ServiceSense, Inc.

I signed up to shop for ServiceSense, Inc. My first shopping assignment. I recieved the check to go do the shopping assignment and my bank will not cash the check because it looks suspicious. Are they a real company or a scam?

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You are involved in a company pays before job is done, do not cash this check and tell authorities.

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Be glad your company declined the check which caused you to come here and ask questions. Irene is exactly right. BIG TIME SCAM. If your bank had cashed the check and you had performed the assignment, part of the requirement would have been to send most of that money to someone. And then the check would have bounced and your bank would have charged it back to you and you would have been out however much the check was.

How did you :sign up?" Did you receive an email and sign up by replying to the email? Service Sense is a real company but there are scammers who use their name to cheat would-be shoppers. The website to the REAL Service Sense is [] and the only way to sign up is to provide your name and tax information on their secure website. They will never send you an email asking for your name and address like a scam company.
There is a real company "Service Sense." However, they will not send you a check before you do a shop. It is common for scammers to use the names of real companies so as to appear legit. Your bank just saved your bacon.

At the bottom of this page, there is a link: "Official List of Mystery Shopping Companies." The real Service Sense is on this list. Each listed company should have links to their real website where you can sign up and do real mystery shopping work.

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