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USPS Shipping Shops are Back! - AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, MS, OK, SC, TX.

Exciting News: Visit your assigned location to evaluate your experience on wait times, products/services offered, customer service, location appearance, and availability of shipping supplies. Shopper pay is $12 plus reimbursement for your purchase of packaging materials & shipping costs (up to $14). Self-assign in Shopmetrics []... Continue Reading

Exciting news: Our USPS Shipping Shops are back! - AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, MS, OK, SC, TX.

Visit your assigned location to evaluate your experience on wait times, products/services offered, customer service, location appearance, and availability of shipping supplies. Shopper pay is $12 plus reimbursement for your purchase of packaging materials & shipping costs (up to $14). Self-assign in Shopmetrics Continue Reading

Shipping shops

Hey! Hope everybody is doing well during this crazy time. Now that some states are opening, does anyone know if the shipping shops at Ipsos are coming back?... Continue Reading

Shipping Buddy?

I need a shipping buddy who lives in zones 5-8. All of my family and friends are mostly in zones 3 and 4 so i don't have anyone that i can mail random 1 lb packages to. ????... Continue Reading

Post Office Box Size Question

This may be a dumb question.... I'm doing my first post office shop. It says the box needs to be 12X12X12 or smaller... Is an amazon 1AD box (13.5x9.5x3.5) considered smaller? I'm not sure if all sides need to be 12 or less or if the overall... Continue Reading

Post office shops- wait time

I usually only have to wait under 5 minutes in line. Today it was 29 minutes!... Continue Reading

Post Office -- Shop Spacing

There is a mandatory shop spacing outlined in the guidelines. 7 days after the last shop for HAZMAT shops and 18 days after the last shop for REG box shops. My question is, how are we supposed to know when the last shop was performed? I've always operated under... Continue Reading

Post Office Shops -- 30 Minute Rule Question

I have several post offices that close during the day for an hour or so. Does anyone know if the 30 minute rule applies to just the first opening and last closing of the day, or does it apply to each opening and closing during the day? I did one... Continue Reading

Another Post Office Shop Issue

I'm sure you all got the e-mail about the client rejecting shops because of inaccurate shopper counts of customers or groups of customers being waited on or in line. I have to say, sometimes it's hard to tell if people are together or not. I was in the PO last... Continue Reading

MSC's that work with shipping companies

Hey all! I'm back doing MS after a hiatus and so glad to find this forum! MS is one my go to side hustles in addition to eBay/Poshmark/Mercari. Besides IPSOS, do any of you know a MSC that does shipping mystery shops or audits of any kind? If I can... Continue Reading

Shipping shops..

Does anyone know which companies have shops where you are asked to ship a package? I've seen them and now that I'm looking for one, I can't find any- I have Christmas presents I want to mail and it would be lovely if they got paid for by someone other... Continue Reading

Exceptions to Post Office daily shop limit?

Has anyone been successful in getting an exception to the 5 per day limit? I can build a nice route of rural locations that always sit on the board for a while but it isn't worth it to split them up.... Continue Reading

Looking for shipping / mailing buddy in 96xxx

I'm considering the post office shops, so I'm looking for a mailing buddy in Zip 96xxx. Anyone on the Big Island of Hawaii, Maui, or other islands? ( I'm on Oahu, so I don't think I can mail to someone also in Oahu). We can mail each other nicely-wrapped crumpled... Continue Reading

Need a few postal buddies I can mail packages to..Any takers?

I tend to sign up for these. I can work them into my travels btwn jobs so I can make a few more bucks a week. I was shipping to my daughter but I am hearing thru the grapevine, she'd prefer not to get these recyclable packages. ... Continue Reading

Refused box post office question...what have you had reimbursed?

I have been doing these for years but I am very careful about what I choose to purchase if my package cannot be sent. Sometimes though the APS or CPU places do not carry stamps or anything post officy. And, I always keep under the $10 (Now$12)... Continue Reading

Bare and Lost in Mail checks

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Got priority mail pkg today from KSS

I didn’t sign up for this and received a check for $2400.00 that looks legit. Supposed to deposit it and do job within 3 days, which includes 2 weekend days that my bank is closed. This feels like a scam to me since I didn’t sign up for this and... Continue Reading

Temp mail if needed

This is my email address for the next ten minutes, after that, it just goes away. Though you can only set it up for 10 minutes and then renew it 10 times at the 1-minute mark you have to stay on your toes to do that! Continue Reading

Recd Priority Mail with $2800 cashier's Check from Comerica and instructions

I received a Priority Mail envelope with a tracking number. Surprised to see a Comerica Cashier Check inside for $2800 along 1 page instructions. First of all this is FAKE !!! I was suspicious because of the amount of the check so i took it to... Continue Reading

Priority mail scam

Did anyone else get a cashiers check in a priority mail envelope? It was from a company called “Secret Shoppers” and had instructions to buy gift cards at Walmart. It was an obvious scam but my mail carrier said it was unusual in that priority mail was used. Instead of... Continue Reading

USPS Shipping Partner

Would anyone like to be my USPS shipping partner? I'm looking to ship an item tomorrow.... Continue Reading

New and improved fees for mailing shops

Just noticed the fees have gone up starting next week for the mailing shops. You know who you are without me mentioning the msc.... Continue Reading

Shipping shops in DE, MA, MN, MT, NJ, NY and SD!

Hi! This is Kate from IPSOS. I have a post office shop available in your area. The shop is a normal shipping shop. It pays $12 plus reimbursement. If you are interested, please apply at Thanks and have a great week! AVAILABLE LOCATIONS 2 Old North Rd Camden-Wyoming DE ... Continue Reading

Post office shops available in DE, MA, MN, MT, ND, NJ, NY and SD! Locations listed below!

Post office shops available in DE, MA, MN, MT, ND, NJ, NY and SD! Locations listed below! Hi! This is Kate from IPSOS. I have a post office shop available in your area. The shop is a normal shipping shop. It pays $12 plus reimbursement. If you are interested, please apply at Thanks... Continue Reading

Most States, Mail an Item, Get paid - $12 plus $17 reimb. Most states

Hello Shoppers! Ipsos is currently looking for mystery shoppers for mail shops where you ship an item. Each pays $12, plus up to $17 reimbursement. These are not the typical mailing assignments, they are much easier. If you are not a shopper please sign up here: After you sign up,... Continue Reading

Shipping Buddy

Would anyone in Zones 5-8 from me like to be my shipping buddy? My first 3 are 206. I can be yours as well if you need one.... Continue Reading

Need more shipping buddies-(Hazmat)

Hi all, I have had 2 people reach out to be shipping buddies. If you are reading this, thank you!!! If anyone else is between Zone 5 to Zone 8, please reach out.. Zipcode first 3 is 836 Also need some zone 1 through zone 4 people too for the regular shipping... Continue Reading

usps rate NOT using PRIORITY MAIL BOX

when I go to USPS to figure out a cost to ship a box, it only gives me the cost if I am using THEIR FLAT RATE BOX. Anyone know of a link to figure out cost using MY OWN BOX but shipping PRIORITY?... Continue Reading

Most States, Mail an Item, Get paid - $12 plus $17 reimbursement

Hello Shoppers! Ipsos is currently looking for shoppers for mail shops where you ship an item. Each pays $12, plus up to $17 reimbursement. These are not the typical mailing assignments, they are much easier. If you are not a shopper please sign up here: After you sign up, email... Continue Reading

Zones for mailing url?

