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Discussions About Merchandising

Walmart going to one merchandising company

Heard from a friend who is an assistant manager here. 60 test stores going through one merchandising company. Makes sense due to cost savings and quality control. So if you do different companies with walmart it might change soon.... Continue Reading

Toys 'R Us filed bankruptsy....What will the Lego (and other) Merchandisers do? Rely on Walmart?

They said they are going to stay open, for now. What will all of the Merchandisers do if they close? Only Walmart will be merchandised by Lego Merchandisers, right? What do you service in Target? I've complete a few of the gift card resets there but... Continue Reading

Audits vs Merchandising vs Mystery Shops

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What merchandising company has the fastest sign up

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Available Jobs Merchandising Prepaid Cards in Stores

Customer Impact needs shoppers to help with a quick project in convenience stores in early September! This will be an in-store audit starting September 4th. The job will be to merchandise prepaid cards and possibly set up a small display and promotional material. The pay for each store is $15.... Continue Reading

Jobs Available Merchandising Prepaid Cards in Store

Customer Impact needs shoppers to help with a quick project in convenience stores in early September! This will be an in-store audit starting September 4th. The job will be to merchandise prepaid cards and possibly set up a small display and promotional material. The pay for each... Continue Reading

Shelf Tech Hiring Retail Merchandisers with Reset Experience

Hi, Shelf Tech is looking to hire experienced retail merchandisers to start immediately. The positions we are looking to hire for are 40-46 weeks a year 28 hours a week. No weekends and No holidays. * You will be working on a Reset Team* Compensation: ... Continue Reading

Baker and Taylor Hiring P/T Merchandising Specialists - Canada Locations

Hi, Baker and Taylor, a premier distributor of book and entertainment products, is now hiring experienced Part-Time Merchandising Specialists. Merchandisers conduct weekly store service visits dedicated to Book, Movie and Music programs, Perform Planogram resets, build displays, conduct returns to vendors, place price signage and point-of-purchase materials, Maximize visual presentation... Continue Reading

Baker and Taylor Now Hiring P/T Merchandising Specialists

Hi, Baker and Taylor, a premier distributor of book and entertainment products, is now hiring experienced Part-Time Merchandising Specialists. Merchandisers conduct weekly store service visits dedicated to Book, Movie and Music programs, Perform Planogram resets, build displays, conduct returns to vendors, place price signage and point-of-purchase materials, Maximize visual presentation... Continue Reading

Year round opportunities for merchandising work in Alabama, Georgia and the Carolinas.

We are Wings of the Eagle, the largest Contractor for a major corporation's freezer cleaning and merchandising division. We currently have Independent Contractors routes available in Georgia, Alabama and the Carolinas due to unprecedented growth. As an Independent Contractor you will travel to selected retail outlets during their regular business... Continue Reading

Help! Problem with submitting Coast to Coast Merchandising Photos

This is my first merchandising assignment and I got it from CCMI. It requires 2 photos, a before and after of the merchandise display at a department store. My problem is I can't see anywhere on the online questionnaire to upload the photos. Has anyone else done this and... Continue Reading

What would you do? Can you work as a Merchandiser in a grocery store and still mystery shop the client; just not your assigned stores?

I took a 25 hour a week merchandising job with a very large merchandising company. It's my foot-in-the-door so I can move up the ladder and learn everything I can in a couple of years and start my own company. I have lofty dreams, I know. This... Continue Reading

merchandising assisgnments/jobs that don't require travel

Does anyone know of any merchandising assignments or jobs that don't require you to travel long distances? I have applied to a few companies but they all require lots of travel and I can't do that because I'm a caretaker. I already have some of the freelance merchandising apps installed... Continue Reading

Merchandising companies/price audit companies

I am looking into Merchandising companies and such. Can anyone recommend where to start?... Continue Reading

Just curious what other merchandisers think of my idea

Even as I work towards my next career an idea hit me. As merchandisers we work with a load of demo stock and are told to dispose of it, giving us control of it. Something recently hit me, I am going to start giving this stuff, along with extra tools and... Continue Reading

DIRECTV Merchandising Shops Available!

Any interested shopper? We have Merchandising and Door Hang assignments available in your area and would really appreciate your help! This is a quick and easy visit to either replace or place “Merchandising” material inside a facility, “Door Hang” marketing materials on resident doors in a local apartment, senior center or condominium,... Continue Reading

Coast to Coast Merchandising and Installations.

Does anyone know if Coast to Coast is a reputable company? I have gone on line this is not part of Atlantic Coast. I received an email from a recruiter stating that I had applied with their company. I have not filled out any applications in the last 3 Years... Continue Reading

How much do you make merchandising?

