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Ipsos Sassie Ratings

Does anyone know anything about Ipsos shopper ratings for the Sassie shops? I can’t do a shop, because it says my shopper rating is too low to do it. I never even knew Ipsos rated shops. Now they are being very slow to answer any questions about their rating system.... Continue Reading

IPSOS Sassie fee for closed location?

Does anyone know what IPSOS pays for a closed location on their Sassie platform? On their ishopforipsos platform, I believe they paid 50% for a closed location.... Continue Reading

Sassieshop board is empty

Not sure if something is wrong with the website. I not only did searches in my area with a 100 miles radius, but also every top 10 large metro in the US and its showing no shops available? I also just signed up for them, but I verified everything with... Continue Reading

How to view all shops on Sassie? Did it change?

Hi everyone, for the Sassie platform, I used to be able to see all the shops that a mystery shopping company might have. I do not recall exactly what it was, but I think on the job board there was a button on the left side that said "Current Job... Continue Reading

$24 to $26 Shopper Pay - Home Improvement Shops are back in Sassie - AL. GA. LA. MA. NC.

Ipsos Shoppers Home Improvement Shops are back in Sassie No Limit on the number of shops that you can complete. Two shops for you at each location. Grab both shops - Curbside and PUIS Shops at the same location on the same day. The Stores App is optional and not required. $24 Shopper Pay... Continue Reading

Anyone else have "Pending" payments from IPSOS Sassie...just waiting...

It's been pending all day, I'm thinking today is still payday for IPSOS? Waiting...waiting...ugh... Continue Reading

SASSIE, Athena, and Presto down today at 9pm ET

Hi, all. We've been notificed that today, March 7th,at 9:00PM ET all SASSIE, Athena and Presto systems will be taken offline for routine maintenance for up to 30 minutes. I hope you have a great Saturday! It's nice and sunny here in Michigan. :)... Continue Reading

Anyone been paid Ipsos Sassie side today?

I don’t even see payment pending and I’m waiting for a big payment.... Continue Reading

FYI - Presto and SASSIE downtime on 2/11/2020 at 6:30am US/Eastern

I know y'all hate unexpected downtime but we got an email from AWS that basically says "by the time you read this, one of your servers may already be dead" (not really) so we need to do some emergency downtime tomorrow morning. It should only take a few minutes and... Continue Reading

Social Verification for Sassie System

I have been having the worst luck getting social verification from all companies with the Sassie System. I've reached out multiple times and cannot find anything.. It's been well over 30 days. Also- I've worked with many of these companies years ago before I was married and changed my last... Continue Reading

So any problems with the Sassie system?

Most of my Sassie companies give me a hard time about losing my passwords even after just changing and today several of them have lost my SSNs. I am really starting to get worried about the security of these systems. Do You think that they are being systematically hacked?... Continue Reading

Ipsos Sassie Payment vs. Ipsos Shopmetrics Payments

This may be a silly question, but since I don't know for which reason, I'll have to ask it anyway. Ipsos payment schedule through Shopmetrics should be about 2 weeks (correct me if I'm wrong). Is that the case for Ipsos Sassie Division? I sign up for a few mystery... Continue Reading

SASSIE offline 1-18-20 9pm ET

Hi, all! We've just been informed that SASSIE will be offline for routine maintenance for up to two hours on Saturday, 1-18-20 starting at 9pm ET. Please plan accordingly. :)... Continue Reading

IPSOS SASSIE side shop excluded

I just wanted to warn other shoppers that IPSOS has a new project on the SASSIE side. It took them almost a week to inform me that I would not be paid and the job was excluded. I am now stuck with a box full of crap that I... Continue Reading

Username & Confusion with IPSOS+Sassie and IPSOS APP

Can someone enlighten me? 1. I can't seem to sign onto Sassie. Is it because I'm new? I get this message: Sorry, couldn't find an account matching the supplied credentials. 2. Also, I cannot sign onto my IPSOS on the cell APP. It asks for my username and does... Continue Reading


-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Sassie payments from GFK/Ipsos

Did anyone receive their weekly payment from GFK/Ipsos last Fri 11/8? My payment never posted for shops I did on 11/2. They were also submitted the same day. I'm so confused my sassie payment from gfk/Ipsos has never been late.... Continue Reading

Having trouble getting "pdf" guidelines from Sassie

Has anyone gotten "pdf's" from Sassie shops and not been able to open them. I have received guidelines in plain text and my Mac will not open them. g "bad cookie" error!... Continue Reading

SASSIE down for maintenance - 10/19/19 9pm-11pm ET

Hi, all! I hope you're having a great spooky October. Just popping in to let you know that we've received notice that SASSIE will be down this Saturday, 10/19/19 for routine maintenance. It will be offline starting at 9pm ET for up to two hours.... Continue Reading

Sassie platform and email offers "off"

I apologize if this has been asked before. I am finding that some of the companies I shop for that use Sassie randomly change the profile setting to receive shop offers by email to "no" when I always set up for "yes". I hate to miss out... Continue Reading

Sassie call dropped, what do you do?

I was doing a shop today via a recorded number provided in a sassie shop log. In the middle of the call it dropped. I was wondering what do you normally do when this happens? Do you just call back and both calls get recorded? Normally sassie phone recorded shops contain... Continue Reading

IPSOS Sassie Vs. Shopmetrics Side And does anyone have trouble on IPAD?

I’m so confused about IPSOS and Shopmetrics “side” vs “Sassie” side. I have 2 different logins for each. I signed up for a shop today requiring a quiz, but on my IPad the guidelines won’t load and I can’t access the quiz. I don’t have my laptop at the moment,... Continue Reading

payment history -Sassie

Hi can anyone tell me how to locate the payment history on Sassie Shops website? I get an invoice every week from Ipsos, but not from Sassie and I am trying to see what payments have been made to me. I am missing something on how to do this. ... Continue Reading

Shopper Pay $14 - Technology Shops are Back in Sassie - DC, CO, GA, IL, IN, KS, ME, MO, NE, NC, OH, OK, PA, RI, SC. TN, WA.

Technology Shops are Back in Sassie Ipsos has Technology Hardware Shops Quick and Easy - No purchase required - $14 Shopper Pay - Payments Processed Weekly Apply now in the Ipsos Sassie Platform: Summary of Task: Interact with an associate with regard to your assigned product, record recommendations and features discussed. Learn how your assigned... Continue Reading

Technology Shops are Back in Sassie - DC, CO, GA, IL, IN, KS, ME, NE, NC, OH, OK, PA, RI, SC. TN, WA.

Ipsos has Technology Hardware Shops Quick and Easy - No purchase required - $14 Shopper Pay - Payments Processed Weekly Apply now in the Ipsos's Sassie Platform: Summary of Task: Interact with an associate with regard to your assigned product, record recommendations and features discussed. Learn how your assigned product compares to the competition... Continue Reading

$14 Shopper Pay - Technology Shops are Back in Sassie - DC, CO, GA, IL, IN, KS, ME, NE, NC, OH, OK, PA, RI, SC. TN, WA.

Ipsos has Technology Hardware Shops Quick and Easy - No purchase required - $14 Shopper Pay - Payments Processed Weekly Apply now in the Ipsos's Sassie Platform: Summary of Task: Interact with an associate with regard to your assigned product, record recommendations and features discussed. Learn how your assigned product compares to the competition... Continue Reading

SASSIE down for maintenance - 8/24/19 9pm-10pm ET

Hi, all! Just a heads up - SASSIE will be offline for for up to one hour on Saturday night August 24, 2019 at 9pm ET for routine maintenance. Have a great weekend!... Continue Reading

Uploading pics on sassie sites.