Hi, Been searching the threads to no avail. I did see someone post the url to see the zones for ipsos for mailing, but cant find it now. Can someone please repost thanks.... Continue Reading

Post Office shops in NC?

Hello. I see mention of post office shops. What certification is required for those, and would anyone mind mentioning which companies are doing those in central North Carolina?... Continue Reading

Need a couple of mailing buddies

I might have gotten a little carried away with this round of USPS Reg Box shops. Anybody want to swap addresses? I have a bunch to send next week. Thanks.... Continue Reading

Mailing shops at non post offices

There are many of these listed at UPS stores and other small stores around town. I have done a few of these and found nothing I needed to purchase at these stores. Often they do not have stamps and only sell a limited supply of boxes and bubble wrap neither... Continue Reading

Shipping job "change in the survey after your shop was submitted"

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Are the post office jobs gone?

I did not find one post office job in my area for September. Has the program ended?... Continue Reading

$12 Shop Pay - Post Office Shop in North Carolina

Hello Shoppers!! I have a Post Office Shop available in the areas below: Ahoskie NC 27910 Archdale NC 27263 Benson NC 27504 Eden NC 27288 Edenton NC 27932 Elizabeth City NC 27909 King NC 27021 Kitty Hawk NC 27949 Lexington NC 27292 Louisburg NC 27549 Mocksville NC 27028 Mount Airy NC 27030 Pfafftown NC 27040 Randleman NC 27317 Roanoke Rapids NC 27870 Siler City NC 27344 Statesville NC 28677 Tarboro NC 27886 Thomasville NC 27360 Washington NC 27889 Welcome NC 27374 West End NC 27376 Williamston NC 27892 I would love to have the shop completed the week of the 27th, 4th or even early the week of the 10th. Use the site to let me know the week you... Continue Reading

Shipping shops in DE, MA, MN, ND, NJ, NY and SD!!!

Hi! This is Kate from IPSOS. I have post office shops I need done near you. The shops pay $12 plus reimbursement If you are able to complete them please apply online at Thanks and have a great week! AVAILABLE LOCATIONS 116 Front St Lewes DE 19958 100 Main St Millsboro DE 19966 35764 Atlantic Avenue Ocean View DE 19970 2001 Bridgeville Hwy Seaford DE 19973 ... Continue Reading

Post Office Shops -- Sending to a P.O. Box

Does anyone know the reason why the USPS Regular box shops cannot be mailed to a P.O. Box? I have thought about it and really don't see how this could affect the shop either way, but maybe I'm overlooking something.... Continue Reading

Shipping a box from Office Depot.... no brown wrapping paper allowed?

Has anyone ever encountered the "policy" at Office Depot that prohibited you from shipping a box wrapped in the heavy-duty brown paper material? Two employees at my Office Depot told me it was the store/company policy to not allow the brown paper because of a liability if it rips.... Continue Reading

Post office menu board question

The instructions say to look for a diamond or triangle in the lower right hand corner in order to identify a type of menu board that needs to be properly placed. After years of shopping yesterday I finally spotted one with a star in the lower corner and was so... Continue Reading

Post Office HAZMAT CDU....

Who in the world designed the Post Office customer display unit (CDU)??? When the clerk asks you if your package contains anything hazardous and directs you to the CDU to answer, the No button is red and the Yes button is green??? So, in essence, when I select no (my... Continue Reading

Post Office Hazmat shops

Anyone know if the the package is not accepted by the Post Office, can you buy a gift card instead of stamps, envelopes etc.?... Continue Reading

FOUND! Thank you! HELP! Need a PO Shop Mailing Buddy RIGHT NOW!

Shipping from 13820. I normally send packages when I sell a model pony and had planned to do that this time but the buyer flaked. Needs to go to the PO this afternoon. You can send the package back to me if you need to for a shop of your... Continue Reading

Post Office Buddy

Looking for a new PO Shop buddy or two to send boxes to. Evidently, I have sent too many to a couple addresses and I have a few more this month. If ok, you can site mail me your address. Thanks! As long as you don't live in... Continue Reading

Post office improvements

I have driven past 2 post offices that I regularly shop in the last few weeks and have noticed changes in things that I have repeatedly commented on in my reports (new sign, new flag, etc). Does anyone else get unreasonably excited when you see that your mystery shop... Continue Reading

$25 mail shops - CA CO DC FL GA HI IA ID IL and more.....

Hello Shoppers! Ipsos is currently looking for shoppers for mail shops where you ship an item. Each pays $25 plus up to $17 reimbursement. These are not the typical mailing assignments, they are much easier. FIRST, please sign up with Ipsos by using the link below: After you sign up, you... Continue Reading

Post Office Shops

I have not done a post office shop and would like to try. I have someone in zone 1 for a regular box shop but I would like to do a hazmat post office shop. I need at least a zone 5. My zip code is 48625, how far would... Continue Reading

Most States - Mail and item - Pay $12, $17 riembursement.

Hello Shoppers! Ipsos is currently looking for shoppers for mail shops where you ship an item. Each pays $12, plus up to $17 reimbursement. These are not the typical mailing assignments, they are much easier. If you are not a shopper please sign up here: After you sign up, email... Continue Reading

Shipping shops available in MA, MN, MT, ND NJ, NY, and SD!

