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$25 Hotel Audits- NOW on self-assign! AZ CA CO IA ID IL KS MN MT NE ND NM OK SD TX WA WI WY

Our shoppers love these hotel audits. You will visit your assigned location and present an authorization letter to the staff. You will be given access to two hotel rooms and commons areas. You will observe and photograph the two rooms. Questions? Email Apply online! These are on self-assign! Not... Continue Reading

IPSOS SASSIE Self Assign Available but shop not available

I've seen a couple of red gas stations on the quarterly schedule that I've been trying to pick up where it says self assign is available, however, when I click after selecting the date it tells me the shop is not available. They've been sitting on the board, so not... Continue Reading

Am I crazy? I thought USPS shops changed to self-assign.

I am certain a few CPU shops I did 6 weeks ago were self-assign. I just applied for a couple of jobs and they are in 'application" status. Kinda sucks since I have a nice impromptu route today and the USPS shops would fit in perfectly. :(... Continue Reading

Taco restaurant shops in AR, CO, IA, ID, IL, KS, KY, MT, ND, OH, TN, WA, WY (self-assign)

Greetings Shoppers! SeeLevel HX has easy self-assign taco restaurant shops available for drive thru and dine in in the cities below. Pay is $8 plus up to $10 reimbursement for your purchase. These are easy shops with an easy report. Self-assign at Russellville AR 72801 Russellville AR 72801 Berthoud CO 80513 Clifton CO 81520 Denver CO 80216 Ft. Collins CO 80523 Ft. Collins CO 80525 Ft. Morgan CO 80701 Grand Junction CO 81501 Greeley CO 80631 Lamar CO 81052 Loveland CO 80538 Montrose CO 81401 Sterling CO 80751 Thornton CO 80229 Wellington CO 80549 Westminster CO 80234 Windsor CO 80528 Altoona IA 50009 Ames IA 50010 Ankeny IA 50023 Avoca IA 51521 Boone IA 50036 Burlington IA 52601 Carroll IA 51401 Cedar Falls IA 50613 Cedar Rapids IA 52405 Cedar Rapids IA 52403 Charles... Continue Reading

$20 ~ Self Assign retail shops ~ AK CA HI ID MA MI MT NJ OH OR UT WA

Ipsos has home improvement retail shops open scheduling now. Feel free to log in and self assign. For this shop you will be asking about two assigned items. Then, you will make a purchase of nearly anything, no food. You will return the item. Pays $20.... Continue Reading

$20 ~ Self Assign retail shops ~ AK CA HI ID MA MI MT NJ OH OR UT WA

Ipsos has Lowe’s retail shops open starting Feb 1st and scheduling to the 5th. Feel free to log in and self assign. For this shop you will be asking about two assigned items. Then, you will make a purchase of nearly anything, no food. You will return... Continue Reading

Self assign - expeditd pay, over 200 shops left - AZ CA MA NJ NY

Quick and Easy Technology Shops – No purchase required! Interact with an associate with regard to your assigned product, record recommendations and features discussed. The survey is a brief series of multiple choice questions (depending on your assigned product) including one 3-5 sentence narrative. These shops are well worth... Continue Reading

I'm hungry! Who does self-assign food shops other than MF?

Would love to get a free lunch out while I'm mshopping today. What companies other than MF have restaurant shops that let you self-assign? Even the burger ones are gone for this round (unless I fast until tomorrow when I could eat a lot :)... Continue Reading

$125 Entertainment Shops plus $10 Fee CO- Interquest;Thornton, Windsor- SELF ASSIGN Dec and Jan

Shoppers, I need some help, particularly in December. Wouldn't you enjoy a fun outing that is paid for by us? I have dinner/drinks, and bowling or dinner/drinks and gaming available. The menu at this upscale establishment has just been enhanced- funnel cake fries anyone??? What a fun outing over the... Continue Reading

ISS Self-assign

Does anyone know how many shops you need to complete in order to be able to self-assign more than three shops? I have completed 27 shops and can only self assign three. I'm also in level 2, and each shop only seems to increase the percentage towards the next... Continue Reading

Is it Possible to Build a Route Without Being Able to Self-Assign Shops?

