Cori problem?

Ok, I just completed my first shop for Cori and am frustrated already. My report was rejected because I didn't spend the designated amount of time in a certain part of the store. The problem is that this store didn't have that department. I've contacted the scheduler and they aren't budging. Is it worth fighting?

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What was the fee, and how much time have you already spent before, during and after the shop stressing about it? smiling smiley


Silver certified, I shop in Cities in NM and TX that no one has ever heard of.
It was about $18 including reimbursement which I guess isn't bad for Cori. At this point, I think I just want to be done with it. I was asked if I want to redo it, but it'll just be the same problem again. At least this way I can return the items.
I think I would redo it. Save my reputation. Are you sure the store doesn't have that department? Could it be mixed in with another department? Could you ask someone if there is that department or type of thing? Remember, someone else probably has already done this shop and said that department exists (most likely unless this is brand new for them).

But also in your effort to redo, ask the scheduler what to do if the location does not have this particular department.
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