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Discussions About Scams

possible Ipsos scam?

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Was this a scam? Advice, please.

Who do I talk to about a job I did? I was asked to deposit money in my bank account and then withdraw it and get money orders and ship them off. Now the check I deposited came back fraudulent and the money has been shipped off. Now I owe... Continue Reading

Curinos Gift Card Scam Going Around

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WHOLE FOOD MARKET Mystery Shop Text Message SCAM

Here's the text I received on April 16, 2022; ***WHOLE FOOD MARKET SHOP ® ALERT!*** We have retail mystery shop opportunities at major retail store brands in your area. The shopper fee for this project is $350.00 per shop with added incentives such as early completion and mileage bonuses. To apply and... Continue Reading

“Market Censure”, a scam?

Hi all, new here and never been a mystery shopper. Received a text about becoming a mystery shopper, figured I’d see where it went. Proceeded to an email exchange, which led me to this link: The website and all communication has been really clean and well-written, but it of course smells like... Continue Reading

Is it legit or scam?

How to know if a mystery shopping company is legit or a scam. Are there any tells to know?... Continue Reading

Mobee, a scam?

I’ve not had any rejections with any other MSCs, but I’m batting more rejects than accepted with Mobee. They’re not exactly quick or easy. But I follow the directions to a T and still get rejections. Time to delete the app? Anyone really like it? I didn’t... Continue Reading

LinkeIn Scam

Scammers are using the names of several different MSC's on LinkedIn to variously attempt to collect personal information and/or to set up bogus "shops." Just a reminder to only update your information through an MSC's portal, never by email or a third party site, and to confirm the legitimacy of... Continue Reading

IPSOS not paying!!!! scamming shoppers!!!

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SCAM Alert

I wish I could post images to this note to all shoppers. Today, I received in the mail by Priority Mail a check made out to me for $1,950.52 for payment for an assignment. The only piece of paper in the envelope with title was as follows: ... Continue Reading

Scammer Alet

How do you know the difference between a scam and a legit mystery shopper?... Continue Reading

Intelli-Shop: Loss Prevention Dept... or Scam Email?

Hello, all: I have received the following email several times, and something about it seems "wrong" to me. Has anyone else seen it, and do you know anything as to its validity? Here is the body of the message (I will remove the last name of the "associate" in case this... Continue Reading

Scam Alert

Out of the blue I received a text message from a Andrew Beck claiming to be from Philips Product Testing and MF. Asked me about filing out assignment info and sending pictures of gift cards. I contacted MF who assured me it is a scam, which I figured out since... Continue Reading

Beware this SCAM!

"BECOME A MYSTERY SHOPPER Get Paid To Shop And Tell Us About Your Experience National Shopping Service Network, LLC is one of the leading agency specialized in Global Customer Service Research. We are starting a very big research project in the USA to prepare for the Post-Pandemic effects of the Novel Coronavirus... Continue Reading

Bestmark EBay Gift Card Scam

So recently got email from a scheduler named Jessica McKeenzie stating she was from a Bestmark. Numerous locations were listed. Job included purchasing $200.00 EBay Gift Card. Job was well presented with the typical observations etc. the shop assignment report would be sweet and short and very tempting. So you... Continue Reading

Scammer Made $1M-5M a Week

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PSA - Scam Checks

As a reminder, reputable companies sourcing work to Independent Contractors do NOT send checks in advance and randomly ask for Gift Card Purchases. I haven't seen one of these in a while, but now I've seen two using a real company name to promote a fake assignment in the last... Continue Reading

Question about a scam.

Is Gap Busters a scam mystery shopping company?... Continue Reading

Scam variation

Although no experienced shopper would fall for this one, it has just enough legitimate sounding info to fool a person who is not familiar with the ways of ms scammers. The fake bank verification website is a disturbing new twist. Continue Reading

Facebook Scam Alert?

Hi guys, Not exactly mystery shopping related but I know a lot of people do different side jobs here and wanted to ask if you think the following job offer was legit. So we are a new Canadian/US startup (marketing agency) looking for candidates that are interested in helping us... Continue Reading

how do i get rid of a scammer?

Hi, I commmitted the silliest mistake ever. Well I did not know I was being scammed. I provided some personal info in a quick survey I clicked on. I saw this in a FB group. Well, today I received a cheque for almost 3000 dollars, that was weird and after... Continue Reading

Warning! Scam texts received pretending to be from Bestmark

I received two text messages today purporting to be from Bestmark. Both texts asked me to click on the in-text link to advise the scheduler of my availability for $30 retail visits. I emailed a Bestmark scheduler and was advised that the texts are scams.... Continue Reading


I just got an email from PayPal (NOT!): "We don’’t want t’o say goodbye! We noticed you haven't used your PayPal account lately, and since your security is a top priority, we're planning to close the account you created with your XXXXXXX email. It's going to close in seven days... Continue Reading

The Infamous Fake Check Scam - NBC News Story

I just heard a story on NBC Nightly News discussing the fake check scams that we "all" know about. They pointed out that not only are the checks fake but so are the emails. A banker said that people misinterpret what having access to the money means and that the... Continue Reading

Bestmark... Scam?

I recently been contacted to do mystery shopping for "Bestmark" company. Scenario requires purchase of Ebay gift cards. Survey is like 10 questions. Full reimbursement + $30 shopper's pay. Anybody ever work with these folks? ....Seems super sketchy. BestMark, Inc. 5500 Feltl Road, Minnetonka, MN 55343 A Mystery Shopping and Customer... Continue Reading

Real or scam Has anyone heard of this place... Continue Reading

Scammed help please

i did receive a 990$ postal money order from jim mont Jim Mont i had my soon to be mother in law deposit the check friday her bank cleared it today and withdrew the money you think it's? legit... Continue Reading

I think I got a scam email

I got an email that says "Pick Up Some Easy Internet Mystery Shops It's Not To Late" It has Informa colors and logos, but the email address is weird, and it wants a copy of my credit report to assign shops. Did anyone else get something like... Continue Reading

Social Security Scam

Calls are being made to US Citizens from foreign call centers. The robo call claims that your social security number has been compromised and thus suspended. The receiver of the call is advised to press one. The Social Security Administration is aware of this.... Continue Reading

Scam shop involving gift cards

There is someone pretending to be from KSS offering a $30 shop fee to buy eBay gift cards. It’s pretty obviously a scam but wanted to put a warning on the record in case anyone is considering the offer. It came as a text message- RETAIL STORE MYSTERY SHOP:    ... Continue Reading

Elite CS Scam

Email from M. Turner: Oct 25 at 3:33 PM BEWARE of emails from:] This is a SCAM. They are using our logo and even M Turner Please do NOT respond to these emails. They are Walmart Gift Card enticements. We believe this has started from a hacked Linkedin account.... Continue Reading

Is Management Consultant Group a Legit MSC (or scam)?

Hey all: I received an email from: She claims to represent MCG, which I have never registered with. There is a link to the company website: If it IS LEGIT, I wouldn't mind doing the project and signing up. But, if fake, I obv. am not giving... Continue Reading

KSS International Mystery Shopper Scam

I thought I was signing up for a legit Mystery Shopper assignment. I received a letter from KSS International along with a check for 2500. The letter welcome me as a Mystery Shopper. It also instructed me to cash the check, go to two different Wal-Mart's and... Continue Reading

ipsos scam? Is someone using ipsos name to send fake emails? phishing?

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Hi Just checking what you guys thought about this email i recieved : A contract has been awarded to us, we will be running a customer experience Service Survey, your city was selected for one of the exercise. Requirements You are required to purchase an |Ebay| |Gift-Card| worth ($200) at any | CVS |Walgreens... Continue Reading

FIRST MYSTERY SHOP: Wal-Mart Gift Card Scam?

I received my first "job" through USPS. It included a Cashier's Check for $1650 and an instruction letter to spend $1150 buying WalMart gift cards, send photos of the front and scratched off back (barcode) of the cards, and I keep the remainder $500. The GiftCards, it says... Continue Reading

Anyone shop with GBW? If I wasn’t scammed, it is at best a horrible company.

I did my first shop with them last week. I received a text asking me if I wanted to do a shop, but it was the same one I did last week. I responded that I already did that one last week, and she said apparently it was rejected because... Continue Reading

Loan App Testing - Possible Scam

I received an email about a loan app testing shop that pays $75 (within 2 to 3 days). The link is to a company I've dealt with before, but there's no corresponding shop listed on their website. Has anyone else seen / done one of these? I'm... Continue Reading

Scammed Shopping for Ebay Gift Cards

Never thought this would happen to me but it was very smooth from the outset. Heading out to file police report.... Continue Reading

Fix their phone for up to $350; then return scam???

Company sends their phone and you have it repaired that will cost up to $350; then you return the phone back to them. Is this a scam?... Continue Reading

Informa Research Company-possible scam

Hey all Have an offer in my inbox from Informa stating make 500 dollars to open a credit card account with a bank..I know this msc pays very high sometimes but this smells like a scam..what do you think?... Continue Reading


To all new shoppers I have recently noticed websites popping up that charge a fee to become a mystery shopper. You DO NOT have to pay to become a mystery shopper, when using google search beware of sites like shoppers Canada!!... Continue Reading

Any experienced gift card sellers/traders out there? (not the scammy thing)

I see there are a lot of websites that say they buy gift cards. I have not gone into any for details fearing that it may be a trick or a spamfest later. Has anyone used an on-the-level gift card buying site/service? And what can I expect as far as... Continue Reading

New Scam- Be Careful

Here's the email: CTCSS Inc. got contracted for a survey from Market Force Information Inc. Shopper pay: $30 Requirements – You are required to purchase Ebay Gift Card($200) at your nearest CVS and Walgreens. At the store you will be required to observe the following; • Were the employees friendly and courteous? • Did you receive prompt service? • Was the... Continue Reading

Article from MSN on mystery shopping scams. Mystery shopper job offer might not be legit... Continue Reading

(CRE Mystery Shoppers) Fake Mystery Shopper Scam Letter

Hi, ---------------------- We have a customer service survey assignment in your location and we will pay $500 / assignment. Which would come in the form of a cashiers check for you to perform your assignment. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The job entails an Evaluation process such as visiting Wal-mart/K-mart,e.t.c Send below information to get started If you are still... Continue Reading

scam or no

Has anyone done assignments for shoppers view? I got an postal money order for the assignment and wanted to be sure it’s not a scam.... Continue Reading

I have a question I received a check yesterday for over 2thousand dollars, From a company, and I know it's a scam how do I handle this ?

It deals with mystery shopping but I know a scam when I see one. How do I handel it.... Continue Reading

Lagomint is SCAM, Don't Trust

Hi All, Does any bad has the same bad experience with the shop Lagomint? They are apparently offering the works and after you had done it, they will stop answering to you emails. I was so naive and they could make me pay around 500 euro for staying three nights in... Continue Reading

Priority mail scam

Did anyone else get a cashiers check in a priority mail envelope? It was from a company called “Secret Shoppers” and had instructions to buy gift cards at Walmart. It was an obvious scam but my mail carrier said it was unusual in that priority mail was used. Instead of... Continue Reading

real or scam?

I got this in my inbox today, sounds too good to be true... I would love to jump all over it, but something doesn't seem right.... The email is from, instead of The email reads (I've X'd out the company names in case it's legit. "KSS International Inc. got... Continue Reading

College Central Network Fake Check Scam

I just got an email from the local college where I obtained my Medical Transcription degree several years ago: Good Afternoon, We are notifying you of an incident that recently occurred via our College Central Network Platform for your security and safety. It was recently discovered that an employer, Donald Ray (, who... Continue Reading

Latest SCAM I almost got involved in!!!

I received checks and mystery shopping information from a Mary Bywater, Rick Walter and a Thank goodness my credit union is responsible. The checks and info are a SCAM. They were for Walgreens and Office Depot which are not member companies of MSPA-Americas a legitimate company and the... Continue Reading

? scam

I received a letter and check with a photocopied Intouch Insight logo in black & white. It assigned me a Mystery shopping job for stores that are not in my local area & I am instructed to email my report directly to and they are instructing me to by... Continue Reading

Scams! Scams! Scams!