I'm considering getting into merchandising. Out of curiosity, how much do you think you average an hour merchandising? I'm a little hesitant to get into it because the pay seems kind of low (Under $12 an hour). Thanks! :)... Continue Reading

Atlantic Coast Merchandising

Anyone have any current dealings with this company? I received an email saying that they were responding to me responding to their ad. I don't recall responding to their ad, but it's possible that I did. When I call the number on their website I get a recording saying they'd... Continue Reading

Seems I just can't get the MERCHANDISER out of my system!! (Especially at Walmart!)

Well, as someone who merchandised in 7 different Walmarts regularly for over 7 years, I had to chuckle at myself today.....did grocery shopping, and picked up 10 cans of Alpo dog food as part of the stash. The cans were of 5 different varieties, 2 cans each, to make up... Continue Reading

Anyone work for Merchandise Management ?

Another new signup and wondering if anyone else has worked for them.... Continue Reading

Anyone work for Work Smart Merchandising ?

I am signed up with them for just project work, but wondering if anyone here has worked for them before.... Continue Reading

Lite Merchandizing

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Where can I find Team Merchandising/Reset/audit Jobs?

Hi, I'm trying to find out what companies have work for teams. I'm not picky about the job just need work for atleast two people. Thanks!... Continue Reading

"Lite Assembly and Lite Merchandising"

Has anyone done the Fiberfix job at the big blue home improvement stores? It is listed as a revealed display set-up on a mystery shopping board. Just wondering what tools might be needed, how complicated it is, and if the display has to be sent to you, or is it... Continue Reading

What exactly is Merchandising?

Is there a thread here that explains it? Thank you :)... Continue Reading

7-11 Merchandising

Has anyone here ever done merchandising for 7-11, or can give me an idea of what to expect? This is only my second merchandising gig ever, and would be appreciative of any information.... Continue Reading

Top Merchandising Companies in WI

Hi, I want to get back into merchandising but I am new to the area and have no clue, who is reputable as far as their assignments and their payscale. Can anyone give me some of the best companies to work for?... Continue Reading

Sometimes it's great being a Merchandiser...

Anyone who read my earlier thread knows I had a normal job lined up, sadly things didn't pan out so I am back to Merchandising/Product Recalls/Mystery Shopping, and so forth, as I look for something normal or more clients. Today after a long one, I got a call from an agency... Continue Reading

What's the worst merchandising assignment you have ever refused?

I love small assignments, traveling between jobs, and cycle work. I just had an offer yesterday that I read with interest, at least the first paragraph. 26 gas stations, must take all locations, a small check out item to restock, and replace coupon pad monthly. ( 5 to... Continue Reading

Part Time Merchandisers Needed Nationwide

Hi everyone my name is Hans and I'm a field recruiter for I posted on this forum earlier in the year but figured I reintroduce myself. My company does retail audits/merchandising visits all over the country. We may have projects in your area through our Survey Merchandiser app.... Continue Reading

Looking for some merchandising jobs or companies to join, I'm in NC

Looking for some merchandising jobs or companies to join, I'm in NC... Continue Reading

What was the craziest project you did as a merchandiser?

I once had to use a blow dryer on shoes to remove tool marks that showed where straps were attached or rivets to be placed. Spent 3 hours applying hot air to marks that were barely visible to begin with. Paid bonus and mileage.... Continue Reading

Promotional Merchandising Shops- MA, MI, NJ, MS, MN, CA, OH, IL, LA, TX

These Merchandising assignments are generally quick & easy. You show up to an apartment building, condo/town home, or senior complex to replenish marketing materials. Depending on the order for a particular property, you may be assigned to a: • Merchandising visit: $15 to drop off and/or display marketing materials in... Continue Reading

Any Merchandisers in the Waukesha, WI area?( Within 15 miles)

One of the companies I work for is looking for an experienced merchandiser in the Waukesha area. Weekly work. I am covering the store now, but it is 60 miles round trip, so I am getting tired of the drive due to all the stupid road construction. It is taking... Continue Reading

What type of merchandising supplies do you use?

Hi everyone! I am thinking about performing some merchandising in addition to mystery shopping. I would love to get some feedback on the supplies you have found useful in performing your job. A few of the items that come to mind are a duster and a box cutter. I know... Continue Reading

Need Merchandiser's for Zonnic Gum Display

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Merchandisers needed!

2020 Companies has merchandising opportunities available for individuals and for those with a strong network of merchandisers looking to earn extra money. We have project work & continuity work available in Grocery and Consumer Electronics verticals. For more information, contact Travis Olmstead at Continue Reading

Working for multples merchandising companies?

Do you guys work for multiple merchandising companies? I have a main merchandising job (30) hours a week and it is W-2. Thinking about picking extra work and the job I think about getting is also w-2 and not a independent contractor position. Is working 2 merchandising companies normal in... Continue Reading

Merchandiser cheaters. A rant

I was spoke to a former coworker yesterday. We were working in the same store for different companies, and ran into each other when we were signing out. We went for a coffee to chat and she spilled her guts about the crap she pulled back when we worked for... Continue Reading

Merchandiser Independent Contractor Mileage Question.

