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Discussions About Reports

Shop reports with word count inversion errors

I havent experienced this in years. It is something that I am curious about though. One thing about it is that it kind of stuck in my craw. I can't remember what company it was for but the required word counts did not make sense whatever company it was... Continue Reading

Would you put this in the report?

I have never had this happen but I would like to get your thoughts. You are assigned a shop and you follow all the guidelines.. Everything is perfect and there are no problems... While doing the shop you noticed the cashier that checks you out, the server that servers you,... Continue Reading

More spam reported

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Spam has been reported

New member sony007 posting multiple obvious spam posts, similar to yesterday's, which I have reported.... Continue Reading

When reports require describing both "likes" and "dislikes"

I picked up a bunch of shops that require listing/describing what I liked and what I disliked about the service I received. It's been a challenge to come up with dislikes on my last few reports, because the people that helped me were very pleasant and professional, and I... Continue Reading

Any way to retrieve IPSOS reports once completed?

I'm guessing not, but thought I'd ask. I usually save a PDF of all my completed reports, but it was late when I finished one this week, and I forgot to. Now I'm thinking I wasn't clear enough in a response and that the report might get rejected or kicked... Continue Reading

Intellishop Reports

Has anyone had issues submitting reports through Intellishop? I just did a delivery shop for a local fast food chicken place and noticed that when I saved the report and went back to it later, half of the questions were unanswered. It looked like all of my comment boxes and... Continue Reading

Who audits the reports

Hello, I am new to the forum website, but I have been mystery shopping for awhile. Does anyone know who audits/reviews the MS reports? That is something I am interested in, if anyone knows how to find that work? Does anyone have any experience auditing submitted reports? Thanks for any help!!... Continue Reading

XRG Reporting Nightmare

I haven't worked for the MSC in years but decided to try one of their shops. Big mistake! So many questions to answer for a simple restaurant and bar visit! Ugh!... Continue Reading

Pinnacle's bank shop reports

Hi All - I haven't done a shop for them since they were proreview - so probably 10 years ago? They have some nicely bonused bank shops by me. Some are account opening, others are inquiries. Are their reports grueling or not too bad? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Stupid Report Questions

So when I accept the shop I'm told if I don't submit the report by midnight it might be unassigned from me. Then when I'm doing the report, I get this question: "Q5_040 Were you contacted by someone at the dealership within 48 hours of your visit?" Oh and in addition, since I... Continue Reading

I can't get the app to submit reports on IPSOS

I can do everything on the app but "submit". I have to wait til I get home and on my PC, pull up the shop on the website, and submit from there. Anybody else have this happen? There just doesn't seem to be a submit button on the app.... Continue Reading

Favorite questions on a shop report!

I have 2 favorites that I am thinking of. Both are from fast casual shops. They are not from the same report, but I love these questions. :-) Did you see any panhandlers or transients milling around the property? Did you observe anything that could lead to contamination?... Continue Reading

INTELLI SHOP: New report grading??

Seems like they are now much stringent with reporting writing. Anybody else experience this? Thanks... Continue Reading

Bank report they want hand written 10 pages

I did a bank report, for a credit card. The report says to print and fill out 10 pages, convert each page to a PDF and submit each page. Now they want the pages handwritten. I typed in all the information using a PDF. It was much easier to do... Continue Reading

$35 assignments in Buffalo NY and the surrounding areas. 6 questions on the report + pics

We have quick and easy assignments in Buffalo NY and the surrounding areas,. The survey contains only 6 questions along with 2-4 pictures. These pay $35 each. Visit "the location" table set up in a grocery store, library, etc... Confirm "the location" Facilitated Enroller is attending the table Ask for information to give... Continue Reading

$35 assignments in Buffalo NY and the surrounding areas. 6 questions on the report + pics

We have quick and easy assignments in Buffalo NY and the surrounding areas,. The survey contains only 6 questions along with 2-4 pictures. These pay $35 each. Visit "the location" table set up in a grocery store, library, etc... Confirm "the location" Facilitated Enroller is attending the table Ask for information to give... Continue Reading

Help getting photos into reports.

Good morning everyone. I recently got an iphone 12. Does anyone know how to download photos from an iphone 12 to a Chromebook so I can do reports.? I have tried different things, and they do not work. Thank you for any advise. :).... Continue Reading

$35 assignments in Buffalo NY and the surrounding areas. 6 questions on the report + pics

We have quick and easy assignments in Buffalo NY and the surrounding areas,. The survey contains only 6 questions along with 2-4 pictures. These pay $35 each. Visit "the location" table set up in a grocery store, library, etc... Confirm "the location" Facilitated Enroller is attending the table Ask for information to give... Continue Reading

Has anyone had issues filing reports when your block had lost power at night.

I did 2 restaurant shops and 3 gas station audits yesterday. When I got home last night, the power on my block was out. I could report parts of shops on my cell phone, but renaming and uploading pictures was taking forever. I notified the shedulers of my power going... Continue Reading

Accessing Coyle reports before date of assignment

Many companies do not have their reports accessible until the day of the actual visit, even if there are things to report beforehand, like reservations, pre-visit calls, etc. Usually, I ask if I can access my report earlier, as I like to enter as much as I can before the... Continue Reading

Whatís with the Ipsos Shop Report

The drop down and Upload features sometimes donít work. Can it be my phone?... Continue Reading

Audits where they want you to report illegal activities.

I'm doing audits of different companies. The report asks you to report and take pictures of any guns, drugs, gambling or any other illegal activities (such as prostitution) How would you answer those questions? (if you ran across them) This is after you give them the authorization letter with your... Continue Reading

How do I report a Scheduler?

I need rot report an scheduler ASAP how do I do that? The company is CIRRUS INTELLIGENCE.... Continue Reading

Disputing a report rejection

Hi all - Hoping for some suggestions on how to handle an issue with a shop rejection. I recently completed two online shops that required interacting with a help chat agent based on an assigned scenario. The scenario assigned included my budget, whether or not Iím a current customer, and what I... Continue Reading

General Question: Do you rename photos before loading them into reports?

I usually download pics for my jobs from my iPhone onto my desktop and rename the ones I plan to upload into a report. The majority of MSCs do not explicitly request that pics be renamed, but I was wondering what other shoppers do. For example, I recently completed a... Continue Reading

BARE International $10 Menu Photo Shops in FL, GA, and KY! No purchase, no narrative, only photos!

BARE International has $10 menu photo shops available in Bonita Springs, FL; Casselberry, FL; Cornelia, GA; Dublin, GA; Jesup, GA; McDonough, GA; Metter, GA; and London, KY. These shops are super easy with no purchase and no narrative; all you need to do is take pictures of the menu and... Continue Reading

Credit Reports

I thought credit reports were free once per year. I'm trying to get mine from all 3 reporting agencies. What a joke. The last time I actually received one was a few years ago and I remember sending a copy of my DL, SS card and I believe a bill... Continue Reading

Fitness shops report

I got an email from the scheduler that I need to vary my reports on the fitness shops. I have to write a paragraph on the pre-visit phone call. My concern is that they read from a script and every phone call is absolutely identical.... Continue Reading

Reporting to a scheduler (question)

If you were doing a gas station inspection and the clerk was complaining about the previous inspector would you report it to the scheduler with only having one side of the story?... Continue Reading

Frustrating Report

I did an account opening shop at Capital One. The guidelines stated in person at any branch, so I did a location near another shop. I come home and do the report. It's for an account opened online. I contacted the scheduler. She said that... Continue Reading

Never ending report

I have a Medicare Advantage phone shop that I am working on. I was given an end stage renal disease scenario, and those patients have different Medicare eligibility requirements. One of my questions was to ask about Medicare eligibility and I assumed that I should say that I have not... Continue Reading

Time to complete the shop report?

I need some advice and/or validation on completing a shop report. I swear for a typical shop, it takes me anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes to complete it. I can do it a bit faster if it's the same shop at a different store. Am I off-base in... Continue Reading

Comments / Evaluations / Narratives

Anywhere I can find samples of narratives so I can have an idea how it is done? The schedulers are not big fans of the way I do my narratives, I am new and trying to learn.Thanks everyone... Continue Reading

Narrative 500+

I did a shop for Coyle yesterday wrote a 200 word narrative but wont be able to submit as I am missing 300. It took me 1 hour to write my narrative and 3 hours to complete the shop without counting the driving time + gas. I feel bad but... Continue Reading


I am not loving the mystery shopper hype to be honest. I blame myself for not reading the guidelines entirely but hey here I am lol there must be something appealing about all this from all the things I read here. I have ADHD and I never did great with... Continue Reading

I think I forgot to do two reports

As soon as I got home I thought I did at least one of them, but I don't see them anywhere......if you forget to do them do they disappear because they think you didn't even go? What's going to happen?? I feel so mad at myself, I am soooo... Continue Reading

$4 phone shops - no long report or narrative

Hi all, I just posted a few scragglers phone shops for tomorrow. We'd love to hear some new voices and perspectives! Our phone shops typically pay between $4 and $6, and there is no lengthy report (typically you only answer: # of attempts, associate name, whether the call was answered in... Continue Reading

Luxury Watch Shop Reporting Period

I did a luxury watch shop and am stressing. The shop has an online inquiry, in-store visit, and follow-up. The shop was assigned to me early last week. I planned on doing the in-person visit Friday or Saturday. The due date was Saturday, and since the follow-up wait is 6... Continue Reading

Retail & Grocery Store Shops NO purchase! Just get paid! Quick shop w SHORT report CA GA NJ NM WA

You are probably shopping at these retail stores and grocery stores anyway, so why not get paid for it? These shops are quick and easy! There is ZERO OUT-OF-POCKET cost for these. This is a money-maker! Grab a location (or two) before they are all snapped up! Visit the... Continue Reading

OK I am doing the seashell gas shops on Sassie and takes 1/2 hour or more to do the report

I am having a lot of problems for some reason this round of shops. I have 10 to 20 pumps on each shop and it is taking 1/2 hour or more from the start of editing the pictures till the submit button is pushed for each shop. I need something... Continue Reading

Five Guys online, do I say I got a receipt in the report?

I said I did, because it's online, but now it wants the cashier's name!... Continue Reading

What's with the long narratives?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

There needs to be a place to report msc that dont pay!!!

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

You're on the road, and you have an IPSOS report you MUST submit. Do you use the app, or wait until you can access the website?

Just got a new phone, it seems to work much better in the rural areas. I need now to master getting reports in while on the road. Thoughts, hints, personal history with IPSOS app? It's been a while since anyone posted horror stories about it, LOL. Not Presto; I've given up on... Continue Reading

Report returned no spaces in between paragraphs. .. Your thoughts

I did a phone shop (On Sassie) about a week ago. A couple of days later, the reviewer sent it back to me because I needed to add a little more information. Sure! No problem. When it was returned to me, everything was together and there were... Continue Reading

Anyone awake ? How do you submit the new ACL reports

I finished my report and reviewed it on the new Clarity site but the submit button is greyed. All items are checked off as completed. Anyone know what could be the issue?... Continue Reading

How much do MSCs provide insights on shopper's reports vs. passing reports directly to clients?

I've often wondered (and I'm sure the answer varies from MSC to MSC and client to client) - how much work does an MSC put into aggregating and reporting our results vs just passing the results raw back to clients for them to make sense of? For example, are clients... Continue Reading

Which shops have no (or small) narratives?

Which shops typically have the least narratives? I just want to make note of ones I can do on my phone during the day. Thanks!... Continue Reading

I need an online class to learn more about how to write narratives

I need an online class to learn more about how to write narratives for Mystery shops. It has cost me a shop for having bad grammar and spelling mistakes and not enough detail to get paid. This has been edited with the help of the Grammarly app... Continue Reading


"Daypart-The next time this shop is available, would you be willing to conduct it during hours of darkness?" Does anyone know if you answer "yes" if you will ONLY be able to perform it in darkness? Or will it be an option with increased pay? Does anyone know what the... Continue Reading

Does IPSOS have an app a shopper can use to submit reports on site?

I don't mean going to their website and entering the data, but an actual app, where you can take the photo in the app, and not have to sweat driving many hours to get home and trying to submit reports before the 12 hour limit?... Continue Reading

TrendSource Reporting Changes

I just received an email that grocery store shops must be reported within two hours of the end of the shop - preferably onsite. I'm not sure I like this change. I usually write down notes and then report on the website when I get home. I don't like typing... Continue Reading

Negative Reports remain difficult to write well

I have been doing MS since 2005. If you are newer at this, or wondering, I think that any "veteran" will tell you that writing an OBJECTIVE but highly negative report does not actually get any easier. In fact, the better you get at crafting the negative ones... Continue Reading

Who else has had enough of Ipsos reports timing out after 10 minutes?

Have done 2 today and both would not save my report after only entering information for 10 minutes. So now what? Do I have to save the report after entering each answer? Cmon guys. Donít say I have 30 minutes to save if I only have 10!!... Continue Reading

Intelli shop Quick Grade on my Report

I did an Supper shop on Wednesday at 5:15 PM.. Got home around 6 PM and put the report in.. By 10 PM I received my grade. I have done an few shops for them and this is the first time I received my grade that quickly... Continue Reading

AUDIO RECORDER APP: Easy to use and download to report?

Just want to ask before downloading this app and accepting the car wash shop if this app is easy to use and download to the shop report. Many Thanks.... Continue Reading

Mystery Shop Opportunity - Counter Service Restaurant - Super Short Report Form - Ten Questions - AZ and TX

A Coyle client is seeking reliable evaluators to review their marketing program. This is a counter-service experience. The restaurant offers a healthy eating menu and adding your own favourite ingredients while at the counter. Choose protein bowls, salads, smoothies, wraps and sandwiches, and juices. This is a... Continue Reading

Credit Reports

The credit agencies are now offering free credit reports weekly due to COVID. They are doing this so people can stay on top of their financial health. Credit scores are available via your bank or mortgage company's app.... Continue Reading

Writing detailed lengthy reports for 8s and 9s....

Is this normal? I'm reading on here people submitting reports with spelling and grammar errors and getting 10s........ Continue Reading

Late report to MarketForce

Yesterday, I completed the main part of a report to MarketForce. I forgot to go back and submit the pics and receipts until this morning (totally my fault), so it remained in an incomplete status. If anyone else has submitted a report to them beyond the 8 hour... Continue Reading

If you filed for PUA you better make sure you have been properly reporting your income on past and future tax returns

Expect a ton of future audits, the Federal Government isn't going to just give money away and not eventually verify qualifications.... Continue Reading

Editor said report was late when it was not...

Should I say something or let it go? I did a bar shop over the weekend and went right home and completed the report, and submitted it that night. I got my grade back, which was 9/10, and the editor said that my report was due within 24 hours... Continue Reading

Where is SQM "shopper report card" please?

I have 2 emails reminding me to look for important notes that were added to my "report card." I cannot find a report card. I emailed asking where to find it, yesterday, and have not heard back. Feeling dumb here, lol.... Continue Reading

Mention this in report?

I mystery shopped a coffee shop and the barista had red sores all over her hands which was a major turn off. The report asks what I think could be improved upon. Is this significant enough to include or inconsequential. A large part of me says insignificant, but perhaps it... Continue Reading

Ongoing Entertainment Shops Thornton, CO $10 Bonus Through March- Reimburse $125 and $10 Report Fee

Ongoing Entertainment Shops- Bowling/Lane service/Dining Upscale Restaurant or Games/Lazer Tag/Dining Upscale Restaurant- Reimburse up to $125 Plus $10 Report Fee Plus $10 Bonus Self assign at Other locations also available but no bonus. Michelle Whalen Service Performance Group Continue Reading

Bowling, Upscale dining, Drinks PLUS $10 report fee and reimburse up to $125 Thornton and Windsor CO

Self assign this weekend - Fr, Sat, Sun- Upscale venue, enjoy bowling, laneside service, and dinner/lunch at their upscale new menu restaurant. Apply at and then self assign the shop. Michelle Whalen Service Performance Group Continue Reading

Market Force's "Assignment REport Review" Edit - Have to Go Through Entire Form if Edit?