Hi! This is Kate from IPSOS. I have several shops available that I need done this month. Each shop pays $12 plus reimbursement. Certain remote locations may be eligible for a small bonus. If you are able to complete them please apply at Thanks and have a great month! AVAILABLE LOCATIONS 200 Main St Amesbury MA 01913 1672 Falmouth... Continue Reading

Post Office Waiting Between Shops

So I did two post office shops today and didn’t even think about the 30-minute wait requirement between shops. I remembered after I submitted my first report. Has anyone had them make an exception or do I have to re-do the second one? I’m hesitant to enter the second report... Continue Reading

Check I received in mail

Trying to find out if this is legit... Continue Reading

New round of mailing shops

Just thought those who like to do these shops that some Approved Shipper hazmat shops are up in my area. I hope to see more soon.... Continue Reading

Post Office survey

Did a non shop. A PO employee doing the exact same survey in lobby. I stopped and did it for free to see what it involved. I got the employee to talk. Looks like they are transitioning to the on receipt survey by way of an extra handout at the... Continue Reading

Post Office Shops

Are these still being done? I've been away from shopping for a while. They had really dropped off after the MSC switch. Haven't gotten a package from my zip code buddy in well over a year.... Continue Reading

$20 Shop Pay - Post Office Shop in NC

Hello Shoppers!! I have a Post Office shops available in the areas below: Ahoskie NC 27910 Butner NC 27509 Clemmons NC 27012 Henderson NC 27536 King NC 27021 Lewisville NC 27023 Mount Airy NC 27030 Nashville NC 27856 Pfafftown NC 27040 Summerfield NC 27358 Tarboro NC 27886 Welcome NC 27374 Williamston NC 27892 Winston-Salem NC 27103 Yadkinville NC 27055 I need the shops this week, the week of the 19th or the week of the 5th. You can e-mail me with the dates or you can let me know on the site. The shops will pay $12,... Continue Reading

Bonused shipping shops available in MA, MN, MT, ND, NJ, NY and SD!

Hi there! This is Kate on behalf of IPSOS mystery shopping. I have the following shipping shops still available for this month. You would need to mail a package of 1-2 pounds to someone and evaluate cleanliness and timing. The shops pay $12 plus reimbursement. I AM CURRENTLY BONUSING IT SO EACH SHOP PAYS... Continue Reading

Post Office Shops

I was recently assigned a post office box shop. I will be careful to keep the package between one and two pounds but am still confused about the zones. The instructions state that you may not ship within zone zero. I tried to google zip code zones... Continue Reading

Urgent: Email needed for Post Office Shops Project Manager

Is it Judith? Or is there another person I could e-mail? PS: There are no issues with the applicable MSC in any way.... Continue Reading

Need answer ASAP Post Office SHOP

I signed up to do my first PO shop and chose the date of 01/04/2017 in the range 01/01/-01/07/2018. On 01/03 I was feeling really bad and went to a local "Minute Clinic" and was diagnosed officially with the flu and sent home bed. I immediately emailed... Continue Reading

Post Office Box Dimensions

Good Morning All, It has been awhile since I have done the post office shops. I have always used a box for my scenario, but this time I would like to use some sort of mailer as I think it would be a bit cheaper. Do the dimension guidelines also apply... Continue Reading

Any advice on what to do with a shipping situation when I don't feel at fault?

I applied for a some assignments that require materials to be shipped out. The assignments pay $33 total for 3 shops but they are all quite close to where I am staying. Well, the company that shipped me the materials shipped out 3 separate packets and they were heading to... Continue Reading

Has anyone shipped to puerto rico on mailing shop?

The guidelines say any zone except zone 0. P. R is zone 8. Wanted to send care packages using the shop. Lmk if anyone has done this!... Continue Reading

looking for a USPS mailing partner

I'd like to find someone who does USPS shops who will partner with me to mail packages back and forth. I live in Mesa AZ so obviously I would like to find someone out of town. If possible, I would like to reuse boxes a few times (for... Continue Reading

PO Box Baby Mail Project

Has anyone else been assigned more than one PO Box? I was given two assignments; however, the instructions did not include which zip codes I had been assigned. I emailed the MSC and received a response advising me of the zip codes. I have opened both boxes, created the emails and... Continue Reading

Post Office shops? Is it ok to tell me the company that has the contract now?

[b]Mod note: Welcome back to mystery shopping. Your post was removed as it breached the Forum guideline which states, "Do not reveal the clients of mystery shopping companies". Additionally, it is usually an ICA violation to name both the MSC and client.... Continue Reading

How can we buy products from Amazon USA without shipping charges and get it shipped to India?

jersyasha asked this question in another forum: [quote=jersyasha] How can we buy products from Amazon USA without shipping charges and get it shipped to India?[/quote] If you visit the Amazon site in India and locate the same item for sale, you can easily create an Amazon account on their India website (which is... Continue Reading

Lately the post office has been trying to convince me to lie

For the past month or so when I try to mail a box given to me by someone else the clerk tries to convince me to say there is nothing bad in the box. This has happened several times already. Then other customers and clerks nearby chime in and tell... Continue Reading

Received check in mail

Today I received a check in the mail for $2,960 .00 and I haven't did any work is the unusual?... Continue Reading

Shipping buddy to zone 5 & up, from zone 1

I'm also looking for shipping buddies zone 5 and up, I'm from zone 1. Thank you.... Continue Reading

Zone 5 Postal Buddy needed shipping from 083

I am looking for a Zone 5 postal buddy shipping out from 08344. Please feel free to send me a PM. Thank you!... Continue Reading

Money Network Card in mail

Anyone know which company uses this?... Continue Reading

Postal Service Account actually lets you SEE the mail that's coming...GREAT for those MSCs who pay by mail!

Well, I learn new stuff all the time! Last week I had lunch with a friend of mine, who is not a mystery shopper, and she just happened to tell me about this feature of the Postal Service called Informed Delivery. You sign up for an account with the Postal... Continue Reading

THAT was an interesting voice mail!

Vet been doing a lot of phone shops lately. Today I got an interesting follow up voice mail from someone in the front office of one of them. She said she understood I had called the other day and was just following up to see if I... Continue Reading

Post Office shops-Any tips?

I have a hard time remembering exact times to the second and on these Post Office shops you have to remember multiple times, so I can't just set my timer and forget about it. How do you take notes and not be seen? Also, can someone tell me the... Continue Reading

An idea for those who do mailing shops

Why not mail your old, broken and small crayons to be recycled? I found this site online and love to help others out when i can. Continue Reading

Post Office Surveys

Hi All, does anyone know if the post office compliance surveys are long with 6 or more narrative dialogue sections? I've only completed smartphone assignments for this company. Thank you!... Continue Reading

Post Office Shops

I have attempted the post office certification test twice and both times had the printout of the guidelines next to me. I felt positive that I had answered the questions correctly but did not pass either time. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I have only... Continue Reading

USPS Box Shop Shipping Buddy in Zone 2

Hello! I am looking for a shipping partner in Zone 2 from my location (10010). I think it would be great to be able to ship each other stuff we like/need. I'm thinking along the lines of nice items from TJ Maxx, Marshall's, etc... but still inexpensive. So, ideally... Continue Reading

Anyone seen the mail bundle shops in the past few years?

