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$35 Bonus: Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle: $16 Pay PA.

$35 Bonus: Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle: $16 Pay PA. Good morning shoppers: We would like to let you know about some Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone shop assignments available from Ipsos. Please email me directly and I will be able to assign you... Continue Reading

$25 Bonus: Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle: $16 Pay: FL.

$25 Bonus: Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle: $16 Pay: FL. Hello shoppers: We would like to let you know about some Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone shop assignments available from Ipsos. Please email me directly and I will be able to assign you the shop or... Continue Reading

$25 Bonus: Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle: $16 Pay: FL. PA.

$25 Bonus: Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle: $16 Pay: FL. PA. Hello shoppers: We would like to let you know about some Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone shop assignments available from Ipsos. Please email me directly and I will be able to assign you... Continue Reading

$35 Bonus: Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle: $16 Pay PA.

$35 Bonus: Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle: $16 Pay Good morning shoppers: We would like to let you know about some Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone shop assignments available from Ipsos. Please email me directly and I will be able to assign you... Continue Reading

$25 Bonus: Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle: $16 Pay: KY. PA.

$25 Bonus: Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle: $16 Pay: FL. VA. PA. Hello shoppers: We would like to let you know about some Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone shop assignments available from Ipsos. These are very straightforward shops, come check it out! Compensation: $16.00 Shop... Continue Reading

$25 Bonus: Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle: $16 Pay: KY. PA.

$25 Bonus: Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle: $16 Pay: KY. PA. Hello shoppers: We would like to let you know about some Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone shop assignments available from Ipsos. These are very straightforward shops, come check it out! Compensation: $16.00 Shop... Continue Reading

$15 Smartphone Shops Throughout CT

IPSOS has several Smartphone shops available. Each successful shop pays $15 each. New locations are added weekly. Reports can be entered via MobiAudit if you choose. During your visit you will evaluate the sales associate's knowledge and recommendations of the product. Evaluations will measure sales associate's ability to... Continue Reading

$15 Bonus: Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle: $16 Pay: KY, OH, PA,

Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle: $16 Pay: Hello shoppers: We would like to let you know about some Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone shop assignments available from Ipsos. These are very straightforward shops, come check it out! Compensation: $16.00 Shop pay $15 bonus $2.00 reimbursement Thank... Continue Reading

$15 Bonus: Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle: $16 Shop Pay:

Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle: $16 Pay: $15 Bonus: Hello shoppers: We would like to let you know about some new Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone shop assignments available from Ipsos. These are very straightforward shops, come check it out! Compensation: $16.00 total shopper fee $... Continue Reading

Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle: $16 Pay: $10 Bonus:

Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle: $16 Pay: $10 Bonus: Hello shoppers: We would like to let you know about some new Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone shop assignments available from Ipsos. These are very straightforward shops, come check it out! Compensation: $16.00 total shopper fee $... Continue Reading

Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle: $16 Pay: $10 Bonus: KY. PA.

Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle: $16 Pay: $10 Bonus: Hello shoppers: We would like to let you know about some new Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone shop assignments available from Ipsos. These are very straightforward shops, come check it out! Compensation: $16.00 total shopper fee... Continue Reading

Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle: $16 Pay, $10 Bonus:

Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle: $16 Pay, $10 Bonus: Hello shoppers: We would like to let you know about some new Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone shop assignments available from Ipsos. These are very straightforward shops, come check it out! Compensation: $16.00 total shopper fee... Continue Reading

Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle: $16 Pay, $10 Bonus, $2 Reimbursement.

Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle: $16 Pay, $10 Bonus, $2 Reimbursement. Hello shoppers: We would like to let you know about some new Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone shop assignments available from Ipsos. These are very straightforward shops, come check it out! Compensation:... Continue Reading

Telephone Mystery Shopping.

Hi! I'm new to mystery shopping and I'm interested in telephone mystery shopping. Could you recommend some sites? Thanks so much.... Continue Reading

Rent a Center phone shops

There are 20+ rent a center phone shops that are at a $10 fee. Has anyone done these shops before and how long do these take to do?... Continue Reading

Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop $16

Good evening, We would like to let you know about some new Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone shop assignments available from Ipsos. These are very straightforward shops, come check it out! Compensation: $16.00 total shopper fee $ 2.00 reimbursement Thank you for your time. Bill Available locations: Franklin KY 42134 Hardinsburg KY 40143 Harlan KY 40831 Hazard KY 41701 Jackson KY 41339 Leitchfield KY 42754 Paintsville KY 41240 South... Continue Reading

New Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle: $16

Hello Shoppers: We would like to let you know about some new Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone shop assignments available from Ipsos. These are very straightforward shops, come check it out! Compensation: $16.00 total shopper fee $ 2.00 reimbursement Thank you for your time. Bill Available locations: Beaver Dam KY 42320 Central City KY 42330 Franklin KY 42134 Hardinsburg KY 40143 Harlan KY 40831 Hazard KY 41701 Jackson KY 41339 Leitchfield KY 42754 Muhlenberg KY 42367 Paintsville KY 41240 South Williamson KY 41503 Williamstown KY 41097 Madison OH 44057 Sardinia OH 45171 Connellsville PA 15425 Kittanning PA 16201 Mansfield PA 16933 Mill... Continue Reading

$30 Phone/Onsite Daycare Mystery Shop in CO GA IL KS NJ OH TX VA

Hi Shoppers, We are seeking an evaluator who would be interested in calling to get information on a preschool and then taking a tour of the facility. Shopping Dates: Make the phone call: Thursday, Feb. 8 or Friday, Feb. 9 ... Continue Reading

Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle $16

Hello Shoppers: We would like to let you know about some new Pet Food store visit and telephone shop assignments available from Ipsos. The available shops are posted on the SASSIE Job Board at the following link: [] Compensation: $16.00 total shopper fee $ 2.00 reimbursement These are very straightforward... Continue Reading

Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle $16

Hello Shoppers: We would like to let you know about some new Pet Food store visit and telephone shop assignments available from Ipsos. The available shops are posted on the SASSIE Job Board at the following link: [] Compensation: $16.00 total shopper fee $ 2.00 reimbursement These are very straightforward... Continue Reading

Got a smartphone? Take a few photos and learn about the best coffee maker!

Ever wondered about those expensive coffee makers? Now is your chance to earn money while learning about one of the best coffee makers! You must have a smartphone to be able to take 2-5 photos, but these shops are quick and easy with no narrative. Each location... Continue Reading

Question about phone bill for taxes

My phone has two lines , one for me and one for my wife. She obviously uses her line for personal use 100%. I use mine for personal use and my day job use about 10% and 90% for mystery would I claim that expense? As 90% of my... Continue Reading

New Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle: $16

Hello Shoppers: We would like to let you know about some new Pet Food store visit and telephone shop assignments available from Ipsos. The available shops are posted on the SASSIE Job Board at the following link: Compensation: $16.00 total shopper fee $ 2.00 reimbursement These... Continue Reading

New Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle: $16 FL KY MI OH PA VA

Hello Shoppers: We would like to let you know about some new Pet Food store visit and telephone shop assignments available from Ipsos. The available shops are posted on the SASSIE Job Board at the following link: Part 1 - In-Store Visit: Interact with a Pet Store Associate... Continue Reading

New Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle: FL KY MI OH PA VA

Hello Shoppers: We would like to let you know about some new Pet Food store visit and telephone shop assignments available from Ipsos. The available shops are posted below and on the SASSIE Job Board at the following link: Part 1 - In-Store Visit: Interact with a Pet... Continue Reading

New Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle:

Hello Shoppers: We would like to let you know about some new Pet Food store visit and telephone shop assignments available from Ipsos. The available shops are posted below and on the SASSIE Job Board at the following link: Part 1 - In-Store Visit: Interact with a Pet... Continue Reading

$50 Phone/In-Person Daycare Mystery Shop in Woodbridge, VA

Hi Shoppers, We are seeking an evaluator who would be interested in calling to get information on a preschool and then taking a tour of the facility. Shopping Dates: Make the phone call: Monday, Jan. 29 or Tuesday, Jan. 30 ... Continue Reading

Now paying $40.00! No purchase headphones shop in ND TX

Are you into listening to music with cool technology? If so, this assignment is for you! We will pay you to tell us about your experience shopping for Bluetooth Speakers! For this assignment, you will visit a local Best Buy store and evaluate an associate's advocacy skills and product knowledge. You... Continue Reading

Now paying $40.00! No purchase headphones shop in,QC

Are you into listening to music with cool technology? If so, this assignment is for you! We will pay you to tell us about your experience shopping for Bluetooth Speakers! For this assignment, you will visit a local Best Buy store and evaluate an associate's advocacy skills and product knowledge. You... Continue Reading

$40 Android Phone Audits ~ AK CA ID KS MI MO OK OR UT

GfK is currently looking for shoppers with ANDROID phones to do electronic covert pricing audits. These audits will involve you finding items that fit the category we need and add price and color details into the app we have. • Pays $40 through PayPal • Must arrive at least 3 hours before... Continue Reading

Has anyone heard of these phone shop companies?

Call Center QA- I’ve read this is a scam I’m curious if anyone has done work for them ARC Call Performance Solutions - any info?... Continue Reading

New car phone shops

I do a lot of new sales phone shops for different makes of cars. I had a couple of calls where the sales people were quite overwhelming. They happen to be women too. Has anyone found that saleswomen can sometimes be more intense than salesmen? They were trying to convince... Continue Reading

New shopper wondering about phone calls

Hi everyone, I've pondered mystery shopping on and off for years but after reading a fair bit recently and discovering this amazing forum a few days ago (seriously, this place is great) I've signed up for a few companies but have yet to do my first shop. I have anxiety issues and... Continue Reading

$20.00 Shop Walmart - Headphones & Bluetooth Speakers THIS WEEKEND!! PA, MO, IL, OH

It's the weekend and you will be out running errands! Make $20 while you get your shopping done at Walmart! Here is what we need you to do: Walmart - Headphones & Bluetooth Speakers Evaluate their sales/recommendation skills and product knowledge. You will wait for a salesperson to approach you and ask for... Continue Reading

$20 Phone shop for Museum / Science Center Shop in Huntsville, AL

Amusement Advantage has a phone shop for a Museum / Science Center location in Huntsville, AL available now! This shop pays a total of $20 Even if you aren't interested, please refer your friends, family and co-workers. You will earn $20 for every new shopper you refer that registers and... Continue Reading

$20 Phone shop Museum / Science Center Shop in Houston, TX

Amusement Advantage has a phone shop for a Museum / Science Center location in Houston, TX available now! This shop pays a total of $20. Even if you aren't interested, please refer your friends, family and co-workers. You will earn $20 for every new shopper you refer that registers and... Continue Reading

$5 phone call tire shops now $4 - Intellishop

They typically drop a pile of these every month for recorded phone calls to one store of a large nationwide chain. This month they have gone down $1 each. Has anyone picked any up and read the guidelines? I'm curious to know if they have become simpler, or if the... Continue Reading

$15.00 Walmart - Headphones & Bluetooth Speakers Inquiry Shop In IL, OH, PA, NH

Shopper payment is $15.00. All you have to do is go to the assigned location and inquiry about specific headphones and bluetooth speakers! Assign yourself at Thank you! Mindy... Continue Reading

Question about phone shops

If I schedule a phone shop for January 15th may I do it between now and the 15th or do I have to do it on the 15th? I know all companies are different . Thanks... Continue Reading

Market Force AGAIN offered a job over the phone then didn't follow through.

You would think I'd learn since this has happened twice before. Market Force calls me asking if I can do a hamburger shop at x price today or tomorrow. I say I can tomorrow but at Y price. The scheduler agrees then goes through the entire "you are committing to... Continue Reading

Looking for Phone Shops while recovering from Surgery

Is anyone aware of a MSC that has high demand for phone shoppers? Gonna be on the shelf for 1-2 weeks and am looking for phone only work. Thanks.... Continue Reading

Casino phone call shop

I just got an email for a phone shop that's to a casino HR department. They have a list of questions from which you have to pick 3 to ask the person who answers. Some of them kind of make sense if you want to come in... Continue Reading

Citi Phone Mortgage Vent

This shop sounded great. Call and get information. Fill out the paper form and the online information... I did my due diligence and listened to the 14-minute instructions, which finally gave me the code. Then I read the instructions, which were exactly the same, minus the code. I completed my 45-minute... Continue Reading

Online/Phone mystery shopping

Where can i find out what company offers online/phone mystery shopping assignments?... Continue Reading

Measure Consumer Perspectives; Telephone Shops?

Just applied for two of these non-recorded phone shops. I read the thread about waiting for payment and a threat but that was regarding video shops. May I ask how they are generally for payment, and whether you like working for them? Thanks in advance.... Continue Reading

Phone mystery shops ?

Hello everybody, Could you guys provide any inputs on which MSC provides maximum phone calls mystery shops ?... Continue Reading

Do I need a smart phone?

So, I've shopped a bit before, and am now returning in earnest. I don't currently have smart phone, just a tablet, digital camera, and home computer. I'm wondering how helpful is working from or with a smartphone? Thanks, all, and good luck!... Continue Reading

No access code given for Intelli-shop phone shop?