I'm attempting to put together my first route. Because I'm a new shopper, I don't have the ability to self-assign shops with most of the MSCs that I've signed up with which is making the planning a bit more difficult. Should I focus on doing individual shops first until I'm... Continue Reading

All shops should be self assigned

For shoppers who have reached a certain rating. Presently sitting across the street from a shop that has sat on the board all month. Click on it and it has to be assigned. Oh well.... Continue Reading

Self assign links below, AZ CA CT MA NJ NY OR UT WV - $14 each

Quick Tech shops, open this week **Self Assign** Hello I have the following locations open for this week. Most of these are asking about phones. Multiple choice form, etc. No purchase required, $14 pay. Contact me at Available Shops: * AZ: FLAGSTAFF, Phoenix, TEMPE, Tucson-> * CA:... Continue Reading

Intellishop: Can't self assign

They have multiple banking locations available for drive-thru shops. They are indicated as self-assign in SASSIE. Regardless of whether I access the application via the e-mail link or directly from the job board, when I click to accept a shop I get a page saying the shop is... Continue Reading

Ongoing Entertainment/Dining Shops SELF ASSIGN Windsor, Thornton, Colorado Springs Reimburse up to $125 +Fee

I have ongoing entertainment shops in Colorado- Three locations. Either Dining/Bowling/Lane Service or Dining/Gaming/Lazer Tag. This is an upscale venue and the food is excellent. I have August and September shops available- SELF ASSIGN no less. Register at and then go to the job board. Questions? Email Continue Reading

Does Ipsos offer self-assign rights?

I had previously worked for Maritz with full self-assign rights. This means that I would commonly build day routes of 15 to 25 location visits on a single day route lasting maybe 10 hours. I recently started working for Ipsos, but I can scarcely get even one shop at a time,... Continue Reading

Mystery shops in IL with SEC-self assign today!

At SEC we have shops in IL. To get started please register as a Brand agent with us at Then you can search by state and self assign. I have a $70 testing center shop in Carbondale. I also have easy $15 retail shops for sporting goods stores in: Mt... Continue Reading

$12 Presto shops, get this special code and self assign - AZ CA CO DC DE FL GA IL IN MA MD MI MN MO NC NH NJ NY OH PA TN TX UT VA WA WI WV

Onsite phone shops in Presto Insta App. Shops are NOW prescheduling for Sunday. LOG INTO PRESTO NOW and self assign instantly with special code - We have MANY shops out in MANY cities GfK is now scheduling cell phone inquiry shops for various retailers. No quiz and shorter form now make this shop... Continue Reading

Shopper Pay $5 to $10 SELF-ASSIGN VISA SHOPS - Do as Many as You Like - With a $5.00 Reimbursement

AK, AL, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, IA, IL, IN, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, NC, ND, NJ, NY, OH, OK, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT, WA, WI. SELF-ASSIGN VISA SHOPS - NO LIMIT - With a $5.00 reimbursement We have a Quick Visa... Continue Reading

To the Msc's that lurk here..always have self assign as an option...

Some of us don't mystery shop full time and can't on a whim just go mystery shop because you need a shopper. If I'm being honest I gravitate towards the self assign mscs over the ones who don't. I also think you would have more shops being completed... Continue Reading

$20 Video Audit Posting (Self Assign!): Personal Fitness Center AL, CA, CO, FL, KY, MA, MO, NC, NJ, OH, OR, PA, SC, TX, VA, BC

This is an overt audit – assigned evaluators will visit said location and capture a dozen or so prescribed images along with a 6-8 minute ‘walkthrough’ video of the entire property inside & out. You will not need to memorize what should/shouldn’t be there and it will not be your... Continue Reading

Does anyone know why the hotel shops on A CLOSER LOOK that I click say "...this cannot be self-assigned"

I have been shopping for at least 4 or 5 years with them and supposedly have a good performance report. Now I can't self assign and unless the hotel is "bottom of the barrel" it is not likely I will be given the assignment. Anyone who has been with them... Continue Reading

Self-Assigning Companies

Which mystery shopping and field inspection companies allow their agents to self-assign assignments?... Continue Reading

Self assign shops?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Has anyone done a 'Self-Assign Visa Shop'? Are they complicated?

