EMPS (The BAD Apartment Company )

I had so many bad problems with this company. They expect us to be miracle workers. I tried for over a year to work for them accepting apartments, but seems like each one had it's own set of problems. The last apartment I had been assigned to they cut my membership in the middle of finishing it. I had cussed while on the phone. They expect you to get a certain person to evaluate which can be trying almost every time unless you get lucky and the answer the phone the first time. There were several times when the person was to be there when I arrived and they were not. The first shop where this happened, I didn't know what to do.. the guy I had talked with said he would be at lunch and the contact person was the only other employee so I drove a bit of a way to get there in time. He was there, and I couldn't just ask for the other person as that would give me away so I had him show me the apt. and did not get paid. lesson learned.. I had two signed up for December, 2016, the first one only made appointments, but they did not state that if they only make appointments then w are to call EMPS right away (they do not want us to set up appointments). I had spoken to another person when I called the apt and they assured me the contact person would be there. I drove 45 minutes each way and had assigned another store to do in the same time for another company. I got there and the woman was on the phone as she was not there, she told her she could not show me the apt for several hours I called EMPS and was furious when they told me I should have called them before driving all that way, and that is when I lost my temper. I told them that they should state that in their rules. I went ahead and did the apartment and waited that day since I had driven so far. This is when I got the email telling me that I was deleted off their company and that I would get paid for both shops. So we will see. I always hesitated to so shops for them as I knew sit would be stressful. They have no compassion for this stress and that is what is so infuriating to me. Their evaluations are so very long and repetetive which would turn away shoppers also. A friend of mine who I referred has constant problems also. They won't pay her for a shop which they gave her the wrong address for, and this was not her fault. That is not the shoppers job to spend time finding out what the addresses are. They were un- sympathetic to her also. There are far too many other shopping companies than to deal with this company. I shop for many of them and never have any problems.

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You cursed while you were on a recorded call with your target, and you wonder why they deleted you? Seriously?

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OP, the company is "EPMS." All apartment shops require attention to detail and the ability to write narrative. EPMS falls into the middle ground in this regard, meaning there are MSCs that require less narrative and others that require much, much more narrative than EPMS. Targeted shops are problematic with all MSCs, not just EPMS. Many shoppers won't accept targeted shops for that reason.

It is the shopper's job to verify the address, hours and phone number of the apartment community. You should do that either on the web or while you are on the phone with the target. If you can't find the apartment complex, that's on you.

It's never okay to be unprofessional in front of a client. Losing your temper or allowing your frustration to build to the point of cursing an employee is a sure way to be deactivated. Not only is that behavior unprofessional, it's also memorable--a violation of the basic rule of MSing to blend into the crowd.

If you decide to continue MSing, you would do well to consider other types of shops--ones that don't require narrative or targets. Learn how to keep your composure. Build up your detail and writing skills. FF and wireless/cell phone shops (done in person, in a store, not over the phone) are a great way to earn while learning.

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@SHeath wrote:

I had cussed while on the phone.

I don't do targeted shops. It's my choice. You have a choice, too. Don't take shops that you believe are too difficult.

