Income taxes

I've done 3 whole shops and am currently scheduled for 2 more this week. They are all from different companies, which got me thinking, ...

... Will I be sent income statements from EVERY SINGLE COMPANY?


Am I responsible for keeping track of my aggregate income?


Do the companies send out income statements once you reach a particular $$$ threshold?

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You are officially the owner of a small business now. Who do you think is responsible for tracking the business income and expenses?winking smiley

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Tax information in detail is available in the sticky thread in the new shopper section.

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as Vlade said, all the information you need on taxes is in the new shopper section. The companies will only sent out 1099's when you earn $600 and over but that does not mean you do not need to declare it if you earn under $600 with one company. You have to declare every dollar you earn.
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