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I am just starting to apply for Mystery Shopping companies. I'm still somewhat apprehensive of the validity of the sites not knowing which ones may be scams. Some are asking for my social security number upfront during the application. That makes me nervous. What are your recommendations?

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Be sure the company is on the forum's list: see the blue link at the bottom of the page, Official List of Mystery Shopping Companies. Apply only on their websites and be sure you are on a secure site.
Yeah, but Freeman Group is on there. It's not that you can't trust them with your SS, you just can't trust that you will be paid. There are a few companies who are slow paying as well. I would read through forum posts about various companies that are on the list to make sure that you want to go ahead and sign up with them.
I signed up for Lifelock. I feel this gives me a little added protection. I would follow just about anything AustinMom posts!
Welcome! Most of these are perfectly valid. What you need to do is check to make sure that the company is part of MSPA. Not only do they have listing of the most reputable companies, they also have valuable information regarding scams and how to spot them

Good luck to you!!!

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I was wondering the same thing. Although after researching, I do understand why they ask for it. For tax purposes since this is a form of income. I guess you just need to be careful which companies are legit and save or not.
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