There is another one of those buy ebay gift cards scams going around. This time they are using the name of Kern Scheduling. I am so sick of these. Walgreens Store Survey On Monday, May 27, 2019, 10:23:27 AM EDT, Ryan Stiffler wrote: Walgreens Store Survey! KSS International Inc.... Continue Reading

Shopper's View CVS Scam (warning)

Hello! We have been notified that Coast to Coast Scheduling Services (CTCSS), a scheduling company that Shoppers' View works with, is being targeted by a malicious scam. Someone is sending out emails using the company's name and their employee names asking shoppers to participate in a CVS survey. This is not... Continue Reading

Newest Scam Using KSS

So I just got an email that was supposed to be from a KSS scheduler about purchasing gift cards. Man oh man but the scams these days! Of course I knew instantly that it wasn't a real shop offer and I forwarded it to Lorri. Here it is... Continue Reading

Another Scam

This one looks to be coming from Kern Scheduling. Same as last weeks but at Walgreens. I let Kern Scheduling, as well as the scheduler, know that there was a scam email out. They gave the same directions, buy a gift card at Walgreens for $200 and you are paid... Continue Reading

CVS email. scam?

This is the email, did any of you see this? I am not seeing any of the shops on the MSC site. CVS Store Survey! Shopper pay: $60 Requirements – You are required to purchase Ebay Gift Card($200) at your nearest CVS Pharmacy.At the store you will be required... Continue Reading


I just received a check for $2,340.00 from "" with scam directions to keep 300 and do jobs for Kroger, Vons, Safeway and more groceries. I will take this to the post office tomorrow and hopfully they can look into it. Never having worked for Bestmark, I just... Continue Reading

Am I being Scammed ?

I received a text message saying I've been selected to be a mystery shopper.All I have to do is wait for payment in mail because I never use my own money.A couple days later I received a money order in the amount of $1,000 and instructions to deposit/withdraw from... Continue Reading

Is MarketForce a scam in Canada?

I signed up in December and thought they would be great, I did lots of shops for them however I AM YET TO GET PAID. The first check NEVER came. The second check is supposedly coming? On their site it states CK sent. I set up my direct deposit however they... Continue Reading

Check Cashing SCAM Alert

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Check Cashing SCAM Alert!

Hi Shoppers! We were made aware today of a check cashing scam alert using ClientSmart in the paperwork and Walmart. The shoppers are receiving a check VIA USPS Priority Mail. The instructions say to cash the check and wire VIA a MoneyGram Transfer at Walmart most of the funds... Continue Reading

Is it a SCAM?

Hi everybody Has anyone ever heard of this company "KPI Mystery Shopping Pty Ltd"? I saw a job post on airport jobs overseas in Asia but this company is based in QLD, Australia. This is a 20 years company but his linkedin has only 1 connection. We needed to pass... Continue Reading

Scammers coming from Indeed?

A friend of who has never mystery shopped or signed up to do so almost fell victim to the check scam recently! The scammers sent him a FedEx package with a check inside, and emailed instructions for depositing it and withdrawing some funds to "donate to an orphanage." Luckily, he... Continue Reading


So today I received in the mail a Walmart Shopping Instructions and Guidelines that has all kinds of rules on it. All good there. Also is a Postal Money Order (Red Flag) that has nothing on it but $998.00. Name of company Intellishop Program - Franklin Morgan Head of... Continue Reading

Walmart Survey Analyst application a scam?

Sounds fishy.. "I am pleased to write to you in respect of the company once again. Your mailing information had entered into our Regional database (RDB). Here is your reference number which you must to attach to any email you send to the company (WM/FTI/T203/310). This job is a part- time job and... Continue Reading

Is this a scam?

Hi fellow shoppers! I received this Priority Mail envelope a few days ago. My first thought was "this is a scam!" There was a check inside made out to me for $1,987. I hope I am allowed to say the check remitter is The Bryn Mawr Trust Company. There was... Continue Reading

Scam Alert?

Looking for insight. I got an email from someone I thought was reliable on Linked in. (Im sure you experienced shoppers know where this is going). They told me about a mystery shopper service. Bottomline. I signed up received text and e-mail telling me I would get... Continue Reading

Product Testing -- Mountain Cacher -- Not a scam/spam post

Anyone else doing product testing? I signed up to test a couple of products and to my surprise actually got one in the mail! Usually, I'm overlooked or not the demographic, or yada yada. I may have actually gotten two products but I'm unsure yet as I received two separate... Continue Reading

Company Scam Alert

This information was posted on the ACL site regarding a scam with a company pertaining to them: ***SCAM Alert*** It has come to our attention there is a company called Performa Insight who has set-up a website resembling ours (http://PERFORMAINSIGHT.COM/). You may see their information on mystery shopping forums trying to... Continue Reading

David Hauser Favored Panel, Rogers advisory SCAM

Did the work, ripped me off for over $400 worth of inspections. Lost the NCCI contract because he was trying to defraud the US government agencies.... Continue Reading


Does anyone know where I can report a suspected scam?... Continue Reading

Scam sent from ATH company warning.

-----Original Message----- From: "Lynn Saladini" Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2018 8:46am To: "Lynn Saladini" Subject: Email Verification Scam Happy Tuesday Everyone. No need to alarm yourself but we just wanted to reach out and let you know about an email scam going around about Rackspace who is the provider of our email... Continue Reading

ATH Power email about database is a SCAM.

I just got off the phone with two of ATH associates. Please never send any information to an MSC without going directly to them first.... Continue Reading


Hello, I have a question. Do we report somewhere when we get an email knowing it's a scam? I got an email asking me to confirm my address which was written and they would send me a check to deposit and i would have to do some kind of... Continue Reading

Got a check - Another scam!

Got a check to cash is it legit?... Continue Reading

Random numbers on Caller ID Schedulers or scammers?

I frequently get random numbers on my phone that have the city and the phone number listed but no name, such as Sterling Heights MI or Phoenix AZ. I never answer these because when I have in the past, they were scammers or phishers with burner phones. On a whim,... Continue Reading

Not sure if this is a scam or a legit project

I received this email a few months back and replied to it but no response then a few weeks ago I got it again. I replied and got a response this time. I'm not sure if it is a scam or legit. Has anyone done this project or gotten this... Continue Reading


Although this email is clearly a scam, given the massive number of newbies asking questions about obvious scams recently, I thought it deserved posting since it uses MSPA in the subject line: ============== M.S.P.A/Job's-Recruitments Today, 7:41 AM; Welcome To Our Program Secret Shopper Requirements: 17 years and over. Can speak English well. Can read and write... Continue Reading

Is this check a scam?

(Anotha one!!) I received a check in the mail and I'm concerned it's a scammer check - it came alone, without the usual job list or date sheet showing what it covered, and I'm fairly sure I have not received a check from this company before. I'm not sure I've completed... Continue Reading

"Ink Cartridges Are A Scam"

This Youtube video does a great job explaining the scam behind ink cartridges. I'm really considering getting a laser printer. Continue Reading

Is this company a scam?? Help!!

So I received a check for $2850 via USPS. No explanation-just a check. Got an email today asking for me to deposit check, spend $50 at gap. Then buy $2500 in ITunes gift cards. Seems really fishy. Said I can use gift cards to buy products for future mystery shopping... Continue Reading

Mystique Shopper Scam

Hello All, Avoid shopping for this company. It was necessary for me to contact Better Business to get shopper payments.... Continue Reading

Another SCAM - Has anyone heard of this company?

Has anyone ever heard of the company, My excellent shopper? My State Farm agent's LinkedIn account was hacked and I received a message to sign up to become a mystery shopper. The role suits me great, but I'm not getting a good feeling from this company. The contact numbers are... Continue Reading

Another SCAM - NOT a Legit company

ASAP have a check wish me to purchase Thousands of $$$ in this normal and are they legit. need to deposit today.... Continue Reading

Is This A Scam??

Hi- I think I may have received a scam - applied for Mystery Shopper with IntouchInsight. They replied and sent me a ck for $2,300.00 and said to deposit it and that $320 of it is my salary. The accompanied letter was signed by Brian Anthony with a contact... Continue Reading

Email from my local police department about scams

I received the email quoted below from my local PD. I guess I could contact them and explain that there is a legitimate company called Field Agent and it is possible to make money thru mystery shopping. On the other hand the warning is still valid and would probably discourage... Continue Reading

Is - Gapbuster scam ?

Hi, I'm currently working for GBW and i just wanted to know is gbw scam or not ? I just received lots of assignments and i don't want scams. I feel so confuse when i google it: Thank you.... Continue Reading

Somebody actually got arrested for MS Scam!

I'm sure this is just a drop in the bucket though. Continue Reading

Strip Club Shop Scam - BEWARE!

Deja Vu is once again recruiting shoppers for their strip clubs. I did 2 shops in August and have not been paid. I am out of pocket $300 plus the $50 fee. Do not accept any shops for Deja Vu.... Continue Reading

SCAM .... New Mystery Shopper needs advice

I am a new mystery shopper I got my first task and I’m not sure what to do the assignment says to deposit check in my bank account and then text task received for them to authorize release of the funds into my bank account so I can access the... Continue Reading

Wasting a telemarker scammer's time.

So I just got a call from an Indian sounding guy offering me a lower interest rate on my credit card. I immediately knew it was a scam and I pretended that I was interested. He asked how much debt I had on my credit card and I said $40,000... Continue Reading

Creative Image Associates is a SCAM

I received an email and later a fed ex envelope with a check an cryptic instructions. I am to deposit the check but it looks fake. I guess if I newer send them money the worst that can happen is the check bounces?... Continue Reading

My First MS Scam Email

I got my first scam email concerned with mystery shopping. It makes a change from Russian ladies and Viagra scams. Hello, I am Michael Richardson Recruitment Specialist with Sights On Service Inc.“We have a mystery shopping assignment in your area and we would like you to participate". Secret Shopper® has been in business since 1990.... Continue Reading


I got email last week, I wanted information. They signed me up and sat. I got email you will get information Monday. Today I got a check? What is this. Is this legit? What do I do?... Continue Reading

Am I being scammed.....

I received a check and letter telling me what to do and I am new to am I being scammed... Continue Reading

SCAM - Check Received

Has anyone worked for marketforce research.I received large check.Should i cash it.... Continue Reading

Informa - Someone using the Informa name for possible scam?

I just went through the first steps of applying for Imforma because of the good reviews I read about them in Mystery Shopping Magazine. Well, I can't login to fill out the 'Forms I Can Enter Directly' to fill out my W-9. Then I get a call today from someone... Continue Reading

Is mystery shopper group mintel llc a scam

I received an email being offered to be a secret shopper ..i agreed & was sent a.check in the mail for $2350.00& was told to deposit the check in my account & when the funds cleared to complete the task at walmart i was told to use the walmart money... Continue Reading

Got this e-mail for a mystery shop....scam.

  "Job Summary:_  1] You will be assigned to visit a shop.  2].You will then finish an on-line questionnaire to share      with us your customer experience.   Job pay..   You will get USD320  Would come in the form OF a cashiers check        for you to perform your assignment.        This work must go through... Continue Reading

Scams using Presto logo

Hello, shoppers! It's come to our attention that someone is sending scam emails with a Presto logo attached. Unfortunately, we can't stop scammers from stealing a copy of our logo and putting it in their scammy email, but we CAN warn you (and tell you how to spot... Continue Reading

Possible phishing scam involving GFK via Email

Got an email saying they paid me by error via Pay Pal and said they are from GFK with the name of a person who works there. when I called the actual GFK phone the person's name was Jasmine on the GFK 800 # in the list of extensions... Continue Reading

Possible phishing scam involving GFK

Got an email saying they paid me by error via Pay Pal and said they are from GFK with the name of a person who works there. when I called the actual GFK phone the person's name was Jasmine on the GFK 800 # in the list of extensions... Continue Reading

Scammers behind the MS check scam are going to jail

Just saw this today Of course, they aren't the only ones pulling the scam, but it's a start. So sad to think they scammed $1.3 million out of folks.... Continue Reading

Possible scam

Was anyone afraid this was a scam when they started??? Getting my first assignment and everyone keeps telling me its a scam. I honestly hope not cause i need this job.... Continue Reading

Scams and Frauds

Six Star Solutions is a scam. They send you a cashier's check, tell you to purchase gift cards "to use for your purchases", record the gift card numbers, then cancel the cashier's check (and you pay the bank fee of course). I registered on this site specifically to post this... Continue Reading

Mintel email -- scam from someone else or legit email from this company?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Vent cleaning scam? So disappointing! Has this happened to you too?

For a year, I drooled and hoped to one day get the whole house vent cleaning shop. I applied many times and this month I finally got it! For $99.99 (or up to $180 reimbursement) the company was suppose to clean all the HVAC vents and ductwork. The crew... Continue Reading

Scam Alert Email Received from DSG

I received the following email from DSG this afternoon: Greetings Shoppers, It has come to our attention that there is a scam continuing to go on using our name, DSG Associates. If you receive an email, letter, and/or package from “DSG ASSOCIATES INC” asking you to cash a check and purchase Walmart gift cards, please... Continue Reading

Customer 1st Scam

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading


So, today I received a check for $1,680.00 and a letter that just has Marketforce logo then Customer Satisfaction Surveys. Paying me $300 to go to a store. Does that sound right?... Continue Reading

Scam Warning: Shoppers' View does not offer shops through text messages

Hi all! I just thought I'd give you a heads up that someone has been using Shoppers' View's name in a text messaging scam. Shoppers' View does not text potential shoppers with shopping opportunities. If you've received a text, it isn't from us. Feel free to reach out to with... Continue Reading

Yet Another Mystery Shopping Spam Scam Email; don't fall for it!

