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Can someone tell me which MSC handles theater and casino shops?

Also which has video many have gone out of business or stopped doing some shops...a private message would be fine with me if those things aren't allowed. Thanks fellow shoppers... Continue Reading

AMC Theaters

I used to do Carmike movie shops all the time. Carmike got bought out by AMC Theaters. Does anyone know if AMC is shopped? I know Regal is shopped, but most of the theaters by me were Carmike and are AMC now. I am not asking for the company (Please... Continue Reading

IMYST: Movie theater shops???

8 locations were posted today and grabbed up before I could get one myself. How detailed is it and what is involved please?? Many Thanks... Continue Reading

Confero Movie Shop: Feature Fare

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

theater checks

Are there companies that do movie theater checks, shops or audits other than market Force?... Continue Reading

MoviePass' New Unlimited Movies in Theaters Deal Sounds Amazing—But There's a Catch Today, Lowe announced that MoviePass will allow subscribers to see one showing a day of a film at any theater that accepts debit card payment for just $9.95 a month. The only restrictions that have been announced so far are that 3D and Imax films are off limits.... Continue Reading

Open Movie Check

Hi Shoppers, I am in need of a little guidance. I have been doing open movie checks for a company and I love this kind of job as they pay promptly and the work is easy. This week I took a job and when I went to check the movie showing... Continue Reading

Movie shops

I'm a new shopper. Where would I find movie shops? Thanks... Continue Reading

movie trailer checks and other theatre assignments

Looking at these and they pay $X per unit. What does that mean? What do these shops really look like? Thanks for any insight!... Continue Reading

IMYST: New movie theater shops???

Checked jobslinger too late today and missed out on Imyst $25.00 movie theater shops in Lodi, NJ and Fresh Meadows, NY. Can anybody elaborate about what is involved here with this new shop and client???... Continue Reading

Movie Theatre

Any MSC that shops movie theatres besides Confero?... Continue Reading

Anyone work for this company? Any reviews? The signup sends me to apply to VeriTes and fax my info into this company.. This is the first time I am seeing a sign up/apply this way. Just curious what to expect... Thanks... Continue Reading

Theater Audits

Exactly what is involved in a theater audit? The instructions aren't detailed until you accept the assignment, and I'm trying to decide if it's worth doing. The pay isn't much, considering you have to collect data for all the showings of the film, which means you could be making multiple... Continue Reading

Any good movies/shows on Netflix and Hulu?

We got rid of Dish years ago and now only watch Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. I'm binge-watching Mad Men but am almost done. I'm looking for any movie or tv show recommendations for these channels. My favorite genre is horror, but most of the horror movies on... Continue Reading

Movie shop - What is a theater check?

In the guidelines for one of the shops it mentions to look for theater checks. What is it exactly? I thought if meant if the crew member come in to look at the trash can, etc.? However, if I am sitting in the movie theater, I can not see if... Continue Reading

ATOM MOVIE TICKETS: Did anybody do this new shop???

Wondering if anybody did this new shop which uses a smartphone app to buy movie theater tickets and concession items for a $23.00 reimbursement. Was in a very, very high grossing Regal theater today and did not see the promotional materials for this vendor and the shop seems like... Continue Reading

Theater Checks

Can someone explain what's involved in a theater check? It's listed on an assignment board on one of the mystery shop sites, but there is no information about what it involves or how many shows you have to do. I think I should know this before I accept it. Thanks.... Continue Reading

HS Brands Movie shop help

I had a movie shop last night, I've done over a dozen of them, fairly straight forward. However, last night when I got home, I could not find my concession receipt. The guidelines clearly state you will not be paid if there is no ticket stub and concession... Continue Reading

Market Force (theaters)

I've been doing trailer checks for Market Force for a long time, several years. I plan my schedule around having Fridays available to do movie trailer checks. I quit doing the open checking awhile ago because they reduced the pay amount to a point where it was ridiculous... Continue Reading

MOVIE CHECKERS: Has anybody else seen the new poll takers from Movie this weekend??