I have done many of these shops before and even did one today, I started to do another when I noticed that the area with the phone number and the access code was missing off the report. I have never had this happen and have emailed to let them know.... Continue Reading

Intelli-shop phone inquiry shops

I just noticed that Intelli-shop has some new "phone inquiry" shops up that are paying $5.00. I thought I should warn shoppers who are not familiar with Intelli-shop phone shops that these are not worth the pay IMHO. These require 2 back to back phone calls to different... Continue Reading

Recorded Phone Shops

I was thinking about requesting a phone shop. The MSC says it will be recorded with their system and they will give me a toll free number to use. I'm a little confused about the technology. Are these types of shops easy to perform or is it easy to mess... Continue Reading

Has the client ever phoned you for advice?

Twice during my 14 years as a shopper, the client asked the MSC if they could phone me to ask for ways to improve their business. One client was a chain restaurant owner and the other owned an apartment complex. I accepted their request. Has this happened to you?... Continue Reading

Help Please! Need suggestions on recording Phone calls for mystery shop

Hi, I've been mystery shopping since May of this year and have done plenty of phone shops that are recorded via the 866 number that is provided by the MSC. However, I have a shop this week that I have to make two or three phone calls (all need to... Continue Reading

Video shopping with your phone!? Things that make you go hmmmm

I received this email: Hello, XXXXXX, Want to learn how to do video mystery shopping on your cell phone so you can make more money doing mystery shops? It takes some degree of practice but once you get started, you will LOVE the ease of doing video shops and will probably prefer... Continue Reading

Campus feedback $5 phone shops

Can anyone please let me know if you consider the Campus Feedback shops worth $5? 'Seems like low pay just reading the questions we have to ask. TIA!!... Continue Reading

University Phone Shops

Can anyone tell me how the report is on most of these? Thanks,... Continue Reading

Telephone (Remote) Mystery shopping?

Hi there, I'm a new member. I'm interested in getting into the mystery shopping gig, but I don't have a car right now and was hoping to get into a remote position where I can do everything over the phone. I'm in the San Diego area if that helps. I've... Continue Reading

Phone Shops

For this year, which MSC's have you noticed that have the most/best phone shops?... Continue Reading

How Do You Handle Targeted Phone Shops?

I was wondering how you handle targeted phone shops for customer service? I called one client for a targeted shop and asked for the target but the person who answered was great and kept trying to just do her job. I'm going to wait to call back so it doesn't... Continue Reading

IPSOS smartphone shops

I just recently starting working with IPSOS and find the reports fair for the pay. I am considering taking a smartphone shop for them tomorrow because it is so close to where I work. However, the information button says 180 questions. That seems like a lot for the pay. Is this an... Continue Reading

Have you ever negotiated a phone shop bonus?

Is it typically more rare?... Continue Reading

$2 rent to own phone calls

Has anyone done these? I just see the $2 and laugh ... Unless I should be picking them up if the phone call is only a minute or 2 with no report?... Continue Reading

Maritz Green "Visual Standards"- cameraphone not allowed?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Intellishop phone shop

Due to someone else's post I thought to check my dashboard for intellishop. I don't do a lot if work for them since their shops don't pay a whole lot normally. I did a phone shop for a school recently, and just saw it said... Continue Reading

Has anyone done phone shops with Verify Healthcare

I was thinking of signing up for one, but wonder how hard they are?... Continue Reading

ISC "Coffee & Smart Phone Shops" You're KILLING ME SMALLS!

I'm a coffee junkie.. it's driving me bonkers to see International Service Check baiting with those shops for coffee lovers.. and yet you CANNOT APPLY you have to hope they email you. I know silly little thing.. still!... Continue Reading


IPSOS had a year long mystery shop in which you were required to have a specific phone plan in which you pay first of course and then eventually IPSOS would reimburse you...or so they say. I was reimbursed for the first 6 months no problem and now they refuse... Continue Reading

Maritz's $12.50 phone shop?

Anything bad I should know about Maritz's $12.50 phone shop? I'm getting gun-shy about accepting jobs without knowing what I'm getting myself into first.... Continue Reading

burger place would not do phone order

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

MF buy a phone plan and return it shop

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

My Bad - Phone Call Auto Repair Quote Assignment

Branching out I decided to take an "easy" pricing study phone shop. I read what I could without applying for the shop and felt comfortable taking it. It's a recorded call shop. It's finally assigned to me and I get the full disclosure. You're to call a specific dealer and... Continue Reading

maritz phone calls?

what's the deal with maritz calling before scheduling a shop to you? what do they want to talk about? I keep requesting shops through them but never get any, turns out i had transposed two numbers in my phone number. I had sent an email asking if... Continue Reading

BES/ phone shops

Anyone have experience with these shops? They look tempting. Looking for more $$.... Continue Reading

smart phones and mystery shops

I am getting an iPhone (at my son's insistence that I get out of the stone age and throw away my flip phone) and I know there are shops out there that you have to have a smart phone to do them. Are there enough to help justify having... Continue Reading

First phone shop

Hello! I just got my very first shop, it's a hotel phone reservation. I have to do it sometime next week and I am very excited and nervous. Can anyone tell me what the narrative should be like? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Phone shop admission office - complicated?

Anyone have any feedback on the phone shops that involve admission offices for various institutions? Are they fairly easy, does the work get rejected often, is there alot of follow up after you think you are done? Noticed these through CF1 and wanted to see if anyone else has... Continue Reading

Maritz's Bank Client- Telephone Mortgage Inquiry?

Does the Maritz telephone shop for their big bank client regarding a mortgage inquiry require me to provide my social security number ?... Continue Reading

Telephone only mystery shops

I am trying to help some blind folks make same extra money. Does anyone know or have a list of companies that consistently have telephone or web only shops?... Continue Reading

Five Guys phone orders - does anyone actually do this in "real life"

Is it just me or are the phone order scenarios kind of suspicious? I've never seen them advertised (maybe that's just my area) so I don't know how anyone would know or think to call ahead. I've also never seen another customer picking up a call-ahead order. I've done a couple... Continue Reading

Newest Merrill Lynch telephone shop

Has anyone signed up for the newest type of Merrill Lynch telephone shop? You phone a call center and tell them you have at least $750K (you pick the dollar figure but it has to be at least this much) and you choose a scenario as to why you... Continue Reading

NetSpend card buy + an hour on the phone to activate is not worth the $13 pay

The interminable phone call is what sunk it for me.... Continue Reading

How often do you get phone calls from MSCs?

I'm sort of new to Mystery Shopping. I did my first one back 5 years ago. I did a few here, a few there, a whole year without a single one. Now I've started to get more serious, signing up with more companies. I've done just a few mystery shops... Continue Reading

Telephone mystery shops

Are these some reliable Mystery companies that have high paying telephone shops?... Continue Reading

Anyone have a phone # for Dynamic Advantage?

I'm trying to reach Jennifer Ely or Ben Jackson and neither will respond to email.... Continue Reading

What does Maritz's " Mortgage Inquiry" via telephone involve?

I see that Maritz is offering $15 to do a mortgage inquiry via telephone. What does this involve? Do I need to provide an actual property address, details of a current mortgage, my social security number, etc.? Any heavy narratives?... Continue Reading

Phone call recording equipment

Hi, I am wanting advice or suggestions for purchasing a device for recording telephone calls. Preferably for a mobile device, but I am open to options. However, another issue is if calling different regions and for them not to see the SDT or linking the number to a mobile number so... Continue Reading

Crazy cellphone shop

I had a pretty crazy experience on a cellphone shop today. The wireless store was supposed to open at 9 am. I got there a little after 11 am and noticed that a section of the storefront was boarded up. The door was unlocked, but there was NOBODY in the... Continue Reading

Anyone else get a Trendsource phone call today

I received one that sounded urgent regarding how I was doing their grocery shops. I've been doing these for years without any major issue so I have no clue what the issue is. Supposedly it has to do with a quality control list they received. I've tried... Continue Reading

Phone Shops gone in a FLASH????

How is it when one sees a phone shop listed, as it posts, and there are dozens of locations listed that they are all gone in a flash. Are people just sitting around watching their computer hoping a shop will post or do they use a "snipping: app like people... Continue Reading

Phone shops

Hello everyone, Does anyone know what companies offer more phone shops? I am just having some issues getting around places so in the meantime really short on some money and need to make some so any ideas or suggestions?? Thank you... Continue Reading

Apartment recorded phone call shops

I have done 3 or 4 of these yet this is the first one that says to listen to the recording of the call on the recorded line to the phone part of the shop can be completed correctly. There is probably an obvious answer to how this is done.... Continue Reading

What Phone Data Plan Do you Have?

For mystery shopping, what type of data plan would be best (if any)? Is unlimited needed and/or worth it? Thanks everyone.... Continue Reading

MarketStat recorded phone call - help please

Yes, I'm new to MarketStat and to this forum. The apartment shops I'm doing require a recorded phone call prior to visiting the site. I've tried calling via the "Call Now" link within the shop details. The status shows "calling followed by the display of a PIN. Next, the status... Continue Reading

does anyone have an email or phone # for Harland Clarke ?

thank you... Continue Reading

Reservation phone calls

Hi, how do you answer if they ask if you are coming for a special occasion? I think to say we are celebrating an anniversary and see if we get a free dessert sometimes. However, guidelines say do not be memorable.... Continue Reading

Phone Call Apartment Shops - any tips, pointers, experiences.

I'm doing some phone call apartment shops for college campuses this week. The shops are phone call only. I make 3 calls, attempt to get someone who is not on the "do not record" list, and answer questions only if asked. The shops are recorded. I've not done these types... Continue Reading

Phone shops

I am doing a phone shop in a few weeks. This is one where I make a call and ask a few questions and that's it. My question is when I dial the number will my name and number be on the phone and or computer screen or just my... Continue Reading

Sassie Phone Shops

I don't seem to be seeing them for a lot of the MSCs when they post them. Is there something wrong with my settings or are they going that quick?... Continue Reading

May need a new phone

I own a Samsung Note 4 that has done the job, but not what it was supposed to do for the amount of money I paid for it. It's having issues. I'm hoping the issue is the battery. If it isn't. I need recommendations for a new phone. ... Continue Reading

Phone Call Teams are the Equivalent of In-Person Route Driving

Hi, I have been communicating with phone scheduler's of many mystery shopping companies. I found out via this research a few things. There are call team units. It can be a few calls for a short project to ongoing 700 per month call assignments to multiple mystery shoppers. This is the... Continue Reading

Goodwin Phone Shops

Hello! Has anyone done the Goodwin / ISS bowling phone shops? I'm just curious if they are simple or a PITA. They have had a lot posted for awhile. I'm in my second month of shopping and getting my feet under me now. Looking to try some new things.... Continue Reading

Phone call

I am a new shopper and am going on a shop today and the instructions say to make a phone call ahead to check to see if they are open and their hours. Nothing was said about it being a recorded call so can I just assume it's just... Continue Reading

Anyone Interested in a phone shop that pays $10

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Need Advice, Messed Up A Phone Shop

I messed up on this shop from the beginning. I scheduled the wrong date; I chose the same date when I intended the next day. The call had to be done by 6 pm and it was 5:35. So I watched the video and read through the guidelines and... Continue Reading

smartphone or laptop?

I am thinking of getting a smartphone .... so I will be a dummy with a smartphone. LOL!! ;) If I get a Galaxy or whatever, can I still print from my all-in-one and if so do I do that? I have a laptop and a... Continue Reading

Best companies for phone shops?

I do lots of phone shops for Intelli-shop, ath power, SeeLevelHX, and BARE. What companies am I missing?... Continue Reading

Dropped from a Campus Feedback/Goodwin Hospitality telephone shop

Hello all, A bit of background first: I have been lurking on this Forum and gaining incredible advice for ~ a year and a half. Thank you all. I have been mystery shopper for two years. I have completed mostly telephone shops, upwards of 1,000. I have butchered 20 or so,... Continue Reading

Not doing anymore Target mobile phone shops.

I was scheduled to do a Target mobile phone shop last week. The store opens at 8 AM. I got there around 9, and was told the Mobile Rep will not be in until 11:30 am, This is not mentioned in the guidelines. I rescheduled for this week. I got... Continue Reading

Telephone Mystery Shopping

Does anyone know of any telephone only mystery shops? I am helping some blind people with employment and this would be ideal. Thank you for your help!... Continue Reading

Can we be tract while performing a shop at a smartphone store

If the merchant scans all smartphones in the store can my interaction with the attendant be monitored.... Continue Reading

Marketforce phone schedulers

I want to give some advice to MF about their script for phone schedulers. I usually like getting calls for shops but these calls are always frustrating. I often have trouble understanding the caller due to language barriers, so the call would go better if they were more like the... Continue Reading

Phone: Tire Compare & Contrast

So I'm guessing some of y'all do these as well. Well, today I tried to call the second number (via recording system) and it brought me to the Discount Tires. Which was Store #1 I shopped via recording. So frustrating, it happened on both of the shops I have scheduled... Continue Reading

How are car inquiry phone shops and the homeschool education shops?

How are the $5 inquiry shops on cars? (also anyone done the inquiries on homeschool online shops for $10? I applied to a couple but no word back yet... ) The car shops...I signed up for 2 of them-- having a bit of a slow month in my area and... Continue Reading

MSCs for phone shops?

