Extra Income, not Registered Business

I don't see this topic addressed anywhere: I don't want to register a "business" for mystery shopping because that would mean paying scads of local and state fees. I just want to report my 1099 as extra income. Can I still claim my travel and office supplies as deductions?

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Just fill out Schedule C on your federal taxes accoding to the instruction. You are a sole proprietor and do not have to register anything.

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How do you report all of your earning on your taxes? I signed up with around 50 MSCs this year and most will not have the $600 minimum for a 1099. Do I have to list each company on a tax form? Or can I just bundle them and say I made, for example, $4000 with multiple companies?

Most of you on this forum are very savvy and have had lots of experience with this. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

NOTE: Never mind this question. I found my answers on another thread. Flash has great advice and instruction on taxes.

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