Not sure if anyone else has this happen to them, but it happens to me sometimes. I see something in the "Assignment Report Review" section at the end that is a mistaken (grammatical, wrong answer selected, or maybe a desire to just clarify or reword something...etc.) and I go... Continue Reading

I wish the JITB report allowed for optional comments

Although I've been able to use the optional extra photos section a couple of times, the number one issue I find on JITB shops cannot be photographed. They do NOT clean their ice maker or water lines and often their iced tea cannisters and makers nearly enough. So far today, I've dumped... Continue Reading

I hate timed reports!

Why the 30 minute timer?... Continue Reading

Ruth's Chris shop reports

Is this one a long, detailed report? I suspect it is- I am tempted, but I don't want to spend 4 hours on a report. Anybody done these? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Shop Report Writing Course - Need Volunteers

Hi there! I have been on-and-off developing an online course for Bar/Restaurant shoppers on how to write a better shop report. I'd really like to get this finished, but I could use some feedback from "students." Is anyone interested in taking the course for free in return for some quality... Continue Reading

Those aren't my photos... that's not my report

A shop I submitted in the afternoon came back with questions about supposed nighttime photos. Hmm... can't open up the report on my phone, so I did that when I got home (two states away)... someone else's photos and answers were mixed in with my report. A lot of it... Continue Reading

Client rejected report; ACL paid me in full, and early

Time now for some GOOD news about what is often a very sore subject. I recently got a shock when an ACL editor wrote that the client rejected my report and had cited guidelines that did not at all coincide with those that I was given. I cced... Continue Reading

BZZ AGENT/NORTH FORK: Goofy new shop report cut and paste??

Is this msg transiting to a new shop reporting format?? Cannot understand why you open up[ the report and then have to cut and paste their link. What is point of this?? No big effort, curious to know what was so bad about doing it the other way with them.... Continue Reading

Itís after midnight and I finally finished 4 reports

Phew! Iím finally done! I had 4 shops about 50 miles away, and one took waaay longer than I expected. Including commute, Iíve been working over 14 hours (minus making dinner, eating, and letting my beagle out about 10 times to bark at nothing). I need to be more... Continue Reading

Do you report that employees are working while sick?

I did a phone shop today and the employee sounded like she was sick with a stuffy nose. I could not see her, so I could not verify that. However, that was a real turn off and personally I would avoid that business. I guess it is a pet peeve... Continue Reading

Miami,Fl Bowling,Dining, Drinks, Arcade- Reimburse/Pay $55 Plus $5 Report Fee- 12/1-12/10

Enjoy an hour of bowling on us! $5.00 Shopper FEE plus Reimbursement up to $55.00! As long as you spend $43.00 or more you will be reimbursed the full $55.00. If you spend under this amount, you will be reimbursed the exact amount. The $55.00 reimbursement can be applied to the following: 1.... Continue Reading

Coyle: Shop pending validation even though I received a shop report grade

I got an email yesterday with my shop report grade. I got 100% on the report. I checked Coyle today and the shop was still marked as "Pending Validation." Is it normal for a Coyle shop to be still marked as "Pending Validation" after receiving a shop report grade from... Continue Reading

$70 Tampa, FL Roller Skating Shop: $10 Higher Pay, Shorter Report & Fewer Expenses = EASIER SHOP for MORE PAY!

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Roller Skating location in Tampa, FL available now! This shop pays $70 (not including the $5 bonus for submitting early). Pay is $10 higher than before (as of February 2019). Shorter report, fewer expenses/requirements, and higher pay = EASIER SHOP... Continue Reading

Is ACL required to ask questions even if the answer is already in the report?

I submitted 2 reports this weekend with 2 different editors, and both came back with questions confirming what I had already answered in the report. Then I received a confirmation email from one saying the report was submitted, but for future reports to make sure I use the salespersonís name... Continue Reading

$75 Pasadena, TX Family Fun Center Shop - NEW Shorter, Easier Report & Fewer Requirements!

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Family Entertainment Center location in Pasadena, TX available now! This shop pays $75 (not including the $5 bonus for submitting early). NEW SHORTER, EASIER REPORT (reduced by half) AND FEWER REQUIREMENTS (less employee interactions and pictures)! Shopper must be 18-65... Continue Reading

Does MF only want positive reports?

If I do a shop where nothing is wrong it is approved instantly. They must not even review them at all! If I report that a drink was too strong or the server did not utter one word, I get emails demanding more information. What else can I say but... Continue Reading

Coyle-Will They Ever Give Me Another Eval?! D report.

Long story short: I performed my first evaluation with Coyle-a restaurant an hour from my home. It was written in the guidelines that I should not excessively be taking notes on my phone but exact quotes are required! Lo and behold, I was awarded a 65% for my eval. Now, some... Continue Reading

$30 EXTRA PAY = $105 Pasadena, TX Family Fun Center: Shorter Report & Fewer Shop Requirements - October (Fri-Sun)

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Family Entertainment Center location in Pasadena, TX available now! This shop pays $75 + $30 EXTRA PAY in October for a total of $105 (not including the $5 bonus for submitting early). Bowling, rides/attractions, arcade, games, food & fun! Shop... Continue Reading

$20 EXTRA PAY = $95 Pasadena, TX Family Fun Center Shop: Bowling, Attractions & Games - October (NEW SHORTER/EASIER REPORT & LESS SHOP REQUIREMENTS!)

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Family Entertainment Center location in Pasadena, TX available now! This shop pays $75 + $20 EXTRA PAY in October for a total of $95 (not including the $5 bonus for submitting early). Bowling, rides, attractions, games, food and fun! NEW... Continue Reading

How Do You Report This?

When performing the Maritz "Blue" gas station shops, there is a question in the debrief asking about Diesel pumps under the main canopy. "QDiesel1_Retail Ė Were there any stand-alone diesel pumps under the retail forecourt canopy?" Next, if there were, it asks how many and then if they had diesel POP. So... Continue Reading

$20 EXTRA PAY = $105 Chicago, IL Roller Skating & Bowling Shop: MORE PROFIT & Shorter Report - October (Friday-Sunday)

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a roller skating/bowling location in Chicago, IL available now! This shop pays $85 + $20 EXTRA PAY in October for a total of $105 (not including the $5 bonus for submitting early). This shop now pays an average of $60-$70 or more... Continue Reading

How Often Do you Think Owners Review MS Video Tapes to Confirm Reports?

Something I've always wondered about. With a place like FG that has multiple shops a week, the manager would be reviewing quite a bit of video if they checked every shop. Do you think they just review the bad ones mostly (i.e., if an employee/s did something wrong... Continue Reading

$75 Pasadena, TX Family Fun Center Shop - New Shorter/Easier Report & Fewer Requirements (Friday-Sunday)

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Family Entertainment Center location in Pasadena, TX available now! This shop pays $75 (not including the $5 bonus for submitting early). Buffet restaurant, rides, games and prize center. NEW SHORTER, EASIER REPORT (reduced by half) AND FEWER REQUIREMENTS (less employee... Continue Reading

$75 Houston, TX Family Fun Center Shop - New Shorter/Easier Report & Fewer Requirements (Friday-Sunday)

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Family Entertainment Center location in Houston, TX available now! This shop pays $75 (not including the $5 bonus for submitting early). Buffet restaurant, rides, games and prize center. NEW SHORTER, EASIER REPORT (reduced by half) AND FEWER REQUIREMENTS (less employee... Continue Reading

$55 Irving, TX Full Service Restaurant Shops at Family Fun Center - Very Short Report!

Amusement Advantage has full-service restaurant shops at a family entertainment center location in Irving, TX available now! This shop pays $55 (not including the $5 bonus for submitting early). Shopper must be 21-55 years old (under 46 preferred) and have an annual household income of $60K or more... Continue Reading

Reporting problems that keep you up at night

Last night, after hours for most msc especially since I am in the Pacific time zone, I started a report due in the middle of the night. I input the date of the shop at the top of the report and up popped a bright red warning telling me I... Continue Reading

Can a company still use your report if they refuse to pay you?

You get so many warnings, but it seems that the reports are still sent out to clients, even when they say the report is wanting. What is the legal aspect of it? Thanks.... Continue Reading

Confero report ratings

I've done a few shops for Confero that involve on the spot rewards. I follow all of the guidelines and Fed-Ex unused gift cards the same day. I keep getting rated an 8 out of 10 with no explanation. Hes this happened to anyone else who has... Continue Reading

$90 Lincoln Park, MI Roller Skating Shop - Higher Pay & Less Narratives/Expenses = MORE PROFIT!

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Roller Skating location in Lincoln Park, MI available now! This shop pays $90 (not including the $5 bonus for submitting early). It pays an average of $40-$50 or more PROFIT after expenses than it used to! Also, now only one... Continue Reading

$75 Clovis, CA Roller Skating Shop (Shorter Report/Less Requirements & Expenses = EASIER SHOP & MORE PAY!)

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a roller skating location in Clovis, CA available now! This shop pays $75 (not including the $5 bonus for submitting early). The pay has been increased by $10 and the second Snack Bar/Cafť Visit has been eliminated, along with several other questions... Continue Reading

Wyndham Report

I have a Wyndham shop coming up in the next month. I reviewed the report and a bit confused. Hopefully others here can explain what they have done. Basically, under each interaction, we have to score several things as "Exceeded Expectations, Met Expectations, Fell short of expectations." We have to score... Continue Reading

P66 non-payment, MSC won't admit fault. Who can I report to... BBB? FTC?

Well this is the first time this has ever happened although I've been doing P66 gas mystery shops and/or revealed assessments for awhile. Here's what happened: I got phoned by a desperate scheduler on 8/29/19 to do four of these by end of month. They were way outside... Continue Reading

$70 Tampa, FL Roller Skating Shop (Less Narratives & Expenses = Shorter Report & MORE PROFIT!) - August Fri/Sat

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Roller Skating location in Tampa, FL available now! This shop pays $70 (not including the $5 Early Return Bonus). Now with less report narratives, requirements & expenses = shorter, easier report & MORE PROFIT - approximately $40-$50 after expenses. Roller... Continue Reading

$10 EXTRA PAY = $85 Clovis, CA Roller Skating Shop - August (higher pay + less purchases + shorter report = MORE PROFIT & easier shop!)

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Roller Skating location in Clovis, CA available now! This shop pays $75 + $10 EXTRA PAY in August for a total of $85 (not including the $5 Early Return Bonus). The pay has been increased by $10, and the second Snack... Continue Reading

$10 EXTRA PAY = $105 Wickliffe, OH Roller Skating Shop (now MORE PROFIT, less expenses & narratives!) - August

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Roller / Ice Skating location in Wickliffe, OH available now! This shop pays $95 + $10 EXTRA PAY in August for a total of $105 (not including $5 Early Return Bonus). Now pays an average of $50-$60 or more PROFIT after... Continue Reading

$10 EXTRA PAY = $100 Indianapolis, IN Roller Skating Shop (now MORE PROFIT, less expenses & narratives!) - August

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Roller / Ice Skating location in Indianapolis, IN available now! This shop pays $90 + $10 EXTRA PAY in August for a total of $100 (not including $5 Early Return Bonus). Now pays an average of $50-$60 or more PROFIT after... Continue Reading

$10 EXTRA PAY = $90 Columbus, OH Roller Skating Shop (now MORE PROFIT, less expenses & narratives) - August

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Roller / Ice Skating location in Columbus, OH available now! This shop pays $80 + $10 EXTRA PAY in August for a total of $90 (not including $5 Early Return Bonus). Now pays an average of $50-$60 or more PROFIT after... Continue Reading

$10 EXTRA PAY = $110 Cleveland, OH Roller Skating Shop - August ($40-$50 profit; only one cafe visit & less narratives)

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Roller / Ice Skating location in Cleveland, OH available now! This shop pays $100 + $10 EXTRA PAY in August for a total of $110! It now pays an average of $40-$50 or more PROFIT after expenses! Also, now only... Continue Reading

When do you know you're too tired to fill in the reports you HAVE to do before you can rest?

Because your error rates go up when you make stupid mistakes because you're too tired to think. I have a fly on my screen -- a real, live fly. I found myself "swatting" it with the cursor. I guess I'd better take a nap........ Continue Reading

$55 *Dine only* shop at upscale Family Entertainment Center VERY SHORT REPORT 3 TX locations

Amusement Advantage has fun DINE ONLY shops at Family Entertainment Centers located in Allen, Las Colinas & Plano, TX available now! This shop pays $55 + $5 Early Return Bonus. SPECIAL ELIGIBILITY REQUIRED BY CLIENT: Shopper must be between the ages of 21 and 45 with a Household income... Continue Reading

Worst employee interaction you've had to report?

For me, it was during an apartment shop. While discussing pest control, the consultant said she wondered why bed bugs are more common in the US now than they were a few decades ago. Then she said, "I bet it's because of people from other countries." Yikes!... Continue Reading

Merc Systems Dining Shops - Reasonable Reports?

Seeing a lot of reimbursement-only shops. Does anyone know if their reports are reasonable length? How do they stack up against the other typical dining reports? I like that BARE actually pays a fee for their dining reports, so I'd be much less inclined to do Merc... Continue Reading

Question on Market Viewpoint Report

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Have you ever realized you misunderstood a report question after doing 10's of shops?

...or that the question could have multiple interpretations and could be answered in different ways depending on the interpretation? eta: and, thus, you could have been answering it "wrong" for lots of reports.... Continue Reading

MaritzCX Shop Report Submission Error

Has anyone been having submitting shop reports on MartizCX today? It keeps giving me an error message saying I left the photo/validation question unanswered, but I already uploaded a photo to the question. This one's for a tobacco compliance shop scheduled through KSS.... Continue Reading

$55 Restaurant shops w/VERY short report - Allen, Plano and Las Colinas/Irving, TX

Amusement Advantage has fun DINE ONLY shops at upscale bowling/entertainment locations in Allen, Plano and Las Colinas, TX available now! This shop pays $55. The shopper must be between the ages of 21 and 45 with an annual household income of 80K or higher. This is a client rule... Continue Reading

Must give up app & phone reporting

Unless there is no option such as Feild Agent or shops that need to be submitted within hours. I have tried. As much as I love the convenience of having no reports to do when I get home, it just is not working out. I have used... Continue Reading

Writing the reports

Ever feel like the MSP leads you to change your answer so they can submit a positive shop to the client? For example, the employee looked at me and smiled for a second but the interaction felt mechanical. They did not give additional eye contact or smile after our interaction... Continue Reading

Authorizing Pulling Credit Reports to sign up for MSCs

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Background check for financial shops: Impact on credit report?

Hello all! - Do background checks impact credit report / score? MSC is requiring as step 1 for money wire/transfer shop. Thanks.... Continue Reading

Has anybody refused to finish a Shop narrative? I refused to add extra sentences on an Auto shop....ot a beginner when dealing w car salesmen, but this guy was the absolute model for those pushy and demanding salesman. Would that "refusal" affect my st

would that affect my ratings with the Secret Shopper network?... Continue Reading

$55.00 Price Check This Weekend - No report to fill out!

BARE International is scheduling covert price checks to be completed in the store using an app on your Android or Apple Smartphone! The assignment must be completed May 2nd - May 5th. This project contains approximately 339 grocery items to check. 42478-SWE Ė Safeway 2555 Harris St. Eureka, CA ... Continue Reading

How Do Amusement Advantage Reports Compare?