Recommendations anyone?... Continue Reading

Recorded phone shops

I keep getting emails about PHONE SHOPPING a waste removal company. It only pays $2.00 per call. You can do 5 of the calls only I think per month. I can't believe the payment is so cheap but there is no narrative. I prefer doing phone... Continue Reading

Phone/Online Shops

I currently don't have a reliable vehicle so I'm looking for phone or online shops that I can do. What companies offer these?... Continue Reading

Bestmark phone/web shops

Does Bestmark still offer phone call and web inquiry shops? I haven't seen any on the board for about three or four weeks; I used to do multiple a day for years.... Continue Reading

I want to start doing an assignment that requires a recorded phone call.

I don't know how to do this. Any help you coudl share would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.... Continue Reading

Best Companies to do Telephone only shops for?

I've did a few telephone only shops for one company, but by a few I mean only two. I have done a few for ISecret Shop that required a telephone portion, but what are some companies that frequently do telephone only shops? I have a few spare hours between classes... Continue Reading

Year long Phone Shop for IPSOS

I have a feeling this is a long shot since I don't believe there are many of these jobs available but is anyone doing the year long phone job for IPSOS. If so which documents did you upload for the first part of the shop and how has the... Continue Reading

JMRidgway Phone shops

I just applied for and was accepted for a recorded phone shop earlier today. Then 2 hours later I was sent a list of 24 people that I am not allowed to talk to! That seems to me an excessive amount of people to avoid. This seems more in the... Continue Reading

COMCAST Call Center Phone Shops....Question

OK, so there's a particular MSC with dozens & dozens of call center phone shops available for Comcast call centers. The MSC gives you a fake last name and address, and you use your own first name. Find out what the call center has to offer you in terms of... Continue Reading

Has anyone done any phone Mystery Shopping?

I am just curious to know if anyone has done any Phone Mystery shopping?If So were you paid on time?I am hoping I get paid for my work.I read the Labor Board doesn't stand behind Independent Contractors.... Continue Reading

My Last Orkin Phone Shop!

I was assigned two Orkin shops which I performed on Friday. I was disconnected half way through the second shop. I called the scheduler and he stated I should call again which took a lot more time than I intended for $5.00. I submitted both shops and... Continue Reading

Has anyone done the two-part cellphone shop where you have to purchase the phone?

Please let me know how it went as I'm considering signing up for one. Thank you.... Continue Reading

tips on phone call assignments

I do not know how long to wait for the subject employee to proactively give information. I have heard to "wait, wait, wait" (on this forum). Then....this is a comment I recieved from an editor - "Anne, The discussion about the rooms went on for too long and there were... Continue Reading

customer service mystery shopping jobs that are just done on the phone without going in a store?

I work for qa right now but they don't have very much work there I think they send out so much work monthly then that's it. or as they get it its been slow are are any other good companys I could do over the phone and earn a decent... Continue Reading

Multiple MSPs offering the same cellphone shops

Has anyone run into a situation where you do a shop for one MSC and then another MSC calls/emails with the same shop and the same location? And you say, "I just did that location for another MSP" and the MSP on the phone says, "That's OK, you can... Continue Reading

Apartment Manager Doesn't Answer the Phone

What is the standard protocol for this situation: I have an apartment shop scheduled for Saturday. I am required to make a recorded call to set up an appointment first. However, after having called four times over a four hour period (all during office hours), I have... Continue Reading

Phone Shops

I have been shopping for several years, doing primarily video new home shops and grocery shops. However, I would love to start doing more telephone shops. Does anyone know of any companies with phone shops? (I'm MSPA Gold Certified). Thanks!... Continue Reading

Phone shop suggestions to avoid being identified?

So I accepted a few phone shops for the same company (using different phone numbers and different zip code locations for each shop). This company is nationwide. The shops all require that I call one 800 number that is the main number for this company. My first phone shop was... Continue Reading

Service Satisfaction phone shop recordings

Has anyone done a phone shop for this company? I did one and on the survey it says there should be a recording, but it is not uploaded. This is my first call for them. I am not sure what to do because I could not understand the person on... Continue Reading

Does Marketforce site work on Android phones

I got to a supermarket at 6:30pm for a regular shopping trip..and thought..what the heck..let's see if its available and bonused...but my phone said it was incompatible and to download chrome.. now I am in the parking lot, not on wifi (although they do have wifi in the cafe), but I... Continue Reading

Incessant Phone Calls from Auto Salespeople

I have done several shops for auto dealerships. Some of the salespeople have called me numerous times to follow-up, which is understandable. However, one salesperson has been calling almost every day and it has been weeks since I shopped that dealership. I let these phone calls go to voicemail. It... Continue Reading

Does Maritz ever respond to emails or return phone calls?!

I had payment issues with Maritz because I did not understand the whole invoice thing. I had called Maritz and a woman told me she was submitting all my invoices to their accounting department and that I would be paid. I have not gotten any payment. I've... Continue Reading

Looking for shops that only have web inquiry or phone shops

Hi I am looking for companies that primarily do phone or web inquiry shops. I am fresh out of college and have a good paying/tiresome job so once I am home I don't want to leave. thanks and I love you my mystery shopping brothers and sisters.... Continue Reading

IPSOS New $12 Smart Phone job Warning

I saw some new smartphone shops that look a lot like the last set. BUT It has a requirement that you are not to leave the store till you talk to a sales associate or the job won't be accepted. The scenario and questions are also somewhat different. I'd... Continue Reading

Phone audits for MF

I did a MF phone audit (not a shop). The fee was $26 and I had no idea how much effort it entailed. Just reading the guidelines took 90 minutes. I waited until the last minute to read the guidelines and didn't want to cancel the audit the day it... Continue Reading

NSS Automated Phone Call

So, I get a phone call. I pick it up because its my MS phone ringing. Its NSS with a automated message about pizza shops being available in my area and there being special bonuses attached to them.. and a drawing for blah blah blah... well I was thinking... Continue Reading

Phone Calls from Schedulers

I received my first phone call from a scheduler today. He saw I had newly signed up for the company and he had some bank jobs in a few different areas as well as some other jobs available. The problem was I was driving in the middle of... Continue Reading

KIA $4 phone shops to get the lowest price, how are they?

What are the KIA phone shops like, they are booked so does this mean they are easy money? This round of shops have you participated in them? How long do they take the average shopper to perform? Thank you... Continue Reading

Do you think $2 phone shop are worth the time?

Just seem so low... Continue Reading

Have you done the bank and broker phone calls, how do you avoid getting out'ed as a shopper?

The instructions are easy, you have your set scenario to call a brokerage but you must pass through the Bank's wing to connect to their Brokerage. I call and its the bank rep asking "who do I have the pleasure of talking to today?" I asked him "are you... Continue Reading

Maritz Phone Mortgage shops

Got a call from a scheduler yesterday asking if I was interested in a recorded phone eval for one of their clients. Appears to be a half hour to 45 minute interaction using real name and credit info (so a hard inquiry on the credit report). I'm figuring an hour... Continue Reading

Phone Shops

Hello, Has anyone got any good companies to work for that just do phone shops? I have did some of this work in the past and enjoyed doing it but, I am having trouble researching any companies that might be hiring now. Thanks in advance!!... Continue Reading

Mystery Shopping and Phone Calls are hard work, nobody ever say it easy to make money!

I respect everyone who mystery shops, hard work you deserve more money to do jobs. Not to talk about my own self, I think shoppers with years of experience deserve to be paid as experts instead of offers of low pay. To work up the system I will... Continue Reading

Confero recorded phone call shops

Has anyone done one of these? I did one yesterday. I followed the instructions using the telephone number and codes I was given and after entering the information, the automated system stated "Your call will now be recorded". Well, it didn't. I feel as though part of... Continue Reading

Telephone Shops With No Paperwork Requirement

I recently went through all the companies I was registered with and checked which ones have a viable amount of phone shops to bother checking their boards frequently. Searching for jobs can be just as daunting as doing the jobs. I recently spoke to a Phone Shop Coordinator at The... Continue Reading

Is it possible to make more money working than mystery shopping? $2 for a phone call to Honda?

My class load his huge this quarter with biology, chemistry, math and physics and the idea of doing "phone call" shops made sense until it took 30 minutes to perform one shop for $2.00! How can anyone perform shops to Honda auditing their prices, dealer "help desk" trying to... Continue Reading

Help! Phone call recording for ACL.

I can't find the information about how to record a phone call for ACL. Help!... Continue Reading

International phone hotel reservation shop with $1,000 hold on your CC shop for $10!

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw that they expected the shopper to call an international number and make a reservation that will place up to a $1,000 hold on the shopper's credit card for an international hotel and casino. This looks more like a $60-$80 shop... Continue Reading

Maritz: No Returned Phone Calls - Messages not being answered

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

IPSOS Smartphone/Tablet Shop Pending Validation

How long is it taking to get through validation for the smartphone or tablet shops? I've done a hand full in the past 2 weeks and all are still pending validation. Maybe I've just gotten spoiled with the quick turnaround on my shipping jobs for this MSC but I... Continue Reading

IPSOS smartphone & tablet shops; are they really easier?

I'm doing a tablet shop for IPSOS this week, and am starting to regret it (speaking of regretting taking a shop, the topic of another thread....). Comments here indicate these are a lot easier than they were for the previous MSC. But I'm beginning to doubt they could be easy... Continue Reading

Phone Shops

I normally don't do phone shops, but I accepted one a couple of weeks ago because the pay was more than normal. Since I conducted the shop, the company I was evaluating has called me almost every day to follow-up and try to make a sale. It's borderline harassment. I'm... Continue Reading

What's Your Favorite Microphone

I'm in the market for a new lapel microphone. For those in single party states or that just like to take personal notes, what's your favourite lapel microphone and why? Remembering that everyone should check the laws of their state before choosing to record others. Please share your experiences... Continue Reading

Ten Foot Pole List - Phone shops ACL

You've been selected (that should be the first clue) as part of an elite team (insert Grouch Marx quote here) to make 30 calls a month for us at a pay of $-$$$ each (guess which ones actually get assigned) You don't get to choose which ones, but most are easy (guess which... Continue Reading

smart phone shops at the mall always seem less awkward...

as opposed to visiting a stand alone location. am I the only one who feels like this? when you go to the mall, everyone's mostly walking around aimlessly anyway just looking at things, so it doesn't feel weird to go up to someone and ask "hi, what would... Continue Reading

$14 for Great Mystery Shop for those in OHIO who like to get informed on Smartphones!

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

$14 for Great Mystery Shop for those in OKLAHOMA who like to get informed on Smartphones!

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

$14 for Great Mystery Shop for those in OREGON who like to get informed on Smartphones!

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

$14 for Great Mystery Shop for those in PENNSYLVANIA who like to get informed on Smartphones!

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

$14 for Great Mystery Shop for those in SOUTH CAROLINA who like to get informed on Smartphones!

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

$14 for Great Mystery Shop for those in SOUTH DAKOTA who like to get informed on Smartphones!

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

$14 for Great Mystery Shop for those in TENNESSEE who like to get informed on Smartphones!

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

$14 for Great Mystery Shop for those in RHODE ISLAND who like to get informed on Smartphones!

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Would you do this phone shop for $8?

These are phone-only and you will not be staying at the hotel. These calls ask you to either inquire about availability or make a reservation. If you are going to make an appointment, you MUST have at least $1,000 available credit on a credit card. Calls are abroad and one... Continue Reading

IPSOS 'smartphone' shops

Who else performed some of these shops recently? I was contacted shortly after entering the reports for additional information. The email said additional incentive would be given with 'details to follow'. Haven't heard anything about that yet. The additional info needed was very limited, but I... Continue Reading

Amusement Advantage Phone calls

Has anyone done a phone call for Amusement Advantage? I cannot see if I can listen to the phone call. I did ask, but they said something about after I submitted it I could. I thought, I would try to see if anyone had done a call.... Continue Reading

Contact phone for IPSOS?

Need to talk with scheduler ASAP, and none of the e-mails I have contain a contact number, and e-mails are unanswered since middle of last week. Anybody have a contact number? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Phone Assignments

Hi all, I have been mystery shopping since 5 years, but I am new in America. Could you please give some names of companies where I can get phone assignments in America? Look forward to hearing from you. Regards. D... Continue Reading

Phone mystery shopping companies

Any suggestions for mystery shopping companies who have phone shops... Continue Reading

Phone Assignments in USA

Hello and Merry Christmas Everyone Could you please help me which companies I can choose for phone assignments (in USA) that pays to Paypal? Look forward to hearing from you Nightbreaker [I]Mod note: The job board is for companies to post open jobs, not for people to ask for them. Please do... Continue Reading

Phone shop - nobody answers the phone

I recently did several phone shops where I had to call restaurants to book a room for a meeting, and discuss the lunch menu, etc. The call is recorded, and you can access the recording and listen to it while you're doing your report. I did six or seven... Continue Reading

Market Force New Phone or Service Shops

Anyone done these? They've gotten to a fairly high fee in my neck o' the woods and I'm considering taking one. I'm a current customer of the client and have been thinking I need to get a new phone anyway (you should see my phone... it's pretty hilarious). As... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflection's $3 candy company phone shop

Has anyone done these? You have to find an item to order, the msc gives you a bogus $50 gift card, you place the order and later the order is voided. Seems like a lot of work for $3 and you don't even get to keep the candy.... Continue Reading

Revealed cellphone shops?

