How many items per shop at Grocery stores

Hi, I'm new to being a shopper. I'm wondering typically how many items you are expected to shop at Groceries and clothes stores. How much cash I may have to spend before getting any reimbursement? Can you pl. share your experience? I hope its not too many items.

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StoreShopp, you are asking too general a question. If you were asking about a specific type of shop with a specific company, you might get some direction. All shops with all different companies are different. To know how much the reimbursement is and/or if there is a required item you must purchase or if you are allowed to purchase whatever you want, you would need to read the company's guidelines for a particular shop. Some companies have a required item that must be purchased. Some have a required number of items to purchase but you can choose what you want. Some require a minimum purchase.
Some tell you that you can spend as much as you want but only a certain amount will be reimbursed. Some offer payment plus reimbursement, others just offer reimbursement. I can think of at least one grocery shop that pays a flat fee, out of which you must make a purchase of your choice.

You may want to do some reading on the forum. There have been many discussions of different grocery shops and you would get an idea of how the requirements differ.
Also, with clothing stores, lets just go ahead and assume it won't be enough to actually pay for an article of clothing. I did a Tommy Hilfiger shop recently and was able to almost exactly buy a pair of boxers, and that's about as good as it gets.

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Thanks AustinMom. I was talking to a friend and she told me once she was asked to buy like 70-80 items at a grocery store. So I was trying to get an idea of the time to spend as well as the money and the hauling! to do with so many items. But she said usually its like 10-20 items. So I am trying to get an idea how many items it might be at grocery stores.

For clothes like bgriffin said, I'm sure if I have to pay first and get reimbursed later, I'll go out of cash very soon. So on that trying to get a sense of the $$s to have in hand.
Right, my point was that the reimbursement on clothing shops is not going to be enough to buy an actual clothing item like a shirt or pants or jeans or whatever. It's usually only going to be $5 or $10. Not a ton of them will ever be more than that. I know of two shoes stores off the top of my head that only have a $3 reimbursement. Can we say new shoelaces?

There are reasons that a body stays in motion
At the moment only demons come to mind
"she was asked to buy like 70-80 items at a grocery store"

I think you have been misinformed because I haven't heard about such a demanding shop. I have done a grocery store mystery shop audit where you get the prices for about 50 items (maybe more, it has been a while).

As for grocery stores, the three that I am familiar with offhand require 1) a minimum $10.50 purchase (nothing specific), 2) A purchase of some kind (nothing specific), and 3) Two required items - A sliced deli item 1/4 pound or more (sliced to order) and a bottom of the basket item (something like a case of water, large bag of pet food) which can be later returned at your option.

As for clothing, the ones I'm familiar with typically reimburse a small amount ($10-20) on a purchase that is not specified. They just want you to evaluate the checkout process and, of course, provide proof that the shopper was there at the time of the shop.

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The grocery store shop on my list says to purchase one produce item and one bakery item with a reimbursement of $9.00. I emailed the msc to clarify the details. With them , if you purchase both items and they come to $6.00 and you buy other items and it totals $15.00 they will reimburse the $9.00 and the other $6.00 is out of your pocket.
There are several ways to look at it. I have only been doing this for a couple months but look at reimbursements this way. Lets say I am doing a department store shop. The fee is $20.00, reimbursement is up to $5.00 for a total of $25.00. I don't really need anything that week and purchase an item I can use that is under $5.00. The fee paid is $20.00 for the work.
Every company I have asked does not have a maximum amount you can spend. Why would they turn down sales?
So lets say I am in need of a new toaster. I then handle it a different way. I do the shop and purchase a toaster that is $49.00. The fee and reimbursement means I am getting $25.00 off a $49.00 toaster, a 50% savings.
I just did a shop last week and got a Christmas present in that manner.
Mostly it depends on what you want to do with your earnings. I find sometimes I just look at it as a discount.
Austinmom, you were right - yes it was more like to get prices for the 70+ items for my friend. Being new, I was confused. Now I know that you could do a pure audit only without purchases - that takes a big load off I guess, I was concerned on that count.

americanjoe your example helps a lot. Thanks for all your help.
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