Iíve been avoiding a few companies, like Coyle, because Iíve read that their reports are extensive, narrative heavy, and can be difficult. One of my first shops was with Amusement Advantage. The report took me twice as long as what was estimated, and I missed the deadline by about... Continue Reading

I really messed up my report!

Oh my gosh. I just opened an email sent to me 14 hours ago from Market Force saying my report was rejected. I was out doing shops today and then reports and have only just now checked my emails. I am in a state of shock and embarrassment! ... Continue Reading

USPS Sending in report- Need help please

Good afternoon/evening I have a quick question. I just completed an USPS shop and I answered all the questions and I have uploaded the two require pictures and it is not letting me send in the report. I have looked it over three times and I don't see anything missing. ... Continue Reading

$70 total pay/reimbursement - meal for two w/SUPER SHORT report-Allen, TX

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Family Entertainment Center location in Allen, TX available now! This shop pays $55 + $10 extra pay + $5 Early Bonus. Even if you aren't interested, please refer your friends, family and co-workers. You will earn $20 for every new shopper you refer... Continue Reading

Do you ever feel bad for giving a bad report on a place?

I did a blue sign gas station shop yesterday. The location pretty much failed due to the guidelines. As of an hour ago, the MSC has yet to approve the shop probably because of all the negatives. I feel really bad about this shop. The location is great it is just... Continue Reading

Subjective vs Objective Reports

Hi all. I'm new again after taking a 10 year hiatus from mystery shopping. I've completed about 5 shops and nothing returned yet, but I'm finding it a bit challenging to not use subjective words like "friendly" and "pleasant." I understand we can give details that would express the pleasantries,... Continue Reading

Where to report non-payment?

hi everyone! Do you have any tips on where to report non-payment by a mystery shopping company? If all rules were followed by shopper. Company acknowledges they owe you. They promised 30 day payment, missed it. Then 60 day payment, now missed it. Now they are not giving any definitive... Continue Reading

$55 DINE ONLY shop in Allen, TX w/miniature report :)

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Family Entertainment Center location in Allen, TX available now! This shop pays $55 + $5 Early Return Bonus. Even if you aren't interested, please refer your friends, family and co-workers. You will earn $20 for every new shopper you refer that registers and... Continue Reading

How much does your guest help you with the report?

I do a lot of dinner shops, and I feel like my guest (well, my husband haha) gets off super easy if I have to do the whole report myself and he gets to relax. I usually read the questions out loud as I am doing the report and... Continue Reading

Cannot complete IPSOS report -- "A page is slowing down your computer"

Ack! Trying to submit reports to IPSOS, and every time I get halfway through the report, the page goes dead. I have only the one window open. I've tried 3 different browsers. It happens at the exact same place on the report each time. Anyone else? What did... Continue Reading

$70 for Lunch or Dinner shop in Plano, TX in FEB-very short report

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Family Entertainment Center location in Plano, TX available now! This shop pays $55 + $10 extra pay for FEB + $5 Early Return Bonus. Even if you aren't interested, please refer your friends, family and co-workers. You will earn $20 for every new... Continue Reading

Maritz and major reporting issues anyone?

I completed a gas station inspection today and when I tried to enter the report it said my gas purchase was missing. Ok, so I know I filled in the amount of gas I got and the amount of the store purchase but I went ahead and filled them... Continue Reading

Sinclair reporting

I just wrapped up, or so I thought, a shop report and there was no finish button on my android LG V40 phone! There was one on my Samsung tablet so I'm going to redo it (but the uploaded photos still stayed with my profile). Arrgh! Anyone else have that problem?... Continue Reading

$55 for DINE ONLY shop @ Family Entertainment Ctr Allen, Plano or Las Colinas, TX SHORT REPORT

Amusement Advantage has fun DINE ONLY shops at a Family Entertainment Center location in Allen, Las Colinas or Plano TX available now! This shop pays $55 plus $5 Early return bonus and has a VERY short report. Shops can be done any day after 12noon. Even if you aren't interested,... Continue Reading

Reimbursement, shopper payment and a Bonus for eating Pizza and reporting on your experience in Williamsburg

A Closer Look has lunch,dinner and online pizza events in Williamsburg.. If you are not a shopper with A Closer Look, apply at, use my name as your referral code, Vicki Carfrey. Vicki Carfrey a Scheduler at ACL Continue Reading

Negative reports...

I tried to find this thread, but couldn't and there is something I want to write about. I did a big box yesterday and the service was so bad, I didn't have one decent thing to say. I was worried my report wouldn't be accepted by Intellishop, but today I... Continue Reading

Save ACL Report - time sensitive

Is there a way to save your report before it times out. Thanks!!!... Continue Reading

Coyle Report Tips

Hi everyone. I'll be performing my first shop for Coyle this week at a major airline's airport lounge. I'm a little a bit stressed out about the report after reading the posts here on the forum. I took a look at the sample narrative/report attached to the shop and it's... Continue Reading

Reports with drop down menus

I just did an appliance shop today. When I printed out the shop it seemed simple enough. I did the shop, and went to enter the data, suddenly there were drop down menus asking questions you were never told about. Has anyone else seen this? This was a shop for... Continue Reading

Market force vs Maritz reports?

I have worked with Market Force quite a bit and used to the report. I am new to Maritz and have a bank shop and a handful of non reveal gas shops coming up. All of the shops seem straight forward enough..about how long does the report take. Just wondering in... Continue Reading

$55 for DINE ONLY Shops in Allen, Plano & Las Colinas TX - super short report any day after 12noon

Amusement Advantage has fun DINE ONLY shops at Family Entertainment Center locations in Allen, Plano & Las Colinas, TX available now! This shop pays $55. Even if you aren't interested, please refer your friends, family and co-workers. You will earn $20 for every new shopper you refer that registers and... Continue Reading

Asking for more answers than what the report said in the guidelines.

I recently did a shop for a financial services. The report had around 40 questions. Some you're asked to describe what was asked and what you were told. I did that. Now they want me to answer EVERY question in the report with a sentence. Like the yes and no... Continue Reading

Have you ever submitted a report and wondered if it was going to be accepted and surprised when it was?

I have done good shops and bad shops. There are times I've sent in reports that were not my best, or I had to guess on questions, yet I got a 10 on the report. It makes me wonder if ALL the reports are read over. Do they just skim... Continue Reading

Doing everything but what I am supposed to be doing - Having to submit a negative report......

Hey folks, I have been sitting at my computer for the past two hours struggling with a report. I had an apartment shop today and it didn't go well - not well at all! First, the target was late for our scheduled appointment. Second, he tried to... Continue Reading

I Secret Shop Doesn't Read the Report?

I just got an email saying that ISS will not pay me for my shop because the receipt was from the wrong store. When I was at the shop, the team member told me that their credit card machine was down. She said that they were using the... Continue Reading

Fine Dining Restaurant shops available in San Jose, CA -- Burlingame, CA & Houston, TX - easy report!

Greetings Shoppers! JANCYN, Inc. is scheduling shops for popular restaurants in the cities below. San Jose, CA 95128: Burlingame, CA 94010 Houston, TX 77024 *Dine at bar, one alcoholic beverage and food must be ordered. 8pm Ė 9:30pm Sun-Thurs only Pay $5 plus up to $40 reimbursement for you and a guest. ... Continue Reading

$70 total pay for DINE ONLY shops in TX - EXTREMELY SHORT REPORT

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Family Entertainment Center location in Allen, Plano and Las Colinas TX available now! This shop pays $55 + $10 extra pay for December + $5 Early Return Bonus. Even if you aren't interested, please refer your friends, family and co-workers. You will earn... Continue Reading

$20 pay + reimburse Upscale Bowling Columbus, GA Fri/Sat after 8pm Shorter Report *No bar/arcade/attractions required*

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Bowling Center location in Columbus, GA available now! This shop pays $20 + Reimbursement up to $95 (includes $10 extra pay). Eat and bowl laneside-no bar purchase/interaction or arcade/attractions required. Fri Nov 23rd preferred (after 8pm). Even if you aren't interested, please refer... Continue Reading

$70 total pay for EASY Dine only shop - short report three locations in TX

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Family Entertainment Center location in Irving, Allen and Plano TX available now! This shop pays $55+10 extra pay + $5 Early Return Bonus. Even if you aren't interested, please refer your friends, family and co-workers. You will earn $20 for every new shopper... Continue Reading

Arby's shop report dilemma

FYI I did email the MSC about this but I haven't received a reply back yet. I did an Arby's shop today for the LTO sandwich. The shop guidelines indicate that the drink and side are supposed to be small size, but I am not supposed to specify a size when... Continue Reading

How much does the report ruin your shopping experience?

For shops guys enjoy, how much does having to do a report ruin some of that experience for you? Say you went to a fabulous restaurant (TXRH I'm talking about you! mmmmmm!) and really had a great time. get home. And it's report time. ... Continue Reading

Sassie report says I have "Oops" but can't find them!

I'm trying to submit a repeat on Sassie and it keeps saying I have 4 "oops". I have scrolled through the report several times and can't find them, and the Jump to first Oops doesn't take me anywhere. Any suggestions or tips/tricks before I contact the MSC? Thanks... Continue Reading

I know it wasn't in the guidelines or report BUT.....

Is there anything worse then this email the day after a shop?? I am to the point that I take way more information and notes then are required for a shop, and I record every phone call that is required. My issue is if you KNOW you need... Continue Reading

Mystery shop end report

Today we went to a little chinese joint where the food is above average. It's not close to us so we go anytime we are in the neighborhood. I noticed on the wall they have the report from their mystery shop. In fact they have it framed. I just thought... Continue Reading

$10 + Reimbursement up to $95 for Bowling shops in AL, GA, SC *Only order food laneside & bowl - SHORT REPORT

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at Bowling Center locations in AL, GA & SC available now! This shop pays $10 + Reimbursement up to $95. These shops are Fri/Sat after 8pm (to evaluate entertainment). Even if you aren't interested, please refer your friends, family and co-workers. You will earn $20... Continue Reading

$55+$10 Extra Pay for DINE ONLY Family Entertainment Center Shop in Plano, TX VERY SHORT REPORT

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Family Entertainment Center location in Plano, TX available now! This shop pays $55+10 Even if you aren't interested, please refer your friends, family and co-workers. You will earn $20 for every new shopper you refer that registers and completes a shop for our... Continue Reading

Will my report be rejected?

So I had a report for a bistro shop yesterday. It was a simple dine in shop. Everything was fine except I could noy eat the sandwich. For some reason the bread for the sandwich was extremely tough. Everytime I went to take a bite it was a literal struggle... Continue Reading

Need Gold Shoppers for Hotel Shops in CA, long narratives, extensive verifiable experience

We need the best of the best for upscale hotel shops with spas and fine dining. Contact Continue Reading

Beware: Sentry Big Box Store report rejections

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Horse and Buggy Bank Reports Advice

Anyone else get frustrated or annoyed when filling out the reports for the inquiry shops for this company? For some reason I have trouble writing a narrative answer about the same thing three different ways. I often time feel like cutting and pasting the same answer over and over. I'm... Continue Reading

$55 for Dine only shop at Family Entertainment Center - 3 locations in TX VERY SHORT REPORT

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Family Entertainment Center location in Allen, TX available now! This shop pays $55. We also have shops in Plano and Las Colinas. Even if you aren't interested, please refer your friends, family and co-workers. You will earn $20 for every new shopper you... Continue Reading

$18 Hotel Valet Parking Shops in Florida - 40 minute stay, 10 minute report

Servimer started the month with over 120 shops in Florida and we're down to the last two. This would be a great time to "break into" Servimer's pool of go-to shoppers in order to secure recurring monthly assignments. Sarasota and Bonita Springs both have a single Servimer hotel valet parking shop left. You... Continue Reading

Five Guys Online Shop Reporting Questions

Doing my first online five guys shop and am running into some issues. For my receipt I have my email receipt and the pick-up receipt that was on the bag but that does not have the dollar amount so I am planning to submit them both to cover my bases.... Continue Reading

$55+$10 Extra Pay for Easy Dining shop - short report 3 locations in TX AUGUST any day after 12noon

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Family Entertainment Center location in Allen, Plano and Las Colinas TX available now! This shop pays $55+10 Even if you aren't interested, please refer your friends, family and co-workers. You will earn $20 for every new shopper you refer that registers and completes... Continue Reading

Over $600 reportable??? Clarity

As an Independent Contractor, any money over $600 is reportable as income, is that $600 per MSC? For example, I work for several MSC's through ISS, is that $600 per MCS or $600 through ISS... Continue Reading

Is Anyone Else Having Problems Uploading files to SASSIE (or Seelevel) Reports?

I've been trying for hours. Thanks.... Continue Reading

Xfinity shop report: low character limit

Just a rant for this shop. The report says "describe in detail your experience with the CSR". Only AFTER you submit the report does it tell you that you are limited to 500 characters! Other parts of the report ask for "1-3 sentences describing what was explained... Continue Reading

Stuff you wish the reports would ask:_______________

Well, if there are cockroaches or vermin seem in the restaurant........Yikes I wish Brookstone would ask if there were under 18 people in the chairs and people in the chairs for more than 10 minutes. I wish Red Lobster and Mimi's Cafe would ask if you could hear the employees talking smack... Continue Reading

Shop start time - rejected report Ipsos (summit scheduling)?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Medicare shop with a 3 week wait before you file the report. Why?

I've done a Medicare shop, in the past, that required you to NOT give your contact information. You can sign the sign in sheet, but you're told not to give any contact information. Than you're told to wait 3 weeks, to file your report. To see if the agent tries... Continue Reading

Roach report?

I took a pic of the roach that joined us for dinner on a shop. Not sure if I should upload it. It is a chinese food franchise. Would you? Of course, the report does not ask if a roach joined you for dinner but... Continue Reading

new peoples united bank reports...

has anyone done a pub bank report this month? after years of the same survey(which i enjoyed doing), they changed it up. a scheduler showed it to me, and it looked like a lot more narrative. what do you guys think about it?... Continue Reading

Reality Based Reports - Contact?

Hello, I don't often run into issues but this time, I'd love to have some advice from the members of this forum. I just completed a purchase online/return shop with Realitybasedreports. Very easy shop, I have done those many times in the past: you place an order online, take screenshots,... Continue Reading

Submitting a handwritten report, an exact replica of the online version. What's the point?

So there's this shop that's come up recently that requires the report to be printed out and filled in manually, then uploaded and attached to the online questionnaire of the same nature. Any ideas why?... Continue Reading

Coyle report

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Bare Scheduler refused to approved my report - Have you experienced this?

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Reporting a Closed Shop

How does one report a closed shop? After indicating the shop is closed, and giving details from the physical location, I am unable to just submit the information. It just keeps asking the usual questions about the shop. Did I miss a link or button somewhere?... Continue Reading

MarketForce taking longer than usual to approve reports?