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What is going on today on the merchandising board?

Look at all the foreign spam posts. [I]Mod note: Apparently some spammer had nothing better to do with their time than to create 146 threads in the merchandising section. Then apparently I had nothing better to do with my time than to delete all of them.... :) Just... Continue Reading

Merchandisers needed CA, CO and AZ

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Merchandisers needed in CA, CO and AZ

Signature Retail Services is looking for Merchandisers in Phoenix AZ, Los Angeles CA and Denver Colorado 9 pm to 6 am 3 months of work email Continue Reading

Pay Raise Not Given From Merchandising Company

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Merchandising- MS, MI, KY, SC

I need help filling these apartment/housing visits for a leading satellite company. I felt that this forum would be a great community to ask for help. This $15 shop entails dropping off or displaying flyers in an onsite office or the Property Manager's door. I only have a few locations... Continue Reading

Anyone heard of G2 Merchandising Solutions?

G2 Merchandising Solutions is looking for people in my nick of the woods, and with several cut backs I am eager to expand again or try to find a normal job. I am wondering if anyone has heard of them? Any feedback? Know if they are flexible with... Continue Reading

Rhetorical question. Why do Merchandisng Companies list misleading jobs and the locations available?

Job Listing- ( suburban location) part time merchandiser wanted, flexible hours. I am getting so frustrated filling out very lengthy applications, going through phone interviews, and at the end of the day, being offered something I would never have applied for in the first place! I am only interested... Continue Reading

Merchandising Garden Seed Packets...

Does anyone know how I can hook up with a garden seed company looking for a merchandiser in the Central Maryland area? I have been interested in doing this for several years with a company like Burpee or Ferry Morse, etc. who does the seasonal displays in most of... Continue Reading

Cast Merchandising

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Looking for an independent contractor merchandising company

I really want to find one that is IC so i can pick and choose when and what I want to do. But everytime I search I seem to find loads and loads of ones that are normal employment jobs...I don't want that! Does anyone know of companies like... Continue Reading

Looking for Merchandisers/Survey-Takers

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Merchandising Assignments!

We're always looking for new and reliable Merchandisers! We want you to become our new regular. That means a constant flow of work every two months. Also, many of our property visits are in close contact with each other, so create a route to maximize your shopper pay. We have... Continue Reading

Merchandising Assignments Available!

Shoppers & Merchandisers! This MSC has only 26 locations left for this quarter of door hang and merchandising jobs! Please check our job board and the list below for work near you. Some property visits have MULTIPLE locations near each other, so create a route and increase your shopper pay! We're... Continue Reading

Has anyone ever personally sued a merchandisng company?

I just ran across this company, It seems this is one of their specialties. Just wondering, and pondering all the admin. time I was never paid for in the last year. Continue Reading

What stores do you love to merchandise in?

We have our hates, so how about our love to work in stores? Steins Garden Centers ( regional garden centers) I know where my stuff is, they are so helpful, it is great. Target, most of them have their act together so it is a quick, somewhat painless experience. Shopko-... Continue Reading

What stores do you avoid merchandising in?

Walmart- Clueless staff, can't find product, lose shippers. Every job is like giving birth. Dollar General- Short staffed, back rooms stacked to ceiling with boxes of product, no way of knowing which is the one you are looking for. Usually 15- 30 minute jobs that take 45 minutes... Continue Reading

Interested in learning more about merchandising

I had ran across Theater Installs with Market Force/ CFA. My SO and I have completed four so far and found that we like it. I don't know if this has to do with merchandising but I am interested in learning more. Is there a list of companies like we... Continue Reading

First (and maybe last) merchandising assignment

Last week I had a scheduler call and ask if I'd do a toy department maintenance job at a Walmart just a couple miles from my house. I went today and it was the most disorganized job I've ever done! The toy manager was new in department (started... Continue Reading

Looking for Merchandising companies

I am new to the MysteryShopForum. I have done mystery shopping and some merchandising resets . I am looking to earn some extra money in December doing a route of merchandising in Southern Ca . Does anyone know any good companies have openings for this as an Independent Contractor?... Continue Reading

ASC Merchandising company

Has anybody worked for ASC? I do mystery shops and I am thinking about doing merchandising, I got an application for this company, and would appreciate some input on this company and other companies. Do they provide training? Or give easy to follow guidelines? Are we hired as independent contractors?... Continue Reading is hiring a looking for merchandisers

You can work your own hours, but they need hard working people and will train?. Sorry, if this was not allowed but Christmas is coming and someone out there is looking for work give a try... Continue Reading

Merchandising Evenings and Weekends?

Hi there! I am new to merchandising and have only taken on a handful of merchandising gigs through Gigwalk or mystery shopping companies. I would like to do more but I find that the merchandising jobs that I have seen offered tend to be during the week and during the... Continue Reading

Quest Merchandising Services

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Which companies merchandise at Kohl's?