There were shops where you were sent bundles of pre-addressed envelopes to mail from specified locations over a two week period. I last did these a few years ago when the program then lost its coordinator. Has anyone seen these re-emerge?... Continue Reading

MSC that does mail shops

I heard about a shop that requires you to audit ypur own mail. How can I find out what MSC does that shop?... Continue Reading

Any knitters and shoppers who do mailing mystery shops?

I am thinking about doing mailing mystery shops. Is anyone interested in doing a yarn and knitting pattern exchange through the mail. We could send each other a ball of cotton yarn and a patten for a knit dishcloth. I'm not sure how this would all work... Continue Reading

Seeking Shipping Buddy in Omaha, Rapid City, Cheyenne, Tulsa, or Kansas City

I'm looking for someone who is in Zone 5 from 857xx. I will happily ship you some toiletries or something I picked up while couponing. You can let me know what kind of stuff you like, or I can surprise you. If your zip code starts with... Continue Reading

Post Office Shop - receipt

Question: I'm doing my first post office shop with the current msc. Since the receipt is so long, am I allowed to cut it in half and scan both pieces next to each other?... Continue Reading

BARE: "Checks in the mail" Really???

First shops from Bare. I received an email from Bare on 9/12 that check is in the mail. It is 9/17 and NO check yet. Has anyone had issues getting paid? I've received checks in 2 days from across the U.S from other MSCs, just wondering why it takes so long... Continue Reading

Buddy for shipping shops

Anyone want to be my buddy for shipping shops? All of my friends and family are too close in zones to me for most of them and I want to pick more of these up as I could easily do on my lunch break. You could use me to... Continue Reading

USPS Poly Mailer Color- Editor Update

UPDATE: "you can use a gray poly mailer or any other color; as long as it's a neutral color. " I shipped a few item in silver/ gray poly mailers for the Reg shop jobs. Today I received an email from an editor accusing me of using a gray “bag” to ship... Continue Reading

What is going on with shipping product?

For those of you that are dependent on companies shipping things either to the store or to you, have you noticed how long thing are taking to both get shipped, or to be delivered? I'm speaking of things coming direct from the suppliers such as M&M's, AT&T, greeting cards,... Continue Reading

Hard Disk May have a Trojan Virus! SCAM Got it in my mail site on the forum.

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Post Office hazmat shops

What are these shops please? Do I mail a package and get reimbursed?... Continue Reading

USPS Shipping Partners

Looking for others who do USPS shops to trade shipments with in zones 1-5 from zip 405XX. We can save time by just shipping the same boxes back and forth. PM to exchange addresses.... Continue Reading

SPAM MSPA MAIL: <<'Welcome t0 MSPA-2016 >>?

From: M.S.P.A-Management ( Sent: Wed 5/11/16 8:55 PM To: M.S.P.A ( Cc: Active View 1 attachment (7.1 KB) Click for Options Download as zipSave to OneDrive DEAR-CANDIDATE; #Job Description; [a] You wiII be assigned to visit the store, etc. [b] You have to pretend to be a normal potential customers who are looking for a specific product/service. [c] You will then complete... Continue Reading

Bad Virus with Email is hitting USA, please watch your emails they slip past Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail Security.

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Compliance Solutions Check is in the Mail

I did a shop for them at the end of December 2015 and still have not been paid. I was told the proverbial "check is in the mail" weeks ago. Is it coming from Hong Kong or something? I am still waiting for it to be delivered...disgusting!... Continue Reading

Shipping shops bonused?

If anyone hasn't checked the job board in the last few days, there are some shipping shops (must be leftovers from Feb. or something) that are actually being bonused! I nearly fell out of my chair, because I haven't seen the fees go up on these (at least nothing that... Continue Reading

Mintel Mailer Shop

Has anyone been doing this project? I was wondering how you are sending your material to Mintel. The scheduler for this project does not seem to want to pay more than $5 for postage but the cheapest I've gotten away with is $9 for postage.... Continue Reading

lost mail HELP

I have never had this to happen to me and I do not know what to do. I received a notice today that a package I had mailed had come out of the box and was lost. They want me to tell them what was in the box... Continue Reading

Post Office shop - WWYD?

I did my first Hazmat shop the other day and have a few questions about things that came up. 1. While waiting in line, I overheard one of the clerks ask a customer if the package contained anything "liquid or fragile." She did not give the whole "fragile, liquid, perishable... Continue Reading

No zip code on post office building & no clerk name on receipt!

Just did my first job for the new-old company, and there was no zip code on the building. Not on the front, not in the window where the hours are posted, and not anywhere else! I'm just starting my report and don't know if that question will take a n/a... Continue Reading

Needing a mailing buddy in mailing zone 3 or 5.

In doing the posst office mailing shops, one needs a contact outside their mailing zone. If anyone is willing to give their contact info., I sure need it. In return, I will give my information for the same thing. Thanks,... Continue Reading

Priority Mail rates have gone up

Since it is better to be forewarned, Priority Mail rates went up yesterday. For instance, a 1.000 to 2.000 pound box (not over-sized) shipped to Zones 1 through 4 increased from $5.95 to $6.80 so those of you who like to pay with cash, bring more money. For those of... Continue Reading

post office shops

I did post office shops for [client name deleted], but now they never have any posted. Who is doing them now? [I]Mod note: It is against forum rules and an ICA violation to link the client with the MSC. Please refer to the posting guidelines when posting. ... Continue Reading

Lesson learned. Don't mail anything in those DIM shops where you really want it to get to its recipient.

I also sell used books on I mailed a book in a DIM shop. As you know, the boxes are huge. Well, today I got the box back heavily damaged. I opened it up and it was full of stuff I did not send to the recipient. There was... Continue Reading

Maritz CX..the check's in the mail NOT !!!

Nice people and a legit company BUT 2X now still waiting for check that was send out on first of the month and not received until 3rd week. That's 3 weeks delay twice in 2 months. If there is anyone from Maritz lurking here, please please please stop using paper... Continue Reading

UPS Shipping Shops?

There just happens to be one of these available in my area just as I happen to need to ship something to a customer. So, I applied and have been assigned. Trouble is, I've never done one of these before.... Are they anything like the USPS shops? The guidelines/instructions sound as... Continue Reading

Post Office Shop pay question

I did several post office shops last month and today I saw them on a pay statement but.....and I have emailed the scheduler already....they didn't have the reimbursement amount of up to $8.55 plus the fee as my pay. Instead they had only the $12 fee as... Continue Reading

Job Number on Post Office Shops

Are the post office shops assigned a job number that is shared with the shopper? I looked all over my shopper log, and the shop survey, but couldn't find job numbers anywhere for those shops.... Continue Reading

Where to get the box for the shipping shop?