Is anyone else having trouble uploading their pics to Sassie? I have been having issues since last week it it has been happening with different MSPs I take the photo and hit start upload, as I always have. The box says 100% uploaded. But it does not go automatically back... Continue Reading

Sassie Shop payment dates

What are the sassie shop payment dates.... Continue Reading

SASSIE down for maintenance - 7/13/19 9pm-11pm ET

Hi, all! We've been notified that SASSIE will be down for maintenance tomorrow, 7/13/19, for about 2 hours, starting at 9pm ET. Plan accordingly! :)... Continue Reading

Informa Research sassieshop website

Informa Research has switched to sassieshop. I think I completed all of the steps needed to get myself on to their sassieshop website, but when I log in and look at the job board, there are no jobs listed anywhere in the United States. Anyone know what I am doing... Continue Reading

Sassie System - Inflexible?

The survey could use some improvement IMO. Some of the dialogue boxes are too small. Sometimes you can view or review your work with neither the beginning nor the end of the sentence in sight. Some dialogue boxes are way too big for a short narrative. These should be self adjusting, responding... Continue Reading

SASSIE maintenance 6/15 at 9pm ET

Hi, all! Just a heads up - SASSIE will be offline for up to four hours on Saturday, 6/15/19, starting at 9pm ET for maintenance. Plan accordingly. :)... Continue Reading

SASSIE maintenance 4/20 at 9pm ET

Hi, all! SASSIE will be down for maintenance on Saturday, 4/20/19 for up to two hours, starting at 9pm ET.... Continue Reading

SASSIE maintenance 4/16 at 7am ET

Hi, all! We've received notice that SASSIE will be down for maintenance on Tuesday, 4/16 at 7am for up to 30 minutes. Just wanted to give you a heads up!... Continue Reading


I received an email for phone shops for a MSC today. They are on the Sassie platform, and I am signed up with them; however, when I look at the job board, the phone shops are not listed. I have encountered this before. I am wondiering if there is something... Continue Reading

Kss International/Sassie

i received a Priority Mail envelope with a check and a letter requesting me to do this job for this company KSS International(Kern Scheduling through the Sassie platform. I remember signing up with them but then I forgot I did and went back to check on them and I... Continue Reading

Uploading Multiple Images using the Sassie System

I did my first shop and report for (Mystery-Shoppers, Inc) last night and discovered I was only allowed to upload 1 image in each of the 2 fields requesting them on the report. The MSC requires images to be uploaded in jpg format. When I would attempt... Continue Reading

Did Anyone Else Have Problems with SASSIE today?

One of my reports was extremely slow taking input, It would have to be a more detailed report. My only problems were with sassie. The rest of my network works as usual. Anyone else experience this problem? Don't know if it was sassie or the... Continue Reading

Informa is switching to the SASSIE platform

What are your thoughts? I like SASSIE much better than Prophet.... Continue Reading

Sassie down for maintenance

I completely spaced the note I saw on here the other day about Sassie being down for a while tonight #@?!. I finished my route and had about 90 minutes before my card game with friends tonight and decided to get dinner at Panera (not a shop) and write... Continue Reading

SASSIE maintenance 1/19 at 9pm ET

Hi, all! I hope you're having a great new year. We just received notice from SASSIE that the system will be down for routine maintenance this Saturday, 1/19 at 9pm ET for up to one hour. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up! Happy shopping!... Continue Reading

SASSIE issues

For the past several months, I've had all sorts of issues with any MSC that uses SASSIE. The worst issue is that when I click on the job board, I can only see clients that start with the letters F and H...on a good day I can see a client... Continue Reading

How to find invoice on Sassie

Hi, This may be a stupid question, but how do I find an invoice through the Sassie software? Thanks... Continue Reading

What is with the privacy policies on the Sassie platform?

For some companies, I am greeted with a privacy policy agreement to 'sign' when applying for a shop that is sent out by mass e-mail, even after I have agreed to it dozens of times over the last several months (for that same company). And sometimes after doing so I... Continue Reading

SASSIE down for maintenance 11/10 at 9pm ET

Hi, all! We just received a notice that SASSIE will be down for routine maintenance on Saturday, 11/11 at 9pm ET. They're predicting it will be down for up to one hour. Just thought I would give you all a heads up. :)... Continue Reading

aarghhh Sassie down for maintenance!!!

Hey, was very close to finishing a report, and I went to save my progress but get a message saying,Sassie is doing maintenance, check back soon..That is aggravating to say the least. I wish they would at least have the courtesy if you are in the middle of a shop... Continue Reading

Sassie report says I have "Oops" but can't find them!

I'm trying to submit a repeat on Sassie and it keeps saying I have 4 "oops". I have scrolled through the report several times and can't find them, and the Jump to first Oops doesn't take me anywhere. Any suggestions or tips/tricks before I contact the MSC? Thanks... Continue Reading

Weird Blip on Sassie Platform?

This may be a limited situation, but I recently did two shops for a MSC on Sassie. When I finished and submitted the reports, the jobs vanished from my shop log. Instead of their normal progressions from "new" to "completed" to "received." Just poof! Gone. I've been paid for one,... Continue Reading

SASSIE down for maintenance 9/15 and 9/22 9pm-11pm EDT

Hi, all! Just a friendly reminder that SASSIE will be down for regularly scheduled maintenance on Saturday, 9/15 and Saturday, 9/22 from approximately 9pm-11pm EDT. Remember to save your reports! :)... Continue Reading

myster shoppers payment (Sassie)

I completed a shop on 6/26/18. It was approved. According to my profile it said that I was paid on 8/15/18 I know that they pay by paper check. As of 8/30/18 I have not received my check. The last time I did a shop for them it seemed like I... Continue Reading

Is Anyone Else Having Problems Uploading files to SASSIE (or Seelevel) Reports?

I've been trying for hours. Thanks.... Continue Reading

SASSIE down for maintenance 7/14 and 7/21 9pm-11pm EDT

Just a reminder: SASSIE will be down for regularly scheduled maintenance from 9pm-11pm EDT on Saturday, 7/14/18 and Saturday, 7/21/18. :)... Continue Reading

Sassie platform and flake citations?

My hero citations show up. My citation for recognizing the new parameters for privacy shows up. But do the flake citations show up as well? TIA, MaryAnn... Continue Reading

Unscheduled maintenance-SASSIE 6/18 9pm EDT

We just got this message, so I thought I'd pass it along. :) SASSIE, Athena and Presto systems will be taken offline for up to an hour tonight, Monday June 18, 2018 at 9pm ET for unscheduled maintenance.... Continue Reading

SASSIE down for maintenance 6/9 and 6/16 from 9-11pm EDT

Hi all. I've noticed a few times that people on the forum have lost their work when SASSIE goes down for its regularly scheduled maintenance on the 2nd and 3rd Saturday of each month, so I thought I'd start posting reminders here. We also post a reminder on Shoppers' View's... Continue Reading

PrestoInstaShop Map: Sassies vs. InstaShops?

I am a little lost. I installed the PrestoInstaShop Map onto my IOS, and I only see Sassie shops on my map, but not InstaShops. I have the Sassies icon at the top right under the menu, but no blue icon for InstaShops. Everywhere I go to try to find... Continue Reading

MSPA Gold Cert Now Available with Sassie!

I received an e-mail stating that my account had been updated for one of the MSCs on Sassie. I signed in to see what the change was about and noticed that it now says I am MSPA Gold certified! Woohoo! It looks like I am now able... Continue Reading

Sassie reports

I just completed a phone shop and I fill in the require informatiion and I send it in. After I sent it in, I realized that I forget to add some information. So I clicked on the button that said this was not my intention and I made a few... Continue Reading

Report completed and Sassie is down for maintenance!

I just completed the remaining oops on a Hotel/Casino/Dining shop and POOF! Sassie is down for maintenance. I took screen shots of the report at the bottom and of the Sassie down for maintenance screen. I can't imagine that it matters any to the MSC though. ... Continue Reading

Was there some software glitch going on with Sassie Shops on Saturday, April 14?

Has anyone else been having problems yesterday with their assigned shops suddenly cancelling in the middle of doing the shops and blocking access to the evaluations and guidelines? This happened to me twice yesterday, from 2 different companies. First were some airport shops, and I had pulled these shops up... Continue Reading

Download Sassie Shop Log Easily?