Normally MF is one of the fastest MSCs I work for in turning reports around. Usually 24 to 48 hours, sometimes fewer. I've had one sitting in QC for three days, which is starting to worry me, especially since it was a fairly negative experience and resulting report. But maybe... Continue Reading

Maritz Reporting Issue

Is anyone else suddenly having problems with uploading more than one photo at once into Maritz reports? It doesn't happen every time, but a lot of the time. If one image isn't finished uploading and I start a second one, the first one will fail and the second one will... Continue Reading

$10 cashiers check made out to myself/general report

The day after completing my first assignment, while they were preparing my report, I received this instruction: "Please purchase a local bank cashier check of $10 with cash today and send the picture to my email,make the check payable to your self." When I asked the purpose,... Continue Reading

Maritz gas station audit -printing report?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Sassie reports

I just completed a phone shop and I fill in the require informatiion and I send it in. After I sent it in, I realized that I forget to add some information. So I clicked on the button that said this was not my intention and I made a few... Continue Reading

Edit Mystery Shop Reports in your PJs and Get Paid Bi-weekly

Would you like a position where you can work from home and continue to mystery shop? A Closer Look Mystery Shopping has just the thing for you! We are looking for Editors and Schedulers to join our IC team. If you are interested in editing, please email us at Continue Reading

A Closer Look - Narrative length

I've done a few shops with this MSC company. It seems like they require much more detail than other MSCs. I just did a high-end restaurant last night that took 1.5 hours to write up, as literally every yes/no question needed a sentence to report. That was... Continue Reading

Edit Mystery Shopping Reports from Home

Would you like a position where you can work from home and still mystery shop? A Closer Look Mystery Shopping has just the thing for you! We are looking for Editors and Schedulers to join our IC team. If you are interested in editing, please email us at If... Continue Reading

I wonder why my report was rejected. I'll give you one guess which company?

I drove 4 hours round trip for this. I told them to delete me. I was taken care of great and the ass did ask me the right questions to assess my buying needs but there was no way to answer correctly according to the multiple guess test. C2 Did... Continue Reading

Has anyone had to report that you felt a business was "shady"?

I had an audit at a Dr. office a few months ago and again recently. The first time I just walked in, as per instructions. Before I did the recent audit it was requested that I call the office first. The following is what I wrote to the scheduler: I... Continue Reading

Dallas and San Antonio, Texas - Short report, easy lunch and dinner shops

A Closer Look has lunch and dinner shops with short reports. Shops are available in the Dallas and San Antonio areas, multiple locations. Lunch reimbursement $25; dinner reimbursement $35. No bar visit, children are welcome. Apply at and tell them Alisa sent you.... Continue Reading

Report completed and Sassie is down for maintenance!

I just completed the remaining oops on a Hotel/Casino/Dining shop and POOF! Sassie is down for maintenance. I took screen shots of the report at the bottom and of the Sassie down for maintenance screen. I can't imagine that it matters any to the MSC though. ... Continue Reading

Not enough narrative wanted

I never thought I would complain about a report not wanting enough narrative, but the time has come!!! I did a Trend Source restaurant shop today and very little narrative was wanted. Mostly it was wanted for no answers. This is not too unusual except the questions... Continue Reading

Beware of the insane narratives and long reporting...

I've recently widened the revenue base and decided to seek out new MSC's that I uncovered thru previous posts on this forum. Some have been great in terms of short reports with little or no narrative. Ipsos has been a good one. Maritz is another that has fair... Continue Reading

Mesquite, TX 75150 $5 BONUS Plus $25 Casual Lunch Easy report dine solo or Bring a Guest Children welcome

Delicious Casual Lunch Alcohol Optional NOT required Mesquite, Texas 5.00 Bonus Plus 25.00 Lunch reimbursement Dine Solo or Bring a Guest Children Welcome Easy Report !! Please, enter my name "Jackie" on the "How did you hear about us" line of your application. I will expedite your application!! Please, submit your application: Thanks!! Jackie Scheduler... Continue Reading

Mt. Pleasant, TX $5 BONUS + $25 Lunch or $35 Dinner No alcohol required Easy Report

Come enjoy a Tasty Lunch or Dinner at this popular restaurant in Mt Pleasant Texas 5.00 Bonus Plus 25.00 for Lunch or 35.00 for Dinner Dine Solo or Bring a Guest Children Welcome Alcohol is Optional but not required. Easy Report!!! Please, enter my name Jackie B on the How did you... Continue Reading

Granbury, TX $5 BONUS Plus $25 Yummy Lunch Dine Solo or with a Guest Children Welcome Easy Report

Come Enjoy a Yummy Lunch $5 Bonus Plus $25 Lunch Reimbursement Popular Restaurant with reasonable prices! Granbury, TX Dine Solo or Bring a Guest Children Welcome Please, enter my name Jackie on the "How did you hear about us line of your application." I will expedite your application. Please, submit your application:... Continue Reading

Writing long is TOO long?

I mystery shopped 10 yrs ago mainly for Shop N' Chek shopper. There were no long narratives then. I'm back in the game as it was a fun hobby way back when. What an unpleasant surprise now! It took me 2 hrs to complete a bank report & maybe an... Continue Reading

Do companies listen to our suggestions when we filled out reports?

I did a mystery a shop a couple of months ago( like Feb) and I made a couple of suggestions to them. The report when through with no problems. I did the same shop a few days ago (Apr) and they still have not made the change. Am I... Continue Reading

I Feel Bad About the Report I turned in ...

I am fairly new at mystery shopping and have really only done a handful of reports that require a narrative. Well, I did a shoe store shop Friday where I received really, really poor customer service and I felt like I spent way too much waiting even to be... Continue Reading

Could never understand requirements of some reports.

I did a shop for an electronics store today. The guidelines said to check the restroom, but do not ask where the restroom was. That may tip them off as to you being a mystery shopper. How does asking where is the restroom tip them off? Only mystery shoppers use... Continue Reading

Market Force Late Reporting

Hi all! I did my first Market Force Shop yesterday however was not aware that there was an 8 hour deadline. It has been 12 hours since I completed it and not it's not longer in my assignments. Any luck I will still get to complete it?!... Continue Reading

Phone shop "feature sets" changed mid report!

If you have these jobs you might want to double check your scenarios. I did 3 phone shops today that all had had "feature sets" I needed to ask about. Since I do multiples of these I'm meticulous with my prep notes. While on the road I noticed the title... Continue Reading

Any hints on getting faster in writing up reports?

I donít know if itís just me, but it takes me FOREVER to write up post-shop reports. The majority of my shops have been higher end restaurant shops for Coyle. It takes me HOURS and HOURS. Any hints on getting FASTER with writing up my reports?? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Alaska shoppers! Delta Junction - Powersports NO test drive shop, simple reporting, NO long narratives. $25.00 pay + updated $75.00 bonus! $100.00 total pay

Check out the new Motorcycles/Powersports/ATV Sales inquiry only. Simple reporting, No long narratives. Dates: Flexible ( some locations are closed on Sunday and Monday's ) PAY = $25.00 + $75.00 BONUS ( may be able to add additional bonus for those out of the immediate area - just ASK before... Continue Reading

Product Report Card

Hi, I'm considering doing work for this company that supposedly sends you products to test. Am not sure if they are legit or not, as they are asking for a lot of information when signing up. Anybody have any experience with them? Are they legit. Would appreciate any... Continue Reading

EASY MONEY - Get $15 PLUS Bill Credits, No Report Needed

We need your help!! We have several bill credit opportunities available for any shopper with an active account with one or more of the listed billers. EASY MONEY - NO REPORT!! ASSIGNMENT TYPE: Receive Bill Credits LOCATION: You can live anywhere but must have an account with... Continue Reading

Sterling, CO 80751 - ATV Sales inquiry only ( for a child ) . Simple reporting, No long narratives. Pay + BONUS

Check out the new ATV Sales inquiry only. Simple reporting, No long narratives. For this particular shop, you will need to reveal later in the interaction that the ATV would be for your young son/grandson/nephew to assess how that information is handled (see shop instructions for the specific AGE of... Continue Reading

Alaska shoppers! Delta Junction - Powersports NO test drive shop, simple reporting, NO long narratives. $25.00 pay + $25.00 BONUS

Check out the new Motorcycles/Powersports/ATV Sales inquiry only. Simple reporting, No long narratives. Dates: Flexible ( some locations are closed on Sunday and Monday's ) PAY = $25.00 + $25.00 BONUS ******** Need extra bonus? If you need extra bonus $$$, make me a reasonable offer! Only offers that... Continue Reading

SEC report format

I recently got gently pinged by a MSP for using the associate's name only in the narrative. Does anyone know SEC's preference for using the associate's name?... Continue Reading

hotel stay reports

Just hoping someone can give me an idea of the report required by one of the MS that does hotels all over the world. I have requested a listing of what would need to be documented/written about from the scheduler and have never received a reply. The coverage... Continue Reading

Get $15 PLUS Bill Credits! *New Billers Added* No report!

Easy money opportunity!! Do you have an account with any of the billers below? If so, we will pay you $15 to allow our client to credit your account from $1 to $25. No need to leave home! No evaluation report to file! We URGENTLY need participants... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing unfair rejected report

The first time I submit a shop for Sentry they rejected report bc they said the photo of my food was Inadequate - they didnít really say what was wrong but I assume they were complaining bc some of the sauce was smeared on the plate (required to take photo... Continue Reading

ServiceSense Report Reviewer/Editor needed

Hi all, this is Amy from ServiceSense. We are expanding our reviewer staff, and weíre reaching out to this community looking for candidates to work from home reviewing/editing shopper reports online. ServiceSense is 25 year old company, based in Ma., specializing in quick casual restaurants & specialty retail... Continue Reading

Sentry denied two reports because I used the words "patio heater" instead of "outdoor heater."

I responded to the denial email that I disagreed, and I am waiting for clarification. What do you think, is a patio heater and an outdoor heater the same thing? ?... Continue Reading

Easy Storage Shops for $18, quick report!

Storage Shops- create a route, get a bonus! Visit a Storage facility in your area and earn an easy $18! **Shop needs to be recorded** Create a Route below- Take all 4 TN shops, ask about a bonus! Take 2 IL shops, ask about a bonus! Take 2 MI shops, ask about a... Continue Reading

Question about completing a report

Hello, I'm fairly new here and have a question about a report I am completing. I was pleased to see a pizza shop available for a restaurant we love, but rarely visit due to the price. I did a delivery shop for them last night. I enjoyed the... Continue Reading

Concerned about how my report was edited

I did a sandwich shop on iSS yesterday, and this morning it was returned to me for review. The explanation was that it was a positive shop, and they wanted me to look it over once more to make sure I hadn't missed any criticism. No problem, I... Continue Reading

Using MacBook Air to Report Shops

I just purchased a new MacBook Air. It is my first Mac and I'm getting used to it. Is anyone aware of any issues with any MSC websites and compatibility with a Mac and/or Safari? I'm just getting started but the first issue I've come across is... Continue Reading

Grace Hill expected narratives

Has anyone dealt with Grace Hill? they sent my apartment shop back with a confusing statement and I'm not sure what they mean by it. and the editor did not include her email. It's a $45 dollar apartment shop so I really don't want to lose it. and I drove... Continue Reading

Companies With Little to No Narrative

I know this sounds lazy, but I I have a full schedule and like to still fill in times for quick shops that I don't have to be up till midnight filling out reports. What companies have the simplest reports?... Continue Reading

Maritz reporting problems??

Is anyone else having a hard time with reporting Maritz shops? I click an answer and it freezes for about 10 seconds then finally checks the circle box. It is taking me FOREVER to report these shops! Same issue on my laptop as my phone.... Continue Reading

Market Force: Shop disappeared DURING my report?!?

I've read the topic where someone had an assignment yanked after they did it, but before they reported it. In my case there may have been an element of website malfunction so here's my story: I've had this assignment for two weeks. The date to do it was today. Did... Continue Reading

Wishing for narrative!

My husband did a fine dining shop last night that was cash integrity and I was his guest of course. The service was HORRIBLE, the food was alright but the exceptionally strong smell of cigars coming from the bar made me sick to my stomach. I left with a horrible... Continue Reading

Sinclair report

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Reporting Income Correctly

Quick question. If a shopper completes an assignment in December, he/she gets paid in January 2018. Is it correct to report this income in 2017, or 2018? Thanks.... Continue Reading

The Sample Narrative was Mine

I picked up a shop I swore off a few months ago and noticed the example they offer as a guideline had changed. So I'm reading thinking wow that seems kind of familiar... wait a minute that's exactly what happened on job x. That's my report! I thought it was... Continue Reading

Second to None Reports

I just completed my first report with them. I didn't realize that I was on the last page and hit "next." Then I was told that the report was submitted. The system did not give me a chance to review my report before submitting it. All the other companies... Continue Reading

Difficulties proofreading shoppersí reports

I donít get the complaints about bad writing coming from shoppers. Can someone please explain it? Iím not talking about taking time to contact people for clarification. Iím talking about changing reports so they are acceptable when you turn them in. What other than grammar, usage,... Continue Reading

SQM AIRLINE REPORTS: Feedback please

So how is the reporting for their airline shops please??? Am correct in reading that a successful report will result in a 50% savings on the cost of my flight??? Just signed on with them and need a vacation pronto !!! Many Thanks... Continue Reading

First report - Sinclair Customer Metrics

Hi everyone, I submitted my first report a couple of days ago with Sinclair Customer Metrics. They have confirmed receiving it, but I have had no feedback. Is there any way for me to tell how I scored?... Continue Reading

Papa Johns Carryout- How do you report the tip?

I am really doubtful, despite the guidelines stating so, that tipping will be reimbursed for the carryout shops: The carryout shop report does NOT have a space for the tip- but the delivery shop does. The carryout shop is clear that only the amount on the box is supposed to... Continue Reading

BARE--how long to edit report?

I recently did a restaurant shop for BARE. It has been more than ten days since I submitted the shop and it is still showing in "completed" status (as opposed to "received"). Is it normal for it to be sitting around that long? In my experience, restaurant... Continue Reading

SQM report approval process question

I did my first shop with SQM a few days ago. Right after I submitted my report, I was able to see it show as submitted under my assignments, I log in today and there's nothing, no sign I ever had an assignment. I see that I have to invoice... Continue Reading

Can I shop a location once but write two reports for two different MCS?

I am not sure if this question has been asked and answered in the past. I apologize if it was. I have a situation and I would like to get opinions from the forum members. I was assigned a XYZ gas station shop from MSC A a month ago. I recently... Continue Reading


Hello. Ive been doing some mystery shopping in the last few months. I have a hard time with the writing. I am not detailed enough. I think the report is good but i always get not so good feedback. Any suggestions? Thanks... Continue Reading

First rejected report

Had my first report rejected because I stayed 17 minutes rather than the "required" 20. The guidelines said TRY to stay 20 minutes and I really tried but the sales associate wasn't doing anything to make the sale. I'm sad and mad. I did send an email explaining what... Continue Reading

Problems with submitting report to Maritz--RESOLVED

Hello, by any chance is anyone working on reports for Maritz right now? I am trying to submit my report and when I try I am getting this error: Server Error 404 - File or directory not found. The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed,... Continue Reading

IntelliShop report rejected.

I did a pizza shop for IntelliShop last Thursday. Friday I received an email that the pictures had a yellow haze and slightly blurry. They looked fine on my end. I have done these shops for about 3 years and never had one rejected. So I... Continue Reading

Reporting the F-Bomb, Discreetly

So when you guys have to make a report that includes a series of expletives, do you type out the expletives in the report, or do you censor out the words, or partially type them. In a stunning moment on a gas station mystery shop yesterday, there were two... Continue Reading

Anyone else pre-fill in some data to shorten report time later?

I have some reports that I pre-fill in just to avoid as much typing later but I don't know if this would be an issue or not since I "save" the info and go back to it. I dunno if companies get an alert or not and raise en eyebrow... Continue Reading

Question on writing reports

Just finished my first three assignments ever so I suppose I'm officially a Mystery Shopper (yay me!), but it is a little confusing writing the reports and would appreciate some feedback. I did two hardware stores where the report asked how was I greeted, did they smile and make eye... Continue Reading

A Closer Look donation page in report

Be careful when filling out your reports. Towards the end just before you're ready to submit a page will come up that is PRE-FILLED with a $10 donation for Harvey victims. While it's great if you want to donate, some people might choose to donate in different ways or through... Continue Reading

My first REALLY NEGATIVE report

I did a grocery store shop yesterday. The grocery store was pretty dirty. The meat department and bakery department were in chaos. The bathroom smelled like it had not been cleaned in quite some time, and the checkout employee was about as excited to be there as one would... Continue Reading

How do you find your scores for your reports?

