I am a new mystery shopper. I have signed up with several companies; but have yet to complete a shop.

My question is about Intellishop. I started the sign up process, confirmed my email, and completed the extended profile. But my account status says:

Your account has been manually deactivated by IntelliShop

Have I done something wrong?

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That sounds very strange and I'm not sure what happened there. Perhaps if you can get an email address of one of the schedulers they may be able to fill you in. I'd give you one but I always delete their emails as soon as I get them.

If it's of any comfort, a lot of experienced shoppers won't shop for this company. It's not that they don't pay (they do albeit slowly) but that the fees for their shops are really quite low. There are plenty of better paying shops available so we don't bother with them. For example, a car dealership with Intellishop will pay $17 when you can do it with another company for $60.00. Their emails are also incredibly annoying and at times patronizing.

You're probably better off not dealing with them but that's just my 2 cents.
If you haven't done anything, how could you do something wrong? This is definitely a question which deserves an answer. Can you call or email them? Phone numbers listed on the forum: 419-872-5103 or (866) 234-1423. Good luck!


I intend to live forever. So far, so good.
Thank you each for your responses. I did get my account activated (reactivated) with Intellishop. I have completed about 80 shops so far; but, None of them have been with Intellishop.

I have seen that they have shops at car dealerships. I have seen other companies that pay $25 for those shops. But if there are some for $60, I clearly have yet to sign up with those companies.

Can anyone tell me anything about the car dealership shops? For some reason I am very intimidated by the idea of completing one of them. Has anyone done one or more of them and not mind to tell me a little about them?
There was a thread on this very topic about a week and a half ago, which you might find helpful:


I intend to live forever. So far, so good.
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