Exact Mileage or Total Mileage

I'm just curious - is it necessary to have the exact mileage numbers (for example: I began at 29,834 and ended at 29,844), rather than just logging that I drove 10 miles to that particular shop? I wasn't sure if for some reason in the future that would I need to know I drove those specific miles for that shop and not just the total miles driven.

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You need to keep a daily log book with beginning and ending mileage for tax purposes. For more information, hop on over to the New Mystery Shoppers area and read the tax thread near the top. You are now in business for yourself and need to keep business records.

Also, you can use the "search feature" here to look up "taxes" for "all dates," for tons of discussions on the subject.

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its good to at least note beginning mileage on january 1 and ending mileage on dec 31...i seem to remember questions about total miles driven as well as business miles
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