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I haven't seen them in a few years. One company that did them in the past is out of business I believe. Most recent shops seen were shops where the client was a soda company rather than BK.
I just got a notice about new BK shops today in CA.

Same MSC that handles Denny's if that helps....
I would be interested in finding this info also, I am signed up for 60 or so MSC's already looks like I will have to keep going
I did some revealed shops for them in the fall. It was on behalf of the soda company too now that I think about it. It is the only shops I have done for the company so I am not sure what other businesses the MSC shops.
I just saw Carl's Jr., they are better than Burger King.

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I'm really new at shopping and this strand of post just confused the nuts out of me. How can I figure out who the "soda company" is?
Knowing which soda company was doing the shops is irrelevant. The point is that the company checking the advertising at BK was working on behalf of the soda company that provides the cups and posters etc for a particular promotion. It is not a regular shop that is performed weekly or monthly etc. If you are signed up with the MSP you will get notice of the shop when there is one in your area and if I recall correctly it has changed MSPs for various promotions so even if I remembered who did it last time it is unlikely they would do it next time.

Shops where the client is someone other than the location visited are not terribly uncommon. I do shops at Walmart that are not Walmart as the client, I have done shops at Target where Target is not the client. I recently did one at Bed Bath & Beyond where BBB was not the client. What is happening is that one of the providers to the location wants things checked--is the product placed where it is supposed to be? is there a demo person engaging customers of the store about the product? are the cell phone associates pushing the 'correct' product of the three that are represented in the rental space in the store? are the correct promotional packages being used? etc.

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I did BK shops once but it wasn't worth it. We had to take pictures of the location and the Drive Thru Menu Boards and the outside of the location. We were required to make a purchase. Nothing on the menu is under $1.00 after taxes but we only got riembursed for $1.00. And we had to write the price for every single item on the menu boards from both inside and the DT menu boards. The shop took me hours, the pay was only $5.00.
I did a couple of revealed audits at BK last week. The manager told me they had gone from a mystery shopping program to the surveys on receipts. The revealed audit was in a test market for a new product, not at all stores. It only involved taking 5 pictures to assure the new signage was up and making sure none of the older, larger burger product was in the store anymore. So while I was shopping Burger King, it wasn't anything to do with customer service or mystery shops proper

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I also completed some of these shops last week, but I was able to get a nice bonus on these rural shops, I don't know if I can give the shopper company name, but contact me direct and i'll tell you who it is....

I was too busy to travel far so I didn't go do the rural stores this time. Plus, I was fighting the weather reports so was afraid to set up routees out of the area close to home. I went out the next day to LaGrange KY to do the post office there and got all the way back home before the scheduler posted the La Grange Burger King. sad smiley . lol They were super easy. That one would have paid for my gas and gotten me a snack. lol

Today I Will Choose Joy!

"Finally, whatever things are good, true, noble, lovely, of good report...if there be any virtue, if there be any praise...think on these things." ....It's a command, not a suggestion!
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