Does anybody have any tricks to get Sassie shops logs pulled down in a nice table in excel? In years past, I was able to just copy and paste my list of Sassie shops into excel for tax purposes. However, with their "upgrade" to v2.0, the entire shop log pastes in... Continue Reading

MeasureCP - Sassie site down, no response about completed shop

I did a tax shop for Measure last Wednesday (2/28), which required me to put over $500 of my own money down in tax prep fees. I submitted the shop same-day, and it went into the 'received' status for a few days. I just went to check again and the... Continue Reading

Argh! The Sassie phone number didn't record my call

Intellishop phone call. I've been doing phone calls for a year with never a failure. Today I go to do the report and no call there. I've hit the "Help" button and filled out a message but so far, crickets. Now what?... Continue Reading

Sassie Platform down?

Trying to input few reports ....all which failed since I cannot log on to any of my shopper accounts using the Sassie platform. Anyone else experiencing this problem tonight?... Continue Reading

Ipsos Sassie and Ipsos Shopmetrics

What's the deal here? I had never noticed they were different platform websites with different shops until today.... Apparently my passwords are different and the shop types are different but it's the same company logo. I just started getting emails about new shops (I suppose a new client that is... Continue Reading

Sassie Mapping Issue

This seems to be an ongoing issue-- Most of the time, when there more than 100 shops available, a drop down box shows up that lets you choose the next page. It's a "1-100" and "101-200" type of thing. Every time I switch to the second page, it comes up with... Continue Reading

Is anyone have this issue with Sassie?

I've noticed for the last few days the location of my home is now in the middle of the ocean. It doesn't affect the job list on the job board, but I can't see any of the shops in my area in map view. Is anyone else experiencing... Continue Reading

Weird Sassie platform stuff

I just noticed something weird when I checked some of my Sassie platform companies. When I clicked on the job board links, I got a message informing that "my home address could not be mapped. Please click on My Profile to correct it." I went to "My... Continue Reading

Jobslinger Sassie: To pay or not to pay

When I signed up for Jobslinger, I signed up to pay the $5.99 a month. I recently got a Note 8 so maybe that is the reason I'm getting a text with each shop notification as well as the app notification. This text is bugging the hell out... Continue Reading

Another new SASSIE Rollout

How about the new SASSIE look? My preliminary impression is, "They must have listened to our complaints about their last website remodel." I like the new SASSIE. It gives the info I need in as few clicks as possible, and the pages load fast now. Graphics... Continue Reading

Job on SASSIE no longer available?

A self-assign shop I'd like to do has been on the board all day, but when I try to self-assign I get the message "Unfortunately, the shop was unable to be assigned because it is no longer available." Is this a common error? Wouldn't it disappear from the board if... Continue Reading

Anybody ever had trouble uploading photos to SASSIE?

I've been stumped. I'm working on a regular project, and when I go to upload photos to the Sassie form for one particular company, they won't upload. I load the photo, hit upload, it goes to 100%, then... nothing. It just sits there forever. I've changed the file type, tried PDFs,... Continue Reading

Sassie platform VENT!

I'll get used to it eventually, because I have to if I want to work. But honest to Pete, did they even ask shoppers to try a beta version? I can barely read the gray, grayer and the lightest gray type. Confirming an overnight route took almost 10 minutes. When... Continue Reading

Microsoft Outlook blocking Sassie E-mails???

I've received two e-mails today indicating that my e-mail account has been rejecting e-mails for Sassie shops. Each e-mail had a link I could select if I wanted to continue to receive Sassie e-mails and another link if I wanted to be removed from the e-mail list. After... Continue Reading

Sassie Technical Issues - Please help!!!

Is anyone having issues with Sassie? Each time I open a survey, the entire page does not display, and I have to keep opening and closing the survey. Sometimes, I get to the bottom of the page to submit the survey, and because the entire page will not open, I... Continue Reading

Sassie down?

I was just going to do a shop due tonight and the first time I tried it said Sassie was down for maintenance... And it's still down. Hope it comes back online soon, I don't know why they can't do this during the middle of the... Continue Reading

Sassie applications. How do they pick

I know some sassie jobs you can self assgin and others you have to put in your application and some one assigns you the shop. My question is how do they pick your application. Thanks... Continue Reading

How to access SASSIE job board?

Isn't it through PrestoInstaMaps? I'm embarrassed that it seems I have not mastered the search function here -- as I know ALL the job boards have been posted, with links, but I can't find the threads. Help? Thanks!!!... Continue Reading

Sassie Provided Spell Check

Most of the shops I do use the Sassie platform to report their shops and this platform has a spell check program. Great, right? Well not if it won't load!! On 8 out of 10 shops this month that use it, that program would not load on either my iPhone,... Continue Reading

Sassie Pay Dates?

I am pretty new to the board, and have noticed that SASSIE has changed their format and I can't seem to find the pay dates for my shops. As you know, it was previously posted with the shop, but now it's not and I can't find another location where this... Continue Reading

REALITY CHECK PAYMENT TERMS - SASSIE SHOP: How long until I get paid after performing a shop?

Hi everyone! I recently signed up for SASSIE SHOP and am about to submit my survey for my first shop. But I've scoured the website and cannot find anything (in the job listing or on Sassie's site) that states how long after submitting I will get paid. The... Continue Reading

Do Sassie Shops no Longer Allow Gold Certification?

I just received gold certification and I am trying to upload my number to all of my accounts. However, the Sassie accounts say that they only allow certifications BEFORE 2014????? So I paid the money and took the time to get gold cert and I can't even use... Continue Reading

Website fixes - for OTHER than Sassie

Most of us hate the new Sassie look. I was wondering what changes you would have other companies make to their websites? Maritz: Get rid of the light green font, and automatically invoice each project. Amusement Advantage: The bright red font needs to be toned down to something closer to a... Continue Reading

How to change back to old look on Sassie system?

I hate the new look on the Sassie system with a passion. It made me spend more time expanding shops in the shop log. It does not make me feel comfortable when I do data entry. It's not user friendly. It's bland. It takes up my whole screen. It... Continue Reading

New Look on Sassie

Sassie has changed there look again. I don't like it. I am an old dog and can't stand new tricks.... Continue Reading

Can anyone explain sassie?

I just registered with a MSC that uses sassie but I can't figure out how to use it. A scheduler will email me about a shop available in my area, I'll sign on to sassie and it says there is nothing available in my area. It's not that others are... Continue Reading

JobSlinger vs Presto maps vs Sassie vs Volition vs...what am I missing?

Hi can someone explain the relationship between the above mentioned websites? For instance, I gather that Sassie is a programming platform that a MSC might use to sign up new shoppers, list their available shops etc. And those seem to show up on my Presto map. So does that mean... Continue Reading

Sassie down for maintenance! Couldn't save my work.

I was about three quarters done with a long and narrative filled report for Service Check when I went to save it so it wouldn't time our. I then got a message that Sassie was down for maintenance. I tried to go back in my browser but only got the... Continue Reading

Fine time for Sassie to be performing maintenance...grrrrrr!!

Just tried to save the report I'm in the middle of and this message popped up: We’ll be back soon! Sorry for the inconvenience but we’re performing some maintenance at the moment. We’ll be back online shortly! — Systems Team Did this happen to you too?... Continue Reading

RESOLVED: Technical Assistance Needed -- Sassie Report....

I'm in the middle of a report on the Sassie platform and received this error when I attempt to access the report to finish it:: Fatal error: Call to a member function hasNext() on a non-object in /home/surfmer/sassiecore_a/sassiehelpers/common/avprep.class.php on line 770 Does anyone have any suggestions on how to access the report... Continue Reading

What browser(s) do y'all use for SASSIE platform reporting?

I'm using Firefox, but there's no "submit" or "save" button showing. So, in effect, I guess I mean the whole page isn't loading. Impossible to submit with no submit button. This is an on-going problem for me. I can do it at the public library, sure -- but... Continue Reading

Sassie down for maintenance?