Was wondering if anybody else saw these new poll takers from at their local theater. I saw them last night and they told me this was their first day out. They gave out free passes to all exit poll takers. I checked on the website and see... Continue Reading

Theater standee installation companies

Hello, I've seen several old discussions asking for information about companies that hire people to install cardboard standees at theaters but they are very vague about company names and don't give links to any company sites. Right now I do installs for MarketForce ( but I would like to see... Continue Reading

Theater standee installation companies

Hello, I've seen several old discussions asking for information about companies that hire people to install cardboard standees at theaters but they are very vague about company names and don't give links to any company sites. Right now I do installs for MarketForce ( but I would like to see if there... Continue Reading

*10 Bonus* this month- Enjoy a movie on us - Apply Now! Hingham MA, and Portland ME

Want to enjoy a Movie and concession food and get reimburse- contact or visit our website at for more details. Move Theater shop available (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) - Arrive anytime between 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM - $19 ticket allowance - MUST pay in... Continue Reading

TRAILER CHECKS: Certifed, Verites and now a third provider????

Did a trailer check tonight and the manager tells me I am the third person doing them today. I did mine for one of the two major providers above and know the person who does them for the other major provider. BUT....have no clue as to who else may be... Continue Reading

New shopper needs help with movie shop

Hello! I'm brand new to shopping and am signed up to do a movie shop. As I read the form I sorta wished I had passed on the opportunity, lol! It asks for names AND descriptions of employees and asks for the timing in minutes & seconds... Continue Reading

Movie Theatre Covert Counting

So I took a mystery shop for a theatre im pretty close to. I have to count all the people in the theatre for the movie. Im drawing a blank on how to stay incognito though. The movie theatre has one entrance, one line for tickets, and the exit is... Continue Reading

Massage, Movies, and Carpet Cleaning

Hi! I've signed up with about 40 companies and have yet to see any of these kinds of shops. Would anyone please help me with suggested MSCs? I would greatly appreciate it!... Continue Reading

Trailer Check Companies

I Work with TES and Certified. Who else is out there and who do you like working with best. I know there are more than just those two companies so looking for input on other companies and experiences with them all. [I]Mod note: Please do not start multiple... Continue Reading

Theater Checks/Standee Installments: Worth it??

I've been getting emails about trailer checks and standee installments at local movie theaters for awhile. A typical trailer check seems to be $7 per unit, and a standee/display installment was $10 for an "easy" display(45 minute set up)- $50 for a very difficult(240 minutes ?!?!?!?!?!). Who has done these,... Continue Reading

How would you handle this little conundrum? (Movie shop)

I did a movie shop a while ago and one of the guidelines was the ticket purchase had to be minimum of 3 minutes. I also had to bring a kid to see if they could be sold an R rated ticket. I brought my 17 year old who... Continue Reading

Since when has GFK done theater checks?

I got an email today for movie screen ad checks from GFK?! Been with GFK for like two years and never seen this. But they pay nothing just like marketforce. $9 first screening, $2.50 each additional. I don't understand how they get people to do... Continue Reading

"ad check" per print at movies?

Just not sure what that means? I understand listing the ads and/or trailers before a movie. But the info "per print" isn't verbage I'm familiar with seeing. Any one know? Thanks so much!... Continue Reading

Looking for Movie shoppers in MI

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Movie Theater switched MSC

My local theater switched MSCs and I can't figure out to who. I liked my free movie every 3 months. :-(... Continue Reading

TRAILER CHECKS: FYI--Theaters with recliner chairs

Did one recently at a Regal theater and apparently either the seats are reserved prior to buying tickets or assigned at the boxoffice as I was asked to get up by a ticket holder who had my seat number on his stub and this also occurred with other seated... Continue Reading

Movie Trailer Checks

Is it just me or do you also have a heard time getting the title of the trailer. I just did a theater shop last night and it seems they always only flash the title of the film for just a second or two. Sometimes it's difficult to... Continue Reading

Anyone looking for loading movie Kiosks jobs?