Submit Your CV For Review Spam x Mystery Survey 3:33 PM (4 hours ago) to Recipients Be careful with this message. Similar messages were used to steal people's personal information. Unless you trust the sender, don't click links or reply with personal information. Learn more We are accepting applications for qualified individuals... Continue Reading


I just received a request to be a mystery shopper that was evidently a scam as they offered $400.00 per report. The name was Sara Millaras.and she claimed to be an employee of Dynamic Advantage, Inc. I called Dynamic Advantage and spoke with Jan Payad who assured me this... Continue Reading

Another Scam-Ajakumargang war

Alert Job! (31547556588) starting pay $90,000 to $97,000 per year. Just fill out your resume and send them all the information about you! Ya right! Notice the name above; gang war 1995, makes me want to apply.... Continue Reading

Another shopping scam using MSPA in the title...

Download Save to OneDrive - Personal DESCRIPTION 1.You will be assigned to visit a shop. 2. You need to "pretend" to be a normal potential customer who is looking for a particular service or product. 3. You will then finish... Continue Reading

Cirrus marketing scam?

5 months have gone by and I have not been paid for a job I got a 9/10 on. The worst part of this is that the job was insain! It took all day. 6 hours in store and 6 hours writing report and it paid barely anything compared to... Continue Reading

Mystery shopping scams please help

Hello my name juanita and i am new to this but i have been contacted by a few jobs wanting me to shop in my area but not sure if its a scam or real companys ... Can someone please let me know how they work do they send checks and... Continue Reading

Possible Scam

I received an email from Jessica Miller( It was an invitation to preform a shop for The Premier Shop, Inc. I don't know how they got my email address. They want me to shop a A Wells Fargo and Bank America office. I haven't received the instructions yet but I... Continue Reading

Mystery shopped in upstate NY and every time out of NY scammed...

I mystery shopped in upstate NY and all was legit. Now living elsewhere, I tried to do this again - it was fun. I replied to Research Markets Inc and made clear to them I do not involve my bank. Lots of them tried his recently and I said no... Continue Reading

Got a scam mystery shopping letter--is it worth reporting and to who?

I got one of those great letters today about how I can make $400 to $900 dollars a week. I just have to deposit the check they sent for $2500 to get started. LOLOLOL Has anyone tried to report these scams letters? If so, who would... Continue Reading

Mystery Shopper Scam tried to "recruit" me with check scam

After initial experience that I reported to authorities, how do I know which to trust? The form wanted my SS#? Most are not BBB accredited. So, I feel very uneasy. Advice?... Continue Reading

I am new here Mystery shopping what companies are good - i am concern about scams i am in Atlanta GA

what companies are good - i am concern about scams i am in Atlanta GA Service Evaluation Concepts Service Excellence Group DSG Associates Godwin and Associates Shopper Critique Coyle Hospitality Research Services Group Continue Reading

Is xxxxxxx a scam?

I just cannot find any info about this company I found out by mistake...Do you know something about it? Thanks in advance!... Continue Reading

SCAM - Fake Company - using BMA's name

I just signed up with BMA. They state they will be sending me a check for $2200 to get started. Is this a normal practice or does it smell like a scam? I have done mystery shopping before but never received a large chunk of money to start. [i]Mod note: ... Continue Reading

- LevelOne Outsourcing LLC - This is a SCAM! CHECK SCAM!

I forwarded the information to the USPS! They send a US BANK Cashiers Check drawn on a branch out of St. Paul, MN. Incorrect Routing numbers and, A bad attempt at a fake check! Anything that involves a Check of any kind you know its a... Continue Reading

Scams and how not to fall vicitm to them

Hello Fellow MSers I hope all are doing well, and that none of you have fallen into the trap of any of these scammers targeting mystery shoppers. There is no easy way to find out who is a scammer and who is a legitimate company when you receive an email, and... Continue Reading

Another annoying $300 an assignment Scam Letter....

Another annoying scam letter.... Congratulations... We Invite You Join as An Evaluator. You will be assigned to visit a shop. You will then finish an online questionnaire to share us about your customer experience. R-equirement :_ 18 -year old or A-bove, Can speak L-ocal language well Can read and... Continue Reading

Scam? Service Metrics Group wants my car info

Service Metrics Group's website says they rarely hire "databased shoppers." The site also says scammers are imitating them. Their email to me said the got my name from MSPA and they want my vehicle info. Their website has no one to email about validity.... Continue Reading

New Scam? Henly and Partners

Got this one about 10 days ago. It has all the earmarks of a scam. Came with a pdf attachment I'm not opening. Unique Location? Knowledge of the English Language. I think I'll ask Bare International if they know their name is being used. New Project - Henly & Partners (NOT SPAM) From:Richard... Continue Reading

Looks like another mystery shopping scam

I received this email today: Welcome To Our Program – Secret Shopper *We are accepting applications for qualified individuals to become Mystery/Secret Shoppers. *Job Description: .You will receive funding for the assignment. .You will receive the Instruction for your assignment via email on the location and details of the assignment. .You are to complete... Continue Reading

Newest Scam

Email received this morning: Mystery-Shopper @2016 Today, 12:05 PM me (; Dear Ma/Sir, We have a customer service survey assignment in your location and we will pay $275(USD) per assignment. Which would come in the form of a cashiers check for you to perform your assignment. The job entails an Evaluation process... Continue Reading

Mystery shopper scam

2 Toronto residents face 18 forgery charges in 'secret shopper' fraud probe the rest of the article.... Nice to see they actually catch a few of them!... Continue Reading

Is this a scam? I tried researching it and I can't conclude if this is a scam or not.... Continue Reading

Notified by ATH that there is a SCAM using their name.

The SCAM states, They are calling and emailing also. Newbies beware. Never give out any information to any company unless you go to their real site first. Edited in: Forward info to if you receive any of these scams, so they can deal with them.... Continue Reading

Cotton Patch SCAMish BEWARE

I did one shop and it was a "scammy". Somewhere in 2 point font it must have specified not to order steak, so they disqualified the shop, also because I numbered issues within the review, they said they wouldn't reimburse me. Seemed like this was set up... Continue Reading

Browser update scam

Be careful! I just clicked on a post on this website. Instead of the post I got an official-looking Mozilla Firefox page telling me the software needed an urgent update. I smelled a malware scam and exited out without clicking on anything. A Google search for the... Continue Reading

Dollar 3 shop for Safeway and albertson. Is it a scam?

I got an email I am not even registered with this company. They offered 3 dollars for Safeway and Albertson. Looks like a scam to me. If it is real I can't believe someone can stoop that low .... Continue Reading

Shopmetrics Survey Email- Legit? Scam?

Just got an email from Dan Cosgrove at offering a 2 minute survey for a $5 payment. Has anyone else received this email? Is it legit or a scam?... Continue Reading

PayPal scam

If you get an email saying to click to update your account as there has been suspicious activity. DO NOT CLICK. forward it to spoof@ I have gotten a few of these before and they were scams. If you think there could be a problem with your account, just... Continue Reading

An honest scammer

The Amex Platinum Card® American Express®Sponsored Learn more Message from US Medics Team. Jul 2, 2016, 4:43 AM From Capt. Carr Lee Details Greetings, I know you will be surprised to read my email. Apart from being surprise you may be skeptical to reply me because based on what is happening on the internet world, one has... Continue Reading

Is this a scam?

$2,500 GIG!! If you are in dire need of a stable income I have the perfect solution to help you. With this opportunity individuals can make up to $2,500 GUARANTEED!! No hassle, No long hours. Make $2,500 in 2 DAYS!! This is a grant program. All persons interested must be over... Continue Reading

Trolling a athpower mysteryshop scammer

Got a text from someone supposedly from athpower mystery shopping company. Haven't heard of the company but I checked their website and they are on sassie and have their own website. Person had a Walmart money transfer mystery shop to offer me.$100 per assignment. pffffffff. Is this an actual mystery... Continue Reading

Hard Disk May have a Trojan Virus! SCAM Got it in my mail site on the forum.

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Another non-conventional way to make money or a scam?

I saw a job online through for and in home product tester.The mystery shopper in me finds the ad appealing. I love to find non-conventional ways to make money. Has anyone heard of this company or worked for them? My mom did something similar to this in the 1980's.... Continue Reading


UPDATE! - Anyone? Is there one Shopper that has done work for this NON-Paying MSC?? If you could post either PAID or NOT PAID? It would be appreciated?? The Shop Board they advertise on would like to here from you? I was... Continue Reading

Shopreporter Scam victim

A mystery shopper assigment came through a message on linkedin from a former VP of HR I knew from a previous job. I do have 100% on this person. Yesterday O found out, this VP HR linkedin account was hacked, and some fake identity was the one who contacted me. The assigment... Continue Reading

Scam Letter hurting a good company

From: Service Evaluation Concepts Inc ( Sent: Fri 5/13/16 4:39 AM To: M.S.P.A ( Cc: (Also forwarding CC to someone with a email addy) I got this today: Requirements:_17 Years old or above. Can speak local language well. Can read ... Continue Reading

ACE Research, Inc SCAM

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Mystery Shopping Scam - RESEARCH MASTERS

Hello, everyone! I am new to Mystery Shopping. On May 3rd, I was searching for flexible job opportunities when I saw an opening for mystery shoppers. I submitted a cover letter and didn't give it a second thought because, although the job description seemed too good to be true, the job... Continue Reading

New scam I got today! ( Add to contacts 4/13/16 To: DESCRIPTION JOB : # You will be assigned to visit a shop. # You need to "pretend" to be a normal potential customer who is looking for a particular service or product. # You will then... Continue Reading

Old email scam again

"We are accepting applications from qualified individuals in the United States to become Secret-Shopper"... Contact me on my private email ( for more details Harry Scott... Continue Reading

Scum bag check scammer- entire email

Here an email I received today. The police don't even want to be bothered with it. I am posting it for the pleasure of the group who, I am thinking ( and hoping) will have fun things they can do with this creeps information. Please i need you to receive money... Continue Reading

Sorry My English Looks like a Scam according to Scanman's Private Message.

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Is a scam?

It was one of the first websites to come up when I searched. They asked for my SSN and I gave it to them, but I've seen a few people online say that it's a scam or that they never got paid. I'm really scared now. It's on the "Official... Continue Reading

Another scammer email making the rounds

Got this today in an email account that is not connected to my mystery shopping in any way. Sender showed up as: Christian Myrick" Too bad our shops don't pay this well on a regular basis! Message: Hi, I am Christian Myrick, Recruitment Specialist with Sights On Service Inc.“We have a mystery shopping assignment... Continue Reading

An e-mail that sounds a lot like a scam

Today I received an email from a company and a person I have worked with since I began mystery shopping. Part of that email read: You’re certain you will be able to cash/deposit the check _______ will send you to pay for the costs, and then wire back any remaining funds... Continue Reading


Hi! I recently joined a well-known freelance/client network. A person offered that I apply to become a mystery shopping admin for him. This client has many great ratings from various freelancers, so I accepted and quickly took the offer. We spoke on the phone and things seemed off. The client... Continue Reading

Scam using ACL name

I received a check today from A Closer Look. The amount was for much more than I was owed for fee and reimbursement. There was a letter enclosed stating that the person in accounting made an error and you know the rest. I have received checks from ACL before... Continue Reading

Another SCAM

NetSpend postmaster@ichikawa update 2015. I received this today in my private email. Asking to update their information! SCAM! As usual not using proper grammar.... Continue Reading


This company solicited me through email I check everything looked good . Then their cashier check was returned costing me out of my pocket fir this scam . I want to know how many others had this happen to them I'm going to file a complaint with the Government something... Continue Reading

New Scam

This email is going around. Just beware. They use different wording in the subject line, the latest "A part time job for you" Employees are required. We will pay good money for a simple job. This activity will bring you an income from $4,000.00 to $8,000.00 per month. This is a... Continue Reading

RBG Scam?? Or nah??

Just got an email. Links to something they want you to DL. Note that the return email address is REALTY, not REALITY: [Redacted], are you still interested in viewing the GamePlan and GameFilm program?   As a reminder, this program will handle the heavy lifting of stimulating continued improvements of revenue driving behaviors... Continue Reading

Funny Restaurant Scam my Siblings would use on a nice California Chain, Order the "Liver and Onions" Platter.