Anyone else having trouble accessing Sassie? The message on their site says they're doing maintenance. I'm trying to enter a North Fork shop, but the message indicates the whole platform is down.... Continue Reading

Sassie dragon admin login code....elusive!!

Im a newb so bear eith me....can anyone tell me the web address to the dragon admin login page and where the elusive "code" is so i can use dragon. I have searched to no avail for days....please help!!... Continue Reading

Gmail has been sending my Sassie emails to SPAM folder

Has anyone else had a problem recently with Gmail marking scheduler/MSC emails as spam? I don't recall making any changes to my Gmail account and I don't mark anything from MSCs as spam, so I'm not sure why this happened. It looks like it started on March 15th. It... Continue Reading

Sassie Question

I apologize if this topic has been asked before but I searched MSF and Sassie and couldn't find the answer. Right now I'm signed up with a bunch of MSC and some of them use sassie. When I was registering with a MSC a few weeks ago, I remembered seeing a... Continue Reading

Sassie Accounts Deleted

All of my Sassie Shop accounts have been deleted. I tried to log into Customer Impact, Intelli-Shop, Ath Power, Kern Scheduling and many of my other mystery shop accounts powered by Sassie but none of them exist as of yesterday evening. I have sent an emial to Kern since they... Continue Reading

Sassie Phone Shops

I don't seem to be seeing them for a lot of the MSCs when they post them. Is there something wrong with my settings or are they going that quick?... Continue Reading

Shopper's Critique (SCI) has MERGED with Reality Based Group (RBG) over on Sassie!

Just logged in to my account with Shopper's Critique and saw this on their announcement page: [b]SCI is excited to announce we have recently merged with Reality Based Group (RBG), another prominent mystery shopping company. We will be moving everything over to Sassie and hope to accomplish that by April 1st.... Continue Reading

Sassie companies with no feedback or score

I recently completed two shops for two new companies (on the same day no less). They both use the Sassie platform, and it has been over a week since I submitted the reports. I haven't gotten any score or feedback for either one. Both only say "received." I was wondering... Continue Reading

Can someone tell me how to use the Sassie Rover app?

I can't find the instructions anywhere?... Continue Reading

Browser that works with SASSIE?

I've tried IE, Firefox, Chrome. This is for MSPA/Jobslinger, Intelli-shop, and all companies evidently on the SASSIE platform. I just get part of a page. Like, if I open the report, there's no save or submit button at the bottom of the page. On MSPA, no matter what... Continue Reading

Sassie Shop &

Hi. I'm a relative newbie, and I would like to clarify something about Sassie Shop and I Secret Shop. A lot of the individual mystery shopping companies direct you to these sites when you want to sign up. It seems that those two sites are portals that list assignments from... Continue Reading

Sassie down for maintenance

I just tried to enter one of my reports and got the message that they were down for maintenance. Did anyone get an email about this? I suspect it is a problem rather than planned maintenance. And they're back up. That was quick.... Continue Reading

Sassie Platform Question - Can I view my finalized shop input forms?

Hello, I am a new shopper and still getting acquainted. Many of the shops I perform are for MSCs on the Sassie platform. Is there a way to view my completed shop input forms? Sometimes I want to go back and check what I input on the form and there doesn't... Continue Reading

Sassie hickup or...?

Completed a pair of recorded phone shops today for ATH. Filled out part of the form, hit SAVE to complete evaluation later, and got to the next screen. Came back 4 hours later, logged into the site, opened the shops, and all data (including the recordings) were gone. (guidelines... Continue Reading

Sassie, Shopmetrics, and Prophet

Favorites, dislikes, likes? I prefer Sassie for user friendliness and Shopmetrics is my least liked of any of the software. Matter of fact, I try to avoid Shopmetrics. Their software just cost me over $300 in shops due to putting in shops three times and they were duplicates. The dups... Continue Reading

Sassieshop form

Has anyone encountered and solved this problem? On my PC (Windows 7), when the SASSIESHOP form loads it doesn’t completely populate. Sometimes only a portion of the form loads, very often it doesn’t display the Save and Submit buttons. This occurs with every MSP using the SASSIE form. It occurs on... Continue Reading

Heads Up for those doing Bancorp/Net Spend Visa shops for a Sassie Company!!

Just wanted to let others know of the issue I encountered doing this shop....I have several emails in to the scheduler about it....haven't heard back yet. It is being scheduled by Summit Scheduling for a Sassie company. Anyhow, here's the situation..... I was scheduled yesterday (8/22/16) to go to a convenience... Continue Reading

New map look on sassie sites

So today I am searching on a few msps job boards that use the sassie system, well they changed the look of the map. Still have not decided if I like the new look or not. Any thoughts from others?... Continue Reading

How do I get a a user name and password to get on sassie rover?

How do I get set up with sassie rover it just asks for my id and passcode and I don't see how to set that up... Continue Reading

Sassie Platform Timer

After many years, I have decided to live more on the edge... When the 30-minute timer runs out (which lately seems to take twice as long to pop up as the timer is much slower these days), it prompts us to save our work so we do not lose information.... Continue Reading

Sassie and MSPA Silver and Gold certifications

I have had the worst luck in inputting my MSPA Silver Certificate. I get this response: "ERROR ! Certification for the email address '' using the code '495903' was unsuccessful! Please try again or click here for help Register New Code" There is no new code to register. MSPA NA doesn't... Continue Reading

Sassie and MSPA Silver and Gold certifications

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Sassie Not always Sassy

I've never registed a complaint with any of my MSC regarding their use of Sassie. However, when I think about the time required of shoppers to file a good survey, it is frustrating to repeatedly read the guidelines and repeatedly have a window pop up stating that the guidelines must... Continue Reading

NEED HELP!!! Deleting entries in sassie rover app

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Your Mystery Shopping emails have been disabled (SASSIE, JobSlinger, etc)?

I got this email twice yesterday from, and after clicking the link and verifying that I wanted to keep getting shop notices, I got a confirmation email that said all is good. I had not noticed any decrease in the amount of sassie shop offers of late. Today when... Continue Reading

Does Prophet have a job board similar to Sassies JobSlinger or Shopmetrics MSJobBoard???

I've tried looking through old posts and saw something about a Prophet4 job board for Prophet jobs gathered together like Jobslinger for Sassie or MSJobBoard for Shopmetrics. But when I googled it, nothing came up that related to the jobs found on the Prophet sites, or any sort of link... Continue Reading

Sassie and resizing pictures

I was wondering if this happens to anyone else - whenever I upload a photo directly from my camera in to a sassie shop, it resizes it down so much that it is not readable at all. And, I mean pictures that are taken with 5MB resolution. ... Continue Reading

Belgian chocolate purveyor using sassie for online customer surveys

Today I bought some chocolate at a shop where I've done mystery shops in the past. I was not mystery shopping. I saw on the receipt that they are soliciting customer feedback, so I went to the site and did the very short survey. I was surprised to find that... Continue Reading

Sassie Issues

Is anyone having problems getting any Sassie-related pages to load? For the last few days, I've had a heck of a time getting the pages to fully load. I also noticed it's happening here, too, where sometimes I'm having to try 2 or 3 times to get a... Continue Reading

Sassie Guidelines and contact person before accepting the shop

On the sassie platform, is there no way to view the guidelines before I accept or apply? The comments all say "read the guidlines" but I haven't seen them posted anywhere. .... Continue Reading

Is anyone having problems when using the "Print" feature at Sassie-platform MSCs'?

Hello. For the past two-three days, I have noticed when I try to print out the shop survey for several Sassie MSCs, the print out is somewhat blurry and the font is lighter. The guidelines/instructions, on the other hand, print out just fine. Has anyone else noticed... Continue Reading

"Your Mystery Shopping Emails Have Been Disabled" (Sassie, Jobslinger, etc)

I got an email yesterday with the above title. It said, "Your email provider has repeatedly rejected our emails OR has sent us a demand to stop sending you emails (common with AOL accounts). To comply with SPAM regulations, we have put your email address on our "DO NOT EMAIL"... Continue Reading

GFK sassie rover to download?