Has anyone done these yet? I see them on my job board and it says limit one, but I have no clue what the details are. Would be nice to know what's involved.... Continue Reading

Website to get name spellings correct for phone shops.

I'm sure you have made a call as part of a shop and they said the name. You even have it recorded. The problem is you have no idea how it's spelled for the report! You might be certain of the first two letters and the last. I found a... Continue Reading

Smartphone Shops

Does anyone ever get an associate that can speak intelligently about them on a mystery shop? Which in turn, can let the shop go fluidly like the MSC and client want? I've done five now, for different MSC's, and different companies. The associates are so clueless its amazing. ... Continue Reading

Phone auto-corrected employee's name

Argh. My phone notes say the employee's name was Marduk. I'm pretty sure it was not. I guess that was bound to happen sooner or later. So check your phone notes for auto-correct.... Continue Reading


Hi all. I have not yet done a telephone mystery shopping assignment, and hope I can get a little advice before I accept any. The one I'm considering is one where I have to book a restaurant for a meeting. I'm not too concerned about the scenario... Continue Reading

Remember those $50 cellphone provider shops....

...where you had to get some pricing information, which involved a credit check. Well, I just received a notification from Experian that the information I gave to T-Mobile was hacked. Why on earth Experian would keep that information in its records is beyond me.... Continue Reading

Kia Telephone Shops

I like to do phone shops in the mornings and my mystery shops in the afternoons. Since the funeral shops have been on hold, I signed up for five Kia shops Yes, five of them! They pay $5.00 each and I thought how bad could they... Continue Reading

Home Service Call and Cancel Phone Shop?

Anyone done the shop where you call to schedule an inspection of some home system, then call and cancel the appointment? I don't like to do the recorded-call shops, but I didn't realize this was one of those until I accepted it (not sure why I didn't figure out, but... Continue Reading

Call Center is looking for telephone mystery shoppers

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

$6 or $9 for a cell-phone shop? Really?

I just got some e-mails from an MSC that I'd like to do more shops for. They were cell-phone shops, but at $6 or $9, thanks, but no thanks. One of the locations is less than 10 minutes from me. By the time I drive the 18 minutes round trip... Continue Reading

gfk october smartphone shops?

Just curious if they are in your area this month. This is the first time since 1+ years that I haven't seen smartphone shops posted on october 1st. has the project ended for them?... Continue Reading


Please, where are the telephone shops that pay well and pay on time too. I would like to sign up with more telephone shop companies, could any one lead me to these shops please.? Thank you.... Continue Reading

Phone # disconnected will I get paid anything?

I was assigned a heavily bonused shop requiring a phone call to schedule and an at home visit. When I called to schedule my visit, the number listed in the directions was disconnected. I followed up with support to see if there was a different number... Continue Reading

question about phone shops

Have you noticed if they get graded and commented on by the scheduler? I've done several now for RBG and Shoppers View. They are received but not graded. Is this normal? Any input appreciated. Thank you!... Continue Reading

smart phone

a lot of the companies i am with have prest map or are sassie how do i get the app or good mystery shopping apps on my phone... Continue Reading

Not going to be paid for a phone shop

Apparently this was a target phone shop. However, there is no target listed in the guidelines or on the survey that I printed. I am getting a little ticked off about this one. No big deal it was only an hour or two of my time. But sill want to... Continue Reading

any MSC has phone shops?

can anyone whch msc has phone shops (shops that you call the "company and ask questions [ at least for those no pov is needded... Continue Reading

Tire Phone Calls

For the life of me, I can't pass the qualification test. I feel so stupid. I've even tried taking it with the Guidelines open in front of me. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Has anyone completed this? Is there a trick to it?... Continue Reading

Not being paid for my phone shops

I did a number of phone shops for Bestmark. To my knowledge I did not receive a check for the work I did. They said I did, but I didn't get the check. Its their word against mine. What am I supposed to do?... Continue Reading

Messing with an Impatient Phone Scammer....

I love the dog in the video:) Continue Reading

first feedback from a phone shop

I got a 9 on a phone shop thru Intellishop. It was my very first shop. They said they knocked off a point for a grammatical error in the narative. Do all MSCs grade like this?... Continue Reading

Payday loan shops now require a smart phone?

I have not done one in a while. One of the questions that needs to be answered correctly in order to assign yourself the shop now is about needing to have a smart phone or tablet to show a "soft" copy of your pay stub and bank account statement. Evidently... Continue Reading

Lowest Phone Shop Fee on Record

Apparently Anonymous Insights is looking for volunteers. They're offering phone call shops for a Shopper Fee of $0.00. SMH... Continue Reading

Beyond Hello/Mystery Researchers Inaccessible by Phone

I like this company and have done several shops for them, but it does give me pause when you cannot reach anyone by phone. I was just checking out the job board and had a question about a shop. There was no scheduler or contact email listed... Continue Reading

Phone Shops (Ranging between $2-$5 each)

This may be a topic that has already been covered but thought I would ask the veteran shoppers how they feel about phone shops. One of the larger MSCs offers unrecorded phone calls to car dealers shops for $4-$5 bucks and I've seen other similar shops to pawn shops and... Continue Reading

Phone & Online Shops

Hello! I am fairly new to mystery shopping. Mostly I have done phone shops. Because I don't have a vehicle, it is difficult to do in-person shops, so I prefer phone or online shops. My problem is that I can't seem to find many companies that offer these... Continue Reading

WHY do recorded phone shops require narratives?

I have done a few phone shops where even though the shop is recorded and uploaded to the form, they ask for a detailed narrative or play by play. I just don't understand why. Anyone have some insight?... Continue Reading

NSS not answering phone

Can anyone reach NSS by their number 18008002704? I am calling since 8am, but no luck...... Continue Reading

GFK smartphone quiz

Am I the only who has had trouble completing the GFK smartphone quiz ? I read the guidelines and watched the 12 minute video but the questions where tricky. I contacted my scheduler for assistance.It's just frustrating because some of the questions asked were not in the materials given.... Continue Reading

gfk MSC smartphone buy/return questions

now this MSC has shops where you have to buy a smartphone and then return it two days later i just wonder if that would affect your credit report? has anyone done one these?... Continue Reading

Phone Shops

Are there a lot available? How much do they pay? What types are available?... Continue Reading

Telephone Shops

I have been a mystery shopper off and on for about 15 years, and in retail/food service/customer service for about 27. I recently lost my job due to the tragic death of our vehicle. My husband is on disability, so I have to work, at the very least, part time... Continue Reading

$20 phone shops at Customer Service Experts

Hi, Just wanted to let you guys/gals know that there are a few (same client, same location) $20 hotel reservation shops. The calls are recorded and require a narrative. I do not know how long they will last. They are listed with Customer Service Experts (Sassie). The geographical location is in... Continue Reading

I did the best phone shop, and I have to share!

So I was looking through Aboutface's job boards and I saw a job for a phone shop. Normally I stay way from these as the pay is extremely low, but this one was for $10. I think it was canceled by someone else because there was only about an hour... Continue Reading

New Low: $2 phone shops

Yup- that's right. Step right up for those $2 phone shops on Shopper's View.... Continue Reading

MS Phone Contact #s

I wish we could have a stickly thread with some hard to find contact phone numbers. Right now I am a few hours into waiting for a response from MSI/Trendsource about a job that needs to be done within the hour. I have messaged twice stating that I needed a response... Continue Reading

The don't sell phones. They just answer them.

I am explaining to the editor the store has not been at that location for over a year. I talked to the company that sort of shared space with the cell phone shop. The editor does not understand what I am trying to say. The only business still at the... Continue Reading

$2.00 Cash Advance Phone Shops

Has anyone done a $2.00 Cash Advance Phone Shop? Do you feel it's easier than a $4.00 funeral shop? I'm just wondering if you could knock two of these out in less time than a funeral shop. I don't mind funeral shops, but I do mind when... Continue Reading

Phone Shop

If I never have to call another car repair shop it will be too soon! Oh my goodness, I did over 100 of them this week! Probably about 1/4 of them were wrong numbers, etc., anxious to see how many I get paid for, I tried to get at least... Continue Reading

Maritz Telephone only Shops

I am just curious, does Maritz have the telephone only shops for their bank client anymore? All I see and have been seeing for months are the combo, telephone and branch visit. Are they just being taking rapidly fast or are they no longer being offered?... Continue Reading

MoBee: Feedback please on this smartphone msc

How are they to work for and are the shops using smartphones fairly easy? They have many clients??? Thanks Much... Continue Reading

SMARTPHONE SHOPS: I Secret Shop and who else??

Besides I Secret Shop, what other msc's are engaged in Smartphone app shops please??? Thanks Much... Continue Reading

computer/phone stores

I went into two computer/phone/pad stores this weekend. They were the same company in two different malls. Never have I received such horrible customer service. Mall 1: Associate - I can't help you. Only Josh can. (into microphone to Josh) Josh, I have a customer ho needs to... Continue Reading

Kia $4.00 phone shops

I nearly flipped when I saw the report I had to fill out for a $4.00 Kia phone shop. I will take a funeral home shop any day.... Continue Reading

"expanding" phone shops

I have mentioned this before and I finally decided to do one again. I thought maybe I had been over tired and maybe it was not as bad as I had thought. This time, I did one of the phone shops and looked at the report. How simple.... Continue Reading

Phone Mystery Shops

After living in the middle of nowhere for two years, I relocated back south where there are actually stores. I started back mystery shopping a month ago and everything was going awesome. Just found out my Jeep is more to fix than it's worth, so found some phone shops to... Continue Reading

Phone shops in the future

Interactive video phone calls are only about 40 or 50 years behind! This might be the far future phone shops: Continue Reading

Funeral homes, phone shops, has anyone done these???

Feeling a bit freaky about doing these shops. Anyone care to share your experience or expertise???... Continue Reading

Vocazilla phone shop recordings not available to listen to???

So I did some recorded phone shops for Intellishop using Vocazilla like usual, and was fully expecting to be able to listen to the recording and save myself a copy. Guess what? When I went to the report there was no recording present for me to listen to, copy file...... Continue Reading

Tire Phone Shops for $1.75?

I am wondering who would take the tire phone shops for $1.75? I had to squint my eyes to make sure what I was seeing was true... Since I have not named the client...this was for company SCI....(Shoppers Critique International)... Continue Reading

Good Phone Shop Companies

I need a break from Funeral Homes right now. I'm looking for companies that have a large, constant supply of phone shops. I'm home for the month for multiple reasons. I've been shopping for 12 years, but I still haven't found a company that has an ample supply of phone... Continue Reading

Funeral Home Phone Shops - Suggestions Please?

So I decided to bite the bullet and take a bunch of Funeral Home phone shops because I'm not ready to venture out yet and I need something to do to make money, even if I'm nickel and diming it. (To make matters worse, ironically, I have a sick, dying... Continue Reading

Phone shops

I am trying to help a family member get into phone shops. He is signed up for one company and has done a few, and would really like to do more. He doesn't mind who he is calling. Are there specific companies that do phone shops? Or do most companies... Continue Reading

GFK phone audits

I glanced at a few of these and the audit looked fairly simple and straight forward. Less than 20 questions, all simple answers. Then after I took them and started to enter them, they got longer and longer. Several answers opened up new questions... Continue Reading

Apartment shops, when your target never answers the phone

I've been doing apartment shops, and you are required to wait for the target to answer the phone. I get tired of calling and calling. How do you get around this? I think some of these apartments have people who answer the phones, and the target never does. There must... Continue Reading

Apartment shps, when your target never answers the phone

I've been doing apartment shops, and you are required to wait for the target to answer the phone. I get tired of calling and calling. How do you get around this? I think some of these apartments have people who answer the phones, and the target never does. There must... Continue Reading

Beyond Hello phone purchase/return shop

Has anyone tried these? Since they check your credit, does it affect your overall credit score? Thanks so much in advance! I saw a number of these nearby and was thinking of trying them out.... Continue Reading

Telephone shopping for the homebound?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. My husband is homebound due to an injury sustained at work and so he wants to work from home. I found this forum and read about phone shops, where you make phone calls and then fill out a report. So he joined... Continue Reading

Strangest Title for an email for Phone Shops..

"Thursday is Mexican Army Day! I'll Have to Call 'em Up and See If They Want To Do $5 USD Spanish Phone Shops, Unless You Want to"... Just odd..:P... Continue Reading

Thursday is Mexican Army Day! I'll Have to Call 'em Up and See If They Want To Do $5 USD Spanish Phone Shops, Unless You Want So

I know so many people find these annoying but I just wanted to see how many other people found this subject line pretty funny. Not necessarily tempting because, let's face it, poor Joel F. does have his work cut out for him. I do give kudos for the originality, especially... Continue Reading

Remind me not to ever do phone shops, and retail credit card stores

Does anyone have a magic wand, or give me a pinch each time I take on these redundant summaries, and questions. Dragging each question one by one........ repetitive, who thinks of these????????? I am going to bang my head on my desk. Someone stop me:(( lol.... Please help... Continue Reading

Suggestions on what phone to use for shopping?

Looks like I am going to have to upgrade my cell phone. I have a nearly three year old android phone that keeps telling me apps are not compatible with this device. So, I bought a Samsung Tab 4 tablet thinking that would work. Nope. Now I... Continue Reading

Harmon..getting a name during phone call

Any suggestions for getting a name of an employee when you call a store before a have to ask a HEY A MYSTERY SHOPPER IS COMING question.....and then if they didn't give their name (or you couldn't understand) have to ask their if they were only suspicious a... Continue Reading

High end restaurant phone shops!