I see s lot of people talking about the ratings of their reports. I am signed up with multiple MSP's and would be very interested to know what my value is to them. I'm sure I have room for improvement.... Continue Reading

How do you report your income?

Please help me with filling out tax forms.... Continue Reading

How are the reports for Faith Perception church shops?

Lots of narratives? Detailed report? How long does it generally take to complete?... Continue Reading

MaritzCX online report

Hello. Am I the only one who is having a problem with comment sections of the report? When I type, it (the comment box) thinks for a few seconds before it displays what I typed. It's OK if it's just a few words, but when I type... Continue Reading

Yankee Candle report - Comments box under associate description - comments on what?

Help please! I'm filling out the report for the shop I did at Yankee Candle today (which was fun BTW!). The system won't let me submit without something written in the Comments box that's below where I named the associate, then described her. What am I supposed to comment on,... Continue Reading

How long does t take for MF to do reports

I did four mystery shops for MF this past weeked and one of them was a make an offer shop. I made a offer and it was taken. as of tue morning only one has been approved. I am kinda wonering why the others are still in QC? I guess... Continue Reading

Market Force - High Expense Report

I got notice from Market Force that my toll expenses (Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex has many toll roads) made their High Expense Report and I will be required to submit receipts going forward...... Continue Reading

How deal with rejected reports?

I have one company that I followed their guidelines to the T and double checked dotting the I's. The same scheduler for 2 different shops has rejected my reports. I have a saved copies of my reports and had some one go over the guidelines and read my reports they... Continue Reading

How do you do your reports for MF

I know Market Force and others MSC that have apps that you can down load to your phone or tablet and you can enter the reports on them. My question is how do you enter your reports? On the app or on the computer.? I am thinking about going out... Continue Reading

Car Dealership Salesman put on my credit report as job "Mystery Shopper"

So I went to this car dealership to look at getting a car as my car was wrecked last month. This was not a mystery shop. While there I had to prove where my income comes from. I tell this person that I am an Independent Contractor or that he... Continue Reading

Unable to submit Maritz bank shop report

I completed a Maritz bank shop and input the information. When I hit "review," nothing happened. When I hit, "submit," nothing happened. Therefore, I hit the "I'm stuck" button. I see my report hasn't turned green and is not in the "waiting to report to client"... Continue Reading

RESOLVED: Technical Assistance Needed -- Sassie Report....

I'm in the middle of a report on the Sassie platform and received this error when I attempt to access the report to finish it:: Fatal error: Call to a member function hasNext() on a non-object in /home/surfmer/sassiecore_a/sassiehelpers/common/avprep.class.php on line 770 Does anyone have any suggestions on how to access the report... Continue Reading

Do I report?

I had an odd unacceptable (in my opinion) experience while doing a shop at a home improvement store today. I had to go to the appliance department, check the signage and see if the associate mentioned the credit card. When the associate approached me, she reached out and... Continue Reading

The Consumer Insight it just me?

Am I the only one to experience this, or is it a widespread issue? TCI is a Sassie platform. I did three assignments yesterday, which went well, until I had to report. I saved as I went. In the first report, I got the dreaded "you must update Adobe... Continue Reading

How do each of you shoppers save your completed reports?

I've been mystery shopping for about two and half years now and occasionally lurk in this forum to see what other shoppers have been going through, get some ideas, have a few laughs, etc. I discovered a new problem today with the way I save my reports of completed... Continue Reading

Receipt Upload for The Source after the report has been submitted?

I completed the report for The Source and the receipt upload link went crazy. It had a bunch of random pseudo-letters all over the screen. Now, I followed the guidelines and sent the email with the receipt and the project number in the subject line. However, I... Continue Reading

If my reports were as poorly written as the guidelines are.....

I just did two big-box stores. One is for the client, and the other was to check out the competition. Instead of rewriting the guidelines, they just used the same guidelines. They just changed the store name throughout. Which is just oh, so, STUPID. The 2nd store's departments have... Continue Reading

Saving Copies of MF Reports

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JM Ridgeway - Do they score your reports?

I completed my very first shop for them Friday, May 26. I didn't get the best photos due to the small space I was trying to make the angles work. Well, I've gotten no word of whether the shop was accepted, and it's been nearly a week. Is this normal... Continue Reading

Companies that allow reports done via mobile

Hello everyone, I am new to this site. I was a mystery shopper for a few years, around 2012-2015. I have been inactive since then because I moved to a rural area with absolutely nothing around. My family and I are moving to a large metro area next... Continue Reading

How do I report this?

I went to a shop today. The requirements were to do it between 9 and 5. I got a message asking me to do the shop this afternoon, so I went as quickly as I could and got there at 4:40. I entered and asked to meet with... Continue Reading

What browser(s) do y'all use for SASSIE platform reporting?

I'm using Firefox, but there's no "submit" or "save" button showing. So, in effect, I guess I mean the whole page isn't loading. Impossible to submit with no submit button. This is an on-going problem for me. I can do it at the public library, sure -- but... Continue Reading

Gigspot Technical Issues, save your narratives . . .

Hi all, I've been using Gigspot with a couple companies and until now it has worked out ok. Last night I did a shop at a well-known retail store and after a really awesome experience, I wrote up a great report giving lots of kudos to the staff. Gigspot app deleted... Continue Reading

Video shop and narrative

Hi. I am still feeling my way around the video shops and trying to understand this huge secret industry. Do the clients watch the videos? I do not understand the amount of narrative involved in an apartment mystery shop which is to have a phone call and... Continue Reading

Coyle hotel report workload question

The Coyle evaluations for a certain hotel client (2 night stay) that has 3 surveys attached, about 110-160 questions per survey with narrative... How long do those usually take you to do? I finish one of their normal dinner/bar evaluations within an hour/hour & half afterwards, I'm a fast typer and very... Continue Reading

How long does it take for Bare to edit a report?

I'm wondering how long it generally takes for Bare to edit and accept a report. How will I know when it's been done? Will they send me an email? Will something change on the shop log so I know my report has been accepted?... Continue Reading

Alleged Report Errors -- Shoppers, Inc. (

AVOID! Unprofessional and non-responsive to general inquiries. This company hires independent contractors as mystery shopping consultants. Their representatives indicate that there are spelling/grammatical errors on your report; however, they are unwilling to provide you with specific feedback when asked on multiple occasions. There are better choices -- try Shapard Research,... Continue Reading

Viewpoint Consumer Reporting

I have just been contacted by this group and, before committing to anything am doing my due diligence and checking them out... I don't see them listed here or on MSPA... I don't see any reference to them in the forums. Does anybody know anything about them?... Continue Reading

Grade My Sample Narrative, Please

Since I'm applying to several companies, I am writing a sample narrative that will be tweaked dependent upon what each company asks on their application. I'd like some constructive criticism on this base narrative for a positive customer service experience. If you will, please also grade it on a scale... Continue Reading

sHell reports... added narrative

I am doing my first Shell for 2017 (yes I've been lazy) and I see a giant box for a narrative with a 3000 character limit. Kill me now.... Continue Reading

ACL Report Problems?

I'm trying to submit a report for a shop. I keep getting an error message. Does anyone else have this issue?... Continue Reading

Viewpoint Customer Reporting - are they legit?

Hi all, this is my first post on the forum! (longtime lurker :-) ) I recently got contacted by a representative (Jeff Wustman) from Viewpoint CR, saying that they got my info from the Shopmetrics database (and indeed I'm signed up on there!) It all seems very legitimate, but what... Continue Reading

Annual Free Credit Report? Not Free Anymore?

First of all, I am in Ohio. I wrote my letters to get my free annual credit reports and I have received a response from Equifax telling me the only way I can get a free credit report is if I an unemployed or on public welfare assistance. ... Continue Reading

EPMS - Printing Reports

I'm doing my first shop for Ellis tomorrow. According to their website, I should be able to download and print the report before my shop. I don't see anywhere to download and print? The only thing I can do is click through each page of the report and print it... Continue Reading

MSC is asking me for additional information 20+ days later, after report was approved

How can the MSC ask me for more information after my report was already submitted, approved and good to go? They are saying that the report form changed in the US but they forgot to change in Canada and there were some additional questions added. I can no... Continue Reading

Would Unique Shop Reports Mean Getting Outed More Easily?

I'm not sure if this is something we can talk about as mystery shoppers, so feel free to ignore it and let me know if it'd be an ICA violation, but my question is whether or not employees get to hear of what we write about them in mystery shopping... Continue Reading

Are Sentry's Narrative Expectations too Great for the $?

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What does a green bar under "waiting to report to client" mean with regard to Maritz's website?

Does this mean an editor has reviewed my report and has accepted it with the condition the client accepts it at some unknown point? Or, does it mean the editor has not finished editing it?... Continue Reading

MSC Reporting Inaccurate Mileage

The mileage shown for the majority shops is inaccurate information. Most of the scheduler's, I have conversed with has acknowledged this as truth. Therefore, I hope fellow shoppers are mindful of this known fact when planning your routes or only shopping!... Continue Reading

Got a scam mystery shopping letter--is it worth reporting and to who?

I got one of those great letters today about how I can make $400 to $900 dollars a week. I just have to deposit the check they sent for $2500 to get started. LOLOLOL Has anyone tried to report these scams letters? If so, who would... Continue Reading

Kinda sad result of a shop report....

I really wish I hadn't reported it...but a Post Office location was flying a "POW-MIA" black & white flag, along with the US flag. Inappropriately, it was flying ABOVE the US flag. Next visit, no POW-MIA flag flying at all. Saddened me, as I lost one sweetheart and many friends in... Continue Reading

Would you include in the report?

I did a shop for a fashion retail store. A few feet after exiting the store, I notice I had tucked in under my arm a wallet from the store. Tucked in under my arm was also my wallet, so I did not know I even had another one.... Continue Reading

How big a deal is it if your report is 10 - 20 mins too late?

Today was my first time doing a mystery shop for MARKETFORCE. After getting home, I started watching a movie, and suddenly I realised it was 00:15 ! I instantly started doing the report, but will they make a big deal out of the slight tardiness? Will they refuse to pay me?... Continue Reading

Would you include this in your report?

I shopped a fast food restaurant and one of the employees' pants were quite low with his underwear very much visible. He had to continually hike up the pants. Would you include this in your report? I can't really see where it fits in with the questions. The only question... Continue Reading

Market Force reports

Is there any way to print a report you're submitting to Market Force? Whenever I attempt to make a pdf copy the page is blank. I like have a copy of what I submitted in case I'm contacted.... Continue Reading

Frustration with Reports (lack of space to enter comments, unclear questions, etc.)

Am I the only one feeling that some mystery shop reports are poorly designed? I often see questions that asked for a black and white answer (fixed choices), which really should be answered with something else (not in the range of choices). When I need to clarify something, I also often see... Continue Reading

Marketforce Reporting Problems

I am entering my shop now and am unable to link the photo to the report. There is no button to link. There was a button to link my receipt which I was able to download and link. I emailed the help desk, but am stuck now. Report is showing... Continue Reading

Shop Report Ethics Forgetfulness & Estimating Times

Hello, I have a question regarding the ethics of job reports as it relates to forgetfulness and time estimates. Let me explain. As a new mystery shopper, I've noticed that sometimes I have forgotten details (or more frequently am just not 100% sure - as in I seem to remember something... Continue Reading

Buffalo Wild Wings report change-Heads Up

They didn't mention this is the guidelines or the "Comments" area, but they require a GeoVerify code now. Doesn't show up till you open the report form. I really wish they would tell us these things in the e-mail or the actual guidelines.... Continue Reading

Consumer Reports mystery shopping

Has anyone signed up with Consumer Reports to do mystery shops?... Continue Reading

Do you guys know of any companies that let you report during the shop?

I'd love to be able to fill out a report (on my phone or something) while I'm actually doing the shop. Do any MSCs let you do this?... Continue Reading

Second to None report time frame

How long does Second to None give to get completed reports in? I'm not seeing it on their website.... Continue Reading

Do you mention panhandlers in report?

Today I did a shop where there was a panhandler asking for money right outside the door. He even opened the door for me as he asked for change. I made a comment about the situation in the section about the exterior but I was not sure if... Continue Reading

Typing up your report

Hi Does anyone else have trouble writing up the report, some of the companies want you to tell a story, some just want the facks. And others I have no idea what they want yet. can anyone help the no's and NA's are drivint me crazy.... Continue Reading

Time Reporting Question-WWYD?

I work for a company where I am paid hourly, and time is reported by minutes. Each job I am given has a time allotted for the job to be finished within. For example: 60 minutes. These times are based on the average time it should take a person to... Continue Reading

Follow-up reports

When you do a shop where there's a follow-up period required,does the MSC check to see if you did the beginning part of the report in the original "due" time?... Continue Reading

Golden Corral Customer Intercept: Is there a quota? Is the data report lengthy?

I have some time this week and thought I might fill some in around some assignments that are close to two of the Golden Corrals in my area. Although I've completed intercepts before, never before with this MSC. Has anyone completed these and have any advice? I'm... Continue Reading

How long do you spend on submitting reports?

I tend to question the amount of time the MSC says it should take to complete and submit a report.I'm not new at this but still find that I can spend, literally, HOURS on a report. I don't have the latest OS but I try to keep my desktop up... Continue Reading

How are reports rated?

Hello all! I am new to mystery shopping. My first shop was a web evaluation, and the second one was a bank shop. I did my 3rd shop which was for a retail store, and I submitted a very detailed report. A few days after, it updated with a rating... Continue Reading

submitting reports

Recently when trying to submit a report that has numerous pages, when I click NEXT to go to the next page the browser goes to the MSC log in page. If I have just written a detailed narrative on the previous page, that narrative and some of the completed answers... Continue Reading

Client Report Insight

How do MSOs submit reports to their clients? Are they provided full surveys or Excel summaries? What is the working dynamic of the scheduler and the editor and who has the final word? I hope there are a few MSO participants who can cast some light on this... Continue Reading

When do you worry about your reporting performance?

I've read enough here to have read people say if you don't hear back about your report, and get paid, don't worry about it. I still wish all companies would offer a grade or feedback. I don't need kudos, but I would like to know when I either mess up... Continue Reading

Note to self: Don't drink whisky before filling out reports. :D:D:D:D:D

My brother had a couple fireball nips laying around so I drank a couple. Then I proceeded to fill out a couple mystery shop reports and man, I was struggling with the narratives. I hope they sound coherent. Can you guys handle writing reports while a little intoxicated?... Continue Reading

writting a report

I am new to mystery shopping. I am having the most difficult time writing my reports. And my first language is french. So its hard for me. Is there any samples of written report available?... Continue Reading

How about test driving a new vehicle with Kia with no shop reports to fill out?

Hi. Thought I wanted to share with other shoppers. If you test drive a new vehicle, the Kia Optima, you can get a free $25.00 Visa Prepaid card while the supplies last. The test drive must be completed by Oct. 31, 2016. Go to the website, to download the... Continue Reading

Market force Reports due in eight hours

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Realized my mistake as I was inputting report

Last weekend I did a route of gas station audits. I could not find one of the gas stations at the address it was suppose to be at. I put on the report that it was not there. I input my results when I got... Continue Reading

Bank shop and credit reports question

I have a question. An MSC is offering a bank checking account opening shop. The guidelines say no credit check or ChexSystems will be used. The account will be opened with $1.00 (reimbursed) and closed the next month by the bank. That part I don't have... Continue Reading

GOODWILL SHOPS Asking About Employment....?Difficult? ?Narrative Heavy?