Mentioning cheap people I wanted to share one of the reasons I stopped hanging around my two of my siblings because they treated people horribly. One of their scams is to go in to a few well known California Central-Valley Eateries to order the dreaded "Liver and Onions"... Continue Reading

CBR Logistics - Best scam email yet. English as a first language with a good hook.

Duplicate posted second post.... Continue Reading

Mystiqueshoppersurvey Scam

I have receive a few text messags about some "mystery shopper opportunity" and I am quite sure they are scams. It asked me to email reply back to a gmail account which I find strange. It also used a local number from my area. I didn't even bother trying it. I... Continue Reading

Walmart scam more details

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Another scam email? Can you spot the "Red Flags?"

Savvy shoppers, what do you think? Got this email today. Legit or scam? I counted at least seven Red Flags that point in one direction or the other... "We have a Customer service survey assignment in your location for you.We will pay $250 per assignment which would come in the ... Continue Reading

Is it possible for a scam shop to be posted on JobDinger?

There was a shop posted yesterday on JobDinger that made me raise an eyebrow. It seems to be gone now but don't know if its because it was removed or picked up by a shopper. It basically was about purchasing some products for around $100 and the MSC wanted... Continue Reading

They Tried To Scam Me!

I started mystery shopping this past September. I'd always been interested in it, but had heard a lot about scams. A few years back, I got a postal money order with instructions to deposit it and then send half to a provided address. I brought the check to the post... Continue Reading

Got one of the scam emails today

Has to be a scam since it came to an email I have never associated with any of my Myster Shopping. Subject said Mystery Shopping. Too bad they all don't [pay that good. dkpskipper Sender was: "Mystery Shopper" Body of message. --- On Sun, 12/20/15, Mystery Shopper wrote: > From:... Continue Reading

Scam - sent check and job offer "from" Walmart. These scams are getting more legitimate looking...New Shoppers beware!

Has anyone else received or heard anything about this? I received a letter with an enclosed check for $1953.30 ( read right) and instructions to activate the check and survey online at The check appears to be from Walmart and is drawn on a nationally known bank. Instructions for the "job"... Continue Reading

To the new mystery shoppers. Please be aware of the SCAMS!

There are more and more SCAMS using Mystery shopping company names. Never cash a check! Mystery shopping companies do not pay upfront. If it's too good to be true it isn't true. Do not give any information if the company notifies you first. Sign up on... Continue Reading


I saw an invitation to participate in a Walmart shop on Shadow Shopper, so I inquired about it, as it was very vague. The information that was sent was the old "We'll send you a check for you to cash and send MoneyGrams from Walmart" scheme. Three different guys... Continue Reading

Warn your friends and family about mystery shopping scams

Like many of you, I don't tell very many people that I do mystery shops. It isn't my full-time job, but I obviously don't want to blow my cover unnecessarily. But, there are some folks who know, such as my parents, etc. Yesterday, I was speaking to my Dad about... Continue Reading

******* ATTENTION SCAM ALERT ******* (Fraud Originated on LinkedIn)

******* ATTENTION SCAM ALERT ******* There is a scam currently circulating listing the name, logo, address, and staff of customer experience companies and is attempting to collect personal information. The fraud appears to have originated on LinkedIn. The fraudulent email appears to come from Samuel Peterson, Richard Fallon, PhD or... Continue Reading

Check scam... how does it work if you don't have a bank account?

My friend got an e-mail saying if he accepted the job, he would be sent a check. His instructions were to send part of that to a "travel agent" to book his travel arrangements, the other part of the check would be his payment for the job. My query... he... Continue Reading

***please ignore. I have my answer.****MF teaming up with Service Measure for solar power shop? Sounds like a scam

Anyone else get the email from Market Force stating they're just helping out Service Measure on a solar power MS project that could pay up to $600 on full completion of the project. They then ask you to email Service Measure with your name, phone number and full address. I'm... Continue Reading


This is something to avoid. I have not figure out whether are or what they want ... but I have been texted and e-mailed by them. Good Morning, My name is Roger Hiucks and I am the human resource manager at Essential Shop Evaluators, a Mystery Shopping evaluating firm. We... Continue Reading


Scam-"MS TEAM" 2015 Secret Shopper LLC "Shopper will get $350 being a Detective Shopper........... Regards-Amanda Wilson Official Shopper... Continue Reading

Discussing sketchy sites and scams, hopefully to be listed in a sticky on New Members Page

I tried looking up (Mystery Shoppers America) here and could not find anything. They provide a lot of claims of affiliations, but their layout is a big infomercial. They make you pay to join, then promise to hook you up with the companies that need you. Of course they... Continue Reading

is this scam or not ?

i'm working as a graphic designer freelancer on and one employer just contacting me with mystery shopper offer : he send to my email aplication form : First I would like to welcome you to the opportunity of becoming a mystery shopper where you you have the opportunity of shopping... Continue Reading

Mystery Shopping Scam Alert

ATTENTION SHOPPERS: There is a scam currently circulating listing the name, logo, address, and staff of customer experience companies and is attempting to collect personal information. The fraud appears to have originated on LinkedIn. The fraudulent email appears to come from Richard Fallon, PhD or Brant Wilson, PhD. DO NOT PROVIDE ANY PERSONAL... Continue Reading

Poignant Scam Stories

We often hear from people who have been scammed, but they generally leave before we know how it works out. There is a story, actually two stories, in the New Member area which describes, episodically, how the scam works, how the bank reacts, and how the police react. The full... Continue Reading

Legit or a Scam

Hi, I received a check in the mail from Corporate Research International for over $2,000.00 with instructions for 3 unrelated assignments. I was instructed to take $400. as my payment and use the rest for the assignments. This is the first contact I have had since responding to a Mystery... Continue Reading

Scam Alert!

Wow! Thanks to ALL the folks who responded to my questions in this forum. As a result of all the info passed on to me (and my own suspicious nature), I found the email from scammers posing as Reality Based Group to be fake. They sent me an $1860.00 check... Continue Reading

Great article about Military Scams from the U.S. Army

QUANTICO, Va. (July 30, 2014) -- Special Agents from the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command, commonly known as CID, are once again warning internet users worldwide about cyber criminals involved in an online crime that CID has dubbed "the Romance Scam." CID special agents continue to receive numerous reports from victims... Continue Reading

Mystery Shoppers, Inc. Scam! Beware.

Hi, I just received an email in my spam and thought I would check here for the company. I see it is listed here. So, I opened it up but left it in the scam mail. It stated I had to pay $10. to shop and that I got $170.00 after... Continue Reading

Just another scam -- Electronics Shop

Today, I got contacted over Facebook by a Mystery Shop Scheduler asking if I was interested in doing a mystery shop of a large big box retailer. I was to go to the store, buy one of three "preapproved" items, and meet the scheduler at a parking lot less... Continue Reading

Deleted - Monetary Scam

Deleted - Monetary Scam... Continue Reading

Messing with an Impatient Phone Scammer....

I love the dog in the video:) Continue Reading

Anyone Want an ATM Card? Latest Scam Email

ATTENTION: BENEFICIARY, This is to acknowledge the receipt of your message. World Bank Organization is eradicating poverty in America, Asia, Europe, Oceania, Russia and Africa and your name is on the list. Your ATM MASTER CARD of ($4.5M USD) was registered with TNT Express Delivery. You will receive it... Continue Reading

Scam or Not?

Hello, Thank you for responding to our craigslist post. This is a short term survey opportunity to make a few extra dollars. We work with various survey companies for unique studies, the idea is to see how fast people are receiving mail in the modern age. If you choose to participate you... Continue Reading

FYI: Attention Jancyn Shoppers - SCAM ALERT

This SCAM ALERT just popped up when I logged onto their website. Just passing it on to forum members. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Attention Jancyn Shoppers - SCAM ALERT We have been alerted that there is a scam currently running that is using Jancyn's company name and emailing shoppers offering a large sum of money... Continue Reading

Golden Metal Box - Latest Scam Email

Cargo Unit:Chicago O'Hare International Airport Airport code: ORD 10000 West O'Hare Chicago,IL 60666:USA, Tel: (352) 440-3137 ATTENTION: GOOD MORNING Final Notice of Your Package In view of your inability to receive your package with registration #: CT8100AF from National UN E Lottery Award Cotonou Benin Republic originally scheduled to be delivered to you by an agency,... Continue Reading

Gift Card Scam....Baiter messes with scammer....

Pretty funny! Continue Reading

Recognizing Scams and how to Avoid them

Hello to everyone! New shoppers often come on this forum and ask "is this a scam?" The experienced shoppers on here do a great job of helping them out. Unfortunately more and more scam artists are using real company names like ours and many other Mystery Shopping Companies to help... Continue Reading

New member with a question about scams

Hi, I just found this site yesterday wondering if there was a place to talk with others who mystery shop. I actually started mystery shopping a few years ago when I worked for Maritz in a call center were periodically we would do the shops over the phone. Anyway,... Continue Reading

Another scam in my inbox! Shoppers Beware!

This just came in: (see if you can spot the red flags!) Dear Prospective Shopper, We are currently accepting limited number of applications from competent shoppers to evaluate Walmart's services and programs, both in-store and on their Website. Job Description & Responsibilities; As our shopper posing as normal customers, you will be required to visit the nearest... Continue Reading

Essential Shop Evaluators (Scam?)

I received an email asking if I was still interested, I have applied to quite a few companies and replied yes. So today I receive an eveloope with a letter and who to call etc and a cheque for $1385.00 to cover assigments. Is this a scam? It is from... Continue Reading

Onion Insights Scam

The company Onion Insights ( is cheating its clients. Despite my work done for them I did not receive any payment. I don't recommend to cooperate with them.... Continue Reading

Am I Being Scammed?

I need to know if I am being scammed here. I answered an email to become a Secret Shopper. I was sent a photocopied letter with instructions and a Cashier's Check for $1989 from PNC bank in Indiana. Instructions say to deposit the check, keep out $327 for my... Continue Reading

Mystery Shopping Company president interviewed about scam

I was surprised that 50 people were willing to write a $2,700 check. Full article here: Bryan Company Warns About Mystery Shopping Check Scam BRYAN - Mystery shopping is a popular way to make a little extra money but scammers are using a local Bryan company's name to conduct an illegal business of... Continue Reading

Scam Alert

My husband was sent this via e mail. Has Anyone else received one? This was copied and pasted verbatim. Today at 2:12 AM The Walmart company is accepting application from anybody that want... Continue Reading

Scary PayPal Scam Letter...

This one has to the worst scam letters I've ever seen. This one wanted everything: Paypal banking information, 3 pin code on the back of your card, credit card number, card exp., full bank information, full address, bank linked to paypal, social security, mother's maiden name, routing number, account number,... Continue Reading

Money transfer scams

I'm in the security industry here in central Florida and have a client who wants to wire me money me money to protect his wife on shopping spree here in USA. I told client that I will invoice them after job, but they insist they want to pay up front.... Continue Reading


Email is hoping to put an end to this guy's scamming people . He tries to reel you in and makes it sound all legit with forms and assignments but he just wants to talk your money !... Continue Reading

Is this a scam?

Hi everyone! i I'm a new shopper and I'd like some feed back if you don't mind. I signed up with a shopping company last week. At the beginning of this week I received an email telling me that my "pay" was on the way via USPS... Continue Reading

WARNING! New twist on old scam. Spread the word!

Who has not heard of the 'Cash cashing scam"? We have, here at the CRG Proshoppers offices, been battling this cancer of the American public for over 4 years. Our files contain nearly 2 million dollars in cases and claims of victims and more savvy would be victims. We have... Continue Reading

Hilarious Scam

First time I've gotten one of these attempts to scam me: ------------------------ U.S Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation Today at 12:54 PM NOTE: If you received this message in your SPAM/BULK folder that is because of the restrictions implemented by your Internet Service Provider we the (Federal Bureau of Investigation) urge... Continue Reading

GFK Scam Alert

I received the following email which appears to be an attempt to solicit information for the purpose of scamming. From: GFK Research Group ( Microsoft SmartScreen classified this message as junk. Sent: Mon 2/16/15 4:52 PM To: Recruiter: GFK Research Group Location: United State & Canada Salary: Between $300 to &800 (each task) Job Type: Part-Time Date Added: 10... Continue Reading

International service check is it a scam ?

I got a call.text ,email from this company over a week a go after sending my resume. I talk with two people one male and one female that work for the company .I m living the Canada GTA area. I m looking for others in my area to contact... Continue Reading

Gapbuster scam or legit?

