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Discussions About Schedulers

Scheduler seems upset that I am taking a break from shopping for the summer

I am taking a break from shopping for the summer to do some traveling, have some long overdue home repairs done and just relax. One scheduler seems to assign me phone shops without my asking for them- they just appear. I did the one assigned then wrote and asked... Continue Reading

Easy shops for education for child as per scheduler

I see many online and phone shops posted regarding contact with an education provider. These have been sitting for a while. Requires screen shots of inquiry and any emails Pay is $10 Has anyone done one of these! Tia... Continue Reading

Do Customer Impact schedulers work on the weekends?

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Why do some schedulers refuse to share the additional guidelines?

I know when schedulers sends out mass e-mails, it has the guidelines/requirements for that shop. However, sometimes there are additional requirements/guidelines in the report that are not mentioned in the mass email How come when you ask a scheduler for the additional guidelines they refuse? Then you decide to... Continue Reading

OUT OF CONTROL scheduler!!!

This scheduler for JMRidgway is out of control. I don't remember getting the SAME emails daily and multiple times per day. Maybe people took the shops in the past so I didn't notice this frequency. I am not really sure, but I am seeing this CLOWN post the... Continue Reading

Scheduler dirty tricks

I offered a mystery shopping company an offer to do two shops at the same location (which is allowed) for a bonus on each. One of the shops was bonused at my request, but the other scheduler refused. They then put both shops on my schedule and marked them as... Continue Reading

Snotty scheduler - cancellation before due date.

Hey all ó I donít want to name names, but Iím irked about the response I got from a scheduler when I had to drop some shops. It is someone who has been posted around here, so I should have expected itÖ I generally try to let my schedulers know if... Continue Reading

How do you report a scheduler?

How do you get access to a supervisor? I need to report a scheduler. Thanks... Continue Reading

Frustrated by schedulers not reading emails before replying!

I know this has been discussed before, and fortunately, I've had fewer issues with it over the last couple of years (maybe because I generally stick to shops I do regularly and usually don't need to ask questions about). In the past couple of weeks, I've had to email two... Continue Reading

Question for schedulers

Can an MSC and/or scheduler see how many job applications have been submitted by a shopper and then withdrawn? I am refering, at this time, to non-self assign shops on Shopmetrics where the shopper must apply and wait to be assigned. Can anyone, other than the shopper, see how long that... Continue Reading

Ipsos self-assign and scheduling issue

This week was the first time I did this particular type of shop since you could self-assign them. I had scheduled it for Friday, the 3rd, but turns out I need to do it tomorrow, the 2nd. I couldn't re-schedule through the system, although I've been able to do so... Continue Reading

Ipsos Project Without Specified Scheduler

Is there a phone number or other means of reaching Ipsos? On shops that do do specify scheduler names but only a general email, it can seem quite difficult to get a response to an inquiry. Thank you... Continue Reading

Does anyone know of any companies that hire mystery shopper schedulers / recruiters? or anything along those lines?

Not sure if this is the right forum so apologies if not. However, I've been a mystery shopper for several years now and am looking to possibly work as a scheduler or recruiter. Does anyone know of any companies that hire?... Continue Reading

The scheduler?

I have seen people shout out to their favorite scheduler. I also see one of the shops I am doing here has many shops available and in the guidelines say if you plan on doing more than 15, reach out to your scheduler but not sure how to... Continue Reading

Favorite or least Favorite KSS scheduler?

I generally do not have any issues with schedulers. I really liked some of the Kern schedulers I've worked with over the years (KSS Pete comes to mind). However, I find one particular scheduler to be difficult to work with. Generally non-responsive or slow to respond. I'm not... Continue Reading

Text Message from MF Scheduler

I received a text message from an MF scheduler Friday afternoon asking if I could complete a XX shop... She did not give any information other than her name.. I texted her back a couple of hours later (after I eat supper) and asked which... Continue Reading

Feedback on Scheduler Deana for Jancyn, Please

Has anyone here worked with her before? How is she as a scheduler? Please post in this thread or DM me. I do not know her last name. TIA... Continue Reading

4Service Scheduling

I received an E-Letter, but do not have any knowledge of this name. Please, if possible, enlighten me.... Continue Reading

Coyle scheduler

Has anyone had problems getting work from Coyle scheduler Sheralee? She seems arbitrary and vindictive if you cancel a shop through no fault of your own as the requirements are not stated until after you accept the shop.... Continue Reading

Assigned shops by scheduler without agreement

Good morning Mystery Shoppers, I am new to the community. I have only completed a handful of shops. I received an email a couple days back stating a company had shops they needed filled and they were offering a very small bonus. The shops listed were hotels names and I have... Continue Reading

Independent schedulers LOL

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What would you do? (Scheduling conflict)

Last week, I wrote several route requests. In each e-mail, I specified that I was also waiting to hear from other schedulers. One scheduler promptly replied, and gave me a 7 day, $1500 route (including hotels, but I'm not including that in the pay). I accepted. Afterwards, another scheduler "sort... Continue Reading

Did Ipsos Just Buy Confero Too? Or Just Their Schedulers?

I've got a phone number in my phone as "Dave, confero" I just got a text from "Kate with Ipsos" wanting me to do a bonused shop 100 miles from me. Last time I accepted this shop and built a route around it they canceled the shop because they apparently... Continue Reading

The Consumer Insight Scheduler info?

Hoping someone could help me - I am looking for scheduler contact information for The Consumer Insight. I just registered with them, but I have been shopping merchandising shops for close to 10 years for another MSC. All the shops they have in my area require at least a 7... Continue Reading

Finding a Supervisor for Mystery Shop Scheduler or Editor or General Concerns

I have found that the schedulers and editors sometimes make mistakes, are sometimes rude, and sometimes do not answer your questions properly or just do not respond to your messages. How do you contact someone over them? They ask you to be accurate, do your best job and ask questions when... Continue Reading

How to get in touch with a scheduler from the shadow agency

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Ipsos project managers and schedulers

It is time that you quit stone walling routes from your mystery shops and let us all make the money instead of waiting until 11 o'clock hour. I am tired of getting Super hero shopper needed - $97 bonus or send me offers or Urgent Scheduler Help Request - could you... Continue Reading

Isecret scheduler

There is a scheduler by the name Morgana. She is not helpful at all. Doesnt respond to messages and is sorry that she was late in responding. I dont find the schedulers of isecret platform friendly(Canada side)... Continue Reading

Dawn Hunt ((wonderful Scheduler) in bad car accident.

I just saw this in Facebook. Hope itís ok to post the link here. Hereís the actual post if the link to FB doesnít work: Some of you may personally know Dawn Hunt, but many have shopped for her over for 20+years scheduling. Dawn was in a bad car accident and... Continue Reading

Industry's worst Scheduler?

Time for some venting out here is shopper-land. Who, or what company, is it that regularly, absolutely, fails to rise to any minimum level of appropriate communication, ethical conduct, or courtesy? Soapbox time!!! My nomination: Joe Sidders of Intellishop!... Continue Reading

Spam calls from 'schedulers'?

A certain form of spam phone call is cutting off the message mid sentence in hopes the listener will return the call. I receive these every so often. Lately the partial message claims 'you were interested in a job on our board' The 1st time I thought it... Continue Reading

Rescheduling An IPSOS Shop

Okay, I admit it - I did a gas station shop this week and found later when I began entering the information or the debrief, that it was not scheduled until next week. Even though I had written the start and end dates on my worksheet, I didn't bother to... Continue Reading

Scheduler Position available

Service Evaluation Concepts is excited to announce that we are expanding and looking for an Experienced Scheduler to join our team! This is a work from home, Independent Contractor position. A successful candidate should: -Be a self starter and goal oriented. -Have mystery shopping and scheduling experience. -Be willing to occasionally... Continue Reading

Scheduler Shoutout: Who's Your Favorite?

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Scheduler Position at Service Evaluation Concepts

Service Evaluation Concepts is looking for an Experienced Scheduler. This is a work from home, Independent Contractor position. A successful candidate should: -Be a self starter and goal oriented. -Have mystery shopping and scheduling experience. -Be willing to occasionally work nights and weekends. -Have excellent communication skills in order to contact shoppers (Brand... Continue Reading

To All schedulers and Independence schedulers and PMs

To all schedulers and Independence schedulers. Why are you not asking the project PM about routes that are being presented to you by your shoppers? There are some of us that present a route to you and we full are aware that They Will give you permission for that route... Continue Reading

Curinos ( formerly Informa ) Problems Applying No Contact From Scheduler

I tried to self-assign a shop offered by the above MSC (says I am allowed to ) I get msg. that I cannot self assign, but must apply. OK I applied. Nothing. My application doesn't even show in my app section. I try again. Same result. I contact scheduler who... Continue Reading

SCM Scheduler Love

The schedulers at SCM are great overall. Bianca and Eboni in particular. Responsive, courteous, friendly, and helpful. They know their regular shoppers. I do miss Mary Reyes though.... Continue Reading

Scheduler Position available

Service Evaluation Concepts is excited to announce that we are expanding and looking for an Experienced Scheduler to join our team! This is a work from home, Independent Contractor position. A successful candidate should: -Be a self starter and goal oriented. -Have mystery shopping and scheduling experience. -Be willing to occasionally work nights and... Continue Reading

Scheduler Position at Service Evaluation Concepts

Service Evaluation Concepts is excited to announce that we are expanding and looking for an Experienced Scheduler to join our team! This is a work from home, Independent Contractor position. A successful candidate should: -Be a self starter and goal oriented. -Have mystery shopping and scheduling experience. -Be willing to occasionally... Continue Reading

Reply to scheduler with "thank you"?

Curious what is good etiquette when communicating with schedulers. For instance, if I ask them a question about a job and they answer, is it be good form to send back a "thank you", or does that just needlessly fill up the inbox of a busy scheduler? What... Continue Reading

Letter to a scheduler

Today I received information from a competitor of yours. It included 300 jobs on a single spreadsheet. Each job was described, included locations, due dates, pay, contact, links to further details, etc. I opened the spreadsheet and selected several. Today I also received ten emails from you. Just to determine... Continue Reading

Second to none rescheduling shops

Hi everyone! Iím not new to shopping but have done very little shopping with this company as they just recently started to have shops in my area. I am in an area that was hit by the recent snow/ice storm and had 2 shops with this company today but... Continue Reading

How do I report a Scheduler?

I need rot report an scheduler ASAP how do I do that? The company is CIRRUS INTELLIGENCE.... Continue Reading

Mystery shops in locations throughout Erie and Niagara counties-now scheduling

$22 pay each visit for our EASY time audit shops in WNY! Details: *For this shop you will visit a marketing event in a neighborhood/community location to see if the event is staffed with a BCBS health insurance rep. *if rep is present need to obtain the business card and marketing materials.... Continue Reading

800+ Gas Shops in Texas - Scheduling w/bonus pay

Ipsos is currently looking for shoppers for Gas Station shops. This is a mystery & revealed gas station inspection to check site branding & condition. Shopper pay $12.50 plus $5.50 bonus plus (+ up to $5.00 fuel & $1 in-store reimbursement) Or you could make me a reasonable offer for... Continue Reading

Scheduler Recommendation for Shadow Agency

Can someone put me in touch with a scheduler for a MSC called the Shadow Agency. The person I currently work with takes too long to get back to me. I try to schedule shops in my free time and off days. Thanks in advance! UPDATE She FINALLY got back to me... Continue Reading

Helping out a scheduler

I received an email today offering a VERY LARGE bonus for an electric bike store located about an hour away from me. The bonus was so large I was tempted to apply for the job.I knew exactly where the location was, as I had attempted to complete the shop back... Continue Reading

Reporting to a scheduler (question)

If you were doing a gas station inspection and the clerk was complaining about the previous inspector would you report it to the scheduler with only having one side of the story?... Continue Reading

Snarky Schedulers and Editors

Is anyone else finding schedulers and editors are just getting snarky? I simply asked about payment for a job done 6 weeks ago and got what I interpreted to be a snarky response telling me to read the FAQs, which I had and there was no mention of payment in... Continue Reading

Mintel Baby Formula / P.O. Box Project Scheduler Missing In Action?

It is Wednesday and she hasn't assigned surveys for this week. She hasn't assigned a recurring monthly survey for OCTOBER. It should have been assigned long ago and I started reminding her more than a week ago. No response. She also hasn't assigned the recurring monthly survey for this month. No response. I... Continue Reading

The Source Scheduling Changes

This is the first time registering for a project with The Source. I received an email with details about the shop stating it is to be completed 10/19-10/20 and was assigned the shop. I just logged into my account and noticed that the dates now say 10/22-10/23. ... Continue Reading

Mystery shopper scheduler jobs

Does anyone have any advice about how to get started as a scheduler, or what companies hire schedulers? Never can find any information about scheduling jobs.... Continue Reading

Trendsource Scheduling

Does anyone know what is going on with Trendsource? First off my regular scheduler got moved to another project. I hate when they do this. She always gave me jobs that were out of town but easy to do after work with nice PAD. Then they just stopped altogether and... Continue Reading

Vindictive Scheduling at SeeLevelHX

Hello, I have been mystery shopping for 20 years now for a large number of different companies. Iíve never had any real major problems. Little things have come up from time to time but I always manage to work with a company and get things solved. Iíve done mystery shops... Continue Reading

Ellis schedulers

Okay.. so who here is working with Ellis? One of the schedulers had repeatedly taken my emails out of context to reflect the literal opposite of what I write in emails so I started updating via the envelope icon so nothing would be taken out of context. They have also... Continue Reading

US Schedulers - help!

Hello! I'm a scheduler in Canada, and we're having a little bit of trouble with a couple of locations in the States. I'm wondering if there are any American Companies that are needing help with Canadian shops where we can work together? I know we cannot share shopper info, but... Continue Reading

Scheduler vent.

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Scheduler or Editing Job?

Hi All! Does anyone know of any scheduler or editing jobs available?... Continue Reading

Schedulers: Do your due diligence!

I realize that schedulers must be very busy people. In fact, I can't imagine being a scheduler, but I do feel that schedulers need to do their due diligence as is required of the shoppers. Please check store hours before assigning a shop. If the store is closed on Mondays,... Continue Reading

Anyone else have a scheduler make a mistake?

I got an email from a scheduler telling me that she canceled a shop that I was doing tomorrow, and then after I sent her a email back saying I didn't cancel the shop, when she looked into it she realized it was her mistake, she said my name and... Continue Reading

New Scheduler Here!

Hello Everyone! My name is Christy, and I am getting back into scheduling, a different company this time, [], after a 3 year hiatus. We have tons of shops all over the USA and hopefully with each otherís help we can spread the word and keep this business thriving. ... Continue Reading

Advance Scheduling?

Good Morning, I have a question, is there some way of claiming jobs in advance of them being posted? If there is , how would I go about doing that? I only ask because for the last 3 weeks most of the jobs I claim began showing... Continue Reading

What are the demographics of mystery shoppers? Do MSCs, schedulers, and clients take that into consideration?