Woah, baby! I get to CALL a high-end restaurant??? Thanks, Intellishop!! /sarcasm laced rant off... Continue Reading

The Pros and Cons of Phone Shops

In this week's issue of Mystery Shopper Magazine @James Bond 00.7 discusses the pros and cons of phone shops. His conclusions just might surprise you. Read the article here: Discuss!... Continue Reading

I need Telephone Mystery Shopping advice, please!

Hello, everyone. I just started a telephone mystery shopping job today. I have done four gigs and they have been relatively easy. I am having only one minor problem. In filling out the form after the call, I am required to list 3 pros and 3... Continue Reading

Would you do this phone shop for $7?

Shop instructions state: "For these shops you will be calling car dealerships and auto body shops and stating that you are doing an industry study for your Masters program at a university. There is little to no narrative associated with the reportsYou will ask questions about the type, price, packaging, volume,... Continue Reading

Home Phone # Requirement

It seems rather silly that many companies still require that field to be filled out. Honestly, this day in age, who has a land line or knows someone with a landline? Aside from people who live out in rural areas, where it's still an essential item.... Continue Reading

Nespresso Phone Shops

So are these a PITA or no problem? I don't even drink coffee. I did a search and didn't find any comments. The MSC provides the scenario and fake user info, but I'm not so sure I'll be convincing as a woman with a very-Hispanic sounding name. I'm a... Continue Reading

Tablets, phones & computers

I need to buy new equipment. Would appreciate some insight. The only thing wrong with my stuff is its old and slow. Currently the phone and tablet are hand me down Apple products. The laptop is a hand me down Dell. I write reports when I take breaks during... Continue Reading

If you were killed and the police looked throuh your phone to identify you...

So if you were killed in an accident and the police were looking through your phone what pictures would they find? Mine would be hundreds of photos of gas pumps and restrooms. They might find several pictures of donuts and some pictures of office space and filing cabinets. They... Continue Reading

Question about smartphones; shop req.

"I’m interested in a touchscreen smartphone. What would you recommend?" This is a line that the MSC asks shoppers to use. My "dumb" question is: Is there a smartphone that is NOT touchscreen?... Continue Reading

$4 Phone shops

Really? You have some for today??? Tomorrow?? Oh in Spanish for the same price??? Wow. I got it...I think, wait...tell me again, twenty times, no thirty. Hang on, it's a phone shop and it's $4 and you have some today and tomorrow and there's the same in Spanish for the same... Continue Reading

What kind of smartphone do you use for shopping?

I plan to buy a new one closer to christmas. I'm currently with what I consider the "Betamax" of smart phones, the windows phone. It's a couple of years old. So I'd love to get a survey of what phone you use, and what you like or dislike about it.... Continue Reading

Easy and Fun Phone Shop

I'm sure most of you get the emails for the fun and easy cell phone shops regularly. They seem to typically pay between $10-$15 each. Although I am currently a full-time shopper, I've never conducted a cell phone shop. It seems to me that every time I... Continue Reading

$315 for a twenty minute phone shop!

I just scored the best shop ever. It paid $15, but it also reminded me that my two year lock in with Dish Network was over with. The shop was a competition shop. I called Dish up and haggled with the sales rep. that wanted to throw a couple of... Continue Reading

TELUS phone calls

Did any one else do these? I am finding them difficult. I can't get over that I'm to call the same phone number 5 times and ask the same question and use my account number each time. I called the helpdesk twice to be sure and yes,... Continue Reading

web inquiry and phone shops?

Hi, I really enjoy the web inquiry and phone shops. Anyone know some companies that offer these specifically or often?... Continue Reading

phone shops and website mystery shops for person with no car

What shops are there for person who has no car. Looking for websites mystery shops and phone shops. Thank you for your help.... Continue Reading

Awkward phone shops. Ideas?

Has anyone else worked on the BMW car dealership phone shops? You are supposed to call the service department and tell them you're having a specific car trouble. They ask you when you would like to schedule an appointment, and then you're supposed to tell them you can't make the... Continue Reading

Phone shops; advice, tips, etc welcome

Hi all! You guys were SO helpful when I asked about your route shops, so I'm reaching out again; :) I work FT (30+ hours/wk average) now but am expecting my first baby in early January. My job doesn't offer any paid time off, so I'll only get disability from the... Continue Reading

Fishy MSC phone call

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

TrendSource Healthcare Phone Shops

I signed on to do some of these and just received my assigned calls. When I log into the project there is a message as follows: "Date Posted Message 9/12/2013 PROJECT MATERIALS New project materials will be available shortly." I have submitted a question to TS regarding these materials. Has anyone ever done... Continue Reading

Phone for Darius Jackson at RSG?

I had the contact phone number for Darius Jackson of RSG however when my phone got ran over I lost me numbers. Can anyone please help - thank you. ps I did mention that this was a really bad year for me right?... Continue Reading

RSG/Maritz mobile phone report

I did one of their Pricing and Options study shops on Friday. The place was a madhouse because of the IPhone 6 launch, but I only had to wait about 10 minutes. When I finally got to sit down and enter the report about 10:30 that night, there was no... Continue Reading

Anyone using a Windows phone

I am looking at getting a new phone , and one of the major things I do with my phone is take pictures during shops, I have a Galaxy S3 and the pictures just don't come out very good. The Windows phones seem to have the best cameras, but... Continue Reading

EPMS Phone Attempts

I was assigned a targeted apartment shop for EPMS and, after making 15 calls over several days, was not able to reach the target. I communicated with my scheduler frequently, letting her know about my lack of success. She eventually authorized me to leave a message on the... Continue Reading

Phone recommendations?

My phone is on the verge of drawing its' last breath. I am not sure what happened, but starting last week, I will pull it off the charger, fully charged...barely use it, if at all, and it is dead an hour and a half later. It still works just as fast as... Continue Reading

Can't Canel GFK Smartphone Shop - Any Advice?

Does anybody have advice on how I should proceed in this difficult (for me) situation. For two days I've tried to cancel GFK smartphone shops ($14 per shop) that I scheduled, due to the time-consuming report report and 107 questions and 20+ detailed narratives. But I have received no response from... Continue Reading

TrendSource Not answering emails or phone calls

I have had a great relationship with TrendSource until Monday now all of a sudden they won't answer my emails or phone calls. I can't self assign and when I request a shop I never near back. Anyone else having problems with them?... Continue Reading

Phone mystery shopping UK

Does any one know of any companies that specialise in this?... Continue Reading

Anybody have an alt. method for contacting Gapbuster? i.e. a phone #

Gapbuster did not pay me the amount they promised. I have sent them so many emails about this. The only way I've found to contact them is to submit a message through their Enquiry page. I've known since May that the payment was wrong, so I've been sending them messages... Continue Reading

Has anyone tried the phone funeral shops?

I signed up for some phone shops for funeral homes and, after reading the guidelines, I had to notify the scheduler that I just could not do it. I tried to psych myself up for it but could not pretend that a close relative had died and I had... Continue Reading


Has anyone do e any of these? Are they narrative extensive??... Continue Reading

Confero Telephone Training

I was just assigned a couple of ff shops that require telephone training via a conference call. I have done this before with Confero but this time there was no information provided as to the number to call, etc. They only provided two call dates with times, one... Continue Reading

KSS Phone Shop 6 Month Rotation

I applied for three phone shops. Was turned down due to 6 month rotation. I have not shopped any of the locations beforehand. Is there a limit to the number of phone shops one can do in a six month period?... Continue Reading

Recording phone calls to clients???

Saw a Valvoline shop posted and a recorded phone call is required. What types of devices can are best utilized? Smartphones ?? And how would you download a recorded call from a smartphone to a shop report please. Thanks Much... Continue Reading

Five Dudes online and phone in shops

I did one of the new online ordering shops and it clearly said it was NOT required that I eat the meal there. But IF I did, to please stay 15 minutes for observations. Well, I chose to not eat it there and so my time in and out... Continue Reading

Techie Question (Phone Call Log)

I recently performed a long two-day route. 11 of the shops required phone calls. For some weird reason, I am anticipating some "resistance" with some of my reports. As proof that I made the phone calls, I would somehow like to print out or download the outgoing... Continue Reading

Phone mystery shopping companies

Does any work for Call Center QA, Pierce-Ellis, or Telexpertise? how are they as companies and do they pay?... Continue Reading

BestMark weekend phone support?

Hi - Anyone know if BestMark has weekend phone support aside from the Exit Interview Team? If so, do you know their hours? Thanks.... Continue Reading

Phone Shops

I did a Target phone shop where the associate left a sign saying that they would not be back for 50 minutes. So, I checked out and left. Now I'm not getting paid because I was in the store 10 minutes. They said I should have waited 20 minutes first.... Continue Reading

Why do the phone salespeople...

so often have such bad breath? For some reason, I don't seem to encounter this anywhere but in the phone stores. As soon as I saw dude's brown teeth yesterday, I knew the smell was going to be revolting. Then he kept stepping toward me, and I... Continue Reading

Out of State Phone Shops

I've done several out of state phone shops for a few MSC's, and it never stops being awkward. I like the convenience of shopping from home, but unless you have a generic non-specific area code on the phone you are using, it gets very awkward. I've called several... Continue Reading

GPS on Smartphone

How do I turn on the GPS on my cell phone? Is it in settings? One of the shops I am looking requires the GOS to be on and I don't now where to look to find it?... Continue Reading

Phone contact for GfK?

There's a shop they're trying very hard in my area to fill that has a good price on it right now. Problem is, the directions make it sound like I need to purchase a pair of phones, and I'm pretty sure that's not actually what they're going for. I'd like... Continue Reading

Phone/online mystery shops

I am looking for mystery shops I can do either online or over the phone. As well as shops that do not require a purchase. Help, please.... Continue Reading

Don't touch my phone, I'm recording you!!

So, today I'm doing a new car shop. The salesperson has to explain about the UVO system on the cars. I use my phone to record my shops to I can refer back to the recording, if needed. He says, "Let's use your phone to sync to... Continue Reading

Mobile Phone Check

One of the companies I have shopped for has shops available in my area. I've not worked for them for a couple of months and I see they now want you to download their app and a mobile phone check is required. Only problem is I have a dumb phone.... Continue Reading

Bank phone shops

I see a listing for a bank phone shop. Pays $3 for like 10 mins worth of work. Then I read closer. "I have some phone call shops to banks in different cities in ________. The shops are very simple and easy to do. They pay $3 a call, but... Continue Reading

<< does anyone have the phone # to Confero?>>

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

New phone scam

Just got a call on my cell phone that said "Your debit card has been suspended, press 1 for how to reinstate your privileges." I hung up instantly. This is a scam. If you press 1 you will be prompted to give your personal information, like account... Continue Reading

Fewer Maritz Phone Calls Thankfully

In the past, Maritz would call multiple times per day several times per week. Lately, their calls have slowed dramatically. Not sure if this is a result of them being over-worked with all the new clients, or if they are taking a new approach. I much prefer how they now send... Continue Reading

$5 Phone Shops for Friday, 3/21! Exciting!

While I appreciate the creative writing here from this MSC scheduler ... but $5 Phone Shops Are Not! Exciting!... Continue Reading

No Phones but High-Accuracy Needed

I just began working for a high-end MSC. They ask that phones not be used excessively at the table. On the other hand, they ask for highly accurate reports of who did what, at what time, and a description of all staff members. What are some ways you keep tabs on... Continue Reading

Kia Phone Shops

OMG! Have you seen them? Pays $5.00 to call and inquire about pricing on a certain model. The calls are recorded. I thought cool, easy (enough) money and signed up for a bunch of them. I pull up the report, narrative after each section with a final "Detailed narrative of the entire call from start... Continue Reading

RSG Phone Project this week

Did anyone on this forum participate in the conference call earlier this week (email invites) for the phone shops that were paying $18 an hour for this week? Did anyone get assigned shops?... Continue Reading

Smart Phone in Walmart shops

Has anyone completed these? The pay is low but I'm going to be in an area that has some of these open and they would fit into my schedule as long as the reports aren't extremely detailed.... Continue Reading

Creepy phone calls

OK, so I've been working with a MSC since last month on some telephone shops. I've been doing them since they are easy and a good pay for the time invested. They are calls to funeral homes and cemeteries in Spanish. Boy, I've "killed" so many non-existent people that it... Continue Reading

UPDATE: Free smartphone shops again???

Asking this again because I want to cut my wrists for missing out on those free Cricket smartphone shops that are now Cricket was bought out by AT& T and now the shops are gone for good??? Correct??? Many Thanks ( can't believe I missed out on these.... Continue Reading

The $2 Trucking Company Phone Calls

Has anyone done these? I haven't even clicked on the email yet because $2 barely covers my time to read the guidelines. Oh, wait! They just offered a $1 bonus -- that's an increase of 33%!... Continue Reading

Recorded audio shop using phone for on-site

I'm going on my first on-site that requires me to record the audio for the visit. The problem is I'm supposed to call the phone number given just before I get to the site then leave my phone on. Any advice to how best capture the call or... Continue Reading

Sports Tickets Phone Shops

Hi Everyone--I'm new to this game & was wondering about phone shops that require you to charge tickets to your credit card. Have you had any problems getting your cc credited for the cost? I'm a little uneasy giving my cc #. What have been your experiences? Thanks... Continue Reading

$50. Diabetes phone shops

As part of this program, you will currently need to be a shopper who has been diagnosed with Type 1, Type 2 or Gestational diabetes. You will be required to make three calls to two different companies over the course of two days. The shop pays $30, Bonus $20 Total Payment $50.00 We are looking... Continue Reading

Do Market Force callers not understand proper phone etiquette?