I just heard we might have a Kohl's coming to our town so I am looking into which companies merchandise at Kohl's so I can get ahead of the game and start applying now. I am not asking which products these companies merchandise so there is no confidentiality issues, just... Continue Reading

Merchandise data collector / FSR

Is there any discussion about Merchandise data collectors on this forum? I'm about to work for IRI ISG and wanted to get info from someone who is working in this field. Thanks.... Continue Reading merchandiser how do you apply to be a merchandiser with them..I downloaded the app, but there is no way to apply...... Continue Reading

Canadian Merchandising Companies?

Can anyone recommend any Merchandising companies in Canada. Getting a bit old applying for projects with Mosaic, and getting a nice automated reply, but no work. After a few years, tends to make the point clear I lack what they want.... Continue Reading

Anderson merchandising

Anyone work for them? Just started. They told me about 12 hours 8-12 am on Tuesday one more 4 hour on Friday and then another Saturday or Sunday. I worked last Monday and was sick later last week so I couldn't help out. But I go in this mon at... Continue Reading

OZ Looking for Merchandising Companies

Hi All, I am looking for Merchandising companies in Australia in Perth, WA. Thanks for your recommendation. Cheers!... Continue Reading

Glossary of Mystery Shop/Audit/Merchandising/etc. Terms?

Hi there. I am new-ish in this business. I spend 8 - 10 hours each month looking up information about the types of work we can do. I am reasonably certain that I know less than 10% of available information. It might be helpful to have a glossary of terms and,... Continue Reading

Before I even start merchandising

I've been reading up on merchandising after doing some mild merchandising assignments through MSCs and my other work as a field marketer. Before I even delve into merch companies, I wanted to try and clear something up. Do most merchandising companies put jobs on you or have you do regular... Continue Reading

Merchandising Question

Hi Everyone, I had a question and I know there may be some variations with the answers as it could all depend on what is in your independent contractor agreement with the company BUT I was wondering if this is plausible and has anyone ever done this - accept a merchandising... Continue Reading

anyone full time exclusively merchandise?

looking to go 'full time' in a couple of months. got a regular gig that's 10-15 hours, sometimes bumped to 30. thinking if I can look around and find 2 more companies that give me the same amount I can pull it off, especially if they are in the same... Continue Reading

Want to get started with some Merchandising company

I have done some demo's for a company and also a few audits. At this point I would love to find some companies to work for but I'm not seeing any on here. When I first joined this forum there were some company names but other then a few people... Continue Reading

Starting to Merchandise

Hi, have shopped for a few years now and want to start merchandising. I joined castforce but they have nothing in my area (San Diego CA) . What are some other companies to apply to? I also travel to Hawaii ( Maui and OahU) constantly and would like companies that... Continue Reading

merchandising jobs

I am a merchandiser I am looking for work locally here in Pratt,Ks... Continue Reading

Looking for Merchandising Companies

I have worked with Castforce for about a month. I loved it! However due to lack of communication from my contractor admin I was placed on probationary status and can no longer accept work. My admin did not answer my four emails or two voice mails within a week so... Continue Reading

Merchandising Companies

Hello I'm interested in getting into Merchandising and wanted to know where I can get a list of legit companies and any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm in NYC if that helps.... Continue Reading

Force 1 One Merchandising / - legit?

Got an email from this company today. The spacing in the phone numbers was weird, and it simply says they found my info "through networking." Did anyone else get this? The stores are tailored to my approximate area (they listed five stores in Fort Worth, but everything else seems like it... Continue Reading

Merchandising shops

Hello fellow shopper peeps! I am needing some guidance on what companies do the merchandising shops. I live in Md and would like to add this to my resume!!!! Thanks in advance for any suggestions... Continue Reading

Talk to me about merchandising!

What are some examples of merchandising jobs? I just applied for an apartment door hang for one place, so there is that....what are some others? What is the pay like? Are the jobs plentiful? (I'm in Ft worth, TX if that helps) What are some good companies... Continue Reading

stopwatch for merchandising; restaurant times

I followed a previous forum recommendation for a stop watch that recorded times with a click for restaurant timing but I lost my phone and don't remember the name of the app. Looking for best recommendations ASAP. Thanks for your input in advance... Continue Reading

RMS (Retail Merchandising Services)

This company puts you through all the hassles of becoming a real employee. Then they award you a "flat fee" for a given assignment. The assignments are regular each week so you get to know the store to which you are assigned. The problem is that the... Continue Reading

RE: Meat and Deli shops at large merchandising stores

I have been shopping for several years and read this forum diligently. I am only a part-time shopper but recently was referred to another MSC by a MSC so I signed up. I was just wondering if anyone here has had experience with the meat, deli and pharmacy... Continue Reading

I love being a merchandiser!