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Amy Stiffler: SeeLevel HX Scheduler

I self-assigned a bonused shop. The SASSIE assignment email listed Amy as the scheduler. So, when I received a shop cancellation notice, I emailed Amy to ask why the shop was cancelled. When I had not received a reply after several days, I emailed Amy again. It turned out Amy was... Continue Reading

Does anyone know of MSC hiring schedulers or editors?

Or where they would post such jobs? I have experience scheduling and would be interested in learning the job of an editor.... Continue Reading


Did anyone get an email from an Ipsos scheduler saying that the client has cancelled one or more of your shops? If yes, were any of them actually cancelled and removed from your shop log? All of my original shops are still on my shop log with no removals. I... Continue Reading

New Scheduler here!

Hello! My name is Alana, and I am an experienced Scheduler with Shoppers Confidential! We are a Canadian based company, however we have lots of shops in the USA. I'm new to this forum and excited to interact with you all! I am excited to join this forum to help get... Continue Reading

Part time, experienced scheduler needed at SEC

Service Evaluation Concepts is excited to announce that we are expanding and looking for an Experienced Scheduler to join our team! This is a work from home, Independent Contractor position. A successful candidate should: -Be a self starter and goal oriented. -Have mystery shopping and scheduling experience. -Be willing... Continue Reading

North Carolina, Shipping Shops, over 50 locations scheduling

Ipsos is currently scheduling Shipping shops. These are some of the easier mystery shops out there and great beginner shops. ē You will send a boxed item weighing no less than 1 lb to someone within the United States. Package must be at least 1 pound. What and where you... Continue Reading

Schedulers vs Self Schedule

I am a little confused. It has been some time since I have shopped. Do you have to go through a scheduler to get shops? Has anyone every heard of Nola at KSS? Is she a good scheduler? Is she easy to work with? Is she good at communication? I... Continue Reading


How far out do you typically schedule? Are most of you planners or fly be the seat of your pant-ers?... Continue Reading

W-F shops--scheduling nightmares

Have any of you had trouble with the Wells-Fargo online scheduling? I've been trying to do a shop for two weeks! This is one where you go online to make the appointment, but the W-F scheduling system is all screwed up. For days on end, it showed no appointments available... Continue Reading

Scheduler being honest?

I was advised a shop I had to fight for the $3 increase they approved was the highest the client would OK. Now the shops are being offered for $3 MORE than what I had to ask/fight for. Scheduler says the client sets the "increase" so when I asked for it... Continue Reading

ROCKSTAR Schedulers and Account Managers KSS, IPSOS, ACL, SCM and RBG

Rant: I am tired of all the negativity. We all have been bombarded with negativity from each other and the media. I, for one, am asking for a moratorium on the negative attitudes and words. Please give me one month. How about February? The month of LOVE. I know many... Continue Reading

When Schedulers Leave MSCs

Sometimes it's good news, and sometimes it's not. I was very happy when I read a mass email today from a scheduler announcing 1/31/21 would be her last day at an MSC. Her departure probably means I will apply for more shops at that MSC. I just hope she does not... Continue Reading

How to find out who scheduler is for Ipsos shops.

Their name isnít listed in the shop guidelines.... Continue Reading

When Schedulers Make Mistakes and Then Make Things Worse

Everybody makes mistakes. I know I do. I don't know why some schedulers just won't admit it when they err. Some of them double down and make things worse. Two recent examples: Scheduler #1 told me to do one thing when the client made a mistake. During a later round in the... Continue Reading

Schedulers STOP with overnight texts

Geeze folks stop with the can you shop the middle of the night texts...Yes I know I can silence but manners count.... Continue Reading

Same scheduler, same dance, month after month after month....What would you do?

And I'm about to quit this stupid dance. Every month I offer to work her shops into planned routes at a reasonable fee ($25). Every month she says she can't pay that much. Today I get the urgent plea: Set Your Own Bonus! (Which is meaningless, because she'll just reply that... Continue Reading

Other roles than as a shopper, what are they like? Scheduler, editor, etc

I've always wondered, I know the how variable the shopper end of this industry can be. Anyone have experience as a scheduler, editor or some other role in a MSC I'm not aware of? Do they other roles pay regular rates or is it IC work like shoppers do? How... Continue Reading

Baidata scheduler for top load washer shop still listed

I keep getting the baidata emails and seeing on prestoshopper that the top loading washer is still available for morisstown tn with an increased fee. I email the scheduler but shes non communicative. Has anyone else had issues with her?... Continue Reading

There are a lot of crazy & rude receptionists/schedulers/billing specialists in businesses these days that should be shopped.

I am speaking of people who answer the phone for a business and schedule appointments, take payments, and answer business questions. Often, if a minor issue comes up that may slightly "inconvenience" them (such as having to look something up or having to stop and think logically about an... Continue Reading

Marketforce scheduler phone or email

I am currently doing a route and am in desperate need of a Marketforce schedulers phone #. I have emailed the help desk but no response. Thanks... Continue Reading

Kevin Bell-Intellishop scheduler

Kevin epitomizes what I admire in a scheduler: He has always provided a rapid response to my situation and a viable solution that is concise. He has definitely earned the rarely awarded Shopper Bob's "Three Thumbs Up."... Continue Reading

pnw bare schedulers

I am so thankful Bare is still chugging along. I used to do a lot of parking lot/airport evals, and a few other travel-centric companies before the quarantine really went into effect. I have a goal this year I want to make (in dollars) and Bare has been keeping me... Continue Reading

When do you call it quits with a scheduler/MSC? Why?

Please expand.... Continue Reading

What schedulers do

This is an old thread that has been closed but I recently re-read it and was reminded of much good info that I had forgotten: Also good for those who missed it the first time and for new shoppers! Additions are welcome! We can always learn more.... Continue Reading

Scheduler jobs

Does anyone know where I would post or look for scheduler jobs on here?... Continue Reading

How to Handle Rude Schedulers?

Hello, I live in a small town where shops are sometimes a bit of a drive for me. For this, I always search for shops with bonuses. I located 2 shops with this company with a decent bonus for each. I emailed the scheduler to ask if I could have them... Continue Reading

Quick Home Improvement mystery shops - scheduling AL, FL, IA, MN, ND, NE, PA, SD and WI

We have quick grab and go home improvement shops. Scheduling these shops via Presto app. For you that means mobile surveys & faster payments. You get paid within 3 days, after reports are accepted! Sign-in or register to get started. If you have never used... Continue Reading

Schedulers and Recruiting

Hi, fellow schedulers! I am wondering how you are making out with the current situation as we have all been impacted, both shoppers and schedulers. Surely things are different now, and we must think outside of the box while ensuring the safety and comfort of everyone in the process. Curious... Continue Reading

Scheduling Company

Hello, everybody! I accidentally ran into this forum) I consider applying to the European mystery shopping company Scheduling Have you heard anything about this company? Would be grateful to hear any feedback) Thanks... Continue Reading

Ever heard of

Is this legitimate? They simultaneously emailed me twice about a job to hear a sales pitch during a home visit. Gmail said the emails were suspicious because the sender couldn't be verified. They're signed by "Judy Inboden, Recruiter, MsScheduler (at internet provider)" Her note at the bottom said, "This... Continue Reading

Is Mritz still scheduling shops?

Just not seeing anything on their map right now, but that might just be my area. Edited to note that I was informed to use email to communicate with staff at this MSC, because their corporate center is we all know, email has never been a strong suit... Continue Reading

ACL - so sad my sweet scheduler has been laid off.

It appears they laid off quite a few staff. I hope things will pick up for them on the flip side of this.... Continue Reading

Now scheduling $25 shops in Buffalo NY & surrounding areas

$25 pay each visit for our EASY time audit shops in WNY! New enrollers and new locations added for March. Details: *For this shop you will visit a marketing event in a neighborhood/community location to see if the event is staffed with a health insurance rep. *If the rep is present you... Continue Reading

My kind of scheduler--Noelle @ CSA

Her letter to me had the following hook: Post-Security Bar Shop Honolulu Airport OAHU I immediately knew not to open the letter if I did not have access, was not interested in a bar assignment and/or would not be in Hawaii. As my curiosity had been piqued, I tool a look... Continue Reading

$25 each shops in WNY-now scheduling

$25 pay each visit for our EASY time audit shops in WNY! Details: *For this shop you will visit a marketing event in a neighborhood/community location to see if the event is staffed with a health insurance rep. *If the rep is present you will ask about health insurance for a relative.... Continue Reading

Account Manager/Scheduling Coordinator position available at KSS!

We do NOT accept resumes ONLY. You must fill out our hiring questionnaire by clicking on this link to be considered: Account Manager/Scheduling Coordinator We're growing. Come grow with us! As one of the juggernaut companies in the scheduling/recruiting industry, KSS International, Inc. has a unique opportunity for an energetic, detail oriented,... Continue Reading

Ridiculous Scheduler Emails


What's Your Opinion on a Particular Scheduler?

Has anyone dealt with a particular scheduler by the name of "Julius Wolf"? Is he a nice guy? I hear that he's very kind, open-minded and very funny. Wanted to find out from the community if anyone crossed paths with him. Thanks.... Continue Reading

Rescheduling Shops...

A discussion on rescheduling shops... I work primarily for the MSC that shops one of the more casual burger locations, and over the last six weeks have done nearly 400 shops. When scheduling large routes of shops (up to 40 in a single day), inevitably stuff happens. For example here... Continue Reading

Scheduler says someone else was paid for job I did! What?

When I tried to find out why I wasnít getting paid, I found out that someone else got paid for that job. Emails back and forth are not getting me anywhere. I have emails telling me to do the job. Someone owes me $50! Help!!!... Continue Reading

SQM partnering with ACL for scheduling ?

In my area I suddenly see ACL scheduling high end hotel dining assignments at a hotel that SQM has been trying to get them filled. And, there is no indication that this is a "test" shop. Any similar changes for SQM hotel clients in YOUR backyard(s) ?... Continue Reading


What do most company's pay schedulers?... Continue Reading

I'm at my wit's end with a scheduler

The bottom line is she wants a personal relationship I have no interest in. She is very needy, and in my opinion, emotionally imbalanced. She is constantly telling me she loves me, which makes me uncomfortable. She calls me about baking cookies and all kinds of crazy stuff that... Continue Reading

Ipsos scheduler issue

I am having a very difficult time with this one scheduled....She gets on my nerves!!!Never gives me any shops.All the other schedulers do but not this particular lady.Who can I email about this?I also complete my work on time so she has no legit reason for not assigning me things... Continue Reading

Misleading scheduler emails - post your "fun" and "easy" stories here

"You can earn up to $84 with these shops." Sounds interesting, right? Yes, earn $84 for SIX shops. Into the MS-Spam goes this ISC scheduler.... Continue Reading

Gas Station audits - AR FL GA IN - scheduling now

Hello Ipsos has Gas Station audits open below. We are looking for detailed, and organized shoppers for these. INCENTIVE - IF you are willing to pick up 5 audits or more we will add $5 bonus to each! - You need a safety vest - this is EASY, go to basically... Continue Reading

Ghosting by Schedulers

Has this happened to any of you? This has now happened to be a few times by different schedulers with different companies. I receive a personal text or email from them: "Hey, name, can you do me a favor and do this shop which I need done asap?" I... Continue Reading

Schedulers Using Multiple Email Addresses

Have you come across schedulers who use email addresses with a completely different names to give the illusion that you are communicating with a different person? I know it sounds strange....... Continue Reading

Do Some Schedulers Play Favorites?

There is one company that only gives me the cheaper shops. My apps for the better ones just get dropped. I keep applying though until eventually the better shops are apparently fulfilled and disappear. What do you think?... Continue Reading

Ghosted by a Scheduler

I have worked with a scheduler at one MSC company for months. Doing over 200 shops for this scheduler, mostly convenience store types. I have taken shops all over the state and shops that no one else would take. I have sent several emails this month responding to the ones... Continue Reading

Schedulers - How often do shoppers flake?

Just curious if there is an industry average. Perhaps 10% of initial assignments aren't completed by the due date or something like that? Personally, I'd like to continue this side hustle and make sure I can get em all done. Unless they are on those pittance apps...then I rarely go... Continue Reading


I'm usually very positive and maybe its just me, but lately I keep getting schedulers who seem a little snarky. Yes I make mistakes but I also go out of my way to learn from it and try to correct it. Is this just me? maybe it is.... Continue Reading

Hs Brands International Kern Scheduling

I did a shop on June 11. Anyone know when I should be paid. As of today, 9/17/19, I still have not been paid. Keep getting the same crap when I contact the. Just a generic message about 75 days after. I am looking for some new contact info for... Continue Reading

No Response from scheduler

Would you guys not continue with a shop if you do not hear back from the scheduler? I applied for a shop on 9/15 and on 9/16 it was accepted for a completion date of 9/17. Once of the guidelines is very unclear and I've emailed the scheduler within an... Continue Reading

Scheduler for Reality Check.

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IPSOS Scheduling

I know it's been talked about before, but right now I'm frustrated with the scheduling process for IPSOS. I hate how you have to wait sometimes a day or two while your shop application sits in pending status. It really makes it difficult to effectively plan routes. ... Continue Reading

see level h x is hiring schedulers must Live in TX, KY, OH, GA, PA or WI

im too busy right now or i would take a shot at it heres a copy of the email they sent me (im just a mysteryshopper for them rarely... contact for the person in charge is at bottom for questions or to apply) We are looking for a self-motivated individual who... Continue Reading

Now scheduling $50 shops in Syracuse NY

SEC has mystery shops in Syracuse for health insurance in September. Details: -Shoppers will need to call to make an appointment with a target health insurance rep. -Meet with the target (most likely at the office on S Salina St in Syracuse) and follow the scenario we provide to ask about health... Continue Reading

MaritzCX schedulers

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Now Scheduling Easy shops all over CA (locations below)

Our easy Nutrition Club shops are in CA in Sept. $15 each to take 3 location pics, ask about a product and fill out a very quick report. Register to self assign at Locations: 1100 Carver Road MODESTO CA 95350 100 N Cherokee Ln. #2 LODI CA 95240 570 6TH ST WILLIAMS CA 95987 122 w. Graham ave LAKE ELSINORE CA 92530 784 northridge mall SALINAS CA 93906 980 W... Continue Reading

How do schedulers decide on who gets assigned a shop?

I have been shopping for over 15 years and have pretty strong ratings with most companies that I shop for. It remains a mystery to me how shops are assigned. Can anyone enlighten me?... Continue Reading

What do you wish schedulers would do better?

I was called by a scheduler before 9:00am with a last-minute assignment, which I accepted and now it's almost 1:30 and she still hasn't put it on my schedule. I can't do the shop until she does that. I called 30 minutes ago and she said to give her a... Continue Reading

Easy tech inquiry shops - $14 pay - Scheduling IN, MN, NE, OH, OK- WEEKLY PAY!!!

Easy tech inquiry assignments, will take about 15-20 min. Will visit the store and inquire about your assigned product and get recommendations. Easy multi choice report, with only one short narrative (3-5 sentences) Can take as many as you want, we have tons of open shops. Continue Reading

Home Improvement mystery shops $20 pay - Scheduling ND, NH, NM, NE, OH, MI, MN, OK, SD, WI, RI, WY, AZ, CO, IA, IL, AR, IN, KS, ME -WEEKLY PAY !!!!