I have read the guidelines for the self-assign Visa jobs and it looks like it would be difficult to obtain all the screenshots and other information required. Has anyone completed one of these jobs and lived to share the experience? I see many jobs just sitting on the MS company's... Continue Reading

Quick Visa Shop - SELF ASSIGN No Limit SHOPS - AK, AL, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, IA, IL, IN, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, NC, ND, NJ, NY, OH, OK, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT, WA, WI.

SELF-ASSIGN VISA SHOPS - NO LIMIT - With a $5.00 reimbursement We have a Quick Visa Shop if you are interested. Plus the survey is short. OBJECTIVE: Understand the tap to pay experience among different merchants within different category types. We will look to identify whether enabled merchants display signage showing their acceptance... Continue Reading

(Self-assign) Inquiry shops available in OHIO (with a bonus!) will be gone until September! Get them while they last!

Shoppers' View will pay you $14 (plus a $3 bonus) to complete an on-site Rent-to-Own Inquiry shop. You will visit the location and are required to ask about renting a big-ticket item such as a big-screen TV, refrigerator, home theater system or furniture. This is just an inquiry; you are... Continue Reading

Who else hates the non-self assign shops??

I applied for a shop in a city and picked up a couple others and schedulers assigned them to me right away. This making it easy to plan my route. One MSC waits until the last minute to assign a shop to me in the same city.... Continue Reading

Maritz shops - why not self assign?

I've made offers for most of a year on several Maritz shops without any being accepted or assigned. Some of those offers were at the base pay. Finally, I was recently able to self-assign a few shops, but when I went to enter my completed shops, one of them was... Continue Reading

SENTRY should make SELF ASSIGN more available to shoppers.

I have done a number of burger shops with good results and no need for corrections but am still not given the opportunity to self assign. Is there some reason for this? As a shopper I want to often plan and combine shops with other Mystery Shopping companies and if I... Continue Reading

Self assign vs scheduler assign. Should I email

I know what the difference is but there was I shop that I applied for. However, it to be approved buy a scheduler. If I was assign I would have able to have done it the first available date it was offer. There were about 10 dates... Continue Reading

Market Force Self-Assign

When Market Force asks if you want them to self-assign you to future shops, does that mean that they automatically sign you up without asking? If they do, do they give you a decent amount of time to complete the shop? I wouldn't mind being automatically assigned to... Continue Reading

Credit card shops....can anyone self-assign more than one?

The MSC states that we can self-assign two of these shop. However, I have only been allowed to self-assign once. On the second attempt the calender's dates are empty so you can't request. Has anyone been able to grab two?... Continue Reading

What does "self-assign" mean to you?

To me it means when I am able to click a self-assign link and choose a date that I'll then be automatically assigned that shop on that date. Apparently some MSCs don't think that. If I do the steps above and receive a notice that they'll let me know if... Continue Reading

See Level self-assigns

Why do you suppose that on some of See Level's self-assign shops they don't show you the range of dates that are available? All you can do is click to accept it and then once you've done that go to the shop log and see what the date range... Continue Reading

North Fork Self Assignment Shops - What am I missing?

I recently signed up with North Fork and have done a couple of shops for them. Now I'm being bombarded with emails for a series of phone only shops which I would love to sign up for, but when I click on the link, there is what appears to be... Continue Reading

Self-assign vs scheduler-assigned shops

I often get e-mails offering a bonus for shops due within a few days. Yesterday morning I got one that took me to a site to apply for the job. I applied, but as of this morning the job has not been assigned. It is due tomorrow.... Continue Reading

What is your favorite MSC that lets you self assign as a new IC?

Mine is Market Force. I'm sure there must be others, but I am not aware of them.... Continue Reading

Self-Assigning Shops

Forgive me - I'm still new to this... I've noticed that a few of the companies for whom I've shopped have given me the ability to self-assign shops. Do most/all MSC's do this? It's certainly a lot easier to plan routes when I can self-assign and not have... Continue Reading

KSS Do They offer, "Self-Assign" shops?

