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Discussions About Paypal


I usually get a check, but switched to PayPal. Not sure when they deposit.... Continue Reading

Got another e-mail about my PayPal account

I got another e-mail saying a phone number was added to my account. This time I checked my PayPal account. No new numbers were added. The e-mail is a scam.... Continue Reading

Someone tried to add their number to my PayPal business account

I've recently started using my PayPal card for gas station and restaurant shops. PayPal sent me an e-mail asking me if I had added a new number to my account. I did not, and told them that. If anyone added their number to your account, would that give them access... Continue Reading

Anyone get 1099-K from PayPal with over $20,000 & 200 transactions?

Still working on taxes for this year and have a difficult situation...wondering if anyone else in these circumstances has filed yet. I prepare my own taxes using TurboTax. This year, my 1099-K from PayPal was more than $20,000 and had more than 200 transactions, which are the triggers for this year... Continue Reading

ACL Is Using PayPal

Hopefully, this will mean quicker payments.... Continue Reading


This keeps popping up in the notifications tab on PayPal. Their system will not accept my current status which has been the same for 10+ years. Have anyone been able to confirm that their SS# is correct? "Confirm your taxpayer status by adding your Tax ID Number. This will allow you... Continue Reading

PayPal - adding $

I have been MS for 19 years and have never added money to my PayPal account. I signed up for the Intellishop shop which requires a $50 deposit for a GSP devise they are sending me. PayPal's response was 3-5 days and the report is due by the 15, which... Continue Reading

Alta360 Switch to PayPal

For years I got paid like clockwork on the last day of every month via direct deposit. Then in May the switched to PayPal because we listened to YOU. In the three months since the switch payments processing only once was I paid on the last day of the month.... Continue Reading

Alta360 Switching to Paypal as of June 2020

I just saw this on the Alta360 home page. Thought I'd pass it on..... ETA: I actually logged on after posting this, and once I did, I was notified I had to complete my extended profile. It takes about 8 pages of clicking arrows, but finally gets to the page where... Continue Reading

PayPal warning

I got an email telling me that PayPal my close my account because I have not updated any information on my account in a while. After looking it over I saw that it is not from Paypal, So be on the lookout for PayPal Phishing Scams.... Continue Reading

How to refund a duplicate PayPal payment

Ipsos/Maritz paid me twice, and I have been asked to refund one of the payments. I have followed the instructions and do not see an option to issue a refund. Anyone have an idea why this option is not available to me. Anyone else get a duplicate... Continue Reading

The latest from Frankly Fred (IPSOS/MaritzCX) PayPal

Were working hard during this time to create an even better mystery shopping experience for all of our shoppers. We know change can be challenging, but we appreciate you sticking with us through it all. We are #BetterTogether. Here are some important updates coming down the pipeline. If you have... Continue Reading


I just got an email from PayPal (NOT!): "We dont want to say goodbye! We noticed you haven't used your PayPal account lately, and since your security is a top priority, we're planning to close the account you created with your XXXXXXX email. It's going to close in seven days... Continue Reading

$60 Payment (PAID WEEKLY via PayPal) Cutler Bay, FL

Primo Solutions LLC is seeking an individual to evaluate a Senior Living Community. Please, submit an application: Select Become a Shopper. Thanks So Much! Jacqueline Biles Independent Scheduler Primo Solutions LLC... Continue Reading

Paypal question...

I need help...I am trying to add a new bank account to paypal and have direct deposit sent to new bank, but can't change over. There should be a transfer link, but isn't and I am unable to change from 1st. bank to 2nd, yet I still need first... Continue Reading

Phishing for PayPal? Be Careful!