Easy Home improvement mystery shops $20 pay. 400 + locations to fill !!! Will need to visit two departments, make a purchase and also return your purchase. Returns can be done 20 min after the purchase transaction. All the shops are posted on Ipsos Sassie job board, please register and self... Continue Reading

Kudos to the Regal scheduler!

While on an overnight audit I emailed, Ashley, the scheduler,with a non urgent, clarification question. Not realizing she still checked her emails after hours, I emailed her at 11 PM, expecting I'll hear back the next day. To my amazement (and significant amount of guilt for emailing so late), she... Continue Reading

What does building a relationship with a scheduler entail?

I know it's often recommended for shoppers who want to do this on a more serious level. But, I'm wondering what the process entails? I don't know if I'll ever be a "super shopper," but I'm nonetheless curious about it, because I hear it so often and realize... Continue Reading

I hope I didn't come across as rude to a scheduler today!

I received a call today from a scheduler asking me to pick up a gardening center shop, that I love to do in normal weather. She called just as I was finishing several shops in the 105 degree and humid day in Phoenix today. I was sooo hot... Continue Reading

I'll never understand schedulers sometimes

The day before I'm in a particular area in my state, I apply for two jobs on this MSC's job board that are listed on a monthly basis. I even send an email to the scheduler (of whom I receive an out of office reply), as well as secondary scheduler... Continue Reading

Do Schedulers Get Offended if We Don't Return Calls?

I used to get a lot back in 2017 when I first started shopping. But, I never get called anymore. I never returned schedluers calls, though, back then. I assumed it was unnecessary if we couldn't do the job. Haven't gotten a call in six months from any... Continue Reading

The importance of scheduler's responsiveness

E-mailed Lanette at Summit Scheduling regarding 3 gas stations, far away, and hard to fill locations. E-mailed her late on a Saturday evening. Within two hours, accepted, assigned, printed out, and ready to hit the road. Alas, haven't yet heard from ANY of the other schedulers I e-mailed at about the... Continue Reading

Scheduler from Service Performance Group

Hi everyone, Decided to try this method to find some new shoppers. I just posted some GREAT retail shops in New Mexico and fabulous entertainment shops in Colorado. We will have a big nationwide project starting in about a week so be sure you are part of our data base (... Continue Reading

Car issues and extensions, how do not upset the scheduler?

I have a car which has been acting up over several issues the past 8 weeks. I just got it fixed and another (equally serious) issue cropped up. Last month (7 weeks ago) I had to get a ipsos shop extension. Tonight I had to email for the same shop/location for... Continue Reading

UUUGH!! Scheduler Rant

Hi Everyone! While this certainly isn't the majority of shoppers at all, I'd like to take a moment to help out some less experienced shoppers... Deadline day, 4 hours before the location closes, is NOT the time to cancel your shop that was due the day before! I totally understand that... Continue Reading

Scheduler Keep Changing Dates for Shops

There is one scheduler who keeps changing the dates for my shops every month. It is for different shops too. Has anyone else experienced this? It really is getting annoying considering that I work my schedule so that I can complete the shop on the original date.... Continue Reading

New Scheduler Here

Hello Everyone.... Continue Reading

Summit scheduling and IPSOS gas station shops

I have gotten multiple emails from schedulers at Summit Scheduling about bonuses on gas station shops with IPSOS. I have emailed them back 3 times now requesting info about shop fees, dates, etc, and all I get back is a general description of the shops. I have told them multiple... Continue Reading

Florida Shopper and Schedulers, post of the Florida Mystery Shoppers FB page

All Florida shoppers and schedulers are invited to join the page, post jobs, apply for job, ask questions, etc. Continue Reading

Florida Schedulers

Hello, I have started a new Florida mystery shopping page and I am inviting you to post all of your Florida mystery shops on the page. It is brand new so there are only a few members but I expect membership to grow quickly especially if you can keep a lot... Continue Reading

$75 payment, Bishop, CA - Scheduler Urgent request

Ipsos is currently scheduling bank inquiry shops! Scheduling most of May but they will go FAST. No sign up required for the bank, and you did NOT need to be a bank member. Simply walk in and ask about the service we give you in the instructions. Must be done during... Continue Reading

I just goofed while texting scheduler :)

So I was texting with a scheduler and my boyfriend at the same time. I just got home from my part time job at a thrift store and had been really proud of my new $1 kitty cat wine glass. I sent a pic to my boyfriend with the glass... Continue Reading

Ipsos Schedulers Can't Find Shops with Location Name and Address?

I want to pick up two additional phone shops with Ipsos since I will be right near them in the next week when they need to be done. Since it says only one per customer, I e-mailed the scheduler as requested on the self assign page. The scheduler said she couldn't... Continue Reading

Conversation with 5Guys Scheduler

A female 5G scheduler called and asked me to do a dinner shop today. I told her my fee was $x. She said the last time I did the same location was for $x/2. I told her if I was going to eat all of those calories,... Continue Reading

New Scheduler alert

Hi, I am a new scheduler at SEELEVEL HX. I have Automotive sales shops currently in CA, TX, and WA. I am urgently trying to fill some Taco fast food shops with great bonus opportunities. I am happy to be a part of this community and look... Continue Reading

Rescheduling Question

Just curious... Does rescheduling a shop get marked against you? (Marketforce) I see a string of shops along the route we will be traveling and I'm not exactly sure of the date we will be going through, but I'd like to grab them and move the date once I know.... Continue Reading

Bank inquiries open - Scheduling this week, AZ CA FO FL GA ID IL IN KY LA MI NJ NY OH OK OR TX UT WA WI WV

BANK SHOPS Scheduling this WEEK up to Thursday the 23rd. We need dependable shoppers please. We need these scheduled and DONE before the holiday weekend hits. This is a bank shop, and you simply go in and ask about the assigned service we give you, ie. overdraft, savings. Multiple choice,... Continue Reading

Rude & Unhelpful Schedulers

I have had several issues with ACL and Iím wondering if itís just me. I had a home evaluation shop scheduled, but the company never showed up. So I planned to reschedule the inspection per the shop directions. But, it would be past the end date of the shop window.... Continue Reading

Love new cars? Scheduling now - AL DE FL GA MD MD ME NH NJ VA

Who needs summer cash? $50 test drive shops are now scheduling. We are looking for dependable shoppers. We are scheduling Monday through Friday only, and a test drive is required. You will offer a trade in and see what price quote they would give you for the vehicle you are... Continue Reading

scheduler assigned me the wrong location

I asked a scheduler to assign me a shop that I couldn't assign myself because all of the dates were grayed out in the Sassie platform (which has been happening a lot BTW, for several different companies). She assigned me the wrong shop in a town with a similar name... Continue Reading

Emergency - need to reach Merc Systems scheduler!!

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Waiting for Schedulers

Please, please give out the assignments quicker. Often I apply for shops and do not find out I have been assigned them until the day before. This makes it very difficult to plan routes etc.... Continue Reading

Sentry is Now scheduling Merchandising Shops

Sentry has a lot of new merchandising projects on our website. We need shoppers one merchandiser in LA to collect 200-250 SKUS weekly for another 5 months. We also have an assignment in the below cities to complete an assignment at a big box home improvement store. For these,... Continue Reading

If we answered questions like some schedulers...

My pet peeve is schedulers who answer crucial questions (like conflicting instructions) with non-sequiteurs. If I answered their questions in the same way, it might go something like this... Q: Ok, so what time did you get in line? A: Yes, there was a clock on the wall. Q: Ok, but what time... Continue Reading

Schedulers On This Forum Should Be Identified

I'm relatively new to this form. I believed it was for Mystery Shoppers. I find it is for both Mystery Shoppers and for Mystery Shopping Schedulers. I believe schedulers on this forum could prejudice shoppers and because of their influence, they should be identified as schedulers when... Continue Reading


Personal gripe - getting emails for out-of-area shops. I think it's laziness on the part of schedulers. If I'm travelling out of area, I'll check for potential shops on my own. My time is valuable, also. I'm in No. CA, getting a shop for Raleigh, NC... Continue Reading

Who is the scheduler for Ath Power Credit Shops?

I don't want to name the retailer, but does anyone know the scheduler for their credit card shops?... Continue Reading

Work at Home in Your PJs Scheduling Shop

Schedulers Needed Would you like a position where you can work from home? A Closer Look Mystery Shopping has just the thing for you! We are looking for Schedulers to join our IC team. Mystery shopping experience with A Closer Look is required, but if you have not yet completed a... Continue Reading

Old Company, New Scheduler

One of my favorite companies had a newish (since October) scheduler in my area, and now I can't get any of the primo assignments that I was practically guaranteed even back in July. I think I've been through 4 different scheduler changes, but there was always some continuity between... Continue Reading

Scheduler at summit scheduling deactivated my account for a petty, personal reason

A scheduler cited me (or told me I was cited, it turns out I was not) when I had to cancel when I got a severe flu. The next time I was asked to do a shop for a bonus (because no one wants to do it), I ask... Continue Reading

Remote Schedulers Needed - A Closer Look

Schedulers Needed Would you like a position where you can work from home? A Closer Look Mystery Shopping has just the thing for you! We are looking for Schedulers to join our IC team. Mystery shopping experience with A Closer Look is required, but if you have not yet completed a... Continue Reading

Food delivery shop - tips or no? - Resolved Scheduler replied

I have a pizza delivery shop today and I emailed the MSCs asking them but I guess I emailed them late and haven't heard from them yet. The directions didn't specify but should I give a tip or no? I usually give a tip but don't know if I should.... Continue Reading

Shout out to my awesome schedulers!

Who would've thought there would be snow in AZ? I had to cancel/reschedule a whole route today due to snow and rain. Snow in Tuscon and the outer edges of Phoenix, rain for at least 12 hours straight here in the valley. Major flooding and oh,... Continue Reading

President's Day Holiday= Possible blackout day for shoppers (check with your scheduler)

The retail traffic has been very high not just over this weekend, but for today as well due to the President's Day holiday. While finishing with a retailer that wanted their stores specifically shopped for today, I pulled into one big box store and noticed their massive parking lot full... Continue Reading

Work from Home Scheduling for A Closer Look

Schedulers Needed Would you like a position where you can work from home? A Closer Look Mystery Shopping has just the thing for you! We are looking for Schedulers to join our IC team. Mystery shopping experience with A Closer Look is required, but if you have not yet completed a... Continue Reading

Work from Home Scheduling Shops for A Closer Look

Schedulers Needed Would you like a position where you can work from home? A Closer Look Mystery Shopping has just the thing for you! We are looking for Schedulers to join our IC team. Mystery shopping experience with A Closer Look is required, but if you have not yet completed a... Continue Reading

Schedulers at Customer Impact

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Work from Home Scheduling Shops for A Closer Look

Schedulers Needed Would you like a position where you can work from home? A Closer Look Mystery Shopping has just the thing for you! We are looking for Schedulers to join our IC team. Mystery shopping experience with A Closer Look is required, but if you have not yet completed a... Continue Reading

Burn calories bowling! College Station, TX - scheduling now

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Bowling Center location in College Station, TX available now! This shop pays $10 + Reimbursement up to 128. Even if you aren't interested, please refer your friends, family and co-workers. You will earn $20 for every new shopper you refer that registers and... Continue Reading

ACL Schedulers

Have they changed again? I tried reaching out to Kristen and got crickets in return.... Continue Reading

Need help, Scheduler will not respond

Iíve got a shop that is 4 days postdue because I couldnít upload the report. My scheduler, Kate Rattner will not respond and neither will Ipsos. Any suggestions?... Continue Reading

Work from Home Scheduling for A Closer Look

Schedulers Needed Would you like a position where you can work from home? A Closer Look Mystery Shopping has just the thing for you! We are looking for Schedulers to join our IC team. Mystery shopping experience with A Closer Look is required, but if you have not yet completed a... Continue Reading

Schedulers post your Canadian Jobs

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Schedulers not responding to emails

Has anyone ever had problems with schedulers not returning emails when you have challenges or questions about a job? If yes, how did you handle it? Thanks.... Continue Reading

Work at Home in Your PJs Scheduling Shops for A Closer Look

Would you like a position where you can work from home? A Closer Look Mystery Shopping has just the thing for you! We are looking for Schedulers to join our IC team. Mystery shopping experience with A Closer Look is required, but if you have not yet completed a mystery... Continue Reading

Scheduler Gifts

What do you all think about mailing a scheduler a gift?... Continue Reading

Performed $80 Mystery Shop for Coast to Coast Scheduling - No Payment

Hi friends, I performed a targeted, very in-depth mystery shop at an upscale tile store on Nov. 15 that I have not been paid for yet (42 days later). The mystery shop company is Coast to Coast Scheduling Services. Apparently CTCSS doesn't pay their shoppers, the company requesting the shop pays... Continue Reading

Perturbed... EPMS Scheduler

I won't name a name, but... This got my goat this morning... I do more shops for EPMS than anybody else. I mean, I do a LOT of shops for EPMS...... On Friday, I was sent an email asking me (it was personally addressed to me, anyway) if I could do... Continue Reading

When the guidelines and scheduler confilct which do you follow?

I have a shop today, Sunday. The guidelines say: "5) If you do not have a target to shop, you can only shop the location between 9am and 4pm any day Monday thru Saturday" The shop is due today, Sunday. I e-mailed the scheduler and told them... Continue Reading

Do you take schedulers at their word?

Schedulet: Hi *****! This is ********* with TrendSource. Your pad request for the ***** shop in Goshen has been approved please go and accept the approval so you can complete this shop. Thank you. Me: The shop I requested is not in Goshen. The... Continue Reading

As an Evaluator for 7+ years, I want to become a Scheduler!

So I've shopped for Satisfaction Services, Coyle Hospitality, and have just registered with IPSOS - but more and more I've become interested in potentially becoming a scheduler. Does anyone have any information on this and how I should apply or at least approach these companies? Also, is there a range... Continue Reading

GFK Scheduler to Avoid

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Work from Home in Your PJs - Scheduling for A Closer Look

Schedulers Needed Would you like a position where you can work from home? A Closer Look Mystery Shopping has just the thing for you! We are looking for Schedulers to join our IC team. Mystery shopping experience with A Closer Look is required, but if you have not yet completed a... Continue Reading

Does anyone have a scheduler's name for BP shops?

Sorry. Never mind. Found it. :)... Continue Reading

Taco Shops Scheduling Now

Join our team of evaluators at the Sentry Marketing Group! Do you have a craving for Tex-Mex? In queso didn't know, we have fast-casual Taco Shops available now to satisfy your craving and get you a little extra money, too! Taco 'bout a great deal - shop on Taco Tuesday... Continue Reading

Work from Home Scheduling Shops for A Closer Look

Schedulers Needed Would you like a position where you can work from home? A Closer Look Mystery Shopping has just the thing for you! We are looking for Schedulers to join our IC team. Mystery shopping experience with A Closer Look is required, but if you have not yet completed a... Continue Reading

I'm Feeling Like I'm in Last Place When I Was in First Place (Schedulers)

I've worked with this MSC for a while now and have performed A LOT of jobs for them. I have done a lot of shops I didn't want to do just so this MSC will meet their quota and went out of my way to make sure the schedulers... Continue Reading

Work from Home in your PJs Scheduling

Schedulers Needed Would you like a position where you can work from home? A Closer Look Mystery Shopping has just the thing for you! We are looking for Schedulers to join our IC team. Mystery shopping experience with A Closer Look is required, but if you have not yet completed a... Continue Reading

Is Market Force Using Inexperienced/Poor Schedulers From the U.S. These Days?

