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I am a newbie and am going on my first shop tomorrow. It is at a chicken (not wings) place. The meal compensation is up to $11. I am required to purchase an item that I expect will cost around $7.00. If I choose to add additional items to my meal (there is no stipulation that I have read that I can not), will I be reimbursed for that item too - assuming that the bill isn't more than $11.
Thank you for your answers.

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Usually the reimbursement limit will cove something that you order over and above the minimum item, up to the limit of $11 in this case. Just make sure that your shop instructions don't contain a rule that says that a particular item will NOT be reimbursed, such as alcohol or something that they think would thow off the timings because it takes longer to prepare.

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Hi, whitegarage, maybe and maybe not. This may be a question for your scheduler. Usually when you are told what item to order, you are also required to order a beverage and most reimbursements for fast foods reimburse very close to what you will spend. If you are allowed to order additional items, the instructions usually specifically say that you may order additional items but will be only reimbursed up to $11. Or the instructions tell you what to order and say that ordering anything additional invalidates the shop. I would go back and VERY CAREFULLY read the guidelines. If the guidelines do not say one way or the other, and you really want to order additional items, I would contact the scheduler and ASK. I would not order additional items unless the guidelines specifically permit it or the scheduler responded that it was okay.
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