I'm trying to download the app on a new device I now have but I can't find where/how to download it again... Continue Reading

See Level/ Sassie grading question.

I just signed up so I automatically have a Shopper Grade of 5. The assignments on the board all require a grade of at least 8. So, do I apply anyway? I have no problem paying my dues but it could be months before a job comes up that is... Continue Reading

Is there a way to email yourself a copy of email sent through Sassie "Help/Contact?"

I did a phone shop. The Guidelines say that I need to email my Scheduler from the "Help/Contact" button in the shop log. Is there a way I can send myself the same email as proof? If not, what do other shoppers do?... Continue Reading

How do you download the GfK SASSIE ROVER app to a new iPad Pro? Nothing that GfK has told me seems to work

I need help today, if possible. Thanks, ? The Crazyoldman... Continue Reading

How do I get into the SASSIE system for Kern

I just did another bank shop for Kern and am now trying to do the report. I've done shops for this MSC before and recall having the exact same problem doing my reports. I have to go someplace else to log in to do the report and I don't recall... Continue Reading

Intelli-shop / SASSIE settings question

OK. I am now getting upwards of 50 or more emails a day from Intelli-shop. Is there a way to stop getting the email notifications? I can't figure it out today. I thought that I could do that without deactivating myself? The odds of me doing a... Continue Reading

SASSIE Social Security Verification Time - New to Shopping, Help!?

I am very new to mystery shopping (just did my first shop today) but signed up for a bunch of SASSIE companies (Beyond Hello, HS Brands International, Intellishop, GFK, Compliance Solutions Worldwide) and am wondering how long it takes for my social to be verified? Additionally, if the "pay date"... Continue Reading

Trouble with SASSIE

HELP!! I can't seem to access any of my SASSIE MSCs. For every one I try, I get the following error: Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Too many connections in /home/surfmer/sql_connects/2beyondhello/connect_write.php on line 3 Warning: mysql_select_db() expects parameter 2 to be resource, boolean given in /home/surfmer/sql_connects/2beyondhello/connect_write.php on line 4 Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Too many connections in... Continue Reading

Sassie Shop SSN Verification Time

Hi, I've been signed up for multiple Sassie Shop websites for about 10 days now. I have a few scheduled shops coming up soon and my SSN still isn't verified. The websites all say that it will be verified from as soon as instantly and can take up to 3-7... Continue Reading

SASSIE Message


Agreed Fee Questions - SASSIE

Hello, I have an email discussion with a schedule where I agreed upon a fee of $25 per shop for two shops. The company uses SASSIE so I know they can either update the fee or add a bonus to the fee. This updated fee is NOT... Continue Reading

Sassie Rover app

I had to uninstall my Sassie Rover app, but when I tried to reinstall and searched the IPhone App Store, it is no longer listed. Has anyone had the same issue? HELP!... Continue Reading

Having problem with Sassie

I'm receiving emails about available jobs...but not the acceptance email after I apply for jobs. This just started happening a couple of days ago. Anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions on what to do? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Sassie Emails

Has anyone ever gotten this message on any home page of an MSC on Sassie platform? "Your email address "XXX" has been placed on our "DO NOT EMAIL" list because your email provider has repeatedly rejected our emails (or has sent us a demand to stop sending you emails - this... Continue Reading

Why are some Sassie shops self assign and other you have to sign up for?

I am wondering why some Sassie shops are self assign and others you have to apply for and the scheduler will e-mail you and let you know if you can complete the shop. Is there an difference between the two? Thanks... Continue Reading

Is there a way to change your address with all Sassie / Shopmetrics companies at once?

I'm guessing no but you never know, so I thought I would ask...... Continue Reading

My Sassie Rover app went crazy today as I was completing the audit - can I recover?

I was literally on my last few items - checking for energy efficiency labels when Rover shut down my iPad. Every time I try to get back in the audit it creates a blank audit. 6.5 hours of work. GONE. Has this happened to anyone else and did you find... Continue Reading

Technology Store Shopper: 10 emails, really? Sassie abuse

10 back to back identical emails, first time I've been contacted by them. No one's Sassie agreement consents to being SPAMed. Bad first impression. All from: Deb Kavanah Continue Reading

Sassie Shops

Has anyone ever tried to self-assign a shop only to find out there are no available dates highlighted? I could see other shoppers were taking shops, but I could not for some unknown reason. This isn't the first time this has happened. I wrote the MSC involved but haven't received... Continue Reading

Presto Shops - Are All Sassie MSC's on it?

Is it a requirement for all Sassie-based MSC's to post their shops here? I ask because I just uncovered the "master list of Sassie MSC's" that someone put together, and I'm tempted to sign up for them all. However, it wouldn't make sense if the shops are displayed on Presto... Continue Reading

How long does it take for your SSN to be verified in most Sassie systems?

Just curious... Continue Reading

Can you get a sassie shop 'back'?

So I completed 3 Sassie shops yesterday for one MSC. I check my email and leave for the day. I get a harried phone call telling me I have an overdue shop and need to complete it asap. I wasn't wearing my phone it went to VM.... Continue Reading

Problem with iPhone 6 and Sassie websites

Since I got my iPhone 6 I have not been able to click onto the job boards on any of the sassie websites. My phone won't acknowledge that the Job Board is a link and go to that page. Is anyone else having this problem or know of a solution?... Continue Reading

Sassie Do Not Email list?

I logged on to several websites tonight and found this listed: Your email address "" has been placed on our "DO NOT EMAIL" list because your email provider has repeatedly rejected our emails (or has sent us a demand to stop sending you emails - this is common with AOL accounts).... Continue Reading

Sassie image upload rotation frustration

I normally take pictures of receipts with my Android phone and upload them to Sassie by cabling the phone to my Windows computer. Sassie has two ways to view uploaded images while working on a report: There's a small picture in the report, plus clicking on that brings up a... Continue Reading

SASSIE will be down for maintenance - Saturday, April 18th

IMPORTANT NOTICE! SASSIE Regular Maintenance - 4/18 SASSIE will be be down for maintenance on Saturday, April 18th from 8 PM EST - 11 EST. If you are in the system during this time, please make sure to save your work OFTEN!... Continue Reading

Anybody having problems with Sassie tonight?

I've been trying to do a repost for Reality Check and Sassie is slowwwww. So slow it's timing out. Anyone else having probs tonight?... Continue Reading

Sassie Rover System

I particularly like using Sassie's Rover because I don't have to go home and repeat the process. What I don't like is have 5 old assignments in my In Box that were completed before I began using the system. Has anyone determined how to eliminate these shops??... Continue Reading

HELP HELP How do I GET THIS SASSIE ROVER need immediate help pkez

How do i get Sassie Rover it not clearcto me Im New... Continue Reading

Sassie Program Issues

I went to check some of my job boards this morning, and on all of the sassie job boards I cant pull it up... It gives me a message that reads "Your home address could not be mapped. Please click on My Profile to correct it." When I click on... Continue Reading


I do not like the way the Sassie's website job search function has changed. I like to find my shops by state, not by radius from my home.... Continue Reading

New Sassie Mapping design

What are you thoughts on the new Sassie Job Board Map design? I liked the old design much better. The new design has the map across the whole screen, but the map is so narrow, it makes it tough to click on a shop and get the information... Continue Reading

Sassie down?

Is Sassie down? Two of the companies that use the Sassie platform gave me the following error message - Sorry, this system is temporarily offline for maintenance. Please try again later.... Continue Reading

Lazarus: Form Recovery and Sassie works!!

I don't know if it was posted here, but I installed: [B]Lazarus Form Recovery[/B] I never really thought about it until today. I was a good 25 minutes into a Sassie shop report and had many yes/no and several narrative boxes filled in. I never saved and I was forced away... Continue Reading

Sassie Software Problm

For over four weeks I have been unable to access the web sites of companies that utilize the sassie sign-in software. All methods to correct this issue has occurred. I even had a person from Geeks come to my home and he could not figure this problem out. I can... Continue Reading

is Sassie down?

