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**NEW GAME** FAMOUS PERSON Name Game ... Real or Fiction   (Pages: 1 ... 375 376 377) 11,281 guysmom
Word Association Game AGAIN!   (Pages: 1 ... 316 317 318) 9,519 JacobJ
So Much Racism. It Gets Me Down Sometimes. 12 KingDouglasTheGreat
Receipt Scanning Rebate Apps 9 wrosie
Facebook/Meta Viewpoints App paid surveys and tasks. 15-20min=$5 amazon credits No Replies 1 cooldude581
Side Hustles   (Pages: 1 2 3) 64 awesomecool3
What are you doing today? (besides shopping)   (Pages: 1 ... 435 436 437) 13,107 CoffeeQueen
T Mobile over 55 5 tstewart3
What are you having for dinner? AGAIN!   (Pages: 1 ... 111 112 113) 3,362 walesmaven
"HFA,HMA, AMA" does the firsts letter represent race? 5 xynz
Imagine if all jobs were filled like mystery shops... 11 maverick1
Horchata, Punctuation, and Priesthood (National Day) No Replies 1 Shop-et-al
How Much of the Ride Sharing Fee Does the Driver Earn? 15 wrosie
Wal-mart cashier refused to bag my stuff- Your Thoughts   (Pages: 1 2) 34 Isaiah4031a
Aug. 09 is National Book Lovers' Day! 3 Shop-et-al
Covid spiking up now in Calif   (Pages: 1 2) 49 Tonytj
Leprosy in Florida, in 2023 3 Shop-et-al
How do you respond to items in the news? (I wailed. Wait. What? Again, I must ask. What the unprintable are they teaching?!) 4 Shop-et-al
$6 Midnight Shops This topic has been moved.
July 23: vanilla ice cream, parents, and gorgeous grandmas 4 Shop-et-al
Hot Dogs, and Lollipops, and Daiquiris, oh my! 5 Shop-et-al
Review your receipts and charges some places have phantom pricing and overcharging in general 6 heywave
July 14. It's all about the Pandemonium. 4 Shop-et-al
June16: Personal Chefs,Corn Fritters, Ice Cream,and Fudge (and other auspicious occasions) 2 Shop-et-al
Kia Shop Help This topic has been moved.
July9: Sugar Cookies and Fashion 7 Shop-et-al
July 5 is Work Without Your Hands Day 2 Shop-et-al
Canada Day! (July 01) 3 Shop-et-al
June 11: Corn on the cob and German Chocolate Cake! !!!!! 8 Shop-et-al
"New Math"? 17 ceasesmith