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Discussions About JobSlinger

Jobslinger question

On Jobslinger, does it only show you shops on the job board for companies that you're registered with? I live in a pretty big town and am only seeing jobs from like 4 different companies. That doesn't seem right. Thanks so much!... Continue Reading


Why is the website so out of date? And why does presto not let you block more than one type of shop? I mean, how many oil changes can you get in a month, and how about they smoke shops? I am way too old to have to show ID... Continue Reading

Weird message on Jobslinger

I was just able to click on shops, and now I get this message: This code is not compatible with the mysql module. Please adjust your configuration. Anyone else get this? I'm not exactly sure what it means, since I was just using it and it was working fine.... Continue Reading

Love Job Slinger/Presto - is there one for Shopmetric platform based MSCs?

I love Job Slinger/Presto for locating shops in an area for multiple Sassie MSC. iSecretShop is another good one. Is there one of these consolidated apps/sites for the shopmetric platforms or any other consolidated sites/apps. Thanks!!... Continue Reading

Job Slinger

Hi everyone! My name is Dianna. I'm new to the Forum and glad to have found it! My first question for today is, are there any shoppers working for Job Slinger?... Continue Reading

Job Slinger-IC Pro Status

Can anyone advise me as to whether I should do what is necessary to gain IC Pro Status?... Continue Reading

Trouble logging into JobSlinger Plus assignments from iPhone

I am not a new Mystery Shopper, however, keep running into an annoyance with JobSlinger on my iPhone. For some reason, I cannot login to apply for specific assignments on my iPhone when clicking on the email link. It says password not valid, even though on a desktop site the... Continue Reading

Jobslinger Sassie: To pay or not to pay

When I signed up for Jobslinger, I signed up to pay the $5.99 a month. I recently got a Note 8 so maybe that is the reason I'm getting a text with each shop notification as well as the app notification. This text is bugging the hell out... Continue Reading

Jobslinger IC Pro

Hi! I've done a little bit of MS for a local company (Sinclair). I've recently discovered Bare, and that led me to Jobslinger. I am trying to sign up for Jobslinger IC Pro. My SS# has been verified by Bare, and my name appears to the be same in Bare... Continue Reading

JobSlinger vs Presto maps vs Sassie vs Volition vs...what am I missing?

Hi can someone explain the relationship between the above mentioned websites? For instance, I gather that Sassie is a programming platform that a MSC might use to sign up new shoppers, list their available shops etc. And those seem to show up on my Presto map. So does that mean... Continue Reading

Anyone have issues logging into Jobslinger?

How can I retrieve my username and password?... Continue Reading

Jobslinger Plus

Tell me about your experiences with Jobslinger Plus. Was it worth paying the monthly fee?... Continue Reading

job slinger pro

Hi, Can i register for all Sassie accounts at once with job slinger pro? Happy shopping and Happy Friday everyone!... Continue Reading where i find 80% of my jobs and where you can too! FREE!!

love it... very simple site and lots of the national jobs post there! weee!!!... Continue Reading

Renew Jobslinger Subscription in order to stop email alerts?

I want to stop the email alerts from jobslinger so I clicked on the link that was in the email, But when I click on it, it diverts to the subscription page. Even clicking the email manager and other links on the site redirects me to the subscription page. Is... Continue Reading

Jobslinger - EIN problem

I am signed up with Jobslinger and put in my EIN #. It shows that it can't be verified. I have given it to many SASSIE companies without any problem. I put in the correct number. Has anyone else had this problem? ... Continue Reading

Anyone signed in at jobslinger today and tried to access the information for "Beverage Freshness Audit" by Superior Product Pickup?

Hi. I would like to give my fellow MS'ers about the link on Jobslinger for the "Beverage Freshness Audit" by Superior Product Pickup. I tried to find more information for the job today, was sent to the volition page, then received a message that my computer was compromised by a... Continue Reading

Your Mystery Shopping emails have been disabled (SASSIE, JobSlinger, etc)?