Hi. Anyone having problems logging in to sites? I've been getting error for about an hour now :( Can't log onto Bare, Service Sleuth, JM Ridgeway, etc...... Continue Reading

Sassie shops

I have registered with a few companies and many seem to go through Sassie. I really like the way they work, especially the map feature so I can schedule shops in the same area with 2-3 companies. I am currently registered with intellishop, North Fork Research,... Continue Reading

Sassie Software

I posted a message on 1/24/2015 that stated I could not get any mystery shopping companies to download. This message was cut, since sassie was going to be down on Saturday evening. I knew they were going to be down during this period of time. My problem has been... Continue Reading

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Sassie maintenance on Saturday, January 17, 2015

ATTENTION SHOPPERS: SASSIE websites (including ours) will be down for maintenance on Saturday, January 17th at 7pm EST (11pm GMT) for up to 60 minutes. Please be careful working on your reports around this time. Be sure to save everything in a text document on your computer to avoid losing information.... Continue Reading

Prophet, Sassie and ShopMetrics

I need some help, please. In the past, I have read posts from shoppers asking which reporting software an MSC uses and other posts requesting a list of which MSC uses which one. Could someone(s) please help me understand the differences between the three and why it's important? For example,... Continue Reading

Shops missing from CSE SASSIE log?

I recently did a lot of shops for CSE: ages ago I did a full circuit of shops at an airport (that I was paid for, long ago), and more recently I did that same circuit for them, and then I went on a trip so I did four post-sec... Continue Reading

Is Sassie Offline for Maintenance?

Just tried to submit a report. Not sure if it went through. Now I can't logged back into the site.... Continue Reading

SASSIE glitches? See if email field & last name fields correct.

Is anyone else having a glitch in their SASSIE profile page ? Check closely where your last name or email address is located. It is the boxes just above the SSN field boxes. I have noticed that a few of my shopper profile databases specifically for SASSIE MSCs suddenly... Continue Reading

Sassie Universal Login

I really hope that I’m posting this within the appropriate forum. If not, I apologize and encourage you all to let me know so that it won’t happen again. I read an interesting article posted by Ann Michaels & Associates. It explained that Sassie, unlike Prophet, does not offer a... Continue Reading

SASSIE down...

Does anyone know how long SASSIE will be offline? Errrgggh I wish SASSIE warned us about this as shops have deadlines!! It is the evening on a weekend, seems like the prime time IC's may be submitting reports.... Continue Reading

Sassie Shop Software Cannot Add Photo/Image

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Anyone else having an issue uploading receipts/photos to Sassie

This started just yesterday morning. I can upload to all of the other systems with no issue but not to Sassie. I've never had this problem before. I just finally discovered the issue but I'm not sure how to solve the issue. Maybe one of you know. ... Continue Reading

Is anyone else having trouble uploading images to SASSIE?

I haven't been able to upload images to various MSCs that use the SASSIE platform in the last few weeks. I can open up the separate window but clicking on the "upload" button does nothing for me. Does anyone else have an issue?... Continue Reading

Quirks, Wish lists to fix Prophet, SASSIE, ShopMetrics Report Systems

Quirks, Wish lists to fix Prophet, SASSIE, ShopMetrics Report Systems - Pet Peeves I do not get why some MSCs who use Prophet4 report system can't seem to remember what cities I have selected time and again to be part of my territory. Other companies it works fine...but there are a... Continue Reading

Service Excellence Group: Sassie site not working?

I have some shops scheduled for today and the Sassie site is giving me a 502 Bad Gateway message-anyone else having this problem? I tried calling their 1-800 number and it rang and rang, then went silent. I called their main number listed on their website and left a voicemail... Continue Reading

Looking for something other than "Sassie".

All the MSCs that are on my list use Sassie. Is there anything else? I live in a rural area and there is not much here or in the towns that are 30 miles away. I would love to try other scheduling companies. Any ideas? I am currently signed up... Continue Reading

SASSIEmailing Logins and Passwords

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Sassies Question

How long does it take any Sassies system to verify SSN? I have signed up about two weeks ago and it still says "pending". I don't want to do any shops for those particular companies until it states "verified".... Continue Reading

Sassie shop board

Question about the new Sassie shop posting board. It gives you the option to choose the old posting to go by state but it only allows me to do this on a desk top computer and not on a iPad or on a smart phone. Is there a... Continue Reading

Not receiving Sassie emails

Has anyone else had problems receiving Sassie emails? If so, please share how you resolved the issue. I have had no problems until this week. Now I don't receive shop acceptance emails, shop review rating email, etc. It is only happening with Sassie companies. All other MS... Continue Reading

Marital status on SASSIE sites?

I'm just curious. Does anybody else find it weird that SASSIE companies don't offer "domestic partnership" as a marital status? I'm currently single, but I object a little to the idea that because my marriage isn't legal in my state I'd have to go on being listed as "single" even... Continue Reading

Sassie Emails

Ok, I keep getting emails saying that my Sassie emails have been disabled. I activate them only to receive the same email shortly thereafter. I didn't do a whole lot of research, but it looks like their 'solution' to this costs $99 after a free month? What... Continue Reading

Is sassie down?

I can't log in to any MSC that uses Sassie, is just me?... Continue Reading

Are any of you getting the email that your emails have been disabled from Sassie?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Which companies use SASSIE?

I like the system because it's easy to use and understand (the joke in my family is "before you try to explain anything electronic to Nina, add 40 years to her age") and I'm looking to sign up with additional companies. Who's on the SASSIE system, other than BARE and... Continue Reading

Does Sassie have a mobile app?

I'm trying to write a report on my phone.... Continue Reading

Is the whole Sassie system down?

Every sassie site I have tried to log into tonight is coming up as offline. Is it just my computer, or is anyone else having this problem?... Continue Reading

Mysterious Sassie system scheduling

Let me start by saying I know there has to be a rational explanation, but I just can't figure it out. Perhaps someone out there can help. I've been a shopper for over 3 years and have used the Sassie scheduling system hundreds of times. For some... Continue Reading

Sassie shop notifications.

For the longest time I though that all Sassie companies post their jobs on jobslinger or at least send emails to shoppers notifying about new shops. I was wrong. One day I went to one Sassie company's website that does not have many exciting assignments and surprisingly I found a... Continue Reading

Gotta love Sassie...

Please pick a date between 02-24-14 and 02-28-14 (m-d-y) except 02-24-2014, 02-25-2014, 02-26-2014, 02-27-2014, 02-28-2014... Continue Reading

Is Sassie down for maintenance ?

I have been trying to input several shops and just received notice, "504 Gateway Time-out - The web server is not responding" and earlier that the system was down for maintenance. Anyone else having problems?... Continue Reading

Sassie Down??

OMG - I was almost finished with a long report. I hope that it saved somehow... but I doubt it. So stupid of me to not write it into a word document first. Is it down or is it my computer?... Continue Reading

Sassie is down (Saturday, January 25, 2014)

This is the message I am getting... "Sorry, this system is temporarily offline for maintenance. Please try again later." And my cable service in acting up so I can't even take a break to watch TV...arrrgh!... Continue Reading

Sassie Self Assign Defect

Occasionally I come across an error like this: Please pick a date between 01-27-14 and 01-31-14 (m-d-y) except 01-27-2014, 01-28-2014, 01-29-2014, 01-30-2014, 01-31-2014 Does anyone know why it does this? The MSC in question does not have a rating for me, but 2/3 of the assignments I have done are graded... Continue Reading

Can't log in to Sassie. Help!