The guideline says the box can not have any markings so I need to buy a box. I looked at the dollar store and they don't carry shipping boxes. The ones at Staples are multi packs and cost $$. I don't even know how to get reimbursed for them if... Continue Reading

Post office shops

Does anyone know which company is doing them now?... Continue Reading

Mintel recruiting more daily mail survey participants

I just logged in to Mintel and saw on the open recruitment page that they are welcoming requests to participate in the Daily Mail Survey. This is a very simple project, pays a flat $60/month, and they pay like clockwork. I've been doing this since July. No mileage expenses, very... Continue Reading

Which agency won the bid for USPS (post office)?

Recently I was advised by my current agency that they lost the USPS client and were in a bidding war. Does anyone know which agency landed the USPS client? I'm in 14218 and would like to keep conducting more USPS audits.... Continue Reading

Post Office Buddies!

With the new MSP and reported new rules there will be a need for destinations for USPS shops in different zones. If you are interested in becoming a Post Office Buddy for USPS shops post your zip code. PM the member in the required zone to get permission.... Continue Reading

Beware of MSC Mail in Spam!

Hey gang, today I went in to check my spam email before dumping it. Lo and behold, there were two emails in there stating I was approved for shops! Can you imagine being a flake for mail you may not have known you received if you just dumped it... Continue Reading

Shipping shops

Can anyone hint who the next company is for shipping?... Continue Reading

Mintel GNPD - Find new products and mail to London

I received an email from the scheduler, Thomas, which ended up in my spam folder. I have heard great things about Mintel but never heard of this type of project where you are on the lookout for new products and then send your findings to them in a box every... Continue Reading

Package Mailing Shops

Hi all, I'm looking to mail a package and am hoping someone can throw me a bone and PM me the name of a MSC that may have one of these shops available. Bare used to have these types of shops in my area, but I haven't seen any on... Continue Reading

Wow! $85,000 a year to mail packages :)

(Reshipping Scam) Hi, We are in need of Supply Manager to cooperate with our local suppliers and worldwide partners. You will work independently, following instructions from your personal supervisor. You will be responsible for purchasing, repackaging, preparing reports and making proper shipments. Pay rate starts from $85,500 a year. Job requirements... Continue Reading

Multiple Shipping Shops In One Day

Greetings, experienced shipper/shoppers! I have not performed any shipping shops (yet). The notes in the e-mails say that we are to wait 35 minutes between shops, and this seems to mean thirty five minutes between exiting one postal station and entering another one. What if we are in towns with only one post... Continue Reading

USPO shops...make sure to check your mailing costs before doing the shop

I just read the wonderful and detailed description of USPS shops in the Mystery Shopper Magazine. Vlade did a fantastic job of describing these shops. Anyone who is wondering about these shops should review the article. I have one caveat though. The mailing costs in my part of the country vary... Continue Reading

Canadian shipping shops

I am curious as to which company does shipping or postal shops in Canada? I'm not particular on which company to shop, but I do have some stuff that getting the shipping cost back would be a nice bonus. Also, I don't have a specific date I need to send... Continue Reading

Sending Feces through the mail

I can just see it now USPS Scenario G take shit in special box package box and ask the employee if medical feces counts as hazardous material. Here is the link to the article Continue Reading

Cheesecake Factory and Grand Luxe Cafe gift cards have been mailed out

I just saw this on their facebook page. . .... Continue Reading

Seen any Post Office shops lately?

Seems like these have more or less dried up both around here (Northern Illinois.) I've also checked a couple areas in Georgia where I'll be travelling for spring break. Nothing there either. That is, other than the Scenario C jobs that seem to stick around forever.... Continue Reading

Post Office in December? NO WAY!

I was looking at the Presto map trying to find some shops for the next couple of days. Many of them in my area are post offices. Would YOU voluntarily go into one at this time of year> I will not. I try to stay away... Continue Reading

Shipping zones

If a shipping shop indicates "zones 1-4", that means I can send it to myself from my own zip code, zone 1, right? I feel like I've seen people talking about only being able to ship to themselves if they do it from a distance away, but all the shipping... Continue Reading

Getting scam mail from myself

Ok I don't know what I should do. The past two days I have been getting scam mail from myself. I tried to block the email but but got a message that I can not block my own email address. Fortunately, the mail has been going to my junk mail... Continue Reading

Yahoo mail problems 11-12-2014, can you fix it.

There has been a lot of talk about our Yahoo mail problems. Has anyone used the Smart PC fixer? $29.95 a year. Fix Run.dll error RegServo software, $29.95 a year. I am not computer savvy. I just have to have my Yahoo mail work for my shopping emails.... Continue Reading

Post Office Question (not the usual one)

I don't know if this is in the right area, sorry! Just to ease my own mind.. I did the Ready Post scenario today. It was one of those small town post offices and I was the only person there. The clerk was super, super helpful and attentive the second... Continue Reading

Post Office Shops

Hi All, Am new and am getting my feet wet by doing a lot of post office shops...they have to weigh a certain amount and the MSC suggests sending a pound of pasta. Well, that's losing money so my friends within the allowed zones are getting a baggie of Jersey Shore... Continue Reading

Need a shipping buddy

I often do the shops where you have to ship a box or ready post package a certain distance away. My cousin is getting tired of cans of corn and I am tired of buying more corn. I am looking for someone to ship to that can ship... Continue Reading

Question about the mailing package Scenerio D

I have a post office shop and Scenerio D and A are basically the same. I haven't seen any guidelines labeled "D". How is "D" different? Also, tips I can have to not look suspicious? There is a lot of things they want answers to, and this post office does not... Continue Reading

Need help asap with priority mail received today!

Hey everyone! I'm new to all of this, never done it before. About 3 weeks ago i signed up with a mystery shopping co, filled out app etc. It said i would receive a confirmation email. Never happened. Today I received a large priority mail envelope. Inside was a... Continue Reading

new post office shops?

