Someone asked about Pinkerton. I have worked for them since October. They pay very quickly and the jobs are easy. They send you very specific instructions of what needs to be done. Dependability is the key.

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I did a job for them this weekend, I butchered the paperwork, but I got everything else right. It was my first job with them. Now I understand what they are looking for.
Can anyone tell me how do i go about inputting my birthday in the birthday field box. When I go to fill out the application and click on the box to input my birthday nothing happen so that makes me unable to sign up for this company.
I had the same problem and emailed them about it. I had tried with two different browsers and it just didn't work. They got back to me in a day or so and suddenly the form worked fine. They 'couldn't understand why there was a problem.'
I have applied online to Pinkerton, and mailed in the Sub-Contractor Agreement at least three weeks ago, but have heard nothing. I thought they would email me when the final approval has been granted. I sent an email a few days ago to ask about my status, but have not had a reply so far. I can login, but when I click on the companies that are shown as having jobs, another screen pops up, and that's where it ends. None of the links open other windows, so I am taking that to mean that I am still not fully activated. How long did it take before you were fully accepted? Am I doing something wrong on the website? Any help would be appreciated.
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Pinkerton just emailed me and asked me to register with them. They will have jobs in CA soon. They said they got my name from MSPA as I am certified. I signed and and am waiting to hear from them. They look fine, time will tell. I think they might just email you when they have jobs available in your area.
I really enjoy thier jobs, ya meet the nicest people and they are really simple, basically they are looking for timely people.
60$ for 4 hours, each job is 8 - 12 hours, all done on seperate days. like 2 weekeds following each other. Only thing they pay on time, but the last job I did for them my scheduler didn't get the faxed reported hours paper and I never got paid so I emailed the payment dept and Jillian, very nice had a check to me in less than a week. Those big checks are nice. You will enjoy working with themsmiling smiley
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Thanks Kristee for the info. I remember now they said 4 hours at $15.00 per hour. That's good. My daughter's name is Jillian, you don't hear that too often.
I'm doing a bunch of small jobs near where I live tomorrow. Next Tues. I leave for my trip to Vegas, so, better get in some jobs this week. Happy shopping!
Pinkerton its Although they aren't shops really. It babysitting a house that is up for auction, while people (investors mostly) look over the house.
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I thought we were not supposed to give names and jobs....Kristee, you are violating the ICA agreegement, better watch out. Sneakers, you'd be better off to ask on her personal inbox. Wouldn't want to lose you too.
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Sneakers, get real, you can't take jobs from me, we are in different states... she mentioned the houseing industry, and per the Gold CD, that already is a breach of promise. I don't care, if you wrote to me personally, I'd probably give it to you, on forums, you can get busted You never know who reads this posts.

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I meant what's involved in babysitting the house: you sit there and make sure no one takes anything?

We have a lot of misunderstandings here. Excuse me, but this is the first time I've seen that you can't DESCRIBE a job related to an MSP, where no client was mentioned. THE HOUSING INDUSTRY is not the name of a client. As far as I know, Kristee did nothing wrong.

Maybe Jacob wants to tell us if Kristee and I did something wrong that we're unaware of.
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You don't babysit the house, you work behind the scenes at foreclosure's with the auctioneer, paperwork, etc. I was in the housing business when married. We owned and built small tracks homes. I would think they would need people understanding the business, but, I could and probably am wrong (on this forum).
I've been through several lives already, like you, s4u. I'm a Renaissance woman, and I can learn anything. If Pinkerton doesn't feel I'm qualified, they'll tell me themselves.
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Do it...I think you mostly show the properties (foreclosures). It is an interesting site, different from the norm. I'm still waiting to hear back from them.
WOW I went to work one day and I have 14 JanJacobs on my email! Yall missed me........LOL Pinkerton isn't a mystery shopping job, there aren't any secrets. Techinally we are concidered "security" and since I have cleared that up, Sneakers you will be accepted, they will call when they have homes in your area. And it doesn't take rocket science to talk casually, unlock they drop box, and flip breakers!!!!!!!! Once you register you can go to the site and request any homes you want. If they have a red flag they are already taken. A monkey could do this, but they like ones without attitude. smiling smiley
You're very funny! I've seen a lot of monkeys with attitude, bonobos and chimps in particular.
I have demoed, cars, grocery stores, retail stores and Pinkerton by far is the simplelist and most laid back company. I am very anal-retentive person when it comes to paperwork, while I was doing my first job with them second day there, I was chasing around the prospective buyers and getting then to write down thier names and address. One of the auctioneer's came and asked what I was doing. I told him and he said why, I said it says to do this in the paperwork. He assured me that it wasn't necessary, I was simply hired to unlock, flip breakers and lock back. e said once we leave take about thirty minutes to lock up, let the folks enjoy thier house as long as they need. Then go home. So tats what I did, when my contact called that evening to get my information, he asked what shape the property was in and if I locked it up when I left. I asked if he wanted me to fax the names and address's of the people who came to potentially buy the house he said nope. He said all we need is what you have given us. Drug dealers don't make money this easy........LOL
Does anyone have any contact information for this company? I seemed to have lost both my user name and password to log into their website. They require your user name instead of your e-mail address to retrieve your information, so that doesn't really help if I don't have my user name either. I tried calling their main phone number listed on their website and can never get through to a live person. I also attempted to e-mail the only e-mail contact listed on their website twice and they have not responded to it yet. IF anyone knows of a friendly Pinkerton staff member's e-mail or phone number extension so I can retrieve my information, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

Anthony Magistro was very helpful once. Phone 732-842-1518 ext 16, Fax 732-842-1927 Don't have email.

Pink's not generally very helpful. Too bad, because their house-sittings are so easy.
There is a "Forgot Password" help on their sign in page. Your information would have been sent to with your welcome email. Do a search of your email for "Pinkerton" and probably the earliest one will have it.
Flash, in order to retrieve your password, you need to at least know your user name. They don't have the option to just give them your e-mail address and have your password e-mailed to you or else I would've done that. Thanks anyway........I did end up calling them and they reluctantly (and with an attitude) gave me my user name. I haven't tried it yet to see if it actually goes through. I've never done an assignment for this company yet, but their "open house" assignments seem pretty easy as long as the weather is nice.
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