Hello all, I searched the Forum and could not find any topics about this, so please forgive if I've missed it somehow. I have done the regular Goodwill Donation and Goodwill Store shops, but have never done one of the Employment Inquiry shops where you go in and... Continue Reading

Want to read another shopper's reports?

Mystery shopper: Epsom Continue Reading

Intelli-Shop time limit for completion of report on car dealership visit

I am a new MS. Having done 2 INTELLI-SHOP (IS) car dealership visits, I find the requirement stating "Immediately following your visit to the dealership, you will log on and fill out the whole report, except for the follow up section" a bit unreasonable. Having completed both visits... Continue Reading

Anyone having trouble submitting reports for Corporate Research International?

I completed a gas shop yesterday, and have now attempted to submit the report a total of three times. I keep getting an error message when I hit "submit". On two occasions I lost the data. I've saved my comments on the latest attempt at least, but... Continue Reading

Problem entering a report

I just spent close to an hour completing a report on a restaurant shop. At the very end when I was about to submit it, a message showed up that said "Sorry this system is down for maintenance. Try again later". I am afraid that the whole... Continue Reading

Mystery shop cancelled my negative report and won't pay

I have been mystery shopping for over 10 years. Few weeks ago I did a drive in Hot Dog shop for MarketForce which I have done many times before. But this last time was a little different than previous in that I made a negative report about the quality... Continue Reading

Do you think MF needs to include some narrative sections on certain shops and thoughts on the emails?

Did a MF shop that said to remain at the counter during a shop. It wasn't in bold or anything but said something along the lines of place your order and remain at the counter to pick up the food while. Start timing once you receive the receipt. When I... Continue Reading

Using naughty language in reports?

Hi gang! So I had a car dealer use some pretty nasty language today. He was describing the road side assistance to me today and I quote: " when you ever break down, get a flat tire -- or anything, all 'ya gotta do is just call them up and... Continue Reading

Bizarre Report

I found a new MSC here. There was a high paying shop near me, so I signed up for it. The guidelines were straightforward, and the shop was simple and informative. However, the report was done on a third party survey site! I have never experienced that before.... Continue Reading

Testing center shops: How extensive is the report?

For anyone who has done the testing center shops where you purposely fail the GMAT, how extensive is the report? Is it long? How is the narrative (short or extensive)? Thanks in advance.... Continue Reading

The Texas Roadhouse Grill report

I remember there being little narrative for the shop. It seems like it has changed and now requires the same amount of narrative as other restaurant shops. *Edit* Never mind, I think I had it confused with another shop. :)... Continue Reading

Race question in report.

The options for the person's race in one of the MF reports is African-American, Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, and Other. What about Jamaican-Americans? Jamaica is nowhere near Africa, rather it's in North America. In the past I've encountered Jamaican employees so I put down as other. I have a Jamaican... Continue Reading

Can't log in to i Secret Shop to enter a report

I am working on my tablet with wifi, and if i go to it redirects to iss-mobile but the page is blank except for a colored bar on the top. I tried going to Goodwin Hospitality directly but that redirects to iss. Anyone else have this problem and know... Continue Reading

MarketForce easing up on reporting deadline?

Got "the call" yesterday from MF to do a restaurant shop this evening (picked up the phone because I knew DH was craving the food). At the end they always give you the standard spiel about commitment, they're expecting you to do the job as promised, blah, blah, blah. But... Continue Reading

Editor asks for information that is in your report.

How do you guys handle this? I feel annoyed and want to say, "It's in my report. Just read it." But, I can't see how being snarky will benefit me in any way. So, I'm coming here to vent instead.... Continue Reading

MSC Automatically Rejecting Reports for Simple Data Entry Mistake...

I find it interesting and slightly troubling that some MSC will automatically reject a shop if a simple clerical or data entry mistake is made with the report. Data entry mistakes range from a simple date/time error, to uploading the wrong receipt, or perhaps clicking the wrong pushbutton option.... Continue Reading

"I remember you!" -- Would you report this?

There is a fantastic server who works at a restaurant that I shop every so often. I've had him as my server for almost every shop--maybe a total of 3 or 4 times. He's personable and efficient and knows the menu backwards and forwards. So, today he greets me as... Continue Reading

Cannot report posts to mods!

This morning the system would not let me report a post that was full of ICA violations. Is there a new gremlin in the system?... Continue Reading

Are SeeLevel HX restaurant reports horrible?

I am thinking of signing up for a restaurant shop for SeeLevel HX. The pay is awful but this one shop does have a small bonus. I have been signed up with that company for a while but for some reason, have been leery of their shops. I'm wondering if... Continue Reading

How to report unsafe behavior?

This past weekend I performed an oil change shop. In the guidelines, it stated to watch my car being serviced and I couldn't see from the inside so I stood outside the bay to watch them work on my car. As I was watching, I noticed an older employee smoking... Continue Reading

Do you report findings to the manager if it is a major health issue?

I found in the lemon box at 5 guys a lemon slice that had a good chunk of a fingertip and blood on the lemons. I told one of the crew members as I feel that this is a health issue.... Continue Reading

Would love to do a report after this experience.

I went to Olympia yesterday. The only associate was looking at paperwork at the register. No greeting. No acknowledgement. I walked over and he asked if I needed help. I asked where the running shoes would be. He sarcastically told me they were on... Continue Reading

Errors trying to report to Marketforce

I got a server error about and hour ago on my mobile application and didn't think anything of it. I was at the lake with limited service on a good day and bad service on a stormy day. I made it home to start my reports and got... Continue Reading

What would you do? Incorrect pay listed- submit report?

I was called to do a shop for $55 and countered with $75. The scheduler agreed and thanked me. The day before the shop, I noticed the pay was set at $55 and emailed her to let her know it wasn't right. She emailed me back right away and said... Continue Reading

Suggestions for Mystery Shop Reporting apps for Android phones?

Hello all. I would love to hear what apps you are using on your android phones to help with your MS reporting? I need to find something much more "stealthy" than how I currently take notes and report shops. Especially those that have reporting... Continue Reading

Tax reporting clarification

I know that the cut off is $600 before being required to report, but is it $600 in fees or combined fees and reimbursements? And is it $600 per company or $600 total for overall mystery shopping? Thanks!... Continue Reading

CHALLENGED REPORT: Will all others be put under the microscope???

So a shop report was challenged by the client who had received an overall positive rating with the only negative involving an employee interaction. Will the client and/or msc scrutinize all additional shops done by me for this same client??? Was my name revealed to the client?? No further... Continue Reading

Ardent taking longer to review reports?

I'm not sure if they've had to reduce their staff since all of the issues their major client was having, but I've had a few reports over the last couple of months take a bit longer to be reviewed than in the past. But, right now I have a report... Continue Reading

Has anyone done payday loan shops? I need advice on a PITA report....

I foolishly decided to take a payday loan shop in a sketchy neighborhood (without asking for a higher bonus) and now I'm paying for it. If anyone is familiar with this particular MSCs model and how they like reports done for these types of shops, I could use your advice.... Continue Reading

Shopper didn't get out of truck to tour space OR Editor did not carefully read report!

As I logged in to read guidelines for a shop I am doing later today, I noticed in the notes from a shop I did last month for the same MSP with the following comment: ďShop being excluded without pay. Shopper didn't get out of truck to tour cube per... Continue Reading

Schedulers changing narratives - What should I do?

Okay, I have not seen anything like this on the forum, but I may have missed it. I received a message today that I needed to change a narrative and put more information in it. I went to make the change and found that the overall narrative under... Continue Reading

Can't complete my report

Anyone having problems submitting their reports to the company that was shut down the other day? It locks up on me and I have rebooted. Is it my computer or their website once again?... Continue Reading

Trouble editing reports

Some of these MScompanies have these forms where, when I'm inputting information, it goes up into a text where the sentence just disappears it's off to the right of the computer and I cannot proofread my work. is anybody else having this problem?... Continue Reading

Have you ever felt like this after accepting "Fast Shop" or "Quick Money with Report"! What job was it? After grabbing two or three jobs you thought would improve your cash-flow when did you come to this realization after spending hours on both the job and report you got suckered? Without saying which MSC or Client, what is the worst assignment that made you feel like the character... Continue Reading

What do you do when a report is returned and you're asked to answer questions not on the report?

I've been doing a restaurant shop for over a year. Almost all of my reports come back as 10. This time my report was sent back because the person reviewing the report asked me the names of employees clearing off tables or talking to guest at other tables. They do... Continue Reading

Mystery shoppers who send in reports that are fake!

I just spoke with an associate about Mystery Shoppers who told me that they have had several shoppers who send in a report without doing the shop. They lie about their location, pick-up business cards and use them whenever. I could not believe that someone would do this,... Continue Reading

MSC start/stop times to min. then expecting them to add up to min and second timings in report.

Hundreds of shops under my belt and this still drives me crazy. Today it was a computer system that insists if I entered at 12:35 and exited at 12:39 then the max. time to complete my transaction must be less than four minutes, not the four min 11 seconds... Continue Reading

How do you remember each MSC's narrative preferences?

I just got a nice note from an editor at one of the companies I enjoy working with once or twice a month, asking me to please remember to use the employees' names in the narrative instead of referring to them as "the server." Fair enough--this particular company makes that... Continue Reading

Has anyone had their Market Force report "time out" in the middle of the report?

I was doing a report at blazing fast speed (no delays, phone calls or interruptions) when the page jumped to the "log in" window and I had to log in again. Thankfully, I always save page by page (because of a past report lost by NOT saving--lesson learned....) and the... Continue Reading

Second to none report today?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Hardest report you've ever written?

I think the current report I've been banging my head against a wall for a day and a half now may take the cake; it's a fine dining restaurant review which my girlfriend used as an excuse to break up with me during. Suffice to say my notes are not... Continue Reading

A Closer Look report advice

I am completing my first report for A Closer Look and need a little bit of help on one section. I am fine with most of the narrative but I am not really sure what they are looking for with the 5-7 sentences that tell the story of the "Time... Continue Reading

Shopreporter Scam victim

A mystery shopper assigment came through a message on linkedin from a former VP of HR I knew from a previous job. I do have 100% on this person. Yesterday O found out, this VP HR linkedin account was hacked, and some fake identity was the one who contacted me. The assigment... Continue Reading

Narratives too long?

I got an email from an editor today that may shop was incomplete due to some minor changes that needed to be made. But the major comment was that my narrative was too long! I didn't think that was possible. The editor's comments conflict with the report... Continue Reading

MODELLS: How is the new report and picture requirement???

They are slowing changing msc's with a reduced shop fee/ reimbursement of $15.00 as opposed to $18.00 with the old msc.... And three pics are now required. So how is the new report??? Many Thanks... Continue Reading

Food poisoning from shop..... Do I include that in the report?

I apparently have a case of food poisoning from a fast food shop I did. Do I include that in the report? "Food tasted fine until the second passing through!"... Continue Reading

What is the difference? "No narratives"

There's a resort shop that is advertising "No narratives." Wow! Can it be true? That depends. What is the difference between a "narrative" and the "detailed commentary" required?... Continue Reading

This will not be a fun report to write

Tonight I did a take-out wings shop. When I arrived and approached the counter, the cashier was loudly complaining to a server how understaffed she was and how no one was helping her. She did not greet me. After standing there approximately 20 seconds she said to... Continue Reading

How can I get an idea of what a report entails?

I have been shopping for about nine years. However, most of the shops have been for fast food restaurants. Those are relatively simple and of course, I do them in exchange for a meal. I consider it a trade-out. Now, I am looking at complex shops... Continue Reading

$15 pay- expected 30 min prep before shop /30 min report

So I'm looking at a job on stereo equipment. $15 shop with no purchase. The description says to expect to spend 30 preparing for the shop and 30 min to complete the report. They don't mention how long the shop should take but if you are... Continue Reading

Coyle's "Easy, One night hotel stay, limited narrative........"

Has anyone completed these yet? Just curious how these jobs are easy when they are exactly like their "full Two night hotel stays" minus the food and beverage reports, turndown and extra day to get everything done. And, oh yes, no assistance with travel fee. I would... Continue Reading

Taxes - Can I report only income made?

(This is my first time filling out the schedule c and I'm using Turbotax for businesses owners.) I'm just wondering if it's okay to report only the total amount of money I made mystery shopping during 2015. I didn't keep a log of my miles and I don't have all my... Continue Reading

New Chipotle Report Form

Well, I just completed my first report on the new form for Chipotle. I must say that I am very pleased with the new format. They have done away with the two paragraph narrative that took up most of my reporting time. Most everything is Yes/No with explanations for no... Continue Reading

Is the Wahoo's fish tacos shop narrative heavy?

I'm asking because I like to know what I'm getting into BEFORE I accept the shop. Most fast food/casual shops I do are pretty basic and light on the narration, but, you never know, it could be like B-D-M(crack the code ;)) shops.... Continue Reading

Do you feel bad reporting non-compliance with alcohol compliance shops?

I do. I'm 29 and do some alcohol compliance shops that require you to be under 30 and I don't get asked for id nearly 50% of the time. I will always do the report honestly but I feel bad for the worker who may get fired.... Continue Reading

Marketforce Reports

Is anyone having problems with putting reports into Marketforce?... Continue Reading

Negative assignment reports

One of my biggest pet peeves about mystery shopping is having to write a negative report. I had to write one this morning. I go into an assignment hoping the employees do a good job and I always try to include something positive about the location I evaluate. The assignment... Continue Reading

No or low narrative basic shops

I really want to get back to work, despite my broken hand. I've done a few shops with moderate narratives since my injury and it is not worth the time right now except to maintain relationships with schedulers who call me or companies I was already scheduled with. So, I'm... Continue Reading

Ath Power taking a very long time to review reports?

Maybe this is just an unusual thing, but I did two shops for Ath Power during the first week of this month. The first was reviewed and approved in less than a week, even with the editor having to ask for a clarification. I did the second one two days... Continue Reading

Anyway to modify a Marketforce report?

I should have been more careful but I accidentally selected the wrong answer during a shop report. It was my first time with this particular type of shop. The business will definitely point out it was wrong, its not something minor. I've emailed marketforce asking if they can change it with... Continue Reading


Oh, boy. Here I am for the second time today feeling like an idiot. This time it's about a shop at a retirement community. It's one of those reports that asks a bunch of yes/no questions and wants you to answer them all in narrative form. Ok, I can do... Continue Reading

Sonic -- No Receipt -- Report or Reschedule?

I'm KICKING myself for not noticing it. I did a drive thru shop and didn't realize that he didn't give me a receipt until I parked my car to take a pic. At that point, there were several cars in the drive thru and I figured if I drove back... Continue Reading

I need a little help with a Maritz report, please!

Bounced back from the editor with a note: photo needs to clearly show the QSR. What is a QSR, please? They aren't open, it's 11:30 PM, they want the photo NOW, but they won't be open for phone calls til Monday! Thanks for any help.... Continue Reading

My report is probably going to be rejected

I did a clothing store today where I had to make a small purchase and submit the receipt. The sales person put the receipt in my bag. When I got home to scan the receipt, I noticed the top of it was cut off, which listed the store... Continue Reading

Coyle Shop Reports read like a good short story or book.

I was curious if anyone here shops for Coyle and if you are a professional writer or poet? I've been reading reports that make me feel like a tiny little worm. A friend has offered more jobs with Coyle but I feel so inadequate, please advise because this is... Continue Reading

What is the most unusual thing you ever had to put in a report?