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

New Hampshire $45.00 Payment Per location! Paid weekly via PayPal

New Hampshire $45.00 Payment Per location! All payment are made weekly via PayPal! Primo Solutions LLC is seeking individuals to perform evaluations of Senior Living Communities. Locations Available: Concord, NH Rochester, NH Please, submit an application: Thanks So Much!! Jacqueline Biles Independent Scheduler Primo Solutions LLC... Continue Reading

Miami FL $60 Payment(We pay weekly via paypal) Senior Living Shop

$60 Payment! We pay weekly via PayPal! Primo Solutions LLC is seeking an individual to perform an evaluation of a Senior Living Community. Miami, FL 33156 Please, submit an application: Thank You!! Jacqueline Biles , I.S. Primo Solutions LLC... Continue Reading

North Fork/Buzzagent paypal comment

Did anyone else get this comment with their payment this month? It's been about 6 months between shops with this MSC for me so I'm assuming it's a generic note sent to everyone. I didn't look back on what I wrote in the last job so maybe I used some... Continue Reading

PayPal Payment Fees

I work for lots of different companies that pay me via PayPal. For the first time I am dealing with a company that is charging me a fee for pay me via PayPal even though they dont offer any other method of payment. I was charged a $0.49USD fee on... Continue Reading

Helion payment been pending over a month in Paypal

I received a payment from Helion on July 21 in paypal, and it is still pending. It was sent in pounds. Has anyone ever experienced this? I was paid by Helion before without issue.... Continue Reading

Paypal payment delays

I received an email from Intouch stating that Paypal payments were delayed because the Federal government has put in an additional check and balance on PayPal payments in the United States. PayPal advised that it may take up to 2-3 business days to process the payroll that... Continue Reading

My Pay Pal Account is Growing!

I'm so happy to keep ADDING amounts to the PP account! I decided about four months ago to leave all MS money in the account and to watch it grow. It's starting to get fun now! I will be taking it out in May for a trip to WDW, but while... Continue Reading

Pay pal nwew policy,

I received this email and not sure I understand what changes the change means, I never leave much menoy in the account and when I get about $50-$100, I transfer to my bank account. Will this change. Notice of Policy Updates We are updating the PayPal Account User Agreement... Continue Reading

PayPal Payment Question

Hey, Does anyone have any idea as to why some companies charge processing fees when the use PayPal for payment and others dont? I recently started with one company and was so surprised when a dollar was taken off, I mean its not much but every dollar counts right? Lol I can... Continue Reading

Paypal question

Hello, I just received my first payment through Paypal ( as opposed to my checking account ) . I was under the impression that Paypal would deduct a fee so the payment would be less than the actual shopping payment but that didn't seem to happen..was I wrong in thinking... Continue Reading

Ohio retail assignments, Paypal Pay - this week

Gfk is paying 2 times a week, SUPER FAST holiday cash to be made with these shops! Mystery shops asking about cell phones for today. Each shop pays $12. Payment in Presto will show $0, but this is because we pull this into our site and add pay there. For this shop... Continue Reading

Paypal suspended JM Ridgewy

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Paypal Changes

I just noticed this when I went to transfer a payment from Paypal to my bank: "On Nov. 7, Instant Transfers will cost 1% of the amount you transfer, with a maximum fee of $10.00. Use your eligible debit card for Instant Transfers. Transfer times vary by bank and may take... Continue Reading

WeGoLook - PayPal Payment

Did anyone else get a payment from WGL today that was 1.50 instead of 15.00? WGL says it shows correctly on their end, but PayPal says it was a mass payment, it was for 1.50, and that only WGL can fix it.... Continue Reading

It's the 17th...where is my SeeLevel Paypal payment.

Anyone else have this issue..... ? I have a mortgage to pay\?... Continue Reading

Jancyn Pay In PayPal Limbo?

Has anyone had their pay stuck in PayPal from this company? I received notification that the money was in my PP account. When I go to PP they say it is pending. Also this statement: This payment is pending while we review it. We're sorry for any inconvenience.... Continue Reading

Tango Card PayPal Payment

Does anyone know which company pays via Paypal using a Tango Card? I am working for a number of companies, and I had money deposited, and I don't know who it is from. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Does GBW pay via PayPal?