I got this email twice yesterday from, and after clicking the link and verifying that I wanted to keep getting shop notices, I got a confirmation email that said all is good. I had not noticed any decrease in the amount of sassie shop offers of late. Today when... Continue Reading

Does Prophet have a job board similar to Sassies JobSlinger or Shopmetrics MSJobBoard???

I've tried looking through old posts and saw something about a Prophet4 job board for Prophet jobs gathered together like Jobslinger for Sassie or MSJobBoard for Shopmetrics. But when I googled it, nothing came up that related to the jobs found on the Prophet sites, or any sort of link... Continue Reading

"Your Mystery Shopping Emails Have Been Disabled" (Sassie, Jobslinger, etc)

I got an email yesterday with the above title. It said, "Your email provider has repeatedly rejected our emails OR has sent us a demand to stop sending you emails (common with AOL accounts). To comply with SPAM regulations, we have put your email address on our "DO NOT EMAIL"... Continue Reading

Sites like JobSlinger for Prophet or Shopmetrics?

Is there such a thing? Jobslinger is to SASSIE as a) ________ is to Prophet b) ________ is to Shopmetrics Thanks... Continue Reading


If you haven't used this Sassie product, you need to check it out. I'm finding companies on the job board not listed on Volition or MSPA that are Sassie driven. I'm finally finding more jobs in my area because of this board.... Continue Reading

JobSlinger vs JobSlinger Pro

I am a new mystery shopper. Is there an advantage to using JobSlinger Pro? If so, what are some of the advantages? Worth the money? Thanks... Continue Reading

Connections in Jobslinger

I keep having a reminder to express connect my Jobslinger account to my companies. I guess I'm wondering what the reasoning behind this would be? Not that I'm worried about putting in my password, but does it really help? I see they all have IC Pro on... Continue Reading

Jobslinger and local jobs

Hello, I have seen jobs on jobslinger that are in my area but when I go to the MSC website to apply, they don't show up. Not even if they were just posted. I can't find any jobs even though I have received 9 and 10 ratings for my reports. Can... Continue Reading

jobslinger, etc.

It was recommended that I register with jobslinger. Most of the shops posted have already been assigned or completed. Do any of you find shops through jobslinger? I'm becoming confused with MSC's that use different names. I think I'm signing up with a new MSC only to have... Continue Reading

Shapes on Jobslinger

Does anyone else have trouble logging into Jobslinger? In order to log in, you have to pick the shape it tells you. I'm not getting what I'm doing wrong because no matter what shape I pick, it says I didn't get it right. Really? I've got two master degrees and... Continue Reading

kss and jobslinger

I am repeatedly applying for projects on the kss board. Each time I do, I get a message that I must get icpro status and link with jobslinger. I have done this. When I log in to jobslinger, it clearly shows kss is linked. ... Continue Reading

Humbled by Jobslinger

Okay, this is embarrassing: [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]... Continue Reading

? about jobslinger

I am looking at Jobslinger and I see listings that are days, even weeks old that still have stars by them. Does that mean these shops are still available? Why would certain jobs just sit there like that if they are still open?... Continue Reading


I registred with Jobslinger about a week ago. I'm noticing that some of the postings in my area are quite old (some more than 50 days!). Does that mean those jobs are less desirable/or a PITB? Should I avoid them?... Continue Reading


I am a newbie and am being solicited to join and pay for something called "Jobslinger". Is this a worthwhile investment or should I just sign up for the most popular mystery shopping companies. Thanks for any input, Brian... Continue Reading

Thank you Arch Stanton- Jobslinger Zip Code Search

Have had much success using this to find assignments in my area. It has been a huge time saver for me. Now don't get me wrong you still need to find the company that posted the ad and sign up if need be. But this option coupled with the job board here helped me... Continue Reading

Jobslinger plus

Hi All! I was not sure if this should go under company (because of Sassie-relation) or just mystery shopping discussion, so I apologize if I am on the wrong section. I periodically check jobslinger, and tried the plus trial quite a while ago. I am considering paying for the... Continue Reading