I was doing my daily search for the perfect part-time job to fit in with my other ones and I found this one. Unfortunately, this particular one is in neighborhood that I would have to bring a machine gun or two to feel safe in, so I have to pass... Continue Reading

Movie theatre audit

Good evening, I signed up to be an auditer on yesterday, does anyone have any pointers or feedback they would like to share. And since I signed up last night, what is the wait to hear a response from them? Thanks... Continue Reading

Movie Mystery shoppers needed for THIS weekend

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

CFA movie ad check - how long in each theater?

Delete... Continue Reading

Theater Auditing Company

despite what it says in a certain Mystery Shopping Magazine, another company, VeriTES does quite a bit of the theater auditing/checking in North America. We have also gone by TNS Media Intelligence and Theatrical Entertainment Services in the last 30 years. and we are our clients first choice for auditing... Continue Reading


now what do I do to get started... Continue Reading

My first theater assignment

I took everyone's advice and counted how many entered and subtracted how many left. It was stressful! The theater was packed. The room was very wide with not many aisles, so even though I sat in the back corner it was still difficult to count at times.... Continue Reading

Theater Check

I received a e-mail a few days ago saying that there is a Theater check in my area this weekend. However, when I open up the e-mail in Gmail it gave me the yellow box saying this message may not have been sent by The check is for this... Continue Reading

MF Theater checks

I am getting invites to do theater checks and blind checks etc. There is no way to see the guidelines before requesting assignment. Who can clue me in. I'm afraid to accept one for fear of it being an all day thing and long report for just... Continue Reading

What to do when bringing home bed bugs from a Market Force Theater check?

Is there anything I can use to spray on me? Deep Woods Off?... Continue Reading

Market Force movie theater open check

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

What is a theater check?

So what exactly is a theater check? I'm looking at a shop for going to a movie and part of the requirement is staying until the end so I can see how many theater checks are done. Can someone explain what I would be looking for exactly? ... Continue Reading

Counting movie-goers

How do you do it? Whether it is overt or covert, I can't imagine getting better than an estimate, what with people coming and going. I tried to count once after the show had started, but later when the lights came up, I realized I'd missed a lot of people... Continue Reading

Week-end Movie Shops! Georgia Mystery Shoppers near COLUMBUS and AMERICUS...

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Theater checks/evals - do you stay for the whole movie?

To date, I have only taken assignments where I am testing and rewarding certificates for concessions and getting free movies. Those are pretty fun. I just accepted two assignments for "trailer checks" where we will monitor trailers and look for "movie xyz" and once we see it, the assignment for... Continue Reading

Theater check question!

Hello I was wondering if you can do theater checks if you work at a theater? I cant find any information on this and don't want to get into trouble because of it. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Can I do trailer checks for 2 different companies at the same time?

Is it possible to do trailer checks for 2 different companies at the same time? I have an opportunity at the same theater, but will drop the one that pays less unless I can do both at the same time. Any advice?... Continue Reading

R-Rated movie shop confusion!

I have been seeing these on the board forever but am confused on this part; "If the 14-17 year old is allowed to purchase the R rated ticket without showing any ID...(No ID is to be shown at anytime) then the shopper will purchase the ticket and walk inside the... Continue Reading

trailer checking any other company not doing trailer checks today besides mine in hawaii or elsewhere...... Continue Reading

Trailer Checks

I have never done a Theater Trailer Check before. There are a couple of trailer checks for the same movie theater in my area and was wondering if it was possible for me to do both since they need to be conducted on the same day. The shop fee is... Continue Reading

Market force theater checks

Well, they finally approved me and there are jobs in my area. I have questions about that jobs tho and when I emailed them they said it will take 2 days to get back to Two theaters are owned by the same company and are 40 miles apart.... Continue Reading

MOVIE THEATER SHOPS: Anybody hear that a survey only company now does them??

Anybody know which survey only company now is doing movie theater evaluations please??? Many Thanks... Continue Reading

Movie Theater Installs

I'm a little ticked off so forgive me if it doesn't make sense. Last night my daughter and I went to finish putting together an istall for Crimson Peak. Yes finish, because they didn't send us all the pieces. So we spent 3 hours Thursday putting it together and another... Continue Reading

Seminole County Florida Movie or Restaurant Shops?