I am still waiting on payment for shops completed for GBW. I just sent an inquiry to them today and am awaiting a response. On a previous post, some individuals told me that they take a while and at times you have to bug them to get paid.... Continue Reading


Back in April, I did a purchase with a clothing company and opted to use PayPal. Big mistake! I received the coat in the mail, and it was too small (cut, not my waistline). I returned it. I forgot to put the invoice in the return box. ... Continue Reading


I know we can transfer money from paypal to our accounts at the bank. But can we transfer money from our bank account to pay pal? If we can is there a fee? Thanks... Continue Reading

Paypal Issues

I cannot use PayPal because several years ago I had a problem with three companies (over a period of two years) to which I had paid money, through PayPal. Many legitimate mystery shopping organizations use PayPal to pay their shoppers. Do you know of a list of mystery shopper companies that do... Continue Reading

PayPal fee from ALLstar Customer Service

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Has Paypal changed or is it my computer settings?

For the longest time, whenever Paypal would send me an email about funds added to my account, the email message would tell me the dollar amount that had been put into the account. Now, my messages do not say anything when I open the email. So I must physically open... Continue Reading

Direct Deposit to PayPal & debit card

Just set this one up today so I do not have to open extra bank accounts. Checked into it some more today and its Well Fargo out of North Dakota. Aren't they the ones that were in trouble for getting accounts opened up for people without their knowledge?... Continue Reading

Payments other than PayPal

Does anyone know if Sutter pays for assignments any other way than PayPal?... Continue Reading

PayPal; Just so you know

PayPal is really pushing their instant transfer of funds from your PayPal account to your eligible debit card in 30 minutes for just $0.25. If you need the money that quickly I'm sure you're willing to pay it. I, however, am not and while there was a reference to their... Continue Reading

would u pay fee per transfer to get your paypal $$ faster?

this was on home page pf paypal site. Need your money fast? PayPal Instant Transfer Move money to your bank account using an eligible debit card linked to your PayPal account ($0.25 per transfer). Transfers typically occur within 30 minutes.... Continue Reading

The Shadow Agency- PayPal MassPay problem

[b]Post deleted at member's request - Mod[/b]... Continue Reading

Paypal limits withdrawals

I've had a record year so far. Each month I've earned over $1K, with a couple months being close to $1.5K. All part time. Just found out today that Paypal limits you to $1K in withdrawals per month, unless you provide them with further information. In... Continue Reading

RBG - Did you receive payment via Paypal today?

Has anyone received a payment via Paypal today for which they have no idea what it is for? I did. I've only done one shop for RBG in 2017 and it was paid a few days ago. The subject line states "Feb 2017 PayPalMassPay." Or,... Continue Reading

Anonymous Insights paypal issue

I received a payment from A.I. but paypal has it as a pending transaction since 2/15, and a fee was added onto the money owed me. Not sure whats going on. Anyone else experience this ? thank you... Continue Reading


Mystery shoppers BEWARE. Paypal has made it impossible to get your money for shops unless you have a credit card or give them your bank information. I have nither one. I have money in my Paypal account from shops that they will not let me get out because of this.I... Continue Reading

PayPal - Ways to Make Extra $$

I have a lot of money sitting in PayPal (my extra side that my husband knows nothing about hehe) from mystery shopping and reimbursements... I was looking around the PayPal site and realized that I could in fact exchange the money into different currencies. Has anyone done that? In theory, if... Continue Reading

PayPal Deductions

Do you contract with any MSC's that charge you to have your pay sent to PayPal? I just found that Second to None charges $1 but will allow free bank direct deposits. I prefer to avoid providing bank routing information.... Continue Reading

Paypal issues - unclaimed?

I recently did 4 assignments for a company I have shopped for successfully before. They were supposed to pay me for them last week via Paypal. They've always used Paypal to pay me before and there have never been problems. This time, however, I haven't received any payment. The MS company... Continue Reading

Help please - Ican'trememberwhattheheckit'scalled, but not PayPal, check or direct deposit

I did one shop for a company at a waxing salon. I can't remember the name of the MSC, but I had to sign up for something like "billpay". Believe it or not, Googling "billpay" was not helpful. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? It's only $25 out... Continue Reading

PayPal scam

If you get an email saying to click to update your account as there has been suspicious activity. DO NOT CLICK. forward it to spoof@ I have gotten a few of these before and they were scams. If you think there could be a problem with your account, just... Continue Reading