Jobslinger and now Bare

Sites down for maintenance. :(... Continue Reading

Trying to sign up with jobslinger impossible to

I don't see why it's so complicated to sign up with jobslinger it ask u to click squares and I do and it says I'm wrong. What am I doing wrong.... Continue Reading

question about jobslinger company linking

I have linked all my sassie companies on jobslinger. (I'm up to 25 companies now!!!) I agree, looking for shops is addictive. Is there any way to search all my sassie boards at once without upgrading to the un-free Jobslinger? It seems so tiring to check every... Continue Reading


Does anybody know if on Jobslinger there is a way you can keep from seeing some job companies listings? Robin... Continue Reading

What are benefits of IC Pro Profile on JobSlinger?

Are there any benefits of having IC Pro Profile on JobSlinger? I am not comfortable with providing all my personal data everywhere and just wanted to ask if you have that IC Pro Profile and use that having just regular (unpaied) account on JobSlinger. Thanks.... Continue Reading

Jobslinger - why?

Thanks to this forum (or is it "these fora"?), I signed up with jobslinger a couple weeks ago. Completed everything. They haven't a single shop available for me. I'm wondering why anyone would PAY for this service? Or do you have to have a paid subscription to actually... Continue Reading

Jobslinger vs. ????

Ok...I feel silly for asking, but my eyes are burning from the ten tabs I have open and all the writing I've been doing. Sorry if anyone has asked this before, i couldn't find a discussion when I searched. Jobslinger is by the makers of the Sassie boards. Is there a... Continue Reading

Jobslinger App

I just got a new phone and went looking for the Jobslinger App, but I can't find it. I don't like the Shop Notifier App, but the Jobslinger one had a timestamp with seconds on it. I did like that with restaurant shops. Other than that, I really wasn't digging... Continue Reading


Is it worth the money ?... Continue Reading

ACE Mystery Shopping - new MSC on Jobslinger?

Part 1: Has anybody heard of this company or shopped with them? They came up on Jobslinger today advertising simple menu board picture shops. ICA states that they only pay with PayQuicker, which I've had the option of using with another MSC, but have declined to do so.... Continue Reading

Upgrade my jobslinger account???

I get messages asking to upgrade my account with jobslinger to supposedly get "ALL" of the mystery shops listed. Has anyone upgraded and is it worth the expence??... Continue Reading


A security risk shows up on my computer when trying to access Jobslingers's web site. Has anyone else had this problem?... Continue Reading

Received an email from Jobslinger about MSPA Certifications

This is just to let you know that both SASSIE and JobSlinger have been updated to accept new MSPA certification codes. You may now enter your cert code on your JobSlinger and SASSIE profiles (or, if you are a JobSlinger Plus member, enter it on your JobSlinger Plus profile and... Continue Reading


When I log onto Jobslinger and then click on search, nothing happens, the page is blank. Is anyone else having problems with Jobslinger?... Continue Reading

Jobslinger app on iPhone

Does anyone know how to delete shops on the Jobslinger app. on the iPhone? I tried everything, but there does not appear to be a delete option - which is annoying.... Continue Reading

Job Slinger

Does anyone know if all the Sassie jobs get posted there? Or do we still have to check all the Sassie companies.... Continue Reading


I have been wondering about the differences between the free and paid Jobslinger. Is the extra pay worth it? Any input would be appreciated. Anne... Continue Reading

JobSlinger for Shopmetrics and Prophet

Are there similar websites for shopmetrics and Prophet and Apollo as there is JobSlinger for Sassieshops? I love Jobslinger, but wish it covered the others as well. Not everything from non-sassieshops goes into jobslinger, volition or MSPA's sites, so was wondering if there was a similar site that handles... Continue Reading

usamp??? This msc is listed on jobslinger

They have grocerty shops posted on jobslinger...anybody ever hear of them please??? Many Thanks... Continue Reading


