/Raceway, Royal Farms, Shell,... Continue Reading

Tell a Funny Story and Win Free Gas from MSJobBoard

Hi All! We started a contest today at the MSJobBoard site called the "Once upon a Shop Contest" Enter by submitting a funny Mystery Shopping story of yours and you can win gift cards for free gasoline! Just log into and find the link on the homepage. The entries can be submitted... Continue Reading

Don't they get gas prices require they raise fees ?

I live in an area that is not big cities, but towns spread out from one another - the major towns are 24 miles North and 34 South meaning a minimum round trip of 48 miles. So I'm looking at offers of $8.25 to do a shop - but... Continue Reading

cost of gas affecting shop choices?

How much does the cost of gas affect where you shop? I had a scheduler ask me to drive 30 minutes, take a ferry and then do a FF shop for $20? She argued with me and said it was "only 56 miles" and I would be getting... Continue Reading

Help With First Gas Station Mystery Shop

I have two blue and yellow gas station mystery shops tomorrow. These locations are located in service plazas directly off I-80 (you have to be on I-80 to access them). Since there is a service plaza, they do not have their own convenience stores. I have a... Continue Reading

Which MSC conducts this gas shop.....?

I live in the the midwest and we have a chain of convenience store / gas stations with a red logo a a big "S" like Superman. Does anyone know which MSC shops this chain? There are a ton of them near me, and I think it would... Continue Reading


Is there anyway to get our companies to cough up more for gas, as prices seem to sky rocket???... Continue Reading

Gas station shop - various MSC

I work for TNS, and Ritter doing gas staion/convience store shops. Yet there are MANY of these in my area that are that I never see on the job boards. Besides CORI (I love CORI but don't have the patience for all those pictures - don't mind taking a few)... Continue Reading

all the various gas shops, which is most difficult?

For those that have done gas station related shops for any or all of the following brands, which would you say is the most complicated and easiest? + + BP Chevron Circle K Citgo ExxonMobil Gulf RacTrac Shell Sunoco For me, by far the easiest are RacTrac as they require no photos. RacTrac is a regional brand. Also, the msc that does... Continue Reading

cori gas jobs

Got to love these changes without notification on Cori jobs. On the yellow and blue gas station, which I have been doing for over a year now for CORI, and many years for another MSC. Now they say: If the store is not open, you are to submit this as... Continue Reading

Will You Still Shop If Gas Goes Up?

I heard on the business news a few days ago that gas is expected to rise $.60 a gallon by Memorial Day. Refineries are slowing production, and the summer blend will cost more. Will you still shop? How much per gallon is it where you are? ... Continue Reading

Gas Prices

Do the increasing gas prices deter any of you from far away shops? I wanted to do a few at the outlet mall, but it would be a 100 mile round trip for about $40. It would be almost $17 in gas for the whole thing.... Continue Reading

CORI gas station-45 day wait to re-shop question

Hey all!! I am setting up my week and see some gas station shops that I just recently did open again. Does CORI tell me that I am unavailable if I apply for it? I would hate to apply and do the shop only to be told... Continue Reading

gas station shops: are they worth the money?

I see a lot of gas station shops posted with a particular mystery shopping company. they pay $11 each, but i notice that virtually none of them are getting taken. however, the bank shops which are posted by the same company are extremely scarce for roughly the same... Continue Reading

Maritz gas station shops

I received this from Maritz today: "Maritz Research is now introducing the 2012 version of a popular mystery shop/audit gas station program that requires you to purchase 2 gallons of gas and get reimbursed for it!" They later mention compensation as "INSTANT GIFT CARDS: (these gift cards (one per location) will be... Continue Reading

Gas Station Audit Question

Are these shops allowed to be done at night with night time photos?... Continue Reading

Maritz - Gas - No pics

There have been other topics on this, but not one with pics. Couple of questions? Since it says no pics, should I expect the report to be an insane PITA? Another question: It states "Project Description:$12.00 SHOP! Includes GASOLINE, inside purchase AND shopper pay! NO PHOTOS!" and then... Continue Reading

Extensive Gas Station Audits

Soooooo, the price is looking kind of right at the moment for me to complete one of those extensive gas station audits, but I have NEVER done audits before. They are currently at about 40 bucks (give or take) and they'll probably go higher by Monday since there's quite a... Continue Reading

Gas stations

Have not yet tried doing gas stations after dark. Wanted to know if any of you do them after dark and how do your pics turn out. Any problems with the pics being accepted..... Continue Reading

Casey's Gas Stations

I've asked this before on a different Forum with no luck. Maybe I'll get an answer here? I pass TONS of Casey's gas stations where I drive on a regular basis. Are they shopped? By ANYONE? If so, any hints? I'd love to shop them, a... Continue Reading

Market Force gas shop mistake

Did anyone sign up for the Market Force audits at $30? Only to receive an e-mail days later telling you that it was a mistake, and that they should be $10? But of course, they understand that the fee may not work for you, so they are offering $2 extra... Continue Reading

Gas Station Questions

The gas station/convenience stores that pay $12.00 with a shop fee of $ the remainder in gas and a store item....I am interested in the dollar amount of gas that is paid for....I have not done this shops before...the description says no photos....anyone done these that can tell me about... Continue Reading

Green and yellow gas stations

Seems like nobody wants these shops in my area. Are they super hard?... Continue Reading

Gas Station Safety Vest?