I have had four calls from MF in the last couple of days. Every single one of them started talking before I said hello. I know they are from a different country, but isn't that pretty much common sense to wait for somebody to answer before speaking?... Continue Reading

Phone/Online Shops

Does anyone know companies that do a lot of phone or online shops? My mom is trying to make some money, but she has to spend most of her time at home taking care of my dad, so anything she can do from home helps.... Continue Reading

Higher Education Phone Shops?

Anyone have experience with these? Despite my vow to cut back on shopping till after the end of the year, I just took one.... The pay ($20) seems pretty good for what I anticipate the time involved will be. But this shop must have been taken by someone else, as... Continue Reading

Camera Vs. Phone

I have a camera but always use my phone. I've always answered yes to the "do you have a camera?" question and never had any issues. I'm going through the screening questions for a shop and it specifically asks, "do you have a camera (not a camera phone)?" It does not (yet)... Continue Reading

MCP - Smartphone

For anyone who did the Smart phone shop earlier this year that was canceled, is your phone still working with the credits we received? I'm waiting for the service to be turned off, but it's still working.... Continue Reading


Woot. I just got my very first smartphone. It is an Android. I used my mystery shopping earnings, (especially a lot of cell phone shops) to pay for it. Virgin Mobile = best deal. I will look back on the forum and see if I can figure out what neato "apps"... Continue Reading


Are they again offering free smartphone shops??? I checked that board with the orange and black backround and saw none. Many Thanks... Continue Reading

Bank Phone Shops

Just curious about bank phone shops. The write up says easy. The pay is low but if it is only 10 minutes total it is worth it. Also, what do you have a minimum $$ you would do a phone shop for?... Continue Reading

CORI phone #

I know LisaSTL posted this a while back, but I cannot find it. Live chat is not on right now and their new phone # is not list. Could someone please post it for me? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Telephone portion of apartment shops

I called an apartment community yesterday to set up a tour but had to have the call routed through an MSC so it would be recorded (a scrambled # came up on their caller ID). The leasing agent didn't ask for my # over the the phone, but when... Continue Reading

Gapbuster constant phone calls

I've just taken my phone number off my profile. Does anyone else find they call all the time?... Continue Reading

Selling my PV 500 Lite,Law Mate hidden cctv ballcap,QuikTap telephone recorder,& Olympus digital recorder

Hi my fellow mystery shoppers, I graduated from school as a web designer and don't need my equipment anymore. Everything is in perfect like new condition.They are barely used. I am selling everything for $350 or best offer. Make me an offer. I am selling: 1. PV-500 LITE 2 Motion Detection Mini PV-500L2... Continue Reading

High end phone shops!

That sounds nice, what kind of phone do I get to use? My phone. Oh.... Continue Reading

Why no love for the Windows Phones?

I notice that a lot of mystery shopping companies and just companies in general refuse to create apps for Windows Phones. I long ago decided not to support Apple in any way, plus I really believe in Microsoft products. I love my Windows Phone, just wish I didn't get left... Continue Reading

The infamous $2 phone shops? Anyone doing them?

I find it simply insulting. Really $2?... Continue Reading

Best Companies to Find Phone Shops

I was wondering from everyone's experience who their favorite companies are to complete phone shops?... Continue Reading

I need advice about smartphone.

Well Cricket showed how useful it was a smartphone in mystery shopping. I would use the cheap smartphone to do audits on the spot. Now I had to change carrier and I got a smartphone. I got a Galaxy 4 since it has a very good camera and so I... Continue Reading

Cricket (phone shop) has stopped chirping....

Bummer! Received an email from the msc that, due to AT & T acquiring Cricket, Cricket is discontinuing their shop program effective immediately. The phones are ours to keep, and service will remain live through the last month we pre-paid. My kids have the two phones and will miss... Continue Reading

To smartphone or a digital recorder????

I have been doing a lot of mystery shopping for the past 2 months. I do not own a smartphone and have really tried hard to avoid data plans. I have found that it really helps to record the shop for accuracy and timings. So I have wired myself and... Continue Reading

Phone shop visits

Hi! I've done quite a few phone shops in both Denmark, Sweden and the UK. Being a bit of a phone geek I love these and have done them for almost all manufacturers and operators in these countries. But I hear a lot of people who either hate these assignments or have... Continue Reading

Online Education Phone Shops

I have a phone shop this afternoon for an online academic provider. If anyone's done this assignment before or done phone shops in general, do you have any tips? I've read through the guidelines and done all that I can to prepare, but I'm nervous nonetheless!... Continue Reading

Phone calls to high-end restaurant

Anyone done these shops? They are the ones when you call to arrange an event. The pay is good considering you only need to make a phone call. Makes me wonder what the catch is.... Continue Reading

Phone Shops

Hi everyone! I am new to mystery shopping and have only done a few shops. I feel more comfortable doing the phone shops. Does anyone have any advice on which companies are good for offering phone shops? TIA Tam... Continue Reading

10 Circuit phone shops

Has anyone completed the circuit of 10 phone call shops for in home senior care? I started mine yesterday and just finished the last report...whew. Not only is the call recorded but you have to write a detailed report on everything as well.... Continue Reading

AboutFace Shopping: Recorded Telephone Compliance Opportunity $20

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Measure Consumer and Phone

Has anyone completed the Smartphone shop? I was just wondering whether the reimbursement will cover a decent phone and if the shop is worth it. It looks like the guidelines have changed a little from when they first posted the assignment, and it's a 5 month ongoing shop.... Continue Reading

June Service Charge Reimbursement Survey for May Phone Purchase Shops

Has anyone else noticed that the new survey only asks for the amount of the service charge for June and for a copy of the bill? I thought we had to go into the store each month, but don't see anything about that on the survey. Can we simply pay... Continue Reading

MarketForce phone calls

Man these people are calling non-stop for the last month or two. Ya think they might have better luck with self-assigning if they paid a few bucks more?... Continue Reading

First Smart Phone

Okay, they had a refurbished $100 phone for $19.99. I bought it and thought I can at least try it out (the $45 plan vs. the $30 plan on Straighttalk) for a month. This phone is awesome! I have no plans on buying a more expensive phone, at... Continue Reading

Is a cellphone necessary?

I am currently at home with my son on my maternity leave. My contract with my wireless provider ended before I had Miles, and I decided not to renew, as my income would diminish, and my expenses would increase. So, I currently don't have a cell. I don't miss it to... Continue Reading

CORI phone shops

I got an email today asking to become a "preferred phone shopper". Can someone share about the number and type of questions on the reports? Is the pay rate acceptable for the work? Any other details that I should consider? Thank you.... Continue Reading

Smart Phones Required?

I'm thinking that this new-to-me second-hand smart phone may some day be able to pay for its own data plan. Two of my MSC's now have clients that I shop where using a Geo-Location app is an optional means of verifying that I was present at the site. I... Continue Reading

Smartphone-Yea!! CC Fraud-Boo!!

Got in on the recent round of Smartphones since my old phone was cantankerous and had stopped even ringing the last few days. Paid for it on my credit card on Thursday. Stared an overnight route on Friday. Hotel went thru fine. Tried to use the card for a meal... Continue Reading

Recorded phone call?

I have just taken a shop with a company I have worked with for about a year. They have a new client and the shop looks incredible (great food, generous reimbursement). The only problem is the recorded phone call (pre-visit). I live in Florida, which is a... Continue Reading

Anybody shopping for their new smartphone?

Scored one of the smartphone assignments, but having difficulty deciding which phone to buy. I currently have an LG with keyboard that I like, but want to take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade. Would welcome your suggestions. What features are important to you in your mystery shopping work? Which do... Continue Reading

completing shops via smartphone

I just did a steakhouse shop and was pleased that everything loaded and looked good. Even used a cheap android phone.. its the prepaid net ten LG. optimus. whooo hooo!!! the spell checker worked. I only paid $80 for the phone.... Continue Reading

FREE SMARTPHONE SHOPS: Which msc's please???

Which msc's are doing the shops where you get a free smartphone with one month of free service please??? Disappointed I missed out on these back whenever. How was the report please??? Happy Mother's Day to all moms on this site!!... Continue Reading

In the market for a new smartphone? HTC One is the way to go!

If you are in the market for a new phone, the new HTC One is the way to go. After using it for several weeks now, I can say that there is nothing like it out there on the market and even for smartphone newbies, they will find it easy to setup/use. Great article on... Continue Reading

Forgot website that will pay for smartphone

I was up all night the other night searching through my history and google and email trying to find this awesome mystery shop website! I think the background was black and from what I remember they said they would reimburse you up to 169.99 for a smartphone, and they would... Continue Reading

Recorded Phone Shops

I've been avoiding the recorded phone shops because I don't like hearing my voice even on my voice mail message and I also hear you all talking about companies recognizing the number and all that stuff. But, I bit on one. This is a recorded call through Sassie.... Continue Reading

phone calls

I am curious to know what most people think is a decent rate for phone calls. I did some day care calls, they take 8-10 minutes for the call (sometimes a bit more). Then I basically have to go through the whole call to document and narrate. ... Continue Reading

Smart Phones Help with Shops

COMPARE CELLPHONES and PLANS!!!!! After I read all the posts in the "So This is Your First Smartphone" Subject (Mystery Shopping Discussion), I realized that there are a number of people who might be interested in getting and using a... Continue Reading

No pay for Morton's phone shop

Has anyone done the Morton's Steakhouse phone shop? After more than ten years of mystery shopping, this is the first time I have not gotten paid for a shop. I had to get information on scheduling a large dinner party. I was given a budget per person. ... Continue Reading

Can you do a Sassie shop from an Android phone?

I just got a phone in January and am slowly learning to use it. Today I thought I'd try doing a shop from it. I took the picture on the phone. I emailed it to myself. I don't know if that was necessary. But... Continue Reading

Phone shops

I'm looking for phone shops (not cell phone shops) and want to know some companies that do them. Basically, I just want to call, talk to someone, and write a report about it. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Spy Pen vs. Smartphone

I know you can't use the recordings for anything else but your own personal reminders depending on the state you live in but...I've been using my smartphone to record my shops so that I can remember exactly what has been said during the shop and the times, etc. It works... Continue Reading

So is this your first smartphone?

I do a lot of cellphone shops and recently I get the above line a lot. "Umm no it's not, I've had three already". One said "don't take an Android one - it's far too complicated". I went "Really? Are you having problems with them? I've always thought they're very... Continue Reading

Ath power phone call

10:41 pm last night! Good thing the phone was turned off. Then they sent me an email. It was for some shops they want done. To my mind, anything after 9pm is harrassment.... Continue Reading

Remember those $5 funeral phone shops?

They are back...for $2! They justified the steep fee decrease by stating that we're not required to give out contact information or report a follow-up. The toughest part – pretending that someone died and you need help arranging the funeral service – is still there, though. I’d write what I think... Continue Reading

Creepy Staff Answering The Phone

:)... Continue Reading

Would my old phone be fit for the KING?

I have an old Nokia 6010, which isn't sold by my carrier any more. It's been chewed by the dog, dropped in a wading pool, stomped on, tossed around, and still works. We don't get a reliable signal here so we haven't bothered with smartphones of every kind. My old... Continue Reading

question about Bare phone shop

I just did it now. I had to order a product. The report needs to be submitted within 12 hours. It says to attach a picture of the invoice. I assumed the invoice would be sent by email as soon as I got off the phone.... Continue Reading

Bestmark car sale phone shops

I thought that I already posted this. If so I apologize. Done any?... Continue Reading

Bestmark auto sales phones shops

Have you done them? How are they? Iam not a car person.... Continue Reading

Foreign Languge at-home phone mystery shoppers

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

camera phone

What is the easiest way to email pics from camera phone? Why can I not find an underscore symbol on my keyboard? Thanks.... Continue Reading

Please tell me about these “Simple email/telephone shops”

Does anyone here do them? This is pretty much all the message says about the shop itself: Requirements for this shop: • Shoppers will email the school through the Contact Us page of the school’s website • Shoppers will ignore the first two calls from the school • Shoppers must answer the phone on the... Continue Reading

"Easy" phone shop audits - will I be sorry?

Have signed up for quite a few phone shop audits with piks. These jobs are not exactly flying off the board. Am I going to regret this? Already amazed at the amount of paperwork for a $10 shop. Why do I have that sinking feeling in... Continue Reading

MSC requesting phone interview to hire?