Greetings all. My name is Howie and I live in Lake Mary (Near Sanford and Orlando), Florida. I am looking for local movie or restaurant shops. I have over 10 years "shopping" experience and am meticulous in my observing and writing. We want to get back... Continue Reading

Malco Theater Shops

Does anyone know if a new MSC is conducting the Malco theater shops?... Continue Reading

Advertisement Checking At Theaters?

I just requested an advertisement check at a theater near me via Market Force. Are they easy to do? How do they typically work? What should I be prepared for IF they give me the job? Thanks for your help.... Continue Reading

Another Company Doing Theater Shops

Duplicate posting by mistake... Continue Reading

what are trailer checks?

A company ( youknowwho) contacted me about a trailer check next week. What is that? Would i actually be able to watch a movie?... Continue Reading

MF/Certified Theater Assignment

A few weeks ago I logged onto the CFA website and requested a theater job. I never heard anything and forgot all about it. This morning I received a voicemail from MF advising me that the job is due this weekend and that I needed to login to... Continue Reading

Movie Theater Shops Available in IA, MN, NE, WI

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Why I am quitting MF movies

As of now, I am so ticked that I will most likely quit Marketforce movies. I have completed several assignments for them and have been paid. The issue is how archaic and disorganized they are. I have had the same issues but my assignment yesterday just finished... Continue Reading

MOVIECHECKERS.COM: Feedback please

Saw this name mentioned in the thread about and have never heard of them and was leery about signing up with them. I am already happily working for Verites...... Continue Reading

Marketforce Theater Questions

I've only done two shops now for this side of Marketforce and I'm having trouble. Both reports, when I hit submit, it took me to a login screen. I never got a confirmation screen, although it does appear the report went through. Does this happen to anyone else? My second report, I... Continue Reading

Bad day at the movies

So I was doing a theatre evaluation and at the concession stand forgot to tell the young chap to keep the change (requirement for this shop) because he forgot to ask for my reward card and almost completed the transaction before I got to offer it. So he threw me... Continue Reading

Looking for theater shops?

New member does mystery shopping and has theater shops to schedule herself! I'm glad I've joined this forum. Very interesting members and topics! E-mail me your city and state and I'll either tell you about theater checks/audits in your area or I'll direct you to the scheduler/manager for your area.... Continue Reading - has anyone heard of this company?

I got an email asking me to sign-up with them. I have never heard of them. Anyone know anything about them? Thanks, Tammy... Continue Reading

Theater shop question

I've not taken any theater assignments yet and am a bit confused. The assignment is an on-screen ad check. You must check 3 separate auditoriums and must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to showtimes at each of the 3 screens being checks. What if it is a... Continue Reading

Not in the Guidelines or the movie. WHAT!!!!!!

I recently did a shop for a Valet service. I have done this shop many times. I always read the Guidelines and watch the movie. One of the questions on the report is; This question was not in any reports in the past. "When opening your vehicle door did... Continue Reading

Question about MF theater assignments

On 1/8/15 registered with MF for their theater assignments. When I search for jobs, more than half of them have a start date of 2014, even as early as 4/2014. Now I am guessing that this is because they have not been able to get anyone to complete the assignments... Continue Reading

CINEMARK THEATERS: Shopped again????

Are they being shopped again ??? Hope they buy Regal and not China again as occurred with the AMC buy out. Many Thanks... Continue Reading

AMUSEMENT ADVANTAGE: Shops at movie theaters??

Was wondering if they do any movie theater shops please.. Thanks Much... Continue Reading

Movie ticket stub vs movie ticket receipt

Hello all, I completed a movie theater shop and the guidelines say I need the movie ticket stub, the movie ticket receipt and the concession receipt. When I asked for the movie ticket receipt, the cashier told me my movie ticket stub was my receipt. I didn't argue,... Continue Reading

Who holds on to their movie receipts...Really?