I haven't had too many crazy things happen while mystery shopping, but I would love to hear some of the "war stories"! :) My three highlights were: 1) I did a grocery store shop, and when I arrived at the location the automatic entry door would not open. I tried to get... Continue Reading

Editor rejected report for non-guideline requested name to be added

I did a hotel shop where the guidelines and comments were emphatic about wanting names for every person with whom I interacted. At the end of the shop I was referred to a staff member who would be in subsequently. The editor bounced the report and wanted the... Continue Reading

New Editor???? After over 100 shops submitted. Now the reports are being kicked back.

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

*Think* I was figured out as the shopper, mention it in the report?

So I think the employee figured out I was the shopper on a shop I did this afternoon. The first question out of her mouth was one of those things you are told to refuse if asked. It's one of those almost dead giveaways that you are the... Continue Reading

Great scheduler - Robin Myers at Reality Based Reports

Robin has been an excellent scheduler for years at Reality Based Reports! She is easy to work with and a true professional.... Continue Reading

a certain companies cell phone reports are garbage...

This thing never ends, by far the longest of the phone reports i've done. Definitely done with this company. ugh, they don't pay enough for this nonsense. I edited the thread name to take out the name of the company just to make sure I don't get heat on... Continue Reading

About Face hotel report

Delete... Continue Reading

Marketforce website reporting down?

I have been trying to report a shop for over an hour and just get the dreaded "Loading" when I click on report shop. I think the website is broken at this point. Is anyone else reporting shops ok?... Continue Reading

Shop Cancelled to Accommodate Another Shopper's Late Report

Early yesterday, I had scheduled a dinner shop for tomorrow evening. I got an email from the scheduler this afternoon telling me she had cancelled my shop because "Another shopper did the shop and just needed to file the report." I was sort of astounded when I read her email,... Continue Reading

Report time lengths

Have you ever wondered why it takes 3 hours to report a 20-minute shop? Why do companies want us to repeat everything in a different way 5 or 6 times? I feel like I am administering the MMPI2 to myself! (I was a psychologist in my former career.)... Continue Reading

Maritz editors changing reports

I guess that's why there edited, but Maritz returned one of my gas shop reports to me with a question this week and I noticed that they also changed three of my "yes" answers to "no" without any explanation. If they expect us to make no mistakes, why wouldn't they... Continue Reading

Reported posts

Could a member's post reported to moderation be saved in their account? How about the moderator response? Could be enlightening. [I]Mod note: That is a question for Jacob. Mods have no control/authority to make that happen.[/I]... Continue Reading

How do you write your "Detailed narratives"?

Sometimes I feel like I put way too much time and info into my narratives. Other times I feel like I don't put enough. I had one that asked for a "detailed narrative: tell us about your shop from the moment you entered until you departed as though it was... Continue Reading

Anybody else having trouble with reporting several men burger shop?

If I select that I was Satisfied with my experience and then select that the staff was Enthusiastic, I get an error message that I have to select Enthusiastic/Positive. There is no positive. If I downgrade to somewhat satisfied it lets me go to the next page, but that wouldn't... Continue Reading

Confero: website security certificate expired. ARRGHH! Anyone else having a problem filling out reports?

So I have had a hell of a time attempting to fill out my shop report. Confero has let their security certificate expire, so I haven't been able to upload photos or receipts. I believe this has happened before with Confero. It is odd because I logged on earlier and everything... Continue Reading

Is my Kinesis report actually submitted?

Hi, I just completed my first shop for Kinesis and submitted the report, I think. I got to the end it says everything is submitted and I can download a copy for my files (except it gives you a page with no Download buttons - annoying). Then I attach my... Continue Reading

2 1/2 hours for a Market Force report!

They are known to be slow. Tonight was the worse I've encountered with them. It might have been a Fast Food shop, but it is a Slower Than Cold Molasses reporting system.... Continue Reading

Not sure where to put this info in report; need help, please!

I did a shop today, and although the employee who waited on me was knowledgeable and efficient, he did almost nothing called for in the guidelines! Handled the specific transaction competently, but offered no extra services, did not attempt to upsell, did not offer to open a house account for... Continue Reading

We-check horrific experience - how doo you report fraud

I am a new mystery shopper, I haven't actually signed up with any company. Out of the blue I get an assignmen from "We-Check" Derrick Hay Ph.D, Senior Qualitive Director. They sent me a $2950.00 check, i was to buy 3 IPhone 6's. fed ex them... Continue Reading

Should I report Ellis Property Management to the BBB for not paying shop that followed the instructions?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Legal notice at end of Ath Power Reports

I just completed an assignment for Ath Power and saw, for the first time ever, a legal waiver on the bottom of the report which I had to initial. It basically said that you promised you didn't falsify information, upload incorrect documents, didn't rush the shop, and truly completed... Continue Reading

MarketForce - Report shop error with website?

Am I the only one getting this error as soon as I attempt to report a shop? Error An error occurred while saving your report information. We are working hard to alleviate these errors and have logged the occurrence. We appreciate your patience and thank you for being a MarketForce Shopper! Please re-open your... Continue Reading

My first really "negative" report

So I did a heavily bonused new car shop for Intellishop on the 5th. I have usually received some sort of response/grade from the editor within 3 days of submitting my shop, and have had no problems with them in the past. My report is still sitting in... Continue Reading

Too many incidents happened on shop to include in the report....

So, I had a shop today. A lot of things happened on the shop. However, I can't explain everything in the report, as there is a character limit. What do I do? Should I email the Scheduler and write it all in detail in the email, and in point form... Continue Reading

Is GFK taking longer to edit reports?

In the past, the longest it's ever taken GFK to grade and mark a report "received" has been about four or five days (at least in my experience). I now have a pending report sitting out there that's been completed for about twice that amount of time. I've received no... Continue Reading

Is it OK to use narrative from a recent assignment as "sample writing" for new MSC registrations?

There are a few MSC's that I've been meaning to register with, but they make clear in their app that they want a really detailed and well written sample narrative. The samples I created before I began shopping are well written, but bland. Being able to use an... Continue Reading

Lesser of two evils: Submitting a wonky report on time vs. waiting for scheduler reply & be late

As I've been reading through the board and using the search tab to answer my questions, I see this issue come up a lot. It seems that there will inevitably come a time when I will have a problem with a shop and be faced with the decision to... Continue Reading

Property Condition Report Scope F

I am wondering if anyone has done a property condition report for Trendsource? There is one near me, and I am wondering if they are hard to do? I have a decent camera, and the location is in an industrial park.... Continue Reading

On doing taxes and mystery shopping. What if you don't make enough income to even report?

I am barely able to make rent each month. I'm single, no children. I'm 62, do a lot of mystery shopping and have friends helping me get by until December. How would I handle taxes if I don't even make enough to report? I'll start getting Social Security at... Continue Reading

Slow Market Force Reporting Form

Is it my system or is the Market Force reporting system very very slow when reporting a golden arches shop? It takes me longer to enter my report than it does to actually do the shop. Just wondering if anybody else is having this same problem... Continue Reading

International Service Check - Refused My Report

I recently did a mystery shop for International Service check at a high end purse store. It was a lengthy, very detailed report with a long narrative. The were specific questions to ask and objections to raise with the associate. I have shopped at this store several... Continue Reading

Let's chat about the sHell report

For those just getting into the sHell reports, here are some tips that may help when you come to the conclusion of the report and discover you don't have an upload slot for a picture of an infraction you intended to report but didn't. Here's the way the report... Continue Reading

Do you report neglect and/or incompetence, or exceptional performance, when not shopping?

I recently took my grandson out to a non shop dinner at a semi-upscale restaurant and was on the horns of a dilemma when several negative events occurred. First of all, part of my grandson's order was botched up, causing a delay. Then the soup I had ordered was... Continue Reading

Weather at time of shop question on reports

I found this site to be great to help with those car wash reports that ask for the weather at the time of the shop. The report I have even asks for the temperature so if I forget to record it from my phone at the time, I know... Continue Reading

HELP -- Bestmark Reports...

Doing a Bestmark report and after filling out the first page with basic shop data (date, time, etc.) I used the save button to save my work before moving on to the next section. Then, I clicked the arrow button to move to the next section and the website... Continue Reading

Speaking of soul-sucking narratives...

Never again. I just finished my first and last shop with this particular MSC. Certain MSCs, I don't mind the long, detailed, mind-numbing reports because the healthy fee always reflects my time and energy involved. But this place, oh hell no. The shop paid $15. I... Continue Reading

Gas Station report - their clock 20 minutes off?

Trying to report a gas station shop I did today, and I noticed that the receipt says I bought gas at 3:03 PM but I didn't even arrive at the gas station until 3:20 PM! I wrote the help desk, but got an auto-reply that they'll take 24 hours to... Continue Reading

(First post) - Best paying shops without soul-sucking reports

This is my first post but I've lurked on the forum for a while now. I've been mystery shopping for almost 4 years now, I'm signed up with around 40 different MSCs, but regularly only do 10 to 15 a month (mostly food shops). I'm not trying to... Continue Reading


So.... I'm on hour 12 here. I know that I write slowly, but looking at the report, I think I'm about a quarter done. Ever have one of those reports that goes on and on and on and on?... Continue Reading

What's with some of these reports

I can't seem to stop getting emails from MSC's offering $10-$15 ( 3-5 bucks an hour) for shops that will take 3 hours to complete from getting accepted to do the shop to submitting the report ( gotta factor in gas, meters, printer paper stuff like that). They want detail... Continue Reading

Market Force new reporting time policy in effect Oct 1st!!!

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Urgent! Vital Info Must be Reported!! The definition of a "Flake."

We get desperate requests out of left field, almost hysterically requesting our much needed help! And then if somebody dies (or other circumstances) and we can't make the deadlines, we are forever branded as "flakes." Flaking would be on a shop when we have independently signed up for it,... Continue Reading

Shop Pay not always equal to report difficulty...

I'm noticing more and more that the pay offered for a shop is NOT always indicative of the difficulty in reporting the shop... Logically, a $3 shop should have 6-12 questions with little to no narrative. A $10-12 shop maybe 30-60 questions with some short answers. A $20-40 shop... Continue Reading

Goodwin Hospitality Reporting Timeframe

Anyone know the time frame for reporting shops with Goodwin Hospitality? I did a shop last night for them for a good chunk of change out of my pocket and YES, I did confirm the shop twice prior to the date. For many reasons I was unable to report when... Continue Reading

Home Improvement Shops reports?

Would anyone be willing to tell me how long they take? There's a couple out there that if I'm in the town, I'm thinking why not. But I do not want to get stuck with a 2 1/2 hour report. They don't pay enough for a term... Continue Reading

Does anyone know what Pinnacle's report deadline is?

I cannot find it on my paperwork or anywhere on the MSC site... Continue Reading

Scheduler Eric Lucitte demanding that I add false statements to my reports and evaluations.

I am warning all Intelli shoppers that Eric Lucitte will demand you falsify reports. He will give you a shopper rating of 1 and there fore cheat you out of your hard earned money for shops you don't falsify. He will go as far as to deactivate your account as... Continue Reading

Charity Contribution Solicitation Upon Submission of Report

I was just finishing submitting a restaurant report when a new page comes up that I hadn't seen before. It asked me if I wanted to donate $10 of my reimbursement to some charity. If I did, the MSC would match the contribution to the charity. I was a little... Continue Reading

You want that for a narrative??

Instructions for a summary narrative of the experience are - two to three concise sentences that has a minimum of 500 characters. Can you say run on sentence?? Ok. Vent over. Back to crafting an appropriate run on after the first attempt was too short. :)... Continue Reading

New to Market Force ~ Why Did My Report Go to QC?

I have only done a few jobs for them. The last one I did was marked "IN QC." It was released as "Approved" after two days. The only strange thing I noticed was a question where they asked if the SP recommended anything in addition to my... Continue Reading

Are reports considered late if no one is there?

I have Labor Day hangover blues. I am late w/some reports from yesterday. I know for a fact that office is closed today for holiday & editors work in office. I have not rec'd any late emails. Are reports really late if no one is there to edit them? It... Continue Reading

Just submitted my first hotel report

I am going to sit on pins and needles until I get the all clear on my report. Messing up a $10 report is a much easier pill to swallow then messing up a $350 report.... Continue Reading

Can anyone help with this Monterey report?

Under the section that says "Followup", the directions are clear: answer these questions NO and submit your report. So I answer the questions all with "No", hit submit, and they come up as the equivalents of "Ooops" -- red boxes around them, demanding the first and last name of... Continue Reading

Intellishop; Taking weeks to edit reports

I'm getting concerning about Intellishop, I submitted one shop report on 8-14 and two more on 8-20-15 and none of them have went through the final editing/grading process yet. Emailed the scheduler around 8-19-14 about the first report, she said they were behind but it would be done soon...still not... Continue Reading

I need technical help with my report!

Help! I have a report I am working on and I need help! I did a shop that required me to copy a webpage so i could include that information on the report. I had problems doing that. Because it would copy the form but not what I input... Continue Reading

What do you think of MarketForce's new policy regarding reporting?

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Marketforce reporting times

I just saw a message that MF will be changing the reporting times to make them shorter. Has anyone else seen this or know anything about it?... Continue Reading

I won't be writing your report....

I did a new car shop this evening. Everything went really well and the salesman did a great job......up until the time he asked for the sale and I explained that I was still going to look at an Odyssey and a Town and Country. I had asked him... Continue Reading

Receiving email when reports are evaluated.

Is it normal to not receive an email saying your shop has been reviewed? The first companies I shopped with sent me emails saying my report had been evaluated and in case cases with the report rating. Last week I did two shops for new companies that use Sassie.... Continue Reading

A Closer Look - late report warning 1 hour after shop was performed

This came across to me as unnecessary, premature, and somewhat inappropriately worded. BTW, my report was 90% completed when the email was sent and submitted before I read the email. Shop was to be performed between 5 and 8 pm today, which it was. A little after 9 pm I received... Continue Reading

Docked point for late report, but was submitted on time per Guidelines

So, I did the bar shops on Saturday. The Guidelines said I had to submit the details within 24 hours of the shop. I started the report, and saved it. I received an email that it was past due. Wrote to the Scheduler, and she said I'm fine in terms... Continue Reading

Report is obnoxious!

I did a storage shop and actually I have lots of them to do yet. Anyway, the report is so horrific that every question has to be mentioned in the narrative at the bottom. If your target was a female that was 5'5" and had black hair it all must... Continue Reading

Issue for the report do I or don't I report it?

Today while doing a storage shop the person showing it to me opened it up and we were swarmed with stinging creatures. I stated they were there. In response, I was told don't worry at this time of year they are everywhere. Duh! NO dumb blonde here! I pointed out... Continue Reading


Just had to share...I'm filling out the narrative for a home builder shop I completed this afternoon. The last item is a text box asking me for a "detailed written narrative" of my experience. So I type it all out and save the shop to complete it later (it has... Continue Reading

Bank Shops and Credit Reports

Hi All! My question will be vague because I don't want to divulge any sensitive information. But basically, I don't want to do any shops that require credit checks. I have excellent rating and I want to keep it that way :) Most of the time you are... Continue Reading

Any tips on making reporting for MF quicker?

FF shop reporting with Market Force takes a long time. It usually takes me 45 to 60 minutes to complete one. I wish they less pages to go through. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Does anyone else feel the reporting for MF is a long and... Continue Reading

Report Issues with the MSC

Hi, I had to make a call to two different tire shops today and I did. No problem there. However, I went in and did the report on call #1. Filled it out, no problem. I went and called the second shop and immediately I wanted to fill out the... Continue Reading

Lots of reports pending is irritating me today.

I have 6 NSS, 1 Amusement Advantage, 1 Alta 360, and 2 Intelli-Shop that haven't been edited yet. .... the NSS ones date back to 7/22, Amusement Advantage was 7/21, Alta 360 is 7/28 and Intelli-Shop was 7/25....... My youngest daughter (13 months) is having health issues and to take my... Continue Reading

Beyond Hello - Anyone else experience confusing feedback on reports?