Is anyone having trouble logging in with companies who use Sassie? It doesn't matter which company I try. If they use Sassie, I can't get logged in. Internet Explorer says, "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". Chrome says, "Oops! Google Chrome could not connect". I... Continue Reading

Sassie Companies and MSPA Certification & GeoVerfiy

Hi, I became siver certified and I went to enter the information at JobslingerPlus and on the SassieSystem companies when I sign up for them. Everyone of them comes back stating "error". I reported it to the place it states to send an email to, over and over. I never get... Continue Reading

Map view of SASSIE shops

Is still down for me. Was supposed to have been restored Monday. Is everyone else in this situation? I miss it.... Continue Reading


Is there a list on this board somewhere that states which companies use which platform? I've looked and can't seem to locate anything....... Continue Reading

Sassie MAps

What happened to the maps that showed where the shops were located on the Sassie sites. I was just getting used to them and now when I sign in, I get the listing of the shops. No big deal but I wonder if I selected something that went... Continue Reading

Sassie banner ads

Is this new? I've never noticed before but a couple of the job boards now have banner ads. Service Sleuth had so many flashy animated gif ads my browser slowed down while the page was open. Only saw it on theirs and one other. I think... Continue Reading

Sassie new job boards gone?

I just checked three different companies that use Sassie and noticed that all three have reverted back to the old job board (the one that sucks and does not show the shops on a map). Is this just me or is this happening to everyone?... Continue Reading

How Sassie works?

Could someone please explain to me how Sassie companies and IC Pro work? Are these companies related to each other? Do I need to register with every company or can I register for all of them at the same time? Any comments are appreciated.... Continue Reading

Is Sassie down right now?

Trying to get into a bunch of my reports & can't- anyone else having this problem?... Continue Reading

Sassie's new job board

Do you guys like the new job board ? Or prefer the old one ?... Continue Reading

Sassie Job Boards Down? - Resolved

The Sassie "new" mapped job boards do not seem to be working (no matter how I filter, I get all the shops worldwide), but the classic versions are coming up correctly. Edited to help folks know that the issue was only a few hour thing. All the boards were back... Continue Reading


:)... Continue Reading

Bare on Sassie -- Is it working?

Has this happened to any of you -- as soon as you compete a report and submit it that that shop drops off your job log. Also, the 35+ shops that were in my job log that were completed in the past several months also disappeared . . .... Continue Reading

SASSIE problems on Mac

I did a SASSIE shop in April with no problem but now if I go to a SASSIE site and click on a location the details do not show up. If I am sent email from a SASSIE site I can click on my state and see the details of... Continue Reading

Sassie emails

Does anyone know if there is a way to set up Sassie companies so they only email you stuff that is actually near you? There are far too many emails for stuff that is 2+ hours from my house. I have the opposite problem with Prophet companies, I rarely... Continue Reading


I recently received email from a company called Sassie,but I cannot respond to them regarding projects they recently offered. There doesn't seem to be any human contact and that concerns me...... Continue Reading

Sassie paypal account info change

I have recently changed my email address to coincide with a name change. I needed to update the MSC's with new paypal account information. Does anyone know if you can change your paypal account info on the profile page in Sassie? Seems like I can change everything but that.... Continue Reading

SASSIE offline at 8 PM EST Monday night

To all SASSIE Shoppers: SASSIE and its affiliated websites will be going offline at 8 PM EST tonight (Monday May 6th) as we move our system to the Amazon Cloud Hosting Services. The upgrade should take no longer than an hour. Thanks, Jack from SASSIE... Continue Reading


Is this place safe to give your info to? I read they are like an in between company. A place to find shops. You have to give them your SSN to join, how do I know they are giving it secure MSCs?... Continue Reading

Can you do a Sassie shop from an Android phone?

I just got a phone in January and am slowly learning to use it. Today I thought I'd try doing a shop from it. I took the picture on the phone. I emailed it to myself. I don't know if that was necessary. But... Continue Reading

Shopmetrics vs Sassie vs Prophet

Which system do you prefer? I'm used to Sassie, but Shopmetrics is growing on me. Sorry for those who use it, but Prophet just isn't for me. I find it hard to use and the info I need just isn't easily accessible...... Continue Reading

Is Intellishop's Insite (SASSIE) system down for anyone else?

It's been unavailable for more than 30 minutes here. No issues with other SASSIE sites. TIA.... Continue Reading

Looks like SASSIE is down right now.

=(... Continue Reading

SASSIE: Routine Maintenance on Sunday, 2/24

"SASSIE systems will be taken offline for routine maintenance this Sunday 2/24 at 7PM EST (1AM GMT) for up to 60 minutes. We apologize for any inconvenience."... Continue Reading

SASSIE down?

I have been unable to log into any SASSIE sites for the past half hour. Has anybody else been able to? It looks like this is one report that is going to be late.... Continue Reading

SASSIE system?

I just finished my last report (almost all of them tonight were on the SASSIE system) and when I clicked to save a PDF of my report, it said there was an error with the download, then proceeded to freeze up completely. I can't get my shop log... Continue Reading

Shop Notifier: new FREE smartphone app for SASSIE shoppers!

Hey, shoppers! Here at SASSIE, we know that many of you have had problems receiving your SASSIE shop offer emails. Believe me, we’ve tried every possible way to get those shop offers to you, but no matter what we do, some email providers still think our shop offers... Continue Reading


I am a tyro in the world of mystery shopping so; I have put together a verified list of the company websites for 493 MSCs that are currently active (November 2012) in the USA and Canada. I verified the existence of the domain and the company to insure that I... Continue Reading

SASSIE average rating 5

:)... Continue Reading

SASSIE Link Missing

I have noticed over the past week that the direct link to apply for SASSIE shops is missing. Is SASSIE experiencing technical difficulties or has a change been made? Thanks all!... Continue Reading

Did you know that " marks become ? marks in Sassie?

I recently received the following comments on my Sassie shopper log for a very detailed shop that I performed for a particular MSC. "Great job on your report. The comments were perfect. The only thing I changed was the quotation marks. When you type of the comments in word and paste... Continue Reading

Sassie job emails missing HTML links??

For the last 4 or 5 days, all of the emails I get from MSC's are missing the HTML link for available jobs. It's just flat text. I have to copy & paste the link into my browser. Any ideas what is causing this? I closed... Continue Reading

ICCDS Transition to Sassie

Hi everyone! We are still in the process of transitioning our clients to Sassie. This month we have entered more clients in the Sassie system and will continue to do so next month as well. Be sure to log onto or sign up for ICC/DS in Sassie to see the... Continue Reading

Spellcheck on Sassie

I have noticed that many times when I use the spell check on a Sassie report. It says "loading" for a long time and most of the time it never shows anything. They really need to update that portion of the report so it either works or take... Continue Reading

Sassie log in problems

I am trying to enter reports for Wendy's and another shop and I am getting the not logged in window every time I try to log in. Is this a midnight problem? I have seen this problem before and don't know how to get around it. I... Continue Reading

Sassie ... slinger... and stuff...

Greetings all! As many have suggested, I have little by little been adding to the list of MS companies with which I am signed up. Somewhere along the way, I saw mention of an one-stop method of checking for jobs and/or signing up for Sassie companies. I am familiar in general with... Continue Reading

Sassie problems

Is anyone having issues with any Sassie sites tonight? I was working on reports for two different companies and have had issues with it hanging up and not letting me back into reports after a save and not letting me upload.... Continue Reading


Is there a way to search MSCs on Sassie? Thanks.... Continue Reading

Problem with Sassie receipts upload

I am trying to complete a Sassie Report for Intellishops but I cannot upload the two receipts. The upload process stops at either 75% or 76%. I reduced the image sizes but is still doesn't work. Anyone have a hint? I have never seen this problem before. Intellishops says if... Continue Reading

Starting your own sassie/MSC for internal audits?

Hello, I have a very good friend who is looking to expand his retail chain into a few MD/DC/VA areas as a franchise. I told him that mystery shopping companies probably charge $100 per location per visit for the works and that I could help as a favor. Could... Continue Reading

Sassie Shop Pro Do Billing For You ?