Does anyone have much luck with Jobslinger? I signed up for a six month period and it seems everytime they post something, it is already gone by the time I get to it eventhough, I am looking straight at it and refreshing. What is with it? Any suggestions?... Continue Reading

Advantages of becoming an IC Pro/ Jobslinger

I see that on intellishop they suggest you sign up with jobslinger to have an IC pro account to get more jobs offered to you. I then see on jobslinger there is one section that says... I authorize JobSlinger / JobSlingerPlus to automatically generate invoices for all shops I complete... Continue Reading

Jobslinger IC PRO

Ok I signed up with JS, I linked my accounts, but it won't let me get the IC Pro? Says something is wrong with my social on Sassie? Not verrified?? Any ideas?... Continue Reading

Does anyone use Jobslinger Plus?

I signed up for the Jobsligner Plus free trial, and I like it so far. It's really handy to sign up for more sassie companies, and the mega log is nice. I really like having it email me when there are jobs that fit my criteria. I'm thinking about paying... Continue Reading

Tell me about Job Slinger and IC Pro.

Use this or not. I rely on you guys to help me decide who is legitimate. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Confused about Jobslinger and Volition - Halpppp

I'm not quite understanding what this is. I was looking at Jobslinger and then they have Jobslinger plus - so filled out both applications - but each shows different jobs and I think different prices for the jobs. Same thing with Volition - fill it out and then you see jobs being... Continue Reading

IC Pro Status on Job Slinger

What is this exactly? I've noticed on a couple of job boards they encourage you to sign up, saying you will have a better chance of getting jobs if you are. I got to the part where you have to put in your SSN and stopped. How many of you... Continue Reading

Job Slinger vs Job Slinger Plus

I signed up for JS+ when I had a credit I could use because it was so cheap and I figured it couldn't hurt. I renewed it about six months ago for a year thinking a little over $4 a month wasn't so bad. Does anyone else use,... Continue Reading

Anyone having trouble with JobSlinger Plus?

I think that JobSlinger Plus (JSP) has been a Godsend to me and I was lucky enough to discover them within a few days (about a year ago) of my becoming a Mystery Shopper and Merchandiser. So with their help and subscription service, that pretty much catapulted into the Mystery... Continue Reading

Has anyone used the application and downloaded jobdinger? Somehow I can't get it to work. Once I enter username and password...It states Verifying but nothing else happens. I was told to remove the app. and download it again. I did this but it still does not work. Anyone with... Continue Reading

Jobslinger Connection Question

I am registered with them and several MSC companies that use Sassie, but don't understand the benefit of connecting those Sassie companies with my free Jobslinger account. Thanks.... Continue Reading


Has anyone signed up for JobSlinger? Gads, I get at least 50 emails a day from them and they are all the same. They have good jobs to find but what a waste of time. I wrote to them and it stopped for a couple of days but... Continue Reading

Job Slinger Listings

When I job search on Job Slinger, I always see 80 - 100+ items found, but only about 1/3 are listed. How do I see all of them?... Continue Reading

what is the difference between MSPA, Jobslinger, Sassie, Prophet, Volition and CTCSS; and how do they interrelate with each other?

what is the difference between MSPA, Jobslinger, Sassie, Prophet, Volition and CTCSS; and how do they interrelate with each other? it seems like i'm required to register on dozens of different websites, and i don't even know what they all do, or how they are connected to each other. it... Continue Reading

Job resources besides jobslinger and volition?

I have gone through both jobslinger and volition and found about 20 companies that have jobs in my area to sign up with. I have heard discussion about signing up with upwards of 100 companies. I am curious to know if there are other resources that can be searched by... Continue Reading

Jobslinger can be tiresome

Is it just me and my computer, or does anyone else have trouble with Jobslinger not storing your login info? And then, after entering email and password, there's the whole "click on the triangles/circles/squares" part, which many times malfunctions. And when I search, it never stores my distance and zipcode... Continue Reading

Jobslinger iPhone App

Anyone using this? I just found it today, though it was released in Sept. I like that it allows text notes, audio notes, date and time stamp, photo notes, and used location based services to geo-verify the shop. These are all useful to me. I dislike that I have to... Continue Reading

sorry to repeat, but could someone please help me out? RE: JobSlinger Plus

Hi friends. A couple of nights ago, I asked if the Jobslinger Plus enrollment was worth it. Someone (Dee, perhaps?) indicated that this topic had been already covered here. I have searched, but cannot find it. Would someone kindly lead me to that thread? I really want to know opinions... Continue Reading

Is it worth it to sign up for Jobslinger Plus?