Second to None $1 PayPal fee

I received a payment from Second to None this morning that was one dollar short of my shop fee. The PayPal email indicated that there was a monthly $1 fee assessed for shoppers who elect to be paid by PayPal. I don't recall seeing this fee before. ... Continue Reading

National Shopping Service - Problems with payroll as they move to Paypal

I wonder if anyone else is having a problem as National Shopping Service moves from mailing checks over to PayPal this month. I got a form e-mail letter that said PayPal takes longer but all payment would be processed by the 21st (now it is the 25th). Before when... Continue Reading

PayPal Question

For those who use PayPal, how do you manage it: transfer to you bank right away, wait until you have $X accumulated to transfer, or just leave it there?... Continue Reading

Does Reality Based Group pay by check or Paypal?

I searched, didn't find the information. I've just started with them, am Canadian. My SSN status is 'approved' (I wrote before doing any shops with them to make sure I could shop without a US SSN). The first shop I did with them in December says it was paid on... Continue Reading

Do Not Click on Link in PayPal Email (PHISHING ALERT)

I received a fake email from PayPal entitled, "We've Disabled Your Account Access." I first looked at the email address it came from and I could tell right away that it was not valid. support This email looks realistic with the PayPal logo and colors and... Continue Reading

NSS National Shopping Service now paying by Paypal..

Not sure if anyone already posted about this .....but I was happy to see NSS is paying by Paypal. :) You also have the choice of keeping it paper check....... Continue Reading

Paypal - I am impressed!

The amount of time it takes for Paypal to transfer funds to my bank account usually is 3-5 business days and they claim it may be longer. I received a payment this morning which I set up to transfer and the confirming email indicated I should have the funds... Continue Reading


How many of you use the PayPal Mastercard to make purchases? I have decided to use it on shops where I know I will be reimbursed via PayPal (that way my balance will continue to remain constant). With 1% cash back, that's like another extra $2 in fees if I... Continue Reading

Payment through Paypal

When I started signing up with different MSC, I avoided all of those who would only pay through paypay. Accepting to be paid only by direct deposit or cheque. I don't use PayPal or even buy anything online. However I've noticed an MSC who pays only through PayPal that has... Continue Reading

Please explain how PayPal works

I have avoided all MSCs that only pay by PayPal. I know that eliminates quite a few. I have reconsidered. How does PayPal work? Do you get assessed a fee for the MSC paying by PayPal? Please let me know. Thanks.... Continue Reading

Pay Pal User Agreement changes July 1, 2015

Has anyone noticed the new user agreement? Continue Reading


Rookie mistake. Do most companies allow you to use paypal?... Continue Reading

PayPal new user agreement - required arbitration

I've received a request from PayPal to sign a new user agreement, effective July 1. It is legit; you can sign into your account and click "legal" at the bottom of the page to see the info. The agreement requires disputes to be resolved "exclusively through final and binding arbitration,... Continue Reading

Pay Pal

I am a new shopper. Many of the companies that I am interested in signing up with require an active PayPal account. I know absolutely nothing about PayPal. Can anyone give me some insight into what it is, how to sign-up and how much receiving payments through... Continue Reading

PayPal Debit Card

Does anyone use this instead of transferring the cash to your bank account? If so, any opinions? Thanks.... Continue Reading

Scary PayPal Scam Letter...

This one has to the worst scam letters I've ever seen. This one wanted everything: Paypal banking information, 3 pin code on the back of your card, credit card number, card exp., full bank information, full address, bank linked to paypal, social security, mother's maiden name, routing number, account number,... Continue Reading


I have been shopping for about 2 years now and whenever companies send me email asking me to switch to direct depositing....I say sure.....PAYPAL is the way to go. Yes, I know that I can submit a routing number and such and get it directly to my bank account..but I... Continue Reading

1099's and Paypal I was vaguely aware of this for the last couple of years but never translated it into what it meant for us here until I had a tax client who pays all of her subcontractors through Paypal and asked me to 1099 them and I realized we didn't have to. If... Continue Reading

Loving the PayPal

Who else loves getting those emails that state that xyz msc just paid you! It felt so great since I just dropped a chunk on a better vehicle!... Continue Reading

Didn't aTH Power used to accept Paypal?