Thanks go out to Flash, MDavisNowell (tip sheet), Cettie, Irene_La, Emma, Mert, WJones777,Cvb42jeb & oneofthreepaths. The advise you took the time to give me has been so helpful. I still have not done more than one shop in a day, but feel after a little more experience, I'll be able... Continue Reading

gas stations

I looking for Circle K gas stations and other to audit, does anyone know the companies names?... Continue Reading

LOL at gas bonus

Just got off the phone with a scheduler. Asks if I can do a shop that is regularly 10 but is willing to bonus if I can complete it today up to 12 dollars. I am thinking it is a location I am going to be nearby so... Continue Reading

CRI gas route

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Martiz Gas Station Shops

There are a lot of gas station shops in my area from Maritz. They pay $11 and I was wondering if they were worth it. Has anyone done them? What's "really" involved?... Continue Reading

Valero gas shops

I just self assigned 2 Valero shops. They involve taking 11 pics. Has anyone done these?... Continue Reading

maritz gas shop

hey i see there are some of there gas shops in my area... they mention a ton of photos... how hard are they to complete?... Continue Reading

Mystery shopping companies for gas in New England

Anyone know which companies give gas assignments in New England?... Continue Reading

Maritz Gas Shops

Days ago, I got an email saying that these were ready for self assign. HAs anyone seen them?... Continue Reading

$3.00 GAS SHOPS FOR $4.00

Noticed that my favorite $3.00 gas shops went to $4.00 to start with no gasoline purchase necessary. Unfortunately, now they are revealed shops so I have to out myself for peanuts. No thanks. I'll wait until they get high on the out of town ones or not... Continue Reading

Gas prices and shops

Several days ago I filled at $3.11/gallon. I decided that once gas hit $3.25/gallon I was about done as the profit margins pretty much completely disappear. Today when I passed that same station we were at $3.35/gallon for regular. So without a gas bonus, at this point... Continue Reading

maritz gas station shops

these ones pay $11 plus $4 gas reimb and $1 store reimb. Are they worth it? They called me yesterday wanting me to take a block of them but I was laid up in bed with the flu so I didn't answer the phone. I see... Continue Reading

Gas Stations with Market Force

I would like to start doing Gas Stations, but I would like to know if anyone has any tips on them as I have never done them before. It seems like they have alot more gas shops and have dropped alot of their grocery stores and phone shops. Patty... Continue Reading

Question: How do you feel about gas station reveals?

I've never done one, and I know a lot of you get your gas this way. Is it hard? Weird? Thanks, Carol... Continue Reading

Market Force - Gas Shops

If anybody does work for MF you know what I'm talking about. Who would actually want to do these on a regular basis? I did one the other day for $10 with $2 reimbursement. It took me over an hour at the location, I took over twenty pictures, filled... Continue Reading

Shops in General - Gas

Would't be nice if the guys wanting us to shop for them saw the gas prices rising? Some of us who are more skilled than others will pass these shops to others less skilled probably over a couple of bucks per shop, or maybe over 1 buck. The gas tank... Continue Reading

Maritz gas shops

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Gas shop report problems

What a day for me. I have only done 2 shops before today. One was for a company that I will not work for again due to their expectation of perfection, the other was a fairly easy grocery shop with good pay. I'm hoping that one comes around again before... Continue Reading

Cori gas shops

I see they have shops listed for June with $0.00 for fee. SO I emaield them and asked do they seriously want us to do these shops for nothing?... Continue Reading

Discussions of Gas Station Mystery Shopping

pay, look at who they hire, except for the few that do routes or wait for bonus, which doesn't happen often in an over populated city like Los Angeles where gas, parking fees and distance is the the norm. (Source). July 17, 2019

The other issue to consider in this situation is in today's day and age in rough neighborhoods with people panicking because they are breaking the law hanging out at the gas station waiting for illegal customers and them thinking, "Is she a cop" trying to catch me, or a snitch trying to turn me in. (Source). July 17, 2019

And there are some lower paying shops I will still do because they really are "quick and easy" LOL. Today I am doing some gas station shops that are kiosk shops for a regional grocery store in my area. (Source). July 17, 2019

It's free and it remembers all my gas stations, maybe forever? (Source). July 17, 2019

?? and throw the food away or give it to the homeless? I can't eat but ONE![/quote] Yes, 10 Sonics a day, with a few gas stations in between. (Source). July 17, 2019

Circle K? Exxon? A lot of gas stations have red and white. (Source). July 17, 2019

Shopping log, Wednesday, July 17th, 2019: 4 gas station visual audits, one teller shop, one platform shop, and one donation shop. (Source). July 17, 2019

When I first started doing this I wanted to get free food. I wanted to eat out and get my money back. I didn't know about gas station audits, apartments, colleges, bank shops, or daycare centers. (Source). July 17, 2019

Quick Poll: Do you complete the quickie audit as a mystery shop, the way the guidelines stipulate or do you reveal like the rest of our gas station audits? (Source). July 17, 2019

Another fast food client goes to QC and is approved within a day or 2, although sometimes they are instantly approved - NO QC. The gas shops seem to take the longest. (Source). July 17, 2019