I have had calls from two different schedulers recently. They called from numbers in Georgia and their accents were American. The first scheduler was polite and friendly but offered me a bonus that turned out not to be authorized AND she did not follow up. The second one was totally... Continue Reading

New Scheduler with Ipsos

Hello, My name is Julia and I am a new scheduler for Ipsos and a new member of this forum. I am an experienced scheduler and have a background in market research and retail. Please feel free to reach out with any questions at! Ipsos Mystery Shopping is perfect for... Continue Reading


Am I incorrect in being annoyed at schedulers who simply hit "ALL SHOPPERS" in their database? I'm fairly fed-up with what I see as 'laziness' when I'm getting shops from MN or NC or TX when I live in CA. Schedulers veering out of a 50 mile... Continue Reading

Work at Home in Your PJs Scheduling Shops

A Closer Look has openings for independent contractors to work at home scheduling our mystery shop evaluations.† Mystery shopping experience with A Closer Look is required, but if you have not yet completed a mystery shop for us, we can arrange that in the application process.† Training is provided to... Continue Reading

Work From Home - Scheduling Shops

A Closer Look has openings for independent contractors to work at home scheduling our mystery shop evaluations. Mystery shopping experience with A Closer Look is required, but if you have not yet completed a mystery shop for us, we can arrange that in the application process. Training is... Continue Reading

Scheduler mistake and shop rejected... Until when should I push?

So, I got my first shop rejected after a year in the gig... I received an e-mail that the situation that I was before should've merit to stop the assignment and call the scheduler. I took out the instructions and said that it never said that... The scheduler then sent... Continue Reading

Work at Home Scheduling for A Closer Look

Would you like a position where you can work from home? A Closer Look Mystery Shopping has just the thing for you! We are looking for Schedulers to join our IC team. Mystery shopping experience required. If you are interested, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you! *ACL... Continue Reading

Scheduling and Editing

I see positions fairly often from MSC companies offering positions as schedulers and editors. Since I have been thinking about doing editing and/or scheduling, I have been paying attention a bit...and have noticed that schedulers and editors tend to be the same person long term, so it must be... Continue Reading

Work at Home in Your PJs - Schedulers Needed

Would you like a position where you can work from home? A Closer Look Mystery Shopping has just the thing for you! We are looking for Schedulers to join our IC team. Mystery shopping experience required. If you are interested, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you! *ACL... Continue Reading

Coyle scheduler contact? I have been trying to reach them since 8/11 with no email replies

Hi all, I made an account on this forum a while ago but not sure if I ever posted. I've been registered with Coyle for years and have done several brand standard and narrative hotel audits for them in the past. I used to email Taylor directly when inquiring... Continue Reading

Anyone who was offered to be a Scheduler ??

Has anyone of you invited by a mystery shopping company to be a scheduler ???... Continue Reading

A-closer look scheduling -Assigned then unassigned other jobs after securing Pizza assignment.

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Contact for Summit Scheduling

I saved the email address for the owner, now I need it I can't find it. Anyone have the contact email? Thanks.... Continue Reading

A-Closer-Look scheduling job opening?

Got the e-mail, followed the directions for notifying them of my interest in the job. About a week ago. Haven't received any reply. My car's falling apart, I don't have the money to keep fixing it, and working from home in a real job looks very attractive right now. If A-Closer-Look is reading the... Continue Reading

ACL scheduler and promises of 'premiere' lists and reward shops?

So my area has recently gotten a new scheduler, who sends out emails trying to get shoppers to pick up what could be considered the 'less diserable' shops (like that one pizza chain) by promising to put us on a premiere list or offering a 'fine dining' shop as a... Continue Reading

Work from Home as a Scheduler for A Closer Look

Schedulers Needed??!! Would you like a position where you can work from home? A Closer Look Mystery Shopping has just the thing for you! We are looking for Schedulers to join our IC team. Mystery shopping experience required. ??If you are interested, please email us at We look forward to... Continue Reading

Making Schedulers Mad?

I have just recently started to pick up shopping again. However, I am far from full time. If I do 10 shops a week, that's a lot for me. I have four kids who I homeschool. And I make up my own curriculum. Which is... Continue Reading

Using a scheduler vs registering independently with multiple companies?

I am fairly new (less than 100 shops under my belt). is that true that using a scheduler means that I get paid less? For example, is my shopper pay more if i schedule directly with Kinesis vs getting the same shop through a scheduler? My frustration comes... Continue Reading

New Scheduler for CSE is a delight!

I recently did a round of airport shops for CSE. The new scheduler, Shetonia, was a delight to work for. I got 10's on all of my reports, too. I haven't shopped for them in a while because I had problems with Julie Posner. O'... Continue Reading

Help With Emailing a Scheduler

Has anyone ever experienced issues with a scheduler not adding the fee you requested to your shop? I replied to an email that listed shops that were urgent and needed to be completed. I replied back and in my email I stated if accepted the dates I could perform the shop,... Continue Reading

New scheduler here

HI everyone. I'm Juanita and I'm a scheduler with A Closer Look. We have a wide variety of shops, so if you're interested just ask.... Continue Reading

Seeking mystery shop experts for new company. Experience beyond scheduler only.

Does anyone know where I can find someone who was a previous employee with experience at organizing mystery shops for companies? It would be unethical to head-hunt current employees of other companies, so I'm hoping to find someone who no longer works for one, but has the insight necessary to... Continue Reading

Schedulers Needed - A Closer Look

Would you like a position where you can work from home? A Closer Look Mystery Shopping has just the thing for you! We are looking for Schedulers to join our IC team. Mystery shopping experience required. If you are interested, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you! *ACL... Continue Reading

GigSpot Scheduling Trouble

I was contacted about a shop, when the scheduler sent the confirmation email I was directed to my GigSpot login where I am asked to request preferred date. I then hear nothing back and continue to receive requests to schedule... Any thoughts on how I can fix this hangup? This... Continue Reading

Summit Scheduling

Hi, Iím still learning about various platforms and MSCís. Is Summit Scheduling a company that does scheduling for MSCís or an MSC itself? Would their jobs show up on the Presto app?... Continue Reading


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Different fees offered by MSC and Scheduling Company

Is this typical? Same shop, same day and time period, Everything the same except that one is offering a bonus.... Continue Reading

Scheduling August mystery shops in NY state!

My name is Heather and I schedule health insurance mystery shops all over NY state for Service Evaluation Concepts. Pay ranges from $28-$40 each depending on shop/location. These are inquiry only shops and we provide the scenario. Send me your location in NY and I'll let you know what we... Continue Reading

Would you ask this to the MSC scheduler?

I lived in one area for about three years, and all locations of one gas brand in that area were shopped either monthly or quarterly. I didn't do all of them, but they were there, from the big ones in the bigger cities to the small ones in... Continue Reading

Shop start time - rejected report Ipsos (summit scheduling)?

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For schedulers and others who send instructions via email (True Guest pay attention!)

I would like to remind anyone who sends email with instructions to remember that emailed instructions usually supersede instructions on the website. When you send such an email please do not include instructions that are not related to the assigned shop. It should be a simple matter of using the... Continue Reading

Market Force scheduler calls

When I first signed up with Market Force, I got a scheduler call the next day, and was offered some nice highly bonused shops that was above what the webpage listed. I have not received another call from them in 3 months. Is this normal? I continue... Continue Reading

Scheduling Mobile Apps

Can any of you wonderful shoppers recommend scheduling apps for my cell phone. This would not be for route shopping; just the ability to set up your work schedule for the day or week. Thanks so much for your help in advance.... Continue Reading


I was offered last minute shops that needed to be completed to meet the company's deadline. I was offered a bonus for 5 shops in different locations. I was so disappointed that I was only paid the shop fee without the bonus. I still have the... Continue Reading


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Remote Editor and Remote Scheduler job openings

Hi, Today is July 7, 2018. Does anyone know of any job openings for a Remote Scheduler and a Remote Editor in the Mystery Shopping industry? Thanks.... Continue Reading


Hi ALL - I am a independent scheduler for VeriTES and I have movie theater assignments available weekly in the following areas AL, CT, GA, ID, LA, MT, ND, NE, OR, SD, WA, WY and CANADA. ANYONE INTERESTED PLEASE VISIT MY WEBSITE Continue Reading

Hi all, scheduler for NY state here:)

Hi everyone, My name is Heather and I work for Service Evaluation Concepts (SEC). I schedule for the entire state of NY. If you are interested in shopping with us please register at We offer the ability to self assign after certifying for the shops. You can always email... Continue Reading

Why does ACL keep shuffling its schedulers?

I have yet another new ACL scheduler for my city -- I think it's the third of the year. I'd understand if someone had left, but in each case it's a matter of the prior scheduler getting reassigned to a different city. Is there a business reason for the constant... Continue Reading

Schedulers and editors who can't read plain English (rant)

Just had to rant a bit about those schedulers and editors who can't seem to understand plain English. You know, the ones who ask for an explanation of a response, for which you have already provided a lengthy discussion. Or the ones who can't seem to answer a direct question... Continue Reading

Attention Schedulers : I'm in Oklahoma and I need work!

Hello. I'm a shopper in Oklahoma looking for work. I am equipped to do video, audio and written. I'm also willing to travel and take on a route within Oklahoma, as well as surrounding states (Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri). Thank you for considering! Raye... Continue Reading

Service Sense and Kern Scheduling

Recently, Kern Scheduling began promoting opportunities for Service Sense. I observed that the opportunities were being cross posted on both Job Boards. Bill Koch (Service Sense) responded to my inquiry as follows: "There is only one Job Board. If a specific assignment is open for application it is only... Continue Reading

Reaching schedulers when you need to be paid?

After being informed that my post was a rant. I will just ask this simple questions. How do you handle schedulers who seem to to be readily available when they need you and not available when you need to be paid? And kudos to AMUSEMENT ADVANTAGE which... Continue Reading

Bare Scheduler refused to approved my report - Have you experienced this?

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Qams has no shops but scheduler says they do.

I have gotten 2 e-mails this week from an indepent scheduling service listing shops in my area - a bunch of them, actually. When I click on the provided link in the e-mail to visit the Qams site, there are 0 shops available either in my area or total across... Continue Reading

Anyone get any suspicious e-mails from scheduling companies or MSCs recently?

I got two e-mails this morning, purportedly from ISS and ISC. The one from ISS had my correct shopper I.D. number, but the rest of the e-mail seemed very sketch, with a link in the body to Needless to say, I didn't click on it. Could ISS have been hacked?... Continue Reading

JenniferB Summit Scheduling

Jennifer always is always quick to respond and helpful if a reschedule is needed. The holiday mixed me up on the days of week dates fell on and she was more than helpful in rescheduling some post office shops for me which are my favorite. Dont know how she and... Continue Reading

Schedulers crying wolf

I'm purposely not naming the company, but I've had six emails in the past two days where the scheduler informs me they had a shopper flake and they're DESPERATE to get the job done. (Sometimes they even use the word 'desperate' multiple times.) Could I please help them... Continue Reading

the magical mystery world of Ath scheduling

So, now it is a 5 month rotation for FCR shops and 6 months for everything else.... Ok, change is good.... Yesterday, I get an email from Ath (and virtually every day, for that matter)...I apply, seeing several locations on the email that THEY sent me, asking me to apply, and... Continue Reading

Editor and Schedulers Needed - Work from Home - A Closer Look

Would you like a position where you can work from home? A Closer Look Mystery Shopping has just the thing for you! We are looking for Editors and Schedulers to join our IC team. If you are interested in editing, please email us at If you are interested in scheduling,... Continue Reading

Editing vs Scheduling

I live in a semi rural are where, if you drive 15 minutes in any direction you're either surrounded by horse ranches, cow farms, mountains, or desert. Most of the local shops are age compliance, theater, grocery, or fast food shops. I'm a stay at home mom and I'm the... Continue Reading

Hiring Field Coordinator/ Scheduler - Work from comfort of your home @ INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK!

Hello, We are looking for a Field Coordinator who will act as a liaison between Operations and our Evaluators (Shoppers). If you love networking, speaking to new people. Please send your resume to Regards, Etiksha... Continue Reading

Hiring Field Coordinator/ Scheduler - Work from comfort of your home @ INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK!

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A CLOSER LOOK = massive scheduler emails

Is there a way to turn off email notifications from A Closer Look? ACL has new schedulers who are enthusiastically sending a massive number of emails. I'm overwhelmed, especially because all the shops they are emailing about are sitting on the Job Board and I have already seen... Continue Reading

Random numbers on Caller ID Schedulers or scammers?

I frequently get random numbers on my phone that have the city and the phone number listed but no name, such as Sterling Heights MI or Phoenix AZ. I never answer these because when I have in the past, they were scammers or phishers with burner phones. On a whim,... Continue Reading

Looking for a home based scheduler position!

Anyone know who has an open position? I tried with a closer look but got denied for some reason. I've been shopping with them for years :-(. The only other ones I have found are not based at home and that's what I need. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Annoying scheduler emails

Am I the only one who is bothered by emails from schedulers that say things like: "we need male shoppers" - when my profile states I am a female "dinner/coffee/movies on me" - no, I have to perform the work to get reimbursed for this service, so it is clearly NOT "on... Continue Reading

Shady Scheduler ?

Help me figure this one out. I have a scheduler we'll call Mike who schedules 2-3 shops for me per week. He mails me the paperwork and I have 2 days to call the customer and set up an appointment to meet. There are several checkpoints to these projects so... Continue Reading

Dazed and Confused....Experienced Shoppers and/or Schedulers

As I read and read, I find SO many of posts to be so informative and inspirational. Iíd like to think perhaps you guys are the founding members of this site. Anyway, after running across the post below and others; is there a general forum pinned that I mightíve overlooked... Continue Reading

Do you ever feel bombarded by scheduler e-mails?

I am currently signed up with 25-30 MSCs and sometimes feel overwhelmed with all of the e-mails. I have even tried to filter e-mails for unwanted shops but every day it seems like there is a new scheduler or new shop. Sometimes I go crazy when my phone... Continue Reading

Scheduler intro

Hi everyone! I worked as a shopper and scheduler for many years, then took a break to take care of family members with health issues. I'm getting my feet wet again, scheduling a FL project for Service Alliance, and just wanted to say hello. :) Will... Continue Reading

Just saying hello! Scheduler for GA, LA SC, AR, AL

Hi everyone! I'm a new scheduler with Amusement Advantage in charge of entertainment assignments in Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, Arkansas, and Alabama. If you are visiting or live in one of these states, I may have some fun assignments for you! Reach out to me anytime at or... Continue Reading

Beware of Scheduler Dru at The Source (Trendsource)

I have completed jobs for Trendsource for over two years now. I have always followed through on every job I have taken. I shop a hard to fill location for them; many times at the last minute. I was assigned a project by a scheduler named Dru for Thursday. It... Continue Reading

Ipsos schedulers MIA?