Post office is going to get into the grocery delivery business. I see the shop now: must wait up all night to see when the groceries come. Check to make sure not damaged. etc etc "The U.S. Postal Service has come up with a new plan to deliver groceries! The agency has submitted... Continue Reading

department store shop where you purchase expensive item and mail it back

Lately I have seen shops where you go to a particular department store (my favorite one) and observe this display of some expensive item (don't know if its jewelry or makeup, not familiar with the product name). You get reimbursed for the purchase price (around 75 or 100 I think)... Continue Reading

Post Office Shops and Ebay

Alright give me the dirt . . .who else utilizes the post office shops to ship your ebay listings? I do! I do! I've done 4 this week. Nothing like charging your ebay customers priority mail shipping and then getting it reimbursed =)... Continue Reading

post office

How do i get a job doing mystery shops for the pist office?... Continue Reading

IPSOS April-May 2014 Postal Mailing Study

If you participated in this assignment and HAVE NOT BEEN paid, please leave a comment here. I am in contact with the client who contracted with IPSOS for the Mail Study, and I would like to have an idea as to how many of us have yet to receive payment... Continue Reading

Post Office Shops

I'm doing a post office shop and need to send a package as part of the shop. They list off 4 typical size boxes. However, i've been to several suppliers now and cannot find any of those size boxes. I'm wondering if the sample boxes they suggest are just that... Continue Reading

Post Office Rotation

Does anyone know the rotation on these shops? I almost never did them, but now I am doing them when I find them. My problem is so many emails announcing assignments but my locations are missing because of rotation. I'd like a better idea so I don't... Continue Reading

Shipping Shop

I just signed up with a MSC that is doing shipping shops, one shop requires shipping non perishable food to a food bank, the guidlines say that there is reimbursement for shipping, I did not accept the shop yet as I do not see anything for the food, and... Continue Reading

MSCs / Schedulers complain about lack of communication, but "they receive hundreds of mails every day"

So MSCs and schedulers complain about lack of communication with shoppers. They encourage us to communicate with the schedulers on any issue, but still, they tell us that their schedulers get several hundreds of e-mail every day, and we might not get an answer (maybe not even read?). What is the... Continue Reading

Bare shipping shop question

I've never done a shipping shop for Bare so I have a question about the requirements: when it says zone 1-4 for example, does that mean you're limited to shipping just to those zones and no further?... Continue Reading

Oh how I wish I could've shopped THIS post office fiasco!

My mom bought my daughter some clothes for Christmas. She lives out of town but drove 3 hours to spend the holiday with us. She forgot to pack one of my daughter's presents, a shirt. She told me she'd mail it via 2-day Priority with the post... Continue Reading

Shipping Shop

I've completed a few of the postal and postal competitor shops and have always used a box. If I am sending a stack of magazines, does anyone know if I am allowed to use a poly mailing envelope? Thanks for any information of this!... Continue Reading

Question about shipping shop?

Maybe this is a dumb question.....I've read the guidelines and they always refer to using a box. Can't I just use a bubble mailer?... Continue Reading

I really need to mail a package but...

I just can't bear to have to pay for the postage out of my own pocket! I've been hanging out for more Post Office shops in my area but none have come up yet...... Continue Reading

I've reached my boilling point with Bare & their shipping shops....

I've done many of these, for several years. The most recent one I did was Nov. 26th. Today (SIXTEEN DAYS LATER!!) I get an email asking for more information, such as what time I entered the line, was there a customer in front of me, how long I... Continue Reading

Scheduler Voice Mail---Please Mention Shop!

I really, really wish all schedulers would specify which shop they are calling to schedule when leaving voice mail messages. It would save so much time. Lately, I will not call them back unless they tell me what the shop is for.... Continue Reading

Question on postal package shipping shop

Hey guys... I actually have a package I need to ship, and was thinking about picking up a "postal" shop in my area. However.... the packlage would be going to zone 5 and probably weighs a little over 2 pounds. What I need to know is if the MSC... Continue Reading

Post office mystey shoppers.

Does anybody know which company undertakes Post Office mystery shopping as i'm interested. Also which company undertakes assignments for Tesco, Co-Operative Retail & Sainsbury's.... Continue Reading

Shipping Shop

I have a shipping shop and it says cash preferred but doesn't say mandatory - can I use my debit card? I don't really have enough time to go by my bank for cash and I prefer not to pay fees to a closer bank.... Continue Reading

Post office shop

In these shops do you get a box put items in it and then weigh it at home? Does the weight have to be an exact weight or is there "box must weigh between this and this amount"? Sorry for such a newbie question, just trying to figure... Continue Reading

The "Olden Days" when we had to actually write a report and then mail it in

Dr. Squash asked about the olden days on the thread of who do you tell that you mystery shop? Well, I answered a small ad in the newspaper. I had to hand write something with the application so that they could examine my hand writing to make sure it was readable.... Continue Reading

Post Office Shops

This has probably been discussed before, but I tried to search and didn't find any threads that were helpful. Now that my daughter is no longer dancing and in college, I have a reason to do these shops. I did my first one today and I think I... Continue Reading

How is Scenario D (post office) different than Scenario A?

I'm scheduled to perform scenario D for the first time. I've read the guidelines and unless I'm missing something, I can't figure out how it's different than scenario A. Help!... Continue Reading

35 min rule for the "shipping" shops

I never noticed this before, but the famous shipping shops where people get rejected for being there within 35 min of opening or closing has a little oopsy in the instructions. It says to make sure that you are there at least 35 min after they open OR at least... Continue Reading

Post office receipt?

Just finished up a post office shop that was in a grocery store. The cashier asked if I needed a receipt. I said yes and she gives me a handwritten one. Yikes! So needless to say, there is no weight on the receipt. Has this... Continue Reading

Post Office Shop errr

I have done 5 of these without any issues. Today I actually mailed something that needed to be shipped. I checked the weight at home before going to the PO and I was right at 18 ounces. Tonight I start to put in my data and I look at my... Continue Reading

What details do you include in a post office shop?

I've now done 24 post office shops and most often get a "10" rating, but sometimes I get a "9" with the comment: "Next time be sure to include more details about your visit." I feel like I describe everything except what each person in line is wearing. ... Continue Reading


I did four USPS shops today. As of Monday the cost of Priority Mail now ncludes $50 of insurance so they don't have to ask.... Continue Reading

Shipping competitor

Has anyone done the postal competitor shops? Package has to be between 18oz and 4lbs. There isn't a mention in the basic guidelines thy can b seen that mention the zone restrictions like the regular postal shops do. Is there a limit on where for these shops? Thanks... Continue Reading

post office money saver

If you are sending in receipts if you use the "clasp" manilla envelopes found out a PO fact today. They are now charging 20 cents extra for "clasp" envelope in postage. PO employee told me rip it off and seal with tape to save 20 cents every time. Adds up after awhile.... Continue Reading

I just received a check in the mail for $3,990!