I was watching Forensic Files and there was a guy who murdered his neighbor. He used the alibi that he was at the movies at the time and he had his RECEIPT to prove it! The police captain said, "We knew we were on to something here. After All, WHO keeps... Continue Reading

MarketForce Movie Threatre CFA assignments

Hello, Has anyone done these assignments? What are they like? Do you watch the same movies 5 times in one day? What are the report like? How does the pay work? Can you bring someone? A lot of questions! (I am interested) Thanks!... Continue Reading

New Summer Movies

Has anyone seen any good movies this summer? I can't wait for Jersey Boys to come out! I may have to throw in for the next round of Regal shops! I grew up listening to these guys! And - when I did a shop this morning at the Mall, I... Continue Reading

Movie Theater Audits, etc.

Can anyone elaborate on those? I have read the description for each type and I am not getting it. However, any personal experiences that you can share would be great. TIA... Continue Reading

THEATER CHECKS: Screenvision sold to National Cine Media

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

You want me to shop the theater for HOW much???

I was offered a shop with "generous" reimbursement for two tickets, which really doesn't mean squat. The tickets should be reimbursed, regardless. The fee is only $5, and they want names and descriptions of all employees I encounter, plus the manager. Not only that, they want me to perform a... Continue Reading

Theater Checking

My account for theater checking was restricted due to inactivity, and now that I am a stay at home mom, I am considering getting back into it. I never actually did one and I just want to get a little bit of feedback. My daughter is young, so I can... Continue Reading

Any tips for doing the movie theater patron count?

I'll be doing my first one tonight (yay!) and was wondering if anyone has an "easy" way of doing the count (I'm supposed to be accurate within five patrons). My previous movie theater shops haven't required patron counts (different MSC).... Continue Reading

WOMAN'S WORLD MAGAZINE: Theater checks are written up!!

Damn!!! The January 20th edition of Woman's World magazine mentions signing up for theater checks with both Marketforce and Verites!!! Hopefully this will not create any new shoppers in competition with me. The principal of Marketforce is quoted as saying they never have enough shoppers...will be glad when this... Continue Reading

Best movies

I just saw four loser movies that are up for Academy awards, and one that will win. Loved Meryl Streep/Julia Roberts in August - Osgow country ( know I spelled that wrong). Great heavy dark film for the brave, acting fabulous.... Continue Reading

Trailer Checks

Which companies offer trailer checks in Missouri?... Continue Reading

Permanent Rep for Trailer Checks are cancelled

Hi, Has anyone been cancelled as a Permanent Rep for Trailer Check at a certain location? I have been checking trailers for the past two years almost every Friday and all of a sudden effective January 2014 it has been cancelled. I was told after sending them... Continue Reading

When did mystery shopping begin? And a movie

This thought crossed my mind yesterday, and then during my 2 !/2 hour hospital session today, a movie called Holiday Affair came on. The heroine is a "comparison shopper" who shops rival stores and then returns her purchase. If she is outed, she gets fired. If the... Continue Reading

A FIVE STAR LIFE - Italian movie about hotel evaluator

Just came back from a screening of this Italian movie, (Viaggio Sola or Traveling Solo) soon to be released in the US as A Five Star Life. Story line features a typical "mystery guest"--a single middle-aged female, unattached with no children, flying around Europe shopping 5 star hotels. ... Continue Reading

Verites theater evaluation (sneak peak)

I am doing my first shop for Verites tonight. It is a sneak peak theater evaluation. The instructions seem to contradict themselves. It says I must get a count of total seats in the theater but do not ask the manager. I also need to give... Continue Reading


-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Movie Shops

Can anyone tell what company handles 'movie shops'? Specifically Cinemark or Carmike?... Continue Reading

Lobby theater check help

Hi guys, The other post about doing a movie shop reminded me that I have some questions about a shop I'm doing tonight. I have done other lobby checks where I only had to count things. This is the first one where I have to take photos with... Continue Reading

Theater Blind Check

I have a question for someone who may have done a theater blind check before, before I sign up for one. The instructions say a "closing ticket" is required to be purchased. What is a closing ticket?... Continue Reading

Which companies shop theaters and grocery stores?

