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Does anyone know anything about Business Solution Survey Shopping Research, Inc. I received an application thru career builder from them, but do not know their reputation.

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It didn't take too long to find out more using Google. It included the "job" posting from Career Builder. I will include a link to the whole thing. Meanwhile here are the two statements which guarantee this is nothing more than a scam.

"We would provide funding to enable you account as any regular customer and experience the quality of service rendered at such a location."

"You would be paid $200.00 for every onsite-customer survey you complete."

No company in their right mind would ever pay someone prior to them performing a service. That is just crazy stupid. If mystery regularly paid as much as $200 an hour or more, everyone would be doing it. Good grief, there are people with advanced degrees that don't make anywhere near that much.


Wine! Because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad.
My thoughts as well. I thought this is in the "sounds to good to be true" category. Thanks for the link. I will check it out. I did MS many years ago (just out of college), but though a national temp service. So doing it independently is new for me.
Check out the section titled New Mystery Shoppers. There is a ton of good information about starting and growing your mystery shopping business if you are inclined to try it again. There is also a list of reputable companies at the bottom of every page and next to their names is a link to view discussions about them so you can get an idea of how other shoppers feel about their assignments and payment terms.

Wine! Because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad.
Wonderful company, been with them for 14 mos now. I started as a extra job but was making 6 surveys a week and making few hundred more a week than my job as para-legal. Able to take time off when needed or request more survey's per week when needed. I have made a few times almost 3K a week by requesting extra surveys. They advance the money so you can perform the duties without using your own cash and I keep whatever service, product I received. It is all High End products/services, no jack in the box surveys. I receive my compensation at the same time. If someone does not complete the survey in the allotted time frame, they call you. If it will not be done it is simply be charge backed from your direct deposit or deducted from the next payment due of the prepaid per deim and compensation.
This has to be a first. Never before has someone come here and made the outrageous claim they are actually working with one of the scam companies. If you think we are all that stupid, you are the epitome of a moron.

Wine! Because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad.
Happy to do it. The thought of someone actually pretending they are working for a mystery shopping company and with as few as 6 assignments a week are making more than the average paralegal and being allowed to keep fully reimbursed expensive merchandise is beyond absurd.

Wine! Because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad.
So in addition to the quote, reply & report buttons can we now have a "liar" button?

Maybe it was their idea of sarcasm? That is the only way I can think of that someone would post something like that.

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Look at the wording of the post. Rather than sarcasm, it is reminiscent of scam emails.

Wine! Because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad.
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