For the most part I have left mystery shopping. Sometimes will do restaurants. I some how managed to get very lucky. I am on a permanent set team with crossmark for a grocery store. 28 hours a week. I can honestly say I have not loved many of my jobs... Continue Reading

Retail Merchandisig Company

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Looking for permanent p/t Merchandising in Jersey

It is taking me forever to find something p/t permanent with weekly work and maybe bi-weekly pay. I used to work for (I think it was called T11) back then and it was fantastic! I had a route, I had a specific time to get the work done and I got paid,... Continue Reading

merchandising company

Has anyone done any merchandising with the instore group? I got an email from them but did not remember signing up with them. I don't want to send my socia without knowing more about them. Any info would be appreciated.... Continue Reading


I am interested in doing this. Will someone please take the time to answer a few questions for me please? First, when someone arrives at a location what does that person do? Do the store employees know that someone is coming? Do we go in the front door or the... Continue Reading

T & E merchandising

Is anyone familiar with T & E merchandising. I think they do magazines for one thing. I have searched and have not come up with anything. Thanks... Continue Reading

Which merchandising companies work in Menards? Or Meijers?

Both stores are rumored to be breaking ground this spring. I am trying to track down which companies have assignments in these stores. I am not asking for what products they work with as that could be a confidentiality issue, just which companies.... Continue Reading

Magazine Merchandising Companies?

I did a search but couldn't find anything on here. What company(s) do magazine rack merchandising?... Continue Reading


Filled out a lot of applications but no replies, How to get these jobs ?... Continue Reading

Part Time Merchandising on the Side

Hello, new to the forum here. I have a full time job as a sales rep for a DSD beverage company. It's a great job with full time hours, benefits, etc. However, being single and without many time commitments, plus looking to purchase a home in the near future, I'm... Continue Reading

merchandising... the how-to

I am interested in taking some of these jobs... and I completely understand the instructions provided. What I don't understand is how to go about introducing myself once there... do you call ahead and let the manager know? do you just show up? We are freelancers, what exactly do we call ourselves? The... Continue Reading

Merchandising jobs

Does anyone know of any good IC Merchandising companies... Continue Reading

HDA Merchandising

Did a search on the forum and didn't find anything. Anyone here do work for HDA?... Continue Reading

SAS Merchandising

have anyone one heard of this company before?... Continue Reading

Flexible Hours/Visits Merchandising

Does anyone know of any companies with merchandising positions that are either one-offs (one times) or that have either very flexible visits or weekday only? I'm already signed up with MarketForce/Certified.... Continue Reading

Needing feedback on National Merchandising.

Anyone who has worked for National Merchandising, I would like your opinion of the company. What stores did you work and how difficult was the job? I don't believe this to be a 'violation' in merchandising. Thanks,... Continue Reading

A&A Merchandising

Can anyone point me to a shopper application for this company? The list mystery shopping services on their website and I found them on another list. Has anyone done any work for them? Thanks,... Continue Reading

When did merchandising become a sales position?

I have been receiving emails about merchandising positions, but when I look further into the positions, they are, for the most part, a sales job. I love to go store to store, pulling out back stock, pulling DC's, straightening and cutting in new product, even writing up damaged/DC's to return.... Continue Reading

Mystery Shopping/Merchandising?

I started off with merchandising companies similar to Crossmark,but what is the difference between them and all of these smaller names and also mystery shopping? With merchandising we just go in and do resets etc,I associate mystery shopping with making purchases now and being(hopefully)reimbursed later...seems a little risky to me,especially... Continue Reading

Select Merchandising Services now TNG

Just a heads up, this company is now raising up from the dead and going by the name TNG. Do an internet search before you accept anything.... Continue Reading

m3 merchandising....

I just got a "reach out" to do work for them....anybody have any input? do they pay? fair wages?... Continue Reading

Keystone Merchandising Solutions

Hi I did a project for this company 05/17/2013 still have not got paid. Email them today and they email me back stated that my check went out in the mail 2 weeks ago. Last Thursday one of them answer the phone and told they haven't got paid yet... Continue Reading

SPAR Merchandising - steals 2.9% for "Workers Compensation Insurance"

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Average pay for merchandising

Hi, I'm new to this board and am interested in merchandising. I want to know how much I can expect to get for jobs (I know they can vary widely) and the hours needed to complete each job. Just looking to see if this is worthwhile. Not relying on... Continue Reading

Question for Seasoned Merchandisers.

