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I searched the forum and found nothing, so I thought I would post it here. Sensors Quality Management has quizes to do, just like other companies. I have passed 8 other companies tests without any problems. I studied SQM's materials, did the 1st test no problem, I did the second test, got 2 wrong, I went back, went over every question, found the correct answers, re did the test, and still got 2 wrong. They don't tell you which ones were wrong, and won't give you any help or reasoning for the wrong answers. I printed out the test, and went through the materials, my answers are right. You can only take the test 2 times every 24 hours. Does anyone have any insight to the second test? If I can't figure this out, I will just give up with this company. As it is I am in such great demand with the companies I am already working with, I just thought it would be nice to have a selection of shops to choose from instead of the same companies over and over. Any ideas would be appreciated especially if you had trouble with these tests and were able to pass in the end. I want to know if it's just hopeless or if there is a trick??? Thanks for any help.

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You will note right below your post is a link to other discussions about SQM. I have never taken their steps because they don't have clients in my area.
Well at least you got passed the first one. Both my friend and I are driving ourselves crazy trying to get the first one. So far we have got 24/25 questions right but no way can we figure out which one we're missing. It seems fairly straight forward but we just can't get it right. Congrats on getting the first STEP as they call them. I think they have ten or twelve that you have to do. God help me!
After the 3rd one they get easier. I'm on 7 now! 4-7 were easy, for me anyway, I can't speak for everyoe of course...Good Luck

toymom Wrote:
> After the 3rd one they get easier. I'm on 7 now!
> 4-7 were easy, for me anyway, I can't speak for
> everyoe of course...Good Luck
> Nicole

I am also looking for help on these test.
I managed #1 easy enough but I spent days on #2. I ended up making a spreadsheet and doing it as a process of elimination. As toymom says, they get easier after the first ones.

I think they are worth plugging through as I find SQM a good company to work with.
Is this the way of the company weeding out the newer applicants to mystery shopping? Some of these tests are terribly hard, and to have to have 100%, and 94 isn't a good enough score, gets frustrating
Not so much weeding out newer applicants as weeding out folks they don't believe have the skills to perform their jobs. We can argue whether or not the test is effective such that those who pass can perform the work while those who fail would not have been able to do so, but the company has decided on a skill set they want to see in their shoppers.
My friend made it up to Step 3. Honestly, these are confusing or there's a glitch somewhere. I got 23 out of 24 right. I redid the test changing the one answer that I thought was wrong and the result came back 19 out of 24. Wha'!! how can that be?
Urghhh.... I'm so frustrated with these tests. My wife and I have gone over the LEVEL 1 test for about 1 week, and finally passed them... now we're stuck on the LEVEL 2 test.

I've been saving each test try to a PDF, and comparing it to the documentation on their site. There were a few questions which seemed to just want to confuse the heck out of people - it's like their goal is to frustrate the testers.

Anyhow, I tried the LEVEL 2 test again yesterday and I still am only getting 23/25 or so... and did notice that the questions seem to be sorted or appear more randomly now than before. Perhaps they changed the way the questions get listed on the page.

Well, I'm about to give up - but if anyone has the answers, I'd be very grateful. (To me this has gotten past the ridiculous stage, I'm now just guessing, since they don't tell you which one you got wrong, their tests dont reinforce what you've just learned)
I went through the same thing. Just kept trying and finally got all the levels. I wrote down all my answers, and changed one answer each test, saw if my score went up one or down one and marked that answer confirmed. Some levels took a week at twice a day tries.

But, go ahead and apply for the shopping jobs. I was assigned the jobs before I reached any of the levels recommended. SQM has been good to me even though I've made my share of mistakes.
Level 2 is driving me crazy 24/25 all the time, I thought I figured out the one that was wrong and I was wrong. 23/25. UGH!
Level two was the hardest one I've done so far. I'm up to step 6.

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