What is up with Oops?

This has been a weird week my computer has been losing my scans or I just don't know how to retrieve them and when I try turn in my report w/o uploads, OOPS!
It says you can fax in but OOPS! I cannot close out the shop if OOPS is always there. Perhaps some veteran shoppers know this trick because I don't know if I lost money or not, OOPS!

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Blasted things, those oopses.

Depending on your set up, before or after a scan, you designate a location where you want the receipt, business card, or whatever, saved. 'C:\Documents'. Also, you select which format is required, pdf, jpg, etc. I name my scans for ease in finding them. '9-25-10 Joe's Diner' If you do lots of shops, you may want to have folders for each MSP and file the proof that way. 'C:\Documents\NameyourMSP'.

Then, when you're in the report, you can 'browse' to the location, select the receipt, and upload it.

If you continue to get Oops and can't submit, there's a link for technical support. Also, there's a link to contact the scheduler so you can let the MSP know what's going on.
If you fax your receipts, you can finish the report without submitting it and the reviewer/editor will do the upload from the fax and finish the submission for you. Make sure you tell the scheduler that is what you are doing and follow up to see that they did, so they don't slap you with a "you did not submit your shop".
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