If an assignment is listed as flat rate pay...let's say $14.00 for an hour assignment . If you finish in 30 minutes do you turn in 30 minutes or an hour....or does it matter since it is a flat rate.... Continue Reading

Atlantic Coast Merchandising

Anyone work for this company? They sent me an urgent e-mail for several days of overnight resets. Talked to the recruiter yesterday and they seem desperate. Also, she said she'd be sending the new hire paperwork but I have yet to get it and it's been almost... Continue Reading

MF Merchandising and Audit

Received this today: Dear Market Force Independent Contractor: SPAR Group, Inc. has acquired the assets of Market Force-Merchandising and Audit Division. SPAR Group, Inc. is a publicly listed company on the NASDAQ with operations in 10 countries covering 50% of the world’s population including the United States, Canada, Mexico, China,... Continue Reading

do you consider "merchandising" the same as Mystery shopping..???

some of you guys have HUGE pay amounts and I'm just wondering if it's all shops or a combo.... Continue Reading

What is "Merchandising"

Exactly what is it and what does it entail? One company offered that option, and I've read some of the posts but still don't really know what is required. I have three bulging discs in my neck/back and cannot do much bending or lifting. I don't want to sign up... Continue Reading


Does any one know of a forum for merchandising? TIA... Continue Reading

ASC Merchandising and Mystery Shopping

Has anyone done any work for this company? This is the first company I have run into that hires you as an employee and not a private contractor. Any idea why? I would appreciate any input. Thanks Amabilis... Continue Reading

Anyone who has done merchandising

I got hooked into doing a DVD merchandising job. The instructions are vague. It is like I am supposed to know how the display was set up initially. I did not get a instructions manual, just bits and pieces. Any information will certainly be more than I have. Thanks,... Continue Reading

Feedback Requested: RMS (Retail Merchandising Services)

Feedback Requested: RMS (Retail Merchandising Services) I currently work of another merchandising company and I do work for a Target store. I just heard that the RMS representative that services the sunglasses in my Target store is quitting this week. I was thinking about seeing if I could get that job,... Continue Reading

New to Merchandising.....Callout????

What is a callout? How do you display jewelry? How will I know if items have been marked down? The directions I received are very vague. Would appreciate any help. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Merchandising in New Zealand

I will be moving to New Zealand in 7 months. I am trying to line up some good job opportunities and have been doing a lot of research. I have been able to line up several options but need some help with finding merchandising companies over there. I would like... Continue Reading

HDA Merchandising

Anyone worked for HDA past or present? feedback please.... Jewels Houston, TX Silver Certified... Continue Reading

How psychically taxing is merchandising?

I do mystery shopping and I do demos but I haven't done merchandising yet. I signed up with Driveline but they make it sound like they are gonna try to kill you psychically. I have plantar fasciitis and so I have difficulty with standing for hours on end and things... Continue Reading

Marketforce/ Walmart Merchandising Projects (?)

Happy New Year! Anyone done merchandsing projects at Walmarts for MarketForce? Easy, worth the time and money? I receive numerous projects near my local Walmart store and wonder if its worth my time. ie Balloon inventory once week for an example? Thank you! Jewels Houston, TX Silver Certified... Continue Reading

Market Force/ Certified merchandising

....... Continue Reading

Keystone Merchandising Solutions

I know the scheduler has been posting on this forum but I would like to hear an unbiased view of this company and their jobs. Has anyone worked for them yet?... Continue Reading

I am looking for a ton of IC Merchandising Reps all over the USA

Hi all, I am working for a newer Merchandising Company called Keystone Merchandising Solutions. We have taken on a few large accounts and we are outgrowing our database of reps! We really need new reps all over the USA as these jobs start popping up. We are a member... Continue Reading

Hello :) I am the National Accounts Director for Keystone Merchandising Solutions

Hello All, I am the National Accounts Director for Keystone Merchandising Solutions. We are a newer Merchandising company and we are growing fast. We do Roadshows, in store visits and more. We tend to hire Independent contractors and our work can vary from one time events to weekly or monthly... Continue Reading

Post Office Merchandiser

Just learned today the hire out merchandisers for the greeting cards. I do not want the job but find it interesting with the trouble the PO is in that they would spend money on something they could do in house.... Continue Reading

One-time merchandising assignments

Hello everyone, does anybody know of any companies that do one-day/one-time merchandising assignments. I'm looking for something flexible where you could just log in and assign an assigment to yourself from a list of open jobs, kind of like mystery shopping. Also how much do they pay, and how quick... Continue Reading

Wal-Mart Merchandising Oppotunities.

I received an e-mail with Wal-Mart opportunities and was wondering if anyone has done them. They are as follows: skateboard signage install and display reset; hang and level audit; perky jerky audit; pillow pets endcap reset. I was wondering how difficult and time consuming they were before applying. ... Continue Reading

Is there a similarity between shopping and merchandising?

I have read through several of the posts on this thread and am curious if becoming a merchandiser locks you into a commitment like an employee or can you pick and choose what you want to do like mystery shopping? Some of it looks interesting, but if I am required... Continue Reading

Merchandising Solutions

Does anybody work with Merchadising Solutions? I am curious how they do their scheduling. They sent out an email a little while ago saying they had assignments and to sign up on the web site. I did that, but sitill, weeks later, the assignments are there. They have assignments listed... Continue Reading

Merchandising Reset Jobs

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Favorite Merchandising Companies

Since we have this area for merchandising, who would like to share their favorite companies. I really like working with Iosue. I also like CastForce. I am a big fan of being able to select my jobs rather than being assigned a territory. If a job isnt' up to par, I don't... Continue Reading

Merchandising thread!!~

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Thanks for the place to discuss merchandising

I just wanted to give a big thank you to Jacob for setting up the merchandising section. It will be nice to have a safe place to dicuss the pros and cons of the merch industry, companies, and jobs.... Continue Reading

Merchandising? What to expect?