I just got an e-mail from a MSC requesting a phone interview to go over training, scheduling and payment. This is the first time I have had a MSC request this. Does this happen often? Should I be worried about a scam?... Continue Reading

Homeserve phone shops

Anyone seeing any? These are the ones with companies that offer insurance for electric and sewer lines.... Continue Reading

Tell me about phone shops

If I posted this in the wrong section, please let me know. I have signed up with a few MSC's now (not as many as a lot of you I'm sure), and a couple of them keep sending me things about doing phone shops. From the description it... Continue Reading

phone calls from MarketForce

I am sick of phone calls and voice messages from MarketForce, some of which are very hard to understand. They are never useful as I only wish to self-assign a few shops per month and do not want to drive 25 miles one way to eat a mediocre burger. Can... Continue Reading

Does anyone know of a good time/date stamp for an Android smartphone

I'm thinking about doing some gas audits but my phone doesn't have a time/date stamp yet. I called Verizon but they couldn't help. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :-)... Continue Reading

Telephone Mystery Shops

Does any one know of any good Telephone Mystery Shop Companies (beside BestMark). Thanks.... Continue Reading

A scheduler was upset that I refused to do a few instore telephone shops for $10

A scheduler was upset that I refused to do a few instore telephone shops 12-17 miles away for $10. I explained that my time, driving back and forth, time in the shop, time filling out the reports, and gas was worth more than $10. She basically said $10 was plenty.... Continue Reading

Recorded phone calls question

Ah yes, another day of mystery shopping. Another thing I don't quite understand. Recently I've been doing some recorded phone shops. Call the company, ask them questions and see what they say. I get that part. Then, it's on to the form, where the MSC asks questions wanting me to repeat, verbatium,... Continue Reading

$5 Funeral/cemetery phone shops

Anyone done them? I've gotten several emails about them and wanted to do a few, but am wondering why it takes the MSC such a long time to find shoppers. Is the report PITA? Thank you!... Continue Reading

Question about Companies to record phone calls

I am trying to help someone find a company they can use to record phone calls, like they use for the apartment shops. The phone call prior to the onsite visit. RecordMyCall site was hit by the Sandy Storm and they are looking for another company similar to... Continue Reading

Mobile phone shop

I have performed dozens of mobile phone shops. When I got this one scheduled, I failed to read it through until the day of the shop. I assumed - wrongly - that I knew the scenario. This one was very different. It required me to photograph all the smartphones in... Continue Reading

Phone shops

If possible, I was wondering which companies do phone shops? Thanks, Lisa... Continue Reading

New Shopper and question about CORI phone shops

Hello all, My name is Lisa and I'm a new shopper. I'm from Massachusetts and was wondering if anyone can recommend me any mystery shop companies that have a lot of shops for Massachusetts if possible? The only one I know of right now is CORI. I like them a lot but... Continue Reading

Assisted Living Phone Shops

Has anyone done these calls? I was just reading the fom and saw that the "special instructions" stated not to ask for pricing, whereas the general instructions stated otherwise (i.e. you won't be paid if you don't ask about pricing.). I assume that the special instructions are the ones I... Continue Reading

How do you get a Marketforce scheduler off the phone??

So, here's my dilemma. I've received a couple calls from MF lately and I've been absolutely unable to get them off the phone without just hanging up on them! What happens is that I decline the glorious $5 shop they're offering me, and they say "Well, let me look at... Continue Reading

A strange phone call on my way to work

It went something like this.... Hi Robin, this is Kate with XYZ company. We have 2 shops available to you....*pause*.... hmmmmm I see that you have already done these for this rotation. How about _____ TX? To which I say, "I have no clue where that is." To... Continue Reading

Competitive Credit Card Phone Shops

One of the MSCs that I regularly perform bank jobs for has a new series of shops for Competitive Credit Card phone shops. (I just love saying bank jobs instead of bank shops!) Has anyone performed these? I don't have access to see the guidelines so I... Continue Reading

Are all EPMS phone shops $3.50 now?

I've noticed that phone shops posted in the last two-three days on EPMS are paying $3.50 instead of $5.00. I haven't had the pleasure of accepting said shops (insert sarcasm), but I was wondering if any of you have and if the report is shorter.... Continue Reading

Is this a concern? Phone Recording?

I just signed up with an MSC that wants, in their extended shopper profile, me to agree to, by checking a box, the following: Audio/Visual Recording Waiver for Assigned " Mystery Shopper represents, acknowledges, and agrees that they have consented to have their telephone calls, or in-person customer interactions, recorded by audio... Continue Reading

MCP apartment telephone shops

Has anyone done Measure Consumer Perspectives' recorded apartment phone shops? I was entertaining the idea of applying, but was worried about having to ask for the agent's first AND last name. Isn't that strange? I'm sure the agent would volunteer his/her first name, but how would I explain why I... Continue Reading

cellphone company audit shops

Has anyone done cellphone audit shops revealed where you must take pictures with your cellphone? Are they difficult or involved?... Continue Reading

Anyone else not answering their phone?

With the political campaign in full force, companies seeking donations are in extreme full force, and calls from companies that have been given my number by other means, I have essentially stopped answering my phone. If I entertained every call, I would never get out of my pj's to... Continue Reading

OMG 9 phone messages!

I had nothing on my calendar this past weekend, so I decided to take a trip. I had a good time, got home and I had 9 voice mail messages from the same company! The shops HAD to be done on this wkend, They were offers from $20.00 to $35.00 to... Continue Reading

Phone shops with Baird

I just signed up with Baird. I requested training for onsite visits which was denied. The only training I could take was for telephone calls. Would anyone want to share what a phone shop with Baird pays???? You can just send me a private message is... Continue Reading

Phone shops ~ Never tried one, need some advice?

Hi, I have never had the nerve to try any of the phone shops. In my perception, I've never been particularly good on the phone (except, oddly enough, when I worked as a receptionist, but then other people were calling me) unless I know or at least am acquainted with... Continue Reading

Telephone Survey

Does anyone else find Telephone surveys annoying. I am not going to say which companies do them but I think we all know. I am sorry I find them annoying. They always come when I am working on some project, doing paper or down right busy. The company should know... Continue Reading

TNS smartphone shops - current

Read the presurvey questions and guidelines. Are you supposed to ask about particular phones, just the Intuition or what? Shopping the we. Fall cycle. HELP! cyn... Continue Reading

no more bank phone shops for me...

Used to pay $5, not that lowered to $3 and when you can zip through them they are "ok", but now after years of doing them I've been told they want way more details (I assume new reviewer or something)....gonna pass from now on. When it takes 30... Continue Reading

Telephone Shps

Hi I am new to mystery shoppimg and would like to do medical shops and telephone from home mystery shops. Does anyone have any exeriences with either of these negative or positive . Thanks... Continue Reading

Stealth timer for Android Phones

Does anyone have a good stealth timer for their Android phone? Especially one that wont accidentally delete all the information with no way to retrieve it.... Continue Reading

Phone Shops

Have any of you ever done a phone shop in which you have to give the narrative but you don't have access to the recording? If you have can you please give me some tips on how to remember everything that is said? I take notes but I don't do shorthand!... Continue Reading

Phone shops? Shops in Ohio?

Hi, I have never posted on here before but read the discussions occasionally. There is some great info on this site. I have been mystery shopping for about a year and have done 500+ shops, most of which are phone. Does anyone have any suggestions on some... Continue Reading

Phone shops

Hi!! Can someone relieve my stress on this one? I REALLY want to try one, but for some (stupid) reason, the thought of being recorded is freaking me out! Do they give you a script to follow and as long as you remember little details like whether... Continue Reading

Hoping for the phone to ring :)

I am sitting here hoping for the phone to ring. A MSC called me because they have a last audit in my area (very rural area where it is hard to find shoopers). The scheduler asked me if I could do it even though the big distance (I did not... Continue Reading

Passive Parent Phone Shop

I completed a phone shop for a well know MSC a few weeks ago. The assignment was to play the roll of a passive parent looking into an online program for their child. I completed several phone shops that were given 10/10. I know how to be passive. I have... Continue Reading

Ace phone shops@ the warehouse

Are now observation only. I was originalally jazzed about this and I am going to do a couple this week. But you have to lurk around and observe for 15 minutes re the employee interaction. Ok but difficult to lurk for that time and not be observed... Continue Reading

phone shops

Hello, I am pretty new to this have done mostly retail shops and a couple of service shops. I see a bunch of phone shops in my area for a company that does not show you the complete scenario until you sign up for the shop. I was... Continue Reading


Am thinking of upgrading my cell to a smartphone or android. I do not want to pay an arm and a leg but I also do not want one that's not going to be very good. Who wants to recommend one for me?... Continue Reading

A tip for phone shops with multiple calls (especially realtor shops)

Has anyone else done realtor evaluations? The company assigns them in groups of 10-12 listings, and you have to get all of them turned around in 48 hours (unless you're unable to reach an agent). I've just finished my second set and I was tearing my hair out, because after... Continue Reading

Phone Shops - Love 'em or hate 'em?

I've done a few and it always seems to be a good idea to sign up for them . . .but I always have to end up calling like 4 times b/c those dumb people don't call me back - so maybe not . . .... Continue Reading

Phone Shops and Minutes used

I am wondering for all you phone shoppers. I have been doing phone shops for a few different companies I use 200-300 a minutes a day doing calls. I have now had to change my cell phone plan from paying 105 dollars to unlimited minutes to 259.00 dollars.... Continue Reading

Phone Calls From Schedulers

How often do schedulers call people vs. just emailing? When I started signing up for all of these MSCs I feared my phone ringing off the hook so I used a phone number at work that has voice mail but never gets answered. I've only had two companies call so... Continue Reading

CORI phone shops

Hello question on CORI phone shops for someone. Does anyone know if they rate their phone shops? I have done 30 of them last week for them and still have no ratings on them... Continue Reading

MSC offering $10 phone shops for double work than other MSC phone shops

a company famous for oil changes and tire rotation has apparently gotten phone shops now. But where everyone else is offering $15 and $12 for the shop, this company is offering $10 and turning it into a 2 part shop. Telephone call and visit and report. I haven't looked at... Continue Reading

$1 Recorded Telephone Shops- Are You Serious???

I just received an email from a scheduler that conveyed great enthusiasm for me to complete a round of recorded telephone shops for the price of $1. So out of curiousity, I log onto the site and notice that the $1 shops were all taken in a matter of minutes! Here... Continue Reading

camrera phone

Being new to mystery shopping; I am wondering, how often you would need a camera phone. A regualer camera could be used for the exterior pictures; but, how often are you using a camera for interior work, where a cell phone should be used? As of right now,... Continue Reading

phone shops for Coyle

I see that Coyle has posted several telephone inquiry shops. It appears they don't require a follow up visit to the site, so I was thinking that maybe I can do these, (even though the pay is low) to get my foot in the door with them. Has anyone done... Continue Reading

Phone call after the apartment visit

Has anyone done an apartment shop where you call the community after having visited it? When they say "use a different name" to complete the phone portion of the shop, do they mean a fake name, or a variation of your real name? Thank you!... Continue Reading

Flooded with phone calls...

Hello everyone! Since I have registered with mystery shopping companies, my phone has been unusually flooded with 1-800, 1-855, and 1-866 numbers, all of which are NOT mystery shopping companies. I checked to make sure my number had not falled off the "do not call" list, and it is still... Continue Reading

Shoppers' Critique phone shops

Has anyone ever done their phone shops? The pay is measely, at least in my area ... $2.25 per call. Are they super short and simple like get the entire thing done in 15 minutes or less including report and phone call? I've done low paying paying... Continue Reading

Scanner for phone

Paid $1.99 for the best investment ever. Scanner on the phone. Carry a clipboard in the car and scan when you get back in the car and email to yourself. No more lost receipts! The one I like is called TurboScan. You can edit the size very easily.... Continue Reading

Target Apartment Phone Hogs

This is simply a vent. I don't mind doing target shops, at least I've figured out a way to narrow down who is working. But I hate getting the one who answers the phone all day. I started calling the property on yesterday and kept getting the same phone... Continue Reading

You must have a smart phone

New e-mail. In order to do this shop you must have a smart phone/Android in order to do a GPS location and send the report w. your phone. It is a demo at a wharehouse store. I am assuming that this is some kind of test to see... Continue Reading

Phone Shop Report

I've been doing MS for a few years now and this one is new for me. I had a point deducted because I provided too much information! All I could thnk was wow.... Continue Reading

$1.75 Phone Shops (total) ....

SCI has $1.75 phone shops... I won't do $3 phone shops, let alone $1.75...... Continue Reading

$2 Phone Shops

I keep getting emails about $2 Tire phone shops. I've yet to do one because I can't see it as worth my time. However, people are doing these shops and they seem to be getting snatched up quickly. Any insight as to why this is the case?... Continue Reading


Just got an e-mail where it appears they are desperate to get this shop done today. I did one, ONCE, just to see what it was about since the report was short, pretty much yes and no. It was such a quick shop, that hourly it wasn't bad... Continue Reading


Has anyone worked for these people? It's on the MSC list and I looked at their website. There doesn't seem to be a place for mystery shoppers to sign up and the contact sheet didn't allow me to type anything in. So, I was just wondering what... Continue Reading

Telephone shops

My friend is interested in mystery shopping. She is completely disabled and would like to do just phone calls. I gave her CORI. Is there any other mystery shop companies that does phone calls? Thank you!... Continue Reading

Do you think the $2 to $8 telephone shops are worth it?