I went to freshen up my aTH Power profile as it seemed like it wasn't linking in JS and used to do bank shops with them. I got an email saying to update extended profile and some sort of promotion. After reading these job boards, and looking over my old... Continue Reading

I love it when I get a payment in Paypal I forgot about..

I was low on money in Paypal and I looked and lo and behold two companies had paid me. I have a tendency to forget about ones that are far out. Nice surprise!... Continue Reading

An alternative to Paypal and Payquicker

American Express now has a pre-paid card that can be used for direct deposit. If you sign up online, it is free, and if you have at least one monthly direct deposit, there is no service charge. Lots of ATMs are also free for withdrawals and cash can... Continue Reading

PayPal Question

I never used PayPal before, but I created one since many companies pay you through it. So I noticed you have to link a bank account or credit/debit card. I currently do not have access to either of these, but I will in the near future. My question is, do... Continue Reading

Sentry paypal

Anybody got payment via paypal from Sentry Marketing?... Continue Reading

Pay Pal Debit Card?

Does Pay Pal have a debit card option? I looked on their site but did not see anything, but I just wanted to double check here. I see they do have a credit card, is it possible to use that card like a debit card, applying your MS... Continue Reading

PayPal Situation

I was sure I posted this initial problem somewhere else but I couldn't find it. Spammers get more creative, so I was sure I had heard from one. Not so. I kept getting messages purportedly from PayPal saying I had only a limited time to claim my... Continue Reading

Questions about paypal fees

I've read that many MSC's pay via paypal. When I sell something on e-bay, I get charged a 3% fee from paypal. Does it work the same way when you get paid via paypal from a MSC? So... if you do a $15.00 shop, you get paid $14.55 after... Continue Reading

PayPal Question

I created a new email address for my MS business, which I'm using to apply to MSC's. Now I've learned that MSC's want the email address you signed up with to match your paypal accounts email address, to receive payment from them. In order to do this, I'll... Continue Reading

DId anyone get a paypal Debit Card w/o asking

I recently opened 2 lines of credit one for entertainment (Conn's) and one for medical (Dentist a necessity). Now I have received a preapproval application for a gas card and an actual DEBIT card for Paypal. The Paypal card does say if you don't use it, destroy it... Continue Reading

Free $10 Credit with Paypal Mobile App

Go to paypal mobile app on your smart phone. Look for a restaurant near . Click on the banner for the free $10. Good until 3/30. Enjoy.... Continue Reading

Paypal President (old news but...) Continue Reading

PayPal Hacked?

A few days ago, I received notice of a payment from a company I mystery shop for every two months. There is only one account that I do two shops for. Today, I received a notice from PayPal that if I didn't respond to a notice of a... Continue Reading

1099's, PayPal and the IRS

I was on a MSC website today and they had a link about a new 1099 IRS rule concerning PayPal. I clicked on the link, went to PayPal were they had the information. So, you can sign in and put 1099 in the search area of PayPal and get the... Continue Reading

paypal issues

About a month ago I kept getting a message that I needed to give them my SS # or EIN number. I posted about it. I ignored it and went about my shopping business. About a week ago I thought it was odd that I didn't seem to be... Continue Reading

Paypal vs Check

I am new to mystery shopping full time and have signed up with 15 companies. I use to only work with 5 however I recently decided to become a full time shopper. I was wondering what do other shoppers prefer - being paid by check or being paid by Paypal.... Continue Reading

paypal message

Have any of you received emails from paypal wanting your SS# or EIN? When I log on to paypal this is what I read now: We've asked you several times to provide your tax ID number due to new IRS rules, but we haven't heard from you. Until you provide your... Continue Reading

Shoppers Inc. - check instead of Paypal?