I received this today. I checked my bank account and a deposit was made yesterday. It looks highly suspicious, but also legit. Any thoughts? I have an enquiry into Gapbuster. Dear Michael Turner. (Shopper Code: number removed by OP) Payment to your account for CAD16.15 has not been released due to incorrect... Continue Reading


Just received this email. I know it is bogus but thought I would put it up in case someone else gets it and thinks it is legit. Dead give away, the "up front" payment, language and gmail acct. Right? Hello, I am Michael Smith, Recruitment Specialist with Sights On Service Inc.... Continue Reading

how do I know that this is not a scam

Received a check and am really sceptical about this being real or not... Continue Reading

Getting scam mail from myself

Ok I don't know what I should do. The past two days I have been getting scam mail from myself. I tried to block the email but but got a message that I can not block my own email address. Fortunately, the mail has been going to my junk mail... Continue Reading

Scam? or no

The only one of my friends who knows I'm a shopper sent me this email below. Anybody know anything about it? The pay is by cashier check that raises my radar about a mile. I wouldn't touch it. Techman - if it's phony can you do... Continue Reading

New to Mystery Shopping (Stericycle scam?)

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

SCAM OR LEGIT ? - Insight Reporter Mystery Shopping Assignment

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

BARE email NOT a Scam

Hello! For those who received and email from BARE asking them update their email... yes, it is legitimate! We're sorry for any confusion. The U.S. Office is doing this in order to validate the emails we have so that we can effectively communicate BARE news and updates. It states in the email... Continue Reading

BARE scam? - RESOLVED (It's legit.)

Got this today. Looks suspicious to me since the link to update your email does not reference BARE at all. I forwarded it to their corporate office. Anyone know anything more? From: ( BARE is doing some spring cleaning (…or fall cleaning!) We are updating our email... Continue Reading

The Green Dot MoneyPak Mystery Shop Scam

I am posting a link to one of Cathy Stucker's latest articles dated August 10, 2014... Continue Reading


I was notified by my daughter who just received an attempted SCAM from the IRS. Our CPA notified all of his customers to warn all of us about this. She reported it to the police. Our CPA told us that he received several calls from his customers... Continue Reading

Stop asking if it's a scam!!!!

I understand there are many new shoppers coming here every day trying to learn more about what we do. I was once a newbie and had many questions. However, one of them was NEVER "is this a scam?" If you have no common sense to know when somebody is... Continue Reading

Another Scam ...

Here is a copy of an email I received: To Today at 11:16 AM We have an open position in our team as a secret consumer and we are looking for qualified individuals to apply. You can find more information about the position and what this job involves, also the registration form if you... Continue Reading

Is this a scam?

I just got a call from a out of state number and answered it. It was a woman with a accent (similar to what you get from MF). She stated she had a mystery shopping job for me that would not require me to buy or say anything just get... Continue Reading

Another Mystery Shopper Scam? With Money Orders!

So I come home today to a Priority Mail envelope. In the envelope is a letter on Corporate Research International Letterhead with instructions to deposit and blah blah two U.S. Postal Service Money Orders in the amount of $970. These might be the best fakes I've ever seen,... Continue Reading

Mystery Shopping Scam

Hi Everyone, We would just like to word to spread that currently there is a scam floating around the US. They send fake checks & e-mails to unsuspecting people who then deposit the check. However the check bounces then money is taken from the persons account. If you or anyone you... Continue Reading

Worse Scam Letter Ever!!!!

Talk about poor grammar and sentence structure:).............. Welcome, and thank you for your interest to our company and the opportunity which our company is opening for applicants who wants to join our big and friendly family. Right now we have openings in different states of US for highly motivated... Continue Reading

how do you know if a company for mystery shop is a scam

How do you know if they are a scam or for real?... Continue Reading

Just want to make sure I'm not being scammed!

Hi everyone, I just found about mystery shopping and I'm interested in trying it! I went on the website for Intouch Insight Systems and I'm tempted to fill out the application and try it out! But before I enter my information I want to make sure this is a real company and not... Continue Reading

Is Shadow shopper a scam?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

coupon scammed by server!

I know not to use coupons or gift cards blah blah blah...Did a restaurant assignment last Saturday and yesterday I got an email asking why I used a coupon when I wasn't supposed to and why my receipt didn't match the restaurant's receipt indicating the use of a coupon. The... Continue Reading


CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!! I JUST recieved a email from Beyond Hello and it said they put $70.00 in my PAYPAL ACCT. For signing with them. Has anyone else heard or seen anything else like this? Please help! I've been doing this for a little oner a year and... Continue Reading

MSC money gram is it a scam?

Got a sizeable chq in mail to send $ by money gram to a couple different locations. Has any one even done this and was it legit. Welcome any comments?... Continue Reading

Mystery Researchers Survey SCAM

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Got a scam PM here on the forum

Looks like the account was created just to send scam spam. How do I report it?... Continue Reading

Funny example of a scam mystery shopper opportunity that uses a legitimate MSC's name

Note to new shoppers: This is a funny example of a scam mystery shopper opportunity that uses a legitimate MSC's name. This is an example of why if you get an offer for a shop to go to the official links on this forum to sign up instead of using... Continue Reading

A new twist to the "you're rich" scam?

I've not seen this before: a scam referral to the scammer trying to get my money. Hilarious in any event... Mrs. Debbra Irish 10:55 AM (35 minutes ago) to Recipients Dear Esteem Beneficiary, I am Mrs. Debbra Irish, I am a United State of America citizen, 47 years Old., My residential address is as... Continue Reading

want too know if scam or not

my name lucy m i got a check in the mail for 1842.12 and its says too go too walmart then too buy something for my self and only spend $50.00 and it says too cash the check at western union. the guys email who game is at head of... Continue Reading

New phone scam

Just got a call on my cell phone that said "Your debit card has been suspended, press 1 for how to reinstate your privileges." I hung up instantly. This is a scam. If you press 1 you will be prompted to give your personal information, like account... Continue Reading

Mystery Shopper Scam

I received a letter today with a check in the amount of 1,989.85 to be a mystery shopper as you know I did nothing with the check because I did nothing to earn it. I did report it as mail fraud with the Postal Inspector. I am posting this because... Continue Reading

Scammed? Severely stressed new shopper

I'm extremely stressed out. I completed a form for It asked for my ss#. At the time I thought nothing of it, seemed logit. With my 2yr old running a muck, 6mnth old crying my mind was focused on "hurry & submit". Now that I can think logically I'm... Continue Reading

Uncovered a scam

Hi I am new to Mystery Shopping. I just interacted with a company and they sent me a check to deposit before completing the assignment. I had the check investigated by my bank and they found that it was a fraudulent check. I would like to alert... Continue Reading

Has anyone ever heard of a Victoria's Secret shop or is my friend getting scammed?

My friend claims that she is doing a shop and she gets to buy (keep?) $350 worth of merchandise. She said that it's a mystery shop "test". The company is a reputable behemoth that we all know and love/hate. Anyone hear of that?... Continue Reading

check scam

I just recently recieved a check in the mail, in the amount of 1260.00. They wanted me to buy something at home depot, and deposit so much in my account and so much on a money pack from walmart. The company that sent it to me was Retailing Solutions.I just... Continue Reading

Is this a scam?

I received the following email today and I believe it is a scam. Has anyone else received this email? Mystery Shopper ( Add to contacts 7:03 PM To: Picture of Mystery Shopper We have a mystery shopping assignment in your area and we would like you to participate. Mystery Shopper is accepting applications... Continue Reading

SCAM? Your Profile - Albatross Mystery Shopper

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing Corp Owes Money and it is a Scam

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Anyone Gotten This Email? Or Is It a Scam?

Application Form Mystery Shoppers, Inc was founded in 1994 by Beverly Gleason, Tiffany Gleason and Trish Overton. We are a nationwide company, based out of Knoxville, Tennessee. We have a mystery shopping assignment in your area and we would like you to participate" Secret Shopper® is accepting applications for... Continue Reading

Scam alert

I just got this email. Of course, the majority of you are savvy and would just hit delete, while laughing ironically about being paid $200 per assignment! Just want to warn newbies. I especially love that they can't even spell the name of their own company, along with their dubious... Continue Reading


I just received a weird email from MF. The topic was MESSAGEBOARD@MARKETFORCE( Then it read, Certified New messages for XXXXXXXXXXX. The line that makes me really wonder is, It is important that you review your messages as quickly as possible! Please go to Boardaspx with your username and password. Okay leaders... Continue Reading

Toolbar scam? Really?

I expected something better here.... Continue Reading

Mystery shopping scammers arrested in Calgary

Calgary RCMP arrest three in 'mystery shopper scam' mail fraud By Arthur Weinreb Read more: Calgary - A couple from Calgary and a man from Cochrane, Ontario face several charges in a 'mystery shopping scam' police began investigating in 2011. The scam was directed at Americans. Police allege 10 Americans were bilked out... Continue Reading

ShopNChek Scam

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

wondering if I am getting scammed

I received a check and letter from W.ROHLIG USA INC. today inviting me to be a mystery shopper for them. This is my first experience doing this. I want to know if it is legitimate.... Continue Reading

**list of scammers, add on!** Continue Reading

anyone come across scams for shopping?

Im gathering a list of emails/contacts. Of scammers that we have come across! Join me!:)... Continue Reading

Is mystery shopper a scam

I am fixin to sign up with mystery shopper and before i drop 50 bucks on it i would like to know if it is a scam or legit... Continue Reading

Beware of mystery shopping scams

If you tried to do mystery shopping and you received emails from a guy named ted hansley, but the email address says it is a scam. They will send you a check even though you haven't done any work for them yet an tell you to evaluate walmart and... Continue Reading

CSE company name being used in email scam

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Other Cricket shoppers.. Beware of scam calls.

As of recent, I've gotten repeated phone calls from a 201 number. I looked them up and found out they are scam. They call pretending to be Cricket, ask if you are happy with your service, ask about your bill, and then ask for your account's pin number. They apparently... Continue Reading

Walmart Secret Shopper Employment--Scam

This email looked so legit! It's really long, with the logos of the MSPA, BBB, twitter and facebook at the end and there is a reference to a company called Sights on Service, Inc. in Minneapolis--not on the list of legit companies. In the body... Continue Reading

GFK Warning from Facebook SCAM ALERT

Gfk Schedulers Attention GfK Shoppers & Friends: SCAM ALERT! This new scam involves a "recruiter" out of the UK, using the GfK name, sending people FAQ and contract agreements in order to become a secret shopper. This is NOT GfK. Please disregard or forward to our email.... Continue Reading

Is this legit or scam

Hi, i am a new mystery shopper and today i got an email from bestmark which is i applied. and now i just wants to make sure if i got a legit email from bestmark person, because i am afraid some people just use bestmark name to get some money,... Continue Reading

Scam...not sure

This has nothing to do with mystery shopping, but I'd appreciate your feedback. I've been advertising my photography business locally on Craigslist. Today I get an email asking if I'm free on June 22nd and how much I'll charge for 4 hours. Literally, that was the extent of the email.... Continue Reading

check scams

i receive 2 checks i do work from home but, didnt know what they were for they said check n shop i heard it was a scam. mystery shopping told me to take some money out and send the rest to someone else by western union the name on the check was global holdings they... Continue Reading

has anyone recieved a check in the mail? is it a scam?

I just received a check in the mail from B.BUSINESS SOULUTIONS INC. stating to DEPOSIT it into my bank and then send a specific amount to another shopper. Has anyone else received this? Is it a scam?... Continue Reading

Pinterest Scam Question

Hey everyone, I've got a potentially random question, though I guess this is the "anything goes" board. I've started wandering in the realm of Pinterest, and have created a few boards, mostly for kicks and giggles. Over the last few days, I've noticed one particular "pin" on one particular board getting... Continue Reading

New to mystery shopping and already got scammed, help!!

Hi everyone, My name is Jessica and I'm new to this forum, new to mystery shopping in general actually. This site is great, I just wish I had found it a week ago. I just started my second assignment with Mystery Shopper Online Jobs and it's been great but I had... Continue Reading

The scammers are getting better

Received this in my spam, interesting that it sounds very much like the warnings from legitimate MSCs AND the assigmnent is for a Western Union shop. SarahD We have a mystery shopping assignment in your area and we would like you to participate. Mystery Shopper is accepting applications for qualified individuals to... Continue Reading

Latest Scam in my email !

Found this "offer" in my in box!! Seem to have more of them comming in lately !!! The Heading read FANTASTIC JoB OFFER ... It is a fantastic job offer all right :0 There is no charge to become a shopper's. At MSG Shoppers, You will never pay to shop! We pay... Continue Reading

Part of a Scam Letter...