Haven't heard from my "normal" scheduler for their easy shop in over a week. She usually writes back quickly. Somebody is assigning, but only the normal amount ones. Anyone else being ignored, or did I forget to shower again?... Continue Reading

Grrrr The Source Scheduler

So they text me begging to take a shop for Friday/Saturday and offer a shockingly good PAD. I agree figuring I can fit it in on Saturday. Just now, I get an email saying it's been changed and it must be done today. Um, nope. So I text the guy... Continue Reading

Big thanks to Cindy at summit scheduling ( ipsosus )

I was not feeling well a couple of days ago, and Cindy helped me reschedule a shop. She is always friendly and available, answering emails quickly. Iím still fairly new to this, but know well what a difference a good, responsive scheduler can make.... Continue Reading

New Scheduler to ACL

Hi shoppers. My name is Regina, and I'm a new scheduler for ACL. If any one is in California and would like more info on any shops from ACL, feel free to contact me. I schedule for Bakersfield area and surrounding areas. I also schedule Los Angeles ( San Fernando... Continue Reading

Scheduler text...not about her job.....

I get a text from a scheduler asking me if I'd accept a 45.00 job for a assisted living home through another MSC I already work for...was like pulling teeth to get the name out of her, I never got the location of the job. I go online ad the MSC... Continue Reading

When is the best time to reach schedulers

I have a scheduler that works with several companies and she didn't respond to multiple emails from me last weekend. I tried her on Monday and she still didn't respond. I gave up and asked a friend on how to do the shop and she helped me. I submitted the... Continue Reading

Summit Scheduling

This is the first time I've written in, as I am a fairly new shopper. I've been doing shops for a little over a year. For about 4-6 months, I was only working with 2 companies. I've gradually expanded to about 10 and have done many automotive shops, including comparison... Continue Reading

To Whoever is in charge at Summit Scheduling

I have send at least 5 emails to and have never received a reply. Does he know how to respond to emails? Chris... Continue Reading

Schedulers needed at A Closer Look - work from home

Our business is growing, and we may soon be looking to add to our scheduling staff. A Closer Look is a professional and legitimate mystery shopping and market research company that has been in business more than 20 years. We are looking for contractors to work from home scheduling our... Continue Reading

Mercantile Systems Schedulers

Anyone else have experience where the schedulers take a long time to reply to shop scheduling inquiries? It's pretty inconsiderate. I like doing their shops though.... Continue Reading

Mini-Golf anyone? Scheduling FL locations now! Bring a guest of any age

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at Mini-Golf locations in several FL cities available now! These shops reimburse a round of golf for TWO players and pay a total of $15 including $5 Early Return Bonus. Even if you aren't interested, please refer your friends, family and co-workers. You will earn... Continue Reading

New ACL Scheduler

Greetings Shoppers, I'm Sonya Hartsfield one of the new Schedulers on the roster for ACL. I look forward to getting you all assigned to some AMAZING shops. You can reach out to me with any questions or concerns regarding posted shops. I'm also ready and willing to learn... Continue Reading

ipsos scheduler

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Has Sentry reverted to a new scheduling system?

Just wondering....they seem to have disappeared...are they still in business?... Continue Reading

I'm love RBG and their schedulers!

Nikki Atkins and I worked out a couple of day routes. She was helpful & understanding, even though my e-mails were confusing. Tracy Z texted me while I was on the road yesterday. I picked up a shop for today. Good thing because I'm going to age out... Continue Reading

Ridiculously Rude Scheduler

So, I'm driving the other day and get a call from what says "Mystery Shopper" with a NJ area code on my phone. I answer and identify myself. The person gives their name and company and says they have a new bank project to open a checking account and... Continue Reading

RBG contact above Schedulers?

Has anyone had any success reaching out to RBG as a shopper about issues with schedulers? I wonder if it's worth the effort, or if the staff is entrenched and shoppers are disposable? I'm frustrated, yet trying to remain professional.... Continue Reading

PMs promoting a scheduler, multiple times

A certain scheduler who recently introduced herself in that area is sending PMs to forums member promoting herself. I find this highly unprofessional and have so far gotten TWO such PMs from her. In addition she uses an email that is for a platform, not associated with one... Continue Reading

Frustrations with schedulers (rant)

Earlier in the month. Scheduler lists dates for a shop being the 7th thru the 10th, which had been 1st to 4th, then 4th to 6th,. I send email on the 6th saying I can do it on 12th. Scheduler says no, must be done by... Continue Reading

Is Amusement Advantage still looking for schedulers?

I noticed that they have a posting up on their website, but it's dated "September 2017." Does anyone know if they are actually still looking, or if this is a case of the website not having been updated yet?... Continue Reading

Self assign vs scheduler assign. Should I email

I know what the difference is but there was I shop that I applied for. However, it to be approved buy a scheduler. If I was assign I would have able to have done it the first available date it was offer. There were about 10 dates... Continue Reading

I may have told my scheduler that I was outed....

There's an assignment where the guidelines repeat several times that if you do not get all names (greeter, dressing room, cashier) you WILL NOT GET PAID. The first time I shopped this one, the employees were brilliant and all volunteered the info. The next time, at a different location, not... Continue Reading

Intellishop Scheduler Unresponsive

For the past few years, Iíve had great experiences with Intellishop. My scheduler was Shannon, and I could email her about a shop or propose a price for a shop and she would get back with me immediately. Either she is no longer with the company, or she is no... Continue Reading

Rescheduling a shop

What do you do when you have an emergency come up and canít complete a shop on a day you picked? There was a self-assign restaurant shop with a $100 reimbursement that I signed up for, that I was planning on completing last night. Unfortunately I had a family... Continue Reading

Scheduling question

Thankfully, most MSCs reply to shop applications right away - which is great because then you can get your shops lined up on your personal calendar. Others appear to wait days to respond or not at all. A couple times I saw something else in the meantime and grabbed... Continue Reading

Red Robin Scheduling Question

Does anyone know when/ how often RR shops are posted on the MSC website? I successfully completed some RR shops but I haven't seen them posted since and I don't seem to get emails for them... Thanks for any insight/ comments!... Continue Reading

Q for current/former schedulers & editors

I'll admit right now that I'm seriously annoyed so that is coloring my mood at the moment, but I do have a legitimate question: When a shop gets rejected due to some kind of infraction but the report content is still good, does any of that information get sent to the... Continue Reading

Thanks to Angela at ACL, The source and Marketforce schedulers!!

My life has been nothing but crazy the last few weeks, and getting crazier! Between family members having surgery, me falling and cracking my already bad knee and 8th grade orchestra concerts with ex-husbands and new wife's, Angie, and the guys at the Source and MF have been great... Continue Reading

What's your routine for scheduling shops?

I am part time in this lovely world of MSing. I do most of the same shops each month, if I can snatch them. i'm signed up with a lot of MSCs, but I tend to check the same three or four unless I see something here that prompts me... Continue Reading

New Scheduler

Hello, my name is Christy Pinkston and I just began my journey as a Mystery Shopper Scheduler! I can't wait to get started on this new adventure and only hope to be of service to many. Thanks so much for this opportunity to become part of this group.... Continue Reading

Y'all ever get the scheduler who offers a shop but doesn't tell you that you got it?

I'm not mad or anything, but the last few times a certain scheduler has messaged me through email or text, I've made counter offers/offers to their assignments but the phone or email went to crickets... except when I got the assignment notification later that day in my inbox. 0_o gimme... Continue Reading

New shopper w/ scheduling questions!

How do you do it! I keep overbooking myself and miss shops or ana day late. Two of the high dolkar shops incompmeted perfectly. Inwas informed I would nit be paid for because I shopped the wrong thing. Do you have a system? Any advise?... Continue Reading

Scheduler requests...

Request from scheduler, can you do shop A for $15 plus $5 bonus since I see its a little far for you? I respond I would need $75 bonus as it is 90 min each way & no other work in that area. Scheduler responds asking why it would take... Continue Reading

KSS scheduling for Maritz

Wow, what a great thing. KSS provides shop requirement details, plus lists both the fee and (if applicable) reimbursement. The same jobs listed on Maritz do not disclose the requirements nor is the reimbursement revealed. Hopefully someone at Maritz will learn from this.... Continue Reading

New Scheduler

My name is Donna. I am a new scheduler for A Closer Look. I have been mystery shopping for ten years!... Continue Reading

Getting a clear answer from schedulers

Does anyone else ever send an email asking for clarification of the guidelines and then have trouble getting a yes or no response? Every so often, I send an email to ask about the guidelines of a Shop so that I donít mess up and not get paid. When I... Continue Reading

Maritz Scheduling

I am new to Maritz and my shops stay in pending approval status for weeks. And when i try to call them their no is always busy. They take my shopper id etc to call back but haven't got a call. Anybody else or is their a different way to... Continue Reading

CS scheduler issues on a shop

I have been performing Shops for CS for about 8 years now. Iíve performed a specific shop with them numerous times in the past. It popped up again yesterday and I applied for it. On the ďWhen can you perform this shop?Ē question on the application, I noted ďI am... Continue Reading

how does one become a scheduler for mystery shopping companies?

How does one become a scheduler for any mystery shopping company? I have worked on the other side for 10 years now and was just curious.... Continue Reading

Intelli schedulers

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Rescheduling a shop

How do you guys reschedule a shop that is supposed to be done on a weekend? I was scheduled to do a shop on Friday evening but something happened and I was not available anymore. I usually do not cancel or reschedule my shops so I wasn't sure how to... Continue Reading

rude scheduler

Hi I'm Mashea I joined today because a scheduler just pissed me off I don't want to be negative but there are some scheduler that just rub me the wrong way I've had 2 so far and I started shop June 2017 I hope when I get in that position... Continue Reading

Informa scheduler Lisa Denton - The Best

Thank you Lisa for your help. I completed two Consumer fraud shops for Informa. Received an e-mail from an editor, implying I did not complete the assignments per the guidelines. The editor said to contact my scheduler if I had any questions. I sent an email to Lisa asking for help. Received... Continue Reading

Angela at Summit Scheduling

A great, big, fantastic shout-out to Angela at Summit Scheduling. I don't know how she does it all. She manages to communicate in a friendly, professional way and get to the matter at hand quickly and I just can't say enough about how rare that is; she is... Continue Reading

Does this forum have a place scheduler jobs are posted?

I quit my job as a a scheduler. I was really good at it and well liked by the shoppers. Unfortunately, it wasn't worth being called all hours of the night by editors who liked to nag at me for things that have nothing to do with my job or... Continue Reading

Anyone have a Scheduler who WON'T assign you?

I've been shopping for years and get almost all of the jobs I apply for assigned to me. I noticed that when I had to cancel a shop due to the guidelines not giving the correct distance, a Scheduler who assigns shops for several companies wouldn't assign anything to me... Continue Reading

Schedulers: PLEASE stop adding "NO RESTRICTIONS!!!!" to the email header...

...particularly on bar shops. Then added at the very bottom "You MUST be 25 or younger to complete these shops" That's a restriction. Sorry. Not only that, but it's misleading, it's dishonest, and it just spams my email... and it's very very very very annoying. Thank you. Carry on.... Continue Reading

MF Scheduler Lowballed me!

A couple of days ago I noticed a retail shop a few towns away (30 min drive) which had a fee of $11 on the MF site. I received a Samantha offer of $16 and decided it wasn't enough for the bad part of town I'd have to shop in.... Continue Reading

Pathetic and offensive "begging" email from SeeLevel scheduler

The subject line of the email was "A last plea for help with these (client name withheld) wings shops". Keep in mind that the pay for these shops is a measly five bucks, which barely pays for gas, so basically no pay at all. True, you get reimbursed for a small... Continue Reading

Kss & kinesis scheduling issues *Vent*

I applied for several kinesis shops via KSS which were accepted. Then came the onslaught of emails from a scheduler asking if I could reschedule a few of the shops for next week, and one for Sunday. My response was sure no problem. So today I review the Kinesis website... Continue Reading

MF scheduling..... website versus app

I just found out that if I try to grab an assignment on their website that gives a window of 8/16-8/20, but when I actually try to get it, it shows me only 8/19 on.....I then went to their app on my phone and it gave the complete window of... Continue Reading

New Meijer scheduling

Has anyone else noticed the way these are scheduled has changed? It used to be that the shops would be posted and you could choose a day in the next 7-10 days or so to perform it. Recently they are posted every few days as needing to be done today... Continue Reading

Scheduler MIA for a week

I have an assignment due today that I can't complete. I've been trying to clarify an issue since last Monday and have not been able to get in touch with my scheduler via email or phone. Any suggestions?... Continue Reading


How does one become a scheduler or account manager for a company? Are those IC positions as well?... Continue Reading

How would you react to this threat by scheduler?

" If I do not have the shop Monday morning at 6:01 AM CST, I will be reassigning and issuing 2 citations to SASSIE on your behalf, one for the initial drop and 1 for the extensions and drop" My fellow shopper got this and was upset,called me to ask me... Continue Reading

Worst scheduler ever...details inside...

I emailed a scheduler to ask about a local shop. She sent an email to me using the wrong name, accusing me of "flaking" on previous shops and a litany of other irrelevant details. I had never shopped with the company in question. Update: the scheduler replied to... Continue Reading

lol schedulers

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I am trying to get a hold of Cindy with Summit Scheduling. I have tried and no good.

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ISecretShop rescheduling

Do you get penalized for rescheduling on iSS? I signed up to do a shop on Wednesday but now I know that if I do it on Sunday I can schedule two other shops right nearby. I can still do the Wednesday shop but I'd rather do it on Sunday... Continue Reading

New scheduler won't schedule me

Long scenario ahead! I shopped for a company at least 15 times before moving out of the area (major sporting events.) Had a great relationship with the scheduler but she left by the time I moved back to the area (I didn't know this). Now these shops were not easy to... Continue Reading

Banned by scheduler?

I did some shops for Meritz, and complained to them because they do not submit invoices for you. They owed me close to $350. by the time I figured out I wasn't getting paid by them. (Pay never specifies what shop it is for) The book-keeper apologized and sent me... Continue Reading


please delete....... Continue Reading

A Closer Look - New State by State Scheduling

Now that this program has been in place for a couple of months, have any of you noticed fewer bonuses being offered? I like ACL and have always considered their reps to be top notch. They're professional and fair. But anytime an initiative is rolled out, like state-by-state scheduling instead of... Continue Reading

Question about Trend Source Scheduling

Hey guys - Just started doing shops for them. Grocery ones. I'm relatively new to The Source. I know it's a love/hate thing with forum members here. Some think they are one of the best and others hate their shops. :D I'm not sure how I... Continue Reading

How to approach scheduler's blunder?