I guess I had a free month with jobslinger that was up today. Is it worth it for the membership? Please let me know your thoughts and your experiences. Thank you! Carol... Continue Reading

Jobslinger Plus?

Has anyone else had trouble getting Jobslinger plus to find your Sassie accounts? When I click help, it says I need to be using the same email on Jobslinger as my Sassie companies, which I am doing. I am not sure why it is not finding my Sassie companies. I... Continue Reading


Flash, You're correct, used They had positions as follows: Visit a car dealer for various things. Take dog to vet.for an exam. Said they needed the SSn so I'd get paid & for income tax purposes.... Continue Reading

Jobslinger Plus Megalog

I just renewed my free trial from last year with Jobslinger, as they sent me a letter inviting me to do so. I really really like that Megalog thing. If all companies I shopped for used Sassie (and they don't...), I would probably sign up with them. That... Continue Reading

Job Slinger "Plus" Program

Anyone signed up for this "plus" program where you pay a nominal fee for advanced postings and sortings sent to your e-mail? If so, what are your results?... Continue Reading

JobSlinger Plus

Sorry if I missed a thread on this, but does anyone have any feedback on this? Lynlee... Continue Reading


Hello. I am new to mystery shopping and I just heard about Jobslinger. I registered and searched for shops within my area, and it shows me several.. However, I am unsure how to apply to them. When I click on the title, it takes me to MSPA and shows me... Continue Reading


I notice that many of the shops on jobslinger are never available to me or at all. Anyone else notice this?... Continue Reading

Ignore this and use the other jobslinger plus link!

Does anyone on here use Jobslinger plus? I wanted to try it out but for some reason every time I fill in my information, it says "Cannot complete your request at this time." I'm looking for reviews of this service because it looks like something that would be... Continue Reading

Using Shadow Shopper and JobSlinger Plus

I guess I signed up with the wrong companies. I took a job where I would contact these commpanies, from home, and ask for certain information. Well after I did this, which I still haven't been paid, and after 2 weeks after the jobs were complete I'm still... Continue Reading

Jobslinger plus

Anyone sign up for the free 1 month trial of jobslinger plus?????... Continue Reading

JobSlinger Plus

Has anyone else tried JobSlinger Plus? I am using the free month to see how it works out.... Continue Reading


Did anyone receive an email about joblingerplus is coming? What do you think?... Continue Reading


Has anyone used Jobslinger? If so, did you have any luck securing assignments using their service?... Continue Reading

Discussions of JobSlinger

If you sign up as an IC PRO on Jobslinger. (Source). June 21, 2022

One of the biggest is Market Force. Here's a link for them that will let you sign up with them: Another good suggestion would be to sign up with Job Slinger. (Source). June 08, 2022

Would avoid doing them. Other oil change shops posted on jobslinger. (Source). April 26, 2022

did a shop that has the meats from jobslinger. (Source). April 01, 2022

Jobslinger (Source). March 22, 2022

I haven't seen any of their jobs on jobslinger since late last year. (Source). February 04, 2022

I saw some on jobslinger EOQ last year. (Source). February 02, 2022

90 pct of my jobs are with Sassie companies simply because of JobSlinger I wish GigSpot was similar. (Source). January 21, 2022

If you sign up for Presto and JobSlinger you will see shops in your area from various MSCs. (Source). January 12, 2022

I have found that the Presto app, Jobslinger, and Gspot will give you the companies that work in the area you want. (Source). January 11, 2022