I did a shop for this company in September and had thought based on the question in the shopper profile that I would be paid via PayPal. Imagine my surprise when I got a check in the mail today instead. Is this normal for this company?... Continue Reading

"PayPall" Said My Account Got Suspended

Just a reminder about fishing emails... I just got a message from "PayPall" saying my account was suspended as of yesterday for lack of information. I know most of you get paid through PayPal so I thought I would share this tidbit... if you think there is an issue with... Continue Reading

PayPal questions

Shari, Paypal charges the payer. If you get charged, some mistake has happened and you need to report it to the MSC and to Paypal.... Continue Reading

paypal question

Doesn't paypal charge you some? Or do they charge the payer?... Continue Reading

PayPal wiped clean!

This is just a warning to everyone. My boyfriend is also a mystery shopper but only shops for 5 companies. These 5 very legitimate and trusted MSC's are the only ones that have his PayPal information. His whole account was wiped clean when someone hacked into his account earlier this... Continue Reading

Sassie paypal account info change

I have recently changed my email address to coincide with a name change. I needed to update the MSC's with new paypal account information. Does anyone know if you can change your paypal account info on the profile page in Sassie? Seems like I can change everything but that.... Continue Reading

Second to None deducts $1 off your fee for paypal..

Has anyone seen this? STN deducts $1 fee because paypal charges them... I see an option for Direct Deposit in the notation... but still... Do we need to eat the $1 fee? I like STN. Not being mean...but this is a first...... Continue Reading

MoneyBookers vs PayPal Payment

For those of you who conduct shops with international MSing companies, which payment method do you prefer?... Continue Reading

What do MSCs see when paying you via PayPal

Hello Shoppers, I am in the midst of setting up my PayPal account and it asks for your personal information (obviously). However, I am wondering what personal information the MSCs can see when they pay me via PayPal? Can anyone offer some insight into this? I know you have to provide... Continue Reading

Does anyone know when Coyle makes their pay pal payments?

Does anyone know when Coyle makes their pay pal payments?... Continue Reading

Bogus Paypal email

I received an email today supposedly from Paypal. I suspected it was a fake when it stated my acct. limited. I knew it was a fake when I was instructed to give credit card information. It looks very real and authentic. I forwarded the email to... Continue Reading

CORI Payment for FEB 1 no Paypal.

I have checked my Paypal several times today and no receipt of payment. CORI site said payment made to Paypal Feb 1. Anyone have their payment for FEB 1.... Continue Reading


Just noticed that the exchange rate with PayPal is less then todays actual exchange rate.. Anyone know why??? 1 USD is equal to 1 Canadian dollar. PayPal rate is 1 USD is .97 Canadian.???????... Continue Reading

Paypal debit card

Just saying, If you get payments from paypal, sign up for the debit card. No fees and no lag time to your bank account.. No I do not work for paypal.... Continue Reading

MSPs deducting their Paypal fee from OUR pay.

This is a first for me. Anyone else experiencing this? The companies are eleadpros(Josh Williams) and Person to person Quality(Marc Ciagne). It seems these 2 schedulars say were unaware. I hope they correct the shortage. Shop Art... Continue Reading

PayPal's Notice of Policy Updates

I'm opting out. "PayPal recently posted a new Policy Update which includes changes to the PayPal User Agreement. The update to the User Agreement is effective November 1, 2012 and contains several changes, including changes that affect how claims you and PayPal have against each other are resolved. You will, with... Continue Reading


Someone posted a few days ago about an e-mail from PayPal telling her that her PayPal account was limited. Comments about a potential scam were made. Below is a scam e-mail I received from someone using PayPal's name. It tells me about a "problem" with my account... Continue Reading

Why Pay pal? Why??

I only use Pay Pal as a way to get paid from mystery shopping. I only request checks from Paypal and have maybe bought 3 things online. Now Paypal placed a hold on my account and sent me an email at 10 o'clock at night when I... Continue Reading

who doesnt use paypal?