This is your typical outrageous scam letter with the usual "please send us $$$$$ by Western Union"...but I wanted you to see how they annihilated the english language.. Actual awful letter : "We awaits your activation fee today, so you can start receiving your install mental payment as from... Continue Reading

MBC Research - thoughts? Scam? Providing an address bad idea??

Second email from this company. I am assuming its a scam based on the $ paid. I saw the other post about this company but was wondering if anyone received mail from them after responding. I am very tempted to give them my address and see what they send me.... Continue Reading

Got an email today and not sure if it's a scam..... Help please?

Hello everyone! I received an email today and I'm not to sure about it (especially since I almost was scammed recently) and need help figuring this out please. The email reads as follows: Fun Dinner/Games/Bar/Bowling shops available in Long Beach, CA Inbox x 11:37 PM (1 hour ago) to EllenforPSS Hello Shoppers, Palm Scheduling Services... Continue Reading

Is this a scam?

I recently received an e-mail from with the headline: Job Opportunity. The e-mail states the following: You have been selected to become a mysteryshopper agent. The jobs are easy, fun and well paid. We have sent you an attachment which contains all the information. Download it, read it and signup our form. You... Continue Reading

Arrest Made In Secret Shopper Scam, Woman Faces 47 Fraud-related Charges Continue Reading

Scam?! "Mystery Assessor Job"

Has anyone else got this email? Hello, There is a mystery assessor job open, please reply if you are interested to partake in the shopping assignment we have offered. Market Force is a company that conducts surveys and evaluates other companies. We get hired to go to other companies and... Continue Reading

Reality Based Group Scam

I received the following notice today Reality Based Group Shoppers, It has come to our attention in the last several days that there are scammers out there trying to take advantage of professional shoppers like yourself. A couple things to keep in mind. These types of scams go on all the... Continue Reading

Scam!?! Anyone else get this email?

Good days, We are a charter member of the Mystery.Shopping Provider's Association (MS-PA), You have been selected for assignment as a Detective Mystery Shop in your area. You will get commission $ 200 / assignment, your employment packet will include funds for the shopping. There's no charge to apply to become a Detective MS. Money... Continue Reading

$1,900.00 check for Mystery shopping - scam or nor?

I, also, receiced a check from fscmarkinginc. It says to deposit it & then after it clears, withdrawal $350.00, for your participation salary, then, at some point you withdrawal the balance. It says to do the other 2 assignments. You can quit at anytime after you do these 3 assignments/evaluation.... Continue Reading

Help with Scam protection

I am reaching out to those of you who have been doing this for some time and "know the ropes". I have registered on only 3 sites thus far and while all of them asked me for my birth date, none of them asked me for my social security... Continue Reading

Yet Another Scam

Here's another email targetting mystery shoppers that ended up in my junk today. Very sweet. Not! :P SSN 2013 [] How Are You dear . . . Welcome and best wishes to you Your first step we ask only to fill in the info below (1) Full Legal Name: (2) Address: (3) City, State: (4) Zip Code And... Continue Reading

I Must Be on the Latest Scam List

Just got this email. Second scam email I've gotten in the last few days. Reckon they sell our email addresses to one another? They just need my "good response." " We are a charter member of the Mystery-Shopping Provider's Association (MS-PA), You have been selected for assignment as a... Continue Reading

MSPA "Certification": Is It Just Another Scam to Fleece Shoppers?

I just paid and passed the MSPA "Silver" certification for $15. I received a "certification" number. I tried to add it to my profiles for the companies that I do assignments for and ... and ... and... Lo! And Behold! No company will accept the certification number. My email address for MSPA,... Continue Reading

Hotmail (!!) email from "Taylor and Associates"- scam or legit?

Hello to the forum - I just received an email on behalf of "Taylor and Associates." The text is at the end of this post. Did a little sleuthing here and on the V-site, and the company IS a member of MSPA. HOWEVER..... here are my red flags: 1. No website, and a... Continue Reading


Ouch! I had a legit mystery shopping job- it was a great experience... then I responded to an email to do another "job" and experienced my first scam. ouch. Now I had a "check" in the bank that probably wont clear :( SOO sad about that and feeling like an... Continue Reading

mystery shopping scams?

We all see the warnings on the legitimate MSC's websites. I got an email from USSecret Shopper(R) the email it came from does not look professional to me. It landed in my spam filter. Is anyone familiar with this one?... Continue Reading

Judge show handled a mystery shop scam

I was lying home ill today and turned on the TV. One of the judge shows was on The defendant claimed she had asked her really good lifelong friend to cash a money order for $1900.00 as she needed the money badly and her bank had a... Continue Reading


I received this e-mail today. This scream scam to me, but I can't figure out what they are planning to do? Hello, We are currently seeking to employ individual's Country wide. How would you like to make money by simply driving your car advertising for JOHNNIE WALKER. How it works Here's the basic... Continue Reading


Someone posted a few days ago about an e-mail from PayPal telling her that her PayPal account was limited. Comments about a potential scam were made. Below is a scam e-mail I received from someone using PayPal's name. It tells me about a "problem" with my account... Continue Reading


I just received a check for $1,985.55 from Safeway Inc.,the Bank of New York Melton. The company said's there name is BenchMark Mystery survey Management inc. and Secret Shopper. I really want to follow this and give the check to the right people to pursue this scam. ... Continue Reading


So I almost got caught up in a scam if it wasn't for this Site. I received a check through certified mail for me to cash it at my bank. From there I was to transfer the money to someone that they gave me the check for but... Continue Reading

new scam?

-----Original Message----- From: MS-Team Recruitment Sent: Sat, Aug 11, 2012 9:29 pm Subject: <1st Step> JOB OPPORTUNITY Welcome to Secret-Shopper® Job Opportunity. We are a charter member of the Mystery-Shopping Provider's Association (MS-PA), the professional trade association for the Mystery-Shopping industry. We accepting applications for qualified individuals to become mystery-shoppers. The salary US-$200 per assignment on... Continue Reading

Another Scam By Email!

Hi We have a mystery shopping assignment in your area. And your wages is 200$ per assignment, the job entails evaluation process, visiting Walmart e.t.c. Send below information to get started. __________________________________ Your Full Name: Address (NO.PO.BOX): City / State / Zip Code: Telephone Number: The current work: __________________________________ Best Regards, Secret Shopper® David Barrett(Member Agencies... Continue Reading

Please read this. It feels like a scam to me!!

Hello Everyone, I just received this in an email. I have not changed a word of it. My gut is screaming: NO. DO NOT REPLY! Please comment on this. I do not reply to unsolicited leads like this. The only lead, I believe, is down a path... Continue Reading

LUPIN GROUP LLC . . . Is it a SCAM??

Has anyone gotten an email from LUPIN GROUP LLC?? It came from an email address that is another valid MS company. But when you reply, it goes to a different email address I think this is a SCAM. It goes something like this: LUPIN GROUP LLC is a... Continue Reading

Craig's List MSC Scam - Newbies Especially Beware

Fraudulent Job Offers on Craig's List: An individual or individuals posting opportunities on Craig's List and other locations using email addresses from the domain "" (and others) offering jobs, and mystery shopping opportunities is committing fraud. They are using many names including Paul Shane, Danielle Leon and many different... Continue Reading

Premier Secret Shopper/Apple Logistics Scam!

So I was researching mystery shopping companies and fell right into a scam. I have just started to get back into shopping after taking a few years off and boy did I fall right into their trap. The company's name when Googled is Premier Secret Shopper. You enter your info... Continue Reading

Scam? Anyone else get this email?

I got this email offering part time jobs, supposedly with Mercantile Systems. I replied and was offered this position. To do the job I had to evaluate websites. Well they were all spam websites. I haven't done it yet, but want to know if anyone else received this email. I... Continue Reading


I was also scammed by Value Shoppers. How do we stop them?... Continue Reading

Does this belong in the scam-worthy file?

Ath Power Consulting Corp. wants to pay electronically using Want the convenience of direct deposit payments from us, straight to your bank account? Click the link below to set it up in minutes. It's free to you {my name listed here.} To get started, click this link {link posted here.} Sincerely, Alex Cugini ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Or... Continue Reading

Scam offers

Beware fellow mystery shoppers. I just received the following email that on its face seemed hinky. An offer to be a mystery shopper for wal-mart came my way. I happen to know that Wal-mart doesn't allow that kind of activity in their stores so I opened the... Continue Reading

Frank James again. Another SCAM. USSecret Shopper

Frank is at it again with a new guise. Just to make sure he is googleable with the current scam, here is the email. Date:15th July 2012 We have a mystery shopping assignment in your area and we would like you to participate Secret Shopper(R) is accepting applications for qualified individuals to... Continue Reading


EMAIL RETURNS IF YOU USE THIS ADDRESS!! To get started and become one of our undercover Angels simply APPLY ONLINE by visiting [] and clicking on ‘Become an Angel’ or email Not the right address. SHOPANGELS DOES NOT HAVE GLOBAL IN THEIR ADDRESS!!... Continue Reading

Couponers - "" - Scam, owners arrested in Phx.

Hey all, I remember there was a post here regarding couponing. The following was on the news this morning: This company: is the scam.... Continue Reading

CIAI creative image associates is a SCAM

CREATIVE IMAGE ASSOCIATES IS A SCAM!! June 30, 2012 From: Frank Rowe Email: To Whom it May Concern: I have been the victim of a fraud based on sending money via Western Union overseas, in this case to Turkey. Background: I recently retired from the... Continue Reading

Scheduler or scam?

Hi there, I received an email today and it just seemed very odd, I have not ever applied with this company. I have received emails from unknown schedulers before when they had jobs in my area, INVITING me to sign on with their company. I assume they have found me through... Continue Reading

Anyone heard of Shoppers View? Scam or No?

I got this email today to shop a local pawn shop. "Hi MN shoppers! SHOP TYPE: Pawn/Loan PAY: $50.00 shop fee, $50.00 reimbursement ($8.00 bonus) LOCATION: (I removed that for this forum) DUE DATE: 2012-06-29 SHOP DESCRIPTION : Shoppers' View is paying $50 for quick turn around pawn/scrap gold shops. You must pawn your item by... Continue Reading

Is This A Scam?

Did anyone else receive this e-mail from Second-To-None? Is this a scam? They are not asking for money but they are not offering any either. I did NOT click on the link so who knows where that goes to. "Second To None invites you to participate in a... Continue Reading

scam email

Well I guess I can join the club of those that received a scam email because I think the following qualifies. Welcome to Your step recruitment, You have been for assignment as a Detective Shopper in your area, and You will get $200 being a Detective Shopper. Your employment packet will include... Continue Reading

New Scam?

Well, I got my own personal invite from "morris." With $200 a week, I can quite messing around with these other MSCs! "Hello Ma/Sir, My name is morris this is an awareness to let the public know that we have a vacancy position of a mystery shopper in our... Continue Reading

Yes it's a SCAM if . . .

You get paid in advance. -More likely than not, you don't get paid in advance to mystery shop!!! You get paid a large sum of money for a job. -Most mystery shops... Continue Reading

Is this another scam?

I received this e-mail and wondered if any of you know of this company. It seems fishy, but I may be hyper-sensitive to mystery shopping scams. I looked over the list of MS companies in this forum, and did not see it. Have any of you received... Continue Reading

YES! My very first Scam Email! James Anderson, Service Experiences

James email to me ... AND, my reply to him at the bottom! ---------------------------- Original Message ---------------------------- Subject: Urgent Vacancy: Get Paid Shopping. From: "ServiceExperiences™" Date: Sat, May 12, 2012 8:47 am To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Shopper, ServiceExperiences™ is a company that conduct surveys and evaluate other companies. We get hired to go to other peoples companies... Continue Reading


I received a new scam saying it was fromt he POST OFFICe and a package is being held in Louisville. Supposedly it is Express mail . I did not open it. It looks like a scam to me. English is bad and there is no letterhear. BEWARE... Continue Reading

Is Caliber a scam?

I've now signed up for two different versions of this site and they NEVER have shops! I mean they don't show any on a country wide search even.... Continue Reading

Beware of the mystery shopping SCAM in the name of Onion Insights!

We recently identified that there is someone posing as a Onion Insights Market Research Inc. (Address: Unit, 142, 587, Austin Place Bronx NY 10455) and is trying to recruit secret/mystery shoppers across USA and other parts of the world. We would like to categorically state that these communications are purely... Continue Reading

Beware of this SCAM!