I was going to perform a shop within a 3 hour window. I had, "self-assign" privileges with the original company. unfortunately the shop moved to KSS so I had to apply. After 1 1/2 hours with no response, I deleted the application.... Continue Reading

Self-assigned shops

I am a huge fan of self-assigned shops. So for my area, Marketforce and Statopex are the two best MSC’s. Marketforce allows you to pick up as many shops as you can with a cap of 3-5 per shop type. Furthermore, you have two chances of re-scheduling by yourself. Statopex... Continue Reading

Anyone else having problems self-assigning the pawn shops?

The last few months when I try to self-assign, those that are not yet scheduled, I get a red pop-up saying the shop is not available (but it is not already scheduled). Is anyone else running into this?... Continue Reading

Bestmark offering early self-assign privileges

So did anyone else get the email that they could now self-assign shops for January with Bestmark? I kinda had to wonder how "special" I was, as I hadn't done many assignments for them (less than 5). Regardless, I took advantage of it and booked a couple jobs... Continue Reading

Cannot Self Assign Beyond Hello Shop

Anyone else having this problem or know of a solution? I am eligible to self assign a shop but the calendar is all greyed out so I cannot pick a date. I am in the correct calendar month and am looking for a date within the range specified.... Continue Reading

Self-Assign companies

I'm a Mystery Shopping newbie and have only signed up with one company so far. I want to sign up with more but want to be able to self-assign. Which companies in the south east allow shoppers to self-assign?... Continue Reading

Why are some Sassie shops self assign and other you have to sign up for?

I am wondering why some Sassie shops are self assign and others you have to apply for and the scheduler will e-mail you and let you know if you can complete the shop. Is there an difference between the two? Thanks... Continue Reading

Self assign or request

Some mystery shop companies allow for self assignment while others companies I have to request shops and then the scheduler allows me to shop that location. I feel like the ones that I have to request, sometimes I don't get a response or they take forever to respond or at... Continue Reading

Self-Assign Jobs

How does everyone feel aboust self-assigning shops? I have been mystery shopping since 2009 focusing on casual restaurant shops. I exclusivley use one company because I have been unable to find other companies that offer these type of shops. I've noticed that the company I shop for has changed a... Continue Reading

GFK Self-Assign Issue for wings shops

I need the advice of experienced shoppers who have self-assigned the wings shops for GFK. A few minutes ago a take-out shop with a $25 bonus appeared on the job board while I was searching for smartphone shops. My job board said that I could self-assign the shop. I clicked... Continue Reading

Why I hate not being able to self-assign shops

Recently, a company had display audits listed at $12 each, so I signed up for 7 of them. The scheduler assigned me 3 of them, so I emailed them back and told them to cancel those 3. I applied for the 7 shops because I needed all of them to... Continue Reading

UK Self Assign Companies

Hi guys, I've recently signed up for Marketforce and have done a few jobs for them and was wondering if there were any similar companies within the UK that I could do some mystery shopping for? I found one of the best features of Marketforce was the ability to self assign... Continue Reading

Sassie Self Assign Defect

Occasionally I come across an error like this: Please pick a date between 01-27-14 and 01-31-14 (m-d-y) except 01-27-2014, 01-28-2014, 01-29-2014, 01-30-2014, 01-31-2014 Does anyone know why it does this? The MSC in question does not have a rating for me, but 2/3 of the assignments I have done are graded... Continue Reading

Have any of you ever self assigned a shop for the wrong location?

I did and I didn't realize it until this morning. I thought that I was signing up for a shop that was 5 miles from me, and I looked today and the shop is 25 miles away! I guess that this is just another one of those 'lessons learned'! Please someone,... Continue Reading

Why don't some MSC self-assign?

It is frustrating. Today I was in a part of town that I normally don't frequent. I remembered that Second To None, Ritter and Measure CP all three had shops in this section of town. I was only going to be in town for a few hours.... Continue Reading

Cori self-assign issues etc.

Is anyone else getting repeated server errors when submitting and trying to assign jobs? I know this an ongoing issue with this company, but it appears to be extra special messed up today and tonite.... Continue Reading

Unable to self-assign shop on CORI

When ever I click on "Details" to add a shop to my cart, I get a yellow error icon. Is anyone else having this issue?... Continue Reading

CORI self assign cut-off

I've always been able to assign up to 15 to myself at one time. Now the self assign board isn't allowing me to go over 5 self assign shops at one time. When I click on checkout, it comes back "You have reached your self-assign limit." Does anyone know what... Continue Reading

Just took a shop with self assign. Why dont more MSC allow self assign?