I have been having some fraud issues with Paypal for a few months. They do not want to work with me on fixing the issue and ignore my contact unless they think they can get some obscene amount of money from me as a way to fix things. I somehow... Continue Reading

May goodwin payments just hit paypal

Without the reminder email :)... Continue Reading

Pay pal debit card

Probably a lot of you know this, but it is the way to go if you are payed by PayPal. No fees and immediate electronic input to your card. Plus 1% cash back on signed for purchases. What's not to like?... Continue Reading

Companies Charging if you use PayPal

Hi, Just got a couple of email telling that if you have your pay deposited into PayPal they are deducting 2.3% of your pay because - PayPal charges them to deposit the money in my account. I checked some of the MSC I registered with and noticed that some do... Continue Reading

Anyone know about PayQuicker? Sounds worse than PayPal...

PQ Will charge me $4.95 to transfer funds to my Canadian bank account. I won't do any work for this company unless they pay stupid money for a shop. Maybe I could use PQ as a savings vehicle...? I'm interested in hearing your experiences - thanks ~Spy *Still making mistakes in Central Alberta* lol... Continue Reading

PayPal Disappointment

I have had my paypal account for a long time. I never received any payments through them though, until I started mystery shopping. I just received a email from them telling me that I was supposed to be charged for each payment I receive. Here I thought it was free... Continue Reading

Getting paid on paypal

So, I have a account. Have not recieved payment for my first job yet. (only about a week) Do i need to do anythiny on paypal in order to get paid?... Continue Reading

a mystery shopping company is billing my paypal account without my authorization

a prominent mystery shopping company is billing my paypal account for over $100. they are also sending me multiple harassing emails, telling me that i owe them money. i hadn't authorized any bills to my paypal account. when i spoke with paypal, they said that i should just ignore... Continue Reading

Paying through Paypal

Why do most MSC's pay through Paypal. Don't get me wrong. Paypal is a good company, but why don't MSC's pay directly into your checking account. It would be a lot handier. Although, FYI, paypal does have a Debit Card that you can use just like... Continue Reading

Pay Pal hacked

Has anyone had any issues with PayPal. I have a new PayPal account that I set up for mystery shopping. There was $20.00 shown to be taken out and converted to Euros by someone I have never heard of. PayPal will not resolve the issue. I have changed my Password... Continue Reading


Hi I am new to shopping and wonder about paypal. Does it take longer to get the money in an account? I have done 2 shops for About Face and 2 shops for Second to None and still have not seen the money. When I checked, the pay period ended... Continue Reading


Does anyone use Paypal? All of the companies I work for either send a check or have direct deposit. I was just contacted by a company whose shops I'd like to perform, but they use Paypal. I do have an account set up, but I've never used... Continue Reading

need advice on good company with fast Paypal pay for Dallas

Hi, I am new in this forum also new in MS jobs. I read threads of this forum in new mystery shopper page but did not find anything specifically offering more jobs in my area. Also i love paypal payment but most of them i found pay via check. I... Continue Reading

PayPal Problems

I've been trying since August 2010 to get my account set up with paypal. I thought it was resolved, but have had 8 or 9 companies try to pay me with PayPal - all rejected and funds sent back to the companies. The shopping companies have told me,... Continue Reading

PayPal Problems

I have been a PayPal subscriber for years. Lately, however, it seems they go out of their way to generate non-issues to set limitations on an account. They want additional information on "government issued photo ID", a copy of a social social security card and on and on... Continue Reading

PAY PAL: Difficulties when attempting to withdraw money???

Anybody else experiencing problems when attempting to withdraw PayPal money?? Requesting a refund check used to be simple, now they make you jump through all of these hoops with verifying home address information which they already have on file. Same with transfering money to my checking account, I gave them my... Continue Reading


Has anyone else had problems with PayPal? I am having a big verification problem with these people. I have sent copies of utility bills, a copy of my driver's license with my picture on it and everything else except a blood sample. Out of frustration I have... Continue Reading


Is there a free service to use paypal to receive payment for mystery shopping?... Continue Reading


As we all know, many of the companies pay by PayPal. I got home today from my assignments and checked my email. My PayPal account was hacked and someone in the country, Russia took $45.50 from my account. I panicked and called PayPal immediately. Its all under... Continue Reading

Looking for companies that use Sassie but don't require Paypal for payment

It seems that most the companies I see that use Sassie only make payments via Paypal. After years of selling on eBay, I have decided Paypal is the anti-Christ and I no longer use them. Does anyone know of any companies using Sassie that do not require Paypal for payments? Thanks... Continue Reading

Paypal fees

I havent worked for paypal in almost two years, but does anyone know a fee concerning e checks. I have been doing shops for a company for about two months, its a 13.00 shop I must purchase 3.00 non reimbused, then my payment gets sent through paypal via e check... Continue Reading

PayPal Customer Service?