I'm signed up on Sassie and then I applied for a mystery shop with a particular company and a Sasie Shop PRO popup popped up. So I filled it in, but I left "Do You Want Us To Invoice For You" blank. Why would I want Sassie to invoice a company I... Continue Reading

CSE Sassie not uploading receipts for 2 days

I am trying to report a big airport circuit and the Sassie system used by CSE is letting me upload the receipt into the form, REQUIRED in oder to submit the form, only about once is 30 tries. I think I have only been able to complete 2 of... Continue Reading

Goodwin's recent sassie site jobs rating score

Received a 5/10 with no comments or explanation. Put even more effort than normal to make sure I got a good rating for my first shops on their new system...Contacted to follow up. Never received less than an 8, even with anal companies like BH. Anyone else ?... Continue Reading

Problem with Sassie Website?

Does anyone know if there a problem with the sassie website today?... Continue Reading

What is Sassie shop and the Apollo system

I am curious about what these terms are referring to. I have a crude idea, but I would like to know more info. Thanks.... Continue Reading

Mystery-Shoppers?? (2mysteryshoppers is Sassie URL)

Is anyone able to give me any insight into this company? I'm not wearing my glasses, *LOL*, I couldn't find it on the List of MS Companies listed below. It's the Sassie Login page with the three shopping bags (blue, red, green). Pay on time? Survey decent (not 100 questions... Continue Reading

Sassie Shops

It's likely I'm just slow to figure this out ... Is there a way to job search on Sassie sites without having to enter the mileage radius and ZIP each time?!... Continue Reading

sassie acct

Is it necessary to get a sassie account? How or where does someone go to get a sassie account?... Continue Reading

sassie emails - sick of restarting.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but is anyone else wondering if the whole sassie email thing is just a ply to get money for JobSlinger? I have restarted my emails at least 40 times. I used to have a subscription with JS, but it expired and now the... Continue Reading

Sassie problems

Everytime I hit spellcheck my reports freezes and I cannot submit report, anyone else having this problem....... Continue Reading

SASSIE Problems

I have been filling out a couple of applications. Get to a certain point and BOOM I get an error message. My internet is working fine. I am getting on to other sites. Any ideas?... Continue Reading

How Much Access/Manipulation Do Outside Schedulers Have To Our SASSIE Profile Accounts?

The title speaks for itself. I have an issue whereas all of my MS SASSIE accounts have been altered to opt out of receiving e-mail offerings of assignments. I have spent all day restoring many of these, with several offers of assignments now coming in. I cannot offer any details,... Continue Reading

what is the difference between MSPA, Jobslinger, Sassie, Prophet, Volition and CTCSS; and how do they interrelate with each other?

what is the difference between MSPA, Jobslinger, Sassie, Prophet, Volition and CTCSS; and how do they interrelate with each other? it seems like i'm required to register on dozens of different websites, and i don't even know what they all do, or how they are connected to each other. it... Continue Reading


hi everyone, im just wondering which companies on sassie give mystery shopping in the UK?... Continue Reading

Not Being Able to Get Sassie Websites

Tonight after doing my assignments I thought I'd check a few more sassies sites. I checked about five last night. I keep getting an error 404 no matter what I do. I tried cutting and pasting the first part, typing it in, dropping the http:, and nothing... Continue Reading

What about iPhone/Droid Apps for Sassie and other Mystery Shopping companies

Does anyone know what the status of creating Apps for shoppers to use on their smart phones? I think there is a real need for the apps with the increase of smart phone users. Let me kno ur thots!... Continue Reading

sassie company

I used to do Harris Teeter mystery shops under sassie. But now when I go to the link, it does not take me to the right place. Can anyone tell me if they are still active and how to access the sight. I was living outside of... Continue Reading

SASSIE NARRATIVES: Can you cut and paste into it???

Not looking to take any unethical short cuts, but was wondering if a short length, redundant shop paragraph changed slightly depending on the shop employee names,day of the week, etc., can be cut and pasted into a the SASSIE narrative when the report is entered. Thank You... Continue Reading

Sassie, email, or scheduler?

This week I applied for two shops that I got. In both cases, the schedulers use Sassie and always send one of those "Accepted" emails. In both cases, I was not notified of the shop. One of them I was surprised I did not get, as I... Continue Reading

TNS - the SASSIE site

For a while TNS was posting to both their SASSIE and their Clientsmart sites. Has anyone seen anything posted on the SASSIE site in the past 6 months or more? I know the Clientsmart site is active.... Continue Reading

Anyone having trouble with Sassie sites today?

I have not been able to access any Sassies sites since before noon. I can sign in and then when I click job board it says my login is expired due to 30 minutes of inactivity. So I sign in again, click job board, and get the same message. Is this happening to... Continue Reading

Looking for companies that use Sassie but don't require Paypal for payment

It seems that most the companies I see that use Sassie only make payments via Paypal. After years of selling on eBay, I have decided Paypal is the anti-Christ and I no longer use them. Does anyone know of any companies using Sassie that do not require Paypal for payments? Thanks... Continue Reading


Can someone get me a list of all the companies that use sassie?... Continue Reading


I've been unable to log-in to Sassie MSP's this afternoon. I.E. and Firefox. Anyone else?... Continue Reading

Prophet vs. Sassie

Has anyone else noticed that Prophet shops are easier to enter than Sassie, or is it just me? I can enter shops via Prophet in almost half the time. It looks like there is less detail, and shorter narratives. Is this just me? Am I imagining this?... Continue Reading

Sassie Web Problem

Has anyone noticed problems with the sassie companies websites? I was working on Game Film about 7PM and it went down. I haven't been able to get into Tell Us about Us or Game Film. I tried a couple of other Sassies and they all seem to... Continue Reading

Mystery-Shoppers (Sassie)

Has anyone "donated" for this MSP? I did one early in the month, which hasn't been rated yet - the Sassie system way. I would like some feedback/reassurance before doing others. I have to say, being paid to donate does seem to be an oxymoron.... Continue Reading


Can you apply to all Sassie users at one time?... Continue Reading

How do I register with a msc that uses SASSIE?

I don't mean to be dumb, but what is the usual proceedure for registering with a msc that uses the sassie system. Is the link to sign up on the actual company website or do I go through the sassie link that's on the list? Thanks in advance-Joan... Continue Reading

SASSIE shops

Thanks Jacob for listing all the SASSIE shops on this forum - they're a great help. I thought I saw something recently about that there will be a new feature with SASSIE shops that we’ll be able to log in once and have access to all with which we’ve registered... Continue Reading

First let me thank jacobj for that HUGE list. Can anyone tell me exactly what all those are ? Are they all the same company? Do you need to sign up with each one? Thanks Jerry... Continue Reading

Discussions of SassieShop

Ipsos has two AT&T Rewards Shops Available in Sassie No purchase necessary. (Source). October 24, 2020

Ipsos has the 1P Tech Hardware - Smartphone Shops available in Sassie Grab some shops, No Limit, No purchase necessary. (Source). October 23, 2020

Here are three platforms that I use: JobSlinger (the FREE one).... (these are Sassie companies) iSecretShop . (Source). October 22, 2020

Sign up with companies offering shops in your area. PrestoInstaMaps will show you companies using SASSIE. (Source). October 22, 2020

Ipsos has two AT&T Rewards Shops Available in Sassie No purchase necessary. (Source). October 21, 2020

Ipsos has the 1P Tech Hardware - Smartphone Shops available in Sassie Grab some shops, No Limit, No purchase necessary. (Source). October 21, 2020

They are on Sassie. (Source). October 21, 2020

Ipsos has the 1P Tech Hardware - Smartphone Shops available in Sassie Grab some shops, No Limit, No purchase necessary. (Source). October 20, 2020

Ipsos has two AT&T Rewards Shops Available in Sassie No purchase necessary. (Source). October 20, 2020

detail and have ability to perform highly focused, detail-oriented work repetitively, accurately and consistently -Be proficient in Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel -Have ability to manage your own time -Have experience with Sassie, Shopmetrics or other MSP software programs Our editors are Independent Contractors who work whenever and wherever they wish, but are willing to commit at least 15 hours per week. (Source). October 20, 2020