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Rocky Mountain Merchandizing

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Merchandising Job Boards

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bestmark merchandising audits

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BestMark Merchandising Auditing?

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Anyone Know of a Merchandising Forum?

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Midwest Merchandising

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Need help with merchandising...please

I have two merchandising jobs to do. This is my first. It involves: 1. Restock fixture 2. Plan-O-Gram change out 3. Full inventory of all xxx DVDs I'm kinda anxious about it. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks,... Continue Reading

Help! Wal-Mart Merchandising shop

I have a Wal-Mart merchandising shop to do tomorrow and I've never done one before. I wondered if someone who has experience in them could PM me. I went to the MSC website and they said I should download a Cornice guide and darned if I can find... Continue Reading


What are the best companies to find merchandising jobs... Continue Reading

Merchandising Jobs

I have seen several job offers for merchandisers. They all also require that you have experiece in such area as reading plan-o-grams. Where is merchandising skills taught and hiring started? shopaholico... Continue Reading

Anyone work for “National Merchandising” in Georgia before?

I just received a call from “National Merchandising” in Fayetteville, GA, because they found my profile on NARMS (which I seek merchandising and ms work) and they wanted me to do some merchandising work for them. Without thinking, I accepted the job, but I forgot to check them out, like... Continue Reading

Driveline Merchandishing

Hi Everyone, Anyone have any experience with this company.I was just offered employment with then and was curious if they pay on time, and how they generally treat their workers? Thanks in advance...... Continue Reading

What is merchandising?

I see this word pop up a lot in e-mails from MSCs and on this forum. But what is merchandising? It is not an actual mystery shop, right? What does it entail? What is the pay like?... Continue Reading

DVD Merchandising??????

I think I would like to do merchandising of DVDs that I see available in some stores. Does anyone know the company that does this?... Continue Reading

Warning to all shoppers and merchandisers!

Stay away from Dot2Dot Retail- they are non payers and totally unprofessional! It apparently is someone trying to start a merchandising business who doesn't know what they are doing. I'm currently suing them for 45 days wages !... Continue Reading


I am looking for jobs with demonstration and merchandising jobs. I don't really know any good companies in my town or around me. The area is in Belleville IL. I am close to St.Loius MO.Can anyone let me now. Thank youfor any help.... Continue Reading

Family Dollar merchandising

There is a Family Dollar merchandising assignment with a big bonus that I'm thinking about. It's putting out stickers and re-doing a display of shelved products. I haven't done any, it says the level of difficulty is moderate and the pay is capped at one hour. I'm curious if... Continue Reading

National Merchandising

Anyone heard or worked for this company, Continue Reading

Merchandising - how does it work?

I haven't done any merchandising and I'm curious how it works. Do you just come in and do your thing, or do you work under some supervisor, or what? Do you fill out reports, etc? I see several on the boards and am wondering if I want to give it... Continue Reading

FGX (Merchandising)

Anyone else work for FGX? I got the weirdest memo this morning. In our area, a new contract for a small-town discount chain was attained and they want us to take over at these small stores. We were also told that we have to take on all of the new... Continue Reading


I am looking to see if you also have a merchandising forum. The company I work with is hiring merchandisers. Please apply online at Thank You Debby Greenberg Recruiter Signature Retail Services... Continue Reading

Have any Merchandising books been published?

Hi Guys! I have not posted on this site before, but I would like to enlist your assistance in a project. I am attempting to determine if there is a need for a book to be published on the topic of Merchandising. We have several wonderful books concerning Mystery Shopping,... Continue Reading


Could someone please help me out? I am new to merchandising. I was sent instructions to merchandise a gift card rack. Some of the terms are confusing to me. For example, what is a facing? If I have anymore questions I will be adding them as a response to this... Continue Reading

Good company to start merchandising?

Any advice on companies that offer merchandising that are willing to take newbies? I do have retail experience but it's been a number of years. TIA... Continue Reading


Has anyone ever did merchandising work for midwest merchandising. I worked with them for three years on a monthly basis no problem even recieved great bonuses for last minute shops. Not sure what happened but I have been waitng for a payment for one year now and am unsure what... Continue Reading

Merchandising Companies and Mysterys Shopping

Someone know the companies performed merchandising service in Puerto Rico to apply? And Someone know too the mystery shopping company performed the mystery shops of Walgreens, Texaco Gas Station and Gulf Gas Sation in Puerto Rico? Because I know the Total ( and Shell( Thank you, Cynthia Acabá... Continue Reading