Can anyone tell me if they've ever had to contact PayPal customer service about a payment, and if so, is the service outsourced?... Continue Reading

pay pal

I have a pay pal account. I signed up with a Company that asked if I had a pay pal account and what the email was for that. I don't know of an email address with pay pal other than my regular email I use. Can anyone help out there?... Continue Reading

Pay Pal

I have been signing up with alot of shopping companies, but am not sure I want to establish a Pay Pal account. They charge a % for each transaction and have a long huge contract which makes me uneasy. I wanted to find out from the rest of... Continue Reading

Paypal debit cards

Those of you that are paid mystery shops through paypay please tell me do you have the paypal debit card. According to paypal it is faster than having the money transferred to your bank account. Also, is there any type of fee or balance involved? Bank transfer is... Continue Reading


I am new to paypal. I have received payment from 2 companies. I requested payment. Now does paypal send me a check or does it have to be direct deposit? How long does it take to receive payment from paypal once the company has sent it... Continue Reading

Pay pal advise

Thank you for the great advice about Paypal. I was a little iffy about using them for some reason. Everything is still so very new... Thanks everyone for the great advice. Cristi... Continue Reading


I am hesitant about joining PayPal.Who pays them to act as a bank? I know it's free to join, my concern is that a percemtage will be deducted from some of the meager assignments I accept.For example--if my job pays $20.00 and it's deposited to PayPal, how much will I... Continue Reading

Paypal questions

Does anyone know how to reestablish a Paypal account after someone else has caused a problem? I paid off the balance required and it's been a copule of years now, but paypal still has my account marked as permanently locked. There are a few shops I would like to accpet... Continue Reading


New to mystery shopping, I set up a Paypal account as a matter of flexibility. Some of you old-time users, please school me on how to best use the service. Simple stuff like using it to pay bills or transferring money to my bank account???... Continue Reading

Companies who pay with Paypal

In your experience, which companies will allow you to be paid via Paypal instead of direct deposit?... Continue Reading

Discussions of Paypal

We are on the iSecretShop platform and pay every other Friday via PayPal. (Source). September 28, 2022

The picture of the app on their website does not have attractive fees. Having to download an app and signup for a 3rd party payment service (not paypal) are no goes for me. (Source). September 28, 2022

You must have a current application on file to view/request shops. If you aren't registered with us, click Become A Shopper on the website to register. We pay via PayPal in 30-45 days. (Source). September 28, 2022

You must have a current application on file to view/request shops. If you aren't registered with us, click Become A Shopper on the website to register. We pay via PayPal in 30-45 days. (Source). September 28, 2022

You must have a current application on file to view/request shops. If you aren't registered with us, click Become A Shopper on the website to register. We pay via PayPal in 30-45 days. (Source). September 28, 2022

You must have a current application on file to view/request shops. If you aren't registered with us, click Become A Shopper on the website to register. We pay via PayPal in 30-45 days. (Source). September 28, 2022

You must have a current application on file to view/request shops. If you aren't registered with us, click Become A Shopper on the website to register. We pay via PayPal in 30-45 days. (Source). September 28, 2022

You must have a current application on file to view/request shops. If you aren't registered with us, click Become A Shopper on the website to register. We pay via PayPal in 30-45 days. (Source). September 28, 2022

You must have a current application on file to view/request shops. If you aren't registered with us, click Become A Shopper on the website to register. We pay via PayPal in 30-45 days. (Source). September 28, 2022

You must have a current application on file to view/request shops. If you aren't registered with us, click Become A Shopper on the website to register. We pay via PayPal in 30-45 days. (Source). September 28, 2022