hello. new shopper

Hello everyone.. Im obviously new. I am out of ky. I have completed sixphoneshops so far thru a single Co.i have done this line of work when i was a teenager and really enjoyed it. So i decided to do it now as an adult. I just have one question... How do i know when my report has been reviewed by my scheduler?

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Welcome to the Board! They will usually send you an email with you grade or a request to answer further questions.

Shopping Bama and parts of Georgia.
I'm still learning 24/7.
But don't worry if you hear nothing. With many companies - like Market Force, Dymanic Advantage, Feedback Plus, RSG - no news is good news. If they are happy with your report and have no questions, you won't hear from them........you will just get paid......
Awsome.. guess since I have not heard from anyone yet is good .so if my report says "complete" means I completed but its not been reviewed right ? Also sorry I have one other queation. If a shop has a message with it and the message contains "same mega location as......" does that mean I can not do that shop cause I done one and several I clicked on says that and I recieved a return call from a director and was someone I talked to couple days ago.. of course I contacted my scheduler and we straightened it out. But im still confused about that message what it means.
Never mind I got the answer by waiting. My first seven shops all were received and graded. Im very pleased ! smiling smiley
Excellent news!

In the future, diamondstud, if you post your questions in the Mystery Shopping Discussion section of the forum, [www.mysteryshopforum.com], chances are you will receive answers and/or discussion much faster. This section of the forum, Member Introductions, is primarily for introducing yourself.
Mystery shopping is still exciting for me. I understand how you feel! Welcome to the forum.

The best place to start is reading the forum. We're all shoppers here, with an occasional visit from a scheduler, editor or owner. And, we enjoy shop talksmiling smiley Have you signed up with many mystery shopping companies yet?
Erick, at the bottom of this page, in blue, is a link to Official Mystery Shopping Companies. There are tons of companies. I suggest starting with a few MSCs who have nationwide shops. MarketForce, Bare International, Maritz, and Corporate Research are good starters. Click on the official list, and find these companies. Each of the companies has a link to their site. It is necessary to register with them on their site. After clicking on their name, you will go to their site, and then follow instructions for signing up.

The trick, for all of us, is to find out which mystery shopping companies have shops where we live, that we are interested in doing. The only way to find out is to sign up with as many MSCs as possible. Most will then email you when they have something available in your neck of the woods.

Some mystery shopping companies will approve your sign-up immediately; others take some time, and then email you when your application has been accepted. After registering and being accepted, mystery shopping companies have a job board. We have to search the job boards for shops near us.

One helpful way of finding out which mystery shopping companies have shops where you live is JobSlinger. [www.jobslinger.com] You can use them to search your area, and then see which mystery shopping companies offer shops near you. You would then sign up with those mystery shopping companies. JobSlinger has a free service, and a service for a fee. I see no benefit, especially starting out, for any shopping to pay one cent to become a shopper. It is not necessary.

Takes some time, wherewithal, and determination to get started. Get your feet wet by starting with a few companies, and then a few shops. Read the forum, and ask questions. See if mystery shopping is for you.
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