The letter states that I have been hired as one of their Secret Store evaluators etc....and that I have to complete training within 24 hours of activating the check. I will be making $430.00 an hour to do the assignment and here's the finale.....people sending me the check are Delta Dental! Too... Continue Reading

Best mail option

I see that I supposedly have 2 "private messages" and I was wondering if this Best mail option that I have to download to see these messages is OK to download??... Continue Reading

You've got mail!

Just now for the second time I have gotten a message on the top of my page telling me I have a private message. Both times I assumed it was coming from Mystery Shop Forum and thought they just changed the way they alerted people to PM's. How annoying... Continue Reading

Post Office shops?

For awhile, I was grabbing these left and right. They moved through Scenario A, then B, then C, and then came to a screeching halt. How often does this MSC cycle through these? I'm in withdrawal-they are my favorites because they are the easiest aside from fast food!... Continue Reading

A surprise in the mail

It is true - people are impressed by a handwritten note! I received a two paragraph thank you note today from a banker who answer the phone on the call portion of a Chase combo shop. This is great customer service considering we had not met in person.... Continue Reading

has anyone recieved a check in the mail? is it a scam?

I just received a check in the mail from B.BUSINESS SOULUTIONS INC. stating to DEPOSIT it into my bank and then send a specific amount to another shopper. Has anyone else received this? Is it a scam?... Continue Reading

For those of you that work for Mintel...question about a shipping shop.

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Shipping shops

I would like to start doing the shipping shops but not sure if its worth it for all the prep work. What kind of boxes do you guys get? Does it work out to make you money after all is said and done?... Continue Reading

Post Office

Hello First, thank you to those experienced shoppers that answer questions on here, it is greatly appreciated. I have yet another question for those that have done postal shops...... For Scenario D (which I still cant figure out what is different from scenario A), it says the package must be greater than 1... Continue Reading

Post office

Has anyone ever shipped to a PO Box address for any of the scenarios? There was one for scenario D and in the description it said NO RESTRICTIONS. I signed up for it, and now in the guidelines it says no PO Box shipments. Anyone every shipped to a... Continue Reading

"Giving more detail" on Post Office shops?

I recently completed a post office shop and received a 9/10 rating but had the note added "You followed the guidelines but please give more details in next report." So it wasn't a bad rating, just wondering what details they are looking for. Most of the questions are... Continue Reading

Shipping scenarios

Hello I am very confused on the shipping scenarios. The top of the directions tell me scenario d, then towards the end it says do scenario A. Both are a regular box scenario. Scenario D says "Random" before regular box. What does that mean? Thanks... Continue Reading

Bare shipping

I know I have read posts for those of you that have done the shipping through BARE. I got my first assignment today. I understand I have to mail a package, 18 oz to 2 lb. They will pay up to zone 4, i can ship zone... Continue Reading

Food Bank Shipping Shop

Does the company reimburse for the cost of the shipping only or will they reimburse the cost of the food donation as well? Thank you.... Continue Reading

My mailman.

So my mailman pulls up my driveway to deliver me some letters and he says "I see you are a mystery shopper" I wonder how he knows this but remember that one company that pays me by check and has 'mystery shopper' on the envelope. You might know who... Continue Reading

Post Office Shops

After reading someone say that gas station audits are a category unto themselves, it made me think that PO shops are too. There are just so many tips and tricks, and stories too. Just had such an interesting experience the other day I wanted to pass along. Surely this... Continue Reading

First MS check in the mail

I just starting doing MS in Jan. I was a little skeptical...will I get paid. How does payment with paypal work? Will the MS companies take my reports. Well I actually received my first check in the mail today. I am doing a happy dance.... Continue Reading

Equal to a Pound of Spaghetti! Mailing Shops...

As those of us who've done mailing shops for a certain MSC know, one of their suggestions is a box of spaghetti, the weight of which goes well towards the 1 lb. 2 oz. requirement. With an upcoming shop, how convenient that I walked through the pet aisle in... Continue Reading

Receiving Large check in the mail!

Hello my name is Paulette as I guess you knew that by my user name. I received a letter today that was post marked Correos TA Madrid. Ok I do have a few friends who travel to Spain on a regular basis so I opened it inside there... Continue Reading

great discount and all free shipping. (

SPAM... Continue Reading

Yahoo mail

They just changed the format and I am having problems. Often what comes up is email from years ago and then have to play around with it to get the current day's mail.... Continue Reading

Post Office Merchandiser

Just learned today the hire out merchandisers for the greeting cards. I do not want the job but find it interesting with the trouble the PO is in that they would spend money on something they could do in house.... Continue Reading

Shipping Shops - I Need You as a Recipient!! Trade canned goods??

I am dying to do some of the shipping shops out there. Unfortuneately all of my family and friends live with 20 minutes drive of my home. I would like to find someone I can ship to and would return the favor and ship to me. We... Continue Reading

summit scheduling shipping shop?

Hi everyone - I received info on this shop yeseterday. It just reeks of scam. Have any of you done one of these and found it to be legit? thanks! Laurie t. Greetings Shoppers! Bare International has some great shipping shops in your area, all packages will be sent to pre-determined food... Continue Reading

Wendy's E mail

Has anyone received the email prizes for shops that are to be done on Monday nad Tuesday yet?... Continue Reading

Interesting Postal Shipping Response

I have been doing the postal shipping project a lot lately and have just been sending a few pieces of canned goods to food pantries around the country. Today, I got an interesting response...."We are in receipt of your very small box of canned goods for our pantry. You should... Continue Reading

E mailed Scheduler for help - program wont take jpg photo

So I explained and emailed her four photos as attachments, to go with the survey I completed but cant send cause it wont go without the photos. Apollo system I think, I know she can see my survey. She never acknowledged or emailed me back. Now I go and look and my... Continue Reading

Post Office - C

I have only started doing the post office shops since April 2012 (last month). This month I see you can send personal packages using scenerio C (DIM weight). Does this happen a lot or is this something new?... Continue Reading

rural post office shops

Ok, I have never done a post office shop, but I'm thinking about them and have a question. Do these shops ever get bonused? What about post office locations out in rural they ever fetch nice bonuses?... Continue Reading

Looking for companies that mail checks

Are there any reputable companies out there that will mail checks? I've had my credit messed with and cannot have a checking account, so I doubt I could have a paypal account. I'm also weary about filling out IC forms with companies I am unfamiliar with, like maritz research. any... Continue Reading

Quick First Post Office Shop Question

I have a question on the date. I am doing Scenerio A. The training says to make sure you do it on the specific day specified. My shop says do it no earlier than April 2 and no later than April 9. Can I do it... Continue Reading

Financial Shop Solutions, Inc. Mail box drop

The aforemetioned company posted the following on Volition looking for Business owners to act as a mail box drop for them. Smells a little funny to me, have any of you dealt with them? Business Owners wanted for mail drop services. If your business has a valid tax ID -... Continue Reading

Post Office Buddies?