Which companies shop theaters and grocery stores?... Continue Reading

Which companies do shops for theaters and Food Lion?

Hi I am in Jacksonville NC and am looking for companies for something other than Bojangles, oil change shops and cell phone. Can anyone tell me which companies do the secret shopping for Food Lion or theaters? Thanks... Continue Reading

movie theatres

Anyone know what companies shop movie theatres? AMC, iPic, Pacific?... Continue Reading

Anyone else building Standees at theaters?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Movie Standees

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Any Good Movies Out (Theatre, NetFlix, etc)

Does anyone have any good movie ideas? This is the first weekend in a while that I haven't mystery shopped, and I could use some fresh ideas. Looking for something worth spending money on without having that "sinking feeling" of remorse after concluding a show. Thoughts?... Continue Reading

What does Service Sleuth mean by “Theater Checks”?

Their movie theater jobs call for a lot of things. The only one that I don’t get is seeing how many theater checks are done. Also, can you actually pay attention to the movie with all the other things you have to watch?... Continue Reading

TRAILER CHECKS: None with TES this week????

Cannot reach my independent scheduler, and since two big movies open on Friday, it seems unusual to be withour trailer checks from TES. Anybody else get assigned trailer checks for tomorrow??? They usually assign checkers on Monday night, or Tuesday at the latest. Many Thanks... Continue Reading

Movie trailer checkers

I am looking for movie trailer checker jobs. Can anyone point me to a company that does them or give me any information??? Thank you!!... Continue Reading

Movie shops

Hey guys, I'm a newbie still and have some questions about the movie shops. What does it mean to do an audience reaction shop or a trailer shop? Are these worth it? Do they pay admission? Help! I tried to find this all on the company website, without luck.... Continue Reading

So I did my first theater "standee" this afternoon....

I did my first theater "standee" installation this afternoon after avoiding them for several years now. Now, I'm weighing the pros and cons and trying to decide if I want to do one again. Pros -I really enjoyed the challenge of putting it together. -The comments from theater guests, especially the kids,... Continue Reading

Q about MF Movies

Q about the ones where you have to patron count at every showing. Besides it being boring to have to stay all day, how DO you stay? Doesn't security notice you've been there all day? Surely you'd get kicked out for theater hopping.... Continue Reading

ATT: Trailer Checkers--Name this new trailer please!!!

I am totally stumped!! What is the name of this new black basketball movie starring Terence Howard please??? It has some racial overtones in it and it is either a high school or a college team. Looked in under Terence Howard and see nothing listed. "Just Black" flashes across... Continue Reading

Theater Check question

In instructions....... "You must select the most popular movie being shown at your theater." How the heck am I supposed to know that?? I don't have the assignment yet, I was going to request it, cuz I figured it was a free movie. But once I request it... Continue Reading

Movie trailers???

Does anyone do these for MF? What exactly is required?... Continue Reading

What are theater checks?

I'm toying with the idea of doing one but if I read it correctly, it looks like you have to be there for beginning of EVERY showing of a particular movie. It seems like a hassle to keep going back there. Am I understanding it correctly?... Continue Reading


I am going to the movies. My MS has paid off. I can treat myself to a movie. I am going to see SPARKLE. Whitney Houston looks so good in those previews. Too bad it was short lived. No pun intended.... Continue Reading

Movie Theater Checks/Shops

For some time now, I have wanted to add movie theater checks and shops to my mystery shopping schedule. To this point, I have not located any MSC that does this type of shop. I am currently shopping for ~20 MSC's. That being said, can anyone tell... Continue Reading

Are theater checks worth the time?

I did a couple of theater checks last year. The first was okay because I only had to do the first showing. The second wore me out because I had to be there all day for all shows. The pay was good, but I haven't done it... Continue Reading

Movie Theater jobs - trailer checks

Does anyone know any companies apart from Marketforce or TES who do trailer checks, open checks etc?... Continue Reading

Anyone know of any good companies that do Movie checks-i.e. Open Checks or Blind Checks?