Greetings, fellow shoppers (and any night owls that might still be up)! Looking for some insight on your experience with editors at Beyond Hello. I've been shopping for over 10 years, just casually, maybe half a dozen shops a month, but I consider myself an experienced shopper, having done a... Continue Reading

[Vent] 12 Hour deadline for report, but 6 days later to review????

Hey all, I try to drop in everyday to read and learn from all you seasoned vets, but haven't had much to add to most postings yet. I just wanted to vent a little here on a pet peeve. Had a dinner shop recently, finished up around 8 pm,... Continue Reading

MarketForce Reporting Slow

Since MF changed their web site and reporting, I have noticed that it is taking me an unbelievably long time to enter reports. It's now going on 35 minutes, and I am still enter a burger report. I have tried both Google Chrome and IE - slow using both. ... Continue Reading

WHY do recorded phone shops require narratives?

I have done a few phone shops where even though the shop is recorded and uploaded to the form, they ask for a detailed narrative or play by play. I just don't understand why. Anyone have some insight?... Continue Reading

ISecretShop / Measure CP - How long to review reports?

I recently did a phone call shop that requires me to buy a service online and then cancel the service the following week. The shopping company is Measure CP but the job is offered through ISecretShop. Has anyone done one for them? I submitted my report and it took them... Continue Reading

Maritz question about submitting reports after the 12 hr time limit

Seasoned Maritz shoppers - I have a POUNDING headache trying to get my grocery store audit reports done quickly right now. Boy I did not realize it would take me so long! Does Maritz penalize for late reports, monetarily or does it affect my "rating" with them? THANKS!!... Continue Reading


I need advice on submitting my reports. I seem to be struggling to submit them on time especially when they are at 12 hour deadline. How do you submit your reports if you are out the whole day and have to submit 8+ reports and also work the next day?... Continue Reading

GFK>>>>> why must you complicate your reports???

So the guidelines are overly detailed, which makes things confusing. Then comes the quiz, that throws in a tricky question here. So, now I know your strategy with the quiz, and passed the hurdle. Now, here is this Computer Shops, that are both confusing with the guidelines and reports submission.... Continue Reading

Mcdonalds Shop Report Rejected

I dont know how to react. I arrived and immediately noticed a stray dog on the property. It was very hot outside and I felt sorry for the dog. When i got in the drive thru line the dog actually came up to the passenger window. I opened the door... Continue Reading

$175.00 CREDIT CARD SHOPS:How difficult is the report please???

So how complex is the report for these $175.00 fee shops where you open up a bank credit card please?? Never did one and prefer to ask before accepting the shop. there anyway to return to the original fomat of this forum please??? Hate the new look, but love you for... Continue Reading

Time yourself doing a Chipotle report

One hour and thirty-three minutes. I was trying to get it done fast, but still do a good job. This is only my second one, but I don't really see myself getting a lot faster than that. My first one took closer to two hours, but we won't count it since... Continue Reading

Eat at all the finest restaurants for free with no report, shop window, or spending limits!

Of course you could go to jail. :? [B]Brothers Accused Of Dine-And-Dash Spree Through Clevelandís Finest Restaurants[/B] [img][/img] CLEVELAND -- Several downtown Cleveland restaurants recently noticed a pattern: the same two men dining and dashing. Bold and brazen, they struck back to back, before a fed up manager took one of them down with... Continue Reading

Advice on fine dining reports

First, I would like to thank everyone that responded to my posts all your suggestions are very helpful and those that PM'd me very much appreciated! So I've done two upscale fine dining shops now, both companies required a very detailed narrative with exact timing of when things occurred. ... Continue Reading

Completing McD report in store. Remember to be discreet

Edit: Fixed the misspelled title [IMG][/IMG] Yes that is two laptops and an extra monitor.... Continue Reading

Trendsource/MSI removing someone from a shop for correctly reporting results!!

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Ever wish you could write MORE narrative??

Everybody is so damn rude today on my gas route!! I wish this MSC left room for narrative so I can describe in great detail just how awful these people are. Answering "no" to "were you greeted in a friendly manner" doesn't cut it today where my answer should be... Continue Reading

Using the term "on point" on a report....

Appropriate, or just vernacular?... Continue Reading

Can we ask for an update/score about our report

Good morning.. I have an question I would like to ask.. I did a shop on 6/3. On 6/6 I got this reply. Thank you for assisting us with this mystery shop. For future reports, please be sure to comment in your narratives on all NO responses. Your report has... Continue Reading

Market Force and Negative Reports

I've searched, but can't find where I read that MF does not like negative reports and will find a reason to reject one and/or deactivate the offending shopper. I just had my first shop with them where the salesperson truly tanked. It was a cell phone cancellation shop where I had... Continue Reading

SMASHBURGER:How is the report???

How is the Smashburger report for both the dine in and take out shops please??? Months back somebody said it was quite long.. And what is required to purchase for the $14.00 total fee/ reimbursement please?? Many Thanks... Continue Reading

Is my report on hold or not?

I performed a luxury retail shop about two weeks ago. Last night (Sunday night), I get an email from someone in editing saying that one of my reports has been placed on hold due to conflicting answers. I happened to be online at the exact time that the... Continue Reading

Coyle Reports

Any comments on how detailed and/or time-consuming the reports are for the Coyle high-end assignments are? Would you do another? Or, are you doing more of them? Or, are you done with them? I'm thinking of doing one but I'm unsure. Thanks, Brian... Continue Reading

Copies of reports submitted online

Good evening fellow shoppers. I am newbie to mystery shopping, but I've been able to complete a good mix of 15 shops in one week across multiple providers. If only I had found this forum before I started, I would have resolved many of my questions this week. Now that... Continue Reading

Mcdonalds report

on the report it says: if you ordered McNuggets choose the chicken or fish category. Are they afraid people with list it as 'other' food item because its not really chicken and they have to actually be told to consider it to be chicken?... Continue Reading

Your report has been declined because you are decesed

"Your report has been declined because you are deceased." Sending that out was the highlight of my day yesterday. Found a shopper with 4 profiles, all looked suspicious so I called the phone number on one. Was told the person was deceased and the person who answered was also one of the... Continue Reading

novelty shop, per description, easy shop little narratives, NOT!!!

FYI fellow guys and gals shoppers, I got stuck with this, low pay and full of 60 questions, and 4 tabs of narratives... just beware... I did it since I had another shop in route. I did it pretty much for free.... Continue Reading

Comments on Ritter Report

I'm heading out for my first Ritter shop and was looking over the guidelines. It states: "Make sure each comment is typed in UPPERCASE letters." Is that really what they want? Looking at their grammar document, it appears they want proper use of upper and lower. I figure I'll get... Continue Reading

Schedulers Submitting Your Reports

I recently had a scheduler submit a report that wasn't finished. Does the scheduler still get paid for that submission even if the report isn't useable? Does this happen very often?... Continue Reading

App to help with long narratives....

Is there such an app for Android and/or Windows phone out there?... Continue Reading

Ooops . . . The mystery shopper gave them a bad report

I just shopped the post office where I lived for 36 years. I only shopped it once before for several reasons, one being I would be too memorable. As I was preparing my package, two of the clerks were diss'ing their mystery shopper because the last two reports... Continue Reading

"Fraudulent" Report

Has anyone had a report returned because it was considered fraudulent? Were you told what was wrong with it? I just did a shop and received an email stating "they reviewed video and audio surveillance of your visits, and have evidence that information reported in both shop reports... Continue Reading

HELP NEEDED TONIGHT (04/11/2015) for pizza report

REPORT QUESTION - "Did the customer service representative offer you any type of promotional special at the beginning of the call? (for example a large 1-topping pizza for $9.99, Family Special for $19.99 or any other offer given to you at the beginning of the call...NOT at the end)?" WHAT ACTUALLY... Continue Reading

How do you deal with reports that ask you the same question 3 and 4 times.

I've had to fill out reports, where the same question is asked 3, 4 or 5 times. Only worded different. What did the sales person tell you about the product? did the sales person explain the product?.....did the sales person tell you about the product, what did they say? If... Continue Reading

When a shop is rejected due to the facts reported....

I had a gut feeling that I could not report the facts of bad customer service to the (anonymous small MS Company). However, I proceeded to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Sure enough the shop was rejected. It is harder to report a negative feedback, than a... Continue Reading

What's the most awkward thing you've had to report?

I had a food service shop today, during which I observed a person who wasn't in company uniform cleaning the dining area. Happened to look up just as he was apparently blowing his nose in a napkin, and then watched him wet his fingers in the soda fountain and wipe... Continue Reading

Gym shops with long narrative

Does anyone do these without recording? I did my first today and the amount of detail was difficult to remember. I will know more tomorrow if it get spits back to me if I provided enough detail. Anyways I live in a 2 party state, is it... Continue Reading

Sinclair Reports?

How bad are they? I just spent an hour on the pre-shop qualification for an $8 shop. Please tell me that was just to test my tenacity and that the actual report is easy peasy. :P... Continue Reading

grocery stores with Spanish narrative

I sooo want to do these grocery shops...!! Has anyone ever completed one? You are required to visit 6 departments...ask a question...and there are 5 or 6 narratives (that do not need to be translated). There is a 70.00 reimbursement...and typically in the past...cough, cough (IKEA) shops... Continue Reading

How do you never make mistakes on these reports?

I'm finding this line of work more challenging than I thought it would be. Today I had a Panda Express shop, and it went fine. I also did one two days ago and reported it. The one two days ago was a dine-in shop. The one today was a drive... Continue Reading

Last sentence and POOF my report is gone!

There was a post a few weeks ago about a program or a tool that I could add to my browser to repopulate anything that I might have lost. Could someone tell me what it was called? My laptop has an issue, I can't touch the left corner. If I... Continue Reading

Can you imagine the narrative for these assignments?

I came across this tonight and just started thinking about how the narratives might go...and because I am so behind at the moment on my own work, I won't have time to write my own sample until tomorrow but I really wanted to share the story asap! Continue Reading

Mystery shopping/reporting programs

Hi guys. I am new to this forum, hope I am ok posting this here... I live in South Africa and am in the process of setting up a small local customer experience consultancy. I am looking for mystery shopping/reporting software that I can use to make that side of the businesses easier.... Continue Reading

Couple questions about first shop report

Good afternoon everyone! :) I just completed my first shop and submitted my report to SteriCycle. How long until I know the report was accepted or not? Also, after leaving the shop, I realized I forgot to take a needed picture. I was only a minute away, but being unfamiliar with the... Continue Reading

Service Check report issues...

I did my first Service check shop over the weekend. It was a simple movie theater shop. I submitted my report and got back a message today asking to clarify my report. I understood the things she asked me to clarify, but at the end she put: Please note for... Continue Reading

Do you use a grammar program for reports?

Do you ever use a grammar checking program for your narratives? I popped one of my narratives into a free online checker and had to laugh at some of the corrections. I am by no means perfect in my writing, but that program seemed way off.... Continue Reading

Problem reporting a Kinesis shop

Hoping another night owl might be up and able to help. I have gone back and forth between Kern and Kinesis trying fing a report form to fill out and having no luck. I changed browsers, closed and reopened the sites many times, and even rebooted to no avail. I've... Continue Reading

What word to use for "poop" in report?

If there was dog poop on the sidewalk of an apartment complex, how should I explain that in nice terms? I so look forward to reading the replies! :)... Continue Reading

Anyone else ever have trouble submitting report on MF theatre jobs?

I did an assignment for MF this afternoon. It's the first one I've done for the theatre side of MF in a couple years and my first ever lobby check. It was a relatively easy job and the pay was not great but not terrible either. The problem is... Continue Reading

Six reports to enter and just can't get the motivation...

I've got $210 on the line and I just can't get the motivation to enter these reports! I love music but can't play it when I type it throws off my concentration. I've walked, played a game and watched Dr. Oz... nothing is working. Just have to... Continue Reading

Not sure if I should report this...

I did a phone store shop yesterday. The store was great and the associate was great. I can give them high scores for everything except for the associate's breath. I was across the counter and had to keep backing away it was so horrible. I have never experienced this... Continue Reading

Yikes! This would be quite scene to report

From today's news in NH: CONWAY, N.H. óA large gas station canopy being shoveled off by contractors toppled over and crashed onto an SUV with the driver inside Thursday morning, but no one was hurt. Police said two contracted workers were shoveling off the canopy about 9:45 a.m. at a Circle... Continue Reading

Would you report it?

Tonight I was mystery shopping a Chevron just before 10 p.m. in a rural farming community in central California. I know this community well, not from mystery shopping, but because i have spent some time there photographing it. The inhabitants are mostly poor migrant workers and few speak... Continue Reading

Trouble Reporting at Sinclair

Anyone besides me having difficulty getting photos to upload, and consequently reports to go through, at Sinclair tonight? Tried IE and Chrome, and nothing is getting the photo to upload. I have two Sinclair reports due.... Continue Reading

I need a critique of my narrative.

I have been mystery shopping for many years and I believe I know how to write good narratives. I submitted the comments below for a shop and received the following from the editor: "Please use the correct punctuation. Do not write in run on sentences." My... Continue Reading


I have a question...Are any of you nervous before you hit send on your report? I find myself reading it over and over to make sure that it has hit all points and I guess I'm looking for tips to just let me hit 'send' without stress!... Continue Reading

Need advice on what to say In report

Today I performed a card shop at a dealership in South Florida. Although the salesperson was very nice and friendly, he made a racist comment, which was just a generalization and not targeted towards anyone in particular, and I don't believe it was malicious, but rather a cultural difference, but... Continue Reading

Reporting from ipad

I find it difficult to do a reort on my iPad. It seems to take much longer and doesn't seem to allow me to just fill in the blanks easily. I find it is easier to do the narrative since I can talk rather than type. I also had... Continue Reading

Second to None - Shop Reporting Issues with Website

So, I've completed shops for Second to None before; however, why can't I figure out how to get to the questionnaire this time around? So when I click on my list of Scheduled Shops, I can click on the following: - Assignment #: This lead me to "Assignment Details" but I can... Continue Reading

New Pegasus Report

I note that the new, 2015 version of the online report for the Pegasus gas stations seem to be much shorter and faster to perform. No questions about oil products sold or if the station does oil changes. However, there is a question about an attendant's name tag and uniform... Continue Reading

Discussions of Reports

Most folks forget the apostrophe. :)[/quote] And now a bigger update - Reality Based Group has acquired Shoppers' View! From the email sent out about it from RBG, apparently realitybasedreports. (Source). December 03, 2022

Most folks forget the apostrophe. :)[/quote] And now a bigger update - Reality Based Group has acquired Shoppers' View! From the email sent out about it from RBG, apparently realitybasedreports. (Source). December 03, 2022

Same photos required for the Coke Freestyle beverages. I took close to 30 photos. Report was tedious and long. (Source). December 03, 2022

I mean, less than $1 an hour when they stretch out like that, and that is not even counting the report. (Source). December 02, 2022

After three calls on at least two different days, turn in the report and include the fact that there was no answer. (Source). December 02, 2022

The bar audits, like regular restaurant shops, usually require a narrative of the visit and these do not. (Source). December 02, 2022

. Depending on the company, after three times report it as no one is available or if is a target shop speak to who ever answers the phone. (Source). December 02, 2022

If the lanes are sold out you must still go to the desk and inquire, explain this in your narrative and answer all applicable questions. (Source). December 02, 2022

But I was paid when I explained the situation.[/quote] This happened to me too, and I was paid. I made sure to note in the report that I felt the clerk was providing excellent service. (Source). December 02, 2022

You will need to upload these photos to your report. (Source). December 02, 2022