Last night, I agreed to do a shop this afternoon with a scheduler with a company for which I have never shopped before. Immediately after having agreed to do so, I went online and found the assigned shop. However, it seems I was assigned to do the shop... Continue Reading

Maritz scheduler cuts you off while talking

Who else here has experienced Maritz Research cutting people off when they are talking. She calls you for a favor and in her boorish ways, cuts you off from continuing your sentence, pressing you to take their very low incentives.... Continue Reading

Question about Scheduler Jobs

Good morning! I was wondering if anyone out here has ever had any experience being employed as a scheduler and/or editor? I see some of the MSCs I work with are hiring and wondering if this is a good opportunity or if it's better to just keep mystery... Continue Reading

Massive email blasts every 15 minutes is insane from schedulers

I know you can stop to receive email blasts, but some offers are sent that are not in shop logs when you log on. I can list numerous offenders- schedulers and companies, that blast so many emails for the same shops multiple times per hour, leading up to... Continue Reading

Are schedulers & editors different people usually?

It seems everyone knows who the schedulers are for a mystery shopping company. But, are schedulers also ever editors for the same shops? I think I've had that happen with one shop I did. Otherwise, the editors seem nameless and never contact you unless there's a problem,... Continue Reading

scheduler scheduled wrong date (ms question. not food question)

scheduler scheduled shop for today but that is not date I agreed to. i emailed & left vm but no response. ireport has 24 hour deadline. should i try to chnage date now or wait for scheduler response.... Continue Reading

Anyone know how to contact schedulers at BARE?

When looking at their job board, I see only job descriptions + a scheduler's name. But, unlike other job boards, they don't list the email address, nor have a "contact link", in order to get into touch with the schedulers. Anyone have experience doing so and know how... Continue Reading

If I do a shop via an independent scheduler (like Coast to Coast), will I be paid less?

I understand that scheduling companies (like Coast to Coast) schedule for a bunch of different MSCs. If I accept an assignment from Coast to Coast (or the like), will I be paid less for the job than if I had accepted the same job directly from the MSC? ... Continue Reading

Shopper-Scheduler Relationships: Etiquette, Ethics, and Rules

Hey, everyone. What are your thoughts about shopper-scheduler relationship ethics, etiquette, and rules (informal and formal)? This is a spin-off question from a post I made in the Papa John's thread, where I asked whether it was okay to ever contact a scheduler out of the blue and... Continue Reading

Not very happy with Summit Scheduling at the moment

This is the 2nd shop in the last few weeks in which I've received an e-mail from a scheduler at Summit letting me know that my assignment is overdue...yet I never received any e-mails notifying me that I was assigned! What the heck. I'm a little miffed, as... Continue Reading

Is Lakeisha Dulin a bona fide scheduler for Service Scouts?

I got an email earlier today asking me to mystery shop a concert venue in my city, and there happens to be a band I like playing there. In her email- which was sent from a personal gmail account- I'm told I need to buy tickets first to prove to... Continue Reading

I was nervous about calling a scheduler but it worked out great.

Customer Impact is one of my favorite companies. I donít live in an area with a whole lot of shops available, but I was going to be in a certain town today at lunch time, so I applied for a lunch shop (which could also have been done as... Continue Reading

Schedulers that do not communicate

I receive several emails asking me to perform shops, many with bonuses. These emails are very short, so I go to the job board, and zero details. I email the scheduler and the reply doesn't answer my questions. Do they want someone to take the shop or not?... Continue Reading

Hiring Schedulers??

Good Morning, I was hoping to find out if anyone knew of any mystery shopping companies currently hiring schedulers? Thank you in advance for any info you all have!... Continue Reading

Intro New Scheduler

I am a new scheduler with Coast to Coast! I look forward to working with you! Thank You, Jacque Coast to Coast Scheduling... Continue Reading

Schedulers! Storm Alert! New England and Mid-Atlantic

From Washington, DC north, 10 or more inches of snow and/or icy mix starting tonight and into Wednesday and longer, farther north. Even if DC and most of MD only get an icy mix, roads will be very hazardous. State and local governments are likely to ask drivers to stay off... Continue Reading

How on earth do schedulers calculate mileage?

I got a call from Informa to do a shop 16 miles from me. Nice pay for a 32 mile round trip I thought, so I asked the exact location. The scheduler mentions a city that is at best a 34 mile drive and 45 minutes away. ... Continue Reading

New Scheduler!

Hello, everyone! My name is Abby and I just recently became a scheduler. I'm very excited about this, since the world of Mystery Shopping has been SUCH a thrill to me! In addition to being a scheduler, I also own 2 reptile-related businesses (one for breeding and one for educational... Continue Reading

Bait and Switch by a scheduler... ?

Edited to revise a bit. Situation: received a phone call telling me I was assigned 11 out of 12 shops I applied for and to check my email for confirmation of dates. Then asked if I could pick up an additional location that day. Immediately went and did the shop... Continue Reading

Kern scheduling

I tried to apply for a Maritz bank shop as a new bank customer. I have done this shop earlier before closing my account a few months ago. Kern's website won't let me apply. I emailed them and was told I couldn't apply if I was a former customer. Is... Continue Reading

Looking for Schedulers?

Are there any mystery shopping companies currently looking for dependable and reliable schedulers?... Continue Reading

How far out are you scheduling?

Im already scheduling into mid march. Have about $800 in shops scheduled. Pros and cons ...discuss...looking at it from a strategy stand point.... Continue Reading

Weird, Got Contacted by Kern Scheduling, but Never Signed up With Them

I am 99.9999999% sure that I never signed up with Kern Scheduling as a mystery shopping company. There's maybe a .000000000000000000000000000000000000001% chance that I did and forgot. I'm registered with about 50 right now, so it's possible I lost track somewhere along the way. But the thing... Continue Reading

Scheduling routes

I wouldn't mind traveling to some near by towns and doing a bunch of shops all in one day but I can't figure out how to make the schedule work. Every time I look at all the shops available for a particular town they all have different dates available they... Continue Reading

Congratulations schedulers!

Today I'm headed to the mall to redeem some birthday swag coupons. Tomorrow I have to do some banking across town and meet up with a friend to drop off some paperwork. I figured I could find a shop or two along the way to pad my month's totals. ... Continue Reading

Question about schedulers and mass emails

I received a mass email about a job offer that I may like to do. I emailed the scheduler cause I had a couple of questions. Then a few days later I received the same mass email saying that the job is still available. I still haven't received... Continue Reading

Self-assign vs scheduler-assigned shops

I often get e-mails offering a bonus for shops due within a few days. Yesterday morning I got one that took me to a site to apply for the job. I applied, but as of this morning the job has not been assigned. It is due tomorrow.... Continue Reading

Kerns Scheduling Rating Question

I have completed two dozen shops using the scheduling company and my average shop grade says it is 1??? I am a bit confused because I've received feedback on a couple of shops thanking me for helping out, thanking me for well written reports, and even thanks for submitting extra... Continue Reading


How do you apply for one of these positions? I've always been curious.... Continue Reading

Hello! New Scheduler!

Hi! I'm Lynn. I am a new scheduler to AboutFace. I was working as an editor and doing things on the client side but now I'm scheduling cosmetic shops for AboutFace. If there are any ladies 19+ who want to shop a cosmetic shop in a major city.... Continue Reading

Gotta vent on schedulers ...

I take this job for a scheduler at the last minute, bonused to almost double. Great. Not too far from the house. Also great. The sign up form asks if I confirm I will input the data within 24 hours. No problem. After I accept it, the scheduler writes... Continue Reading

Scheduling yourself

Recently, I am finding it harder and harder to schedule myself efficiently. It seems that I am applying for more and more shops from 2-14 days out (sounds good , so far, right?) and filling my schedule appropriately, but never hearing (until the day of (last minute!)) from the MSC.... Continue Reading

Pet Peeves from Schedulers

Some of my Pet Peeves from schedulers: 1) Multiple emails about the same job, all sent within seconds of each other. 2)Schedulers texting/emailing saying "I need a shopper URGENTLY for xxx" but they don't specify when, where, and how much. Also, automated emailing saying "We have shops in your area." with no... Continue Reading

Why do schedulers keep doing this?

I see a job posting or receive an e-mail. I e-mail the scheduler: Good morning. I see you have a shop XXXXX in XXXXXX, XX, and perhaps I can do this shop. The town is 90 miles away; I would consider the job for $45,... Continue Reading

Awkward Situation with a Scheduler

I'm doing a new kind of targeted shop soon, and I had to e-mail the scheduler for clarifications about what I was to do if someone who was not the target showed up. I was told to not shop this person because I would not be paid if i did.... Continue Reading

Haggling with Schedulers?

Hello, I'm relatively new to mystery shopping and I'm trying to learn more about negotiating a better shop fee. From what I'm reading on this forum it seems that mystery shoppers will sometimes request more money for a shop. Are there any "rules" to doing this? Do you have a strategy... Continue Reading

Hardware Shop scheduler doesn't add up

"You will be reimbursed up to $1 for a small purchase of your choice PLUS you will receive a $12 shopper pay for successful completion of this shop! PLUS $5 BONUS to make total pay $17!" This is from a scheduler email. Probably not thinking of the expense, but then don't... Continue Reading

An example of a scheduler not answering the question.

I sent the following email question to a scheduler. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What does it mean when it states "Self Assign (qualified)"? Does it mean that one is qualified to Self Assign that shop? Does it mean that one needs to be qualified to Self Assign that shop? ... Continue Reading

Jancyn scheduling

I signed up for my first two shops with Jancyn. I noticed that you have to tell them a time you plan on doing the shops. How strict are they about this? I just found some more shops to add to that same day but the timing is... Continue Reading

Market Force Rescheduling--No dates available

I did a major oops this week. I submitted an offer for a gas station audit that was accepted. I selected today's date for the shop but then today got really busy and since I have two gas station audits for a different company tomorrow I figured I'd just reschedule... Continue Reading

Slick Scheduler

So - recently I decided to try a very undesirable shop (just wanted to check it out). I requested the shop to be done the end of this week. Lo and behold, I woke up this morning and found out that the scheduler assigned TWO SHOPS with the completion date of... Continue Reading

Access More Mystery Shops - Contact Your Email List of Schedulers

Hi, Sometimes phone mystery shopping slows down. Even when I check all the common job boards my schedule is not as full as I want. I learned in accounting that your mailing lists are assets to a company. For each and every email communication I keep a contact list. Most of... Continue Reading

What's Up with Ath Scheduling?

Ath posted a boatload of jobs in my region, with a due date of this Friday. I think the "do not shop before" date was 10/18. On Monday, as soon as I saw the e-mail, I applied for two, one for today, one for tomorrow. Both showed as still pending... Continue Reading

Confero scheduler can't read?

The email states "must be completed October 7th or 8th. I apply on the 7th and in the comments "I need to know by 3:00 pm CST" so 5:30 pm I get assigned the shop for October 10th. Guess they don't like following guidelines (mine or theirs). "Ha, I... Continue Reading

Marketforce phone schedulers

I want to give some advice to MF about their script for phone schedulers. I usually like getting calls for shops but these calls are always frustrating. I often have trouble understanding the caller due to language barriers, so the call would go better if they were more like the... Continue Reading

Misleading scheduler

We're desperate they said. Mystery shop with reveal and SHORT audit they said. Thirty minutes or less they said. Well, an hour and a half later, I finished the shop. Now to go home and do the report!! Ugh!!!... Continue Reading

Apartment shop scheduler "trick" ???

I recently accepted an assignment from EPMS and am now doing one for Remington. Both targeted apartment shops pay slightly higher than the other shops on their job board. The problem is, I am calling 6 times each day (3 days for EPMS) and cannot reach the target.... Continue Reading

ATH Power Schedulers... Where are you?

On Monday, a bunch of shops were made available for a very large bank - several for each of their branches... The due date is 9/30... I signed up for my 3 closest branches - one for Wed, Thur, and Friday... And they have yet to be scheduled...... Continue Reading

How to grab those impossible photos... or just email the scheduler instead?

So, today I did a shop that required me to get a picture of a window cling... except the window cling was behind a wall of bushes and grass plants several feet high and was barely peaking out. I tried to go inside and sneak a picture to show what... Continue Reading

Schedulers: Stop calling your shops "fun". Thank you.

Mystery shopping is not "fun", it's work. And compared to working as an employee, it is always stressful due to the constant risk/worry about not being paid. One fickle editor, unclear or misleading shop guideline, website error or any number of unavoidable circumstances during the shop can all result in... Continue Reading

Does MF schedulers communicate with each other?

So a couple days ago one of the schedulers asked me if I could do a late night burger shop, which was a 1 hour away drive. I said that would not fit my schedule well and they replied with the max fee of $24 dollars. I still said no.... Continue Reading

Maritzcx editors and schedulers.

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Market Force, how to contact a scheduler?

I signed up for a handful of quick gas shops for next month I was planning to do 3 one day and 1 another (close to another job). I was going to pick up 2 more for the next week but after I selected the first all the other gas... Continue Reading

Problems with Schedulers

Anyone else have problems with Judy of MsSchedulers? I had a shop for this coming week that I had problems receiving her link to get the information. She sent three emails over a couple hours Saturday. I was driving to a location about 8 hours away... Continue Reading

CHC Solutions MSscheduler mystshopsol

I see some negative feedback about these folks here but its all out of date. I cant believe how these folks do business. I get an email yesterday from a scheduler about a casino job. The email stated to register with CHC solutions and then to email her back with... Continue Reading

Gas Station Spotting-Due tomorrow, Scheduler not responding

I signed up to do a bunch of gas station spottings in my area tomorrow through Intelli, I signed up for them last Tuesday. I have yet to receive any of the stuff needed to do them, and have received no response to my emails about that. The scheduler also... Continue Reading

Difference between MSPs and Scheduling companies?

I haven't been doing this long enough to be able to figure out who's who and which is which... I got a job from a schedule with a "do not contact the MSP" message, but then when there was trouble with the input system I was told to "contact the MSP".... Continue Reading

vague guidelines and lying schedulers

I'm tired.. between the crap I've had to go through this past week with Intelli-shop, and See Level I'm not sure if it isn't time to give up on mystery shopping after all these years. I guess 4 years, almost 5 actually, isn't very long really but I'm getting... Continue Reading

Kudos to Jackie Jacoby at Kern Scheduling

I did an oil change shop for Kern recently where the instructions said that the reimbursement would cover a standard oil change. When I did the shop, it turns out that the reimbursement did not cover the basic oil change, even before the charge for the extra quart of... Continue Reading

Scheduling in Nevada?

Can you please name the MSCs/scheduling entites that have legal status to hire in NV?... Continue Reading

KSS Scheduling

Does anyone know when they pay. I did a shop for them June 6th and waiting for payment. They have noting on site telling you how long they take. Help will be appreciated.... Continue Reading

Has a scheduler ever lied to you?

So I responded to an email alert about a shop and I said I would so it for $85. The original shop offer was $15. The scheduler said "This shop DOES NOT need filling. It has already been filled. Thanks" However, I keep getting email alerts for the same shop... Continue Reading

Why Do Schedulers Call When Their Not Raising the Board's Pay Level? A Personal Touch or Pressure?

I received a few phone calls asking to take up two jobs outside my comfort zone for the same price stated up on the job board. I waited for the nice man to tell me he was going to raise the price so out of the blue he say's... Continue Reading

Why don't schedulers give us our jobs when we applied for them?