Over the past year, I have gotten some easy to difficult telephone shops, that only paid between $2 to $8. I have received a rating from 7 to 10 on them. However since I know that the Sassie Shops mscs require a minimum rating on some of their shops (before... Continue Reading

Phone Shops - same employee, same scenario

I had an awkward shop moment this morning when the employee on the line indicated we spoke yesterday. I had to pause and pick whether to go with what she thought, or deny. I chose deny. She chose to correct me and indicated, YES we spoke yesterday and she repeated back... Continue Reading

Phone shops

I am interested in phone shops. Can anyone recommend any good companies?... Continue Reading

Insula calls me on the phone, assigns me a fast food shop without my permission, and then tells me that I'm late, threatening to remove me from the database for lack of timely completion; and I've never even worked with them yet.

I suddenly receive a phone call from Insula Research which interrupts my busy day. The shop recruiter doesn't even speak understandable english, nor can he adequately understand me. Approximately one-half of every sentence is incommunicable both ways. He then assigns me a fast food shop that needs... Continue Reading

What company does phone call shops only?

I'm not talking about shops that you go inquire about cell phone shops? I'm talking about the shops that you do over the phone asking questions about services and products. I think this company is under SASSIE and were paying $2 dollarsfor these shops... Please let me know what company does... Continue Reading

talk on phone

I would like to know if there is someone from central Florida (Winter Haven) who is not new, that I couold talk to on the phone for some help. I don't know if this is accectable or not. There are so many things that I am having a tough... Continue Reading

Bare shops w/lots of phone calls

I took a bunch of shops for Bare @$7 a pop, thinking they would be very easy. The more I do, the more uncomfortable I feel. I keep thinking they want to trip me up. I have to judge certain descriptions as being Excellent, Average, Fair, or Poor. They give... Continue Reading

Phone Shop....Glad it is over

I just completed a $20.00 phone shop. It took two days, multiple calls, waiting on a return call, and extensive narrative...I will think twice about doing this again.... Continue Reading

Phone-Shop trouble

I was attempting to do a phone shop today and it would have been my third one and for some reason when I entered my Auditor ID and Job ID the system would say that there was an error in the information. Has anyone else had this issue?... Continue Reading

Getting a live telephone rep at Bestmark?

I have a couple of questions to ask them about shops I see on their website, but cannot get through to someone to ask questions. Does anyone have any hints to get a live rep on the phone at Bestmark? Thank you! PC... Continue Reading

$150.00 phone jobs

Anyone doing these jobs...I wonder how involved and how much they actually check your background.... Continue Reading

Smartphone Purchase Shops

Anyone done the Smartphone purchase shops for DSG? You have to buy a phone and a plan, then return the phone and plan within 7 days. Anyone have any issues returning the phone or cancelling the plan?... Continue Reading

Bank with recorded phone call

Lot's of questions from me.....but I'm just getting back into this. The bank shop I am doing tomorrow has a recorded phone call. I am supposed to speak to a teller. I am not nervous, but what if I miss something and don't write it down?Not sure I like a... Continue Reading

Telephone Shops

Do you have success with any of these? The one I did wanted you to make a purchase, then cancel it. When you call back to cancel all of the lines were busy constantly. Possibly I missed something here. I eventually cancelled, but it was... Continue Reading

Can anyone tell me best companies for telephone shop plus

I am home bound during the week due to a pulmonary condition and want to telephone mystery shopping as well as online mystery shopping does anyone know of companies out that specialize in this type of mystery shopping. Also would anyone know if there is a website online where I... Continue Reading

Baird Phone Shops

I just took the quiz for Baird's Phone Shops. Has anyone done any already. I wonder if they are doing the same Phone Shops like Second to None and IntelliShop? Thanks... Continue Reading

Phone shops

I am curious about phone shops... I've never done any... Which companies do them and what so they generally require?... Continue Reading

$3.50 Phone shops

Anyone do these a couple of weeks ago? What a joke.. Supposed to take "5-10 minutes including the report" You needed to first check the website, then dial an 800 number so the call would be recorded (I think I'm close to the 5 minute mark now...) Then, speak to the representative,... Continue Reading

Insurance quote phone shop problem

I am doing insurance quote phone shops. They involve using a pseudonym, pulling a random address from and turning to for a vehicle and VIN#. I can call any agency in the state, so I pull together a plausible scenario with an address within a reasonable distance of an... Continue Reading

150 dollar phone shops?

any one done these... they are done by a seemingly reputable company... i have never shopped for them before... just wondering if anyone has done one..... Continue Reading

roboform for cellphone

I have searched the internet for an app like roboform for Windows 7 phone and can not find it. Does anyone out there know of a good replacement. It is a real pain entering logins and such on a mobile phone.... Continue Reading

Recommendations for phone & online shops

I am facing surgery that will effectively land me at home for 6 weeks, unable to drive. I'm putting it off as long as I can, but if I want to get on with my life (and my shopping), I need to just bite the bullet and get it over... Continue Reading

Video Shops with Phone

Greetings from South Florida, I just purchased a HTC 7 phone that has a great video recording system. Does anyone know of a mystery shopping company that would let me do video shops with my phone?... Continue Reading

Is it legal to record phone conversations?

Hi everyone, My first post here. I've been doing mystery shopping for about five years now, but only on a very casual basis - I go in spurts where I'll do a dozen shops in a two week period and by that time I'm so sick of Applebee's (or whatever)... Continue Reading

Phone calls from MS companies

Is this done often? I have been receiving lots of calls from different schedulers of one company that I recently signed up with. I have not yet done one shop with them and am wondering if this is what I should expect from all the companies. The other companies that... Continue Reading

Phone shops sit forever

I have never done the $4. phone shops for "the blue side", they sit there forever ever single month. Any input on these? Why do they sit around for so long (other then the low pay).... Continue Reading

Investment Phone Shop Question (and hidden scheduler gripe)

Hi everyone, I am signed up to do two investment banker phone shops next week. Seemingly easy on the surface, but the shop instructions left me with more questions than I went in with, especially dealing with what personal information I am to give the banker. The instructions say something... Continue Reading

Reliable Phone shops

Hi fellow shoppers Now that the snow is upon does anyone know of MSC's that offer phone shops on a regular basis.Any recommendations would be appreciated.... Continue Reading

phone shops for Corporate Research International

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Phone Mystery Shoppers

Hi Everyone. As you can see I'm new to this site. I have been mystery shopping for a few months now. I actually do phone mystery shops. I work for a company that shops schools, hospitals, catalog shopping, etc. I enjoy it very much. Is there anyone else here that... Continue Reading

Has anyone done insurance comparisons phone shops?

These look very labor intensive (brain work) and time consuming....instructions 21 pages. But, nice pay. Opinions please...... Continue Reading

Automated Job Phone Call

Ug! I appreciate the little phone call letting me know that I have jobs in my area. That being said, MSC, can you please note in your files that I live on the WEST coast, and your little automated message called me at 6:30 AM? I like my children asleep... Continue Reading

Phone shops overseas

I've seen postings for phone shops for business centers in London, Hong Kong, etc. How do these work? Is it all English-speaking?... Continue Reading

Can someone point me in the direction of a company that does phone shops?

I used to have one but i guess they stopped doing was dominoes pizza and you had to call and pretend to order then cancel at the last moment.... Continue Reading

Fishy fishy...phoneups, anyone?

So, I signed up for the emails from "Kim" or whomever for the mystery shopping tips by email. I'm sure that's how many of us got to this website. Well, my problem is that "Kim" sent me a list of 218 mystery shopping companies--which is great! I've signed up for... Continue Reading


Any advice on phone shops? What equipment is needed and where can I get it. Thanks... Continue Reading

Advance phone ups

Have anybody work for this mystery shopping company name Advance phone ups? I have heard of it, but don't know much about it.... Continue Reading

Messed up a telephone shop

How does one mess up a telephone shop for crying out loud! This was my first shop for a new MSC. It was kind of cool actually, as I had to log onto a site and call the shop from there so it would be recorded. Old news to all... Continue Reading

no phone?

I have had several shops recently that have stated 'NO PHONE' while on the shop. But then they want 3-5 times... huh? How do I tell what time it is or how long it has been if I can't look at my phone? I can understand not taking any phone... Continue Reading

$1 phone shops at CORI? does anyone really do these?

I have done a few phone shops for Bestmark, paying $5 and $6. Fair for the amount of time involved. Out of curiosity tonight, I checked the CORI list and they only pay $1 per call. Are they serious?... Continue Reading

No bonus pay if accepted over the phone?

Hi everyone, the following has happened to me a few times recently by two companies. Company B - I self assigned one shop with a bonus. The following day I saw another shop with a bonus but hadn't scheduled myself to be that far away from home. A desperate scheduler... Continue Reading

Phone and Online Mystery Shops

Hi are there any Companies that have phone and online mystery shop positions.Thank you.... Continue Reading

Phone and Online Mystery Shops

Hi you doing Mystery shop experts,does anyone know of any companies that have phone and online mystery shops.Thank you.... Continue Reading

Phone Mystery Shops

I am Very New does anyone know of any phone mystery shop companies.Thank you.... Continue Reading

Phone Mystery Shops

I am Very new does anyone know of any good phone mystery shop companies.Thank you.... Continue Reading

Another Smart Phone question

I was considering getting a smart phone but I am wondering how well they work with shopmetrics sites. If I get a touchscreen phone, can I touch like yes/no buttons and have it fill in whatever I touch? I hope I'm making some sense here. I just... Continue Reading

apartment shops and initial phone call

When you call the office, how do you begin the conversation? I say "I'm calling to get information on a __ bedroom apartment?" Is there a better way to begin the conversation? I ask this question because more often than not, the leasing agent hesitates somewhat as if she... Continue Reading

Telephone shops

My wife and I have done a few telephone shops over the last couple of years. We enjoy doing them and would like to know if any companies specialize in them. Thanks Peacham1909... Continue Reading

Apt' many phone calls is enough?

I was scheduled to do an Apt., with a Target. I called for a week only to get a recording, on the last call, I get a callback from another Broker who tells me, my target is out of town for the week. I again start the calls... Continue Reading

Cellphone Shop - Closed! Help!

Today I did my first cellphone shop (T-mobile) and it was closed because it's systems were down. I asked them when they'd be back up and they said they didn't know. The scary part is that this location is said to be known for scouting shoppers as mentioned in the... Continue Reading

Companies that offer phone shops

I was wondering if anyone knows of any companies besides CoRI that have phone shop listings. (I did do a forum search before posting, but all the results were about cell phone shops). Thanks... Continue Reading

phone shops

Can anyone nudge me in the right direction to do phone shops or ones with no up front fee? I started signing up with companies at the top of Jacobs list, and I've only made it through A,B&C! I have other type jobs coming up, but until I... Continue Reading

Yellow Book (Phone Book Distribution)

Yesterday I came across and it seems they hire independent contractors to deliver their phone books with them as long as you have a car, driver's license, and obviously car insurance and over 18 years of age. Since I'm a teacher, I'm off during the summer and always... Continue Reading

$3.75 Ath Phone Shops?

Please tell me none of you are doing these $3.75 phone shops. $3.75?? REALLY??? It's not even worth my time to pick up the phone for $3.75. If the shop takes just 10 minutes it's too long for $3.75. Has anyone done any of these... Continue Reading

Phone shops for Gfk

Has anyone taken the phone shop quiz for GFK?... Continue Reading

Is anyone else waiting for the Neilson phone study payment?

I recently took a $5 survey online with Neilson for a phone study, but haven't received payment yet. They were supposed to pay by check via regular mail. Has anyone else taken that survey and also awaiting payment?... Continue Reading

Phone call shop order/cancel

Anyone ever did one of these shops where you call make an order and cancel within 5 minutes? How did you do?... Continue Reading

Phone shops

I was wondering if anyone knew of any companies that has phone shops available! I have no transportation now, and have done a few phone shops before, but don't know which ones they were. Please let me know!... Continue Reading

Phone Chexx

Does anyone know of any other mystery shops like Phone Chexx where they just need people to do phone shops?... Continue Reading

phone shops

hi shoppers iam looking for a site that has phone shops? Thanks so much (Edited: Please keep the discussion on the forum, so everyone can benefit)... Continue Reading

Discussions of Phone Shops

No magnetic strips on their tickets that you pull either. I did the valet shop at the same place today. The valet asked for my phone number and said I should call when I get done shopping and they will text me when my car is ready. (Source). February 20, 2018

$35 Bonus: Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle: $16 Pay PA. (Source). February 20, 2018

$25 Bonus: Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle: $16 Pay: FL. (Source). February 20, 2018

He says that at his plant there are dozens of area codes. Since cell phones aren't tied to specific locations any more the numbers are extremely portable. (Source). February 20, 2018

Another option is getting a phone without a contract just pay the 60. (Source). February 20, 2018

I think I'm better off buying the phone in monthly payments, that way I can sell the phone afterwards. (Source). February 20, 2018

$25 Bonus: Pet Food Store Visit and Telephone Shop Bundle: $16 Pay: FL. (Source). February 19, 2018

When I stated "log in" to cancel it. What I mean by that is, I "log in" to my computer, contact the Scheduler via Website, Computer, Email, Phone Call (However my Request went through to the Scheduler). (Source). February 19, 2018

[quote=7star] Out of state phone# works. (Source). February 19, 2018

@! I did a fitness shop this morning and had my "alternate" phone number set up - the same I was using for apartments today. (Source). February 19, 2018