open office/linux on a net book?

anyone have any experience with this? saw an ad for a net book for 129$ that i was thinking of getting but it was a pain with out word and using open source software of course would solve the problem...

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On some of the netbooks I understand it works great but you do need to make sure you have a way of installing it. My gentleman friend's netbook would not let him into the start up to redefine the boot sequence. So he was sitting there with linux on an SD card but no way to get the machine to boot from there. There was not enough memory on the thing to load the standard OS and then do the linux thing.

You can, however, use Open Office without using linux.
I downloaded Open Office onto my Asus netnook and it runs with no problems. Don't know about using linux. Maybe you could PM Techsavy for more details. She seems to have a ton of experience with such stuff. I know that she is on a long route this week, so it may take some time for her to get back to you.

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Of course the big draws of linux are 1) it is open source so if you know what you are doing you can tweak the kernels for your needs, 2) it is a much sleeker operating system than either the Microsoft or Apple operating systems so takes less memory and less hard drive space, 3) it is free and the users tend to be geeks so thus far it has been pretty exempt from hackers and malware writers, who want to cause maximum chaos.

I have two geek sons. One is a confirmed linux user; one is a confirmed Apple user and both agree I need to stay with Microsoft.
Open Office runs on Linux and Windows...winking smiley

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