Trying to plan my route today! So frustrating I am driving 45 miles in One Direction and have shops all along the way. I have applied for two other shops in the same city but, the scheduler has not gone online and giving me these two shops. ... Continue Reading

Scheduler Giving Tax Advice...REALLY?

I just recently signed up with a new MSP this week. The scheduler sends out a mass email asking if anyone is willing to travel. The email also states that if I need gas money, they would entertain reasonable offers. One of the shops is 102 miles from my home,... Continue Reading

What part of "Can I see the instructions" is too hard for the Scheduler to comprehend?

After receiving dozens of emails begging us to help with their project I asked the Scheduler "Can I see the instructions and read the questions so I can better gauge what it is going to take to finish this project"? The Scheduler has replied to my emails consistently replying... Continue Reading

Suggestion for Schedulers - Place all relevant Information in Email Subject Line

Much like other shoppers on here, I get inundated by many shop requests. I received about 112 of those today alone, so I thought I'd offer a suggestion. It would save everyone's time if schedulers would put relevant information in the email subject line: City, Pay, Type of... Continue Reading

Is it me or is it idiot day for schedulers?

So I received two emails asking to help on jobs listing a bonus. These were seperate jobs and seperate companies. I replied to each nicely stating what I would need above what the current offer was including bonus. Example shop paying $8.50 normal plus $4 reimbursement and had a $5... Continue Reading

Scheduler/Editor Introduction

Hello Everyone, My name is Alexandra and I just wanted to introduce myself to you guys as I am new to the forum. I am a Scheduler/Editor for Regal Hospitality Group. We complete shops all over the United States and are always on the lookout for detail orientated people. Please feel... Continue Reading

Red Brick Scheduling

I am registered with this company. I haven't done any assignments for them yet, I received an email stating that they redid their website and I would have to re-register. Has anyone else received a similar email?... Continue Reading

BestMark changing scheduling policies...not even waiting for me to finish the question before telling me no.

So frustrated right now. I used to do a lot of the vehicle service shops for Bestmark. Two years ago they would schedule 3-4 of these shops a day for me. A couple weeks ago I called in and talked to one of their schedulers, and they told me that... Continue Reading

Schedulers changing narratives - What should I do?

Okay, I have not seen anything like this on the forum, but I may have missed it. I received a message today that I needed to change a narrative and put more information in it. I went to make the change and found that the overall narrative under... Continue Reading

Kudos to ACL and one of their schedulers

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How much do you demand when getting paid in "% Off Coupons"? Scheduler needs help on "$10 off $25 Retail App" no payment.

There's a email hitting my box everyday asking me to perform their shop by asking me "What will it take for you to perform this Shop"? No bonus, no cash, just a coupon from a store that should have gone out of business ten years ago. How big of a... Continue Reading

Scheduler introduction!

Hello there! I thought I would introduce myself. I have been a member of this forum for quite a while, but sometimes it seems my job postings are lost in the sea of opportunities. I schedule for Coast to Coast Scheduling Services, Inc. We are a scheduling/editing company and have been... Continue Reading

RED BRICK SCHEDULING: Your valued feedback please....

Received an email form them and am asking for your valued feedback before divulging my personal information to them. Many Thanks... Continue Reading

How do I get a scheduler from KSS to respond?

I have been trying to contact a certain scheduler at KSS. I have left a voice mail message and I have sent two emails, but she seems to be putting me on ignore.... Continue Reading

Do schedulers bother to read our e-mails?

I've been hit from one company that is offering a whole $1 bonus, and one that want me to work for them (if only they would reactive my profile). I've written back both schedulers explain the situation to them, in regards to both their situations, and neither one seems to take... Continue Reading

Amy @ Summit Scheduling

I've never dealt with her before. I've never done or even applied for a shop with Ipsos before. But today I received an email from her that says I've been ASSIGNED a shop. In Colorado. I'm in Canada. I assume she mixed up the abbreviations for Colorado and Canada, saw... Continue Reading

Is This a Vindictive Scheduler?

I had one done one other shop for this company and got dinged for the quality of my narrative. SO I did another shop yesterday after I understood what they wanted and got a 10 (immediately). Concurrent to this I applied for a smart phone coupon shop for the same day.... Continue Reading

Phone Calls from Schedulers

I received my first phone call from a scheduler today. He saw I had newly signed up for the company and he had some bank jobs in a few different areas as well as some other jobs available. The problem was I was driving in the middle of... Continue Reading

Scheduler not getting paid

Hey there fellow schedulers. To whom would you speak to or email in the business if a company does not want to pay you for your scheduling services?... Continue Reading

Intellishop schedulers are reneging on shops!!!!

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

CRI- for rescheduling two of my shops in the last two months!

they are a great company and are surprisingly getting better .... had an easy time rescheduling my shops through their chat feature! thanks!... Continue Reading

Market Force - 1st half of the month scheduling only? Or two parts?

When looking at Market Force shops they are only showing through April 15th. I have work a couple of hundred miles around my town coming up the second half of the month so I thought I would try and squeeze some gas station, fast food or other quick shops in. Do they... Continue Reading

Scheduler 'shout-out' - to Clarissa Feit at Market Force

Clarissa has been a terrific scheduler for my MF visits, very professional, has supported all my visits despite sometimes last minute changes.... Continue Reading

Gracias to my favorite Scheduler

I'd like to recognize and thank Deanna Kessler (Ardent Services) for being friendly, fair, helpful and considerate. She is also a great gardener! I look forward to opening my emails on the first of each month to see which shops I am assigned. Thank you for your... Continue Reading


Kudos all Schedulers!! Nice job! I love all the schedulers I work with and haven't had any recent problems with anyone (if there are serious problems, the company is permanently deleted from the list). I am an independent contractor, and outstanding at my job, and I do not choose... Continue Reading

How are Schedulers suppose to make money with tight time frames to accomplish? You know the shops I speak of.

I am getting three emails a day from a company offering shops that have the smallest window of time to accomplish them. If they had a larger area of time to perform instead of 12:45 to 2:00 PM for $15 I would jump on that wagon for the $15... Continue Reading

Huge Volume of Bare scheduler e-mails

Last month I got an e-mail from Bare that they knew how overwhelming it was to receive multiple e-mails from multiple project managers so they changed the process and would be sending a single Bare e-mail called DOSE. Okay, sounded great. I think it was discussed here on... Continue Reading

Scheduler recruitment email from A Closer Look

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Weird situation & how do I cancel a job with IPSOS, in addition to e-mailing scheduler?

Maybe I'm missing something, but I can't find a way to cancel an IPSOS shop other than e-mailing the scheduler. Unfortunately, this scheduler is apparently known for not responding to e-mails. Is there a way to do it through the portal? Also, this is odd. I definitely may have messed up,... Continue Reading

Have any of you all had a scheduler that you really liked but her editors were just UGGGGH!

Here is my problem, I have a scheduler that I really, really like but they have hired some new editors that are causing a problem for me because they are asking for things that are not in the guidelines. It's not about grammatical errors, it's not about not following the... Continue Reading

Scheduler gave me someone else's bad mark!

I took over a year off from mystery shopping because I was burnt out, pregnant and miserable. Anyway, I usually ignore the information box at the top of the Sassie platform, but earlier this evening I was looking for my pending applications and came across a grey box. Apparently I... Continue Reading

Scheduling with Market Force

If I have a fee request with Market Force (and I'm not on a first name basis with a scheduler) what is the best way to request it -- email the help desk? Every time I do, I get a reply that says that it has been forwarded to a... Continue Reading

How to deal with lying schedulers

I realize that schedulers have to deal with mystery shoppers who lie all the time, but lately I have had the reverse happen. Twice, within a week, I have had schedulers lie to me. I really don't know how to deal with this. My instinct is to call them on... Continue Reading

Just started. The schedulers seem nice. then threatening, when you complete the shop review, you hear nothing. Is this normal, and do they jyst not pay?

Can't figure out some schedulers. Seem so nice. then you do the last minute shop for next to nothing, get it done, and never hear a word if it's accepted and I will be paid. Does that happen, and how can I avoid this problem?... Continue Reading

Tips for "Bonding" with Schedulers

I've been shopping a little over a year. I have yet to establish a good relationship with a scheduler. I've had communication with many schedulers; however, I rarely ever get the same one. Any advice appreciated!... Continue Reading

Should We Feel Bad For Taking Schedulers Money On $15 Car Shops Requiring 2.5-3 hours?

This question is really bugging me, if Schedulers are taking a direct hit because we ask for more than $15 for a "Two to Three Hour Car Shop" should we do the shop and shut our mouths because we are taking money directly from our Scheduler? I am confused... Continue Reading

How about those hard working Nevada schedulers!

Here's Kudos to KimM, Julie, Andrea, Christine and the ACL folks...getting shoppers to go to Ely, Wendover, Elko and all the other places wa-a-a-a-a-a-y out there in Nevada is no easy task!... Continue Reading

Rescheduling with Market Force

One of the things I love about Market Force is the ability to reschedule so easily. I've rescheduled to complete the shop sooner and later. The other day though, I saw a notice about only taking a shop if you can complete it on the date without rescheduling. Does rescheduling... Continue Reading

What exactly do schedulers get paid?

I'm sure this changes company to company but I'm wondering how this boils down especially as it pertains to bonuses. What incentive or punishment does a scheduler get for just being like here take the max possible bonus? I'm sure there must be something or every scheduler would... Continue Reading

No Response from Scheduler

I am new to mystery shopping and accepted my first assignment with Bare International on Feb. 2nd. The assignment involved a scheduled visit to a local testing center, today. I initially emailed requesting an early afternoon test time and received a response that the time would be assigned within 48... Continue Reading

Getting a little frustrated with a scheduler.

I think I am about ready to get stiffed for the first time since shopping . I do not want to yet put the name of the scheduler or company out there because I hope to have the issue resolved. In late December I agreed to do a... Continue Reading

Kim @ Summit Scheduling

Kim responds immediately to me every time. She just one-upped her boss Judy, breaking the 3 minute response record by responding in 60 seconds. Always has my back and is super flexible with making up a route through BFE for me. Food banks and Girl Scout cookie recipients join me in... Continue Reading

Real email convo with a scheduler

This company has a bank teller shop where all you have to do is make a teller transaction and report and its $15! The big bummer is there's a limit of one shop per day! Annoying! So I've found with other companies sometimes they're willing to budge... Continue Reading

Does anyone here work as a scheduler for Intelli or any type of work for Intelli?

I would hope that after all of our critical reports about Intelli, someone would speak for them. Can you hear me? Can you hear me now! [I]Mod note: Your two threads have been combined. [/I]... Continue Reading

What Happened to my Great Schedulers? The New Ones are Terrible!

I used to deal with great schedulers at this one MSC. It was a pleasure to work with them. But the last two months or so there have been new schedulers who are terrible! I only do restaurant shops with them where I only get reimbursement for the meal and... Continue Reading

Scheduler Woes

I had a shop during which I experienced something frightening, although nobody was hurt as far as I know. The report for the shop seems to stress that they want accurate but slightly vague details, as certain information would identify me as a shopper. I filled out the report as... Continue Reading

IPSOS/Summit woes/call out to scheduler!

Last month, I applied for some shops. Working out routes. I didn't get any notification that my applications were accepted until AFTER I had completed every route! Not possible to reschedule (I won't drive 120 mile round trip for a $12-$27 shop!). Actually, I won't drive... Continue Reading

Great scheduler - Robin Myers at Reality Based Reports

Robin has been an excellent scheduler for years at Reality Based Reports! She is easy to work with and a true professional.... Continue Reading

Scheduling company not scheduling me for a shop 10 minutes away.

I am at a loss. I am an experienced shopper with about eight years of experience, including shopping for particular company in question. They have a shop on the board I offered to take when it was a lower bonus, the application was rejected. The shop sat... Continue Reading

The scheduler was surprised

I received a call from a scheduler asking me to do a food shop that pays $7 and reimburses $13 for the meal (and the meal usually ends up costing $15+ after tipping). When I advised her that the location was 2.5 hours away, in the middle of nowhere,... Continue Reading

2015 Scheduler Of The Year

New contest (unscientific cuz I just don't have the time to use analytic analysis to give a scientific one). Names only WILL NOT BE TALLIED . The name must be accompanied by the company that they schedule for. For those who are paranoid about the competitive aspects of that...get... Continue Reading

Difficult Scheduler

If I cannot resolve a problem with a scheduler is there another person (such as a supervisor) that I can take my problem to.... Continue Reading

I need to learn how to speak Scheduler-ese

Since when does "Sorry, I cannot do this shop because I'm about to die of some plague-like flu" (in writing) mean, "Please reschedule me for whatever date you like and if I don't complete it, Please oh please, give me a flake on my account." I have done many... Continue Reading

Trying to cancel shops, Scheduler ignoring me

Hi shoppers! I need to cancel my shops for a legitimate reason. Long story short, I am taking time off from my day job and mystery shopping. I emailed the Scheduler but have not heard back from him in a day and a half. I explained what had happened, and what... Continue Reading

Hello Schedulers and shoppers

I started mystery shopping around 3 years ago. I started with just one company at first because I didn't think it was real. I thought it was some sort of scam. But now I'm with about 5 different research companies and if I sign up with a few more I... Continue Reading

Scheduler has lost her mind

I received a reach out email asking what cities I cover yesterday. This was for a cycle work position. That was all the information which was communicated. I replied with the 9 closest suburbs I go to. I also mentioned that I would consider several of the larger rural towns... Continue Reading

New Scheduler A Closer Look

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

are you kidding me (here is the headline from the scheduler of the msc..."Healthy Glow for the Winter Months on us! Tanning Shops!"

take out the word "healthy" and that's more like it. after subjecting oneself to the rays of a tanning bed you will definitely "Glow" from the radiation that has been unleashed upon your unsuspecting body? thoughts????... Continue Reading

Self-Scheduling vs. Scheduler

Is there any advantage to the scheduler for assigning a job to me? I'm looking at a certain assignment that expires today. I'm pretty sure the date will change tomorrow once the job hasn't been completed but was wondering if I should email the scheduler and ask to be assigned.... Continue Reading

New Scheduler A Closer Look

Hi Everyone! I am a new scheduler for A Closer Look. If you are not signed up with A Closer Look and you are interested in exciting shops such as Hotels, Restaurants and much more. Sign up on our website Please use my name Jackie Biles as the "How you heard about A Closer... Continue Reading

Info on being gfk scheduler

I am waiting for next month to see if i can become a scheduler? Information? Tips?... Continue Reading

Thank heavens for great scheduler's!

After an almost 600 mile run yesterday, guess who didn't have a POV? Guess who knew she needed from the get, that using data to upload that POV was a good idea & ignored her common sense? There are times when I get the blonde jokes, because even... Continue Reading

Becoming a scheduler

How does one become a scheduler? What are the requirements and can it be a work from home job?... Continue Reading

How much of the guidelines and questionnaire can schedulers see?

There's a specific special request that is sometimes included in a grocery store shop that I prefer to avoid. The ones where you ask in produce or seafood for the associate to cut or peel or otherwise specially fix something, and if they do you have to buy it. It... Continue Reading

Any idea what's up with IPSOS scheduling...