Anyone out there willing to share their address with me and swap post office packages? My friend I usually ship stupid stuff is ill and in overwhelm so I don't want her having to struggle to the mailbox to only haul in a package full of newspaper or a... Continue Reading

Post Office Shop ?'s

I picked up several of these and I've never done them before. It's senerio B. You buy a ready box at the PO. Give me some ideas of what I can send thats over the minimum? Do you bring packaging tape to seal them and put the box together there... Continue Reading

Post Office Shops

I'm hoping someone out there can help me understand something that happened to me on one of those dimensional post office shops.... I thought I was doing it correctly, but when the post office clerk checked the weight, she said due to the size of the box the postage would be... Continue Reading

bad post office money order

The new scan is a postal office money order and it is bad. The fools had it expressed by the post office so I opened it, found the bogus check, make a copy of the emails, called the ckeck verification number and they told me to take it to... Continue Reading

Post Office issues

I recently did 3 jobs for my MSC that requires a specific weight and size box. It did not say I HAD to buy a box, so I just used ones I had at my parents house from Christmas. You know, the huge ones they send for a tiny toy?... Continue Reading

E mail address

Yur system is not accepting my e mail address??? Help!... Continue Reading

Post Office Shop

Has anyone done these? I've done several, and always landed a 10/10. I was looking at my invoices, and noticed that they were not reimbursing me the amount promised. I did not go over this limit, and am still shorted 2-3 dollars. Has this happened to anyone? I sent an... Continue Reading

Post Office shop clerk mess-up and a tip

I have done more than 50 P.O. shops and can nearly do them in my sleep. Yesterday, though, I had something happen that caught me completely off guard (a horrible thing for a mystery shopper to admit!) I was doing Scenario B, which requires purchasing Priority Mail. There were two... Continue Reading

Shipping shop dilemma

Here's a funny situation I've found myself in. I belong to Paperback Swap and send books out on a regular basis. I'm pretty happy when a book request coincides with a shipping shop because I can send it for free. But the problem is, most of the books weigh less... Continue Reading

Shipping Shops - Scenario "A" Is a box required?

For the shipping shops where there are different scenarios, Scenario "A" requires one to ship something that is more than 18 ounces and in a "box." that is not a priority or flat mail box. The shopper is required to supply their own box. My question is... Continue Reading

Anybody still getting post office shops?

With all of the news on the post office likely defaulting, etc., and not seeing any new shops this month, I'm wondering if they won't be doing them anymore. The only ones I see on the board are remote locations that never got done. Anybody out there getting new P.O.... Continue Reading

Post office shops

Does anyone know who has the post office shops now? I know you cannot name the company, however a hint would help....:)... Continue Reading

Post Office Shops

Hi! I'm curious about these post office shops I keep seeing. Seem to pay OK, but enough information is not given out before I commit to one. Can someone here enlighten me? Thanks!... Continue Reading

BARE and the mysterious shipping company

I hope it's OK to start a new thread on this. I, like others, am avoiding these shipping company jobs since moved from Maritz. But I am keeping an open mind until a few shoppers report on how they are going, Where they are finding shipping supplies, is BARE accepting... Continue Reading

just got a cashiers check in the mail!

I am very skeptical of this offer. It looks legit but something in my gut says no! It is a cashiers check and gives me numbers to call with completion of a signed contract. Anyone ever get this? Along with evaluation reports. If this is a joke not funny.... Continue Reading

rec'd letter in mail from MFI with a check in it

the letter said i said i'd be interested in mystery shopping in some previous survey i did for an affliate of M.F.I. Mystery Shopping Inc. i easily could have because i do a couple of survey sites. but the letter said to call this guy and verify i rec'd the... Continue Reading

Anyone else with Yahoo Mail having this problem?

I've been having this problem with Yahoo Mail for the past 30 minutes. I am in my inbox and attempting to open the 2nd message. When the message opens, it actually opens the 2nd message in my spam folder. When I try to open the 3rd message in my inbox, it... Continue Reading

IBM GLOBAL SOLUTIONS: Mail testing shops???

I answered a recent posting on from IBM Global Solutions which does mailing shops-you mail letters for them to measure service--yet I never heard back from their scheduler. Anybody else done this shop recently ??? Thank You... Continue Reading

Post Office

I know I'm signed up with the company doing these, but I'm signed up with about 100 places. Could someone PM me and nudge me in the right direction? Our box for Dish network went out and we have to send the bad box back. Thanks Lynlee... Continue Reading

Maritz- Mailing your evaluations

When you mail your evaluations back to Maritz, do you send them regular mail or priority, or other? Just curious, since mailing can get to be expensive.... Continue Reading

Post office shops

Are there any where I can mail a package that I need to mail anyway (e.g., to a friend) and get part (or all) of it paid for? Does the MSP named M----- send me a package that I have to mail?... Continue Reading

Post Offices

I used to get many USPS jobs. They don't seem as prevalent as they used to. Does anyone know of companies that offer these USPS jobs. Thank you for your info in advance.... Continue Reading

Post Offices

Which companies do the Post Office? I signed for my first shop and have forgotten which company it was. I now know I need to keep better track of my shops, and so have gotten tables folders etc. Thanks, Margie in Oregon... Continue Reading

Discussions of Post Office/Shipping

Exciting News: Visit your assigned location to evaluate your experience on wait times, products/services offered, customer service, location appearance, and availability of shipping supplies. (Source). May 29, 2020

I have seen convenience stores gas stations, mail, financial, food, and merch. (Source). May 29, 2020

I would be very interested in purchasing same. I can pay shipping plus a small price. (Source). May 29, 2020

Intouch Insight pays every other Friday via PayPal. We do not mail checks and we do not ask for your banking information. (Source). May 28, 2020

Visit your assigned location to evaluate your experience on wait times, products/services offered, customer service, location appearance, and availability of shipping supplies. (Source). May 28, 2020

The 5 for $10 deal for the roast beef sandwiches was GREAT. Plus add on coupons in the mail, they have decent meals for some decent food. (Source). May 27, 2020

I also don't receive coupons in the mail as I used to as the nearest location to me closed. (Source). May 27, 2020

bags of rice or beans back and forth! [quote=AnonymousGirl] I actually wish that these were in my area. I've never done one because I don't have anyone to mail anything to, but relatives have items that they want to return. (Source). May 27, 2020

Funny that they're waiting for states to 'open' because the post offices have been open the whole time. (Source). May 26, 2020

but have to pay the shipping to return it. (Source). May 26, 2020