Just for this reason alone "I had cussed while on the phone." I would have deactivated you.
Yes, I don't know how you expected to garner any sympathy in the forum by admitting you cussed on the phone and conducted yourself in an unprofessional manner. It's not clear to me who you cussed, I am thinking it was someone at EPMS, but at this point it really doesn't matter.
I should have re-phrased that....I was actually frustrated and talking to myself and said "pick up the damn phone" while I was on hold with EMPS..... The EMPS person on the other end must have been able to hear me as she got back on and said "are you talking to me"? I apologized for my fit of anger. I am only human. I did not cuss at anyone in an apartment complex or their employees... I would never do that. Again, I will point out the frustrating thing about working for this company is they expect miracles. A very large percentage of shops are targeted which can be almost impossible at times. A shopper may be in need of money and except these targeted shops with the stress that goes with it not knowing how much time they will have to spend or if the contact person will even be there. AGAIN...they ask us not to set up an appointment and some apartment places only do appointments..AGAIN..they need to let the shoppers know to call EMPS when this happens. You can be assigned a shop and spend most of the day trying to get a hold of the contact person. I travel for my shops so I try to plan other shops in the areas so that it will be profitable. If you have a contact person who is taking your time from these other shops that is very stressful also.The shoppers do not have control over this situation and how in the world are you supposed to target someone who is not there or says they will be there and then are not. Yes EMPS evaluations are one of the most lengthy and repetetive forms I have seen with apartments. One other thing.... no it is NOT the responsibility of the shopper to make sure the address is correct or whether a business is open. We are to sign up for the shop and do the job, this is what I am saying they ask so much of the shoppers. The companies get paid by the owners of the companies for the shoppers, they should know and keep track of whether a company is in business or not. I have done a shop for another company who sent me there and they were closed down. They paid me any way, as this was not my fault. This is their responsibility and I will always work for a company who understands what the shoppers go through. I will let anyone know who this company is They rate very high with me.
@SHeath wrote:

One other thing.... no it is NOT the responsibility of the shopper to make sure the address is correct or whether a business is open.

Do you mean EPMS? When I saw your subject line, I assumed it was a typo and you meant EPMS. But both your posts repeatedly use "EMPS."
I will also add that when you arrive at the specified address and it is not correct and you are sitting in your car calling EMPS, which is very rare that they will pick up the phone, Then you have to go back home unless by rarity you can Google which takes up data on your phone and taking YOUR time finding out where the apartments are., and can finish the shop... IF the appropriate contact person decides to leave or is with another potential tenant then your sunk.... Also quite possibly the apartment isn't even in your area, and what a wasted amount of time for the shopper, and possibly you WONT get paid....This has happened to others i know also. I guess I got lucky that day and they decided maybe it was important to pick up the phone.
@roflwofl wrote:

@SHeath wrote:

One other thing.... no it is NOT the responsibility of the shopper to make sure the address is correct or whether a business is open.

Do you mean EPMS? When I saw your subject line, I assumed it was a typo and you meant EPMS. But both your posts repeatedly use "EMPS."
@roflwofl, the OP continues to write "EMPS" even after another forum member (ChrisCooper) corrected him.

@SHeath, I have no sympathy for your whatsoever. You don't seem to understand the basics of mystery shopping or how to write using paragraphs. I would have deactivated you just for consistently calling the MSC by the wrong name. It shows that you do not pay attention to details and you ignore constructive criticism.

I would like to thank the OP though. With sloppy shoppers like this, it leaves more work for the reliable and professional shoppers. smiling smiley

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Essentially, EPMS paid you to stop shopping for them. That's not a good start. Everything you are complaining about is typical for targeted apartment shops. It's frustrating, but that's what you agreed to when you accepted the shop. Blaming the MSC didn't work with EPMS, and it won't work with any other company.

If your goal is earn money MSing, then you really need to look at other types of shops that don't have so many components and don't require narrative, such as retail and fast food.
It most certainly is the shopper's responsibility to confirm the location and the hours f the apartment complex and the leasing office.

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EPMS does not readily answer the phone anymore. That's unfortunate for shoppers in the field, with an urgent matter. However, their shop contracts and specifications guide the shopper what to do in the event of not reaching the target, no one answering the phone, showing up onsite and the target hands you off to another agent, how long to wait for assistance after a specified amount of time, what to do if the agent states they have no units to show and no availability . . .

Using EPMS' contact link with a question may not result in a timely response. No matter. When they do reply, they will work with shoppers to extend the due date to a mutually acceptable date.
I have performed many shops for EPMS, and except for a few issues, have never had a problem. I read the instructions carefully, make cliff notes, and prepare for the unexpected. I follow the scenario and conduct myself as a professional at all times. Targeted shops are not easy but there are instructions for hard to reach targets. Let the scheduler know if there are issues. Perhaps other types of shops are more suitable for you. Un-professional conduct is Un-acceptable with all MSC's and that includes inappropriate language.
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