Approximately a week ago IPSOS (through their scheduling company) posted a multitude of the same shops throughout my state (five of which were in my hood). I requested five of the shops. I was awarded one. Okay, no big surprise. I assumed that the other four... Continue Reading

Beware of LAME schedulers...

So. I accepted a shop due yesterday and confirmed it on the MSC site. Yesterday afternoon, I realized it would be better for me to do it today. I emailed the scheduler and asked "is it possible to do this shop on Monday? If not, I'll make it happen today."... Continue Reading

PITA schedulers

I swear some schedulers need to get their shit together! I understand they may need to deal with many shops and shoppers at once but heck, they are not the ones being graded for their work and we are the ones who are needed to complete their shops! They can't... Continue Reading

Summit Scheduling

I know it's the holiday and people are stressed and overworked but lack of response from a scheduler for the second time on shops for the same company is extremely frustrating for me. This is my second issue with a particular scheduler for Ipsos. I don't see any... Continue Reading

Angry email from scheduler for shop completed today over receipt problem before I started with compay

I know that title makes no sense, but I did a shop today and just got an angry email from the scheduler (strangely not the scheduler I've worked with for these shops and she isn't listed on the contact info for them). She sent back my report telling me... Continue Reading

Super cranky scheduler

I am in shock I just got off of the phone with a scheduler that was really rude imo. The company had scheduled some shops for me for Thanksgiving week and I am going out of town so I called to ask if they could be reschedule. She was kind... Continue Reading

Looking for a scheduler who covers the Northeast

I am looking for a scheduler that handles the northeast, particularly NYC. We have an ongoing project that we could use some outsourced help on. Feel free to contact me directly via email please. Dave Buckalew Buckalew Hospitality... Continue Reading

Kern Scheduling Integrity Questioned

I recently signed up to do a shop via KSSJeff. The shop was confirmed and done on the assigned day. The reporting window was 12 hours after completion. The shop was done at noon and entered by 1:15. It was not submitted then as I wanted to relook at the... Continue Reading

Does anyone have a contact number for International Service Check or their scheduler JoAnn Price?

I was paid the reimbursement but not the shop fee. I have emailed the scheduler and International Service Check several times and have had no response.... Continue Reading

Mystery Shopper/Scheduler resume

Does anyone have tips on how to write a resume for a Mystery Shopper scheduler? I am a professional social worker. I have a resume for my professional work but not for mystery shopping. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!... Continue Reading

Scheduling Funnies

Recently I did a shop and the requirements for when to do the shop made me shake my head and wonder what they were doing. It was posted on 10/09 and said the shop had to be performed between 10/09 and 10/18, but it could not be performed on... Continue Reading

Lesser of two evils: Submitting a wonky report on time vs. waiting for scheduler reply & be late

As I've been reading through the board and using the search tab to answer my questions, I see this issue come up a lot. It seems that there will inevitably come a time when I will have a problem with a shop and be faced with the decision to... Continue Reading

From a scheduler's point

I'm obviously up way too late to even think about posting thisÖ LOL But anyway. I know that shoppers have ASAP questions that need to be answered, etc. However, I'm feeling like shoppers feel like I should be at my computer 24/7 to answer emails, calls, and... Continue Reading

Shoe shop schedulers

Just a comment to all the shoe shop companies... All pay from $6-12 or so depending on purchase and return. They all say quick.... Nope sorry but when you must try on shoes and ask for at least a second pair to compare it is not quick........ Continue Reading

Maritz scheduling

I did see a post tonight for their site being down. I am totally confused with their scheduling. I got assigned a shop, I did not sign up for, and then the person was annoyed, and told me she turned down two other shoppers so I could have that. I... Continue Reading

Scheduler Question

I'm signed up with a MSC that specifically advertises that if you would like to be put down as a backup when an assignment is already taken, you should write to them to let them know. I saw that they had assignments for an establishment that is literally around the... Continue Reading

Interview with Barbry Booth, the 2015 Scheduler of the Year

I'm pleased to announce the interview with Barbry Booth, the 2015 Scheduler of the year. Read it here: Discuss!... Continue Reading

SERVICE SLEUTH: Notes to scheduler field means????

Is it working against me when applying for shops and not filling out the above field??? What should I say?? "Gee I really hope you'll give me this shop" etc??? Or say why I feel qualified or successful regarding past shops at the same client perhaps?? Thanks Much... Continue Reading

Announcing the Winner of the 2015 Scheduler of the Year Contest

I'm pleased to announce the winner of this year's Scheduler of the Year Contest. She won both the raw vote award, as well as the weighted vote award. The winner is [b] Barbry Booth of Customer Impact. [/b] Congratulations, Barbry! We received an astounding 78 nominations this year. Each and every... Continue Reading

Info on a specific scheduler for

a msc that does a lot of airports. goes by lisa.........?... Continue Reading

Scheduler Eric Lucitte demanding that I add false statements to my reports and evaluations.

I am warning all Intelli shoppers that Eric Lucitte will demand you falsify reports. He will give you a shopper rating of 1 and there fore cheat you out of your hard earned money for shops you don't falsify. He will go as far as to deactivate your account as... Continue Reading

The 2015 Scheduler of the Year Contest: Voting

There were so many nominations this year! Clearly, there are a lot of wonderful schedulers out there. To vote: Please click "like" on the post containing the name of the Scheduler you would like to vote for. You are allowed to vote for more than one scheduler.... Continue Reading

Scheduler of the Year Contest: Nominations

Please nominate your favorite schedulers in this thread. Be sure to include their name and the company they work for. Posts that are NOT nominations will be deleted. Rules & Discussion: Continue Reading

The 2015 Scheduler of the Year Contest

Today is Labor Day -- a wonderful day to celebrate the people who work so hard and are so important in guiding and supporting mystery shoppers. Schedulers work very hard to make this industry hum along -- and this is our chance to celebrate them. As was written in the introduction to... Continue Reading

Above and Beyond - Schedulers and MSPs available on a Holiday Weekend

As shoppers we are scheduled for virtually any day of the year we accept, but we know that if an issue or question comes up during 'non working hours' we may well get stopped in our tracks if we need guidance. Labor Day is a 3 day weekend and... Continue Reading

Scheduler tells you they will assign a shop, never does

Tuesday, I was communicating with a scheduler and was told that she would assign me two shops in a town about 20-25 miles away from me for Wednesday. After hearing back I took another shop in that area to make the drive worth it. I also turned down... Continue Reading

Schedulers Holding Shops For You

I had my first instance of a scheduler emailing me and asking me to do a shop before putting it on the job board. I've been doing these shops three or four times a year for a couple of years and at least twice they have scheduled someone else and... Continue Reading


hi- I've been doing shops for about 3 weeks. What do you do if you email the scheduler and never get a response - it's something important!!... Continue Reading

Can we start a new favorite scheduler thread?

My favorites are Sally Craig and Shirley McLemore. I love getting the jobs done for both of these phenomenal women.... Continue Reading

This GFK Scheduler has hit the lowest I've ever seen

I am so furious this morning, I can barely type. I've done a small amount of work for GFK, however my shopper rating was a 9 before just now. Last night, at 5:30 pm, I received notification that I had been accepted for a shop. Although it was evening,... Continue Reading

Now it's my turn to panic! Can't reach scheduler! What to do?

Thanks for the tips! Wanted to delete my details....'just in case'........ Continue Reading

Need advice and wisdom - Calls from schedulers

I am relatively new to the world of mystery shopping. I've been hustling though. Doing all I can to learn and make myself a valuable "go to" contractor. I guess it's working. I have received calls from 4 different scehdulers at 4 different MSC's in the past week. All the... Continue Reading

Maritzcx Scheduler

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Intelli-Shop scheduling

Hey all, First time poster, long time lurker. I've been shopping for a while as a part-time hobby, doing shops that interest me for fun and not trying to make a living on it. I was on JobSlingerPlus tonight and saw an Intelli-Shop posting that interested me (hotel/casino). ... Continue Reading


Does anyone have to wait a really long time sometimes for a request to be looked at? I've had a lot of ten jobs with some companies and then I request a job and it just sits there sometimes for a week.... Continue Reading

Do you request bonuses from the schedulers?

There seems to be an abundance of shops in my area. I'm fairly new to this in the past six months, doing just high-end restaurants for a couple of different MSC's. Do you normally ask for a bonus for a shop or wait until the scheduler reaches out... Continue Reading

Corporate Risk Solutions / Custom Risk Solutions / Assest Protection Associates - worthless schedulers

I have had all kinds of problems getting responses from schedulers for this company. First of all when you request a shop they never seem to actually schedule it... its funny you see the same shop sitting on their board for weeks. They get to the point where they have... Continue Reading

Market Force Question about rescheduling and its effect on shopper score

I know, you're thinking "haven't we talked about every possible aspect of Market Force? How can there possibly be more questions about this?!" But here's one: does anyone know how MF treats reschedules in our super-secret, never-to-be-revealed rating? I usually scoop up the shops I want at the beginning... Continue Reading

Can I dare make a suggestion to schedulers?

Today I received five emails from schedulers with various urgent requests. Nowhere in the body of the email was there a hyperlink to login nor was there any indication whatsoever of where the shops might be. In some cases, there was no indication of what kinds of shops... Continue Reading

Warning! This is a rant: Melodramatic Schedulers

If I run into them I won't work for them. I will complete whatever shop I have signed up for but after that we're done. Business is business and it has no place for amplified emotion. Empathy for a fellow human being yes but guilt trips and theatrics have no... Continue Reading

Scheduler Wants Me To Re-Shop a Location...Need Advice

I've received an e-mail from a scheduler who wants me to shop a location I shopped x amount of time ago. As far as the contract is worded, I am not eligible for this shop based on the amount of time since I last shopped the location, but I... Continue Reading

Scheduler assigned me the wrong location!

I received an email posting from a company that uses the Sassie platform 3 or 4 days ago about some grocery store audits. I applied for 2 of them that are in a city about 25 minutes away from me. The day before yesterday I received an email... Continue Reading

Scheduler Shout Out

Nola Penny at Kern Scheduling just helped me resolve a situation with a client. She was quick to respond and initiated contact with the client for me. Thanks Nola!... Continue Reading

Was given a citation by a scheduler

I self assigned 4 shops on Monday, one for tuesday and 3 for wednesday.. Monday night my car overheated and even though I let it cool down, it overheated again within a couple blocks. I waited again, tried again, and no dice. Called triple A and got home very... Continue Reading

Question About Scheduler

Good morning I got an mass e-mail from one scheduler on Monday saying there was a shop in my area. Then on Wednesday, I got the same e-mail but it was from another scheduler. I know sometimes schedulers go out of town or things come up at the last minute and... Continue Reading

msscheduler A atlanticbb

I received an email from Judy Inboden at MsScheduler's Scheduling Company offering access to nine market research companies and growing. She is asking me to register with her site. Is anyone familiar with Judy or this site?... Continue Reading

Auto assign shops or scheduler assiging shops

Good morning. I know most Sassie companies you can auto assign for shops if you meet the requirements and others you send in your application and they will assign you it to you. But what about other companies that don't use Sassie. There is one shop that I would like to do... Continue Reading

Scheduler Problem?

So for no drama I will not mention the store or the MSC. I have been shopping for many years and have completed over 400 shops for one particular company amongst others. I have never really had problems beyond a few requests for clarifications. This year... Continue Reading

Does anyone know about this scheduler?

I received an email to sign up for a company I am not familiar with. Judy Inboden, Does anyone know about her?... Continue Reading

Judith Gill at Summitt Scheduling

Experience? Feedback? If you prefer, PM me. Edited to add: I have no problems with her but she is new to me and just wanted feedback before committing to a very complex, and expensive, shop.... Continue Reading

From Mystery Shopper to Scheduler

I was searching the job boards for assignments one day when I came across a post from a certain MSC stating that they were looking to hire more schedulers. Now scheduling has always been an interest of mine since I've starting shopping and I thought that this would be a... Continue Reading

Warning: Don't warn a scheduler of car problems that are being fixed

I had an assignment due 8 pm on the 23rd of May. The place closed early that day at 5 pm. My car broke down in front of my son's school a few days earlier. I went on YouTube and the internet and learned how to change the serpentine belt... Continue Reading

I receied a thank you note from a scheduler.

I just received a thank you card from a scheduler. I often accept shops on a short notice for this particular company. He took the time to hand write a thank you note.... Continue Reading

scheduler and shopper

Hi. I have been curious for a while now and would like feedback please :) Do most schedulers shop too? I often wonder if a scheduler is shopping the best and leaving the other for everyone else. Does it help to become friends with schedulers to get the... Continue Reading

Schedulers won't answer questions

I'm new to MS and I've noticed something about almost every scheduler I've come into contact with and find it really frustrating. They all seem to respond to my questions/emails pretty promptly, but in their response they seem to totally ignore and not even address the main thing I... Continue Reading

Funny Email from Scheduler

I received an email today, June 11, asking me to take a shop. It read, in part: Shop time: The shop can only be performed on Tuesday, June 9th between 3 p.m. and the assigned store's closing time - there are no exceptions to this requirement. Am tempted to email... Continue Reading

Discussions of Schedulers

If there is a scheduler for them you can try reaching out to them. (Source). June 06, 2023

Reimbursement is for the 60 minute intro massage and 18% tip. You can't get any upgrades. If you are interested in these shops please apply at or contact KSSJeff@kernscheduling. (Source). June 06, 2023

. Hi Shoppers! KSS International, Inc. is now scheduling shops for a popular chain of Gentleman's Clubs! You will be reimbursed as outlined below PLUS you will receive a $100 shopper pay for successful completion of this shop! These shops may be completed on Fridays (Source). June 06, 2023

. Hi Shoppers! KSS International, Inc. is now scheduling wellness consultation visit shops! You will be reimbursed for your wellness consult visit as specified below PLUS you will receive a $150 shopper pay for successful completion of this shop! Reimbursement is for one wellness consult (Source). June 06, 2023

. Hi Shoppers! $10 Bonus Just Added! KSS International, Inc. is now scheduling bar shops at a famous wing restaurant! You will be reimbursed up to $25 for your food/beverage PLUS you will receive a $10 shopper pay! Hours to shop are M-F 5pm until close, Sat/Sun 1 (Source). June 06, 2023

. Hi Shoppers KSS International, Inc. is now scheduling mystery shops at SENIOR LIVING FACILITIES! You will receive a $100 shopper pay for successful completion of this shop! The shop form will show the care types that they offer. (Source). June 06, 2023

Unless you have give pre acceptance to a scheduler, they arent suppose to assign shops without asking. (Source). June 06, 2023

It's quite possible they have cameras and can verify a description of Howard. I will be interested to see what the outcome is with the MSC. PS often schedulers and help desks (if there is one) work 24/7 at home and are able to reply quickly. (Source). June 06, 2023

. Hi Shoppers! KSS International, Inc. is now scheduling alcohol compliance mystery shops at Live Events! Must be 21 to 28 to complete Shoppers will be paid $70 and be reimbursed for the cost of parking and any beers you purchase You must complete the (Source). June 06, 2023

One scheduler seems to assign me phone shops without my asking for them- they just appear. (Source). June 06, 2023