I just took a shop with self assign. Why dont more MSC allow self assign? It seems like a waste of time to search apply and then wait days/weeks only to be told somebody else got the shop.... Continue Reading

SELF ASSIGN: Why do some msc's refuse to do it????

If a shopper has a high rating and has completed multiple shops for the same client with high scores, why do some msc's refuse to engage in shopper self scheduling??? And mnay times rotation are not an issue either.... Many Thanks... Continue Reading

Customer Impact - Self Assign?

Is anyone able to self assign for Customer Impact? Right now, I can only request shops and only get about 33% of what I ask for even though I have done six shops for them and earned 10/10 shopper ratings on all of them.... Continue Reading

Self Assign

What is the best way to find self assign shops? Are there specific companies that do it, or is there maybe somewhere to look? I'm assuming that it all depends, but I figured I'd at least check.... Continue Reading

Self assign companies

I've been shopping for a while, and have built up a large go-to list of companies, but I wanted to see if you guys knew of any other ones I should join. I'm looking for self-assign ones, like a CRI or MarketForce, that I can pick up on the... Continue Reading

Urgent! Need it done! Self Assign! Bonus!

Okay, I got the message. I went in to grab it and it won't allow me to self assign, even though I meet all of the qualifications to do so. So I "apply." I'm heading out and want to do it this morning on my route. I email the scheduler... Continue Reading

Shopper's Critique: Self Assign or Waiting List

There were two assignments I wanted from Shopper's Critique. They both said they were available to me to self assign. I clicked to self assign and received a message that I was added to the waiting list and I would be notified if I would be allowed to complete the... Continue Reading

What exactly is 'self-assign?'

I searched and could not find the answer to this. If I select 'self-assign' does the company still give me a choice on whether to do the listed shops? Am I assigned specific times/days? I need the freedom to schedule my day, can I still say no... Continue Reading

self assign and change

I have been mystery shopping for over 13 years and get very upset when you cant change the date of a shop online. We have had a horrible winter here in the northeast and had to change dates because of the snow and ice and some companies you... Continue Reading

Applying for shops vs. self-assign

Am I the only one that hates applying for shops? It drives me nuts to apply for them then have to wait to see if I get them. Sometimes, the deadline is the day before the shops are assigned and well, I like to plan ahead. Montreal's a... Continue Reading

A question about self assignments

Hi everyone! I self assigned for a apartment shop, picked the date and had to restart my computer to print the paperwork. When I signed back in the shop wasn't in my accepted shops. Is this something that happens often? I did schedule it for the last possible day. Was it given... Continue Reading

what companies are self-assign?

It would be very useful for everyone if we had a big list of the companies that self assign... So...which ones do you know that are self-assign?... Continue Reading

Discussions of Self-Assign Mystery Shopping

By the time they are approved, the self-assign bonuses go higher and someone else is more likely to grab them. (Source). July 27, 2021

What is a self assign shopper picked it up? (Source). July 24, 2021

You will be given access to two hotel rooms and commons areas. You will observe and photograph the two rooms. Questions? Email Apply online! These are on self-assign! Not a shopper? (Source). July 21, 2021

New shops get posted when they get posted. Edited to add: I decided to check ACL's Clarity site last night, just because. I lucked out and self-assigned two of the Japanese BBQ shops for August. (Source). July 08, 2021 to create your profile and be prioritized for visits, as well as see the details and self-assign. (Source). July 06, 2021 to create your profile and be prioritized for visits, as well as see the details and self-assign. (Source). July 06, 2021 to create your profile and be prioritized for visits, as well as see the details and self-assign. (Source). July 06, 2021 to create your profile and be prioritized for visits, as well as see the details and self-assign. (Source). July 06, 2021 to create your profile and be prioritized for visits, as well as see the details and self-assign. (Source). July 06, 2021 to create your profile and be prioritized for visits, as well as see the details and self-assign. (Source). July 06, 2021