I received this email today. The sender was Do not be fooled. This is a scam. I also received another one just like this a few days ago that was from We have a mystery shopping assignment in your area, and we would like you... Continue Reading

mystery shopper scam



I received this same check from seaboard. Couldn't access their Webb sigh either. Started to take it to the currency exchange before I started reading it.... Continue Reading

Almost Scammed

I had inquired to a few sites for info on being a mystery shopper. I received several e-mails from B.Buisness Sollutions asking if I was interested. I sent them all the information they requestd by e-mail. I received a cashier check in the mail for $2.850.00 and was instructed to... Continue Reading

Another new Scam

Everyone,please do not accept any offers from a Cint Innovations or offers coming out of the state of MI for mystery shopping for Walmart, Mailgram or McDonald's. Old scan that they send you a check and you need to pass on funds to another shopper in another state -... Continue Reading


Here we go folks received an email from Daniel Casto, that very day Fed Ex delivered an envelope with a check for $3,720.00. Wanted me to go to Western Union and wire funds. Beware they are on the loose again!... Continue Reading


I just got a check for $2,760.00 from "One Source, infogroup", 11E.26th St.New York, New York 10010, 646-597-8024Ext.1 Looks very appealing, of course I know it is a scam. I am supposed to confirm in writing my signature. Who do I take this too..I can't find other thread.... Continue Reading

which company is NOT a scam? I'm a beginner!

Wow, there is a huge community out there! When an on-line add asks for a one time $30 fee to become a shopper, is it a scam? Which company are "good ones"? Help me get started please!... Continue Reading


I have been scamed, I'm not sure what to do. Premier secert shoppers have all my info including my SS number. The web site look really convincing. Yes, I was taken. I'm not sure if they will try to use my info in a fraud matter. I'm sure I am not the only... Continue Reading

Helped Stop an Email Scam

I was in the post office the other day. When I was done, I stepped aside to put my change in my wallet. The next person in line walked up to the counter with a Priority Mail envelope and showed the clerk what looked like a money order. She asked... Continue Reading


This morning I received the SCAM that mystery shoppers have been warned against in my mailbox. Can anyone tell me who I need to contact to report this information? The company name on the fraudulent check (supposedly the MSC's client) is: (typed exactly as printed on check) Mindspeed Management... Continue Reading

Shopresearch Market Research scam

Yup, a scammer's at it again. This one's JUST hot off the electronic presses: Dear (last name first name) We need a number of Full and Part-time Shop Evaluators in (city, state) Basic pay starts from $180 per assignment. Interested applicants should confirm their details as requested below in a reply... Continue Reading

Scam / looking for suckers?

I recieved this post in my email. (complete soy and paste) SAFEWAY ✆ show details 3:58 AM (6 hours ago) SAFEWAY Groups is accepting applications for qualified individuals to become a Evaluation Agent. Its fun and rewarding, and you choose when and where you want to shop. You are never obligated to... Continue Reading

Have I already been SPAM'd or scammed?

Head of Human Resources, 620 Mendelssohn Ave N Minneapolis, MN 55427-4310 Secret Shopper® Attn: Mystery Shopper, You have been chosen to be one of our Mystery shopper.You will be evaluating Wal-Mart Stores and Western Union Services in your neighborhood, kindly check out for one Wal-Mart store and one Western union Agent outlet you will like to... Continue Reading

Dennis Hunt Mystery Shopper Scam

Any RazorFocus Mystery Shopping opportunities posted by Mr. Dennis Hunt or ANYONE else claiming to represent RazorFocus are clearly a scam. The REAL RazorFocus is a legitimate marketing research company located in downtown Stamford, CT. and we do not do mystery shopping. RazorFocus is a member of the Marketing... Continue Reading

Spams and scams on the job board

This is worrisome. On the job board is an ad for secret internet shopper. There is also one for easy video shops that require no special training or equipment. That one only takes an hour, must be done between 10 pm and 1 am tonight and pays $150-$250 for an... Continue Reading

E-Mail Scams Galore

It seems like up to a year ago I would get the occasional e-mail from a foreign business man wanting me to help him transfer some money and usually I would get a little chuckle out of the bad english and then delete, no big deal. I was cleaning out... Continue Reading Is this a scam?

Hi, My 76 year old neighbor wants to start mystery shopping. She received the following letter and wants me to tell her if it looks legitimate. I told her it's too good to be true. The email address of the guy trying to recruit her is: Here is... Continue Reading

Secret Shopping Services Scamming UK shoppers

This company have one UK client in the jewellery trade and they have scammed UK shoppers who have undertaken assignments for them and then not paid despite the reports being approved. I did jobs for them in September and not been paid and I know other shoppers in the same... Continue Reading

Great article for newbies about the check-cashing scam!

Some of you newbies may be tempted to answer emails that say you can make $200 a shop. They say they will send you a check for about $2000 and you are to take it to the bank and cash it. You keep $200 as your mystery shopping payment and... Continue Reading

Have I been Scammed?? HELP!!

So im an idiot.. I got a packet in the mail for a mystery shopper company and it had all the info. I also recieved 3 checks which i was informed to deposit one. I searched and heard that its a scam if they want you to send money in anyways ex.... Continue Reading

fraudulent check or possible scam

Dear Ms Cynthia S. Chavez ; Hello the reason for this email is to alert you of possible fraud or scam to your company. My JOB ID is 21084 I recently received a check from your company in order to participate in the secret shopper program,... Continue Reading

Scam emails using my name! How do I fight this?

I have had several of our shoppers now, call in and ask of a scam email is legit because they know I work here. Those evil scammers are using my name, sometimes my title, and using the name of our website to make their emails look legitimate. Fortunately most... Continue Reading


I just got sent a scam from this site. I addes the scam letter that was sent to me. I hope this keeps someone else from getting scammed. Let's watch each others back. No SCAMS allowed. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From Miss. Sandrine Zuma From: sandrine11 To: ChoicesUnLimited Date: 10/24/2011 01:07PM From... Continue Reading


Just received this email message. Very suspicious as there is no MSC listed and it says instructions will be sent with money. 1ho would sign up for a shop not knowing the details, plus not knowing the company? Welcome to Mystery Shopper, You have been selected for assignment as a Detective... Continue Reading

Warning about scam artist

I received this from Spot Check and am reproducing it with permission: "To All Shoppers IMPORTANT MEMO As I had mentioned yesterday, there is a person by the name of Jeffrey Veen who is posing as an employee of Spot Check Services. He has sent emails to many people throughout... Continue Reading

Is this a scam

I just received this email today and I am very leary. Does anyone have a clue? I am Bryan Doch, HR Manager, Apex Consults America Inc. I received your resume from an Online resume distribution service. On behalf of the company, I'm offering you a customer service evaluator position after thorough review of... Continue Reading

Is this a scam?

I received an email from a MarketWise doing Mystery Shopping. Wanted my full name, address, age and phone number i emailed back the information. It says this group is from 12 rue de paris 75012, France. I feel this is a scam. It is so confusing because there is a... Continue Reading


REF: SSI92416 Kindly take your time to read about the Job Details. Strategic Reflections Inc.. takes a closer look at company's service quality and quality control efforts. We provide them with the information needed to improve customer service; improved customer service will have a direct impact on their bottom line of business. Whether... Continue Reading

CashCrate mystery shopper assignments -- scams or legit? HELP!!

I am a NEW mystery shopper who has been offered a customer service assignment from a Mr. Mike Hall of CashCrate. I was sent an assignment letter, Albertson's grocery store money order (for a HUGE amount of money?!!), and a name/ address (in the Philippines Islands?!!) to have most... Continue Reading

CashCrate mystery shopper job assignments -- legit or scam?

I have been offered a mystery evaluation job by a Mr. Mike Hall at CashCrate Inc. for a Western Union customer service evaluation. I have received in the mail an assignment letter, a Albertson's grocery store money order,and an address/ name to wire most of the money order to... Continue Reading

Check Scams

I've heard of many check scams @ Western unions for Mystery Shopping? Anyone else know about these?... Continue Reading

Scams on the radio?

So twice today while at work, there's been a scam-y sounding radio commercial about mystery shopping. You can make big bucks blah blah blah, just send an email to getjob2011@(hotmail or yahoo) can't remember. Is it just me, or is that really weird to be played on the radio.... Continue Reading

This is a real company but I think it is a scam

Dear Candidate, We have a job offer available for you that will not disturb your present occupation. Currently we have available position for you to work for us. See below description. "We have a mystery shopping assignment in your area and we would like you to... Continue Reading

Shop N Chek Scam

I am new to the whole mystery shopper thing and I recently emailed and asked for some information from a shop n chek email that I had received. Well, noone called me or emailed me back with info but I did receive a $980 money order in the mail... Continue Reading

A brand new twist on a scam

I was laughing so hard when I got this that I just felt I HAD to share it!! The scammers have found still another way to con folks out of their money. I have no doubt that the first email correspondence after contact would be to have you... Continue Reading

Survey Scam or Not? for Apex Consults America (Bryan Doch)

Has anyone gotten a job offer to take surveys for this company? Here's a copy of their offer. Sounds too good to be true. It probably is a Scam. Please Let me know. Hello, I am Bryan Doch, HR Manager, Apex Consults America Inc. I received your resume from... Continue Reading

New Mystery Shopping SCAM - Linkshare / Tyler Mayer

Posting this in case someone does a search for this company. A friend of mine who knows I shop emailed me last night, asking if this email he received was for real. The company and its address are real, although it does not seem to be a mystery shopping... Continue Reading

Mystery Shopping Scams ~ Dennis Hunt, etc.

Hello everyone ! I am new to this forum. I joined when I saw that there were several postings about Dennis Hunt & his mystery shopping scams. Thanks to all who posted info about this scam. I received an unsolicited email from him & then subsequently received a fake US... Continue Reading

more scams

Seems to be more scam Mystery Shopping companies popping p. Mystery Shopping Guide offers $299.99 per assignment. So be careful who you sign up with!... Continue Reading

"Mystique Shopper" SCAM!!!

I just got a doozy! Wanted to post in case anyone find their way here by searching for info. Of course, there IS a legitimate (but slooow paying) company called "Mystique", but this isn't it!!! Here's the email: --------------------------- Mystique Shopper LLC™ is presently accepting a "limited" number of Applications. Position Title:... Continue Reading



Has anyone heard of this scheme? Is is a scam.

I've only been in this business about a month and a half. But this seems too good to be true. Could anyone comment on this? Thank you! Incidentally, I love this business. Mustang Willie DAVID COMBS.txt (3KB)... Continue Reading

Shopping Scam?

I'm new to this group, but have been mystery shopping for close to 5 years. I just got a strange phone call and wonder if anyone else has had any experience with this company. The company name is Shopping Spies, Inc. They send assignments by mail with a very... Continue Reading


Group, I had another unfortunate experience the other day. After being burned by Market Force, I signed up for another company (who will remain nameless). I signed up for a "blind" theater check, where I'd get to see a free movie and count people (pretty straight forward). In my employee... Continue Reading


I have gotten around 10 scams this mounth,Beware of Western Union Shops!... Continue Reading

re: nascosto is a scam


Any one has any details on Conundrum Shoppers LLC? I have a feeling they are a scam

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

BBB scam

Did anyone see the article on the BBB company tonight on 20/20? Appareantly BBB is having there own scam going done interdepartmentally. They are husseling businesses out of cash to keep there A rating. If you don't pay up, your rating turn into a C and if... Continue Reading

Direct Scheduling Service & Ramack Scheduling is a SCAM

Do not take jobs from any postings by JuneRSS (June Raeder-MacKinnon, scheduler) on this forum. She is part of a BIG RIP-Off and SCAM. She has delayed and mislead shoppers about getting paid for work she schedules. She will tell you that she is just a scheduler, but She continues to... Continue Reading


Company Called Store Plainning Sends You A Large Check And Tells You To Wire Money For A Mystery Shopping Program--do Not Wire Money To Anyone You Don't Know! This Is A Scam! Do Not Cash The Check And Do Not Wire Money To The Scammers. Check Will Bounce And You... Continue Reading

Is there any where to report scams?

I received what looks like a scam today in the mail and I'd like to know where I could report it ... Even someplace to send copies of what I received so that maybe the scammers could get caught!... Continue Reading

Mystery shopper scams

have almost been burned twice by shopper scam, how can you find legitimate shopper services? BBB seems to useless in identifying legitimate services.... Continue Reading

Scam involving Cell Phones

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has recently learned that an old long distance phone scam that leads consumers to incur high charges on their phone bills may now affect wireless consumers. In the past, consumers have been fooled into making expensive international calls by scam artists who leave messages on... Continue Reading

Is this scam ?

