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Hello! I'm relatively new to mystery shopping. I've been at it for about a month and accomplished about 15 shops. However, I live in a relatively small town without a lot of options. I recently registered with Beyond Hello and they have a bunch of restaurants in my area. Unfortunately, they all require a shopper rating of 8. As a new member, my shopper rating has automatically started out as a 5. There are no locations within 100 miles of me that don't require the 8 shopper rating.

Is there any way of receiving permission to shop at these locations?

Thank so much!

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Things are always negotiable. It depends on how badly the scheduler needs a shop done. If the shop is in great demand and a lot of shoppers with 8+ shopper ratings apply, obviously the shop will be assigned to one of them. If the scheduler has no other options and a new shopper applies, the shop may be awarded to the new shopper.

Generally, you have to work your way up to the more popular shops. Most dining shops are harder to get and usually require a track record. I would say apply for some of the shops even though you do not have an 8 rating yet. Meanwhile, keep on the lookout for a retail shop or two you can take to build your rating. They shop hardware stores, cell phone providers, and miscellaneous third party shops. Some opportunities will probably come up even in a very small town.
One came up with a 5 rating and now I can do all the shops! Thanks for encouraging me to be persistent.
Hi Violingirl,

For Sassie systems (the computer platform that Beyond Hello and many others use) the default starting rating for new shoppers is 5. You can certainly request a shop that requires a higher shopper rating and I wouldn't let that default rating discourage you from applying because you have to start somewhere. As the above post suggested your application will be considered based on the supply of shoppers in that area and need for the shop to get done. Just tell the scheduler what makes you a good choice for the job.

Good luck!

Happily shopping Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts and Connecticut
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