I've done this type of job for years, but recently have been having problems findign companies that do this type of work. If you know of any companies that do Movie Checks, especially Open Checks, because I've done hundreds of those, please let me know. I also used to do... Continue Reading

CERTIFIED: College movie ad checks?????

I applied for one of these months back and was never contacted and the listing vanished. Other locations still appear....did they ever assign any of these shops which were ad checks at college and university film showings. They said you needed to be either a student or a friend of... Continue Reading

Trailer Check, Open Check and Screening...

OH MY! I was just contacted by a MSC offering trailer check, open check and screening jobs (I don't think they are mystery shops) but they don't explain what they are and you can't access the "rules" until you apply and get accepted for the job. I am guessing that... Continue Reading

Looking for Movie Assignments

I am trying to find movie assignments, whether it is an open check a covert check or a simple trailer check. If anybody could let me know about reliable, user-friendly MSPS that do these checks or other movie-related checks please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it!... Continue Reading

VIDEO SHOPS: Are movie theaters done????

Totally new to video shops and wondered if any movie theaters are video shopped possibly. If yes, which msc's do them please???? Hapyy Weekend to all.... Continue Reading

Trailer Checks

I've never done one of these and I have a question that hasn't yet been clarified by the MSC. The assignment is to watch the trailer for the first showing of a particular film on each screen. I pulled up the theatre showtimes - the first showing is... Continue Reading

Good companies to work for that do Movie Checks

As is obvious by our username we are predominantly Movie Checkers. Have been doing this for over a decade. We're looking for good companies to work for who need experienced Movie Checks. I'd prefer to do the Open Checks as they pay more. We're quite used to having to stay... Continue Reading

anyone heard of Movie Theatre Mystery Shop?

Ran across this one and it is not familiar to me. Anybody out there working for them?... Continue Reading

Question about trailer checks

Hi all! I have never done a trailer check and am wondering something. After you check the trailers, are you expected to leave or can you stay and watch the movie for free? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Does anyone know of a company called Mosaic that does Disney and buena vista trailer checks?

Doe anyone know of a company called Mosaic that does disney and buena vista trailer checks? I would like contact info is you have it .... Continue Reading

Movie Shops: A Closer Look, anybody done one yet???

Has naybody done one of A Closer Look's movie theater shops??? If so, how is the pay and work required please??? Thanks Much... Continue Reading

Trailer Checks

I'm new to mystery shopping and have only done one assignment (free pizza from Pizza Hut). I saw the description for the trailer check and signed myself up for it. However, I'm wondering if we would need to pay for a movie ticket to get in or will... Continue Reading

Trailer Checks

Okay, these look fun. Am I nuts? How involved are they?... Continue Reading

Going to be in a Movie!!! Yeah!!!

My husband and myself are going to be unpaid extras on the movie set Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt, Phillip Seymore Hoffman and Jonah Hill. It is filming at the Oakland Collesium next week and we have reservations to go. They are paying for our parking and providing snacks. We have... Continue Reading

Optimum Rewards Card: Still shopped at movie theaters??

Anybody know if they are still doing the Optimum Rewards card shop at that one movie theater chain in the NYC tri state area??? I stopped doing it because the ms company wouldn't pay without a fight, but it was a simple, quick shop and I wondered if another... Continue Reading

Apply for Movie & Restaurant assignment in LA!!

Hi all, This is Tammy I would like to aplly for movie and restaurant assignment!! Please contact me if anyone know it! Thanks, Tammy... Continue Reading

MOVIETICKETS.COM and FANDANGO: Shopped how often???

How often do and Fandango get shopped??? Curious after seeing shops posted this week for at the lousy rate of only $3.00 plus one reimbursed ticket.This was the very first time I have ever seen them and Fandango was posted once many months ago paying a much better rate... Continue Reading

I see I'm not alone here, I'm looking for forums that deal with Movie Checking....

I tried to google, it, but as is often the case, didn't have much luck. So, where would one find forums that deal strictly with Movie Theatre Evaluations, companies that perform those, and where to find jobs doing that? I need work soon, too, btw, not months down the road.... Continue Reading

Where to find forums on Movie checking, Theatre Evaluations?

