$30 Preschool shops in Fargo ND and Harrisburg PA

Preschool Mystery Shopping Assignments Available
***NEW – shops open to MEN and WOMEN***

We are scheduling mystery shops to visit a Premier Preschool. You can do more than one. NOTE: You do not have to have a child with you to do this shop.

Shop pay: See below

TIMEFRAME: SHOP Now through March 16th
(weekdays only) Please apply!

LOCATIONS: NOTE: You do not have to have a child with you to do this shop. Male or female shoppers can apply!

$30 = $18 plus $4 postage plus $8 bonus for those below

Fargo ND 58104
Harrisburg PA 17110

READ THIS!!! Requirements: The shop requires a male or female from 21 – 49 (youthful appearance) years of age. You need to present yourself as a MOTHER or FATHER of a 3 year old. However, you do not need to have a child with you to do this shop. You (NOTE: for this round I am allowing this) cannot portray that you are a grandmother or grandfather. There is an online report with comment sections.


#1 - You can apply by logging into your profile with Market Viewpoint through this link: [www.mystshopsol.com] OR go to www.marketviewpoint.com and go to shopper login. Fill out your information after clicking on the link for the MSS database. Once you have done this, go to #2:

#2 If interested, please do not hit reply. Send an email to Janet@marketviewpoint.com with the LOCATION you are applying for in the subject line. I need the following information even if you are a registered shopper with us:
City, State and zip:
Phone #:
Dates I can shop during this timeframe:
Short paragraph about why you are the best shopper for this assignment:
We prefer shoppers who have PAYPAL. If you don’t have Paypal, please let me know. Please follow these directions carefully to be considered for a shop.

DO NOT APPLY through the database that you saw this posting on. Follow the directions in the previous paragraphs to be considered.

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