Ugh, I think Arbys switched companies.

I just got an email about an Arbys shop, but not the company that did them up until last month.

I hadn't shopped Arbys yet (just never could get in that area on the days it could be shopped), but I really prefer the company that used to have those shops and I REALLY dislike the company that sent the email for it now.

And the previous company also lost another business I used to shop for them all the time, it was actually my favorite shop I did for that MS company. I always see tons of praise for that MS company, I wonder why so many businesses are leaving them.

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Generally clients change when either they are unhappy with the product or another company underbids them for the work. There are several shops that I will no longer do because they were yanked from a company that is fair and responsive to shoppers and reliable in pay and that went with another company that does not fit those characteristics in my experience.
That is unfortunate as I really feel the first company treated shoppers much better than the new company.
But there is a tendency for one MSP to undercut the other to try to snag the business and I suspect that is what has happened. Somehow in the process the shopper gets the short end of the stick. And frankly I have NEVER seen a client move to a 'better' MSP in terms of how they with shoppers. I suspect that that in itself says a lot about the ethics of this business.
I used to do several Arby's each month. They were done by the same company that does Cinnabon. But then they all went away. Every once in while that company will still have a job for an Arby's out in the Farthest corner of Siberia or someplace, so I know they still have a partial contract, but they never post the good ones.

I just figured it was the hand of fate telling me to cut back on my curly fries.
False alarm. Just a couple Arbys are with the new company. The other Arbys were just listed on the first site.
Shopping time. Watch for new MSC in the future.

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