Payment Problem with Midwest Merchandising

Some have problem with Midwest Company to received the payment. I made a merchansiding job for this company my fisrt time in January and at this time I don't received the payment. Midwest wrote me have trouble with his client because he has not paid for this work and that... Continue Reading

MSing and Merchandising

Anyone here do both MS and Merchandising? I would love to hear how you balance your time. How many Mystery shops do you do vs. Merchandising shops? Do you have a route? Does merchandising pay better, worse or same as MS? Any helpful hints or tales of woe are appreciated.... Continue Reading

Mystery and Merchandising

I am searching for mystery and merchandising companies that are in the Prescott and Prescott Valley, Az. Thank you... Continue Reading

Who is doing the $6 Certified merchandising jobs?

is anyone here doing the $6 merchandising jobs that Certified has up for the huge discount department store? I just don't understand how it is worth $6 to even get out of my car, let alone locate back stock, speak to store staff, and set up.... Continue Reading

A&A Merchandising, Feedback

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Demonstrating and Merchandising

How many of you guys do demos and merchandising? I am trying to maximize my paycheck to payoff debt and this sounds intriguing.... Continue Reading


Merchandising can be a good way to make some extra money for the holidays. There are a lot of companies looking for people right now. Many are good paying and the hours are flexible. Many of the projects are easy and take little training. These are the best ones if... Continue Reading

Merchandising? NARMS? card or candy- are they worth it?

Hey all I am a MS'er by nature, MERCHANDISER by force due to light load of MS shops this summer. I am finding small time audits and evaluations to do thru MS companies. I am interested in a set route 2-3 times a week. I got a an offer for... Continue Reading


Those that do merchandsing jobs, what is it about those jobs that you really like. I have never done merchandising. It seems like a lot of work. Is that true?... Continue Reading

Does anyone know of how to learn merchandising/resets?

Hi you all, it's me again, LittleC in remote MI. I am interested in learning merchandising/resets, but it seems that most companies look for "experienced". Does anyone know of a company that will just let you learn as you go? If so, I'd appreciate the heads-up. ... Continue Reading

What are audits / merchandising shops?

What's an audit shop? What may be included in merchandising? I've seen only one ad and it looked awful. Do they pay hourly? Would they tell you if they're looking for long-term part time help or short-term? I wouldn't want to unwittingly get stuck in a long-term job.... Continue Reading

Can anyone tell me what companies offer Merchandising/Auditing in CA.

Hello, I needed some suggestions and referrals to any companies that have merchandising jobs for beginners. I would love to start merchandising and doing auditing jobs.Please let me know of any companies besides Shop N Chek and Certified Market Research.Thank You... Continue Reading

Anytime merchandising AKA MRI

Anyone else out there work for this company and not get paid? There is a group of us getting together and attempting to get our money. I am owed over 4000.00, one guy is over 10,000. one is as small as 600.00. Anyone else out there burned by them?... Continue Reading


Does anyone know how to start in the Merchandising field? I have applied to several companies with no reply. Everyone wants experience, but I can't get the experience if no one will train me! Thanks... Continue Reading


How do I find merchandising assignments and does any one have any feed back on this subject?... Continue Reading

Mystery Shopping/Merchandising

I started out doing Mystery Shopping and then when $$ had to be made I started picking up merchandising jobs, promos, and other jobs that turned out to be very lucrative. I did a 21 week promo as a Brand Ambassador for Lutron Electronics at 7 Home Depots. This turned... Continue Reading

Retail Merchandising and Mystery Shopping

Anyone knowing where I might find some work please let me know.I have been in Retail Merchandising for 18 years.I have work for some well know Company's such as The Dial Corpration,Nonesense Pany Hose,Foster Grant and many grocery stores.I know with all you guys out there some can help me.I... Continue Reading

Discussions of Merchandising

I am a merchandiser, demo person, and mystery shopper. (Source). October 19, 2017

When an assignment is age compliance it's always for a younger group. I've not had an age compliance assignment for a 50 plus age group. Work doing shopping,audits, and merchandising would make full time work with some good effort. (Source). October 19, 2017

I appreciate any feedback you have as my goal is to provide retail merchandisers like yourself, along with people completely unaware of the field - with an actual retail merchandising community / resource. (Source). October 19, 2017

That never happens, but I still avoid certain shops. Despite little time for this, I can combine shops, audits, and merchandising tasks with personal errands in distant places and earn part-time income. (Source). October 19, 2017

[quote=spicy1] That retailmerchandising HQ is hilarious. (Source). October 18, 2017

I do a lot of merchandising, so I frequently run into perfectly sized boxes that have markings. (Source). October 18, 2017

One Merchandising company cannot just pick up all of the work for all of the companies that have third party merchandisers. (Source). October 18, 2017

Dollar General and Family Dollar also have free boxes that their merchandise comes in. (Source). October 18, 2017

About ten years ago, I did a handful of shops and 3 merchandise resets. (Source). October 17, 2017

60 test stores going through one merchandising company. (Source). October 17, 2017