Dear Mrs Lynch, Further to our discussions and the subsequent offer letter sent earlier, we are pleased to give you this letter of appointment, setting out the details of your employment with our company. You are being appointed to the position of United States Representative of our company Market Force... Continue Reading

Same Scam, New Angle

Recently, members of the public have been targeted by two fraudulent schemes involving forged Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc. checks. In the first, recipients were delivered a forged Cracker Barrel check with a letter instructing them to cash the check, keep a portion of the proceeds and... Continue Reading

Can we talk about shopping again? Not scams?

Maybe there can be a new section to talk about scams.... Continue Reading


We have been receiving reports that shoppers are receiving text messages regarding shopping opportunities in their area. I called the number, 1-866-749-1238. This is obviously a boiler room operation. They say there are many shops in your area and say they are in need of shoppers. You will... Continue Reading

This is an ALERT or SCAM

I have been MSing over the past year, I have received 2 email memos from paypal. If I had been thinking I would of included the last one here for your opinion, but I deleted it. The memo said something to the affect that I needed to updated my... Continue Reading


harmonmich1 has posted on New Mystery Shoppers a blind request for shoppers personal contact information, giving his company as M & H in California, a division of Harvey Consulting, Company Registration No. - 14-4392289. A check of that company # shows the company registered under that number is... Continue Reading

Intellishop targeted by scam

New shoppers beware! Emails claiming to be from Intellishop are offering to send out a money gram for you to cash. This is a scam, per Intellishop's staff.... Continue Reading

Help -- I may have been scammed !!

I may have just messed up. Received a last minute breakfast shop for tomorrow AM through 1 of the companies I signed up for just yesterday. Read through the info, and clicked accept, but received an error msg. Instead of emailing the support addy, I just replied to the msg which announced the... Continue Reading

Scam or not?

I responded to an ad on and was replied to for a Mystery Shopping position. I am skeptical, as this "company" says that I've been selected and my first job is to evaluate my bank and a Western Union. They say that they will send me a... Continue Reading

Check Scams

The follwoing has just come out from the FTC. Anyone who lost money by cashing fake checks should contact the FTC. You MAY get restitution. It is worth a try, For Your Information: 04/28/2010 FTC Mails Redress Checks to Fraud Victims Who Lost Money Through MoneyGram's Money Transfer System Beginning today, a... Continue Reading

Please be aware of email scams!

I received an email today and the way it was wrote; very unprofessional. This person appears to be looking for personal information. This one came in from another country.... Continue Reading

Check Scams

I am trying to get information on how many shoppers have received a check that turned out to be a scam. I have some ideas on how to try to stop this but it is not an overnight fix. I would like to know: 1. If you received a check but... Continue Reading

new way to run the mystery shopper scam

This article highlights that now some scammers are actually paying people for small jobs for shopping before hitting them with the large western union fraudulent check. This is ultra scary! Make sure you only sign up with legitimate companies and that you do not sign up for jobs... Continue Reading

NYT article about "phishing"-please read-MS scams abound trying to get this info from you! Continue Reading

Which are the scams?

Can anyone tell me which companies that you pay a one-time fee to are the legitamate ones? For example:;; myshoppingjobs. These are supposedly legit and will give money back if not satisfied. Can anyone validate these claims?... Continue Reading

Mystery Shopping Scam?

hi, i'm trying to get started in the mystery shopping business and recently applied with a 'company'. i got an email saying i'd been accepted and then another one with my first assisgnment. below i've copied and pasted it: Thu, 5 November, 2009 18:55:38From: Mike Chambers View Contact To: Continue Reading

Best Mark scam e-mail

Sounds pretty fishy to me. ARE YOU INTERESTED? Best Mark® is accepting applications for qualified individuals to become mystery shoppers. It's fun and rewarding, and you choose when and where you want to shop. You are never obligated to accept an assignment. There is no charge to become a shopper and you... Continue Reading

Are any of these companies doing a scam?

Just checked online with the BBB and they reported that some scams were going on. Anyone had one?... Continue Reading

Are any of these companies doing a scam?

I recently looked on twitter and it had the BBB warning about scams. Has anyone heard of Service Performance Group,Inc.?... Continue Reading

New scam cirulating involving AboutFace

A new series of scams have begun circulating over the last week. These are being posted on Yahoo Hot Jobs and Career Builder, and the emails being sent out are coming from a Career Builder email address. These are the same check cashing scams that have been around for... Continue Reading

I smell quite a scam.

I recognized it as a scam mail yesterday but I replied to it just to see how they would respond. I find it very hard to believe that a "regional instructor" for a MSC would have such poor grammer; not to mention that they are offering to pay up... Continue Reading

how do you recognize scams

With so many scams out today, its difficut to find which is real or not. My last experience with a company appeared to be legit. I checked the bank which the check was drawn and the bank stated that it was. No and behold, I deposited it instead of cashing... Continue Reading

CAREFUL WITH THIS SCAM (another version of the wire-transfer) can receive the following e-mail --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mystery/Secret Shopper Position. Shopper's Guide wants you to run surveys on a few prominent western union locations in your area(the locations are within 10 miles from your zip code, you will be filled with the exact details). The Western Union location was reported for evaluation for the following... Continue Reading

Warning scam

FYI: Good Morning Linda, Scam Alert!! Be aware that there are individuals using Corporate Research Internationals good name to perpetrate a scam on unsuspecting consumers. Consumers are receiving fraudulent letters offering, among other things, a mystery shopping assignment to evaluate a money transfer service (click here to see an example... Continue Reading


Hi its me again I received another email yesterday or the day before and here it is I pretty sure it a SPAM email it is not real I know that. ----- Forwarded Message ---- From: Secret Shopper® Sent: Sunday, January 25, 2009 9:26:52 PM Subject: SECRET SHOPPER NEEDED !! "We have a mystery... Continue Reading

phishing scams

Beware of scams from an international company saying that money has been deposited to papypal and they need you to click on the link in order to obtain it. Be aware of the companies that you are expecting money to be deposited with paypal. Always go directly to paypal... Continue Reading


Hi Everyone, I just got a email today from a so called Mystery shop company. They sent me an email telling me about them and asking for all of my Personal info. Here is a copy of the email with the Scam name of the company. Hello, We are a company... Continue Reading

Useful scam info

5 pages of 250 scams per page. Might save some wasted time and money for newbies. Or might not. Continue Reading

Check Cashing Scam

I posted this here since it doesn't fall under "mystery shopping." We keep getting the same question AND the topic has become personal to me, read the last paragraphs. I'm sure many people know about check cashing scams. I had to explain this to my husband, and this is... Continue Reading


irecieved a 2800 dollars check .a person out of chicago i tracked were it came from the postal servive is invovled and the police im working on getting names addresses ect.. to the fbi... Continue Reading


Hi Everyone I received these emails the other day and I am sure they are a Scam so watch for them and if you get one of these just Spam it or report it which ever you wish. take care Here they are!! "We have a mystery shopping assignment in your area... Continue Reading


Hi all, I just filled out an application to become a mystery shopper for a company called Shoppersguide99. Has anyone ever heard of this? They claim to pay $500.00 per shop. Have I been scammed? Thanks for your help.... Continue Reading


Be Aware!! I just received in the mail a scam letter from SHOPPINGJOBS.COM a false Research Marketing company for Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Macy's, JC Penny or Target, along with a check for $2995.65 and all kinds of instructions. Included in the instructions was to send funds of $2450.65 to a... Continue Reading


Does anyone know if this company is or was legit?? I did a shop for them in APRIL and have not been paid, now all phones are out of service. I have emailed DAWN, NO RESPONSE, she is the one who assigned this and called me to do this shop.... Continue Reading


Does anyone know if this company is or was legit?? I did a shop for them in APRIL and have not been paid, now all phones are out of service. I have emailed DAWN, NO RESPONSE, she is the one who assigned this and called me to do... Continue Reading


These dirty little crooks take a legitimate ms company name and dummy up a bank draft/money order and try to feed on the greed of people. The ms companies then have to clear their muddy name even though they did nothing wrong. It is just like those emails you... Continue Reading


Dear Jacob: I need some advice from a professional like you, on my regular mail I get a Check for the amount of $3998.00, claiming is a Mystery Shop to the provider of wire, transfer, But, I has to Cash the check at my Bank first, expend a $100.00... Continue Reading

Scam Shops

I was also sent a money order from a mystery shopper company, which didn't seem real. So I took the money order to my bank and they said it was from Nigeria. And it is a world wide scam. It asks you to deposit the money order into your account... Continue Reading

Mystery Shopping Scam

I received a letter from"Antex Consumer Research, Inc." offering me a job mystery shopping at Walmart, McDonalds,Western Union, and Moneygram. It also contained a check for $1,882.00 and a customer evaluation form for me to submit after I had completed the job. It was all a SCAM. I decided to... Continue Reading


It's only been two a half months that I started mystery shopping and I received today, Friday May 23rd, my first scam letter. It is postmarked from Canada and comes from a supposed company called "INFOLINKS SURVEY Company". They claim on their letterhead that they are a "Member of American... Continue Reading


Hello, There is a scam looking for shoppers. They offer a part-time job for a gaming company that is trying to establish throughout the States. They want you to cash a check they send to you. Do not fall for it. The bank will hold you... Continue Reading

Nigeria Scam

I have been trashing these Nigeria checks for weeks now. I just recieved a email from the FBI stating that the checks were real and mine was legit and to go cash it. How did these folks get this information? How do I get them to leave me alone? How... Continue Reading


Beware not all Mystery Shoppers is logit. I am on my way to the bank since I was sent $3940.00 stating it was from a Consumer Research Program. I was to shop at Walmart and one restaurant and to send a money gram to someone in Canada. ... Continue Reading



Mystery Shop Scams

I have done mystery shops with Service Intelligence before and I haven't had any problems at all. Is this one of the fraud accounts to watch for? If so let me know and I will watch for any incoming shops. Thanks. diannlynn... Continue Reading

Shopper Scam

I recently signed up with a shopping company called "Shoppers Smart, Inc.", they do not exist. I have emails a so called rep from this company, he wanted me to cash a check and send money to canada. I just finished talking to the police and they are going to... Continue Reading


It is a fact that we have to register, register, register in order to pick up mystery shop assignments. I received an e-mail invitation to register with a company about 3 weeks ago. The company name was International Marketing Concepts,Inc. They also had a link that went right... Continue Reading

possible scam

i am holding a letter and check right now that must be a joke. it is worth $4,880.00 and i am suppose to spend small amounts@2 stores-the gap and walmart and i total$90.00for that. i get$600.00,and the rest goes to:western union and money gram transfers and service fees.this letter came... Continue Reading


Watch out for She gives a 90 day back guarentee but try to get it. An absolute SCAM.... Continue Reading

Mystery Shopping Scams

I was wondering sice companies want you to work and rate their company as a mystery or secret shopper do they give you a credit card or a personal company card to spend their money because a honest job would not make you spend money out of your own pocket?... Continue Reading

What to do with scams sent to your email address?

First of all, any scams that want you to cash a check and sent Western Union or money gram. Valid Mystery shopping websites don't ask you to cash a large check for them and then send it by a money gram or western union. It just... Continue Reading


I got in the mail a letter check i got from shopper Group Agency for Four thousand NIne Hundred Sixty eight Dollars Told me in the letter to cash or deposit check in to my checking accountand shoper for they company MCDonald Burger king Moneygram FEDEXWALMART... Continue Reading

Have I been Scammed?

Several months ago,I sent $100 that was very hard to come by, to this company thinking I was going to receive something for my investment. Since then, I have received nothing but JUNK MAIL from campanys wanting more money from me. Please HELP, Thank you. Or Please send... Continue Reading

Too many scams

Can someone please tell me where I can go to find some Mystery Shopping jobs that don't expect you to sign up for a bunch of magazine 'scripts, foreign language programs, etc? I don't want to have to PAY for a JOB!! missashley... Continue Reading

Discussions of Scams

That was a wild time. $50 from PayPal and over $100 from Coinbase. I don’t think that’s coming back. After the FTX scam, I see very few opportunities in the short run. (Source). December 03, 2022

Scam artiste? (Source). November 29, 2022

This really looks like a scam. (Source). November 29, 2022

It sure does sound like a scam. (Source). November 29, 2022

. just a waiting list eh? What is Viral Loops?[/quote] This looks like a scam. (Source). November 29, 2022

I fell for a scam email once and had to change my password in a hurry while I was away from home. (Source). November 21, 2022

There is a good chance that the email you received is a phishing scam, aimed to get your personal information. (Source). November 19, 2022

Between my sign bonuses and reward points, I am almost $6000 and that “escape” fund. I called up my little schemes and scams. (Source). November 05, 2022

hi folks - that email is actually not a scam. (Source). October 20, 2022

I went back and you are correct - the letters are transposed. It is likely a scam. (Source). October 17, 2022