Another member asked about this, so I thought I'd put it out there. We are mainly movie checkers and are looking for work. Have done some mystery shopping, but my main occupation and the one I've had the most experience with is movie checking... Open Checks, Blind checks, ads, etc.... Continue Reading

Normal pay for trailer checks?

I've just seen a trailer check open up in my area, 1 movie, 3 screenings, from what I can glean before actually assigning it to myself. I've searched the boards but I couldn't find where anyone has mentioned how much their trailer checks pay. Does anyone know what's normal for... Continue Reading

Trailer Checks; Movies;

Which other companies do movies, trailers checks, and set up displays other than Certified (Market Force)?... Continue Reading

Which companies do movies, other than CFA

I wanted to know if any other company does movies, trailer checks, and sets displays other than Ceritified (Market Force)?... Continue Reading

movie shops HELP

can anyone tell me if they have ever went to a movie to count the trailers. They want to know the movie trailer names how do you know what the names of them are. I have the shop tomorrow and can't get a hold of any body at the company thanks... Continue Reading

RAVE THEATER CHAIN: Is it shopped???

Curious to know who shops them since they are buying 35 National Amusements theaters including some in NJ and CT, but none in NY according to I tried emailing Rave, but they never responded when asked about internal or external mystery shopping. Many Thanks... Continue Reading


Yes me again with questions lol I recently signed up with a company that has jobs for "trailer checks" from what I read these are movies at the theater. But I am not quiet understanding what it is I am to do there? I can not see full details unless I... Continue Reading


Julie and Julia was so funny. Light. But very funny. I loved it. GO! And if you are a total foodie type, like we are, eat first. It is so food focused I left there dying for a good meal. :-)... Continue Reading

CORI Movie Theater Bonus- Funny!

I just recevied one of the many "Comission Increases in Your Area" emails, and movie theater is bonused .32˘ Don't all jump at once now.... Continue Reading

Theater Checks- how to questions??

If anyone can give me a little insight into theater checks ASAP, I would so appreciate it! I have my first check this weekend and was curious since I cant seem to find this info on any of my assignment info. Do I need to pay to get in? This is... Continue Reading


Since Hanover supposedly took over a few major theatre clients that once belonged to Certified and started doing trailer checks, I'm interested in others' experiences working for Hanover so far. Please indicate things such as how quickly you were paid, how did their reps treat you, and what was... Continue Reading

What companies besides Corporate Research in NY and TES do movie Checks?

I'm badly needing some work and I've done hundreds of Movie Checks. I do NOT prefer the trailers, bad pay.. too much driving.. too much paperwork. The open checks and IF i'm desperate, the Blind Checks are okay, as long as they pay well. If you are a scheduler, you... Continue Reading

Movie Mob - Getting Paid To Go To The Movies??

I was doing a quick search on myspace jobs since they sometimes post independent contractor positions and came across another site that claims they pay you to simply go to the movies and send in your stubs to them via mail. Here's the link: I already signed... Continue Reading


I was just wondering if anyone does work on a regular basis for TNS Rapid Movie Checks? I have been a member with them for over a year now and never heard a thing. Recently, I managed to get them on the phone and found out who the... Continue Reading


Any hints please on who shops Cinemark Theaters??? Thanks Much.... Continue Reading


I really enjoyed conducting trailer checks and patron counts for certified reports before they deactivated my account for no reason. I was just wondering if anyone can recommend additional mystery shopping companies that also conduct movie theater audits, patron counts, pirate checks, or trailer checks? The only other... Continue Reading

Has anyone done Trailer Checks?????

I'd like some feedback on Trailer checks for movie theaters. Has anyone conducted these before. I was offered "First showtime checks" and "Audience reaction checks" all in the same location. I've never done this before. I think the trailers usually run about 10-15 minutes and I have four different movies... Continue Reading

Movie Tickets

I have been doing shops for a few months now and really enjoying it. How do I find the companies that do movie theaters?... Continue Reading

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